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@303 @unsaturated @buzz @ow the doorbell required the max? what? that must have changed. that's awful. ours did not, works via those nearly-free pucks and we finally got a regular $80 g home. but yes i had to drill and supply power too. no good.

@K0nserv @ow @jcampbell_05 I don't know, I'm still not entirely convinced but I feel like I gotta think some more about this. However this move seems to have forced Apple's hand and they have now removed Fortnite from the store. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out

@aaronmfisher @ow @JM77 If they hid it to trick Apple, isn’t hiding functionality against approval process period? Payments or not.

@Falkowski @Shpigford @ow @holman Long ago kicked myself for not getting GSuite when it was free. Now glad I kept Gmail when years later realized GDomains does free mail forwarding. Dropped (mt) that handled that. Still got bit by Google Wifi. Admin user can't change. Had to factory reset + reconnect everything.

@mattgordon80 @ow @paulbrislen @sammarelich @samjarman It's the reverse in the UK. You don't get insurance as a driver, you get insurance on a car (as the owner/driver) so you need to buy the car before you can insure it. But you're also not allowed to drive it until it's insured! The Ontario model makes more sense to me

@JHarrowell @ow We got the Google Nest WiFi mesh network and I had similar where I made our home with my GSuite account and couldn’t invite my partner to our home account. So had to reset everything and start again, not great usability to warn the user upfront...

@michal_szblwski @jamespmcleod @ow Could you write down those tricks? Curious to know

@david_megginson @agtmadcat @NaturallyPaul @ow @lazerwalker @seldo Back up—I think you're misreading what I wrote. Lots of countries that were lucky enough not to be hit hard in February took warning and have handled the panedemic well, with or without land borders. The U.S., Sweden, and the U.K. are not in that list.

@volittech @shanselman @andrewculver @ow Love my pi-holes (redundant). Not only do they block ads, but you can also configure it to use DoH for all DNS queries, or configure unbound on it as your own upstream dns resolver.

@xBytezz @ow I'd love to have my mail and Google things done via my own domain. They neglect me because I'm still on the legacy "grandfathered" G Suite free plan. Not much grandfathering if they try bully you out of it. Things like these that always pop up also convince me to never upgrade.

@Officialne0tic @ow @tomwarren fees but at the same time I get that they may not just be able to remove or even lower the fee % because that is not within the shareholders interests and financially wouldn’t be good for Google and Apple.

@K0nserv @ow That's already obvious and is really the crux of the matter though? Apple's position is and has always been that you are not allowed to have users pay for stuff like this without using their IAP infrastructure, it's not new or noteworthy if they strike Epic down because of it

@marypcbuk @ow @notdetails I'm not sure how far I classify Android as a safe ecosystem; it certainly seems to have more malware threats than iOS appears to and they seem to come from the lower level of curation

@UsuallySarcasm @WillCar03473127 @ow Apple big, Apple bad. Hurr durr! Seriously though, Fortnite abuses small kids into paying for imaginary stuff online that costs them almost no money to make. Out of all iOS apps this one is not the one that should not pay 30% fee.

@adrianegger @fffabs @ow I don’t agree that that is fact. For instance: rapeseed oil studies are very weak, and the few that are around just “link” rapeseed oil with certain health problems. That said, Oatly is absolutely not sacred, and we should always strive to improve.

@K0nserv @ow At least in this case Apple can say that they consistently apply the IAP rule to all apps when striking down Epic.

@stephenwuebker @andrewculver @shanselman @ow I use pi-hole to keep my whole network ad and tracker free. I also uBlock Origin on the browser to pick up anything pi-hole misses and to block when I’m NOT on my home network.

@david_megginson @agtmadcat @NaturallyPaul @ow @lazerwalker @seldo Exactly. It's the thousands of drivers (and other essential workers) who are the concern, especially since they're not subject to a two-week quarantine.

@agtmadcat @david_megginson @NaturallyPaul @ow @lazerwalker @seldo And Vietnam, which is famously also an isolated island! ;) New Zealand's current crop of cases is being rapidly isolated and traced to figure out what happened, they're not going back to a full lockdown because they were vigilant enough to catch this early.

@camielvs @ow @felixsalmon A little late to the party but 100m span in 1960 is not unreasonable. A simple girder/beam set up is unlikely, but arch bridges can make it that far. I'll have to admit the terminology here confuses me a little since it conflicts with my fancy engineer jargon :)

@jpohhhh @ow @koehntopp TL;DR privacy - in practice, GSuite accounts are owned by the GSuite admin, which means in theory the GSuite admin has ACLs to disarm your alarm, see your security camera, etc... (not saying this is impossible, but it's _very_ tricky)

@solsenNet @ow @martyswant It’s great, the one downside I discovered is there is no swivel so if you want to see the monitor from a straight on angle you have to move yourself into that position, not the monitor, other than that it’s great

@K0nserv @ow @jcampbell_05 But it's also easier to refute, "It's our platform and for user security and UX reasons we only allow payment through our system". There's not a credible argument that iOS is a monopoly and iOS being Apple's platform why shouldn't they be allowed to set the rules?

@ThijsNiks @ow Looks legitimately good! San Francisco has a couple of these too, but sadly not enough yet to make it a well-connected network.

@1063atl @ow Do you want RADIO PLAY in Atlanta->> We are ->>Login at website to submit.

@ashtron @ow Thanks for reading! We’ve always been of the mindset that we’ll stay here until we don’t want to be here anymore, and I can’t yet see us not wanting to be here. With NZ’s international rep, people seem quite surprised. But they don’t necessarily know it’s true colours.

@StephenWarwick9 @ow @tomwarren Not to mention Tim Sweeney's recent comments

@jcampbell_05 @K0nserv @ow It's more about media angle for non-tech people IMHO. Easier to get the politicians and get public angry at "Apple forced Epic Games to charge more for their game" than "Spotify not allowed to charge users via a web interface"

@StephenWarwick9 @ow @tomwarren Not sure what you mean RE Prime Video...? AFAIK there's no option in Prime to get a piece of content cheaper when you buy it directly from Amazon vs. using in-app-purchase.

@ThePreritOberai @ow I actually worked on a social media app that was based around ephemeral posts during a summer internship! Not sure what happened to the project afterwards but I personally liked the idea

@MaelleGavet New Zealand is launching the world’s first #algorithm charter 👏🏻👏🏻 👏🏻 Hopefully first but not last as algorithms increasingly affect our daily life with decisions we can’t see but somehow have to trust #empathetictech #surveillance @ow

@sambgrover @ow looks like an awesome way to get away with not paying people market rate

@agtmadcat @david_megginson @NaturallyPaul @ow @lazerwalker @seldo New York definitely had bad luck, but their incompetence in waiting to close until after we did (When they had cases on our same timeline) is really what did them in. We started shutting down on the 10th and 11th, and they were open until the 18th. Criminal.

@StephenWarwick9 @ow @tomwarren If there was a deal between Epic and Apple, Epic would not have announced the new feature in a press release stating "Currently, when using Apple and Google payment options, Apple and Google collect a 30% fee, and the up to 20% price drop does not apply."

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