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@ACKaminski @Telegraph Ah yes, let’s blame China for our own government’s incompetence. That’s not to say that China hasn’t dropped the ball. It has. But so has the Johnson government - and lied about it.

@hyper_chondriac @Telegraph ... ironically I can't even read it cos of the paywall, lol 🙄 Don't you think you should take it down for SOME articles so that people get access to the info they need, especially when it's about financial issues

@afneil Robbie Gibb: Of course the media must hold Government to account, but reporting this pandemic is not a game via @Telegraph

@jackson100100 @MrRupo @plod1956 @Telegraph 4) can you be reasonably certain that you can get the patient off the ventilator at some point ? They are all the questions that one need to answer before someone go on a ventilator covid or not.

@Jay96246652 @MarcAllera @bt_uk @CWUnews @NHSuk @TheSun @guardian @BorisJohnson @NicolaSturgeon @Telegraph @UKGovScotland @BBCNews I chose not to go to work today and now risk losing my job. My physical and mental health is more important. Sorry I've let you down Marc but this is too much. I'm in sales. Customers can do everything I can online (speaking for 95% of the calls I take).

@johnward68 Police powers: Shopping bags searched and ban on fishing as scope of new laws emerges @Telegraph this has to stop we are not a police state...the police think to much of themselves...also Easter eggs are essential

@TomChar85683794 @samyouLjackson @Telegraph I’m just suggesting that a moderate or limited lockdown and one that is not prolonged , is wise. Damage limitation fine but at some point soon we need to accept a rise in deaths for the sake of the vast majority who will survive.

@ladylilo2 We do not have to return to austerity economics after the Covid-19 crisis via @Telegraph

@Hari_Nuranian @ConcernedHk @ChineseEmbinUK @Telegraph Time for reckoning is not far away. Better not try to convince anyone with half-truths and propaganda.

@rebeccaturnerMD But not enough difference to be able to relax the restrictions in less than 3 months...get a grip!! @bbclaurak @10DowningStreet @BorisJohnson @Telegraph

@RainierCharles @FullMoonNoStar @Telegraph So you think China should be blamed for: 1. UK Government not taking the advice from WHO and other countries 2. The fact that they did nothing to stop the spread (ie testing people at the airport or stopping flights coming in from Italy when the had the outbreak.

@Jay96246652 @JohnWoodbridge6 @MarcAllera @bt_uk @CWUnews @NHSuk @TheSun @guardian @BorisJohnson @NicolaSturgeon @Telegraph @UKGovScotland @BBCNews 9/10 definitely unless it's like a gift query there trying to claim etc but like before it's not essential by any stretch

@armyofall Commuters continue to pack platforms a week on so lets shame them instead of a government that over ten years presided over such a crap economy that many are left with a choice between working with a risk of death or isolation with poverty. @Telegraph

@ArtyJessop @JamesBurnie2 @Telegraph That’s not the point, that’s your personal opinion, do you think China would listen to them ?

@VerstraetB @Telegraph we go...people will go crazy for the test like they did for toilet paper. A bunch of covid-19 Marys will be out there thinking they are ok...and not be. We are back to herd immunity again.

@judith_moeller @ckatzenbach @businessinsider @Telegraph Good to know. Yet, I'd still really like to know what happens with the results of a large scale immunity test. Let's say you find out you are immune. Should you still isolate? If not, how do you organize that? If yes, how do you explain that?

@David71080694 We do not have to return to austerity economics after the Covid-19 crisis      ' | via @telegraph

@HuntedTeamNick @pmdfoster @TelegraphWorld @Telegraph @balazscseko I'm not a subscriber so am unable to read more than that part that isn't behind the paywall, but weren't the BBC 'also' effectively forced to silence debate earlier this year, when the Tories repeatedly declined to put forward Ministers for @BBCr4today ? I suppose Orban, Trump

@alinqot @Telegraph Herd immunity means you have a vaccine that keeps people safe, you are talking about mass infection aka the smallpox solution, those not immune die with overwhelmed medic leaving people to die with minor ailments

@johndoe73542308 @BrandonHireStat @Vpplc @BorisJohnson @TheSun @piersmorgan @Independent @Telegraph @DailyMirror Why is this company continually allowed to not only ignore government guidelines and put their employees and families at risk but also actively seek to encourage the public to flaunt..

@PlasFron @simplysimontfa @Telegraph Bishop of London at Margaret Thatcher's Funeral: 'She referred to the Christian doctrine, "that we are all members one of another, expressed in the concept of the Church on earth as the Body of Christ. From this we learn our interdependence and the great truth that we do not 1/2

@dyershand @unimpressdd @Telegraph Yeah, I actually did misunderstand - for the simple reason that I couldn't believe that a paper like The Telegraph, which is not an out-and-out globalist propaganda sheet, was colluding with the government in their project to inflate a flu bug into an excuse to impose martial law

@strattontories @Telegraph London is going to lose 1000's of 1000's of people at this rate. London you are killing yourselves simple as. Londoners are being so irresponsible, Boris you must close the Tube System down. Let all NHS staff get free london taxis to and from work.

@MattAndersonNYT In 2016, the NHS failed a test of its ability to cope with a pandemic, but the results were classified and the government never updated its plans, according to The @Telegraph

@DrMand1 @PatWill97926440 @Telegraph CONTENT IS KING! Who cares about delivery, I found it really informative, good responses to questions despite useless Sky screwed up, couldn't even show Sir Patrick's slides, ghastly Beff shut down neatly...those with loved ones overseas must feel v. reassured tonight

@lees_vi @katherinedunne @FJScott3 @BritsUnchained @Telegraph Maybe there should have been a comma after the word that but you shouldn’t tell people who are not texting you to grow up it’s bound to get a negative response

@cornelius0480 @Telegraph @richardcalhoun Testing capacity hasn't been growing in line with the number of cases, which means many will be admitted to hospital without a diagnosis of COVID-19 and therefore not appear in the stats.

@MrRupo @plod1956 @Telegraph You decide not to give them a ventilator because breathing isnt in their best interests? Yes that seems completely normal

@robgarde @NobleFrancis @north_joanna @tomelleryrees @telebusiness @Telegraph why should we cry for them , they are part of the big cscs card con , yes it a con I have to pay for something that is not there just like ppi

@linB2198 @PatWill97926440 @Telegraph He was excellent very professional ,not like the dreadful questions he had to take from the rubbish jurnos 🙄 they asked questions that had been already been explained in the first place so they don’t obviously listen to what’s being said 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

@Iamanonamous202 @Vickybelll @PatWill97926440 @Telegraph Journalist's are not medical experts so why are people listening to them

@TangiblePear @PatriciaCByron @KatieMorley_ @Telegraph Homebase is closed for the next 3 weeks so no. Also its not about you justifying it, it is currently not allowed to leave your house for non essential items like paint and you will be fined when caught by the police.

@OneTrueSpartan @tiawills2 @KevSimmonds @JaneBea5 @mazwilko1 @theJeremyVine @Telegraph Government are preparing but are saying they expect peak in 2 weeks and for us to stay within ICU capacity. Our cases have flattened out around 2.5k per day (in fact down 4 days running). Italy has been around 5.5k for 10 days. Spain for over a week.

@AtroxAlpha Has anyone asked the government if once they start issuing antibody tests will they also issue positive passes or wristbands to allow these people go get on with this life without restriction? @BBCNewsnight @itvnews @Channel4News @SkyNews @thetimes @DailyMailUK @Telegraph

@MLind_Benco @ColinBanks44 @hughhewitt @Telegraph Not. gonna. happen. Trump is a businessman with pretty good instincts. He's giving time to flatten the curve, time for industry to provide ample testing and PPE, but his patience will soon be at an end when you ask what at what cost?

@Hamishmcxxx @Telegraph Whether you like Prince Charles of not. If one over 70 gets better it gives hope to all the rest of us! I hope Camilla stays ok. ❤️

@johnward68 Police chiefs are drawing up new guidance warning forces not to overreach their lockdown enforcement powers after criticism of controversial tactics deployed to stop the spread of coronavirus...if you don’t the public will turn against you @guardian @Telegraph

@Kate72766376 @PatWill97926440 @Telegraph Perhaps we should not use the analogy of war. But what if..we were fighting a war with guns and bombs, and men on the ground were dying. Would it then be appropriate or acceptable to criticise the generals who fight on our behalf? Why, then, do the press do exactly that. Sickened

@ann_dowley We do not have to return to austerity economics after the Covid-19 crisis via @Telegraph

@OneTrueSpartan @tiawills2 @JaneBea5 @mazwilko1 @theJeremyVine @Telegraph Spain strict lockdown? They've only just closed markets. They warned everyone they were locking down the cities so people headed to the coast and took virus with them. Deaths dropped 3 days in row, cases down 4 days. We are not heading in Spain's direction!

@NPalmiotti Germany will issue coronavirus antibody certificates to allow quarantined to re-enter society' | via @telegraph

@ThatDesKennedy @Telegraph I want to cancel my subsciption. There is no option to do this on your website and your phone line isn;t working. What should I do?

@PebHeed @theJeremyVine @Telegraph Had to calm someone down the other day who’d been reading the telegraph for days. Showed them other news sites, reputable ones, and they quickly calmed down. It’s stupid how some sites are keen to cause panic like this. The press need reigning in again! #coronavirus

@ConcernedHk @Hari_Nuranian @ChineseEmbinUK @Telegraph The virus is now confirmed not to originate from the wet market. Epidemiologists across the globe has come to that conclusion, even those in America. You can go back under the rock you crawled out from

@schwebs69 @JimVokes @SadiqKhan @Telegraph Not enough ROFL emoji characters to follow this tweet, Funniest guy on twitter today.

@DonnaA03812026 @Telegraph I thought parcels and what not coming from abroad, were not a risk given the virus only lasts so long? Just goes to show. Where did they find it? In the ventilators they ordered from China?

@JaneBea5 @theJeremyVine @Telegraph Didn't it begin weeks ago when our esteemed PM chose to go down the 'herd immunity' path?

@IRBFUK_org_uk @Telegraph We knew this was going to happen, why are you not chasing the Govt up on their lie about the missed Email from the EU procurement scheme? Handing out production contracts to Tory Donors with no experience of ventilators and not buying from UK based ventilator companies?

@AcrossDaKeeper @Telegraph Mr Gove is a liar, but being as he's a Conservative you're not going to call him out for his lies. You'll just report what he says, like good little courtiers and propagandists. Why was WHO advice not followed from the start? Why was the ridiculous herd immunity idea pushed?🤔

@TheButlers5 @fsb_policy @fsbsonali @Telegraph Good to see big 4 not demanding PGs now for CBILS. But the caveat that banks don't need to offer CBILS if business meets normal lending "criteria" needs to be removed as it is stopping businesses taking up loans. Banks need to be enablers not roadblocks. This is liquidity crisis.

@ProvenceMassali @uk_domain_names @PantiBliss @NicolaSturgeon @doctor_oxford @ManMadeMoon @jk_rowling @JulianGeist @TheRealDaphne @NotTildaSwinton @theresa_may @brainpicker @PrincessJulia__ @PerneInAGyre @jeremycorbyn @MayorofLondon @EmmanuelMacron @N_Hulot @marwilliamson @Rosie @Tonuspomus @AlanaKStewart @Telegraph @BorisJohnson @realDonaldTrump @FireDrillFriday @rosannecash @Janefonda @LVMH @MoetHennessy On medical research, this means that scientists are not listened to enough where are lacks of connections ? between research laboratories / health governments /

@MaxYoung80 @TheScepticIsle @Telegraph He is utterly unsuited to one of the high offices of state. It's not even as if anyone would care if Boris sacked him.

@kalex254 Germany will issue coronavirus antibody certificates to allow quarantined to re-enter society via @Telegraph

@bendevon2 @Telegraph The Police need to bring real offenders to heel and real ‘offenders’ flouting Lockdown rules not P about in minor stuff using their new powers - As they ALWAYS do when the situation allows. Great fun in the locker rooms no doubt

@happy_bogummy @Telegraph Hong Kong has warned the world not to trust China on anything ! All are fake, their nos. test kits, masks etc. @BorisJohnson #ChinaLiedPeopleDied

@eggsvswalls @Telegraph @BoscoWo42122490 History shows the evil #CCP is not trustworthy at all. Gov’ts still choose to blindly believe 🇨🇳 fake news, false stats and propaganda. #Tawian escapes from the pandemic cuz they never trusted 🇨🇳. Now you can see the true and filthy side of this shameless country #CCPVirus

@CyclistHannah @Bikery1966 @theJeremyVine @Telegraph good. not worth reading anything on the propaganda filled Torygraph site. anyone arguing that herd immunity was a sensible approach deserves to test positive for the virus themselves

@mofox83 @patel4witham @Telegraph Priti, u need to help our police officers by making it a law , that u do not attack police officers in anyway, and also make the judiciary give stronger sentences there is no respect now for our police officers, we need to show we support them

@HelenaH88591314 @Telegraph So, it's not all a liberal fraud/ just like flu/ fuss over nothing? It's hard to keep up with your "newspaper".

@StefSimanowitz @afneil @Telegraph Two weeks ago a @Telegraph headline ran: “Those who question govt #coronavirus strategy are wrong & a danger to the rest of us.” The #HerdImmunity scandal shows it is actually those who FAIL to challenge govt who may be the danger. #covid19UK #COVID19

@mollteale @Telegraph Can you pls help to highlight people left by the furlough deadline? 1 day late starting new job, proof going back to January and not entitled to a penny! Can’t get in touch for UC and a baby to feed at home. We are suffering! #newstarterfurlough

@TheRealExpert @uk_sf_writer @Telegraph Low-hanging fruit: finding old ladies committing misdemeanors that everyone would like to commit. But taking down knife-wielders, traffickers, and illegals? Not in your quarantine life.

@rushton_jasmine Found this recipe online at the weekend and tried it today. I have not made a Dal before but It was lovely and I am very pleased to have finally found a use for my lentils #newrecipe #storecupboardchallenge @Telegraph

@cathyb49 @anneq @Telegraph Why is this sad Anne? If he had listened to medical professionals and not advocated a herd mentality, he may have remained unaffected

@StevieCABZ @Telegraph What have Government actually done to stop this? Exactly, there is your problem! Stop attacking the public for the failings of Government! It's not fair.

@Chafcutter @Telegraph idea to shut down take away coffee/tea dispensing machines is stupid.. All those working outdoors including police, med teams etc are unabled to get a hot drink from anyplace. Take away cups do not spread infection. Hots drinks are recommended to fight infection

@katherinedunne @lees_vi @FJScott3 @BritsUnchained @Telegraph I think the majority can understand that stating a fact is not the same as wanting to kill your grandma

@alinqot @Telegraph @BorisJohnson @MayorofLondon to answer for their keep working policy

@The_OwlQueen @Telegraph sorry! Just wanted to let you know that in your article about symptoms you have “runny noose” listed. I’m pretty sure if you have a runny noose, your knotting skills are not up to scratch! Alternatively a runny moose would be even worse. I guess..

@realnews1234 @EE @MarcAllera @BTGroup @10DowningStreet @SkyNews @BBCNews @guardian @Telegraph @Independent @RoyalFamily @Conservatives When a report is made that the named account holder has not received or lost or has his phone stolen, #EE must immediately block the sim cards & investigate. In this case EE were breaking their own procedures in order to carry out the sting #c4news

@sim1_moon @10DowningStreet @ukhomeoffice @DominicRaab What about British Citizens living abroad, whose spouses (not British) are unable to get visas to come back to the U.K. with their British children? @BBCNews @Telegraph @SkyNews @Channel4News @Independent @guardian @MetroUK

@PatriciaCByron @KatieMorley_ @Telegraph Ah interesting. I badly need paint & want to go to Homebase. Clearly for many, it's not essential, but I am considering my mental stability. Keeping me busy for DAYS would be great and I see others running out for daily papers or bread. None of which I am doing! Can I justify it?

@KatieMorley_ @GaryRycroft @Telegraph You're not the first to suggest this Gary

@realnews1234 @EE @MarcAllera @BTGroup @10DowningStreet @SkyNews @BBCNews @guardian @Telegraph @Independent @RoyalFamily @Conservatives @metpoliceuk @HMCTSgovuk @RussellCooke @LBRUT @DirectLine @Adecco And this potentially affects all of you regardless of any authorities involvement because if #EE can do this to me when I’m not even their customer, then you’ve got no chance when you give them authority to your bank accounts #bbcnews #skynews

@TallulahB2012 The bot story turned out to be a scam. And @Telegraph published it! Not even good enough to wipe my arse with.

@Curious_Chak @christopherhope @nadhimzahawi @Telegraph No they won't Labour will I mean, Labour in an economic sense Not Labour the political party about to commit hara kiri electing Mr Bland as their leader

@MattAndersonNYT In 2016, the NHS failed a test of its ability to cope with a pandemic, but the results were classified and the government never updated its plans, according to The @Telegraph

@juliaprikler @TiceRichard Another reason not to become a @Telegraph reader. 🤯🤬

@mike_carrivick I cannot see how to DM @Telegraph, hence this public Tweet. The additional pages of puzzles and crosswords are very welcome but, PLEASE, can they printed as a pull-out? As they are, not being separate means that they get chucked each day with the rest of the paper!

@Newyorkred01 @SarahTaaffe @aleka21art @Kanixtant @Telegraph That was over 6 months... people tend not to die from influenza in the summer. Because there is no vaccine for it....if there was vaccine for the normal influenza the death toll would be far higher...

@DonnaA03812026 @Hamishmcxxx @Telegraph Not necessarily. Not everyone has his money and access to the best healthcare.

@GerardBartley @SambaCherno @theJeremyVine @Telegraph I don't think Sweden is the country to look at. Italy and Spain are the ones to use. Would you have not imposed a lockdown there?

@ProvenceMassali @uk_domain_names @PantiBliss @NicolaSturgeon @doctor_oxford @ManMadeMoon @jk_rowling @JulianGeist @TheRealDaphne @NotTildaSwinton @theresa_may @brainpicker @PrincessJulia__ @PerneInAGyre @jeremycorbyn @MayorofLondon @EmmanuelMacron @N_Hulot @marwilliamson @Rosie @Tonuspomus @AlanaKStewart @Telegraph @BorisJohnson @realDonaldTrump @FireDrillFriday @rosannecash @Janefonda @LVMH @MoetHennessy these markets that brasse much money in economies of basements not only must these traffics be prohibited immediately but of to bring to justice those people who allows from this maltraitance animals

@PenfoldAssoc We do not have to return to austerity economics after the Covid-19 crisis via @Telegraph Interesting Tory view.

@PeterFrancis12 Does not make much difference-nobody listens to Labour anymore! 😡 @AP @ReutersUK @MailOnline @TheSun @Telegraph @guardian @thetimes @dailyexpress_ @ITV @SkyNews @BBCWorld @BBC @TelePolitics @BBCPolitics @GdnPolitics @UKLabour @jeremycorbyn @UKParliament @Young_Tories

@T_Louloudis If you'd like to hear me blabbing about my job, podcasting's visibility issue and why audio is important to us at The @Telegraph...

@ConcernedHk @Hari_Nuranian @ChineseEmbinUK @Telegraph Wow. So you didn't even bother to check what the real virus detectives are saying? Don't like what they say? Its an opinion. You ignore virus specialists because they do not say what you want to hear. That is stupidity. But trolls are stupid aren't they? Even American scientists

@Tallbridgeguy Germany will issue coronavirus antibody certificates to allow quarantined to re-enter society' | via @telegraph

@msmvictim @Telegraph And stop trying to push a vaccine for cv19 thats not going to work. Scientists have not been able to make one for the commom flu what makes you think they will for cv19? You people are spreading herd-ignorance.

@samyouLjackson @TomChar85683794 @Telegraph Sure, okay. Not sure how this point changes the fact that the economy will go to shit no matter what during a pandemic. It’s almost like you think one of our options is to not have a pandemic

@ToffeeCrumble_1 If they can do this in a week when it's "absolutely necessary" why the fk have the Cons not built these in the past decade?😳 NHS Nightingale Hospital to open at ExCel Centre after worst day so far in UK as coronavirus deaths rise by 87' | via @telegraph

@dannyho48963743 @Mattblacktaxi @tom_watson @DailyMirror @mragilligan @AndrewMarr9 @Telegraph @DailyMailUK @The_LCDC @UnitedCabbies @TheLTDA @spectator Not hard to work out mate he will soon be out of a job and he’s polishing some turds 💩 to work his way in simple

@simonxj6 @Mattblacktaxi @tom_watson @DailyMirror @mragilligan @AndrewMarr9 @Telegraph @DailyMailUK @The_LCDC @UnitedCabbies @TheLTDA @spectator Careful @tom_watson ,you backing the wrong horse again, history will not be kind to you.

@BabsSheKing @Telegraph @MsHelicat I've seen people tweet about relatives whose death was given as pneumonia or something when everyone knew it was covid19. Why is this happening? To keep the numbers down? Why? What for? Tory approval ratings?

@JohnWoodbridge6 @Jay96246652 @MarcAllera @bt_uk @CWUnews @NHSuk @TheSun @guardian @BorisJohnson @NicolaSturgeon @Telegraph @UKGovScotland @BBCNews Also, everyone knows that no customer service happens in retentions, except when there is a sale in it for the adviser. If it's not in the salesperson's interest to help the customer, they will transfer them. You know it, I know it and Marc knows it!

@jackson100100 @MrRupo @plod1956 @Telegraph This are the questions that us doctors need to answer day in day out with or without covid.Age is not the only deciding factor but it is only nature that when you get older you are less likely to be fit for something like this.

@tom_nuttall This piece may be partly responsible for the confusion. I don't have a @telegraph sub so can't read full text, but the headline is not a fair read of the comment Krause made to @Spiegel.

@WendyMitton @Telegraph Believe me - Canadians do not care - I wish them well - it was only ever a vacation here. They are a nice couple - don’t try to stir up controversy

@JeepDogSnacks @BernieSanders Social medicine " Very poorly patients with coronavirus may need to be on a ventilator for extended periods’, adding that ‘for some patients this would not be in their best interests’. @Telegraph @SenSanders #IwannnaLIVE #AllLivesMatter #Convid19uk

@bathdave @SambaCherno @GerardBartley @theJeremyVine @Telegraph It will, although the geographical dispersion and lack of high mobility supersreaders in a city like London could lead to a different trend line. They are going for the herd immunity approach. interesting to let the scientists (not the Twitter warriors) assess when its all over.

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