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@KeiikenSticks @BillyDenham1 @Jeff68033197 @LAWriter @HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @Congress @senate You mean like last time. Well the dems are not impressing me as for wanting people to suffer during this pandemic and making it political when it should be something we come together as "Americans" no left or right and help each other.

@onahunttoday @RealDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @Senate @Congress ***People Making Under $20,000 Didn't Have To File Taxes - So No One Gets Any Benefit! Not From Government Bailout! THOSE WHO DESPERATELY NEED IT! The USA SUPER POOR!

@onahunttoday @Protestents @Senate @Virginia @Ohio @Pennsylvania @Florida @Louisana @Mississippi @Texas @Alabama @Arizona @California @Congress COVID-19 This Is Not A Hoax & Is Not Mass Hysteria! Pull Together To Save Lives! This Is Disaster! We Need Federal Help!

@onahunttoday @Congress @Senate @SenateGOP @CongressGOP @SenMajLdr @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer *Give Our Citizens Bailouts To Hold Them Over! Not To Huge Company's & CEOS WHO DON'T NEED IT! End Evictions & Foreclosures Untill After This Is Over! After People Get On Their Feet Again! HELP!

@Jeff68033197 @BillyDenham1 @KeiikenSticks @LAWriter @HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @Congress @senate I Hope you people never get control of this country again as all you want to do is change the very fabric of our Country. Democrats want Globalism, Our Constitution goes Against Globalism. America was made to stand alone, FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE! Not run by A one world order

@LOARMANDOL @Laurie_Garrett @senate @WhiteHouse Laurie, what about the people who get social security only but is not enough to file a tax return, are we left out??

@Lurabyss @Laurie_Garrett @senate @WhiteHouse No one is being bailed out for bad choices or business practices...this is stimulus money for working America and our employers to make sure there are jobs to return to after our voluntary and partial "lock down" to help prevent the spread of a disease.

@hms_rt Traitors to the American Taxpayers. Really Senate and Congress, kick the American people when they’re down. Take their jobs away and take their tax dollars and give them nothing of substance. Give them a couple crumbles, a couple pennies, and take the booty for yourself. @Senate

@onahunttoday @Congress @Senate @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @SenMajLdr @RealDonaldTrump *Coronavirus, COVID-19: People Go To The Hospital, Family Can Not Visit, They Die Alone, Family Can Not Be There, They Can Not Have A Funeral & Can Not Be Buried! You Can Not Grieve Or Visit A Grave Ever!

@AzukiDream @LexGoyle @Laurie_Garrett @senate @WhiteHouse But that's not going to necessarily maintain any jobs, it's just going to keep some corporations from going under. And it's not the fact of why it's happening, it's the fact that our government can actually utilize these funds, when the excuse was always "it's too expensive"

@JDStunda @onahunttoday @Florida @GovRonDeSantis @senate @Congress @SenateGOP @CongressGOP @SpeakerPelosi @SenMajLdr @SenSchumer @realDonaldTrump @VP I can hear the democrats now if he closed the beaches. They would try to impeach him for it. He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Not all beaches have tourists. The mayors know their beaches and can close accordingly.

@onahunttoday @Congress @Senate People Enter The Hospital Alone, No One Can Visit Them, People Are Dying Alone, No Family Allowed, People Will Not Get Funerals, Be Buried At Their Cemetery Plots Next To Family! We Can Not Visit Graves To Grieve! Trump Took This From Everyone! He Did Not Plan!

@Enigmatic73 @Kanikou @LexGoyle @AzukiDream @Laurie_Garrett @senate @WhiteHouse Yes you start there work your way to the university. Sounds like you went to a expensive school which is your choice to do. I definitely agree that school is over priced. Saying forced is a lie. you’re an adult there is consequences to your actions wether you like it or not

@donnacncc The cruise industry are lobbying Republicans to cash in! Don't back down @SpeakerPelosi ! #MoscowMitchMCConnell @Senate

@ResistTrump20 @Senate Dems are fighting for working Americans & the poor.#MoscowMitch is trying to give our tax money to his donors & wealthy corporations that refuse to pay workers a living wage. #IStandwithNancy #IStandwithDemocrats

@onahunttoday @Congress @Senate @CongressGOP @SenateGOP @WhiteHouse Word Around Washington DC, Trump New In December Because - China Told Him, He Did Nothing Until February! Trump Did Not Prepare! Is Still Not Getting Enough Supplies To Cities In USA In Need!

@BeverlyWade @JohnCornyn Weak Argument! We all knew he was never going to be convicted in the @Senate. He wasn’t involved at all except claiming Executive Privilege for every witness that was available to contribute. He was busy working for himself not the people that voted for him. Next!?

@BillyDenham1 @Jeff68033197 @KeiikenSticks @LAWriter @HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @Congress @senate @FoxNews So, Maine must not be to Blue? Anyways i've got to go, but just keep in mind...Trump is even the blame for the lack of Tests coming to each State to.

@onahunttoday @SenSanders @DNC @JoeBiden @Senate @Congress To: Senator Bernie Sanders - You Are Acting Un-American, Not A True Democrat! You Are Losing & Should End Your Campaign! It Is Inevitable! Voting Is Not Safe Anywhere In USA!! You Are Risking USA Lives Needlessly!!

@2B_Painfree @Philcovfefe @SlawterFly @AuntSophie1 @SeanG1911 @Laurie_Garrett @senate @WhiteHouse How do you not understand that helping people is usually temporary but you need it so NOW socialism is ok🙄Welcome to the average American's reality.

@jpbucco @rizzosarge @Laurie_Garrett @senate @WhiteHouse Hopefully not though. Hopefully they crafted the bill in such a way that it helps everyone and the house has to pass it. I’m not optimistic though…

@lheartney @Laurie_Garrett @senate @WhiteHouse I wonder if stock market going back up, only to go back down when the real numbers come out of COVID19 deaths by the end of April.

@wackplayer @Laurie_Garrett @senate @WhiteHouse And very little would trickle if the economy is not frozen. The bailout would be treated as a bonus to buy back stock, lay off workers, and wait for the fallout to settle.

@onahunttoday @RealDonaldTrump @Congress @Senate @CongressGOP @SenateGOP @NBC @ABC @CBS @CNN @FoxNews To: Trump, People In USA Are Dying, We Are Terrified! You Did Not Prepare! We Are Losing Family, Friends & Neighbors. All You Care About Is Your Ratings?? Good God! That Is Just Ludicrous!

@imaleda73 @VillainClubOG35 @Philcovfefe @elusive_tomato @Laurie_Garrett @senate @WhiteHouse Exactly. Tell me how it's going to trickle down.

@dpaine4120 @senate GOP @senatemajldr @realDonaldTrump @VP No, we do not need crippling EPA regs for an already vulnerable airline industry. No we do not need Union support legs for the CaronaVirus. This bill needs to help Americans, HCP, and our economy. That's it.

@mariaharbeson1 To @senate @congress @sanders Please stop the bickering. You have to think about the people who voted for you and how we’re suffering. PLEASE THINK OF US not your agendas. At least we’re still paying you with the TAXES that you’ve put upon US....


@patroitgurl21 @Laurie_Garrett @senate @WhiteHouse All the small people got left college kids and bar workers that work on tips that make enough to file and the retires that work enough to get by but not enough to file

@GrahamPritchar1 @Laurie_Garrett @senate @WhiteHouse Will those who shout that Govt should not interfere and push for “small government” not want to take advantage of state aid? “Don’t tax me in good times but help me with taxpayer money when I’m in trouble!”

@onahunttoday @Florida @GovRonDeSantis @RealDonaldTrump @SenMarcoRubio @Senate @Congress @CDCemergency @CDC_eHealth *Tell Gov DeSantis To Shut Down Florida Now! More Areas Were Affected In Florida's Spring Break Then: Louisiana's Mardi Gras! Prepare Now!

@nonya84669676 @eswillwalker @Laurie_Garrett @senate @WhiteHouse Try not to imagine too may hurt yourself.

@TeddyP___ @rr3bol90 @Golfdawgydew @Laurie_Garrett @senate @WhiteHouse When is all of this supposed to going down. I'm guessing some time in April?

@shaarng @Laurie_Garrett @senate @WhiteHouse So now you have thrown the kitchen sink at the #ChinaCoronaVirus. Now what? Has that solved the problem of the spread of the virus? You guys need to test more. You are not testing enough people.

@onahunttoday @UN @Pontifex @RealDonaldTrump @Senate @Congress @Catholics *Pope Frances: "You Are Not To Have Nor Go To, Mass On Easter Or Any Sunday Untill This Is 100% Over" - This Was Said Two Weeks Ago! The Pope Calls To: Not Go To Church!!

@VillainClubOG35 @Philcovfefe @marioblove @SlapzNTicklez @imaleda73 @elusive_tomato @Laurie_Garrett @senate @WhiteHouse Because you're the one who assumed it was about being gay. You can keep trying to push it on others, but if that was your first thought it's not us who have the homophobia problem.

@onahunttoday @RealDonaldTrump @Congress @Senate @SenateGOP @CongressGOP To: President Donald J. Trump, To Quarantine States Is Not Your Decision To Make! It Is The State Governor's Decision To Make!

@Jeff68033197 @BillyDenham1 @KeiikenSticks @LAWriter @HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @Congress @senate Matter of fact... I'm not sure so dont quote me on this, but Bernie might be Putin's dad! they think alike.. I guess the best bet would be to ask Hillary, she would know for sure!

@_TheEpicReport @Senate @BAILOUT for @COVID19 MUST BE SENT NOW to citizens!! Not later in May!? Far too many people need to purchase food RIGHT NOW. Gov risking desperation + @MOBSCENES as millions of people can't get food! @AideNow @NoExcuses @GetItDone @AtAllCosts #CNN #MSNBC #MADDOW #FoxNews

@Lesliemc01 @imaleda73 @elusive_tomato @Laurie_Garrett @senate @WhiteHouse $1,200 per person up to 75,000 whether you had a tax obligation or not.

@ManusBaldSpot @Philcovfefe @imaleda73 @VillainClubOG35 @elusive_tomato @Laurie_Garrett @senate @WhiteHouse Assyrian...that explains the stupidity. My evil stepmom was from that ill begotten place. And it's 'past'. There's nothing in the bailout that requires them not to layoff workers ANYWAY, Phil the Shill. But I'm sure you already knew that right?

@gaypopbuzz @Laurie_Garrett @senate @WhiteHouse Folks the economy for 2020 is dead. It’s not coming back. Even under Trumps Easter fantasy where Americans go back to work, much of Europe, South America and other countries are locked down through April or longer. Does he forget we live in a global economy?

@onahunttoday @Congress @Senate @RNC @GOP @DNC @Pentagon TRUMP'S: NOT GIVING USA 'GENERALS' (Doctors, Nurses, Ambulance Paramedics, Medics, Rescue Squad, Scientists, Fire, Police, Sheriff's, ETC.), THE EQUIPMENT / SUPPLIES THAT THEY NEED TO SAVE LIVES! SOME KIND OF "WAR TIME PRESIDENT"

@RoSaHo2723 @realDonaldTrump @housegop @senate The Republican Party From the party of Personal Responsibility to I Do Not Take Responsibility WHAT A SHAME

@onahunttoday @Congress @Senate @JoeBiden *Wait, What? There Is No Compassion Or Empathy In Trump, Obviously, To Say: If We Can Hold Down Deaths To 100,000 To 200,000 We Altogether Have Done A Good Job! OMG! THESE ARE USA CITIZENS! PEOPLE! JUST HEARTLESS!

@nonya84669676 @LucindaCsusb @Laurie_Garrett @senate @WhiteHouse As a pilot, I’ve been working ever since it broke out. Same with hospital personnel, grocery store workers, delivery drivers, Resturant workers, etc. Gotta pull up your big-boy britches and get back to work. The government isn’t going to save anyone.

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