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@Ericdmechanic @Mike69948032 @Gefira_org @BBC @NOS @dw Russia has huge interest in Trumps dismantling of Deep State through mass arrests. Likely entails take down of the Vatican. Russia’s cooperation in this not far fetched. Want to avoid Deep States plan for WW3. US landed 20,000 tanks and troops. Joint effort. US will get the Gold.

@ShipSpottingNL 🚨Not To Eat, 'MILKYWAY' ✅ Is Not Our Sponsor And Your Teeth Will Break Q... via @YouTube @rtvnoord @telegraaf @nos

@BeedeGee @mommers_j @stephanvanaalst @NOS "And again, when you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done." Staat gewoon op site van het witte huis John. Haal die beton plaat eens voor jouw kop weg.

@LaurensViviane @Gefira_org @BBC @NOS @dw Oh yes, and Von der Leyen thanked the Chinese gov for its gift of masks & equip too. Do not forget that the EU sent equipment to China too during the peak of its pandemic. It is allowed to receive help in the case of a pandemic. It just depends on what will be asked in return?

@BVerheggen Not content with just spreading misinformation on climate, nitrogen and air pollution, "Jack of all trades" Marcel Crok claims the solution to corona is to take a sauna. Seriously. It was shown on Dutch @NOS news as an example of misinformation on corona:

@ParvaGaleati @GeLeHesjesNL @cryptocrock @RTLnieuws @NOS @telegraaf These are human traffickers wearing police clothes which you can find literally everywhere. Turkey have done destabilizing stuff in the eyes of you in many other subjects. But immigration is not one of them. If you really want to search you can find out Greeks shoot the boats

@Sohaibmt @Dachshu27266144 @NOS Good, they should remain closed and stricter lock down needs to be implemented. I also don’t understand why a research into the role of infections by children is needed, WHO and many other virologists say that children may not suffer from the virus but they transmit it

@JDPrice85939055 @Christo16917752 @ytekedejong @KLM @Delta @airfrance @VirginAtlantic @telegraaf @NOS @transavia all this mass profit, they won't look after their employees but make sure their CEOs & shareholders are well-fed & overpaid? When trouble hits, their revenue is NOT used to take care of their employees but taxpayer money is??? Same taxpayers/customers they treat like dirt?

@LILINGE6468 @NOS Bullshit.Everyone deserve the choice of living, it is not up to medical system. Only patient can say they want to be rescued or not. Doctors can not decide that. You are not god!

@RobRuggieri78 Redden de ouderen door #COVID19 ,nee an Darwinisme in Netherland! Elder are not just an option! #Stayhuman and go to to read the open letter in Dutch,English,Italian and Spanish @FritsRosendaal @UniLeiden @NOS @telegraaf @parool @Metro @ADnl @Agenzia_Ansa

@Hewapalani @vvanwilgenburg @NOS Didn't they send all those test kits to spain and they weren't working either ..... what is China up to ?

@XuNL2014 @rvoortman @NOS Roy, instead of showing your incompetence and ignorance, why not do something real good to the Netherlands? I know a lot of Chinese people buy masks from China and donate to hospitals here. Sending a useless twitter does not help at all. Sorry

@KoPoppe Reconstructie van EU-videotop toont geruzie van Rutte met Zuid-Europa via @NOS Italy and Spain should not use corona virus to get EMS money, without conditions.

@anitafilmt @NOS Famous last words #DutchHistory during #Corona 25-3-2020. Dissel spoke "sick people should not go to the supermarket” He is the boss of the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM ) >>The public screams tests or many unnecessary deaths are added>> #Staartje

@DesertFoxNL @WHOWPRO @WHO @takeshi_kasai Why does he wear a facemask ? Is he asymptomatic and spreading Corona ? WHO stance was that a facemask does not help when not used by medical staff... @RTLnieuws @NOS While Hong Kong / S-Korea / Taiwan / China etc. use this measure to prevent spread...

@AlexFan67117649 @fUgGjSrxGV81B8R @The_realist_31 @NOS That's why I hope they can reveal the test procedure and detail. They know they bought KN series masks but use FFP standards. If the quality is really bad according to KN standards that's a shame for our Chinese people. If not, I am wondering why they want to do that

@AlexFan67117649 @fUgGjSrxGV81B8R @The_realist_31 @NOS Thank you for understanding! It's about China, our country, we also have the right to point out what's our opinion, not aim at intervening. Just like, if I only told my friends in China the bad part of the Netherlands, you will also be angry about the misleading.

@frommygalaxy @Gefira_org @BBC @NOS @dw Medical help to Italy from Russia, provided by military, watch videos online about Italy thanking Russia, only Russia and Cuba sent help, European union did not help, what a fraudulent organization!!!

@AvengerOfTruth @berriesbubbles @NOS Are you trying to say Google is not censoring to this very day? Is this some Qanon bullshit? It's gotten worse, not better.

@SpringsteenJane @Unitedw87780461 @NOS @arjenUSA Cars do not go into schools to shoot at children.

@Ericdmechanic @ArminMrkalj @Gefira_org @BBC @NOS @dw Russia has a huge interest in Trumps, dismantling of Deep State through mass arrests. Definitely entails take down of the Vatican. Russia’s cooperation in this is not far fetched. They want to avoid Deep States plan for WW3.

@bass460 @CurioGorilla @Pafnucy8 @Gefira_org @SciteCito @BBC @NOS @dw Turkey is a NATO country which needs to change but the US is not backing them. Europe has brought this on themselves with their open borders for the last 10 years.

@AlexFan67117649 @fUgGjSrxGV81B8R @The_realist_31 @NOS One example, my dutch friends asked me why the Chinese government banned Winnie the pooh? I tried to search with google and all the pages in the front also told me that. But when I tried with Baidu, a Chinese search engine, we can see the videos are still there not banned.

@Roosendaal18 @AlexFan67117649 @sander0290 @NOS We all know that TNO is an accountable institution. Things we need to care about is not the test report itself, but that medical workers may under high risks.

@SilverCheetahMC @K_4Unl @NOS It would if there would be enough room to do that. But from the queues i've seen, there isn't always enough room. If they'd do that it would make sense. But that's not what's happening.

@Christo16917752 @JDPrice85939055 @ytekedejong @KLM @Delta @airfrance @VirginAtlantic @telegraaf @NOS @transavia Delta CEO has already given 6 months of his pay to retain and pay employees. Your view of most, not all CEOs is misplaced.

@cgraamans @Darren_TuDelft @RinkeNOS @NOS Don't think so. As per the article they were tested by the TNO, which is the governments' scientific research center. They know how masks work and what to test them for. Also, speculation without reading the article is not very good form.

@AlexFan67117649 @fUgGjSrxGV81B8R @The_realist_31 @NOS According to NOS previously, when China reports there is 0 increment in new cases, NOS used the title like "China is again not reporting new local infections". I think "report 0" is totally different from "not report". That's why I don't trust NOS who is good at playing words

@vvanwilgenburg Turns out 50 per cent of 600,000 masks delivered by China to the Netherlands are not working - @NOS

@Gpzy4 @Vlysia03 @NOS The fact is all other cities in China are back to normal now. All my friends n family there started working and traveling since the beginning of this month. Even though there might be cases, but everything could be in control immediately. That’s why they just banned foreigners.

@Turkilo4 @Niek1953 @NOS Putin does not let companies make a profit from these miserable situations, in fact, he blocks those people who try to do that ....... Compared to the loving American politicians who are filling their cases through this event

@realbrinkie2 @NOS Wow.. how to turn a 'feel good' story into a sheer horror one. We the people really needed that 🤦‍♀️ (not)

@AwarenessforU @NOS We have to get back to work ". Yes yes you lazy doctors get back to work. We must overcome!!!!! Or is it let the poor people die that work?Total lock down is your answer!! Factories will only catch dust, but people will catch the corona virus!!Houses stay sturdy, NO RENT!!!!!!!

@0_elm0 @wwh9098746521 @DrPop1012 @hetstem @NOS Pretty much every country these days make false reports, I’m not saying the other country’s are telling the truth. Just saying that there are so many wrong numbers that the statement made above ain’t a right statement to make.

@KriceKaber @MsM @NOS MsM rather see people killed than to waste any opportunity to demonize Trump. They bring an article stating people died using chloroquine, not saying those people used a chemical for cleaning of fishtanks but showing a picture of the pills. This is criminal.

@DimitriH16 @CurioGorilla @louisuitholland @Gefira_org @SciteCito @BBC @NOS @dw “Why didn’t the EU help? Because you (the people) did not want to! Then it stops.” She is blaming the Dutch people for being EU critical.

@Nael_TaimShami The lockdown in #India is leading to a massive migration of people. Millions of migrant workers want to return home, because in the cities there is no more work because factories are shut down. With their last money they try to go home by bus or train. Via @NOS #Covid_19

@AlexFan67117649 @fUgGjSrxGV81B8R @The_realist_31 @NOS I am from China and of course, I have the obligation to defend my country if they tell something not 100% true and even lying! I just think they should reveal the test detail to support their conclusion!

@yuyu_chao @NOS This is stupid and should not be advocated. When the epidemic subsides, life returns to normal, and there is time for entertainment. At this time, health comes first and national security comes first.

@XuNL2014 @TwitteMan17 @Koentebrinke @NOS So did you know there are many Chinese companies (KLM partners, Huawei, etc.) and Chinese community to donate PPE stuffs to Dutch hospitals? Probably not, because NOS never wants to highlight it.

@Maidenusa11 @frommygalaxy @Gefira_org @BBC @NOS @dw And France confiscated medical supplies that were being trucked to the UK...not very friendly huh?

@GigiRhijnauwen @NOS I have been working for a Dutch company for many years. They import goods from China. After products arriving to NL, they would claim the goods bad quality even if the goods were no problem just to get some claim. Dutch are born cheap that way.

@JDPrice85939055 @Christo16917752 @ytekedejong @KLM @Delta @airfrance @VirginAtlantic @telegraaf @NOS @transavia And how much was his bonus? How much of his salary was due to the ridiculous nickel-and-dime schemes imposed on travellers. In the past 10 years, oil price went down, airline fees increased, airline fares increased yet employees have to beg to be treated humanely.

@LmDaan Just to let of some steam: Fuck @NOS who keeps mentioning "these are only official numbers" when covering Corona in non-western countries, yet does not do so when covering our own numbers while we almost completely stopped testing (except healthcare workers or in severe cases).

@papacamareo @Nexitnexitnexit @NOS Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. Dus succes met je Brexit kruistocht en trol berichten 🤣

@Ericdmechanic @asavage963 @Gefira_org @BBC @NOS @dw Russia has a huge interest in Trumps, dismantling of Deep State through mass arrests. Definitely entails take down of the Vatican. Russia’s cooperation in this is not far fetched. They want to avoid Deep States plan for WW3.

@DeOverdenking @NOS: "Red alert! Shields up! All hands to battle stations!" - @iocmedia has postponed the @Olympics to next year! Also @NOS: "There is corona in the Netherlands... not enough for showing a red "Breaking" bar on our website...

@Mike69948032 @Ericdmechanic @Gefira_org @BBC @NOS @dw Yes they use it as a cover for their crimes. That pattern is pretty obvious. Hahahaha it would not suprise me if the pope would claim it also to be honest.

@Sander55799579 @CarlaB1lly @3Groter @NPO1 @NOS @robertjensen @OmroepON @UPnetworkNL Same hier.....ff down to earth komen😉

@arzubarsk @Boyanbc @NOS @MinPres @rivm Think numbers are anyhow messed uo somewhere as not clear/missing many cases. But the other worry is now we reached to 10% of total hospitals beds as well.

@V5M1000 #FFS - 600,000 masks delivered by China to the Netherlands do not work, offer no protection. Many already in use "Chinese mondmaskers teruggeroepen uit Nederlandse ziekenhuizen" via @NOS #Covid19 #Lockdownuk # CCPVirus #CCPLiedPeopleDied

@Mi721805811831 @RinkeNOS @NOS Don’t use Make in China! #China has been exporting substandard medical supplies! Want to make money or want the virus to knock down other countries? #ChinaLiesPeopleDie

@Gpzy4 @PeterPe95529308 @NOS Throw your phone to crash then

@Boyanbc @NOS [email protected] @ggdghornl @MinPres @hugodejonge The broken record - "We can't test" is by now nothing short of a criminal act against the #NL population. No excuses to do not even try. None. I work in #PGB zorg & I know of innumerable examples why. #COVID19NL #coronavirusnl #tweedekamer

@Gpzy4 @NOS One person got sick and whole family quarantine together “ This was what happened in Wuhan in January, this would not work. Many people started with mild symptoms could change anytime to critical condition and then there’s not much could be done🤷🏻‍♀️

@GCattete @Gpzy4 @NOS Yeah, it's not like China lied about it first, and arrested their doctors and reporters who tried to get the story out... Oh wait, they did.

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