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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - TELEGRAM MESSENGER - Server Status

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If is down for us too there is nothing you can do except waiting. Probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or website maintenance is in progress.

If the site is UP for us but you however cannot access it, try one of our following solutions:

1. It might be Browser Related:

To solve Browser related issues that might make the site/server down for you, do a full Browser refresh of this site. You can do this by holding down CTRL + F5 keys at the same time on your browser.

This trick works perfectly on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, Safari and whatever default browser comes with your Windows nowadays lol.

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You might need to clear that out of your browser memory for the site to load properly.

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To fix this, clear your local DNS cache to make sure that you grab the most recent cache that your ISP has.

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@MTopperoficial @iidoleat @telegram Unfortunately Apple has several problems one of them is this, the telegram was right to release the update for Android even if not at the same time for iPhone!

@scorpii_io @telegram When I try to create a local group I get this message. My phone number is not VoIP. It used to be VoIP through Google Voice, but I ported it into T-Mobile about 4 years ago.

@s13GES @IFilipau @colinelves @nexta_tv @telegram What do you mean with fight club moment? To me this is putting a giant bullseye on them, probably well beyond the protest (regardless of their success). Not sure of it helps opposition but on balance it doesn't seem to create too much incentives to stay particularly loyal.

@Grapheene @telegram @telegram is best app to have with huge scope of improvement SMS/RCS protocall fall back option if another person is not in telegram account @GoogleMeet2,@Teams,@zoom_us,@Webex,Room @WhatsApp @telegram @hikesupport @WeChatApp @GSMA @messenger @signalapp

@karim_dorzadeh @sharmadheema43 @telegram It is not possible. You can change type of group to private so only group members themselves can see the list, otherwise public group's everything would be public. Although channel's subscribers list is confidential and no one other than admins can access (limited).

@thejeetupadhyay I'm using socks5 proxy through Orbot, i always put @telegram on proxy mode but sometime I've to Disconnect my Orbot app to become inocent 😅 but i just noticed that i still get Notification from telegram even if I'm not connected to Orbot is it problem with Orbot or Telegram

@Abdelkareem10_s @telegram want to join @EpicGames ! But it doesn’t work, do you know why? Because iOS has FaceTime, it makes us call up to 32 people in a video call , secure and fast! So, yeah... why not on iOS? Because iOS is the best.. I feel sad to you telegram

@Minndawg @durov @mpatrocinioA @FortniteGame @telegram If Apple taking longer to review apps means we don't get the SHIT that we see all over Google Play, then I'm all for it. So much TRASH out there that should have never made it to the storefront. Not talking about bad apps, actual TRASH ad-simulators with malware.

@RiteshK37156503 @pcsarangi @telegram #BJPWithBihar #poor_ews_not_with_bjp Govt. must listen to us. we want justice. why is this unfair treatment towards EWS youth? Ews Age Relaxation for 5 years in All Central Govt exam otherwise NOTA #Agerelaxation4EWS @TCGEHLOT @DrJitendraSingh @JPNadda @rsprasad

@jannemanncs @roxchtw @counchala @Micr0ft @ofija_ @noclador @tvitermaniaks @WhatsApp @Facebook @instagram @telegram Im not replying to main tweet, but to a reply ofc. What's your problem 😂

@Simon__TB @matrixdotorg @element_hq @Signal @telegram A few things that non-tech people I know dislike: - There seems to be no single direct chat, instead these are rooms as well - Use the local name from address book for the other person (not their username) - Key handling/switching devices Would love to see these improved

@reallyadarsh @knowcryptoshow @telegram @discord 1. It's not a bot. 2. It's not waste. They get huge amount of requests. It takes time to answer all of them. 3. Regarding default blocking of non-contacts, please read this: 4. Towel in the rain: it actually helps. I appreciate it. 🙂

@pancakeufo @ARX8x @telegram Same issue since iOS 13 dropped. Always wanted to know why

@STM_videos @MrTALEX117 @telegram AFAIK, Telegram has never tried to flex any sort of copyright on their stickers. It’s an open platform, and since TG doesn’t make any money off them, I don’t see why they would have an issue. Would be a very un-Telegram thing.

@JosephNick7 @telegram My friends can't use the telegraph APP for some reason, So I still want to ask for your authorization to upload it to the sticker gallery for use.(Froge stickers of the telegraph team) Not for other purposes Is that okay? I need your permission to execute it.

@cristymersheena @telegram Thank you for the tip, Telegram! Sooo, someone in the group used VoteBot 😬 instead of the poll feature. I checked, and the bot is not a member of the group. I’ll just ask the one who posted to stop the bot. It was this one:

@IFilipau @_zerez_ @herongodinhdiem @franakviacorka @telegram You can try contacting directly the people on ground: @franakviacorka @HannaLiubakova @Den_2042 I'm not sure they care about how "good" VPN is, as long as it allows them to report from Belarus.

@ChampionElery @telegram Please host's VoIP providers interoperability between all VoIP carrier's convention in Dubai this year to maybe not telegram in Lu of the privacy concerns but you can at least make another VoIP provider services provider for interoperability between let's say whisper WhatsApp Mes

@neonfog @semenov_roman_ @1kst5 @ofija_ @noclador @tvitermaniaks @WhatsApp @Facebook @instagram @telegram Sessions is fully encrypted and run from decentralized servers and it's not associated with a phone number. That's about as near as you can get to anonymity. You open the app and invite contacts to join a chat session. It sounds good.

@SriVaru43341201 @telegram @smstelegram Hi, I have an issue with my telegram account. I bought a new sim and created a telegram account. I lost my phone as it was new sim i don't remember the number also. I just remember the user name and 2nd step verification password. How to recover it now?

@NeoXIII With @telegram turning seven, I wonder if there's a way to check how old your account is. I know I used it for like, forever but not sure it's been for seven years as well?

@metelskyi_a @telegram | @heyhey | @FortniteGame were affected by your harmful policies. Stop manipulating the market and provide support to help dev teams grow instead of putting them down. Even @OurStreetsApp (the company I was a part of) was forced to adjust and remove certain features.

@IFilipau @s13GES @colinelves @nexta_tv @telegram Get weaker? I don't know. But Soviet system (cheap & with elements of feudalism, Russia haven't managed to shake off completely) relied a lot on basic compliance. E.g. if there is another election, there would be not enough people willing to comply with orders to falsify.

@LeoWandersleb @herzmeisterderw @Sev3nSeven @telegram I see the dilemma but telegram is not decentralized. They have power of those groups therefore they are somewhat expected to stop scams therefore people feel safe if the group exists for long.

@Minndawg @BigTimeUser @durov @mpatrocinioA @FortniteGame @telegram I wish Google would take a page from Apple with regards to reviewing apps. So much TRASH ad-simulators with attached malware on Google Play. Youtubers make entire series out of it punishing themselves with garbage available on Android... but not on Apple.

@TheMinimalist55 Hey @telegram i have some issue regarding my account. Want to log in from other device , but forget two step verification passward and it shows mail id also not link. What I suppose to do now ? @telegram

@PrivBlackberry @Shubham2141271 @Jim94334698 @WABetaInfo @telegram Yeah, the telegram is for free and has good features BUT what I told is "not to judge them when you are offering them back nothing". You are not forced to use WhatsApp over telegram, but it's the people's choice to use it, so it has something which telegram lacks

@RadiHood @lisaabramowicz1 Makes me wonder how much time it will take China to change it's policies & start to respect intellectual property. Issue brings memories on @telegram encryption & @KremlinRussia_E wishes in the past. Just don't understand why Russia gets the blame for 99% of hacking & China none.

@DiveBoyDive @telegram A friend isn't allowed to install any apps on his locked down work phone. Is there a bot or any way to send him an SMS when Group Chat receives a new message? Thanks

@hashgard1 @BiggerThanRace @Hashgard_off @telegram Talk to the team in pm on telegram, they will of course help you with solving the issue 🙌💪💪

@witnessmenow I started working on a new @arduino @telegram library that I'm calling Pinocchio Telegram Library, as it got no Strings (objects) to hold it down! It is a test to see does it make much of a difference to heap memory of projects. @ESP32net @ESP8266

@CyrusOfTheLambs @LiberalMark @DCdoso @telegram @RichardMcCrackn Oh Marky, you can follow anyone. But it is not nice to post tweets just to be annoying. But okay, you do you. I’ll accept you as you are. I’ll even cheer for your precious: Go Tezos, the one to rule them all.

@DrOncogone @its_opeyemi @telegram It's not bad now. They want you to connect ni. But maybe they can let people decide sha

@colinelves @IFilipau @s13GES @nexta_tv @telegram I can’t see how the regime will sustain itself if it loses the army and/or police - not unless Lukashenko appeals to Russia to step in to help ‘control’ the situation: which will be hard to justify if protests remain largely peaceful, although there’s a risk of agent provocateurs

@Grapheene @telegram @telegram is best app to have with huge scope of improvement 1. SMS/RCS protocall fall back option if another person is not in telegram account 2. Video call upto 100 persons with join with link,screen sharing & colobration options like @GoogleMeet2,@Teams,@zoom_us,@Webex,Room

@reallyadarsh @dr_lukee @durov @smstelegram @telegram If you don't have access to your SIM Card, there is no way you can login or transfer the ownership.

@TRX_21 @TeraBaap0_0 @SEBI_India @moneycontrolcom @NSEIndia @telegram @BankniftyA @nitinbhatia121 @IncomeTaxIndia let our big brother know all this stuff wheather this fake scammer can escape from ther raids or not ! I I truly beleive that accepting client fees has to pay certain fees to government in form of gst . Is there houses are legal ?

@tobydeniyi @Telegram I need to tell you guys the truth, I don’t care who joins telegram or not. It’s not my business so please stop telling me Shalewa joined telegram, Ahmed joined telegram. Ko kan mi mehn.

@TwoSecondsB4 @telegram There is such a cat - @Pusheen There are many Telegram stickers with this lovely cat. It's good. But specifically, these ( contain stickers for knackers. Is there any control over this? It's not desirable for children who love Pusheen to see this

@PhDForum @natukundaloi @NEMRA_Africa @GodfreyMuhwez @busingye @mrullonga @RugyendoQuotes @ashabaanita Not really, it's a new idea. When our scheduled room is closed, I will try and create a pop-up room. which can run for 24 hours but will not always be moderated. Its a try it and see approach. have set up @telegram channel to broadcast when pop-up room open :-)

@OlyaKudina While #Belarus govt tries to silence the protests by internet blackout and delete online evidence of #PoliceBrutality , people organize on @telegram to pass down information and plan meeting locations. Technology surely reduces but it also in parallel amplifies. #BelarusStrong

@intersticis @PhDForum @telegram Hi, I am trying to join your pop-up room but I cannot DM you for the link... My working schedule usually makes it very difficult for me to join the scheduled sessions and the pop-up would be a really good alternative. Thanks!

@tryphonzhyla Dear @telegram is it okay that I’m still not able to make video calls after I updated the app to the last version? Nothing changed at all so can it be that I broke somehow the app or something?

@muratcorlu @telegram @durov Google approved everthing we end up with current play store that is full of ugly, not working even scam applications. This is not a similar App Store as you already know. Waiting several days for a big new feature should be not a problem to mention in that way.

@nimsaraonline @reallyadarsh @telegram I have to face bugs in quiz bot more times. @telegram & Volunteer Support are not reply to my problem :/

@lyrithdev @telegram Hello, can you help me, please? I want to create a game in Telegram, but according to the rules - 1. You will not implement any ads or any external links on your custom URL pages [1]. Question? Can I make a link to my Telegram channel or somehow mention it in the game.

@reallyadarsh @Amtu83 @telegram Yes. If you can, it's better to give a buffer time of 15 or 30 mins, so that the login is sure.

@sazandeghi - Is not it time to activate anti-filter for Iranian users? @telegram @durov @NarimanGharib @Javanmardi75 @RadioFarda_ @TavaanaTech @Tavaana

@PhDForum @telegram @ayomideoladosu_ Aww that guidance is so kind of you. I am not sure how to make sense of those instructions, but I will take a look and figure it out. Thank you soooo much for taking the time to tweet.

@kokebm63 @GeekPoet_ @telegram @durov Any updates? This is still not working. I dont know why we cannot just give permissions to some users .-.

@Grapheene @telegram @telegram is best app to have with huge scope of improvement 1. SMS/RCS protocall fall back option if another person is not in telegram account 2. Video call upto 100 persons with join with link,screen sharing & colobration options like @GoogleMeet2,@Teams,@zoom_us,@Webex,Room

@ashkantabriz34 @telegram #Telegram lied again ! Telegram announced today that by updating users can make voice and video calls with each other !! But this story was also a lie because with the update I did I realized that it is not possible to contact my freinds in Telegram !!! 😏😑😐

@Picktter @TelegramBeta @telegram bad decision, private channels are better as before: When you receive an invite link to popular private channel, you can view the channel for a few minutes without joining it, and decide whether you actually need to subscribe or not.

@kishisushii @telegram I tried the Video Call feature a few minutes ago. It does not detect headsets when the call is answered. I got it to work when I re-plugged my headset, but it didn't work on the other end.

@reallyadarsh @BjornToftMadsen @telegram In groups, the only option is to delete for everyone, not just for you. In one-to-one chats, you still have the option to delete a message you sent for yourself only.

@Nshstephan Hey @telegram when I am trying to manually change notification settings to not have sound when message arrives, no pop up and do not show content when unlocked after new message everything goes back to default settings PLEASE fix this bug this is the only reason I am using TG X.

@KurumiTokisakiB @Myself_Hasib @signalapp @telegram And telegram does not allow to create an account without phone number

@cosmogrytal @telegram Telegram is a great app but it's image is going down day by day due to Frauds on telegram and considered as a place for Fraud and ripping. Here is a Active fraud ripping channel with more than 75k+ members ripping everyday I have reported multiple times still no action

@sazandeghi @telegram Is not it time to activate anti-filter for Iranian users?

@rabatonline @reallyadarsh @durov @smstelegram @telegram I have a channel but I can’t login to my account wich is owner in channel because I was refugee in Germany and now I don’t there , I don’t have anymore that SIM card and I can’t get verifiy code to login....but I wanna transfer owner to another account wich on is Admin in channel

@Derkk_UA @telegram Video calls not working, then both messengers are installed. So I decided to delete Telegram X. And now I missing how channels looks in Telegram X.

@OmarGama @telegram Why not a seed phrase to recover a account? For example when the number is lost...or the phone is lost!! Thanks

@Dinozz9 @koltt27 @ia_Shovon05 @telegram I seen that but looking for official way, as there will be chances of not able to access the service.

@BigTimeUser @durov @mpatrocinioA @FortniteGame @telegram Then release it for android and desktop! The apple users should be the ones feeling the effect of the monopoly they're serving, not the android base! Besides, certain updates came to iOS first (like recently with the video crop) so why can't one update come to android first?

@dimaryoon @BeatzCoin @cctip_io @Twitter @wechat @telegram @discord @reddit @CCTip_Lisa @VibraVidInc @proguerra @TheRealZambino @syscoin @maticnetwork @Tronfoundation Not work airdrop distribution because the contract between BTZC and is expired need to renew again

@colinelves @IFilipau @nexta_tv @telegram I’m not laughing, I actually thought it would be a smaller number. 1500 is a lot of people to keep couped up and brainwashed.

@IFilipau @s13GES @colinelves @nexta_tv @telegram And even taxation relies a lot on it. I'm not aware of modern practices, but in the past, even after the most heavy crack-downs, there were still number of ways to transfer large sums of cash outside control of bank system.

@knowcryptoshow @reallyadarsh @telegram @discord Appreciate you @reallyadarsh, but this bot is a lame response for Telegram not allowing you to blocking anyone NOT in your contact list. Of course, we suggest that bot too... and have. But it's like handing someone a towel when they are standing in the rain. Doesn't really help

@LadyWoodOfLdn @paddydocherty @telegram I’ll check it out! I’ve not heard of this before, but the revolution has to start somewhere! #ThreePointFivePercent #3Point5Percent

@POISON_4000 @telegram yes!!! yes!!! yes!!! thank you very much for this present and congrats for the 7 wonderful years, you are the best bro, #whatsapp will not be able to copy this function😂😂😂 👏🏻👏🏻🎂🎊🎉🎈🎁🍻

@_iM_18 Hei @telegram, if i join a group, a bot’s chat or a channel, which are the information shared with the other participant or the admin (especially without an username)?I’m referring to the picture,the phone number,etc.And what about security? I did not find info on the FAQ Thanks!

@STM_videos @_iM_18 @telegram Everything goes off what’s visible on your profile, as determined by your Privacy & Security settings. You’ll appear as your display name, and the profile picture will show if not hidden. If they open your profile, your phone number will be hidden to non-contacts by default

@Carm_0 @telegram You know volunteer Support does not seem to exist anymore and it seems impossible to contact anyone for issues or admin help

@MaxwellionDevil @ElastosTroll @telegram @Cyber__Republic Thanks, hopefully soon! @ElastosInfo needs more attention. Technically is far superior to most if not all projects in this space and people still don’t know about it. They need to establish themselves in this space with exchanges and influencers for awareness. Agree or disagree?

@sazandeghi @noclador @AseanOceans @WhatsApp @Facebook @instagram @telegram - Is not it time to activate anti-filter for Iranian users? ?????? @telegram @durov

@jannemanncs @roxchtw @counchala @Micr0ft @ofija_ @noclador @tvitermaniaks @WhatsApp @Facebook @instagram @telegram ??? He said u have to trust them not to share your data and I'm telling u it doesnt matter if they do, because as long as the data is encrypted with AES, it is useless for anybody, tahts doesnt have the key. I can send u the paper i wrote on AES Encryption if you wanna learn more

@MatinMolayari @Meysam01777284 @telegram @WhatsApp Hello dear Meysam, I was very sorry for what happened, I wanted to tell you that if you tweet on your page and tag Telegram in it, they will respond to you, because I do not think they will respond to the comments.

@TheLanceAdams @TelegramBeta @telegram Is this working only because of how Google Duo figured out a way to E2E group video calls? It was previously thought too hard

@reallyadarsh @ThunderWolf18_ @telegram If it's a Security issue, you can send an email to [email protected]

@AhmettoptasEfe Those who see Telegram are very comfortable to use, but the visually impaired are very comfortable to use. Because it's not curable. I'm calling Telegram from here. We would like to use. On the Ios side, it's not artisanal. @telegram

@agvstinvolpe @telegram Great update! Could you consider tidying this menu up a bit? Call icons too close to scroll list, not a good idea. It just begs for placing unwanted random calls.

@reallyadarsh @Amtu83 @telegram Calculation: FLOOD_WAIT_16985 SO, 16985 seconds are 4.718 hours. Then, 30 mins are 1800 seconds. 16985 - 1800 = 15185 seconds. That roughly translates to 4.218 hours. And I gave the time 2 hours ago. So you'll have to wait for ~ 2.2 hours more. Then you're free to login. 🙂

@SashaIr93 @telegram And now the last excuse my friends used not to switch from WhatsApp finally falls! Thanks for being awesome!

@filipe_ravoque @durov @mpatrocinioA @FortniteGame @telegram and also, that's funny because you launched 3 or more updates on the beta version yeserday, and none of them were working as it should. if you have a reason for delaying the release, at least stay quiet, no need to lie in order to endorse some greedy billionaire bullshit.

@tlananthu @telegram how about an import messages to group/channel (from the one whose name should not be taken).....

@francis_bawuah @telegram how do I prevent people who are not in my contacts from adding me to a channel?

@mr_selvaraj @telegram I have raised multiple request to claim the user name @username_BOT. But every time it is getting rejected. Your Team not even telling as what is the error. I am tired of raising request. Can you please help on in this.

@TuleuovAdilet Reminder that telegram is the one of the most useful apps against authoritarian governments censure. Thanks to liberty minded @durov #Belarus: @WhatsApp down @Facebook down @instagram down @telegram works #telegram_office_posters

@IFilipau @s13GES @colinelves @nexta_tv @telegram I think some "syloviky" might help out with army - but not without sufficient cover. So far, Lukashenko's own forces (Police/OMON, KGB units) failed to escalate and create the cover. I assume, for Luka this is the worst if it goes on for days/weeks without serious escalation.

@ddhar @telegram When you select multiple files and do a send it allows forwarding not sharing to an external app. I have a request can you enable multiple file share from Telegram app to external app.

@VishalKhetan7 @reallyadarsh @DisneyPlusHS @telegram @aliaa08 @taran_adarsh @MaheshNBhatt Bro I was not promoting the film I am just telling not to watch on hotstar watch it fr telegram because by watch on telegram the movie will not earn and the way to reply the nepotism

@swamigillhart @PhDForum @telegram The @PHDforum_groupchat doesn't seem to exist on @telegram. Although I'm not familiar with the app at all...

@vihtla @3levator @allaroundnicegy @muratcorlu @telegram @durov I still do not understand how first sending nudes for yourself can later help that same person with blackmailing. And again — she could delete her own sent messages for both sides before as well. It’s not like the other side gets to delete them themselves.

@3levator @vihtla @allaroundnicegy @muratcorlu @telegram @durov How is it a bad thing in terms of privacy? I argue it is a good think since the messages exchanged is not "owned" by the sender and it belongs to both parties in the conversation.

@Rishu28705487 @telegram Hello Telegram im facing a big issue in Telegram. How to contact you guys?

@sajad5133 @durov @telegram Despite the new features added to Telegram, we Iranians do not have the opportunity to use them. Please solve the filtering problem.😕

@GerzerSoftware I have zero sympathy for Epic, @Spotify, @telegram, @heyhey, @ProtonMail, and others. Furthermore, as Epic reveals in its lawsuit, its end goal is not just to use its own payment systems; it wants to run its own store on iOS/iPadOS and to make its own commission on that.

@reallyadarsh @Amtu83 @telegram If you try to login again and again, it'll increase and then you have to wait for 24hrs then.

@condods_ @paddydocherty @telegram Hey Paddy, not sure if you use Facebook but this seems to be gaining traction:

@agvstinvolpe Great update @telegram! Could you consider tidying this menu up a bit? Call icons too close to scroll list, not a good idea. It just begs for unwanted random calls🙃

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