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@Granner1 ⁦@SpeakerPelosi⁩ does not like nor expect any1 to question what she says! Especially ⁦@PBS⁩ ⁦@JudyWoodruff⁩! So that’s why Pelosi accused Judy of, Lord forbid, a advocate 4 the @GOP!

@j_r_stocker [email protected] seems to have recently taken down the American Experience "Influenza 1918" episode I hoped to show to a global affairs class this fall. Anyone with suggestions of good history-focused documentary films on this subject? #twitterstorians @SHAFRhistorians

@JenRob_Aus @rebekahabby86 @HkSanditon @h_holding @EmilyAsper @karebear8685 @FanScreening @Sanditon @PrimeVideo @primevideouk @masterpiecepbs @PBS @wgbh Omg! Sydney freezing 9° & pouring rain! But obvs I'm used to the cold. Rang my dad earlier today, water is frozen in the house pipes again. -5° overnight! Too cold to snow as not enough moisture in the air. Everything was just snap frozen! #Sanditon #SaveSanditon #SanditonPBS

@CHSmrGeorge @AntiqueRoadTrip @CTrevanion @PhilipSerrell @SouthonAuction Why can we not get this show in the States? Either on @BBCAMERICA or @PBS ? Wife and I try to keep up on YouTube but it’s difficult. I cannot help but believe that an American version of this program would be a smash!

@JenRob_Aus @HkSanditon @h_holding @EmilyAsper @karebear8685 @FanScreening @Sanditon @PrimeVideo @primevideouk @masterpiecepbs @PBS @wgbh Was a great effort today by the Aussie Sisters! 🇦🇺 I've been trying to write everyone's tag down, so I remember who's who and what state they're from. There's quite a lot of us now. Think we need to do a roll call!

@firecracker1957 @EddieZipperer @PBS @JudyWoodruff @NewsHour Thank you for calling out Nancy Pelosi for what she really is - useless and ineffective. She did not answer the question. She became defensive and tried to turn it back on Judy. Thank you, Judy, for finally exposing Nancy Pelosi. Continue on!!

@rebekahabby86 @HkSanditon @judy_bierwirth @JenRob_Aus @eredluinOZ @h_holding @EmilyAsper @karebear8685 @FanScreening @Sanditon @PrimeVideo @primevideouk @masterpiecepbs @PBS @wgbh @tuse1964 Yep. So sad! Let’s not let it get us down! Back to happy thoughts 🤗 (#Sanditon) #SaveSanditon #SanditonPBS

@VIEJOARMY @WashTimes Well just take the fact that @SpeakerPelosi is working for the people and not for the rich, then the fact that they moved to do this 3 Months ago, then the fact that 5 days before the aids & limitations ran out @SenateGOP introduced a bill with billions for buildings, (1) @PBS

@ElizaTH15 😊😊thanks, not need to apologize,I sometimes tweet in Spanish 😊😊. I would love to learn Portuguese though. #sanditon #SaveSanditon @primevideouk @PrimeVideo @PBS @masterpiecepbs @sanditon @AmazonStudios

@unit_seven [email protected] Two words, one hashtag: #DefundPBS. Tax dollars should not be used to prop up a #leftist, #racebaiting organization that hides beneath the skirts of @sesamestreet and @RoadshowPBS.

@Susie54026545 @PBS So U want to brainwash our kids & have gov funds? I don't want my kids taught your political agenda. I used to think college was important. NOT ANYMORE & I DON'T WANT U PUSHING CHINA & MUSLIM RELIGION AS THOUGH THEY ARE OUR FRIEND. THEY R NOT FRIENDS.

@GallopingGang @PBS @NewsHour Any chance PBS could resurrect the home learning programs you used to have? It would be immensely helpful for kids with no computer or internet if schools shut down, or for parents not at ease with sending their kids back.

@POVdocs “There are not enough people on the inside who look like me.” In a polarized America, women of color are claiming power by running for political office and organizing their communities. Watch @Shecouldbenext, NOW STREAMING on @PBS. #SheCouldBeNextPBS

@dougfroe369 @OMGFacts @PBS I had planned on travelling to State and National parks basking in natures glory. Instead I'm shamed daily, beat up often, my possesions all stolen. Its torture and not fun.

@DemocratBoricua Please @CNN @CNNPolitics @MSNBC @NBCNews @CBSNews @ABC @AP @Reuters @PBS, ask Trump on his COVID19 Press Briefing to show all The evidences & Proof of all his Answer and all he said today on the briefing and do not let him off The hook of his lies and Fact check him, Please!

@PortiaMorris242 I wholeheartedly agree! We all need to step out of the box & make this a better🌎if not for us then for our children ❤#SanditonPBS ❤#Sanditon ❤#SaveSanditon ❤#SanditonSquad ❤#Sidlotte 💔#CliffAnger @MasterpiecePBS @PBS @PrimeVideo @PrimeVideoUK @WGBH @Sanditon @AmazonStudios

@AWilliamswrites @annamlewis @wttw @PBS I've still not seen series three sadly as more 4, the channel which used to show it doesn't seem interested in putting it on anymore. I'll catch up one of these days though.

@pooch_doggie @PBS @NewsHour Sometimes there aren't two sides to an issue. This is one of those times. I expect better than this from PBS

@KayKoenig4 @Handler8575309 @themistocles_w @DrIbram @TheAtlantic @PBS This is the truth but most people ignore it. They see what they can use to stay down. Keeping people on welfare is not helping making college easier for them is not helping. The only way they will get ahead is Learning go to school.

@BDLsGal @janelauser @PrimeVideo @primevideouk @masterpiecepbs @wgbh @Sanditon @PBS Thanks! It’s been nagging at me for a while. Especially when just before that he was doing all he could to not look at her during their dance! 😂 #Sanditon #SaveSanditon #SanditonPBS

@gladysclyde @Endgame2021 #45 and his criminal family do not deserve immunity. 1400 people died in one day. There is no nationwide plan to combat this scourge. It's NOT going to disappear. @coronavirus @RepSpeier @CNN @PBS @maddow

@UncleStevieSays @realDonaldTrump This is not a news conference. We get all we need to know about the virus from local news. The rest is all a campaign rally t the networks expense. @ABC @CBS @NBC @CNN @PBS just show the highlights? when it’s appropriate.

@BenPeoplesInd @Rothermellon @PBS I can think of many pitfalls that are similar in scope to getting everyone chromebooks + wifi. And it doesn't solve the childcare problem that in-person education solves. I think shutting everything down again and actually getting this under control might be easier? =)

@ChefKevinBelton I’m so #blessed with many good things happening today&this beautiful picture of Izzy is the cherry on my sundae. Repost @lauracombek Almost 6 years ago this girl was in my belly working Kevin Belton’s cooking show. She was so excited to get this in the mail today❤️@WYESTV @PBS

@MagnumSerpenti1 @EverythingZebra @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump Right, Dickless impeached forever @realDonaldTrump EO is Unenforceable because he does not have the power to do what he says he can do. And it will be a great honor to vote for President Joe Biden this 3 November 2020 @maddow @BBC @CNN @PBS @CBS @NPR @MSNBC @NAACP @ACLU @NBC

@k9gardner 2/ When I go to the @PBS channel on Roku, the first item I land on is “Remove from favorites.” If ever there was a poor design decision, this is it. Clearly the first option should be “Watch now,” not “Remove”!! Please change this now!! And please let me watch NH on time. Tks.

@Truthandhones10 @MarilynSarelas @NBCNews @CBSNews @abcnews @MSNBC @CNN @PBS Stop giving him free advertising. Stop giving him free press free airtime. Stop jumping every time he opens his lying mouth. Decent people don't want to hear it. I do not want his stupid uneducated evil voice in my head. The sight of him is bad enough.

@Disneynut1958 @PBS come on now!!! When did animals become racist??? This is not the right place to call people racist!!! What the hell is wrong with your network??? Once again you have made me happy I no longer donate to your stations.

@AlverezEmma @MSNBC @NBCNews @CBS @FoxNews @CNN @Acosta @PBS @NewYorkTimes11 and why haven't you continued to press the Russian bounty issue?

@HashtagMeThr33 @PBS Your Arthur skit has ensured I will absolutely never let my kid watch your programming ever again. There’s not 1 single shred of evidence to even suggest G.F. death was racially motivated. You’re spreading lies. You should be sued. You’re lying, woke cowards.

@vanbavellab The coronavirus we are battling now may be new, but human reactions to these types of risks are not. Our research was in @PBS News explaining how leaders can use behavioral science to deliver clear health messages effectively to various audience.

@DJX7734 on @PBS @newshour Larry Kudlo of Trump WH, says “lots of people” have authority to cut Social Security payroll taxes. He doesn’t say how or who, of course. These are the idiots running our Govt. It’s a damn miracle we’re not all dead yet. But they’re working on that. #COVID__19

@gchac23 @ArlanWasHere @PBS @sesamestreet @sesamestreet was created to challenge racial inequities in education, the inequities that determine to this day whether or not a child will likely have access to WiFi or laptop:

@Maximus_Moaner @juliaioffe @jonathanvswan @Yamiche @kaitlancollins It's telling (not to sound antagonistic) that the times we live in, we feel comfortable somehow favourably comparing @PBS to @CNN - I mean, it's happened. Somehow.

@DemocratBoricua @PBS @thehill @axios @washingtonpost @nytimes ask Trump at his liar COVID19 Press Briefing/Campaign Rally, if He said got the Power to do Executive Order to Help US Unemployed and Stop Evictions and Help all US People Affect by COVID19, Why He does not done that 3 Months ago???

@3angel24 @PBS @masterpiecepbs One of the most underrated actors on television, on both sides of the Atlantic! So fantastic to have such a principled, kind, dedicated police officer who uses his brains, not guns, to catch the criminals.

@MichaelWKurth Just finished the first season on BBC's @WorldOnFireTV. If you have not had a chance to see it, do yourself a favor and check it out. It's amazing! You can find it on @pbs Passport also.

@Fmrgreenberet In both cases, daddy's not in the White House to bail them out. @tribelaw @glennkirschner2 @JoeBiden @robreiner @ABC @funder @MSNBC @CNN @KamalaHarris @SteveSchmidtSES @mmpadellan @Strandjunker @CBS @PBS @MeidasTouch @votevets

@michaelkleiboer @rajshah @PBS Have you heard about @SonaNanotech ? They have a rapid antigen test that was validated to have 96.6% accuracy. They are the solution to the current testing issue

@StevieOakley Thank you @PBS for the Bob Ross shows, we sure do need to see how easy it is, to not "make mistakes" Xoxo as I'm falling asleep to soothing trees..

@KarrieFleetwood @RestoreJustice4 @FloridaDude297 @SpeakerPelosi Yeah, doesn't @JudyWoodruff of @PBS know you're not allowed to ask anything but softball questions of the privileged do nothing corrupt #Democrats ❓ PFFFFFT! @SpeakerPelosi is like a spoiled brat who didn't get her way. Journalism is dead! Judy will pay for that!

@JJChronicles @JudyWoodruff nice junk journalism Judy with @teampelosi. The Speaker is so used to having u all protect her, the GOP made to be "devil's", she will not answer your simple unthreatening question. That should tell you how bad @PBS @ATT's @CNN @Comcast's @MSNBC do their job.

@RCWalker14 Join #Sanditon campaign to #SaveSanditon for a #SanditonSeason2 pls Sign the Petition (DO NOT Send $) - we need 2 help @primevideouk @PrimeVideo build a case 4 another season of #SanditonPBS - @Sanditon @masterpiecepbs @PBS @wgbh -We Can Do It via @Change

@LoriRhae Looks like even Trump Hating @PBS @JudyWoodruff have decided that the Moonbat is just unpalatable... Didn't someone remind the old Drunk that this is NOT HER MONEY to be throwing around???

@DemocratBoricua Biden Lead Over Trump Increases With Just 90 Days Until Election: Poll @CNN @CNNPolitics @MSNBC @NBCNews @ABC @AP @FoxNews @washingtonpost @nytimes @PBS @Reuters @thehill @axios , Do not Show this to @realDonaldTrmp or @RNC because they are going be mad!

@chaseadamsio @zefanar @BuckleGarage @HipHipHipJorge @ArlanWasHere I've often wondered if @PBS could leverage an opportunity to expand beyond their current programming to support "track driven learning". They've done the hard part of working with the FCC in television & have expanded into online and device programming (Roku, etc)...

@sinjoorusa @pbs : why is this video not available to me?

@PBSHub Fairness means listening to different opinions, but it doesn’t always require giving equal weight or time to those different sides. Read this @PBS Editorial Standards article to learn more:

@ElizaTH15 But of course he has to work for it. Come on, there is not fun otherwise, besides Charlotte is a queen👸 #sanditon #SaveSanditon @primevideouk @PrimeVideo @PBS @masterpiecepbs @sanditon @AmazonStudios

@MarkRBroughton1 If she's not on the ticket, she has to have a senior position in the new administration. Exceptional person. Check out this video from @PBS: Overheard with Evan Smith, Susan Rice

@DemocratBoricua @CNN @MSNBC @NBCNews @ABC @CBSNews @AP @PBS @washingtonpost @nytimes & Others Media & Press ask Trump at his liar COVID19 Press Briefing/Campaign Rally, Why his son Barron's School is not Open & not follow what he said & Why he does not put his Son in to an Unsafe Public Schools?

@mavrek52 @JoeBiden has a chance to stay in his basement He Dam sure not going to be potus @CNN @MSNBC @PBS @Morning_Joe @maddow @NewsHour @MoveOn @SpeakerPelosi @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @abc @CBSNews @NBCNews @PBS @NewsHour @JudyWoodruff @NPR @InaJaffeNPR @BLEXIT

@zaibatsu You’d think this cougar would easily be able to take a bear of this size, but not so fast...🐻 🎥 Credits: @pbs #wildlife

@joeyTWOwheels @PoorBoyRoy @PBS @GOP They did not! Holy hell. But they certainly covered off on his evangelicalism and at one point he was using the time tested "let's make America great again" line, and all the resemblance to the current racist made sense.

@onekayeighty @WorldWarIII1987 @EngageStrategy1 @BuckDanny10 Just Watched @PBS Statecraft doc on @BushFdn ... Macron would have been wise to watch the part about the Berlin Wall coming down...

@djbyrns @salma_hdz16 @rrpre @TestKitchen There is an emphasis on end-result over traditional practice. And they explain the science behind things, to explain why they choose to not go the traditional route. They're also owned by @PBS!

@Danone06878577 @budcoe @humanburgers @kylegriffin1 @maggieNYT @chrislhayes @NicolleDWallace @brikeilarcnn @DanaBashCNN @FoxNewsSunday @CBSNews @PBS @neal_katyal @SpeakerPelosi @SenKamalaHarris @BarackObama @JoeBiden @ChrisCuomo @TheLastWord Ok so he really doesn’t care to honor him but would you rather he not have signed the bill into law? Also he said he’s not against renaming the thing after him. So he’s really just ambivalent but the point stands - it got passed and that’s good right? Results yeah?

@TheGoldenJedi @ToriMadu @alabamagigi @SanditonSister2 @ripper_street @PrimeVideo @primevideouk @Sanditon @wgbh @masterpiecepbs @PBS @Channel4 I’m definitely hard to sell on new series and will drop them if I’m not hooked, but this one was so worth it 🙌🏼

@kwtgvt @TuckerCarlson @BuckSexton @realDonaldTrump WHY ARE TAX DOLLARS PAID TO @PBS ? They are constantly trying to make one feel quilt for not donating to them to hear their propaganda.

@shreksshrek Well @SpeakerPelosi keeps bringing up an old bill (that passed in the house) with all kinds of hidden garbage that has nothing to do with the original intent. When @JudyWoodruff asked her about meeting halfway on UI - she accused @PBS of working for the @GOP. What can you do?

@alexavgerinos Anybody notice @SpeakerPelosi is always wearing a scarf. She might be hiding something. @PBS was victim to her nasty nature and tried shutting down the interview.

@mwkok @keratx @pbs @teainfo @GregAbbott_TX just read a story about Mexico using tv..not cable...for education to millions of kids with no wifi. Now I know commercial tv is not willing to help millions of Americans since there's no money in it..but why not public tv?? DONT YOU CARE???

@VanparysTanner @isabeldalhousie @ASlavitt @hari @AmanpourCoPBS @PBS Gate keeping from those who are working class, who can’t afford an education, who are already working as hard as they can and punishing them by disallowing them to run is... racially, economically, and politically problematic.

@DemocratBoricua @CNN @MSNBC @NBCNews @ABC @CBSNews @AP @PBS @washingtonpost @nytimes & Others Media & Press ask Trump at his liar COVID19 Press Briefing/Campaign Rally, Why it is OK mail-in Votes on Florida and other Republican Red States and not in to Democrats Blue States & to Show Evidences?

@mavrek52 I like WINNING LOWER TAX When dem's tax you that go's to someone back pocket. Not the people @CNN @MSNBC @PBS @Morning_Joe @maddow @NewsHour @MoveOn @SpeakerPelosi @HouseDemocrats @HouseDemWomen @SenateDems @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @abc @CBSNews @NBCNews @PBS

@FaceTheCuban @PBS @NewsHour WOW WHAT AN ARTICLE Unreal... it’s upto each individual to show common curtesy no matter what side, Serioulsy how difficult is to understand COMMONSENSE‼️(how protected one is, is not political how protect/understood everyone in the same SPACE, is‼️) #SirLRO

@MauiREman Hey @PBS The re-election of @realDonaldTrump IS the most important issue in America and the world! The future of every American, and the World, Depend on it! Covic-19 will pass, we CANNOT ALLOW AMERICA TO PASS into history!

@janetleehenders MOVE UP the first debate date to prove the dems are not cheating. @abcnews @CBSNews @cnnbrk @CNNPolitics @FoxNews @NBCNews @JoeNBC @NBCNightlyNews @JudyWoodruff @PBS @NewsHour @nprpolitics Otherwise, it's just BS by fake media. Prove you're unbiased. HA

@BoogeyMan_Dan @NewsHour @JudyWoodruff @PBS No thanks ... I support the Bill of Rights ... NOT Nancy Pelosi ... Nor do I support her Socialist Ideologies ... She's a blatant idiot who shouldn't even be allowed to work at McDonalds ... Let Alone Congress ...

@sled_thomas @PBS You have to admit that whenever President Trump talks he answers all questions even assclown questions from Acosta, may not be the answers you want. You can NOT say that about Biden, he wont even let you ask softball questions, WHY? I forgot, you work for the DNC.

@GypsyRN4 @SpeakerPelosi You really screwed the pooch on your interview w/ @PBS you did. Next time try not swilling 4 shots of Smirnoff prior to an interview!

@juliercrenshaw @JudyWoodruff I guess NANCYs not used to real questions. Should she be asking what party a reporter is from?? @PBS Hope Judy did t apologize

@TheIssue About Children going to school right now, kids are not "virtually immune". @MarkMeadows STOP IT!!! Kids can transfer the virus! @wolfblitzer @AC360 @ChrisCuomo @donlemon @TheLeadCNN @chrislhayes @JoyAnnReid @funder @eugenegu @YahooNews @MSNBC @USATODAY @PittsburghPG @freep @PBS

@judy_bierwirth @JenRob_Aus @HkSanditon @rebekahabby86 @eredluinOZ @h_holding @EmilyAsper @karebear8685 @FanScreening @Sanditon @PrimeVideo @primevideouk @masterpiecepbs @PBS @wgbh @tuse1964 Hi. Can you believe from the most liveable city of Melbourne lol. We are currently caged in our homes due to the worst lock down conditions ever, so having joined all the #Sanditon girls, has kept me somewhat sane, plus rewatching #Sanditon over and over ❤🎩🇦🇺❤🎩🇦🇺

@dushyantv @mmpadellan #EndGerryMandering will make @GOP @TheDemocrats #Independents to work together for all people. As of now it no secret they are working for their donors & lobbyists mostly. Hardly see them work in advance for a common goal. Example - current debate of funding. @npr @pbs #COVID19

@PersonalName3 has been taken over by the crazy ass leftists, @PBS @npr are news fabricators, democratic leaders can not run a city or state, @NYGovCuomo had to know putting the SICK in nursing homes was going to be a bad thing, spent tens of millions of hospitals and shit no one ever used..

@mavrek52 Yes she trying to deflect down.. but @BarackObama was there hand in hand with yates @CNN @MSNBC @PBS @Morning_Joe @maddow @NewsHour @MoveOn @SpeakerPelosi @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @abc @CBSNews @NBCNews @PBS @NewsHour @TeamTrump

@mavrek52 chuckie there be several PROBLEMS 1) some of us do not want a ballet sent 2)Then the @USPS union I would not trust then unless we had TRACKING DEVICE to prove it got COUNTED @CNN @MSNBC @PBS @Morning_Joe @maddow @NewsHour @MoveOn @SpeakerPelosi @abc @CBSNews @NBCNews @PBS @NPR

@thisgirlmeagan @MirethGuilbain @austenite_m @TParkerSanditon @MrSidneyParker1 @MrsElizaCampion @MrsMaryParker @ArthurTheClever @BeaufortSisters I think so. The women bust down the doors lol..the women to the rescue!! #Sanditon #SaveSanditon #SanditonPBS @Sanditon @PrimeVideo @PrimeVideoUK @MasterpiecePBS @PBS @wgbh

@MontieBLove @NewsHour Please replace @JudyWoodruff with someone who is not afraid to confront these weasels. There are reporters @pbs who do not cower and stutter instead of controlling an interview on THEIR show! I was waiting for her to say “I’m sorry.” Sad and frustrating.

@LegendaryPask Or how about Trump gets 1 minute, Biden gets 2. @NBC @CNN @ABC @MSNBC @CBS @PBS @BBCAMERICA @BBCWorld Do NOT help elect this effigy again. He's unbearable to watch, and a thorn in the side of the world.


@DemocratBoricua @AP @washingtonpost @nytimes @cspan @PBS @Reuters, The Different of Russia don't like Biden and China/Iran don't like Trump is Russian/Putin Working to Help Trump & Trump, @RNC & @GOP Accepting & Using their Help to Attack Biden and Biden does not use China/Iran to attack Trump!!

@USASoldier1 @JoeBiden, AKA #BidenIsARacist is NOT Well, but @CNN, @ABC, @CBSNews, @NBCNews, @PBS, @chucktodd, @WaPo, @nytimes, and all the other #FakeNewsMedia are desperate to hide this nutjob's health. #FoxNews - Expose Basement Boy! #TRUMP2020ReElectionVictory

@JenRob_Aus @rebekahabby86 @HkSanditon @judy_bierwirth @eredluinOZ @h_holding @EmilyAsper @karebear8685 @FanScreening @Sanditon @PrimeVideo @primevideouk @masterpiecepbs @PBS @wgbh @tuse1964 I streamed on @Foxtel 5 more eps today. Trying to stay awake after the trending party at 5am. Was a bit hard. Think I'll crash real soon! #Sanditon #SaveSanditon #SanditonPBS

@IndependentLens Along with @HBCUrising back for free streaming on the @PBS app, read what HBCU grads have to say about campus life. "I guess I will never know what Harvard would get me, but I will say I love my HBCU and would not trade it for the world.”

@Pir8_4Life Y’all remember when @PBS would teach us lifelong skills? Why not have teachers across the USA teach on a specific channel and broadcast out on TV to certain areas? Oh wait, each state has a different standard and it makes it harder to issue a standardized test! #timetoinnovate

@DaleyBTCNews @NewsHour @amoore9 @GloriaEstefan @EmilioEstefanJr @KaceyMusgraves @joancbaez @IAmAmnaNawaz @PBS if you have to "believe" it. it's not true. it's propaganda. ART changes NOTHING. Getting up off your ass, educating yourself on government and all the players we need to have removed and focusing on proper replacements! Thats the only thing that will EVER make a difference.

@breezehillfarm Stop taking my $$ to fund @PBS .. they do not have America’s best interest at heart

@mrtweeterverse How dare @pbs allow that #usefulidiot @judywoodruff ask @SpeakerPelosi an objective question #NancyPelosi does NOT do tough questions & you're supposed to help spread @TheDemocrats #propaganda NOT to hold them accountable. #PBSNEWS is going to need to send a basket of #icecream

@ubiquitous_miss @ToriMadu @alabamagigi @SanditonSister2 @ripper_street @PrimeVideo @primevideouk @Sanditon @wgbh @masterpiecepbs @PBS @Channel4 Ohhh, girl! Please join us & watch! You will not regret it, I promise! Give it through the end of Episode 2 and if you aren't hooked to watch more, then I'll send you on your way in peace. ❤ And this Sisterhood is a super fun group as a bonus #Sanditon #SaveSanditon #SanditonPBS

@schoolkitgroup @ArlanWasHere Happy to chime in here—we’ve spent our time since March working with collaborators at @La_Believes, @IllustrateMath, and teachers across the US to create a series of 6, 7, 8, and Alg 1 Math lessons for @PBS! They are all publicly available here:

@BoffleSpoffle @ProfBrianCox It is so wrong that @PBS de-Coxes the science specials he originates and leaves out his pieces to camera, which are often the best parts. It’s ridiculous. As usual, have to hunt down the unedited BBC version...

@888Meteorite Will @PBS run another story/ hour long show on this & not propagandize again & slant it positively to #Obama & His Administration who were Hounding Cattlemen & Farmers. Tell the WHOLE Story. #ClivenBundy #Bundys

@WyomingMyst @berry_girl13 @CNN @CDCgov Technically it is going to come down to how easily the water droplets exhaled from your mouth (or be blocked from inhaling) can pass through the mask, so a key question will be how many layers does your mask has? Here is a handy video from @PBS:

@KellyWaering UH-OH, @realdonaldtrump: "Children are...virtually immune" to Covid--DOH! Republicans ARE NOT IMMUNE to our #Votes on 11/3--VOTE THE *ASTARDS OUT!! @ABC @NPR @CNN @BarackObama @cnnbrk @MSNBC @PBS @NBCNews @CBSNews #Resist #FBR #DumpTrump #GOTV on 11/3!

@wright1_nicole @tedcruz @JudyWoodruff wasn’t even being rude to @SpeakerPelosi ,all the networks carry water for the Democrats, @PBS included! It would be nice to see a journalist push back against the left, but not gonna happen!

@dcone7 @PBS. Watching. Y’all do a documentary on president Reagan is like watching an ex wife talk about their ex husband. Not going to be very complimentary.

@CharIsMyHomegrl @PrimeVideo The cricket scene in Sanditon! When Charlotte is not afraid to stand up to the boys and Sidney is smitten by her for it! #Sanditon #SaveSanditon #SanditonPBS @Sanditon @PBS @MasterpiecePBS @WGBH @PrimeVideoUK

@KarrieFleetwood Yeah, doesn't @JudyWoodruff of @PBS know you're not allowed to ask anything but softball questions of the privileged do nothing corrupt #Democrats ❓ PFFFFFT! @SpeakerPelosi is like a spoiled brat who didn't get her way. Journalism is dead! Judy will pay for that!

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