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Published by Telegraph 4 months ago

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@realnews1234 @10DowningStreet @BorisJohnson @metpoliceuk @LBRUT @cpsuk @surelock_ @Adecco @DirectLine @HMCTSgovuk @RussellCooke @EE @BritishGas @jlandpartners @Wickes @asda @LBGplc @RoyalFamily @Conservatives @michaelgove @DominicRaab @pritipatel @guardian @Telegraph @LibDems @Ofcom @financialombuds @richmondtimes @AlainDehaze @HalifaxBank @LloydsBank @TheFCA @MonsoonUK @MonsoonHelp 170/ But all the #retail stores involved in the #UKGovernment Torture Report, are openly doing the complete opposite. They are knowingly doing wrong & wilfully not answering to their actions.

@dhphoto @MickeyD44314901 @Telegraph In his mind, still not enough to ensure a permanent Labour government, which was always his plan. Despicable, awful, dangerous person. Blair started the shit, it's been downhill from then on.

@MrSugden2 @Upyourjunker1 @Telegraph He neither realised nor cared. Then again his 'not realising' could be another fib? Does anyone else remember reading about Labour's plan of the time to boost their voter base?

@Ash_Hirani @Telegraph @Jan_S_B_459 The Withdrawal Agreement was nothing more than a surrender treaty. Article 50 did not require the any new treaty in order to leave. I’ll never forgive the MPs who betrayed our country. They thought they could screw #Brexit with the WA, but they screwed us all in the process.

@breezey60 @the_bike_hub @BBCNews @hendopolis @Telegraph He's not got the best record of presenting facts, written or otherwise, am I supposed to place my belief on those shifting sands?

@Move4L @BreesAnna @Telegraph mind correcting it to "with", not "of"? Just check the NHS weekly updates.

@trevorgoodwin54 @Upyourjunker1 @Telegraph Please read the text below Mr Bliar decided not to implement the controls alleged intelligent PM

@mrselmccormick @DominicRaab your constituency has been burning for 2 days now. Surrey does not have enough pumps to cover their own area due to cuts. We have some of the highest council tax in the country. Do something. @DailyMailUK @Telegraph @BBCNews #savesurreyseven

@jenguando @spookybreastic1 @clownnosimps @jackbrady1010 @Telegraph Again with the blame?I'm sorry but I'll say it again that I'm not blaming you. What has belief in a creator got to do with the world being messed up? The world is in a state because of people losing their way in life

@secretdiaryofcg @artilleryvoodoo @caspolhound @Telegraph You do not EVER use anyone’s pain & suffering as a justification 4 u not wanting to wear a face covering 4 an hour or 2. EVER

@EandMar @Upyourjunker1 @FKGPML @Telegraph Is that his way of apologising. Too little too bloody late. Not as if any of them arriving will affect his lifestyle and he believes he’s entitled to an opinion. Didn’t care about bringing them over then and truth be known he couldn’t bloody care now.

@RealJohnCain @PaulHenriCadier @MickeyD44314901 @Telegraph Rub the rights nose in it I believe it was, not just the Tories. The man has damaged this country from every angle, for generations to come!

@amoneywitdawri1 @Rosey_Bri @Telegraph I was born in 2000 and had to work all they covid while living at my own place.. ur argument not that strong b

@de_stroya @yupimrandy @lanadelbaddieb @sparklight0 @simpforbetty @Telegraph You came to this specificities thread to “criticize” gen-z. I’m not gonna scroll through your tweets to see if you do that with every other generation group.

@Skeptickler @CUllyanov @Patriotische_ua @capovus @RussianEmbassy @mfa_russia @RF_OSCE @RusembUkraine @guardian @Telegraph @BBCWorld @SkyNews @DailyMailUK @MailOnline @RussiaUN Again, your words, not mine. And it is irrelevant to what is fact in Ukraine, what is claimed to happen in Russia. All these invasions of sovereign countries... where? Russia could be Hell. That doesn't alter the facts of Ukraine and her Nazi leaders.

@FineTunedOrange @Telegraph For reasons that I do not understand (the mind·games¨experts¨🤡working for them are very stup¡d!), young people and everything fun are always scapegoated&blamed for spikes😱that lead to deaths😱 Based on on what we know so far>That is unlikely e.g.🇨🇭

@Josiensor Expert tells @Telegraph re Beirut blast: “Host of circumstances which should never have been allowed to happen: too much nitrate in one place; not compartmentalised; left for too long in place with high population density. Could & should have been avoided"

@DOCasBAC @Telegraph This is rubbish. The HoC is the BEST least corrupt Parliament in the world! It’s a model of how not to take hand backs, accept donations for favours, organise above board public procurement, direct money to marginal seats. An example for the world. If you’re Hungary or Poland.

@sarajoan42 @Telegraph This has nothing to do with trump or mental health. Being demoralized or sad isnt the same as being depressed so stop making it a mental health issue. Stop allowing the media to post stories that incite a shitty reaction in people instead of telling the truth

@werrylettuce @Telegraph @heidiEC5 Don’t pay and man our own borders .. France are supposed to be stopping immigrants now .. and it’s not working 🤷‍♀️

@meeenayii @Jimmy_Robinson1 @ChristinaHanks8 @Telegraph Not knowing if we’re going to live long enough to be crunchy old baboons on twitter. Since someone’s generation said F the O Zone..

@Msulliv52350306 @youngmullers @websterssay @Telegraph Is called trade deals...not many seem to mind trump tactics ...this is way less than what's to come.

@HoneySeu @miserable_now_ @VioletK445 @JohnMi0018 @simpforbetty @Telegraph You are buddy. But keep trying to convince yourself you’re not😁

@CallmeQuinn2 @emptycaprisun0 @Telegraph Yeah, just, not putting up with their bullshit anymore is the way to change a government. But the US president has a rather distant relationship with truth. pathological liar that gets everything he knows from one tv station..and tends to play down problems and acts unpredictably

@julesejc @Telegraph Yup because we left the club, now we have to pay if we want to use the facilities. It’s not rocket science.

@camilacedeno07 @AdriannaNaya @MichaelRapaport @Telegraph or they’re ALSO glued to their phones 💀 i use my phone quite a lot not gonna lie buy my parents always take it away then i see them on their phone ignoring me and complaining how i always use it.... uhhh

@JST9 @Upyourjunker1 @Telegraph I personally do not believe him. Why has it taken so long to make this admission.

@ContentPrVision How does a journalist write this without pissing themselves? @Telegraph I mean, I'm not one of those people who think @BorisJohnson is trying to kill people but he is inept & lacks empathy and that's not good in a pandemic.

@ShaneHarmer1 @Telegraph The UK should not pay France a penny!! Instead the British taxpayer should pay to get these poor migrants to the UK. This country needs more diversity, and helping these people escape oppression and racism kills two birds with one stone.

@MarkHin83862722 @Telegraph Why not use the £30 million to bolster the UK border force instead? Use the money to create jobs for UK citizens.

@camilacedeno07 @MSCollector11 @Telegraph i hate how school doesn’t care about bullying all they care about is if you chew gum or not and i hate how i have to be terrified to go to school everyday and think of an escape plan just in case a shooter comes in

@helencg1 @Telegraph It may come as a shock to you but after the end of the year it's all down to us. We will no longer be part of the Dublin accord. It is not legal to turn away refugees in UK waters.

@kungfucol @Telegraph Right I’m going to eat my heart out now!!! I’m going to Stop working out as well!!! Time of work👍

@UpstateGirl4 @confusedttalgi @Telegraph Again. stop projecting your issues on my kid. I wasnt talking about looks. I'm sorry you equate social media with looks...That is your issue to work out in therepy. I dont need your parenting advice and I'm not your therapist....

@ODouglasPrice @Telegraph Are you born with a political orientation and unable to change it? No. Is that orientation a personal choice you make? Yes. Would you discriminate against an ardent Neo-Nazi, or adherent of Pol Pot? I bet you would. It's really not in the same category as racism.

@robedjohn @Telegraph @RossjournoClark The thing to remember about the social sciences is that they are not sciences.

@BobbyRossi3 @Telegraph So Boris will have to be locked down in No. 10?

@realnews1234 @10DowningStreet @BorisJohnson @metpoliceuk @LBRUT @cpsuk @surelock_ @Adecco @DirectLine @HMCTSgovuk @RussellCooke @EE @BritishGas @jlandpartners @Wickes @asda @LBGplc @RoyalFamily @Conservatives @michaelgove @DominicRaab @pritipatel @guardian @Telegraph @LibDems @Ofcom @financialombuds @richmondtimes @AlainDehaze @HalifaxBank @LloydsBank @TheFCA @MonsoonUK @MonsoonHelp 172/ There was a clear fault on a dress being returned with the zip was not working. The #JohnLewisandPartners manager refused to acknowledge the fault & said everything was OK. He kept smiling whilst lying trying to provoke a reaction. #Johnlewis

@SDochasach @MADANDYS @lorraine1locked @Telegraph You obviously haven’t been listening to the FM briefings. She has been at pains to point out that the virus has not gone, and extreme caution should be exercised ( take note Aberdeen) during lifting of lockdown.#indyref2

@grumpymol @Telegraph Oh God do you not have real shit to be worried about and reporting?

@DrDezza @devisridhar @Telegraph I haven’t seen one single reference to ventilation in any of the guidance or notes for my school. This is NOT good enough. Russian roulette with children! Not mine

@Tuxedo_Han @madswalkinshaw @Telegraph Ofc I’m not an ungrateful b*tvh like you I know how hard my parents and grandparents works to provide for me. They had to worried about making money and literally not die from the war, they had everything taken away from them after the war and start from scratch.

@mangopartymix @Telegraph We’re sad because the world around us is falling apart, and we’re trying everything we can to pick up the pieces and fix it. COVID should not represent us, and us losing a few months of school shouldn’t either. We aren’t stupid; we are smart enough to know that there are problems

@fsb_policy FSB is working with @DCMS, @WhichUK and @CBItweets, as well as broadband companies, to form a taskforce which looks at what we need to do to encourage more people to seize the opportunity of gigabit, @mattwarman tells the @Telegraph

@t_soth @Msulliv52350306 @george2455 @JulietCJP @Telegraph Your not making sense now buddy. Time to lie down and dream of union Jacks and fish

@michaelstaine16 @JoseE_Franco @Telegraph Facts are meaningless in this country and have been since March !! Whatever it takes to shove fear down peoples throats 🙄🙄🙄

@timetoaddress @DirectLine @10DowningStreet @BorisJohnson @financialombuds @BBCNews @SkyNews @itvnews @Channel4News @guardian @Telegraph @DailyMailUK @Independent @DailyMirror @TheSun @thetimes @MoneySavingExp @WhichUK @LBC 19/ I served #Directline notice in 2017 that due to their silence on this matter, I will be creating and giving away Direct Line Caught Out & Silent T-Shirt as #Competitions on social media to raise awareness of this matter. Direct Line did not respond #MartinLewis #Which #LBC

@lindapride57 @Upyourjunker1 @Brett8240 @Telegraph Aww didn't you Tony ? The British people you fucked over are not remotely interested in what you have to say. Your opinion does not count. Once a Liar always a Liar. You had your time, you sent 1000s to their deaths. Left this Country penniless Yet Continue to line your pocket

@RedAsMyHead @MickeyD44314901 @Telegraph Blair - acronym Bloody Lying Authoritarian Incompetent Recanter An Ode To Blair the Eu Referendum Meddler There once was a man named Blair About democracy he did not care For sabotaging our vote He should be slung in a boat And sent to live over there @TheBlairDoc

@HowSoonHathTime @vividirectlinen @Telegraph Actually not, because other countries in the EU also have an interest in getting access to British fishing waters. This is just for France. Welcome to being outside.

@nile_b @DouglasKMurray Snowflake right. I wish you would embrace a little of the Blitz spirit you are always banging on about @Telegraph. You need to calm down and stop getting so excited. It'll give you the gammon.

@blancmarc20 @s0reros @thelefttolerant @kylesaki @0x0069a0a420ce @Telegraph I’m not saying my life was harder, I’m saying on average, boomers’ (people born in the 1940s/50s) lives were harder - than those of any subsequent generation I went through all this in the 90s & 00s. Some aspects of it were harder, some easier. It was easier to get work I think

@AllanMadjacs @MickeyD44314901 @Katieraydee @Telegraph It's not the EU Migrants that are the Problem you Plank!, The Polish people came here to work!, It's the Scum from Africa and middle East that will cripple this country,"These Parasites think they have the god given right to come"!!! 🤮🤮🇬🇧🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🇮🇱🇺🇸

@NotSambuca @CPhilpOfficial @Telegraph The reason why French are not jumping to stop these "refugees " tells all about their calibre

@Smply_Blsd @AmyWasp @hopesglxy @Telegraph Unfiltered technology at a young age can be bad but most people I know are pretty responsible about it and talk to their kids about the dangers... Also I know many kids that are quite happy too just not happy about the pandemic, etc and you can be both...

@scotthornell73 @KateLouiseRowan @Telegraph Thanks for that. Downunder, there still are options and I understand the business needs to stay in the black - Covid affecting media organizations, as much as Rugby unions. Can I ask, the women had not been supported by RFU for sometime I believe. Is that true? Since when?

@cyrilmoseley @Telegraph Should have been arrested, named and shamed. What is this country coming to? Remember, it is easier for scum to drag society down into the gutter than to expend the effort climbing up onto the pavement.

@YooniYoonji @Telegraph Are doing what they like and not what the public actually want. Families are becoming broke because there is no money left its not your generation living in but ours and at the end of the day we have to fix the GOD DAMN MESS that the boomers have created over the fucking years.

@GoonerChed @Florest03648562 @realmadrid @Telegraph For what he's done for Wales Internationally I can't beleive you don't respect him. He didn't want to go because he'd just sit in the Bench like he has since lockdown. Not his fault he's on a high wage

@MediocreArt23 @lancewill14 @Telegraph You can think and assume whatever you want about me dude, it's not going to effect me. I dont care enough to argue with a single random stranger online.

@hiddenbyuser @MyWooo @simpforbetty @Telegraph ... look at world issues you will see that Gen Z are the ones who see reality and not what they’ve been fed. Not afraid to face a shitty past and move to a better future. It’s all votes for “we can do better” not “why spend money to change when things are ok for me”

@CY25_Skip @HackettNicholas @Telegraph Worried about this costing a few mill, yet probably not bothered at all about the hundreds of millions paid to Tory cronies for supplying sub standard PPE.

@realnews1234 @10DowningStreet @BorisJohnson @metpoliceuk @LBRUT @cpsuk @surelock_ @Adecco @DirectLine @HMCTSgovuk @RussellCooke @EE @BritishGas @jlandpartners @Wickes @asda @LBGplc @RoyalFamily @Conservatives @michaelgove @DominicRaab @pritipatel @guardian @Telegraph @LibDems @Ofcom @financialombuds @richmondtimes @AlainDehaze @HalifaxBank @LloydsBank @TheFCA 148/ Prescriptions were handed in to #Asda & their staff would not provide a docket. Every customer prior & after my mother received a docket. So what was going on? #Dailymirror #TheTelegraph #TheObserver #Equality[..[

@qis76470241 @Jimmy_Robinson1 @JessieWebb19 @GG_Morgan_Art @Telegraph I'm saying that our consciousness changed. I think that in the past kids had way harsher lives and even less rights and respect. But children and teenagers' consciousness and education changed, so we perceive reality differently. And reality not being nice does bad things to us.

@Upyourjunker1 Tony Blair admits he did not realise how many migrants would come to the UK after EU expanded' | via Should be locked up for war crimes. @telegraph

@geoffmiller2984 @jennirsl @Telegraph @LOS_Fisher Do people not normally upgrade from the Telegraph to the Times? Telegraph's reputation is a bit off these days.

@HowSoonHathTime @Telegraph A perfect opportunity for the UK to prove that it can take back control of its borders. Or, as seems to be the case, not.

@Msulliv52350306 @websterssay @youngmullers @Telegraph Perhaps . .why not. Any country that wants to profit from arms deals should do their bit . You don't get one without the other.

@Tuxedo_Han @madswalkinshaw @Telegraph Had zero technology like the rest the you twats has today so no I’m not going to be disrespectful to them by blaming them. Blame the damn rich people or the older government. Go something about it and stop fu*king complaining with the phone your parents gave you and pay the bills

@MarcusDeaves @ferikmalae @Telegraph Oh dear - do they not realise how dangerously stupid it is to use a picture of a perfectly normal tummy to depict obesity??!! Absolute shame on you Telegraph. #eatingdisorder #bodyimage

@realnews1234 @10DowningStreet @BorisJohnson @metpoliceuk @LBRUT @cpsuk @surelock_ @Adecco @DirectLine @HMCTSgovuk @RussellCooke @EE @BritishGas @jlandpartners @Wickes @asda @LBGplc @RoyalFamily @Conservatives @michaelgove @DominicRaab @pritipatel @guardian @Telegraph @LibDems @Ofcom @financialombuds @richmondtimes @AlainDehaze @HalifaxBank @LloydsBank @TheFCA 151/ And what was it all for? Did they get the job done? No, she left & had to go to the doctors to reissue duplicate prescriptions as #Asda would not return them. Asda have since apologised. #c4news #itvnews #r4today #southampton #brighton #leeds #sheffield #bournemouth #5news

@yupimrandy @de_stroya @lanadelbaddieb @sparklight0 @simpforbetty @Telegraph I clearly do, but I have a certain mental competency requirement for people I consider acquaintances or friends. Very few people from your generation have been able to hit that threshold. Too many Tik-Tok videos and not enough reading, shame.

@MarinaRobb @Telegraph They know they'll have to lockdoen because test, track and trace isn't working. They've found good scapegoat to shirk responsibility.

@_john_gell Well @Telegraph, we enjoyed a measure of French co-operation a year ago but, if you recall, we decided to walk away from the EU in order, amongst other things, to “take back control of our borders”. What on earth gives Mr Philip the gall to lay down instructions to the French?

@hiddenbyuser @PersonZyra @demimanning9 @Telegraph Lol imagine wanting to pay for healthcare. You know propaganda and brainwashing works when you want to spend your entire life working too hard for too little for a country that won’t even give you the bare minimum.

@camilacedeno07 @Telegraph part time job at 15 and they didn’t have to worry about going to the doctor because they have a bad stomach ache without hesitation because they know they can pay for it so they don’t have to worry if it’s appendicitis or not

@M3sm3r1z3 @mingisleftfoot @Telegraph If this is your safe place you need help, that's the point. Humans were not made to live more of a digital life than a real one. Your safe place bring more downsides that you don't know or choose to ignore than upsides

@YooniYoonji @Telegraph My generation is not brainwashed we have to learn everything ourselves because those who have lived longer are not doing quite a good job of taking care of the world nor the people let alone children. We have to sit here watching the world crash because the leaders of the world+

@alinqot @Telegraph @MattHancock gives some more cash to party friends for a 'test' that might not work

@M3sm3r1z3 @simpforbetty @Telegraph We are like that because tech allows us to be more globally informed, not because we're better people The problem is that becoming informed comes with a price for using such tech, since human wasnt made to receive so much trivial information

@lifesagoodone @Upyourjunker1 @jf_hanley @Telegraph Lying b£sterd Hert Majesty was right not to like the man

@trevorgoodwin54 @MickeyD44314901 @Telegraph Mr Bliar decided not to implement the controls ! It’s there in black and white!

@carolewoodfied1 @BlueLewisham @Telegraph The NEU wants schools to open in September. Yes they are doing check lists and guidance for the reopening . They have to insure the safety of not only the pupils but also the school staff.

@nick_will1972 @MarcBozza @Telegraph Well thats because you're not to bright, uk border force or navy cannot enter french waters and why should france police the uk border

@CunningRedvers @Telegraph It’s not a Covid-19 impact, it’s a result of policy responses to a largely harmless virus and ongoing scaremongering.

@ClokeTeigan @FBirdwatcher @Telegraph and that’s down to the world going to shut before our own eyes and us knowing we can’t do anything about it because we aren’t taken seriously

@s0reros @blancmarc20 @thelefttolerant @kylesaki @0x0069a0a420ce @Telegraph Uh but you’re bashing an entire generation for not being hardworking and you expect people to take that lightly?? These are literally your descendants but you’d rather shit on all of them than acknowledge their issues. Plus you sound like you have no idea what we deal with...

@BuggFord @BangtansMolk @jackbrady1010 @Telegraph Your not the only source You want some more?

@39killersheens @DetSportsGoBlue @Jimmy_Robinson1 @Telegraph that’s not gen z’s definition of racism ????? If something is racist it’s not funny it’s just fucked up lmao everyone should agree with that but y’all just like to call us sensitive

@UKHomeSecretary [email protected] and Defence Secretary @BWallaceMP are working on a joint plan to deploy naval vessels, drones etc to stop migrants making landfall on the south coast of England, senior Govt figures told @Telegraph. However the deal needs France’s agreement...

@etherealhotel @Dianat57283629 @Telegraph You sound like someone who would tell a depressed person to just not be depressed.

@jay_shhh @Telegraph Hardworking and glued to their devices ? Does not equate hard working .... you got a bunch of soy boys and macho girls confused and wanting free dollar store low quality education

@TheBeanowo @Telegraph it’s not the effect of social media itself that makes us depressed. it’s the easy access of information that used to be hidden from us so we could be brainwashed to be obedient. sorry i care that people are racist more than you do, karen.

@mbenavides1967 @Telegraph Because of hypocrites that want to cancel our nations past history. But not our currency which is also part of our history. That part of history doesn't seem to bother anyone. I have never seen anybody not pick up a 100 dollar bill and pocket it if they see on the street.

@therealjess101 @Telegraph I can't blame the telegraph for reporting on this no news article I mean it's not like there's anything actually going on in the world to report on at the moment...... oh wait 🤔

@tomhfh “It’s time for Number 10 to put its foot down. By capitulating to union demands back in June, the Government unwittingly emboldened this interest group at the expense of millions of children” My latest for the ⁦@Telegraph⁩ 👇

@nataly_ce @Telegraph @CPhilpOfficial I'm impressed the UK has such powerful defence technologies but is not able to prevent dinghies of arriving at our shores 🤣.

@emptycaprisun0 @CallmeQuinn2 @Telegraph We're not powerless. No where near it. Our generation is young but so many are ready to move outside the comforts of our failed systems to enact change. I have hope.

@RunnagadeCoach @behindthewoman1 @Telegraph I’ve run everyday for the last 629 days. Not a walking stick in sight. Helping me smash #perimenopause at 50. Also mountain bike & Canadian canoe when I can. Hoping to get an SUP soon too.

@RachelSMcBride @mingisleftfoot @Telegraph To be fair, older people have disagreed with what young people do and like for generations. That's not unique to Gen Z.

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