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@KCA207 I agree @PBS should replay the hearings in prime time on regular airwave channel. Lower income families, rural families and older Americans that get TV via airwaves, like me, may not have access elsewhere to see it. I am a member & think you should.

@StrayPolitical Yo @PBS! It is wrong to not air the hearings. It would just be airing what is happening. It's not like its folks discussing their opinions about it. I am disappointed in you.

@Poynter Should @PBS show the impeachment hearings during primetime? What is this, 1973? That and more media news and analysis from @TomWJones in today’s Poynter Report.

@princessBabs3 @MichaelJElston @PBS This is NOT ok and I donate to our local PBS station. This is the biggest news to come out of Washington and to turn a blind eye is irresponsible. I thought this station was all about education and informing the public.

@tracyb115 Hi @PBS please reconsider your decision to not replay the daytime impeachment hearings during prime time. Your knowledge about potential presidential corruption shouldn't depend on your ability to afford a DVR or watch live in the middle of the a weekday, and you can ensure that.

@jxf74 @b_mullaney @randalldrew @bandsh @CarolVernon7 @MKWilson_603 @MichaelJElston @Buddhist66 @PBS @MikeBloomberg It is unfair though to attack PBS for not replaying during prime time. There excuse has been many trump supporters may not have cable or internet. That may be true but do you think any of them even know what PBS is?

@bennetcobliner @PBS rebroadcast the #impeachment hearings every day on television when there are any or you will forever lose me as a viewer. And I am not alone on this. Do your civic duty #PBS !!! Is someone paying you not to???

@PA_reSISTER @PBS please, so many work during the day. I’d like to see the hearings in full and NOT what pundits only want us to see.

@polipopmusic Dear @PBS, Your decision NOT to replay the daytime Impeachment Hearings during prime time is incredibly disappointing. These hearings are the most important political proceedings in 45 yrs. We need them to be replayed in prime time in order to be fully informed. Pls reconsider!

@Poynter In today's Poynter Report with @TomWJones ✓ @PBS isn't budging ✓ A Canadian icon is dismissed ✓ A new look for @TheAtlantic Subscribe for M-F inbox delivery!

@Sherribells1771 @MichaelJElston @johnclavis @PBS @PBS you’re on the wrong side of history here.. I’m really disappointed in your choice to not rebroadcast the hearings in prime time.


@JMiller39131737 @PBS You are wrong to not air the impeachment on your main channel during prime time. America demands this of your network. You have a responsibility to America and we can all go to our politicians to cancel PBS' donations from the National Endowment of the Arts. No on digital.

@TheRealTomJames Hey @PBS, we turn to you as the only unbiased news source in the country. To not replay the daytime impeachment hearings is a disservice to all who rely on you for the truth! Please reconsider!!

@danicalynn1988 Tommorow @PBS will be airing the impeachment hearings.BUT for those that have to work,they will not be reshowing it like they did the Watergate hearings.I implore you to watch them if you can and record them if you can't.HISTORY IS BEING MADE TOMORROW! Don't close your eyes!

@my2cnz #LiftPaywalls I sincerely hope that ALL media will lift their paywalls during entire #ImpeachmentHearings so that EVERYONE may tune in to watch LIVE who do not have TV subscriptions: @MSNBC @CNN @FOX @ABC @NBC @CBS @KUSI @PBS @CSPAN @CNBC

@gregwhit2 @MoveOn @CNN @MSNBC @PBS @Morning_Joe @maddow @NewsHour @SpeakerPelosi @HouseDemocrats #ImpeachAdamSchiff @MoveOn History will print that 116th Congress assisted DEEPSTATE FED Staffers Orchestrated a COUP to Take The Setting President and “R” party down on FALSE Charges @BlazeTV @OANN

@sweetangelface @PBS has major donors who must not want the PUBLIC BROADCASTING STATION to broadcast to the public what they don't want the public to know ... Their is a public donor list to query formally

@yborgirl50 Can't believe @PBS will not broadcast Impeachment Hearings during primetime. This is history in real-time and should be available to everyone. Bill Moyers rebukes PBS over network's decision not to air impeachment proceedings in prime time

@Juanita71013778 @polipopmusic @DMRDynamics @PBS Wow, very disappointing. History in the making, and you are not going to replay. Sad....

@walton_vikki Let's all tweet @PBS asking to air the impeachment hearings. We know not eve6has cable news.

@IndependentLens “We hope this film will re-examine an issue that has existed for many years, to draw attention to the plight of those who are still waiting to get to safety.” #InterpretersFilmPBS premieres Monday, Nov 11 on @PBS, America's home for #documentaries.

@watcher270 Dear @PBS, Your decision NOT to replay the daytime Impeachment Hearings during prime time is incredibly disappointing. These hearings are the most important political proceedings in 45 yrs. We need them to be replayed in prime time in order to be fully informed. Pls reconsider!

@reception98 @MichaelJElston @PBS Most of us work and need to see the replay in the evening, the majority of Americans will not be able to see our Congress at work

@DebraWetle @PBS @NewsHour PLEASE, please, please broadcast the impeachment hearings on your regular stations NOT at night on just Digital! We need all of the country to witness these historical hearings. #ImpeachAndRemove #PBS

@LonghornLeah @wttw @TongueSplendid @PBS @PBSKIDS No. Not everyone has access to digital. Air the Hearings. That’s what it means to be a public broadcaster. Shame on you, taking public $$ but not doing the public good.

@FaithTwenty20 @PBS isn't listening to @BillMoyers so lets make it go viral and perhaps then they will listen to all of us they aired the Watergate Hearings in PrimeTime so why not the Impeachment Hearings? #PBSAirTheImpeachmentHearings #PBSAirTheImpeachmentHearings

@polipopmusic @crcuth @amppersist @PBS Yeah, and PBS but not to be replayed. A lot of folks in this country aren't web savvy.

@No1SBMom @PBS Working people NEED you to replay the impeachment hearings in prime time! It's critical that people hear what's said for themselves!!!

@catiluon @PBS why isn't PBS covering impeachment hearings. It's your public responsibility and duty. This is an outrage on your part you all were to the American people. Not everyone has cable TV or Netflix or Amazon or whatever else is out there. ....

@polipopmusic @Cattra922 @PBS Yeah not everyone is web savvy... and EVERYONE needs access to this information. 💯🇺🇸

@FacebookerMK1 @PBS, PLEASE replay the Trump Impeachment Hearings during prime time! This is far too important for ALL Americans to watch in FULL, and many cannot watch during the day due to work. Not all Americans have cable TV, or computers to watch on, especially your older viewers!

@brokenNotRecord @MichaelJElston @PBS @PBS you depend on viewer donations yet you are failing your donors in not airing these hearings when most of your donors are actually at home to watch and not at work.

@davecannalte @polipopmusic @PBS Wow, are they really not going to show them? Just unbelievable.

@retiringart @PBS we send you our $$$$. We subscribe to masterpiece. You are not doing your duty! Air the impeachment hearings in Primetime on regular PBS channels. #ImpeachmentHearings #impeach #PBSAirTheImpeachmentHearings

@bob_bv @polipopmusic @PBS I'm really worried about how this is going to play out. Thank god we didn't have Fox News back then or Nixon would not have resigned. While these hearings are taking place, Fox will be ranting about the War on Christmas.

@jcorycma @MichaelJElston @GiseleDubson @PBS Many working people don't have access to or can afford cable. Show the nation you care about disseminating important information to all @PBS !

@fatimap72 @MichaelJElston @PBS I am very disappointed with @PBS of their decision not to air the impeachment proceedings.

@smileatu7 @JoshX1993 @PBS @NewsHour @WLIW21 @worldchannel @ThirteenWNET disappointed in PBS not broadcasting impeachment in primetime on national channel....have watched and supporte for years. This is important to your viewers and you are letting them down!

@atparkslope @PBS You must play the impeachment hearings in prime time so those who work outside the home get to see them and make their own decisions and not just get the views of cable news talking heads. Our contributions don't only pay for concerts.

@calascibe1 @MichaelJElston @PBS PBS really? The biggest story of this century and you are not going to cover it again really.

@diaz_mldiaz9 @MichaelJElston @PBS It’s important the public should have available the impeachment hearings during prime time. Too many people are not able to watch the hearings during the day. Do the right thing for the people and the country!

@JimHightower My good friend @BillMoyers makes the case for @PBS to televise the impeachment hearings, that *everyone* have a chance to see them-- not just those able (and willing) to pay for cable and online news channels. Contact your local station if you agree!

@SuziGfromCT @MichaelJElston @PBS @PBS You are supposedly funded by the public. We are the public and it’s your duty to inform us. Do not make us look into why you’re making this choice. If you’ve accepted donations that are dubious we’ll find out. #DoYourDutyPBS

@StacieA_H Seriously @PBS? What is WRONG with you.... disappointing to say the least- its downright shameful Your job is to INFORM the public. How can you not make sure the majority of the public sees the most important governmental hearing in our lifetimes??

@vsansome I had my living will set up leaving money to @PBS. With the decision not to air the #impeachment hearings during prime time, I must now change my trust. Shame on @PBS

@gregwhit2 @MoveOn @SenSasse @CNN @MSNBC @PBS @Morning_Joe @maddow @NewsHour @SpeakerPelosi @HouseDemocrats #ImpeachAdamSchiff @MoveOn History will print that 116th Congress assisted DEEPSTATE FED Staffers Orchestrated a COUP to Take The Setting President and “R” party down on FALSE Charges @dbongino @OANN

@GERTRUDE_is_OUT @polipopmusic @ReturnsSpeedy @PBS I kinda agree with PBS. During Watergate, people didn't have backup sources. Sorry. Not sorry. We don't expect NBC, CBS, ABC, HBO, Showtime, Netflix to play them again?

@b_mullaney @jxf74 @randalldrew @bandsh @CarolVernon7 @MKWilson_603 @MichaelJElston @Buddhist66 @PBS Ppl are asking for rebroadcast in the evening when most working ppl are home. PBS decided not to do that. Though I can watch them during the day, it's a huge mistake on the part of PBS not to make them available in the evenings. This is too critical to the nation not to.

@RJJamison @PBS you need to be airing impeachment in primetime like you did the two previous times. On airwaves not digital! #PBSAirTheImpeachmentHearings #PBS

@SherylJDunn1 @PBS Why not televise the daytime impeachment hearing? I want to understand your reasoning.

@SharonMaxey2 @PBS Please reconsider your decision not to air previously-recorded sessions of the Impeachment Hearings. Those who work during the day need to be able to see these, too! Thank you.

@WISuperstar @MichaelJElston @PBS Not going to help their begging segments.

@chefellie1 @PBS A Public Broadcasting Stn shud reflect & be inclusive of issues that concern the public. Unless 60% + of your donors have pressured you to not air the impeachment hearings, (in which case we should all be made aware of that), it would behoove you to do the correct thing.

@JLS1976 @CatSkoor @sooze555 @PBS @PBS Be on the correct side of history. Not airing the truth, as it unfolds, is a statement to the legitimacy, or lack the of, in your programming. #ImpeachmentHearings

@jkent8185 @PBS - Not everyone has the 570 channels that a lot of people do and not everyone is home during the day. You have an opportunity to fill the gap for those people. #ImpeachmentHearings

@uhclc95 @PBS I will not be donating to you ever again. You need to televise the hearings. And not on a channel that very few people have. Everyone needs to see them.

@BV2Cents Bill Moyers rebukes @PBS over network's decision not to air impeachment proceedings in prime time ⁦@NewsHour⁩ Moyers: If PBS were truly an alternative to corporate networks, it would repeat the hearings in prime time for the mass audience. Period.

@haP65 @EmilyAWS @PBS PUBLIC broadcasting MUST serve the PUBLIC. Impeachment is a national crisis not to be bested by Poldark. For every dollar sent you on your drives, hardworking Americans expect @PBS to provide the evidence of the day. If not, what's your raison d'etre?

@bwk92 @PBS replay the impeachment hearings. Not everyone can watch during the day. You have a duty as journalist to do so.

@kathydill @PBS Not everyone can tape shows on their TV. Please reconsider and facilitate engaged citizenship. I believe that is your mandate. "PBS empowers individuals to achieve their potential and strengthen the social, democratic, and cultural health of the U.S."

@valerie135 @PBS, The People demand you do the right thing for all Americans. TELEVISE THE TRUMP IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS in prime time (not just on Digital PBS) so we all have the opportunity to hear the truth. #PBS #PBSAirTheImpeachmentHearings #Watergate @TheView #ImpeachmentHearings

@OneVenusThrow "This is NOT a dress rehearsal our #democracy faces. It's the real thing." @BillMoyers & @MichaelWinship Again Call on @PBS to Re-Air Hearings in #Primetime. "Let's not be timid and behave minimally at a time of maximum threats to our political order."

@Maija68 @Rockmedia @PBS @docrocktex26 @lyn_cade @BobDarrin @WJTV @16WAPTNews @wtva9news @NWSJacksonMS @WTOKTV @ajc @foxcarolinanews @TVAmy @thetopstoryWYFF @WSPA7 @FOX10News @mynbc15 @WMDNWGBCTV @AKpublicnews @Ch2KTUU @JoyVBehar @TheView And before ur post, I said they'd see a noted drop in their needed donations. Whose idea was it @PBS to not air it freely?

@doretheatp1 @MichaelJElston @PBS @PBS please reconsider showing the impeachment hearings during prime time. I’m working during the day time I want to be able informed!


@ripley1954 @polipopmusic @PBS I agree - do not pledge anything to PBS; they are not following the will of their subscribers or the population in general.

@LonghornLeah @wttw @TongueSplendid @PBS @PBSKIDS The point is people shouldn't need a computer, cable etc - things you have to pay for - to watch the hearings. People work & many people don't have cable, internet, etc. So shame on @PBS for not living up to it's public responsibilities. Pretty sure your donors give $ to do good.

@HotBoyzKitty @polipopmusic @PBS You bring up a valid point here. In many rural areas, people won't have access to cable or satellite. Especially low income areas which mean no Cspan. If it's not replayed on a channel available to everyone, a lot of people will be left in the dark.

@JosephPalermo1 .⁦@PBS⁩ is failing it’s public mission if it’s too frightened to air the #ImpeachmentHearings during prine time - Are the leaders of PBS fearful their corporate sponsors will balk or Trump will Tweet? ⁦The @GOP already hates you - do your job! 🍆

@med_anon @GIamwwg1wga @malaynes42 @BubbaJDAM @4CosmicTweets @OneOldAmerican @AgnesdeBerlimon @gingersnapstx @sommerfeldkitty @aleoniea @AnqelSeqret @_iAlyssa_ @Txarmadilla @RozineCapt @rey_ocean @BlessedHe @YouMustOvercome @Quebec99335648 @gani_ndreu @aDeo_creata_est @Oceanbl38277989 @mark52525786 @codeofvets @FireballMaga @YourSinsR4given @Catrocky22 @MxMarineMom @lovebayhorses @Trump4more @qLwQmIgfCMh9sEP @patsphotos @DonnaYa82989221 @HawtinGibb @PBS @CNN @UN @OANN This story broke in 2014 and is not going away too easy! Here a try to discredit it to make you aware of the CONSP label. Anyway, there were multiple horse meat stories as well about IKEA... did they even test for human?

@AureliaCotta @IamaCassandra @TheView @PBS Congress isn't live streaming them? No cable access channel? Odd. US used to have a mandatory feed on TV/radio, and I've seen internet streams. Not every committee or hearing mind you, but most. Hey @shoq @Karoli you two always know, is there a video feed?

@2SHEA7 @NewsHour @PBS Why don’t you allow working ppl watch replays of the actual hearings, not everyone is on social media, not everyone can afford the cable stations to see the hearings. You R public television, U covered the hearings during Watergate,2day is much worse air the hearings for justice

@Settin2S @PBS the Impeachment hearings my be replayed in fairness to those of us who work and can't watch during daytime hours. I've been a supporter and donator for 40 years. Don't let the Public down.

@edhanson4111 @PBS @PBSKIDS @wttw too bad you're not going to air the impeachment. I'm assuming millions of black people will lose out on the opportunity of making a educated decision on the impeachment process.

@crcuth @lindalbay @polipopmusic @amppersist @PBS if you cut the cord to cable, you can't get C-SPAN live feeds online. Same with NPR. Thought these were taxpayer supported? You have to provide the name of your cable provider to get either of them online. Not Cool at all.

@Sue23255442 @PBS please be sure to broadcast the impeachment hearings during prime many working class Americans have no other chance to tune in (since they are working during the day) and many people only get a few channels on the tv but PBS is usually one of them!

@GarciaRosalind @PBS You have a journalistic duty to show the impeachment hearings in real time! This is not even a close call!!

@YayYaysKitchen For Pete’s sake @PBS . It’s not like you’re going to lose advertising dollars while replaying them. Oh wait. You DO have advertising now. Is that the issue?

@Deborah75888896 @PBS Televise the impeachment hearings for all to see - not just on cable. Prime time free to air.

@steelr86 @MichaelJElston @PBS @PBS We need you! Working people need to hear the testimony for themselves. I want to hear it for myself. If you don’t replay the testimony, people like me who value high quality journalism will be in the dark or forced to get our news from a less reliable source @NewsHour

@FMH49962127 @MichaelJElston @PBS Maybe they won't miss my contribution or maybe they will but if a lot of us who do contribute threatens to not maybe they will hear us..

@tawandaamazon69 @PBS These hearings are very important to the American people. We need to hear the truth. Please don’t let us down by not showing these hearings.

@2simplyb @PBS > For years I have enjoyed Public Television and have donated along with others to keep the station afloat. I’m disappointed to hear you will not air The Impeachment Hearings (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO THIS COUNTRY AND THE PEOPLE). I urge you to change your mind ❗️

@b_mullaney @jxf74 @randalldrew @bandsh @CarolVernon7 @MKWilson_603 @MichaelJElston @Buddhist66 @PBS @MikeBloomberg Yes, I'm not sure yet what their coverage is, and the reply was to a tweet on PBS coverage.

@b_mullaney Most adult students & most working citizens can't watch the hearings during the day @PBS Frankly I can but I would be beside myself if I was working and there was no primetime replay. This is too important to the nation. Please put "public service back" into PBS

@wttw @TongueSplendid @LonghornLeah @PBS @PBSKIDS We will be rebroadcasting the impeachment hearings in primetime on 11.3, our World channel. And you can stream them on all our digital platforms any time, anywhere - you do not need access to a streaming service, you can watch it on Facebook or PBS Newshour's site for free.

@Lenli51 @b_mullaney @PBS I'll be home tomorrow but might be working on Friday so will miss that hearing. I was going to look into my cable service to see what I might be able to do to record the programming that day. Everyone working needs to have the option to watch later.

@BillMoyers 2/ Our friends at @PBS are saying they will not carry the #hearings in prime time—period. Instead, they will throw them in the river & viewers can dive for it, because that’s what the WORLD digital channel (@worldchannel) is, a place where important programs are sent to die ...

@TongueSplendid @PBS @PBSKIDS @wttw I need to watch the impeachment hearings when I get home from work, I'm very disappointed that I will not be able to witness history unfold.

@blogitch [email protected] is no longer the publicly funded Public Broadcasting System of 1974. They now have to worry about private sponsorships and corporate funding streams. The decision not to replay is another tragic result of the commercialization of a national treasure by the Reagan Right.

@GrybowskiDebra @ImpudentCat @PBS Wow @PBS what could be the reason NOT to?

@OtusPig @MichaelJElston @PBS Maybe they’re scared Fuckface Tiny Hands Cadet Bone Spurs will withhold their funding. I’m surprised but not mad or supporting boycott because Rs threatened to take all funding before and keep lowering.

@ripley1954 @polipopmusic @PBS I am old enough to remember Watergate. PBS ran the proceedings - they were very informative. For PBS not to do so is a.disservice to the general population!

@BeverlyFasig @MichaelJElston @PBS What a shame. Hopefully Americans wanting to see the inquiry will be able to find a source willing to provide coverage for working Americans unable to record the coverage.

@KitterleCathy @PBS Please replay the daytime Impeachment Hearings during primetime. Most people work and this is the most important thing to be aired on TV in 45 years. You are so well respected, please don't let America down

@philly420pdx @PBS good idea not showing the impeachment trials. You don't want to get caught up in being a part of telling the most consequential news story of our lifetimes with implications that will change our way of life forever.

@BBOOP856 @PBS @NewsHour BIG mistake not to air the public hearings. This is important history being made and you are ignoring it by not showing it. Shame on you PBS.

@elisabeth_m4 @PBS @PBSKIDS @wttw Please re-air the impeachment hearings during prime time. I can’t imagine what could lead to the decision not to show one of the most crucial events in our nation’s history?

@TheWeedBeat Hello @PBS why ask for the public to sponcer you and you not support the public! We have a Right to see the hearing! Your refusal to air them means I will not be donating again!

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