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@Paul82952285 @NPR @USArmy @jaketapper @JohnBrennan @washingtonpost @AC360 @SenateDems @USNavy @CBP @DHSgov @JohnBerman @WillieGeist @mikebarnicle @SecretService @FBI @NATO @AngelaMerkeICDU @JustinTrudeau @EmmanuelMacron @DMRegister @MiamiHerald @PittsburghPG @JRubinBlogger @MichaelJMorell @GenMhayden @JohnKingCNN @JohnWDean @JohnJHarwood @JerryNadler @RepAdamSchiff @RepMaxineWaters @peterbakernyt @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @nytmike @PhilipRucker @Acosta @joshscampbell @tedlieu @RepRichardNeal @mccaffreyr3 @Comey @HillaryClinton @BarackObama @Rosie Well TRAITOR45 @REALDONALDTRUMP @WHITEHOUSE @POTUS the answer is quite simply! YOU'VE BEEN TOO BUSY SCHEMING TO FIND DIRT ON YOUR ELECTION RIVALS! OR PERHAPS GOLFING MORE THAN A 1/4 OF YOUR TIME SMELLING UP THE OVAL OFFICE! OR, YOUR TOO FUCKING STUPID!

@of_arin @Muffin_578 @NPR Well at least the one that sold it. If you so bad driver you should not have been allowed to get the car

@SideOverride @Exalted_Oreo @NPR The point you seem to be missing is: It isn't a GUN issue, it's a Human/MENTAL HEALTH issue. Furthermore no gun is marketed or intended as a "sole purpose of killing". In-fact, most guns are either used for self defense or sportsman activities. Your "facts" are pure assumptions.

@Quirk22 @NancyAFrench @DavidAFrench @NPR Veterans should be honored. Real veterans - not like me who just served a few years in peacetime - but those that put their lives on the line. BUT - you don't get to hide behind your vet status when you are acting partisan. Also - a med deferment is not heroic but not dodging.

@synapticflow @NPR This is a foolish shame! What's next? Sue the shooter's parents for birthing a child with working fingers? Sue the bullet makers? SMH America. This is just a sneaky way to try to accomplish their agenda. "Now we can just sue all guns away."

@Jolicopa @NPR If not for the dereliction of duty on the part of Republicans the Democrats would not have to bear the burden of saving America from this sociopath themselves.

@TheNickmaster21 @jerrylieb12 @NPR Do they also need to issue a correction for the contents of the article as they match the headline? What "actually happened"?

@ggrossberg @PhilipWheeler @NPR What does any of this have to do with the accuracy and validity of the claims made by the whistleblower? This line of reasoning is fallacious. Either the info is accurate or it’s not. The source and his/her motives do not matter.

@santana_luis1 @EricaDoering @NPR @Scotus @scotus need to follow the Constitution, not feelings.

@RobertM33296751 @NPR NPR lesson on how to lie with statistics: "91% of DACA recipients have jobs" Meaning 9% do not. That is more than TWICE the national unemployment rate of less than 4%.

@Desert_Sessions "Nothing feels overworked or overthought — the musicians sound like they're discovering the songs as they go along. They're not trying too hard to make magic happen. And that's precisely why magic happens." - @NPR @npratc #DesertSessions

@ChicagoUTEP Childhood #trauma causes serious health repercussions throughout life, says a new @CDCgov report. Read more via @NPR: Then, check out the CDC's recommendations to mitigate trauma:

@Pt255440131 @strawberryinu @SuperPredatorz @ErenLenox @R0ckadile @LiberalD3mocrat @Nettie05705192 @NPR Look at what happened to the Irish when they came here, waited and did it LEGALLY even tho they were dying in the streets from starvation. There’s always been a process DACA is not it. Educate your 20 year old ass.

@stigmacher1 @michelekelemen @NPRinskeep @RichardHaass @MorningEdition @NPR 5/X Omissions, narrative framing, "pundit" influencer opinions, are not discrete value streams of information. They are tactics attributable to self fulfilling ones personal bias & mass influence campaigns.

@FischerGordon “The charitable deduction dates back to 1917.” Interested to hear your thoughts on this ⁦@NPR⁩ opinion about the #charitablededuction. 💰💸💵 #taxes

@overanalyze1421 @NPR I worked at McDonald’s at 14. The fry cook would tell me everyday to lay on the floor so he could take me doggie style. I told my Mgr & she told me to toughen up. I quit when I was denied working in drive thru Bc a customer complained too many black people worked there

@HillTownTrader1 @EricaDoering @NPR @Scotus DREAMERS and DACA are different. Dreamers include about 1.15million who chose to NOT apply for DACA out of fear or due to criminal records. SCOTUS needs to uphold our Constitution, which puts the making of law in the hands of Congress, not judges.

@Tom92024 @driveratnight @NPR It's not a trial. When it does go to trial in the Senate, he can (and presumably will) confront them

@CapnTact @FrederickKann @NPR Nope, not even a little - another thing to remember is this school only admits ~400 students a year.

@Pt255440131 @strawberryinu @SuperPredatorz @ErenLenox @R0ckadile @LiberalD3mocrat @Nettie05705192 @NPR Not having the luxury for doing something legally gives you the OK to break the law? Nope! Again, you are extremely ignorant.

@DamselIntrigued @NPR Evidence is not immediate if factual. Must give them time to research, investigate and then provide evidence. Only liberals seem to fly by the seat of their pants and emotion to claim it fact and then let the chips fall where they may.

@kobesgg @NPR @NastyOldWomyn Don’t forget about the Steele Dossier. Who’s working on verifying the few loose ends that have yet to be confirmed?

@news_globalinfo @NPR Why does NPR have to parrot the phrase about DACA - "for children brought here illegally." They were possibly brought here by asylum-seeking parents so not illegal and you've tainted them by convenient description "children" and "Illegal". That's MSM speak. Thoughtless.

@nasdaq68525963 @Caerus_irl @Nightshift001 @NPR Most people in the USA would be in favor of those kids staying here but would want to deport all the adults that brought them here or came by themselves. There is some teens who came here by themselves still qualify for DACA and that’s not right. Let only the real kids stay.

@Craig98804676 @kar_bear77 @NPR They can't be an America! that not freedom! Have to pay to stay in America! That's not freedom!! If you break an law you are subject to deportation! That's not freedom with out due process!! Living in fear is not freedom!!

@TheTruthReturns @Tom92024 @6ohTurner @emanonu @NPR A gun is meant for self defense and hunting, not to commit murder. Murder is malicious, self defense is not.

@Dugefreshness @TGNP @NPR While NPR does not receive any direct federal funding, it does receive a small number of competitive grants from CPB and federal agencies like the Department of Education and the Department of Commerce. This funding amounts to approximately 2% of NPR's overall revenues.

@HolyGho90974457 @nprpolitics @NPR It's because most people don't vote by age. Young people like idealistic Visionary rhetoric. Not that hard to understand

@BlueNov35158528 @RGiokas @NPR 1) For children especially, it can be traumatic. But also, I’ve been a part of Army and Air Force training for 19 years and know first hand about hand-to-hand combat training. Active shooter training is different and does not involve blanks or rubber bullets. The most ...

@rlawrence32889 @Tom92024 @gymkay1 @NPR That is not true. California’s climate makes it a great place to grow weed. Most of this weed is exported to states where weed is illegal and more expensive. I live in one and this is a concern to me.

@Mr_Knavish @winniechan28 @NPR Umm but how do you expect them to win a lawsuit when the product was used illegally? It’s the same as trying to sue a tool company for a mass murder (4+ victims) by a hammer or knife, which does happen. The blame is solely on the murderer, not the maker of tool.

@ethan_vinyard @LynnWollstadt @SWKoontz @NPR How can Remington be held liable when the person who used the weapons to perpetrate the crime did not even purchase the weapons? Adam Lanza had no say in which weapons he picked to commit his crime, he didn't choose which weapons to buy from their marketing, he picked what he had

@jeremydehner @DeliaMacD1 @NPR @TheDemocrats No it’s not. As stated @TheDemocrats were offered the deal. They refused. Trump ran on stopping illegal immigration. This is part of his overall plan which has dropped illegal immigration by over 50%. Dems tried to score political points and looks like they are going to lose...

@DBStimpy @of_arin @LynnWollstadt @Muffin_578 @NPR I’d have to look it up. The AR-15 is marketed as a hunting rifle. Not sure about back then.

@Sentimentalgal5 #NPR @NPR @nprpolitics Make Sure To Air Impeachment proceedings! Rural neighborhoods not having cable, need to watch! #History is in the making! #ImpeachTrump #Trump #ImpeachAndRemove #ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachmentTaskForce #ImpeachmentInquiry #ImpeachmentTaskForceRises

@jwcolledge3 @NPR Public land grows have been an issue for more than 20 years. The USFS & BLM do not have the investigative infrastructure for organized crime. Past sentencing enhancements to related immigration laws were seldom enforced. ICE was prohibited from investigations because of dangers.

@GnostRexa @__john________ @MattytheMouse @NPR To get to zero? Sure. To solve for problems? Wrong. The issue is we aren't solving THE problem. We are treating a cough and pretending to have cured the flu.

@atxxpkrgolf @LynnWollstadt @Muffin_578 @NPR @of_arin Their audience is military, not idiots with psychological problems. I’m not one to play the blame game like most of society nowadays. Self accountability is more for me so well just disagree here. It’s like McDonalds saying we have hot coffee then u burn yourself.Have a good day

@LynnWollstadt @NotGivinATuck @BobHicks_ @NPR Except they’re not; the marketing it to civilians. That’s the whole point. Oh, and the article cites another ad that says “Consider your man-card reissued.”

@farzanamoon @NPR @wunc #ClimateChange Trump's climate change 'hoax' is taking a toll on US Military, but do Trumpians care, their only duty is to defend Trump's lies 'hoaxes, fake news, witch hunts, conspiracy theories', not only do they defend, but go on raging and roaring against truth, facts, laws

@DeadlineDominic Going on a @NPR station far far away soon to talk #DisneyPlus launch today, #TheMandalorian tech SNAFUs & how the streaming wars just made the jump to lightspeed ...actually @AirTalk with the great @LarryMantle, so not that far away

@johnsonwill56 @NPR CHRISTIANS will have to decide whether they will obey God or Man! "When a stranger sojourns with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong, you shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself..." (Leviticus 19:33-34)

@jeremydehner @DeliaMacD1 @NPR @TheDemocrats This makes no sense. He didn’t shutdown the government, got funding anyway and dems lose on DACA. In the end it was a win for trump to not take this deal. Plus it saved 20bn in costs. You’ve made some weird circle that doesn’t make a point. Just admit the dems screwed up.

@ATBinSD92 @Dasken7 @NPR Yeah that'll pay for a crumb of what you're asking for. We're talking trillions of dollars for this socialist crap plan. Not to mention how much of it would have to come from the middle class, who would be hardest hit. 8/10 people got tax cuts btw.

@jenny53091 @FoxPrintsArt @freethruwisdom @NPR As I stated before, I am not a Bevin fan, but election integrity is vital for us to have in place before 2020, or we will live this whole nightmare again...agree or no? Just bc MSM says it isn’t there, doesn’t make it so...

@AllThingsJen @NPR 2. I'm NOT a fan of Joe Biden, but if I were on my death bed and lived in a RED STATE I would drag my dying fat ass out of bed and crawl on my bloody hands and knees to vote for him. Democrats - get organized. No more candidates, you need to defeat the GOP. Enough.

@OstrumAM ⏱ 3-Minute #podcast 🎧 🇺🇸 #GDP slowed down to 1.9% during the third quarter, after a 2% pace during Q2. Trump's prediction of a 3.2% annual growth rate now seems very unlikely 👉 via @NPR

@rex_howlett @NPR As much as I am for gun control, THIS IS CRAZY! Remington may've manufactured the gun BUT they were not the one to pull the trigger...

@cbresister @BrantFrostV @DavidShafer @staceyabrams @BrianKempGA @NPR Hey so this might be hard to understand but the SOS was not *also* the candidate, yes? Like you know there’s a difference between “holding office as a member of the other party” and “holding office as a member of the other party while overseeing your own election” right?

@ACHBALLAZ @Mongwau_Mochni @1a @shaneharris @anitakumar01 @nytimes @NPR Bribery on behalf of the United States. Yeah sure. Not to benefit himself. The prosecutor was not looking into his son's company and that's why the United States, the IMF, the EU, everyone wanted him fired. Specifically because he was corrupt and wouldn't investigate.

@Tom92024 @SWKoontz @SeanGorman777 @NPR Which is? Not killing living things? Are you arguing they were intended to be lawn ornaments or kitchen appliances?

@ErenLenox @LiberalD3mocrat @SuperPredatorz @R0ckadile @Nettie05705192 @NPR It’s racist because it’s implying just because they are immigrant brown people that the majority of them are criminals. They are not. In order to receive DACA, one must have a clean record, stay in school, and pay taxes. Which they do.

@Dugefreshness @CortesYour @NPR @Susan_Hennessey While NPR does not receive any direct federal funding, it does receive a small number of competitive grants from CPB and federal agencies like the Department of Education and the Department of Commerce. This funding amounts to approximately 2% of NPR's overall revenues.

@GatsbyChristian @realDonaldTrump @cnn @nbcnews @npr @ap STOP rewarding those that break USA laws, or illegal immigration will NEVER end. Immigration is not a right, but a privilege to be respected. Illegal immigration is a threat to our security. FACT: "Criminal aliens accounted for 4.9 mil arrests from 2011-16"

@sands_paul @buk_3000 @phani_pvrk @SenatorDurbin @NPR @MorningEdition S386 is purely different. This topic came up Bcas DACA kids being provided relief,legal kids too.S386treats all nation equal in line, when u are working on skill y there is county of birth factor. If you have a heart to listen it’s easy to understand,else no point in explaining.

@OliWoot @NPR It's not a lack of self awareness, she is just THAT desperate to replace Pence...

@gregsauls23 @NPR Who cares, I would hope our President would investigate corruption before handing over money to a foreign government. He's not asking them to make something up. You people amaze me.

@LaLadoozy11119 @NPR Dear NPR: this is how the GOP operates in the US. This is their new normal. This is who they are. Why are you so slow to understand this? You should be reporting on Bevin’s LIES; not “lack of proof”. DO BETTER.

@thylocene @castlesburning @Julio_1111 @NPR This is the single most insane, dumbest argument I’ve ever seen. “Well some of them have committed crimes so fuck em. Kick em all out.” Who fucking cares if some of them have committed crime? The issue is the ones who haven’t committed crime, who are just trying to get by

@NotGivinATuck @Tom92024 @6ohTurner @emanonu @NPR Neutralizing targets is the prime reason for the creation of the M16, which was later modified to create the M4. The AR-15 was designed for civilian use in neutralizing targets, not murdering. Accurate self defense from longer range than a pistol or a shotgun.

@winniechan28 @Mr_Knavish @NPR Not automatically say that gun manufacturers are liable bc each case is diff which is up for the judge/jury to decide. Also this law passed after gun manufacturers lost a bunch of civil lawsuits in the 1990s which is why they lobbied to get this law passed and were successful

@Somethin_k @NPR Having a common sense melt down like the over sheltered NPR kids, girls and guys are going to flirt, or they’re robots? Yes you are an animal not noticing your ignorance, but that in others?

@UCCharterSchool Childhood #trauma causes serious health repercussions throughout life, says a new @CDCgov report. Read more via @NPR: Then, check out the CDC's recommendations to mitigate trauma:

@thelabmaximus @Tom92024 @emanonu @NPR Firearms are not specifically designed to murder people.

@theearstohear @Stew_Pac13 @NPR I was instructed in those things in public school. We did first aid, made tourniquets, learned pressure points to stop bleeding, performed mouth to mouth resuscitation, etc. I was not traumatized by it. Maybe some snowflakes need to suck it up.

@Infidel45438681 @NPR @Scotus @HouseDemocrats @GOP @DHSgov Another thing I might add. Criminals regaurdless if they claim to be working have no legal rights in our country. They can dream in their native homelands and apply to migrate back legally like everyone else has too. ( End )

@migueldelopera @JohnOtis John, you support the right wing fascist military coup in Bolivia? Good to know. Hey @NPR time to take out the trash. This guys biased reporting belongs in the dump, not on the radio.

@HillTownTrader1 @Caerus_irl @Nightshift001 @NPR both the Obama and Trump DACA policy memos, DACA permits can be used to re-enter the US. Hence, DACA folks have a path to apply for a real US visa from their home country, and return to await processing: 4500 have. The rest have not gotten off their butts, wanting handouts.

@junkiefx Ah, yes...good old NPR spreading fake news again. This was the Supreme Court of Connecticut, not the SCOTUS. But I am sure @NPR won't let such trivial details get in the way of sensationalism. If it bleeds, it leads.

@Dinkeldash @Xrcalo @GrumpyCatterman @JoeBiden @NPR @MotherJones I mean I’m not going to pretend I’m an advocate for progressive causes but people not having enough food because of their identity, in one of the most liberal states of the union, seems like something someone should investigate so we can address the problem, Biden bashing aside.

@PeteForAmerica ICYMI: @PeteButtigieg sat down with @NPR in South Bend to talk about our plan to provide affordable health care for all 👇

@castlesburning @MarthaGueTo @thylocene @Julio_1111 @NPR No, the issue is that some people like to talk as though they are all perfect, wonderful people who only add and never detract from the US. I'm trying to point out the reality - that they are a mix, like anyone else.

@mattcsully @NPR Not nearly as arrogant for a Senate to ignore the constitution and steal a SCOTUS appointment from a sitting president.

@JobTrendr @n7o2h4 @Zegadaklaric @ForgetfuP @dustxghost @lakerninternick @BellaBizzyBody @NPR Yea because everyone wants a few ppl bought and sold to go against the will of the ppl. The people voted it down. They didn’t want a forever dictator. Those laws are in place for a reason and it wasn’t unconstitutional until Evo wanted to stay in power

@JonesCucumber @deke_sandra @NPR People float over here on debris to find stability. It’s not character and morals that feeds and houses them😀

@BlueNov35158528 @RGiokas @NPR 2/ detailed it has ever gotten was a commander or other authorized person banging on closed doors to try to trick people to let them in after the rooms were locked down and secure.

@Tom92024 @emanonu @NPR Cars are not specifically designed to murder people

@cdrgoose @5876M @YseultCeirw @NPR Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice. He did lie about an affair but did so under oath. And democrats are just as guilty as republicans of breaking laws, they’re all dirty. This is going to end just like Clinton, impeached but not removed. Waste of time

@gymkay1 @Tom92024 @NPR Well, I live in a medical state and next to legal DC (grey and medical) and the Black market can not compete... Dudes getting jobs that haven’t worked in years but don’t enough to live for the next 40+ years or so.

@BrantFrostV @cbresister @DavidShafer @staceyabrams @BrianKempGA @NPR Sounds like you’re saying that the Democrat secretary of state of Kentucky would not do ALL she could to help her party win the governor’s race. That’s a big insult to the Democrat. Democrats are famous for their loyalty to each other when they go to battle against Republicans.

@stigmacher1 @michelekelemen @NPRinskeep @RichardHaass @MorningEdition @NPR 6/X I've listened to @npr for years removing facts from framing narratives, verifying the facts & following up on what's omitted. You do report facts, albeit not all of them but at least some basis.

@fwu4bIpkOcTbJhx @Dr_Gonzo_311 @BaristaIsDead @NPR That is a very smart assumption. Of course they threw the game even though they did not have a good enough team to beat LSU

@JobTrendr @heqt1c @JeSuis34C @NPR By my logic if trump tried to stay in power after term limits, and the police pp voted against the referendum, and he went to a judge to subvert the will of the ppl, I would want him out of office. By the way it was the ppl not the military. The military only refused to help him

@janearraf #Iraqi protestor holds tear gas canister fired by security forces trying to clear Baghdad square today. My @npr conversation with @lourdesgnavarro on #Iraq's crackdown.

@MiaoReport @NPR WTF is on the radio right now? Trashing Cernovic? I’m not a fan of some of these guys, but boy o boy the taxpayers are paying for the author for the deplorables book... to trash the right and apologize for the left? Why??

@MariaCFilippone From 17yo boy in Gaza today ‘stairs became murderer I escaped w school bag on my back/promise of future amid bombs trying to erase it’ @NPR @BernieSanders @jjz1600 @cnnbrk @NBCNews @CBSNews @ABC @GayleKing your tax$ at work they’re ppl not militants/terrorists stop the bias

@pamabby1 @NPR I volunteered for PBS in Boston. Come on,guys. You need to air the Impeachment Hearings on the regular PBS!!! Being Greedy or educating people? Some cannot watch during the day. This does not sound like the PBS I know. I am ashamed for you.Not too late to EDUCATE.

@ThereWillBStars @NPR Especially considering that ::every single expert:: agrees that disabled & sick people should not be force tapered because there is zero medical reason to do so.

@785ks207me @TheMadjai @NPR People are stabbed. Ban knives? People are clubbed to death. Ban bats? People are run down by vehicles. Ban cars, trucks, vans?

@akerbak13 @lalalaratta @NPR Status quo wins the electoral college- u know, that thing we lost to Trump? Can’t do that without mid America... We lose another 4 years, we lose the courts for a lifetime, equaling ZERO change. It’s not always about popular ideals. Sometimes, it’s a chess move...

@HolyGho90974457 @nprpolitics @NPR Unfortunately for some candidates, human beings do not like to be angry all the time, naturally. Like being drunk at a nightclub celebrating and then waking up hungover dealing with reality.

@MightyPenTweets @revelation1963 @NPR He has no authority to use the nation's money as a campaign fund. You fail to understand that issue.

@Stew_Pac13 @theearstohear @NPR Yeah for if a friend falls hiking, if you see an old man unconscious in the street, not that 10 kids at a school half a mile away just got killed by a classmate. The difference is obvious and calling a kindergartner practicing to hide from a shooter a snowflake is insane.

@RossOnRadio Time spent listening to #SpokenWordAudio is up 20% while music is down 5%. @NPR @edisonresearch

@revelation1963 @MightyPenTweets @NPR 1. That’s not the charge and that’s not what he did!!! The only elected official to do that was as the linked video showed was Biden! Trump Ukraine call was on 7/25! It was not until late August when The NY Times reported the administration considered withholding $ and that

@Exalted_Oreo @SideOverride @NPR What do you do when hunting or defending yourself? Killing/significantly wounding. Try twisting yourself I knots to get around it, but it is reality. If it were truly a mental health issue literally every other county in the world would have an issue. They don’t because no guns.

@Cornstock_99 @Truth74897582 @NPR I can't defend EC's motives, but even if they were corrupt, what part of the WB complaint has not turned out to be accurate?

@jenny53091 @FoxPrintsArt @freethruwisdom @NPR MSM is mainstream media, including Fox. The truth is somewhere in between what they want you to believe and what actually happened. Bottom line, it should not be dismissed that the winner is declared w/less than 1% margin w/out it being looked at further.

@NCCofUSA @kar_bear77 @tchangel @NPR There were not supposed to be here then either.

@K_to_the_ukla @NPR This is ridiculous. Would you accept a “terrorist drill” on your next flight? If not then why do this in schools?

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