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@DinaPomeranz Why it's important to not mindlessly share videos of other people in humiliating situations. Also: stop filming and help the person!

@RTficLDreamer @JhonQpublic @Qanon76 All talk? We share videos, documents, links to articles... If you choose not to believe it, that's fine. We just show you the rabbit hole, only you can choose to dig further into it. What would you like to know?


@ClimateWarrior7 I've warned about this previously. White supremacists are attempting to get black people into car racing, hoping they'll crash. Then they share videos of the crashes and laugh at them. Please write to Sky Sports and demand that they stop being tools of these sick neo-Nazis.

@Phanzon Share videos and photos of the protests, but not the protestors. The media continues to ignore us, but the government and alt right are watching to try and ID people, be mindful how you post stuff

@Fort_Girl Yes! It's not okay to share videos of strangers that may embarrass them when they haven't done anything to hurt anyone else. People who have shared such videos probably didn't intend harm, but we need to be more conscientious about how our actions online can affect each other.

@silver_shots If I did not want to be mistaken for a white supremacist, I would simply not say things like "White Power!", nor share videos of people doing that very thing.

@RadicalBoricua1 @realDonaldTrump Trump is not racist he just likes to share videos of his supporters shouting white power. This guy really needs to get the Mussolini treatment.

@AvariOnline @murly1054 My first thought when that vid passed by was why are they making fun of her? I swear, I’ve done that before too and I’m not a moron. It happens. Unless you are showing a crime or a social injustice, I think it’s absolutely wrong to share videos of other people without consent

@PerfectTrumper @realDonaldTrump Sir, I like when you share videos of people yelling White Power! Thanks for Doing that! So many Presidents would find that to be derogatory and disgusting, but not you! Keep showcasing those Very Fine People!

@pagingdrdaddy Why y’all romanticize policing and share videos of police playing with children I will never know. Those children grow up to be adults, and in many instances older children, the police murder. The police are not our friends. Defund them. Abolish them. Read that again.

@DotardLies @thehill The country is going down the toilet thanks to this incompetent coward and the priority of this Racist POS is to share videos of white power and white guys with guns???

@ClareSt10290127 @realDonaldTrump #AttemptToIdentify #RiotsAreNotProtests #AntifaDomesticTerrorists #Leftists #StatueDefenders #rioters Urging not to share videos, Blur faces, Wear your masks. Protect yourself!

@openupyoureyes8 @shawnanthxny @Richard43168188 @AntifaMilkshake @cerezaoficial @Thetruthserum33 @zooeypurdy @matthew_marvich @nytimes YES we know there are bad cops but not as much as there are good cops. Is this what you do? Share videos that everyone finds disturbing as you’re proof that all cops are bad what a joke you are still nothing to say about the FACTS I showed real numbers

@tayfineline not gonna lie, everytime i see oomfs/twt friends ignoring my story of me asking them share videos, petitions about police brutality, it hurts. y'all want justice and equality it is your country, or america but leave minorities to dust😴

@DirtyShoez @herrwit @stillgray He and @Cernovich literally cannot stop rabble-rousing and trying to incite a reaction. It's good $$$ for them to write articles and share videos of Patriot vs Antifa violence. Sorry Ian, 1) we're not your army, 2) it's July. Call me again once it's too late to switch out Biden.

@IIIMattieBoz I rarely share videos but I think it's important to state there is a reason this video is everywhere. Yea, I'm full of shit because I know I talk about not posting this trash but I feel it needed to be said. It's imperative that you ? why this video is EVERYWHERE.

@Shunfu21 Never be afraid to see and share videos of politician own video who you are not voting because the last thing u want is to find out that u are inside someone echo chamber. Me a PAP voter teaching to think differently.

@fibrofuckboy What I would like to see more of on twitter is more generosity of information. If you are an EDS patient with access to PT, share videos of your exercises, post tutorials of how to apply KT tape. Do not hesitate to share your knowledge because you feel unqualified.

@felizcaridad Grateful for today’s technology. I can’t imagine not being able to FaceTime or share videos/photos with my fam. I can’t imagine how it was for families who had to live apart back in the day, like when my grandma came from Cuba and had to be away from her mom and sisters .

@AnneDavidsonLa1 @fred_guttenberg @joncoopertweets @JoeBiden Well that man is wrong if he looks at past actions of Joe and Hillary Trump is following their lead and really trying to do what they talked about for years I can share videos of them and of him they are similar yet u people are foolish to not see the truth he's only acting on it

@AsmaMahi10 @Farid_0v @IjazTheTrini @SollyLucid Sorry dis is not related to the post but i really wanted to know “Can v take knowledge from yaqeen institute and omar sulaiman”My friends r listening to him n share videos of him 2 but i read somewhere dat he supports the ryts of LGBT.

@yeetnbeat @07Vanity @FStropek @UMB_KD @verge Be it profitable or not, they do have a “video monopoly.” They get to control the platform most people share videos, which is a major advantage/gift. They would never give up that.

@ODonSecularism The Operators of this account @PakHindus need to be careful. The Islamists Regime may Track them down and eliminate them. An alternate to this would be that Hindus within Pak share videos with accounts outside Pak through different mediums (like telegram) and we will share it.

@1shellcsr @James78141017 @DMichaelcline Praise God! I’m trying so hard. I’m not articulate so I share videos and try to answer questions. I’m being met with such resistance. I keep praying for all eyes to be opened; for the frauds to be exposed. Please pray with me. 🙏🇺🇸❤️

@OTSpiegelung @dirt2733 @theneedledrop Ok zoom out for one sec. Do you not think people can share videos without having actually watched it? It think in this day and age it’s pretty plausible. I’ve seen it happen many times. And if I am willing to give people I normally agree with the benefit of doubt, I should (1/2)

@joymdiv We’re not supposed to share videos like this b/c, according to ‘woke conservatives’, it makes racists & white supremacists come out the woodworks. 🤪🙄

@_TropicalDream I will always share videos of black men uplifting their black queen. See how he went bout his buisness not expecting a got damn thing back. A true king - giving a queen her moment to shine ! 🖤

@poorboy85 @mynameiszeke I got rid of it awhile back but people still share videos from there all the time. You’d think it’d be prime time for Vine to come back and just ya know...not be racist.

@malkarie_ Lots of tweets abt how there isn’t enough circulation of protests but at the same time we’re not supposed to share videos/images of protestors faces? Besides images that clearly don’t show any identifying marks or faces, is there a middle ground of share-ability I’m missing?

@joebowen77 @Pott_sey72 All u ever say is don’t bow down to a narrative. Maybe some people actually believe in these things. Just because u don’t because you feel a certain way doesn’t mean it’s some BS narrative. I’ve also seen you pretty much only retweet and share videos that support ur “narrative”

@yongbora_ @seungheehaw same i keep thinking about how when i was mainly just a moo we'd all help each other find good live audio streams for concerts and do gcs to share fc pics and share videos we've downloaded if they get struck down from twt or yt etc.. meanwhile here...

@fbarendt @Santanasworld88 @FOX10Phoenix You’ve made it our business by ramming it down our throats. We pay attention and never see the BLM doing or saying anything about the senseless killing of innocent black by blacks. Feel free to share videos of that happening.

@aman67s @TusharG09 I'm not sure about the increase. Considering the fact, most of the videos shared on Insta are the ones made on TikTok. So, there might be a decrease of that content. Also, people don't tend to share videos with their known ones as freely as compared to strangers.

@MiquidadeShakil @Queen_Tassy1 @noorainn_ Yea like one of the things I hate the most is people who share videos without knowing where they come from and just because A said this in this city it does not mean it’s true, people lie in order to gain smt. Fist verify the source of the video and get the correct information

@Americanclass3 @alex_zee @MrAndyNgo Thanks Andy! I’ll retweet & share videos of NY destruction too @billdeblasio! Funny, how Left demands, destroys, expects law abiding hard working citizens to sit back & accept. Innocent kids being shot by thugs, no cops in NY but tides are turning. All people had enough. @POTUS

@Tempest27322112 @ClassicDaysTv I would love to be part of this group and promise not to share videos.

@gagaruinedme y’all bitch about people not cancelling men for sexual abuse/pedophelia then continue to follow and share videos from that fat peaches bitch, talkin bout having men rape her young daughter. i just can’t with y’all fake asses. dumb bitches. 🙄

@waxmonkey @NotABotHeh @smokinjoe2122 @SecretPat102 @AP do i want 4chan to share videos of people being shot with me? no, id rather you go away and find a girlfriend not printed on a pillow lol

@DreJtcelite Why do these video promoters share videos showing players dunk alone and saying “been in the lab” or “getting scary”. Dunking on an empty hoop is not working on your game and shouldn’t be scary to anyone. Show some mechanical or footwork drills.

@jamesdgreig i don't think it's good how normalised it's become to share videos and images of people online without their consent as a form of extra-judicial punishment. Doing it to racists is justified and probably helpful; doing it to random people pissing in alleyways, not so much

@Rilesj8675309 @ABC @realDonaldTrump You claim not to be racist but share videos of people yelling white power & white people pointing guns at protesters. You're trash POTUS. I can't wait for you to not be president anymore & I hope you're imprisoned for everything you've done!

@kimoad3 @AMS0035 @dbongino @Sclark4273 Did you join BLACK LIVES MATTER and share videos of killings by police officers? Sure this person shouldn't do that to anyone - a police or not. But better than to kill by gun. Anger in the air. Stop violence - ALL.

@TurkishProud Who ever uses this hashtag #TurkeyIsInvadingKurdistan is delusional. I've replied to some of you and been blocked without answers. You share pictures of Palestinian kids that have been attacked, you share videos without context and use a hashtag that may or may not be relevant.

@TLCyclist @Outspokenalso @CityPoliceJM @NormanBrennan @ThamesVP Lol not illegal to share videos, buddy. This isn't North Korea.

@ironsandstripes @Mp7Probe @AOC Your bio says ‘ I share videos I find to be factfual, truthful....’ but then share this nonsense. AOC never tweeted anything like this Please stop being a sheep. The facts are below if you’re actually interested

@rhianna_adams When, and I can not stress this enough, did it become an ok thing for people to share videos that literally show people losing their lives? What the fuckkkkk happened to humanity.

@yamezzirahc @vshleygrvce Yeah I guess I'm just not going to share videos of Bunbun on FB anymore 🙃

@bozzy_osborne daily reminder to not share videos of protestors faces, everyday it gets more dangerous for them

@eefcore reminder to please not share videos like this where peoples faces can be seen and identified

@CashLydia Please don’t share videos in which real people die I don’t know why I would even have to say this but it is not okay please stop

@shibakengyun oh yea btw kenta (& gyun? idk he said he watched some) is still checking the who i am challenge hashtag and he said he’ll share videos if they are interesting so go join the challenge if you still want to!!! also im not crying while typing this

@Not_real_jeff hey i reaaallllllly didnt want to start my day seeing a protestor get run over how about we dont share videos like that without fucking warnings

@gotMewGulf @mewgulfship I'll promise not to share videos and thank you dear 💕

@EarforcePx12 @theneedledrop @NissZedX gun as unreasonable. You should do your best not to share videos like this without the full context.

@suaccubus yk i’ve been thinking and it’s weird like this was literally a concert just online... why are people allowed to record and share videos of an in person concert they paid for but not an online one? what’s the actual difference that would cause that to be the case?

@marinadpol @EsfandiyarKhan Thank you so much! We’ve been told not to share videos but I think #ICGRxLive may! Otherwise, crossing my fingers v tightly that it’ll get published somewhere (anywhere!) one day so people can read it!🤞

@ccmcbroom @LisaVery29 @TiffanyBond @eryncerise Oh yeah for sure, I agree. But the president is literally criminalizing protestors now, getting images of protestors and asking for their arrest. I’m not sure if it matters how peaceful the protests are. Activists have asked people not to share videos for this reason.

@Novahsx y’all share videos of death like it’s a normal day. I don’t see how and why no one helped dude after he was shot. It ain’t in me to not take initiative or do something dam

@WBVRich It's so simple to not share videos of people chanting white power. I do it all the time. Can I just be President?

@Cubsbane obviously it's important to share videos documenting what is happening but if it's something like taking down a statue you need to make sure nobody's face gets in there christ

@Oth3rSky Just fyi I've been avoiding rting protest videos. Not bc I want people to forget the protests but bc so many of the videos I see *aren't censored* we know the government is trying to find protesters. Please don't share videos that have identifying details.

@R_G_MAR Had to grind for that new sniper @CallOfDutyMod13 and I haven't quick scoped since MW3 intervention days. Tell me if ya boy got the juice or not. You can thank @DougisRaw for how sweaty i get because Doug is a beast! I hope 2 game with him and the gang 1dy

@graciehi19 If you cannot donate because you’re under 18 or cant go to protests due to safety issues that is okay. but if you do not sign petitions, watch or share videos that raise money or raise awareness(blackout tuesday does not count) then you cannot call yourself a blm supporter <3

@ricksnipp for a REASON. do NOT share videos of protesters. the president literally is posting screenshots of them trying to prosecute them for peacefully protesting.

@itjustjul this is why we told y’all not to share videos/pictures !! was instagram proof of your activism worth it?

@Chilipili Dear @CPBlr @deepolice12 @BlrCityPolice, pl issue detailed guidelines on online classes for kids & on teachers asking kids to share videos/images even if for assignment purposes. Schools don't understand when parents request them, they don't seem to b aware of digital image abuse

@deadmeatjames @StierholzHugo I appreciate the gesture, but I don't want any fans to feel obligated to share videos anywhere. That's not on them. This isn't an issue with fans and viewers, it's just a weird thing with YT's algorithm that I wish I understood better.

@kaijuwings Please. Please. It's not cool to share videos of people being killed and horribly injured with no tags or warnings.

@Hyderaabadi @IchbinUjjaini EVMs are manipulated to show different results. You are not allowed to share videos of EVMs moving around on social media.

@connectabhishek @DelhiPolice @naimakg_ @CPDelhi @LtGovDelhi @HMOIndia @PMOIndia @DelhiPolice just a hard copy of FIR is not going to pacify our anger. Show us some real results. Share pictures of the offenders in your lock up, share videos of offenders apologising to the woman and giving an apology to her NGO in writing. Until then don't fool us.

@clumsycaitli TW!! I usually try not to share videos that could potentially trigger anybody, but CMON DETROIT this is not okay!!!! Hold people accountable, call out racism, vote, these were PEACEFUL protestors! THIS IS NOT OKAY.

@CrystalHendri19 @cmclymer It's up to the public to just ignore/ not share videos like that. People are always going to have a mean streak. They get off on laughing at others and wouldn't care what the person's circumstances are.

@mightymarce @Konaustin @bocxtop @nvvermore But also just saying that at least from what I’ve seen, the calls to not share videos aren’t so much from pearl-clutching anxiety but from Black people saying that it’s not helpful to make their trauma go viral as some sort of entertainment.

@kcoolkoda @metallicat767 like i'd love to make content,,, but not on youtube lmao. youtube is ran by morons and its just such an insufferable site to work on,,, like,,, it was made to share videos and its turning into some half baked netflix / hulu

@TrustTruth5 @VytjieduBlanc @c_kumalo @Ikwane @waldimar @RomanCabanac @RapportSA @Netwerk24 Pray! Stop the Racism. In your soul, your heart, your mouth and your finger. Share videos and pictures of victims. Send it to Governments and news agencies across the world. This is about orchestrated crime, terrorism and anarchy. This is not a race war! Don't make it one. Pray!

@guavavenezolana @Luis_Alejandro9 oh no oh no oh no 😷 not just that but hasn’t it been exposed on here the little “pageants” for grooming little girls to be “miss venezuela “ and how a lot of them serve as Rings to share videos and pictures of these kids 🤕

@Karn_EX "All footage has to include copyright messages for “ATLUS” and “SEGA.” Lastly, players are not allowed to share videos or screenshots from the Golden Theater story mode. That includes from the 6th day all the way to the ending." The game is 9 fucking years old.

@anniemal @kagrady Hmm, perhaps it is a patriarchal move to not share videos of men behaving badly. They certainly are, in different ways.

@chrispowellsays @CitizenKane95 @briantylercohen Not talking about what the girl in the video did or said, I’m talking about the leftist page that shared a post of a white woman doing something bad. Because we’re not supposed to share videos of black people doing bad things because “it doesn’t represent the community or cause”

@scorfume @fuckkoky @sanricore @HeThatOneNigga also do you not know how to share videos? do you need a tutorial 😭

@heart_n_home @SamnthaCrawford @LynetteRomero @KTLAWeekendAM I’m not sure what info you found. I downloaded the IGTV app to my phone. The app was free & I recorded & share videos for no cost. Hope this helps.

@YinChew2 @Inevitable_ET As a digital warrior, I post as much as possible about pizzagate in replies to media tweets. And share videos about it. People may disagree on politics but most do not wish to see harm done to children. It’s an entrance point to get people to look.

@saayminnie lose. I had to leave so idk what happened after that. a whole mess and just cuz the news not showing it anymore don’t mean ppl not protesting. I’ll share videos and pics from da protest when I wake up tomorrow.

@JonBradfield @giovannibienne @Dandelamotte It’s certainly possible to not have to be the first share videos and judgmental admonishments. It’s the worst of social media, like pipe down love you don’t need to do this. (I’m in ageement I think btw)

@JeffSmi65827821 @di_dancin True, it’s a 24/7/365 business....totally acceptable to most people, but as the saying goes if slaughterhouses had glass walls people might just think differently..some folk say you shouldn’t share videos of cruelty, I say why!!

@JustCallieK I do not know how to take a selfie anymore so I have no other option to share videos of my face

@Enaid75449669 @Ben_Chasteen He sends shudders down my spine. Was watching an old video last night. Hes been a very busybee and likes making vaccines a lot. Would share but not that clued up on how to do share videos yet.

@gregabeaman I get why people want to share videos of people not wearing masks or otherwise acting irresponsibly in public. But if that person's child is in the video, either edit them out or don't post it. Leave non-consenting minors out of it.

@Armyjoonieverse @namyoonhoran @rkivesyoongi @BTS_twt Sis how do u share videos 😭😭 idky but i am not able to

@monsterrbxtch @NexpoYT The NexPo community on Facebook is working together on our own Randonautica adventures. Idk if you’re the real person behind the account there, but some people are going to report what happens and others might share videos. Just a heads up.

@DudeRowdy I came across a video of a White South African dude being eaten alive by dogs while pinned down by 3 blacks. I was going to post the video but it's extremely graphic. I know some think we shouldn't share videos of Whites being beat up , tortured and killed. 1/2

@Stagethem @edwardnelson4tn Share Videos of Lloyd yelling and threatening or you stop playing victims. This man did nothing wrong other than expressing his opinion in a non violent way. Not every one that does not support your methods of blm is against you or an enemy to conquer

@RAnselmo_Jordan @PriesMike Commissioner Pries, if you want less confusion about messaging, maybe you should NOT share videos from March 8, before Fauci & CDC changed their mask recommendations. This seems like a strange share if you really care that everyone should wear a mask to reduce #COVID19 spread.

@CarlosBluesEFC @cattywhites2 @scousericey @ReissHarter @MerseyPolice It's not ok, and neither is circulating the video. Why put in effort to post and share the video in hope of an arrest of a couple of lads doing cocaine, I guarantee people you know aren't shy to sniff the odd line, doubt you would share videos of them.

@BrainKeySetFree @thisorthat17 @Crimson_Wolf__ @peasantsPod @Maxman161 @matcatkatbro @CaminaDr @MayorJenny Yea, it's trash what they've done. Should we start playing the game where I share videos showing Trump supporters doing the same? Like I said, the old random video game that's not even related to the protest last night.

@AlexFulcrum is it safe to share videos of masked protestors being attacked by cops? i see a lot of arguments for not sharing any depictions of protestors but these seem important

@a_15levine @genoeric1 @bruno_akampa Truth is we need to make the hashtag #DisbandLDUs tag UPDF and everyone and share videos to make the uproar that is needed to get rid of this errant enforcement group. We have to try and make things trending to save lives not just to make money. We have to make the noise.

@ImAnonYmoosEWWE @IamAnonymityWWE @IamAnonymousWWE Um, I’m pretty sure that you’re allowed to share videos that have been published on YouTube? Are you not allowed to share a video that’s been published and share an opinion of that video on Twitter? Get your head out of your ass, @IamAnonymityWWE. Your threats are dick.

@Only_After_Ours Just went to his account and 🥴. Yet another reminder to not share videos/photos of folks

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