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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration | U.S. Department of Commerce - Server Status

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@scicoalition #ThankstoScience and @NOAA’s @SeaGrant College Program, @ohioseagrant researchers at @OhioState are working to reduce and mitigate harmful algal blooms to protect Lake Erie.

@GetMyGist @NOAA denied me access to their media conf (a violation of #American's 1st amendment rights). #NOAA ignored my Apr 2017 concerns. NOAA & @NASA tampered MASSIVELY with data. #NASA did test with wMel the public was NOT supposed to know about, right @GGJuliePayette? #EndTheHoax

@MarkSpringer @Climatologist49 @AlaskaWx @NOAA Please add a disclaimer that the appearance of Alaska on maps like this is "Not to Scale." Thank you very much!

@The_1Truth20 @Norsu2 @weather_talk @Louie16472283 @KATUNews @NOAA These are coming from somewhere near to me it seems. The one on the right is going down while there other goes up

@ZombiePiano @ILuvCO2 @PolAnimalAus @MikeH_MapleGrov @CharlesDarwinTX @Goosedancer @david_hanselman @WesterSou @1000Frolly @RoyPentland @baltch @doom37455413 @Andrewemcameron @AtomsksSanakan @RustyAway @Ozwino @JamesRider3 @VHuwhite @sueytonius @AltUS_ARC @MatthewHavicon @TAGOS22 @1_TMF_ @seaplaneguy @BunnyKiller9 @EddyKurrents @Confraria8 @Dave28492212 @ChunxOfEarth @KCTaz @Luarien @BobKerns @TProphet @IngersolRobert @MLBinWA @peg_sw @craigthomler @ViscountRedmund @daveypower @AlaMerQld @NOAA @ProfBrianCox @readfearn @BillNye @neiltyson @uwanews @nstokesvic @RichardAMuller @hausfath Lol You're not "educating" you're tying to indoctrinate. There's a difference. That's why I ignore everything you post because it's all altered bullshit.

@Kathyivega @LeahScienceComm @NOAA I do research at @CIRESnews and previously @NSIDC. Not @NOAA, but both still very much involved with climate research. Lmk if ya ever want to grab coffee! Also, @GeoSpaceLatinx is led by @senoritasismo ! Great group on campus!!

@Brianrrs37 @rationalsquad @Forbes @WSJ @nytimes @NOAA @noaaocean @SenateGOP @SenateDems Global warming is not up for political debate, outside how how to tackle it. This isn't a game, denying it is a threat to our species viability.

@Thomas_Binder @hail_to_earth @GretaThunberg @NASAGISS @NOAA They may not solely be about CO2, but antisocial taxes on CO2 & neoliberalism / globalization in green sheep's clothing are their only elements implemented by the governments who f(o)und the "protests" ➡️InterGOVERNMENTAL Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

@TexasMudlogger @noaaocean @NOAA Noaa is not to be trusted!

@ClimateCritic18 @CognitiveVerb @MRobertsQLD @BradCatalyst @BOM_au @exxonmobil @IPCC_CH @CSIRO @NASA @NOAA Evidence that is incomplete, misrepresented, ill concluded and refuted by prominent climate scientists. I thought you were just an insignificant #ClimateCult #sheep... feel free to prove you're not if you can speak for yourself rather than regurgitate talking points.

@USRepKCastor Thanks @RepDMP! Great to see folks working on #climatesolutions for the @ClimateCrisis, and protecting the places we love. We’re already dealing w extreme heat, & @NOAA says 5 of the 10 strongest Atlantic hurricanes on record (winds over 157 mph) have occurred since 2016.

@emiliano_santin @jamieshutler @UoExeterCGES @ESA_EO @NOAA @Ifremer_en @JAXA_jp @ExeterMarine @HeriotWattUni @PlymouthMarine @uniofeastanglia Excellent paper!!! I would love to get in touch with you. I am working on masters thesis on a closely related topic.

@slucey70 From Stellwagen down to the Florida [email protected] #IEA is helping out @sanctuaries up and down the coast #CERF2019

@KyGeoNet The #Kentucky SPCS2022 multiple-zone layer design has been accepted by @NOAA's National Geodetic Survey. Kentucky has the distinction of being the first state to have a completed design, not for just one zone layer, but for both layers! #GIS #geodesy #mapping #geospatial

@doom37455413 @ZombiePiano @ILuvCO2 @PolAnimalAus @MikeH_MapleGrov @CharlesDarwinTX @Goosedancer @david_hanselman @WesterSou @1000Frolly @RoyPentland @baltch @Andrewemcameron @AtomsksSanakan @RustyAway @Ozwino @JamesRider3 @VHuwhite @sueytonius @AltUS_ARC @MatthewHavicon @TAGOS22 @1_TMF_ @seaplaneguy @BunnyKiller9 @EddyKurrents @Confraria8 @Dave28492212 @ChunxOfEarth @KCTaz @Luarien @BobKerns @TProphet @IngersolRobert @MLBinWA @peg_sw @craigthomler @ViscountRedmund @daveypower @AlaMerQld @NOAA @ProfBrianCox @readfearn @BillNye @neiltyson @uwanews @nstokesvic @RichardAMuller @hausfath The absence of any proof human co2 is significant or dangerous proves human co2 is not significant or dangerous. I don’t believe in unicorns. Now that I’ve proven to you human co2 is not significant or dangerous, you can start evolving.

@RogerPielkeJr @NOAA The lack of any upward trend is notable The down trend over this time period was due to a drought of big US hurricanes 2006-2016 (since ended) Compare to NOAA over same period

@ClassyEarlGrey Dear ⁦@NWS⁩ and ⁦@NOAA⁩: I rely on accurate forecasting as I live right by a large river. Please do not fake it to save face for a vain and elderly prez who doesn’t hear/see/speak well. Thx.

@GeoffWaters5 @tddybrrr @BernieSanders @mattgaetz @NASA @NOAA @exxonmobil @AOC I did read a good portion of AOCs GND. It calls for elimination of the combustion engine, forced remodeling of all structures to fit codes, banning air travel, it’s about a close to communism as we can go. Why not take these ideas and infuse them freely into the market vs forc?

@ClimateCritic18 @CognitiveVerb @MRobertsQLD @BradCatalyst @BOM_au @exxonmobil @IPCC_CH @CSIRO @NASA @NOAA Now we are told there is a climate emergency, the science is settled, CO2 is the dominant driver of global temperature and we have the ability to control Earths T Counter prominant Climate Scientists are being ridiculed, debate shut down and those with other views called deniers

@L0ts0fF @ZSRenn @BOM_au @WMO @NOAA I am sure in time they will be dragged in to a royal commission to answer for what they are doing, there are too many of us looking into them for it not to happen.

@nyseagrant Our latest e-newsletter is slated for release this month. If you're not already a subscriber, sign up at & we'll send it to you before it's available online. @NOAA @SeaGrant @NOAAResearch @NOAAeducation @ccecornell @stonybrooku @SoMAS_SBU

@hail_to_earth @Thomas_Binder @GretaThunberg @NASAGISS @NOAA Given the statements are correct and CO2 not being the cause behind the temperature rise. What makes you think the climate protests are solely about CO2?

@JaxFaux @bradgoeslow @BudaNot @NOAA The same idiots who tried to say a tornado didn’t touch down in my neighborhood because they didn’t see it in their radar.... They found out real quick when they came out and saw trees twisted and roofs lifted and carried across a 4 lane road!

@darklordmtt @DawnTJ90 @johnleremainer @NOAA @algore @IPCC_CH @NASAGISS @metoffice @uniofeastanglia @BOM_au @LBNL @MIT @environmentca @350 His Y-axis wasn’t “truncated”, you math illiterate goblin. There’s no data down there, and the axis is regularly spaced with no omission along its range. Go learn how to read & interpret data if you’re going to start debating scientific results.

@USRepKCastor Thanks @RepDMP! Great to see folks working on #climatesolutions for the @ClimateCrisis, and protecting the places we love. We’re already dealing w extreme heat, & @NOAA says 5 of the 10 strongest Atlantic hurricanes on record (winds over 157 mph) have occurred since 2016.

@Ozwino @ZombiePiano @doom37455413 @Andrewemcameron @AtomsksSanakan @MikeH_MapleGrov @RustyAway @baltch @ILuvCO2 @PolAnimalAus @JamesRider3 @VHuwhite @sueytonius @AltUS_ARC @MatthewHavicon @RoyPentland @TAGOS22 @1_TMF_ @seaplaneguy @BunnyKiller9 @EddyKurrents @Confraria8 @Dave28492212 @ChunxOfEarth @KCTaz @Luarien @BobKerns @TProphet @CharlesDarwinTX @IngersolRobert @MLBinWA @peg_sw @craigthomler @ViscountRedmund @daveypower @AlaMerQld @david_hanselman @NOAA @stevenmosher @TheDemocrats @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @VP @SenTedCruz @Secy_State_US @senatemajldr @WhiteHouse @1000Frolly You only need one fact or observation to take down a hypothesis. That’s how real science works.

@ILuvCO2 @ZombiePiano @PolAnimalAus @MikeH_MapleGrov @CharlesDarwinTX @Goosedancer @david_hanselman @WesterSou @1000Frolly @RoyPentland @baltch @doom37455413 @Andrewemcameron @AtomsksSanakan @RustyAway @Ozwino @JamesRider3 @VHuwhite @sueytonius @AltUS_ARC @MatthewHavicon @TAGOS22 @1_TMF_ @seaplaneguy @BunnyKiller9 @EddyKurrents @Confraria8 @Dave28492212 @ChunxOfEarth @KCTaz @Luarien @BobKerns @TProphet @IngersolRobert @MLBinWA @peg_sw @craigthomler @ViscountRedmund @daveypower @AlaMerQld @NOAA @ProfBrianCox @readfearn @BillNye @neiltyson @uwanews @nstokesvic @RichardAMuller @hausfath "UHI is taken into consideration and factored into temperature calculations" TOTAL BS. If they did this then they'd be REDUCING more recent temperatures to compensate, not INCREASING them as thsy are doing. Hansen explains ... #climatechange #ClimateBrawl @ProfBrianCox @readfearn

@glstrom @jclane @JuddLegum @realDonaldTrump @nytimes @washingtonpost @FoxNews @USATODAY @ABC @NBCNews @CNN lets add to it his getting slapped down by @NOAA and actual scientists doing their jobs #sharpiegate When it rains it pours @realDonaldTrump

@GeoffWaters5 @tddybrrr @BernieSanders @mattgaetz @NASA @NOAA @exxonmobil Well the end result is massive government intrusion...if you look at global trends, account for the true increase in co2 and temperature it’s quite minimal. If you want to go into a seizure every time AOC says the world will end that’s your choice I prefer not to

@RARohde @StewedHamm @NOAA @CAL_FIRE UHI has been known for decades (if not more). One recent paper characterizing it at one site isn't exactly groundbreaking. People have known about the problem (and related issues) for a very long time and worked to counter it.

@markericthered @NOAA That "sea level rise is not uniform" looks suspicious to me, like you want to insist you've measured something few if any will see. And what about the Maldives, which so many say should be submerged now?

@NCStateCNR [email protected] sat down with @NOAA's @sanctuaries to talk more about her Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship. She’s researching how kids can become agents of community change.

@pkheath @RepAdamSchiff Show me the proof of climate change. Show me where the globe has warmed in the last 16 years, with actual data, not @NOAA "adjusted", fraudulent data. People need to be prosecuted over this scam, including you.

@HalfTangible @weather_talk @Louie16472283 @Norsu2 @KATUNews @NOAA I figured you meant the color of the sky. What does the altitude have to do with anything? It's not like flying higher will change the chemicals it's spewing into the atmosphere into water

@ILuvCO2 @PolAnimalAus @MikeH_MapleGrov @CharlesDarwinTX @Goosedancer @david_hanselman @WesterSou @1000Frolly @RoyPentland @baltch @doom37455413 @ZombiePiano @Andrewemcameron @AtomsksSanakan @RustyAway @Ozwino @JamesRider3 @VHuwhite @sueytonius @AltUS_ARC @MatthewHavicon @TAGOS22 @1_TMF_ @seaplaneguy @BunnyKiller9 @EddyKurrents @Confraria8 @Dave28492212 @ChunxOfEarth @KCTaz @Luarien @BobKerns @TProphet @IngersolRobert @MLBinWA @peg_sw @craigthomler @ViscountRedmund @daveypower @AlaMerQld @NOAA @ProfBrianCox @readfearn ALSO ... Hot Sahara desert air stream also plays a part in European heatwaves which adds to the rising Urban Heat Island (UHI) Effect, not #globalwarming #climatechange #ClimateBrawl @ProfBrianCox @readfearn @BillNye @neiltyson @uwanews @nstokesvic @RichardAMuller @hausfath

@tddybrrr @GeoffWaters5 @BernieSanders @mattgaetz @NASA @NOAA @exxonmobil @AOC I encourage you to read the GND. It's not actually a bill or a policy but a set of goals. It's a resolution to acknowledge both the scale of climate change and the federal governments responsibility to take bold action. There 100000 bipartisan ways to get there tho.

@GeoffWaters5 @tddybrrr @BernieSanders @mattgaetz @NASA @NOAA @exxonmobil @AOC As long as it’s a market solution. Nobody is stopping innovation with good ideas and clean renewable fuels the market will grab hold. The only resistance will be the mega corporations but with a little forethought not an issue compared to innovation

@doom37455413 @ZombiePiano @ILuvCO2 @PolAnimalAus @MikeH_MapleGrov @CharlesDarwinTX @Goosedancer @david_hanselman @WesterSou @1000Frolly @RoyPentland @baltch @Andrewemcameron @AtomsksSanakan @RustyAway @Ozwino @JamesRider3 @VHuwhite @sueytonius @AltUS_ARC @MatthewHavicon @TAGOS22 @1_TMF_ @seaplaneguy @BunnyKiller9 @EddyKurrents @Confraria8 @Dave28492212 @ChunxOfEarth @KCTaz @Luarien @BobKerns @TProphet @IngersolRobert @MLBinWA @peg_sw @craigthomler @ViscountRedmund @daveypower @AlaMerQld @NOAA @ProfBrianCox @readfearn @BillNye @neiltyson @uwanews @nstokesvic @RichardAMuller @hausfath Oh Dumbie , that’s like saying you want me to prove to you unicorns don’t exist 😂😂 we know human co2 is not significant or dangerous because there’s no proof it’s significant or dangerous. That’s the way things work in the real world.

@knappAP @RobertHefnerV @billmckibben @NOAA Bill’s paycheck depends on scaring people about fracking. “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” -Upton Sinclair.

@BradPKeyes @Ozwino @ZombiePiano @doom37455413 @Andrewemcameron @AtomsksSanakan @MikeH_MapleGrov @RustyAway @baltch @ILuvCO2 @PolAnimalAus @JamesRider3 @VHuwhite @sueytonius @AltUS_ARC @MatthewHavicon @RoyPentland @TAGOS22 @1_TMF_ @seaplaneguy @BunnyKiller9 @EddyKurrents @Confraria8 @Dave28492212 @ChunxOfEarth @KCTaz @Luarien @BobKerns @TProphet @CharlesDarwinTX @IngersolRobert @MLBinWA @peg_sw @craigthomler @ViscountRedmund @daveypower @AlaMerQld @david_hanselman @NOAA @stevenmosher @TheDemocrats @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @VP @SenTedCruz @Secy_State_US @senatemajldr @WhiteHouse @1000Frolly I find myself needing to say "That’s how science works" or (more often) "That’s not how science works" dozens of times in the average day of arguing with climate believalists. I think it calls for an abbreviation. THSW. TNHSW. TNHSWYFI!

@NOAANCEIclimate Two teams of young scientists are working with @NOAA staff. What are they doing? One team is working to better understand drought in Central America while the other is analyzing heat islands in our cities. @NASA_DEVELOP

@tddybrrr @GeoffWaters5 @BernieSanders @mattgaetz @NASA @NOAA @exxonmobil @AOC Climate change is not a specific event but a long, slow bleed. For example, 165m people will be forced away from Bangladesh as refugees due to water rising over the next 50 years, which will put a huge stress on the world. It's hard to put a price on something like that 🤷🏼‍♂️

@UICReady You're going to hear about the #polarvortex again this winter. It's not new – in fact, it's thought that the term first appeared in an 1853 issue of E. Littell's Living Age. Learn the @NOAA science at #ILwx

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