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@SusiePeaceCora @philhuwedwards @ChrisGPackham @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5N @SkyNews @thetimes @TheSun @guardian @Independent @Telegraph Well that isn't what you do at all. Why aren't you doing that then? Why instead do you continue to spread lies and propaganda that favours the right and is detrimental to the opposition. We are not all dumb idiots you know.

@Taurus763 Tory candidate faces call to stand down over 'disgusting racism'' | via @telegraph

@JamesEdmondston @Telegraph Get a bicycle. Then point out that you're not destroying the planet your children have to grow old on.

@FlightFree2020 @The_AEF @a_free_ride @Telegraph What's great about this article: more people taking trains over planes. What's wrong with this article: a) the 'flight shaming movement' doesn't exist – it was invented by the media. b) Greta doesn't promote flight shame c) It is not quicker to travel by air

@BenitoRemain @JohnGHart @DidierDelmer @SorryItisnotac1 @cathie_wood @trussliz @Telegraph To EU27, Brexit has already happened from when May triggered A50. I've to apply for International Driving Permit now, not expensive but unnecessary. EU driving licence could be used for immigration control if you lose your passports. It's an ID card.

@trexfan2 @pressgazette Please tell me that is not @bbckamal ? In cahoots with the corrupt @Telegraph Seriously? Lying, racist thug Bozo the clown has been sacked twice for making up quotes. He lied to the Queen and the @HouseofCommons but is good enough to work for these?

@Cerianjohn Who else is going to pick this up? @guardian @thetimes @Independent @Telegraph Nearly 2000 people have now put their names forward to let Labour know women are not going to give up their rights easily

@AmeleDevleti @EsperDoD @Newsweek @Independent @ragipsoylu @OmerOzkizilcik @malikejder_ @haskologlu @realDonaldTrump @RTErdogan @CNN @FoxNews @nytimes @washingtonpost @WhiteHouse @tcsavunma @LindseyGrahamSC @Joyce_Karam @Elizrael @AKMcKeever @TC_Disisleri @CENTCOM @brett_mcgurk @VP @Mike_Pence @Telegraph @laraseligman @Europol @DeptofDefense @StateDept @BBC @AFP @medreyata @SpeakerPelosi @IlhanMN @ewarren @USArmy @FreeBurmaRangrs @HomsiReporter @TSKGnkur @fuatoktay @KremlinRussia @mfa_russia @SecPompeo @CIA @OIRSpox Cats Freedom Spokeperson FQ🐱💬 "The torture to our leader Quilty can not be accepted. This is our last warning to @WhiteHouse. If Quilty is not sent to the home until the morning 13.11.2019 08:08 GMT +7, we all will come and pee on #WhiteHouse Garden." #FreeQuilty

@SteB777 @ChrisGPackham @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5N @SkyNews @thetimes @TheSun @guardian @Independent @Telegraph Brilliant. Anyone with a working moral compass is getting pretty fed up with this complete lack of journalistic scrutiny. If journalists are just going to parrot whatever falsehoods and propaganda they're told, they're not journalists. They're just clerks and useful idiots.

@ImogenHorton98 Great to see an issue first raised by my @Telegraph article from September being discussed in the HoL

@Steven_AK @HDconnolly6 @AdamMeakins @Telegraph OK, not tor drag this out...but my point is that saying manips is like saying exercise...they are not equal, nor are the relative risks. Also, there is ample evidence that they are effective. "need" appears to be an opinion.

@NigelFinlay5 @puffin1952 @Telegraph Tories not playing fair here by not following novels example and standing down candidates in Labour leave voting areas in Labour heartlands Petersburg have little or no chance of winning just to thwart BXP

@alltoplay4 @ChrisGPackham @Chris6601946 @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5N @SkyNews @thetimes @TheSun @guardian @Independent @Telegraph Chris,I take your point,but the actual brutal truth is that the hacks of the billionaire owned or controlled MSM ARE paid to spread lies about ALL who challenge the establishment, be that sincere environmentalists like u,or pro working class socialists,like me. It will continue.

@MariannaHunt5 In my latest #MillennialInvestor column I bond with billionaires over a love of microwave porridge and find out how to think like the world's best investors when hunting down the big #tech successes of tomorrow @Telegraph @HLInvest #investing #millennials #investors

@patriotic_ally @MarcusFysh @Telegraph Not good enough. We don't want a path (with no certainty). We want to leave fully now.

@terryking167 @Telegraph Imagine renting a tree as a Christmas present to your child lol WHAT WHAT , I want a game boy not a bleeding tree mum

@RichardOCrooks @romfordgeeza @jetjag100 @trussliz @Telegraph It is indeed mutually beneficial, but there are still laws about access and use of data which you have to follow, and they're not going to be the British ones.

@disgruntledbad1 @AndrewGilruth @GethinJones123 @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5N @SkyNews @thetimes @TheSun @guardian @Independent @Telegraph They're not though are they? If the government are lying to the Queen, lying to Parliament, lying to the electorate & refusing to release a costed manifesto then the media need to do their job instead of repeating lies... It's not rocket & fair, not propaganda.

@jetjag100 @romfordgeeza @RichardOCrooks @trussliz @Telegraph Travel visas and short term work assignments to the UK do not involve criminal record checks.

@Steven_AK @AdamMeakins @Telegraph It appears to b poor medicine. Do you prescribe exercise? Fully screen for ALL risk factors? Ppl die exercising. Not condoning this, seems like malpractice, poor screen, 80yo??, but factually the risks r low. Sad case. ✌️

@Kate2Spirit @Telegraph @Tony_Diver I'm calling upon #SlimyNige to stand down! Just that, Stand down Lord Haw-Haw!

@bletchleypark At its peak in 1944, almost 9,000 people worked at Bletchley Park, 75% of whom were women. (Not to mention all those in the Y Service and Outstations.) Find out about some of these Veterans in this special @Telegraph article marking @GCHQ 100 birthday:

@Steven_AK @HDconnolly6 @AdamMeakins @Telegraph BTW, POOR SCREEN is where we likely all agree. But I'd have to see what exactly was done. Its not a strawman argument to compare and discuss relative risk in health care.

@mattwookey @Telegraph Show some real character by driving to school in an old banger and not giving a toss.

@BackpackingMod Well @bbcnews @DefenceHQ @Channel4News @itvnews @piersmorgan @Daily_Express @MailOnline @Telegraph this must be worth investigating. Serve your country but told you are not good enough to be a copper.

@cfc18881 @VodafoneUK @CitizensAdvice @CitAdviceScot @RTUKnews @Channel4News @Daily_Record @Telegraph Last Thursday...... Khyati : Thanks for waiting,Please be assured that the refund for both the number amount £139.25 will be refund to you bank account in next 2-3 working days.

@TaxWealth1 @sarahjanegay @Telegraph Would be nice to see an article that highlight BoE role. Why are rates so low when crash was 10+ years ago?

@Orionis_Beta Strong local associations can always pull rank on CCHQ. Not strong enough to kick CCHQ into compliance? Get out and recruit a hard-hitting membership - then you will be. via @Telegraph

@VanessaSpedding Good grief! This is beyond satire. Not being a @Telegraph reader I find it hard to take in the outlandish absurdity of this ... it would be funny were it not so pernicious.

@curiouschiro @Blue_Wode @yorkpress @BBCYork @BBC @BBCNews @Independent @guardiannews @MailOnline @DailyMailUK @Telegraph @Daily_Express @TheSun @yorkshirepost @OllieApproves @Bradford_TandA @DailyMirror @GenChiroCouncil @ChiroUnited You confuse the issue here... the issue is professionalism and not scope of practice. You do not need to limit scope of practice to be be evidence based

@UnitedS48505405 @zatzi @DanielCreminUK @Telegraph When I was a kid, first time you bit anyone mum bit you back. Not hard, but enough to shock you into not doing it.

@AnnFrisenda @zatzi @Telegraph From the mouths of babes...happened to one of my son's....he could not wait to tell me who took a chunk out of his arm....

@Casumptious @AndrewGilruth @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5N @SkyNews @thetimes @TheSun @guardian @Independent @Telegraph NO. It’s either raining or it’s not. There’s something’s you can be impartial about and then there’s FACTS. You surely have an obligation to report facts.

@romfordgeeza @jetjag100 @RichardOCrooks @trussliz @Telegraph Lots of people come here, make a positive contribution to British society and are proud to become citizens. Others don’t, and are here for a fast buck or work cash in hand, break the law etc. A better system would minimise the negatives, and it is not xenophobic to say so

@FamilyHubs 1/5 @TheLordFarmer in @Telegraph ‘Why we must not be afraid to call out bad parenting when it comes to helping children in care’ (£) Central government must be honest about what is driving the year-on-year increase in children looked after by the state.

@505834fe934e40e @Telegraph @Nigel_Farage We should not be having a general election either!! We should have left on the 31st October with no deal. If the EU can not agree on our terms and want to divide our Great country, we should have just left!!

@Tintagelfantasy @Telegraph How cruel to make her do such a journey, not to mention the expense

@socrates2sox @VeganOlive1 @FeministVega93 @Telegraph I had pizza and chunky chips for tea last night. If I did that every night, it would be bad for my health, vegan or not. We all like junk food sometimes, I just prefer mine to be plant based #Vegan

@SoyElGuiri @philhuwedwards @ChrisGPackham @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5N @SkyNews @thetimes @TheSun @guardian @Independent @Telegraph NO, it isn’t; it’s your job to find the evidence and report THE TRUTH!! Something you might not understand the concept of!! A vast majority of the Great British public cannot be trusted to form their own educated, unbiased opinions!!!!!!

@Reimer_Bard @Telegraph Not paying to read this self-regarding drivel about a pair of high-flying oxygen-thieves. Clearly the Telegraph is competing with the Times for readers who want to read about how to put themselves before everything else.

@Divitissimus @Telegraph @Nigel_Farage in other words Farage knows that the voters don't want Brexit otherwise he would not be afraid of the referendum - he is trying to force something onto the people and he knows they don't want it

@LeeDavidPeck @philhuwedwards @ChrisGPackham @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5N @SkyNews @thetimes @TheSun @guardian @Independent @Telegraph Journalists, particularly the mainstream media journalists job is to spread propaganda, whether they are aware of it or not. The people are finally starting to see through that thick fog of shit. Still, plenty people still need to awaken.

@1703John @Telegraph They'll not be able to find truffles for a while.

@PeopleNewsPoli1 @Telegraph So the chiropractor let the bed bang down & then raised it up abruptly & he went there for something to do with his leg, she broke his neck & she got no charges & found not guilty by the Chiropractor Council, sounds a bit suspect to me! @SkyNews @BBCNews

@chris_medland @philhuwedwards @ChrisGPackham @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5N @SkyNews @thetimes @TheSun @guardian @Independent @Telegraph Evidence yes, but assertions don’t carry as much weight. If in your editing you portray assertions as equal to evidence then you are not reporting the truth and not allowing your audience the ability to judge fairly what is happening.

@christopherhope EXCLUSIVE Nigel Farage in secret talks with Tory Eurosceptics to stand down Brexit Party candidates via @Telegraph

@romfordgeeza @jetjag100 @RichardOCrooks @trussliz @Telegraph They do if they’ve been arrested in the UK. And applying for a travel visa does include criminal record checks for every other country, why would it not apply to the EU?

@Knitcave1 @philhuwedwards @ChrisGPackham @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5N @SkyNews @thetimes @TheSun @guardian @Independent @Telegraph Err, facts? You know, not distorting them. Not splicing footage together or manipulating footage in order to mislead. Not passing opinion as fact. Questioning the source?

@BenitoRemain @JohnGHart @DidierDelmer @SorryItisnotac1 @cathie_wood @trussliz @Telegraph What MEU1 entails is having to buy a house in EU27, proofs of house bills, pensions income if retired, payslips if working and your land title.1st tier less than 5 yrs, thereafter you go for tier 3,MEU3 it's permanent residence, then citizenship. Covers all immediate family.

@FlightFree2020 @The_AEF @a_free_ride @Telegraph To clarify point c: the advertised flight time is not the actual journey time. A 1hr 15 min flight will at least double (and sometimes triple) when adding check-in, transfers and baggage claim.

@PeterFrancis12 Both Sturgeon and Corbyn are traitors to the British people! Strange that they masquerade an democratic MPs, yet they do not honour the democratic votes of the British people! @thescottishsun @AP @ReutersLobby @Daily_Express @Telegraph @MailOnline @thetimes @UKParliament

@ekkeree @jowilliams293 @Telegraph Disraeli: 'In a progressive society change is permanent, ... but change should be carried out in deference to the manners, customs, laws and traditions of the people." The people today are not comparable to what they were in his days and neither are their guiding politicians.

@jowilliams293 By me: Why censorious young women are leading the charge to shut down free speech on campus' | via @telegraph

@Rutha2000 @Mazblahblah @Telegraph One would hope they can talk. The fact that he has written to the newspaper suggests it’s not easy for them.

@BarryUKPearson @HouseofCommons @UKParliament @HumanRightsCtte @MichelBarnier @JunckerEU @MartinSelmayr @eucopresident @EU_Commission @RoyalFamily @SpanishRoyals @britishlibrary @StandUp4Brexit @Change_Britain @BrexitCentral @BBCParliament @BBCNews @BBCBusiness @NATO @POTUS @Young_Tories @Conservatives @labourleave @labour @UNHumanRights @spacegovuk @Livefromjodrell @realDonaldTrump @BBCBreakfast @SecretaryRoss @sanchezcastejon @DUPleader @NicolaSturgeon @fmwales @guyverhofstadt @Telegraph @UoMLibrary @BBC6Music @davidstarkeyCBE @BBCR1 @BBCRadio4 @BorisJohnson @FBI @BBCPapers @cpsuk @JudgesScotland @ScotTories @UKLabour @brexitparty_uk @LeoVaradkar @simoncoveney #GeneralElection2019 #GE2019 #GeneralElection19 #GeneralElection #GE19 #GetBrexitDone Ben you are being harsh on the Brexit Party....but it would be easier for the party to stand down where the Conservatives are going to be favourites let the torys get 326 magic number of seats

@redtilldead83 @GlenappCastle @Telegraph My dad was a gardener there for 3 years in mid seventies , loved running about the castle & gardens as a kid , I was supposed to take my dad back down but unfortunately he got ill & was never fit enough to go after that

@sarahxappleby @MariannaHunt5 @emmalunn @sambrodbeck @Telegraph @TeleProperty @skiptonbs It's disingenuous to suggest that they did this without the help of the bank of mum and dad, when they are living at home and therefore paying below market rent? Agreed not all parents can stump up £5k to help their children, but arguably the money saved in rent could equal that?

@jetjag100 @romfordgeeza @RichardOCrooks @trussliz @Telegraph A criminal record check involves the visitor applying for a police report from his/her home country. This is then attached to the visa application. It is used for long term visa visa and residency applications, not short term visas.

@1960_chris Keith Vaz to stand down at election after 32 years as Labour MP following suspension ruling via @Telegraph

@philhuwedwards @gmcollingridge @ChrisGPackham @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5N @SkyNews @thetimes @TheSun @guardian @Independent @Telegraph You get my point though. Things are not always as they seem and sometimes a general consensus is found to be flawed thanks to new evidence.

@claifolk @CamillaTominey @Telegraph I’m not even going to read that. 😱

@iamrobotron @philhuwedwards @ChrisGPackham @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5N @SkyNews @thetimes @TheSun @guardian @Independent @Telegraph An opinion can be balanced by a differing opinion but statements proven to be false must be called out at the time or if not possible, later with equal visibility. Public can’t come to sound judgements if they’re presented with lies, doctored events and misinformation.

@alextalbot116 @WilliamJHague @Telegraph You mean like the Tories have done with the Brexit Party? Let's face it, you have already abandoned the union so why not just change your name to The Conservative and Brexit Party?

@ursulaclairel WHY??? censorious young women are leading the charge to shut down free speech on campus' | via @telegraph

@HOME_mcr One of the big films this Xmas is @lastchristmas, co-written by the fantastic @BryonyKimmings. The very different #ImAPhoenixBitch is with us 26-30 Nov - Bryony talks to @Telegraph about both Book to see I'm A Phoenix Bitch

@MagnaWatch @MarcusFysh @pow_rebecca @Telegraph So the election is turning into a confirmatory referendum in all but name. Labour and the remain parties (Labour is not remain) must recognise this and work together to ensure we do not crash out in January. @GideonJAmos @tdlibdems

@GeorgeS45485664 @veryunfakenews @Telegraph He’s ready to hammer the final nail in the white working class coffin , these people will not be satisfied until we are wiped off the face of the earth

@outsideorg [email protected] at the @RoyalAlbertHall review: The former Phantom star brings the house down via @Telegraph

@Jon_Cafesociety @ChrisGPackham @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5N @SkyNews @thetimes @TheSun @guardian @Independent @Telegraph You absolute star @chrisgpackham - I take my hat off to you sir for your honesty & manner in addressing what has become an unbelievable travisty within UK MSM & the way in which lazy journo's with a leaning to the right have not done their job based on impartiality and fairness

@PeterFrancis12 Entitled?? she should not be entitled to anything !! She is only self interested and has no respect for the British people and their Democratic vote to Leave the EU !! @AP @ITV @ReutersUK @Daily_Express @Telegraph @TheSun @thetimes @guardian @standardnews @MailOnline

@melver92337739 @susanbarnett @Telegraph You know it's not to be taken seriously?

@HDconnolly6 @Steven_AK @AdamMeakins @Telegraph We’re talking about manips, not mobs. You can’t justify deaths in other health issues as manips are applied when there is no need. Unfortunately the heart has no choice but to pump.

@cspestbusters @GethinJones123 @ChrisGPackham @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5N @SkyNews @thetimes @TheSun @guardian @Independent @Telegraph I was about to reply... not like someone in an advantageous position to manipulate the truth is it 🤦🏻‍♂️

@KendoDodd @rafsanchez @Elizrael As there appears to be every indication that this disturbing video is yet another appalling fraudulent #Palestinian fake video, where #Israeli forces are completely uninvolved, and he was not even killed, I presume you will immediately expose this horrible blood libel? @Telegraph

@cfc18881 @VodafoneUK @CitizensAdvice @CitAdviceScot @RTUKnews @Channel4News @Daily_Record @Telegraph Yesterday....... Sumit : Please do not worry , we do respect your hard earned money and we will not going to let you down this time and make sure that you have your refund with you by the end of this day .

@uk_outsider According to the guy that runs pollster Comres; "With a month to go before polling day, Nigel Farage’s promise not to compete with Conservative Party candidates on December 12 just made victory for Jeremy Corbyn a whole lot tougher." via @Telegraph

@DaleThompsonDC @theLDphysio @Blue_Wode @yorkpress @BBCYork @BBC @BBCNews @Independent @guardiannews @MailOnline @DailyMailUK @Telegraph @Daily_Express @TheSun @yorkshirepost @OllieApproves @Bradford_TandA “Because they are not up to speed with evidence based practice (the pts that do.)” They aren’t? Or maybe they are?

@kestralvibe @ChrisGPackham @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5N @SkyNews @thetimes @TheSun @guardian @Independent @Telegraph Thank you Chris. It's bloody reassuring to know I'm not just going mad.

@romfordgeeza @RichardOCrooks @jetjag100 @trussliz @Telegraph And why would we not? Is it mutually beneficial for us and the EU, or us and America, Brazil, Australia whatever, to share information if a criminal is leaving us and heading to their country?


@GabCurse @Telegraph #ItsNotTheVehicle #NavigationalSkill of #Driver. While not a #Chess-player I try to #think like 1 on #motorways I'm #dim in general; but #drivers here in the #Orlando #Florida area r more so: how to say it? #nutters #rude & #predictable. Think a few steps ahead & keep your auto?

@iamrobotron @philhuwedwards @ChrisGPackham @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5N @SkyNews @thetimes @TheSun @guardian @Independent @Telegraph All people and parties must be held to account for what they say and statements they put out. The current modus operandi Is clearly to say whatever suits one’s cause - true or not - without concern of repercussions. I needs to stop. Words matter.

@PeopleNewsPoli1 @Telegraph @SkyNews @BBCNews A lot of people who go into business have no previous experience anywhere else & a lot of these people are not as qualified as people think they are because they're either theory/exam cheat with college consent or leaving without real knowledge to do the job @SkyNewsBreak

@SapphireClinics Our ‘doctors are working to enable access to medical cannabis’. We feature in @Telegraph today as part of Rosa Silverman’s article ‘I was in chronic pain. Medicinal cannabis gave me my personality back''.

@joker1649 @WillBlackWriter @BBCNews Oh Dear @BBCNews @BBCBreaking @BBCPolitics @daily_politics @bbclaurak @BBCWorld You seem to have blown it, Deliberate is not 'accidental' (coal miners) Cc @cnnbrk @WSJ @CNBC @ABC @CBSNews @washingtonpost @SkyNews #skypapers @Telegraph @realDonaldTrump 🃏 🌍 💜 ✌️ 🏖️ 🤔

@alanherbert1 @susiejmoon @susiejmoon @Telegraph Take a good look at the Tory mafia which is running our county from Boris down ,they all have form ,it is so bad they will not allow the report to be published about Russian money and a lot more

@_life_imperfect @FeministVega93 @Telegraph I can see your point, but equally I think it is important that people recognise just because something is vegan doesnt mean it is healthier, but we do need to balance that with the fact that veganism can be healthy. Whether vegan or not, a healthy diet is all about food choices

@PeterFrancis12 Lib Dems are not Liberal or Democratic! 406 Constituencies voted Leave, 242 voted remain! Yet the LibDims dishonour the majority and want to cancel Brexit!! Shame on the LibDims! @AP @BBCPolitics @BBCWorld @ReutersUK @Daily_Express @Telegraph @thetimes @MailOnline @ITV

@chris_medland @philhuwedwards @ChrisGPackham @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5N @SkyNews @thetimes @TheSun @guardian @Independent @Telegraph You may not but just tune in to, for example, #wato or @bbcquestiontime to see frequent live examples

@cheesepiesausa1 @stephenpollard @Telegraph He's not exactly tried to get out of either shadow has he? For someone so desperate to leave taking May's deal and making it worse with no new ideas doesn't really make him look any better as a leader.

@LazloCarreidas @zatzi @Telegraph I am not surprised to learn this. Joyce Grenfell warned us about George several decades ago. "George! Don't do that."

@purvis_graeme @SarahWa72623615 @ChrisGPackham @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5N @SkyNews @thetimes @TheSun @guardian @Independent @Telegraph This is what he is trying to do with his anti shooting campaign. Not a shred of evidence when he makes accusations of predator persecution but his lap dogs in the media don't challenge it.

@McNestry @WilliamJHague @Telegraph I’m just not sure what this adds to anything? We have ;an issue about democracy, both main parties at extremes but with some sensible players, credible evidence of a de facto illegal “vote” in 2016, a serious report surpressed. And no desire to ask the people? Too divisive???

@romeo017 @WilliamJHague @Telegraph There are times as mentioned when I wish you along with others would simply go away! Part of the mess we are in is down to the actions of yourself and others and now you have the brass neck to criticise and pontificate about the situation now...

@Bird_Crime @AndrewGilruth @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @Channel5N @SkyNews @thetimes @TheSun @guardian @Independent @Telegraph To be honest, you're not the best person to give out advice.

@emmalunn @sarahxappleby @MariannaHunt5 @sambrodbeck @Telegraph @TeleProperty @skiptonbs Exactly. It's still a type of help. Not everyone has parents with a spare room and living in the right location for jobs. I'm not criticising the article but it highlights how hard it is to buy somewhere without some kind of parental assistance.

@NickDelaney9 @WilliamJHague @Telegraph I am amazed that people assume the Lib Dems would automatically do what Jo Swindon says in the instance of a possible coalition. Leaders can be advised to step down.

@Centrify Employees want to work remotely, but typically don't take into consideration how that impacts policies & the #cybersecurity strength of the organisation, according to @Telegraph. Our @ARHeather comments that healthy skepticism is the new normal. #ZeroTrust

@christopherhope NEW Politicians warned by Royal British Legion not to use Remembrance Sunday for own 'party political or personal advantage' via @Telegraph

@thecolonel18453 @JohnTwelvetrees @KenKenph59 @Telegraph If its not obvious to everyone that the man is a "SHYSTER" by now it never will be. "WAKE UP PEOPLE BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE"

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