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Published by Telus 2 months ago

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@BigBadJuan [email protected] guys you need to order the telecoms @Rogers @Bell @TELUS and others to secure the telephony network, they're not doing it on their own. The amount of spoofed number spam marketing calls is ridiculous.

@minister65 @mike_rowan_van @DanTheManKamke @joshuakhenry @TELUS @RogersHelps Then you’re not too bright. “You want to drink our milk and eat our honey” should be all you need to figure it out.

@jasonnoonan117 @REDBLACKS @TELUS You would be crazy not to!

@rogie57 @TELUS Optik PVR not working, huge crowd over for long weekend to watch show premiere & no TV! Telus tech 24/7 not able to help 😣 Not happy with Telus right now.

@ppforumca Tonight's 2019 Peter Lougheed Awards Dinner would not have been possible without our amazing partners. Thank you to our lead partner @TELUS & our supporting partners @AirCanada, @UCalgary, @globeandmail, @GPAinsights & @TeckResources for all of your contributions.

@KneeJon38372 @TELUS Wow Telus, just when I thought you were better than Shaw, you come up with a way to push me away from possibly resigning with you. Not telling me about how you could randomly increase the monthly price on my 2 year contract.. NOT COOL.

@of_watchdog @TELUS #banhuawei Connectivity of 5G puts everyone at risk in the wrong hands. CCP is not a good global citizen. I hope you (Telus) make the right choice to protect our freedom and democracy.

@SabatinoShane Proud to be an @Infoway Founding Partner! @TELUSHealth working as a partner and team member to transform healthcare in Canada. Great overview and thought leadership from @MGreenonHealth this am. A very informative conference over the past two days. Bravo! #digitalhealth @TELUS

@Rooibooi @TELUS I left Rogers and ported my number to you yesterday. I can make calls but not receiving calls and no iMessage. From what I can see it is a failed port. How do I fix this?

@BobCobbMaestro1 @Lionfan15 @BCLions @TELUS This season was horrible though. The team was finding ways to lose, and they just checked out. There was no buy in, and really no direction. It's either the coach that takes the fall or the GM. Hervey's not going to take the fall so the coach had to.

@LeslieO Are you texting for #customerservice yet? If not, you should be! Texting is easy & natural, but you have to do it right. Read tips from me, @AsifRKhan & @MarshaCollier: "Best practices for superior customer service through #text message" via @TELUS #SMS

@SharonMaclise " #Bell & ##Rogers will have a soluiton ...while @TELUS says it will have a more tailored response"!! What does that mean? 'We'll see how much these illegal callers are paying us to have access to our customers and then try to slow the process down.'?? Make it happen NOW.

@WhyYouGotta_ @TELUS Do you call it "Optik" with a k because it's not really fibre optic and you'd get sued for it? Is this how you intentionally dupe people, because it's no faster than coax/copper. Exactly why I switch to regular internet; plus it's cheaper. Copper in signal = not real fibre optic.

@nobodyofnaught @telus @TELUSsupport I'm trying to get a quote for Managed Internet worth hundreds of $ per month. Your sales contact form is broken, your live chat people can't help and your twitter people tell me that they can't have someone email me. Do you want our business or not?

@blahdiddie @TELUS hey from NE Calgary,since I switched you have provided the most inconsistent internet service i have ever encountered. Down speeds 1/10th of what I pay for multiple times a day..crappy streaming,crappy hardware...hope someone comes out with offer to buy me out of contract

@faiqh @TELUSsupport @TELUS is it normal for a tech to come onto someones property, not inform them in any form and disconnect their fiber Internet? Then have customer service not have any information and have me wait for over 24hrs for just a technician to see me? #nosupport

@sargeant_rowan @NBookread @tanya_fir @jkenney @TELUS You're not blind, just able to smell this bs spin 10 miles away.

@outside_pro Hey @TELUS , long time business mobility customer with 5 lines. I always spoke highly of your customer support. Today I spoke to an agent that I could not intelligibly understand. I asked to be transferred; 55 mins later a second agent answered.

@abudnick @taprootyeg @EdmontonGlobal @doniveson @TELUS I would like to clarify that by hitting like on this post I am saying I appreciate @taprootyeg for their reporting, not Jason Kenney for putting municipalities in a tough spot by killing the city charter. That's a short sighted and detrimental decision.

@shruti_shekar @saschasegan @journeydan @Patrick_ORourke @Bell @TELUS Razr is exclusive to Verizon but in Canada Verizon shares roaming with all carriers, right? So yeah it definitely will be interesting. My bet will either be bell or Telus. Likely Bell? I don’t know yet and I have not heard anything yet. 🤷🏽‍♀️

@rasoe_customs @telus has the absolute slowest internet I’ve ever had from any supplier, they’ll never fix it, and takes 3 hours on hold to get through to anyone. NEVER USE THIS PROVIDER. If your internet doesnt work it’s you’re problem not theirs. #telussucks #scam

@Lady_Noremon I set-up a payment arrangement with @TELUS when it was 'late' initially. And I need to pay by the 11TH & 18TH. I expected to be paid long before then. Not 8 weeks from now instead 😤

@yegispnk @TELUS @TELUSsupport what a mess you made with 7804734587 and 7804737263 when switching from cooper to fibre. The phone, fax and voicemail services are not working properly big time because you made too many assumptions without checking out what needed to be migrated #unimpressed

@ilikefoodyum604 @annakosturova @CTVVancouver @TELUS @Rogers Not much point in blocking the number. These scammers spoof (pretend to be) legitimate numbers. I've been called back by a person when a scammer spoofed my number.

@y8ser @TELUS Any chance TELUS is going to make my life easy and add the Disney+ or Amazon Prime apps to the app screen. It would definitely help convince me not to cancel my TELUS tv completely and just keep my internet service.

@tychogrc @CFL Thanks for making sure no one in Mexico can watch the game. Your Mexican partner is not showing it and you have geo blocked @TSN_Sports and @TELUS. Way to go!!!! #GCPlayoffs #Eskimos

@somelonelyspace @buzzbishop @TELUS Buzz your experience has solidified our decision to not switch to the Telus pure fibre

@cheryl_rhodes At least I can use my cell phone as a hotspot for WiFi due to those incompetent bastards @FortisBC who took out @TELUS line for the second time within a week while putting in a new gas line down the street. No Internet, phone or TV. Thanks a lot Fortis.

@BuckRogers21st @buzzbishop @TELUS @telus has offered to escalate. Why not publicly accept their offer and give a play by play of their efforts for all to see. Maybe they won't fail if they know everyone is watching their last chance efforts. If they still fail, call them out and fire them in an epic fashion.

@Jt29manitoba @CandiceBergenMP @BellMts @TELUS Filling in cell phone coverage gaps is something that the government should be working with the telecoms to address. If only there was a way to access the satellites for communications. Currently it’s way too expensive to use Sat.

@LovatoVladimir @TELUS If you answer a phone call to solve any problems. Because loosing two hours of my time for someone to even answer my call, is not a good customer service!!

@AllJuveCast @E_AciernoGibbs Still Canada and yeah @TELUS is really letting me down by not being able to move out internet over until Dec 3rd. It’s ok I’ve only been a customer of yours since 2002 but whatever 😂 yeah pack your bags TELUS you’re going on a guilt trip!!

@daninko @TELUS is it normal to still receive a bill every month when I no longer subscribe to any services with you? I'm not owing anything.

@storystandouts Thank you to @HockeyCanada and @TELUS for working together to address bullying and especially cyberbullying.

@JamieD81 Still waiting for @TELUS to stop dragging their feet with @Huawei_Canada phones updates. Every other phones gets updates but we're stuck on an early August security update. Third world countries have updates but not Canada.....

@LovatoVladimir I spent 1 hour and 12 minutes on the phone trying to solve a problem with @TELUS @TELUSsupport @TELUSint with out any body doing something for me. In addition I placed a call back, they left a voicemail to press 1 to speak an agent but did not work! Total time lost 2 H 12 M! 🤮

@ladnermusic So @TELUSsupport @TELUS your pop3 access to Telus email accounts has been down since August 15, 2019, and is still not working as of just now.

@likelyjanlukas @MPAVictoria Whenever the geniuses @TELUS decided to make them all 35 cents. Carrying a quarter in a bra or sock is easy. Two coins? Not so much. 🙄

@AppleFtSask #Repost @telus ・・・ ‘Tis the season for celebrating Thanksgiving. Before you chow down, remember to power down your phone so you can focus on your loved ones. 🍂

@TheRealMegOB Shy was a delight to speak with at @TELUS today. Thank you so much for fixing my issue and being so patient with me! Love being a Telus customer for 15 years 🥰

@anetto @Colin_Hung @HillTimesHealth @dtapscott @TELUS According to the Supreme Court we own the data but not the record which complicates the issue. Disagree with drs who argue that since they own the EMR and they enter the data, they are free to sell it if they chose to. #ThinkDigitalHealth. #MyData

@alicatsk @EdmontonEsks @TELUS Why is this not open to fans outside of Alberta? I travel from SK for a lot of Eskino games, I am a telus customer, and would love a chance to win season tickets to cut my cost down so I can travel to more games. Should be for all fans if we want to incur travel costs.

@josh_a_blair My thanks to our teams across @TELUS, @TELUSBusiness, @TELUSHealth and @TELUSint for working so hard day-in and day-out to support our growing customer base and to give back to our communities. #TELUSresults

@ijackson57 7 scam calls on my cell today and it's not even 3pm! When are @TELUS @Rogers and #Bell Mobility going to do something?!? @CRTC

@soundmedium @as_per_danielle I negotiated my Dad’s @shaw package down significantly then all of a sudden it started to creep up and up... time to try @TELUS

@ColleenVoisin @TELUS !? stopped mailing out bills, barely put a small notice on the back page of the last bill in July?? Tons of companies - not receiving their bill. Owners of corporations must look up their pin number (??) to download their monthly bill for even 20 to 2,000 employees. #CBC

@cheryl_rhodes What is going on in the world right now that @TELUS doesn't want their paying customers watching Global News and finding out what's going on? Why the censorship? Who made Telus king of what people can and can not watch? Why sell a service they refuse to provide?

@musthavehumour @RyanCanucks82 @RoarReport @BCLions @TELUS His big plan was a failure and he needs to be replaced NOW! That starts with all his coaching buddies. They looked like a private club of chums that belong in boy's amateur Football, which works at that level but not in professional sports. #1-Look a the awful attendance!

@johnkoetsier So @telus I'm paying $95/month for "PureFibre Internet 150," which is supposed to be giving me 150 Mbps download and upload. I am currently getting 6.79 Mbps download, according to Google's speed test. That is about 5% of the speed I am paying for. NOT COOL!

@christineBIGred When @telus recommends to save money by going down on my data each bill, then charges me $400 for data use. While @TMobile charges $50 a month for unlimited data across the US. "A study found that Canadian wireless providers charge the most per data" 😠

@NapsAndSarcasm @AndrewNJohns @brucefanjoy @Rogers @Sportsnet @NHL @AppleTV @TELUS @Bell So now you're not actually going to follow through, because hockey is more important than your beliefs. Ok

@Tstedpurplelulu @EntitledCanada @TELUS This is true. This is why I switched to Shaw. Their Internet is the worst. I could not even watch TV without it freezing every two seconds. Or watch nextflix. Terrible service and not worth it.

@WaggingTrails @TELUS Locked out of your login system after 2 attempts. Don’t have a phone number. Can’t get my account number because you don’t send paper Stupid ass system all to see my internet bill. All because you’re too cheap to pay for a paper bill to be sent.

@CyaraBird @CandiceBergenMP @BellMts @TELUS While driving over 10 hours to Thompson, we collectively had cell service for roughly 40 mins intermittently (that’s being generous). If you break down, you have no way to call for help. It’s scary.

@LovatoVladimir @TELUSsupport Sorry I am not going to spend more time trying to do business with TELUS! After 6 years being a @TELUS customer I change to a different company because of your customer service. I came back and still the same service! I will evaluate other options! Thx @TELUSsupport

@BobCobbMaestro1 @georgenagai1 @BCLions @TELUS That's what the coach is there for to get them to play up to their abilities. If not, a new coach is needed. I'm sure there will be some player changes too. Maybe even some management changes, who knows?

@TammyJaneen @JestDempsey @TELUS I’m not a Telus user, but I *have* been plagued with random calls the past couple of days. Ever since Sue from some government party texted me, and I texted her back to say stop messaging me. Perhaps that was my mistake ...

@cheryl_rhodes Why doesn't @FortisBC hire staff who pay more attention to detail and aren't incompetent bastards? Taking down @TELUS line twice in a week? What kind of people are you hiring to handle gas lines? People who don't learn from their mistakes obviously. Fuck Fortis!

@hmcrae Dear @TELUS. How is it you know my phone number and not my address? And why do you have to call me so many times about fibre when we are not fibre ready? And by the way, we would love to have fibre - so do what you can. Thank you!

@Down_2_Tweet @edmontonjournal As @TELUS gives free cellphones to homeless people.

@skyelowry @telus can I port my number to an eSIM to be used on my Pixel3XL device? I would rather not have a SIM card in my phone so I can buy a sim in a country I am roaming to.

@Meanchef Good morning @TELUS , my friend is not much of a Twitter user but I really want to use this platform, to get some serious action on his mobile service. Why is it a loyal customer to you get treated like you guys don't care. This is the 3rd time he had to do with his billing.

@tsrenis @TELUS hey actually contact us if you're going to shut down our internet and have the router redirect to some "buy PureFibre mmm current or new customer mmmmm buyyyyy" page honestly embarassing

@kellilyn9 @TELUS not sure who to contact but the guide for Treehouse channel 601 is about 5 minutes out for when the shows are actually airing.

@rasoe_customs @TELUS do you guys slow down my wifi so I use my date more? So you can get an extra charge? I’d call and complain to someone at your store but it takes 3 fucking hours for anyone to answer a call there will never recommend your scam company

@GOOD_vs_evil @TELUS To fry us to death? No thanks. Say no to 5g..Rip it down

@BofiFranke Canadian Radio-television & Telecommunications Commission gave telecommunications providers until Dec. 19 to implement a system to block calls in their networks to crack down on nuisance & illegitimate calls. About damn time... @Rogers @telus @Bell

@HITMAN82Gaming Wow @Telus not only do you provide 1990s DSL internet to my area with a "choice" of only one plan with a totally ridiculous data cap, you have the audacity to raise the price even more? 6mb down and 0.70mb, 150GB per month. I'd laugh if I wasn't so disgusted.

@Rich_Mellon Attention: @Rogers Is there an internet & cable provider in North America with more down time and connectivity issues than you? Is it time to switch? Where to go? @Bell or @TELUS

@urbanmommies @buzzbishop @TELUS In Toronto I am so frustrated that I don’t have @Shawhelp now and #bluecurve controls - I’m at my wits end. Have added Google Wi-Fi to boost what the current provider can give. (And not giving kids the password for the good wifi).

@HackAttack101 Hey @TELUS why does your "universal" remote not have a Source button to switch my HDMI... now I have to use 2 [email protected] had a remote that did this...

@DalgarnoBruce @CandiceBergenMP @DemareGerry @BellMts @TELUS Thanks @CandiceBergenMP Yes, cell service needs to be avail to rural Manitobans not just to those in cities. Our local volunteer fire dept. have at times lost the ability to communicate with our fellow firefighters because of no cell service. For us, a BIG safety issue.

@LundinHuber @TELUSNews @TELUS I call bulls#!t! affordable my bum! when I lived in the states was wayyyyyy cheaper. And way to beat someone when they are down with a broken phone and no offer of help

@KELCOMJoanne What we can accomplish in a 3 hr window is what dreams are made of! A visit from my fav @TELUS rep - David Russell - lunching with our @Centerline_Ltd crew 🤣! Followed by a much colder walk than we anticipated to City Hall for another meeting 🤦‍♀️! Not prepped for ❄ yet! #YQG

@CODEMAN2727 Hey @TELUSsupport @TELUS is there some sort of tower issue in South Edmonton. I have been dropping every call this month. The rest of Chappelle Gardens seems to have the same issue? #help #makeitbetter

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