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@johnisbestever @jke10286 @420samurai @Tony__Heller @YahooNews @NPR @lourdesgnavarro Black people that vote democrat don't think for themselves they just follow the herd without question. Its ok to vote trump and not like his personality but he dont more for ethnics than any denocrat in last 50 plus years

@torgue100 @ExMusRus @NPR puppet, it seems like the least someone beholden to the Russians could do is *not* slaughter 200 Russian mercs in Syria. Or provide precision computer-guided anti-tank and sort-of-anti-helicopter Javelin missiles to the Ukrainians. Or move US troops from Germany to Poland, clo 3/

@obi_juanita @ButthurtMy @Katlambert67 @2020eScribbles @YahooNews @NPR @lourdesgnavarro I have no agenda dude. I looked up the history & found a few sources with similar info. All you've done is try to tell me what you're saying is fact when it's not. Now you're attacking my other beliefs and likes just to try & get a rise out of me. It's hilarious and...pathetic.

@truthamplifier @zaddytweets @AtoOkai @joethestampede @189thghostrider @Silverfate003 @NPR The headline does not set the narrative unless you’re ignorant. He has more than served his time for all of his crimes and this is now costing tax payers. Not to mention his life sentence for the crime he is locked up for now is an actual injustice. Those are the facts.

@girlfromoz1 @NPR Can she now do the people killed during the riot or does black on black crime mean nothing ? What about those babys killed ? Any matter ? Not to the elite,BLM & left ! oprah can bugger off !

@RunTorpo @CJPendragon @NPR @hereandnow That’s cause they’re more likely to be sex workers. Also keeping men from assaulting women is a good idea, not a bad one.

@BladeofZorro @Not1word1 @NPR What about the report is stirring racial strife.. it seems to just be reporting the diff in responses to a film.. if there is strife it must’ve already been there, not due to reporting

@The_JJAllen @Dharmapala2020 @SkolVikingsGuy @NPR To be fair, Trump said disinfectant. Alcohol is a disinfectant. For all we know, he was telling his followers to get completely shitfaced for the duration of the pandemic. Oh, and possibly to insert a light down their throat or up their ass. Can't forget that.

@not8_bit @stokewell @NPR I can see from your replies you're really trying to make this slur happen. With some more practice you'll get the spelling down.

@Not1word1 @BladeofZorro @NPR Whites can be and do some of the most undignified things, and are notably called out for it. The entire continent of Africa should be overflowing with examples of black greatness. Why is it not? I have no time to celebrate or not celebrate anyone for skin color.

@ILive4nCauseofU @mrterryjamesjr @AlexFitzgeraldJ @YahooNews @NPR @lourdesgnavarro Tell me what rights they have that we don’t. I love how you didn’t address any of the FACTS I provided. NONE. Your hate for my ppl won’t allow you to accept it. Also, you failed to address the main issue Bided was referring to. Educate yourself. Don’t be a xenophobic POC.

@kathykidd63 @imnotdonewritin @tweakthewave @suerunne @YahooNews @NPR @lourdesgnavarro The virus came from China so it’s a China Virus. Elizabeth Warren is not Native American. The “shit hole” countries comment ~ he was in a heated debate regarding the DACA program ~ I would like to hear the conversation so if you have a video ~ I would love to hear the debate.

@megakizz @RealSexyCyborg @PerniciousExcl1 @Tattytats @stillgray @NPR I think it’s the other way around surely Chinese companies need to convince other countries having CPC committees is not a problem and they have no influence I can’t imagine that they don’t though.

@Santi_2024 @RajivChaudhari5 @NPR Actually, Airlines are private companies, so they can choose whether or not someone travels based on their behaviour. The difference is that we don't choose our nationalities, nor certain characteristics, but we do choose if we want to take care of ourselves in this situation.

@AtoOkai @zaddytweets @joethestampede @189thghostrider @Silverfate003 @NPR The headline is not an executive summary. The singular purpose of the headline is to encourage you to read the actual article, which elaborates. Apparently you never knew this and have been receiving all your news from headlines alone.

@Donquavious6 @nerddalertt @VABillyVA @sebastianisblu @kinduvblue618 @aj_pollard @nf1nk @NPR What happened was tragic, but there’s no evidence of racism here. It’s not like the police just decided to go kill an innocent black woman because they’re racist. The media over exaggerates it to cause division. The best way to avoid police is don’t commit crimes.

@AlwaysThink12 @burblanket @NPR @hereandnow We can call for the defunding of police but not tax payer subsidized activists journalists?! What has happened to my country?

@willow32028338 @NPR I thought I was going to read a story not be referred to a podcast!

@JacoviniMartin @NPR I can't trust and highly doubt that Bill Barr "will" stand by "sworn oath" of "not to interfere" with the election by trying to pull some ridiculous political just to benefit Trump.

@BladeofZorro @Not1word1 @NPR in the celebration of blackness for a change (it’s not an anti-white event). The desire to celebrate whiteness is very apparent.. especially when you consider the discrepancies that are written in history books

@hjalmar49 @Logicalmeme @NPR @wamu885 half those are males, so take that down to ~6.5%, but the aggression is not equally distributed. younger males of this demo are 3-4%? idk.

@kelz3108 @Gnarlyheadache1 @NPR But considering all of that + what he said recently abt black people not being black if they don't support him, I just don't get how or why anyone is still trying to justify what he said or claim it was taken out of context. At this point he should be apologizing, not deflecting.

@CJPendragon @NPR @hereandnow This is incredibly dangerous to EVERYONE and a violation of human rights. Trans people are valid. Their existence is not a threat.

@VFragomene @dingleberryusa @NPR My comment was in regards to what Biden recently said. I’m not aware that Biden is a sex offender or pedophile, or ever been arrested or sued for anything like this. In all fairness, though, I did try to watch your video but it was unavailable.

@goluscombe @AsaPlum @NPR When did people get the right to infect other people? Not in our Constitution yet, but then give trump a chance

@Lu76381614 @Direct234567 @say5_you @yadadoo20 @Dalmatio @YahooNews @NPR @lourdesgnavarro You are really blinded..I live in a democratic city and we have a lot of individuals working and doing good..don't act like REPUBLIcan cities dont have people on welfare, if you think that you have an issue..this democratic city has made it dMn near impossible to obtain welfare

@gem326 @Reuters @AP @CNN @MSNBC @Newsy @NPR @RNService @BBC Trump continues to prove how uninformed & mentally unbalanced he is. Next week he’ll start trying to issue Exec Orders for all the laws already created in the last decade. How stupid does Trump think his base is? #TrumpIsUnfit

@yimbyaction "In some cities, single-family zoning was adopted explicitly for racial segregation. These days, Sanchez says the issue of race is still there, but it's not said out loud." Catch @Scott_Wiener pushing back against NIMBYism on @KQED @NPR:

@davehabsburg @putternutt @NPR Common rule in law is to speak to a jury not above an 8th grade level, or you’ll lose them. Knowing big words does not win a presidential race.

@bigapple410 @YahooNews @NPR @lourdesgnavarro He continues with his lies! Trying to buy muslims, blacks and now Latinos!’ No you are not competent to lead your basement!

@UndeniableMe0 @JordanVujnovich @NPR @wamu885 I remember that when I have to go to my 10th interview because I am not fair enough, or my hair isn't straight enough.

@SpookBuster9000 @RunTorpo @morris_brother @NPR @hereandnow I agree. Which is why people who will be treated as women at men's shelters (and thus abused and assaulted as a woman would be at a men's shelter) should go to a women's shelter, instead, so that they will not experience that abuse and assault. We need to protect people.

@RP_Liberty @NPR @wamu885 Jesus Christ you people think like three year olds. Not every uneven result is caused by racism. The left's inability to consider any other possibility is childish in the extreme

@melody_olivarez @robert_enna @Veritas_2016 @hedgehopper @DaleGasaway @Suzette1Suzette @NPR Republicans and Trump supporters want to spout off about socialism yet they are the first ones to take advantage of the system instead of actually working

@obi_juanita @ButthurtMy @Katlambert67 @2020eScribbles @YahooNews @NPR @lourdesgnavarro No ANTIFA here dude, but this lady is all for #BlackLivesMatter I get that you're not so please spare me the Marxism rant. There's so much more to this movement than ONE founder saying she believes in Marxist principles. I'm not about to go down that rabbit hole with you.

@Tjeo1990 @cmyeaton @BethCameron_DC @NPR @C_R_Watson Who picks up the phone for unknown #s? Someone could call & I would never listen. Not even to voicemail. I doubt I’m alone.

@andfeelgood @BauscherAnne @Lunargypsyx @NPR I was interested to see the body cam footage. The police say they announced themselves. The boyfriend said they didn't. I checked it out. LMPD officers serving warrant at Breonna Taylor’s home were not wearing body cameras Or uniforms. I'm inclined to believe the boyfriend.

@AlwaysThink12 @burblanket @NPR @hereandnow They get money from the CBP and from federal agency's. Both received tax dollars collected from the citizens of the US. Not entirely of course. But enough to be a conflict of interest in my opinion.

@LiberatedHandle @NPR It's almost like many unions got caught in the capitalist drive of growth or death and became so obsessed with growth and power that they forgot their purpose is to balance power between capitalists(those with investment money)and everyone working to survive. Hierarchies kill!

@art2u2 The @GOP has been getting away with lies for decades, not because the majority are stupid like Republicans think, but because people had others things to think about. Now everything has changed, people now know the consequences of not voting. @NPR

@Hyrax_Whisperer @Mob6K @NPR @jaketapper I am pretty sure they told people not to wear masks because health care providers needed them more. I still believe they should have told the truth, but welp.

@mayorseidel @NPR @MPRnews Criminals have a strong ethos, enforced by violence, not to snitch. Cops are a kind of criminal.

@RunTorpo @CJPendragon @NPR @hereandnow Nah, hang out with ‘em for a bit and you’ll realize they’re still guys. “I like being able to compliment Women’s tits” one told me. Sexual assault is bad, let’s not encourage it. This move is a great start.

@AlwaysThink12 @NPR @hereandnow Defund NPR. This about the safety of women. Protecting them from rape and assault from predators posing as women. This is not an ideological debate. When did NPR become activists and why are my tax dollars being used to subsidize it?!?

@Santi_2024 @RajivChaudhari5 @NPR ₩rivate companies have rights over their own business. In some malls people who are dressed like indigents are not allowed in; because there is a stereotype that says they might be criminals (I disagree with it tho).. If they can choose to do this, why can't airlines do it too?

@torgue100 @ExMusRus @NPR true about the customer can be interpretted as fitting their psychic reading. A perpetually moving goalpost that can't technically be described as "moving the goalpost" because it never actually gets clearly set down anywhere to begin with. If Trump actually were a Russian pu 2/

@AsaPlum @NPR (Pro Mask, by the way. I’ve already got COVID and not sharing) It’s interesting to me how a company can say, “wear a mask,” and people don’t go nuts. A person says the exact same thing and they are crazy? When did corporations get more rights and respect than people!? Rhetorical.

@arlorojv @NPR @wamu885 Is everyone lamenting this issue pitching in to help? Or are we just waiting for someone else to help out?

@StephenLep @NPR Joe has dementia. Thats why Joe is having to try and clean up his demented comments. Joe is not fit to hold any job at this period in his life and never will be again.

@RuIeOf3 @NPR Okay. Here we go. Time to quibble with the Dem-cand. while con't to normalize and generalize the existential threat in our WH. Biden gaffes. We know this. He is not racist. We know this, as well. It's a simple clarify, apologize and move on. Non story. Unless you have an agenda??

@Santi_2024 @RajivChaudhari5 @NPR You call it discrimination, but it is safety. Companies can choose whether or not people who DID NOT TAKE CARE in the middle of a pandemic would travel. This is done in order to protect those who did take care and need to be safe due to health issues.

@goluscombe @MorazonInc @beccals123 @NPR You're talking to a trumper. Anyone not in favor of giving more money to the rich is a communist for some weird reason.

@untcampbell @keranews @NPR I won’t know how it should be priced until I hear the efficacy results. But those who fear returning to whatever normal is, make an efficacious vaccine priceless. Rx companies price in the value of NOT having a vaccine. Society tells them it’s worth lots.

@mrterryjamesjr @ILive4nCauseofU @AlexFitzgeraldJ @YahooNews @NPR @lourdesgnavarro Non Citizens should not have more right then Citizens and in Mexico when someone comes across the border. They are automatically sent back to their country. I love everyone but right is right and wrong is wrong

@CoolDadRonnieD @NPR I think it's great that the Chicks decided not to be racist anymore and changed their name. The world would be better if people could address their shortcomings like they did and move on.

@datfreakyderp @Mob6K @MKE_Coog @WisdomOfGonzo @NPR @jaketapper @snopes If the country had shut down in the beginning of March 90% of the deaths would have been prevented. This study was done months ago. It also said if we'd shut down even a week earlier, 60% of the deaths were preventable. Instead of listening to the experts, we opened back up.

@CJPendragon @RunTorpo @NPR @hereandnow Transwomen are women and should be with women. Trans men are men. And sex workers are valid. The issue with that is their clients. Stop teaching men its okay to assault women.

@TheWand81518737 @ArunDeshpande20 @Swamy39 @npr @nprindia @shekhargupta @Sanjay_Dixit @TIinExile @DrAmbardar @ProfVemsani @sheila22941708 @leelaraagam @ranisa04 @DrAmbardar @npunwani @davidfrawleyved this is what the priests of the majority faith have to go through in India. NPR and others will not cover this. Tide change

@BladeofZorro @Not1word1 @NPR Dude, you have to want to understand. No one is saying you’re racist becuz of your skin color.. racist is a description based on action. What’s probably being said is that ppl are not aware of their racism. If it’s imposs 4 you not to be, then what the hell are they marching for?

@keithmu43343024 @YahooNews @realDonaldTrump @NPR @lourdesgnavarro ... & “undesirables” I realize that attempting to address issues within this area are not so binary, & will result in misunderstandings, but when engaged, can lead to growth which allows individuals to articulate their ideas & struggles openly outside of stereotypes. Trump ...

@melody_olivarez @robert_enna @Veritas_2016 @hedgehopper @DaleGasaway @Suzette1Suzette @NPR pastors should not be living in mansions the money that people donate should be to help when the church and help the community not make the pastor rich

@yurgenclop @f3ew @RealDirtyOnion @NPR Yes they did but how stupid do you have to be to error on the side of not wearing a mask for an airborne pandemic? They have blood on their hands along with Trump.

@anti___antifa @YahooNews @realDonaldTrump @NPR @lourdesgnavarro Now I lay me down to sleep, A mail in ballot in my keep, If I should die before I wake, Vote for TRUMP for America's sake. TRUMP2020

@Aalaap17 @iamrealgirish @sushmitza @lfrayer @PragyaTiwari @NPR @PMOIndia @PrakashJavdekar @prahladspatel @indSupremeCourt My thoughts exactly. She is choosing to tell half truths by not giving the complete historical background. SHe has not mentioned that this was after the Supreme Court judgement this was taken up. She is not truthful. She is out to sell her country to feed her greed.

@DrEricDing 20k applications for just 27 internship spots at @NPR. Talk about competitive. Sign of economy + remote work not requiring moving to a high cost city. This is the beginning of the transformation of society post #COVID19

@SherryManer1 @DanielNewman @YahooNews @realDonaldTrump @NPR @lourdesgnavarro Doctors have stated that not one one child in the world have passed Covid to a teacher. Fear tactics! Research: Spanish flu 1918: 500 million cases 50 million deaths.. 460,000 missing children per FBI per year, abortions 125,000 daily. Covid 4,600,00 in US 157,000 deaths 🙄

@Not1word1 @BladeofZorro @NPR Ah, but in the BLM era, it is become anti-white. I'm told I'm racist simply because of my skin color, that it's impossible for me not to be so. This is a lie.

@JeffRadue @NPR They have the right to deny service to deny service to people not following reasonable rules. So.....don’t be a fucking asshole and put on a fucking mask for fucks sake.

@artemistexas @NPR And people jumped to the incorrect conclusion that Floyd’s death was motivated by race. It was not. Concerning Taylor’s death, what the press has said versus official reports are two very different things.

@selenasd NEW: The latest @NPR survey of all 50 states finds 42,000 contact tracers nationwide. That's barely budged from 37,000 we found six weeks ago, & less than half of the 100,000 tracers @CDCDirector and others say we need to control the spread of #COVID19.

@RamentiVeritas @MrBadenhorst @whogivesashit45 @YahooNews @NPR @lourdesgnavarro "Barack Obama has the same heritage as Michelle Obama?" Of course not. And...? "It's racist." No it's not. "He's going to solve minority issues?" No, but he'll do way better than the guy who called African nations "shitholes" and white supremacists "very fine people."

@spookyPigeon @Mob6K @NPR @jaketapper Hindsight is brilliant, isn’t it? I tend not to judge since I am not a virologist trying to save Americans from a new virus, but go ahead and throw stones (if you think it will save lives?)

@ThaiMexDC @NPR Republicans destroy unions & wages go down. Those workers are now earning less than when there were union jobs. Republicans promise to take care of the working class and give tax cuts to the wealthy...HUH!

@TheWand81518737 @Stop_dat_bs Great point. Lemme tell you @NPR will not even report it. Thank you for exposing me to their bias @DrAmbardar . I will stop making donations and regret having done so. @nprindia

@Santi_2024 @RajivChaudhari5 @NPR But airlines can have their own rules too. In order to protect those who need it, the ones that travel would be those who have taken care of themselves. If you don't believe on a pandemic and decide not to use masks, then you are losing rights, here and in the rest of the world.

@BauscherAnne @andfeelgood @Lunargypsyx @NPR If they announced the boyfriend obviously didn’t hear it. Other police who were there may have had body cams. The neighbors didn’t hear it. The policeman who spoke said they knocked for @ 45 seconds b4 they were ordered to break down the door

@BertTraveler @NPR I could not be more proud to work for this incredible company, that has gone to extreme measures to protect me, my fellow employees and our customers. Oh, I have stories I wish I could share with the world. My loyalty is immeasurable. ✈️♥️

@hsmithlane1 @NPR Please add transcripts & make them accessible. Not everyone interested in these stories can listen to podcasts. Not everyone can hear or hear well enough either.

@astarkpatronus @JackieFox1976 @NPR @JoeBiden I'm not sure he's capable of any of that. In fact, if he were to suggest what black people think, I'd find it offensive on principle.

@Kathy81211843 @YahooNews @realDonaldTrump @NPR @lourdesgnavarro His owners have not trained him on to stick with what they tell him to say

@Socrate90856354 @NPR @wamu885 Their problems don't stem from systemic racism. They need only look in the mirror. Blacks come from more broken homes and single parent households than any other ethnic group. They are not taught to respect authority and they resort to crime more than any other ethnic group.

@MrBobbyHill3 @PainSally @NPR @wamu885 Eddie I could not comprehend what you were saying but yes I agree to GTFO with the race baiting

@ReasonablePer11 @NPR Joe, please try to limit saying stupid things until after the election. As a good rule of thumb, if your staff has not rehearsed it with you, don’t say it.

@loveabundantly @NPR @PattyArquette While there is a a global pandemic? Yes! If you want the freedom to not wear a mask, drive your ass!

@natashadalua @NPR Honestly, thank you @Delta !!! I specifically chose to fly delta this summer BECAUSE they’re not playing around with public health during this pandemic. So, again, thank you, and please continue to be strict with about mask wearing 🙏🏽

@champs4now1 @NPR Strike two @JoeBiden when it comes to the black community and how you characterize them. That’s not counting what you did to lock up minorities in the 90’s.

@TimBunning1 @YahooNews @realDonaldTrump @NPR @lourdesgnavarro Um...I think Biden has had a Stoke. Would not trust him to call in a lunch order over the phone!!

@ChonkyCat3 @beccals123 @NPR I've not yet gotten anyone to tell me how masks are going to escalate into communism, control, or whatever other drama queen fantasy y'all have as an excuse to not wear them. Yes, you are drama queens.

@kingery_timothy @NPR Consider who the Democratic and Republican choices are, why are people not willing to risk it and vote 3 party? I think @Jorgensen4POTUS (Jo Jorgensen) would be an improvements from either of them.

@RajivChaudhari5 @Santi_2024 @NPR It’s not you idiot. Refering to your “country” comment again, I am based in hk. And every one of us here wore masks from day1. And still there is a third wave that has hit us. 120 cases every single day. What does that tell you??Now before you start blabbering that hk is small..

@verity_douglas @NPR Anyone who does not want to wear a mask on an airplane belongs in a mental hospital. Also, flying is a privilege not a right.

@SpookBuster9000 @blackadder41867 @Mike96534379 @NPR Membership in unions goes back to the 1800s. The earliest forms of American economic leftism arose out of trade and industrial unions during that period, when coal miners and factory workers were striking for living wages and safer working conditions.

@BauscherAnne @justingonzales1 @Lunargypsyx @NPR I think no knock warrants are abhorrent and this one I understand did not meet the criteria. The DA, judge, police chief and mayor should be held to account. They are responsible.

@RunTorpo @SpookBuster9000 @morris_brother @NPR @hereandnow No, that’s why men should go to men’s shelters and not women’s shelters.

@bennyforbernie @beccals123 @NPR Delta is not a government entity. You want to take a company’s rights away?? Wow you’re the commie here!

@Santi_2024 @RajivChaudhari5 @NPR So pissed😂 I know the numbers, yours are among the worst. By reading my English you should've realized that I'm not from the USA, I come from a country where masks worked. I'd suggest to stop speaking about freedom and rights if you are gonna tell people to shut up, hypocrite😂

@ryandoc09 @YahooNews @realDonaldTrump @NPR @lourdesgnavarro Sad that he had the choice to not even bring African Americans up and he did it to support an idiotic statement by choice. Racist as fuck

@hansilowang @NPR 5. With roughly 4 out of 10 households nationwide yet to be counted and already delayed by the pandemic, the bureau now has less than 2 months left to try to reach historically undercounted groups who are not likely to fill out a #2020Census form on their own.

@Aradia_Aries @SerivaTiger @NPR @wamu885 Right? This was literally what I was going to say. It's not a hypothetical, it's reality.

@AmySchumberg @NPR So, she must also be going after @TheRevAl and @BilldeBlasio if she is really serious about taking down fraud and if this is really not political. Especially Rev. Al. She can start with his nonprofit and work her way back to Tawana Brawley!!!

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