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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - TELEGRAM MESSENGER - Server Status

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@N3OMOD @thibm_ @telegram @messenger @WhatsApp @signalapp @wire I find Telegram to be the perfect choice out there, even if your conversations needs "the next paranoia level" of privacy - thanks to the secret chat with timer-delete. Honestly I find perfectly acceptable for a free service to not disclose its server-side code.

@Kyruer Hi @telegram @smstelegram: this is my 3rd or 4th attempt to contact you here on twitter. My number is banned on your app and I don't know why. I've already sent 5 emails but I've not received any answer.

@bellja747 @Nextclouders @fourk_ @iniOr @telegram You don't have to trust those running the service if the source code doesn't allow such data to be collected. Signal is not Telegram Signal is not Wire Signal is not WhatsApp Stop lumping them together to justify an article filled with logical fallacies and baseless claims.

@PersianStudies Thank you Mark for being with us and supporting #IranianProtests . Many people from different cities of #Iran are also requesting @Twitter @facebook @instagram @telegram to shut down all the accounts for regime officials.

@faergeek @telegram To not waste anyone's time, I already read the FAQ about spam and such things. Spam bot didn't help anyhow ether

@elkay101 @politicalsculpt @AsianPatDixon @notfromsplash @telegram If someone threw something on me, I would probably do the same. Maybe she should’ve just stuck to the cussing at them part and not thrown anything on them. She is guilty of assault.

@jospoortvliet @bellja747 @Nextclouders @fourk_ @iniOr @telegram 1. Signal is a server on the internet run not-by-you. 2. Signal uses IP Addresses to talk to clients. 3. IP Addresses are metadata. ERGO: The Signal server has access to metadata. You can trust their promise to not track them, your choice. But you can't be sure.

@GingerbreadSnax @BrendanBlumer @telosvoyager @block_one_ @The_JUDii @SnaxTeam @BrendanBlumer See what our community has already launched on the Snax blockchain @nablaApp . Is that what @telegram and @Libra_ Libra want to do? Do not you think that you are looking in the other direction, and do not pay attention to the revolutionary application of EOSIO?

@dq100meow @SolomonYue @SpeakerPelosi @tedcruz @marcorubio @UN @RedCross @lionsclubs @AmChamHK @ABAesq @hrw @UN_HRC @pressfreedom @10DowningStreet @INTERPOL_HQ @GoldmanSachs @MorganStanley @jpmorgan @MerrillLynch @IMFNews @wto @wef @WhiteHouse @IndexCensorship @BorisJohnson @SoVeryBritish @theresa_may @Tesla @telegram @Deloitte @HouseDemocrats @WWF @sgfintechfest @PMOIndia @CanadianPM @WHO @AmerMedicalAssn @Orbitz @UNHumanRights @AmerBanker @coe @UNICEF @realDonaldTrump @HelenClarkNZ @ScottMorrisonMP @EmmanuelMacron @FBI 0100 shooting at #mongkok and shouting them not to set up fire.... are they trying to stop them set up fire by firing? why are they always communicating by bullets?

@NetflixAndHell @__racha @telegram thanks a lot. just to know i prefer telegram and i am not engaged in anything regarding their marketing and exposure lol

@sanamindrekar @telegram you should improve application. when i download big files it is not showing how many MB has remained to download and also no pause option in download ing files. kindly update the app pls.

@haxing_ninja @mfinn3333 @Snowden @FBI @Interpol @telegram Not as nuanced as you think. Encryption is just math, you can't ban it anymore than 2 + 2. We're only harming ourselves in attempts to weaken or constrain it. It's really not that hard to build an encrypted means of communication.

@Ikralulukan @telegram I could, yes, but I feel like being able to sort the 20+ groups into their own categories would really help the overall experience for me. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has mentioned it. Thank you for all of your continued support!

@DonCalderonn @telegram dear telegram, I have an Issue accessing my telegram and an email has been sent to Sms team. Nothing was done. I need help i need my telegram back

@thibm_ @lukechilds @telegram @messenger @WhatsApp @signalapp @wire Keybase seems to be the best trade-off between privacy, groups and UI/UX. Not sure you can call on Keybase but will take a look. Also they have a desktop app, which gives it a sweet bonus. And we just have to ignore the aberration behind their shitcoin.

@dar_azran @telegram hi, I just change my phone to iP11 Pro. When I select the text in a message, and choose BIU, the Bold Italic Underline option does not appear. I’ve tried closing the app and re-open it but it’s still the same. Can u check

@over2393 @trentdotexe @nuxzdj @dguido @flyryan @trailofbits @signalapp @telegram @WhatsApp oh! it seems you all are taking my request for source code somewhat offensive, dunno why. Android and its eccology is completely wrong, so I would rather not use it as argument. but why to armument with git for any application?piracy could be only I can think of.but OpnSrc1/2

@tideman_io @telegram Would love to see full support from webp-files also! Now they are not clickable in chats.

@tideman_io @telegram But we are not using much webp-files ATM, because I convert them to the older formats. 😎

@BlueT @ernmander @UBports @telegram By following your "simple step" I found an issue. As an floss developer I think the best way is to dig a bit further and report it, in case there's anyone else wanna help the project in any ways but stuck on this. May I know what was wrong with it?

@fourk_ @jospoortvliet @bellja747 @Nextclouders @iniOr @telegram @matrixdotorg Maybe once Matrix makes it easy to encrypt stuff, it's not by default and it's too complicated for my mom to use it.

@over2393 @nuxzdj @dguido @flyryan @trailofbits @signalapp @telegram @WhatsApp I do not like to be offensive, but I do not see any reason why app written with good intention should not be peer reviewed by community.And if I can, I do choose Opensource by principle.More eyes see better.

@juliendenos @telegram can I have 2 numbers pointing to my account ? that would be cool as I have 2 numbers (leaving at a border) and I would like for my friends to be able to contact me regardless of which number they have (and not having 2 different accounts)

@sunilgalada Request all not to upgrade your @WhatsApp for fingerprint, as the upgrade will make your Android phone battery drain very quickly. Worst update ever Can't downgrade unfortunately. Shifting to either WhatsApp business or @telegram will save battery for sure

@revwhyte @telegram Nice. I was thinking about some kind of authorization before entering in a group. Situation: there's a group and someone put me there. I'd like to receive a solicitation where I can confirm whether I want to enter or not in that group. Dunno if I am being clear enough xD

@FinTelegram The #cyberterrorist platform #Booter offers a "stay-down-forever" guarantee to its clients. Nice, isn't it @FBI @Telegram? #DDoS #GeryShalon #elSerpico #SerialTT

@gryphonvook @telegram Hello! I got a new phone and my notifications are acting weird, like not vibrating always that I receive a message (moto g8 plus), any clue what could be wrong? Priority is set to urgent

@davecraige @teodorix @sawinyh @telegram @durov @TelegramHelp @_TomHoward Combot is an admin of the group ( but it doesn't seem to be working. "@combot !reload_admins" doesn't seem to work either.

@NitinDhariwal @telegram @telegram why am I not able to report Telegram channels spreading porn ? There are so many channels with porn in it. Some of them have more than 30-40k followers.

@SamuelAFalvoII @colinstu @telegram Not using Android. I'm using the web interface. But the Android app similarly lacks the emoji in its menu. The only way I can type it into Telegram is to cut-and-paste from another app which does offer it.

@JoeDebyzr @telegram So uh the terminate all other sessions also logged me out of the device I was using. That's not supposed to happen right?

@dave__uu @2019_winston @JayBhattNL @fbpe_jojo77 @telegram TBH not many truly safe but also convenient options. You have to trust any third party service. Some claim to be genuinely interested in privacy like proton mail, but vastly more people are on whatsapp. We may all have to go fully off grid and live in sheds in the forest 😉.

@whateverhewants Best practices @telegram read between the lines. How to play the long-game? #TON #ICO #GRAM token #commodities not #securities #SEC

@vishalkadam17 @telegram Why your desktop version is not working? Not allowing to login even much slower response. #Telegram #worst

@RayyanSali @ummieeter @telegram 😆 don’t mind me I’m on this stupid queue, trying to not vex

@policyspacexyz @alexhofford @telegram In Beijing in June 4+5 1989 the PLA would not allow doctors to help injured people at Fuxing hospital and shot doctors and nurses dead when they tried to help them. #HongKongProtests #soshongkong #SOSHK #SOSPolyU #HongKongProstest

@SherlockHans @telegram the Apple Watch app crashes every time when opening and the reply to notification feature does not work on the watch. For at least a few weeks now. I tried restarting and removing and reinstalling Telegram on the watch. Is this a known issue?

@SunilMishra86 @androidcentral Why not all over the world Wikl fail again as no were near to @WhatsApp and @telegram all in1 app Telegram is best till date @sundarpichai @Android @Google @GoogleIndia

@GaurangSangal @telegram hi Telegram web not working since a month we login to telegram thru browser and need to connect. We regularly connect thru chrome and type in hindi please suggest asap. Gaurang sangal 9759652222 [email protected]

@PooltoyWolf @RKDxNT3000 @telegram I removed and reinstalled the app and it seems to be working now. Annoyed that I had to reset all my settings, and one of the Telegram backgrounds I liked is now gone...

@ernmander @BlueT @telegram Also I have not been getting mad or been rude to you. Contact @telegram and ask them why you can’t open a public group link when everybody else is able to.

@mfinn3333 @haxing_ninja @Snowden @FBI @Interpol @telegram The point is that this is a heavily nuanced issue.

@over2393 @trentdotexe @nuxzdj @dguido @flyryan @trailofbits @signalapp @telegram @WhatsApp please dont take me wrong.I do really admire any try to help,in world of everyday hybrid war in progress, we will see political killings as Putin does in Russia to journalists,and not to give trols and state mafia/mafia per se, free ammo, that is cool.but more is needed. ASAP,too

@MajorLtrading @telegram How can I have a channel/person taken down that is pretending to be me and scamming people?

@Clefpascal @telegram please why don't you guys add a downloaded tab for channels for files that has already been downloaded before or few years ago, from that channel or group, in order not to searching through messages and messages.. its time consuming seriously.

@lloydi @magicroundabout @telegram Are you sure you definitely don’t want to not send this?

@naresham @telegram Why do I get notifications when a contact joins Telegram if that option is disabled in the settings... Very strange.. This is a long pending issues and looks like Telegram is not bothered to rectify the bug.

@daveslingerland @telegram hello, since yesterday I'm having problems with server connection. I'm not able to receive message

@BalramAaglecha @telegram I am not able to send multiple pics cropped.

@iniOr @Nextclouders What ? @telegram regular chats not encrypted, this is bullshit ! -> This article if full of errors, please delete ! Also @telegram allow to terminate remote session in case of comprised device.

@05nelsonm_ @lukechilds @thibm_ @telegram @messenger @WhatsApp @signalapp @wire Not to my knowledge.

@Mirarb11 @telegram When I enter groups I do not want them to appear in my list and watched by others

@Pudhiyapodiyan @WhatsApp this is my group while sharing my group link instead of my group name its shows in Hindi if you not fix this problem I'll move my group to @telegram #Stopit

@YounesLayachi @telegram As a result, conversations will crawl to a halt because no messages are delivered as long as people don't go online. No messages will be sent while we're not actively using the app, and as such we will receive no notifications to open the app.

@eiritana @0K_ultra @Snowden Also while we're at it can we ask @telegram not to require phone numbers? Temporary numbers aren't a great workaround for a service like that. Also please comment on criticism about SMS based "two factor" schemes

@iamghislaine @telegram @tatumforbes That’s not fair!!! 🥺 now y’all have to reinvent Scrabble

@qlbihilali @telegram Checked but I was not talking to anybody at all!

@LaurenLFlower @telegram Morning, I woke up to a login code however I didn’t request it can you help.

@thibm_ @lukechilds @telegram @messenger @WhatsApp @signalapp @wire WhatsApp have closed-sourced Signal’s E2E encryption protocol. Not quite sure they can be trusted, considering Facebook’s voracious data appetite. Telegram seems to have gotten better over the years but is still far from being perfect for privacy

@over2393 @trentdotexe @nuxzdj @dguido @flyryan @trailofbits @signalapp @telegram @WhatsApp 2/2good practice,isnt it?and. not only for peer review,but to help of mobile devices is still newborn child,and insecurity can cause lives (project Ruthless e.g -journalists kolled by cartels and their hackers...).Its extremely important topic.

@JustGheri @telegram *coveering mic* I’m not sure how to react to that...

@ShutterWolf @ScarfyConly @RKDxNT3000 @telegram Like NSFW images appearing on my work computer. At least Tweetdeck allows me to not display Twitter images in the timeline.

@rahamat1121 @telegram How to setup and login to your WorkSpace with PhillyTalent

@bellja747 @jospoortvliet @Nextclouders @fourk_ @iniOr @telegram if i remember correctly, as soon as a Signal message is delivered to the endpoint, the log of that message (including IP address) is deleted. Though I will admit i'm not if that's in part of the source code, or how one could be sure that rule is continuously enforced.

@qlbihilali @telegram hi I’m not able to chat on any group i didn’t do anything

@Inc42 Is @telegram immune to #cyberattacks?

@fourk_ @jospoortvliet @bellja747 @Nextclouders @iniOr @telegram Stating that something CAN be monitored is not the same as posting that "All messengers leak metadata". There is no proof for Signal giving data to anyone, and as soon as one user falls down, Signal loses credibility. These "FBI comes with guns" scenarios are stupid.

@FlyGuyInTheSky @geran999 @telegram It doesn’t help to be honest with a cold not.

@Kyruer Anyway thank you @telegram for having given me the opportunity to experience how many Maalox tabs are necessary to alleviate stomach cramps: I really did not expect the correct number was 9-11 tabs per day.

@ildar_digital Waiting for @laurashin to issue an episode of #unchained or #unconfirmed about SEC vs. @telegram case

@m_k_global @Safaricom_Care You need to renew home fibre subscription which is already expired. Zuri is not your “better option” since it will require you to have @telegram and internet to proceed. 2 Safaricom app is currently crashing or freezing on iOS. 3. So the only option is to call 100/400 or *400*..

@dave__uu @2019_winston @JayBhattNL @fbpe_jojo77 @telegram You have to trust facebook; you have to hope that they implemented it right (willingly or otherwise). You are probably giving them metadata e.g. who you talk to when, not what you said.

@FinTelegram Did u @Cloudflare know that #Booter is a #DDoS platform instructing its members on @Telegram channels how to bypass firewalls and bring down websites? #cyberterrorists #crybercrime

@vistacomputing Top story: @FinTelegram: 'The #cyberterrorist platform #Booter offers a "stay-down-forever" guarantee to its clients. Nice, isn't it @FBI @Telegram? #DDoS #GeryShalon #elSerpico #SerialTT ', see more

@findme24x7 @telegram When are you going to fix photo editor issue. Expecting fix with every update. But seems like "no issue" to @telegram . Please bring back old features including grouping option on selection page.

@Celtsandkilts @Mzinduzi @RindtJulie @CatzCatems @JohnEdwardBake1 @Cook68442157E @telegram This says that Telegram is good...there are a few security issues, however. The article is from earlier this year. Please believe me, I'm not trying to be difficult, just want easy and secure for all my new over 60 peeps. :)

@FChev22 [email protected] and @durov are mostly useless against any kind of extremists on their platform. But when a guy tries to use it in collaboration with Italian state authorities to counter potential terrorist attacks, they take him down. You're disgusting. Reinstate @Kyruer, NOW!

@jospoortvliet @bellja747 @Nextclouders @fourk_ @iniOr @telegram Absolutely, there are ways around this of course. Hey, I'm certainly not arguing Signal isn't hugely better than alternatives. I just don't want people to think it is absolutely perfect. It is still a single point of failure that can be quite easily shut down and monitored...

@michilumin @telegram - I do not send unsolicited ANYTHING to anyone, forget spam. I don't open up PMs uninvited or any of that noise. In the groups I'm in, I mostly listen. But suddenly my account is permanently disabled with NO recourse?? What does this get anyone?

@fourk_ @jospoortvliet @bellja747 @Nextclouders @iniOr @telegram Nobody is stopping you from hosting your own Signal either, it's all free software. But getting all your friends to move not only to a new messenger, but to your own personal version of it where they won't have anyone else in the world to talk to? Yeah, sounds super easy.

@BenPtz @telegram Not possible to do faster, its very important for me? Thanks

@BAM_DiYardie @telegram Unrelated issue: since new iOS update the in app feature doesn’t seem to be given the option to minimize the video so you can prolong conversation

@SlipKoRnSaad How awesome is @telegram ? Simply it’s the first app (if I’m not mistaken) to implement frequent contacts in sharing sheet of #iOS13, I’m wondering what @WhatsApp or any other social media app are they doing with their days at the office ?

@SunilMishra86 @WhatsApp @facebook @ttindia @telegram @hike @hikesupport @sundarpichai Have option to share my saved adress like home and office adress even if i am not at location Pl be innovative @Uber @googlemaps @waze

@Carm_0 @telegram serious privacy issue. User on iOS added me to contacts and exposed my number. My settings for phone number is nobody. She had an exception on her phone and exposed me. What the hell is going on ?

@n_functor @telegram @smstelegram Ah, I forgot another very important thing. It would also be great to add one optional method by which we could verify if a new user who is requesting to enter our groups, belongs to our university/career or not. You could be the first ones to have a solution for this problem !

@Giggs_01 @rootkit_ty @telegram @signalapp Begs to question why the hold up unless apple/google have them on edge (also believe the server side source is still not released)

@yekozaw8691717 @telegram code: 45290 You can also tap on this link to log in:

@RazzRaccoon One of my accounts im unable to get verified to login on I don't suppose @telegram can help haven't heard back from email support. hmm?

@baconbh8 @telegram It's not working on android(v5.12.1(1768) arm64-v8a) android 10(QP1A.191105.004) PIXEL 2XL, for some reason if I select any date from last year it jumps to september 13 2019, if you need more info DM me =)

@serisenfey @telegram Hey, outta curiosity, does Telegram have a multi-person voice call option? Say I wanted to call a group? If not, is there any chance that y'all are possibly thinkin' about addin' such?

@lenomsot @urielcmx @telegram But even Instagram has not afforded to do that for 3D Touch users yet. It just let this feature be and simply add Haptic Touch for those, who has not 3D one.

@DonCalderonn @telegram Dear telegram, I have an Issue accessing my telegram and an email has been sent to Sms team. Nothing was done. I need help i need my telegram back

@_simmac_ @andreamij @fs0c131y @signalapp @telegram Telegram developed their own protocol for encryption. This is a no-go, especially since the developers seem not to be good cryptographers: Also, secret chats do not sync and encrypted group chats are not possible. There is no excuse for no default E2EE

@MyBit7 @telegram It's coming, it's coming! MyBitt wallet, with Tencent equal technology as support, not only effectively guarantees the security of users' digital assets, but also has a variety of benefits for everyone! What are you waiting for!Be the first to experience it.

@MrAsterisco93 @telegram This issue is really affecting the experience on iOS. I also tried to contact your support team last week, but they're not answering.

@a0viedo have you put some though into @telegram having now the feature to schedule messages but @SlackHQ not? at least natively (there are some slack apps but damn $50 a month only for scheduling messages?)

@danieluis92 @puntelligent @TeknikPappa @telegram What do you mean? They already do in 1 to 1 conversations, not in groups tho.

@GaurangSangal @telegram Oh that will create a major issue with us. Since we use it for office purpose it would be difficult to access all time since we need it to be online always. 😥😥😟😟🤔🤔🤔🤔 It would be an issue with us.

@DocsNight @JamiePieroelie @telegram @VIVALAFIFA87 I hope you'll consider taking this tweet down. @BK4official is a victim. The hacker was very skilled and when he got a hold of people's channels, he was able to clone the browser login session giving him access to everything the user had, allowing him to impersonate people.

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