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@Boyanbc @NOS Funny enough, we are starting to realise that letting #COVID19NL among the population with the objective to "save the economy" is not working. Actually, exactly the opposite. As we just saw with Germany & Belgium calling code red on Holland. And that might be just the beginning..

@DePerspectivist @BrazzaPietro @NOS "A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist...a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law"

@Boyanbc @NOS Money, has been the main objective in most #COVID19NL decisions by the government. From masks & lack of tests (saving) to opening of schools ASAP & not following up with the jump of transmissions (Germany acts by >50 cases per week per 100.000). Money. Not health or saving lives

@ESvdRest @ICCBA_ABCPI @IntlCrimCourt Remove the racist 9f the @HogeRaad or shall we sit down in the garden of the @MinPres , stop the racisme in the Netherlands with the @nos , that is racisme ,so remove @HogeRaad in the Netherland who are they to call me stupid lets sit down in the garden

@Carlos98717749 @hugodejonge @MinPres @NOS @RTLnieuws @HartvNL Please stop sending money to countries with corruption. We in Portugal do not need your money. Help us by sending tons of handcuffs.

@JanHeinZwiers @NOS @2eKamertweets @hugodejonge And yes, because the hospitals are not the main gathering points now (luckily) your testing and capacity of it is your metric ... @JHSPH_CHS data can show that trend @CDCgov ? And you want to keep treatments out of hospitals too

@ofentse_khiba @Polska82 @lipglossgirl @Dessie163 @telegraaf @NOS @ADnl @Martinbosma_pvv @Martijncda And you expect them to do what exactly? I dont condone the babaric behaviout by the dumba$$es. Are Dutch MP's going to send their SPCA here?🤔 Not meaning to offend you

@Joseph_Browning @NOS The policy is letting the disease spread as long as they clamp down on it before the hospitals are overrun. It's going as planned. If they don't like the outcome, maybe make a new policy to contain the disease to a few infections as possible instead of allowing it to spread?

@DanielFrikandel @derFonseca5 @NOS Why not? Putting it in a box or into salt deposits is better than shooting our waste into the air. Plus, recycling technologies are becoming more widespread. It's kinda stuck up to say "Isn't solvable", looking at the feats humanity has achieved so far

@truthwinslie1 via @NOS The Dutch Democracy???!!! Not democratically elected fake titled "royal"Cartel with ZERO gram of "royal" DNA misusing billions Dutch tax cash hidden in various budgets. The German Bernard van Lippe knew how to rob Dutch. They keep on manipulating & robbing YOU!

@Simone_1974 @NOS "The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice. Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president.” — Mitch McConnell, March 2016. Hold the muthfucker’s feet to the fire!

@truthwinslie1 ?Constantijn @NOS The Dutch Democracy??!! where Not democratically elected fake titled "royal"Cartel with ZERO gram of "royal" DNA misuse billions Dutch tax cash hidden in various budgets. The German Bernard van Lippe knew how to rob Dutch People.His family keeps on manipulating

@bogaarts_q @NOS I want to know more about your health care insurance. When can I start working in the white house😂?

@Brandtair @derFonseca5 @NOS But as an transitional energy source it seems it has potential in being better than burning of biomass. And indeed it is not sustainable and does not look to become that way soon.

@ESvdRest @IntlCrimCourt @NatGeo The mind and body will always be victims , so the @nos is racisme or they can sit down as the organ of REDWHITEBLUE , not the organ of the @HogeRaad , sit down @nos and show the organ of REDWHITEBLUE i want to see that spiraal First Name The First Name , so it is racisme

@derFonseca5 @fransveldman @Brandtair @NOS We do have enough uranium to generate power for millenia and beyond. But we'd put not just humanity but life on Earth at stake by relying in such a risky power source. The problem of water contaminated by radioactive waste IS NOT SOLVABLE and it's dishonest to say the opposite.

@Boyanbc @NOS Why are you paying attention to such people? I work in PGB zorg & have seen how people have to deal with #COVID19NL crisis, basically living in isolation since March. Yet @NOS is not reporting that. They instead send people to Instagram posts of bunch of attention seeking pr*cks.

@the_lifeyouwant @SamiSoderlund @CjTelephone1 @Si_or_just_Si @phiyaatv @Newus071 @KissmyassNwo @David95872227 @Diurpagissa @jdmereweather @Kompadontgiveup @GraceAliyah100 @wssstom @coin_pattern @AgreeWitMe @BelowTheRidge @WereldPijnCafe @Rolouzis @Boudiccaaaa @Mrsrajeshdodeja @stranger_poetry @ForFreeSpeech1 @Anon__Truther @GraceAlijah @Kufaarcritic @billBel80925644 @TateCharon @ds13_manon @CyberSpaceGod @withoutwax4 @Urylle @ManCorrupted @Sagmetox @pmahart @spannishchicken @Jk09648032 @uman5819 @TheGamingGround @verkamerik @quovadisweblog @wordsoflastdays @azita_one @YourFriendZippy @LBF777 @EricFalangas @RuffusMD @USGOVIgnorance @LloydOsten @Arc_Unreal @citizenscienti3 DUTCH man NOS @NOS hired crisis actors (this one is from March 2020) to sell the Dutch audience the Fake Corona BS story.And put people in fear for “killer virus”. #Plandemic #Exosomes Virus is not contagious A bioweapon can be (Ron Fouchier made)

@Eurofan_Spain1 I'm happy that the @EBU_HQ and the 📺s from 🇳🇱 are carefully working on ESC21 and studying how it can take place in this difficult situation. All my support goes to them. It'll be a great show no matter in which scenario it takes place. @EBU_HQ @NOS @AVROTROS

@YouniverseNL @NOS Your own fucking fault because you mix the healthy people with the sick people all together by refusing mass testing and for not taking the positive tested people to a quarantine facility

@Unitedw87780461 @NOS Where is The Netherlands with a vaccine? You can not even get medicine to cancer patients.

@DanielFrikandel @derFonseca5 @NOS What kind of alternatives do you propose? Wind and solar are not feasible ways to cut our emissions before it's too late. And thats already without starting about the waste from decommissioned solar panels and wind turbines...

@gunterwehmeyer I still dont get why the dutch government is still not enforcing mandatory mouth masks in all public places, schools and universities included. That is just one big joke! How harder does it need to come to make a radical change?! @markrutte @rivm @nos #COVID19NL

@QingQingMao2 @hensie108 @DennisKatinas @NOS it's probably not scientific wrong but morally wrong to equate human life with a price tag. and if you advocate for science without morality, you are a danger to society.

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