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@manojlds @ow Not docker the company right. They also seemed to have raised $35m.

@yuusharo @chrisFnicholson @marcedicmihi @flyosity @ow @1Password All the more justification for a company to experiment with new ways to monetize their service with intrusive features no one asked for. Look at what Dropbox has become. They could have a great business being infrastructure, but that’s not good enough for investors.

@chrisFnicholson @stebets @flyosity @ow @1Password It’s something you get used to and you trust. “Keeping my passwords safe” is really important. It’s not like switching pizza shops.

@lumiauraah @ow @davegershgorn So Apple is preventing Spotify from using Apple’s public APIs for their intended purpose, but allowing anyone else to use them? I am not surprised if those APIs are not good, but Spotify, like anyone else, is free to use them.

@provisionalidea @mimavox @ow @rishmishra @flyosity Growth here can mean, “so many people want to use our product that we need to hire more staff to maintain and improve service quality”, or, “enterprises have started using us and are requesting new features, and we need to bring on new engineers to build it” — not bad things.

@CraigGrannell @ow Problem is, if you want people with a range of experience, they’re not going to get that by buying everything unless they’re insanely rich. So you end up with the tech equivalent of washing machine reviews, where everyone says whatever about the one they have.

@chrisFnicholson @marcedicmihi @flyosity @ow @1Password Yeah but it’s not just subscription. It’s the kind of subscription that’s hard to cancel.

@aizazkhaja @ow But if it’s about not being able to install Web apps through the Mac store, is it really anti-competitive if you can still install those apps on your Mac via downloading from a site? People using those apps will generally find it on a browser vs casually browsing the Store first.

@80211JP @ow You can literally see the phone struggling to present the correct screen upon flip open in that gif. And that's why it's not a complete win. Gen2 however... Better spec / price and software ironed out?

@artem__tkachuk “That means Apple has a monopoly on how iPhone and iPad users access the web” — @ow Great point. I did not know this.

@daviddalbusco @walkingriver @danbucholtz @ow @electronjs @pluralsight This week I had app accepted, which I canceled to submit the same build with a text change. New version was rejected because the release notes, which was the same, was not enough detailed. Updated the release notes and it went through...the process is just random sometimes 🙃

@ryanlanciaux @daviddalbusco @walkingriver @ow @electronjs I always wonder if it's that they're operating with different constraints than devs and not that they're out to make web tech not work. To be sure, I'd love if some of the standards were adopted faster BUT I am currently hopeful that there are other reasons for this.

@danbucholtz @daviddalbusco @walkingriver @ow @electronjs I predict Electron will get off the private APIs, and everything will keep chugging along happily. PWA is a different animal due to the permission model. I sort of think PWAs are not fully baked yet so I can see where Apple is hesitant to dive in all the way.

@hasancc @tartley @chrisFnicholson @flyosity @ow @1Password According to 1Password's blog post on the issue, Accel acquired a minority stake and as far as I can tell, only one board seat. I agree with your broader point that priorities might be shifted but this doesn't stand out as a bad deal to me.

@eggshellcullen @rishmishra @ow @flyosity May I ask what you would want from a password manager besides storing passwords and not getting breached? Their product and business model are sound, and investor funding is going to muddy both of those things.

@AdamsBunnyranch @ow What a world ... we celebrate that a company can manufactor a working keyboard (again). Like VW/BMW/GM ... producing cars that can travel from A to B.

@rombulow @ow @BodhiOokami I’m with @ow. We’re deep in the Apple ecosystem and always have been, but quite frankly Apple stuff at the moment is very very “meh” and does not deserve to be fawned-over.

@traustitj @infinitelychriz @le_toti @ow @jedmund @Apple Agreed. Not being able to swap things out is just insane on a pro hardware

@le_toti @ow @jedmund We used to be on Windows, so this is not religion, these are tools. I regularly revisit our decision to use Apple machines for development, testing, build servers etc. Every single time the Total Cost of Ownership comes out in Apple's favor. But I switched out MBPs for iMacs.

@mike_pearson @JamesLex @ow Bad take. Apple open sourced webkit and still contributes to it. Electron apps offer terrible performance and use private MacOS APIs, which violates App Store policy. Give me a break. Apple does plenty of ridiculous things that we can and should criticize. But not this.

@provisionalidea @ow @rishmishra @flyosity This is a single VC investing in a 15y/o successful, sustainable, profitable business. They may have a seat at the table, but it's not a *controlling* share of the cap table. Plus, 1Pass went after investment because they *wanted* to grow and needed $$$ to bring in growth talent.

@ThePreritOberai @ow Not sure why it’s hard for Apple to decide on a reliable keyboard design

@ndmccormack @ow Biases or not, it’s good to have your educated experienced opinion! I’d argue that all the major tech companies are anti-competitive to some degree. Apple does lock users in, but being in the ecosystem is generally safe and good which is perhaps why you see some backlash.

@glen_george @ow Pixel didn’t win best camera this year and this seems to have fixed the keyboard issue. Must be tough to deal

@thexpaw @ow Forcing all browsers to use webkit on iOS is not anticompetitive ;)

@gorkemcetin @ow @bwagy I wouldn’t bother with that as sending money oversees may seem difficult at first, but it is in fact not a big deal. Are you a resident yet? Once you are there, getting a sin/tin number and then paying taxes may also require you find a good accountant (ask the same q to him/her).

@Boris @ow @davidbailey00 Exactly. That seems very unlike what Apple has said in the past. They used to say: we want to create high quality products and make them as affordable as possible, but not less. That was a statement I could understand and respect.

@notdetails @altryne @ow @flyosity Also hyper growth can often lead to feature bloat and messy products that try to do more for you than you want. Again, not an ideal outcome for me.

@AnthonySm1th @LeoJTravis10 @ow Blocking the misuse of private Apple APIs isn’t about killing web technologies. You’re not supposed to use those APIs in any software. Electron has had leeway for ages and will be fine again when they stop misusing those APIs.

@BodhiOokami @ow I read you peripherally, and compared to others you appear negative and appear to really dislike Apple. I am not surprised to hear fanboys get up in arms when you post. In someways I feel you are not surprised either?

@soerenlindhoff @ow Yeah thankfully I have two desktops at the office and at home to work with. They really need to keep up with their promise of cutting down repair times. Two weeks is insane If it’s a machine you depend upon.

@soerenlindhoff @ow @thegreatdevop @LeoJTravis10 That is absolutely fine, I just dont like the general idea of publishing on Medium and hiding content behind a login instead of using your own blog etc. If it works well for you then thats absolutely fine. Didnt mean to come off rude.

@infinitelychriz @le_toti @traustitj @ow @jedmund @Apple Not an apple hater, I used Apple hardware for years and still do. But with WSL2, I can import my whole linux subsystem into a tar file, transfer it to a new machine, it’s very portable. Also WSL2 is Linux, while MacOS is Unix, Linux is more compatible with OSS tools.

@JeroenReumkens @Veedeejem @jedmund @ow Fair point. I have used it, but that is already years back. The Linux subsystem did already remove one of my biggest reasons against. Perhaps I need to try it again any time soon. Biggest issue would be Sketch being a Mac only tool... All the other things will work out I think.

@bdsams @ow but the others, Samsung, Huawei, and others are fine. Folding phones are a fad imo, a 'me too' for companies to chase down like Google offering checking accounts next year. We CAnt MIss oUT

@daviddalbusco @walkingriver @danbucholtz @ow @electronjs @pluralsight Not sure it worked the same here but I used to be a scout too, so opening the app brought me instant good memories 😀

@davewiner @netsensei @driftingkiwi @ow I see that you're trying to help, but I'm not sure that this does. :-) What you're hearing is a longtime doctrine of standards -- "worse is better." It's meant to say -- keep things simple so everyone can understand.

@mckapur @ow @rishmishra @TwippedTech @flyosity I agree but it’s not just capitalism or the industry or whatever, it’s also just people & teams wanting to work on bigger and more ambitious things and not stagnate. It’s a natural desire for many individuals and probably manifests itself in company direction like you see here.

@nottrobin @ow @firefox @googlechrome For those who aren't aware, here's a little peak into @google's attitude to this issue:

@daviddalbusco @zwacky @ow Wasn't a couple of weeks ago the Web Components launch? Social media are magical time vortex place, perfect to not keep track 😅

@chrisFnicholson @flyosity @ow @1Password Normally I’d be more cautious in that respect, but they’ve been around for *fourteen years* already and have had numerous opportunities to made bad choices and haven’t done so. So I trust them more than most not to fuck it up.

@weylandswart @ow @juanbuis Not a great take. Artists depend on these platforms to make a living.

@aizazkhaja @ow I have been following you quietly for a while, (even getting notifications when you tweet) since I discovered your guide on setting up a dev env on windows. To be fair, you seem to have had an anti-Apple bias for a while and it shows in your tweets. Not saying AAPL good, @ow bad.

@viniciusxp @ow @ubnt I get you, man. Love @ubnt. I just think USG is not par to the rest. It should have giga Ethernet and the processor beefier. If you go for DPI and snort stuff it overheats. Waiting for a new affordable release.

@dotMorten @ow @ubnt I need to believe that's not overkill, or mine would be totally overkill

@AfzalivE @rishmishra @flyosity @ow VC pressure is not good for any stable company. "Funded" is a broad term. This isn't free money. VCs usually want quick returns which causes companies to take shortcuts, pivot, or exit. The "team" won't be able to keep that track record if VCs control their direction.

@traskjd @ow @gamoid They sold one product line, Docker Enterprise. Not that they had any defensibility to start with, it’s the slow death spiral.

@zebpedersen @ow I’m not sure the nostalgia factor is as strong of a selling point as you (and possibly moto) think. A cool device that’s genuinely different and appears to be well designed, on the other hand...

@traustitj @le_toti @ow @jedmund @Apple Not trying to make a thread here. But docker, k8s, devops and other things are old news on W10

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