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@AngieKuaile1 @NOAA @NOAAComms @NOAANCEIclimate @NOAA I prefer not to live here in Florida anyways anyone want to move me back to Washington?

@DawnRoseTurner Atlantic #hurricane forecasts for the coming weeks revised — and not in a good way @NOAA predicts up to 25 storms, with at least 3 major hurricanes | @CBCNews

@OldCrank @NOAA predicting up to 25 named storms, 7-11 hurricanes, 3-6 major. The list has 21 names before switching to Greek letters. 2005 had 27 storms. Have you made your #hurricane plans? If one of the major storms hit you, could you evacuate or hunker down and maintain quarantine?

@AnthonyMweather @dennisT93153793 @justJudyZee @MPalmerTWC @NOAA @weatherchannel @NWS Today was a tricky forecast but that does not mean the SPC/NWS did not do an amazing job issuing warnings, issuing watches, creating outlooks, keeping people safe & a lot more so there’s no need to hate on them when all they did today was keep us safe & weather aware.

@SeaGrantSalmon After taking a “break” to hike the John Muir Trail, she’s using her experience and enthusiasm to serve a 2nd @AmeriCorpsWSP term with @NOAA’s SW Fisheries Science Center. We’ll miss you and we’re excited for you to continue working with California salmon and steelhead!

@bhaynes291 @TMolomby @Climatehope2 @BarbaraGirouard @FriendsOScience @Robertsfinkle @DeeDeCrist @randombloke_uk @Gazlivingston @Cr1t1calTh1nk3r @EcoSenseNow @DalJeanis @Modster99 @BuffChris11 @tan123 @RebeccaHuntley2 @ShellenbergerMD @BjornLomborg @80 @SEC_Enforcement @NOAA @elleprovocateur @amazon Many courses are common to all engineering programs, like 2 semesters of engineering physics. Thermo is optional for EE. Not sure why you'd think EE would have less rigorous requirements. It's odd someone with multiple engr degrees would know little about the general requirements

@JacksonSwan4 @VictorVescovo @ExplorersClub @CaladanOceanic @EYOSExpeditions @NOAA @KOGMaritime VERY happy to see this, don't send the landers down too soon though...

@JayScotland Hot but not too humid at least with another sunny and warm day ahead for Friday. Here is your digital weather update (which includes a revision to @NOAA's hurricane season outlook) for Thursday August 6th.

@StetsonCEdwards Listened to @NPR this after omg. @NOAA reporting the worst is yet to come this season regarding hurricanes. Predicting 25 more with 3-6 real severe ones. That would be the most in recorded history. 2020 only looks to get worse. Praying that’s not the case.

@WCELaw The State of the Climate Report, compiled by @NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information - paints a clear picture: We must act dramatically over the next decade to bring emissions down, or risk runaway #climatechange. #Cdnpoli #climateemergency

@dennisT93153793 @acarroll1439 @EricBlake12 @RARohde @NOAA @philklotzbach @NOAA @NWS not showing verifications but continuing to release forecasts is lazy work. These #clowns need to have funding pulled - total waste of my tax dollars

@KaitMcGrathNBC The August update to the Atlantic Hurricane season from @NOAA points towards a potentially “extremely active” hurricane season. It’s been a busy start and we’re not even in the peak months of hurricane season #nbcct

@edwardcohen18 @KerrinJeromin @NOAA It's not clear to me who you work for. do you work for a specific company and/or a weather company? The answer would not give away any trade secrets.

@UCF_RosenKnight @IreneSans @NOAA @IreneSans why not use the last twenty years? 2000 - 2019 is twenty years and actually shows us being closer to the current forecast. 15.3 named storms & 7.3 Hurricanes.

@Lee6CatCrazy @AndrewBeatty @AFP Sound like when @NOAA had to issue a false statement to cover for trump’s idiocy.

@clairefelicite2 @USGSVolcanoes @mmaniac90 @NOAA Why did it increase instead by 200% & no agency set up to monitor sound alarm? I remember when Trump came in & bullied national park employees and some seismologists telling them not to tweet. Is that why? Dangerous resource extractions that if the public knew fully they'd riot?

@patrickramage @davabel @NOAAFisheries A striking picture but not of a vessel strike, am I right? ;-) Entanglement and collisions with high-speed vessels — a lethal combination for critically endangered right whales. @NOAA needs to speed up solutions like ropeless fishing and slow down more boats. #dontfailourwhale

@daric_erminote @NOAA anyway.. I launched my government and I am reporting people pretending to be politicians and businesses.. they pretending to make people believe they have a country.. here they did not registred anything..

@DrMattBody @nhs_sf Just checked the @NOAA radar and was shocked to see a strong storm of haters coming in from the Covington area. Forecast calls for jealousy of three pointers, step-backs and fadeaways. Those not ready should stay inside. @ZachAmes

@GerardJebaily @8ruceMerritt @NOAA @DisasterChannL @NOAANCEIclimate @JeffPennerKSHB @lnanderson @glezak Most of the temps west of KC tend to be warmer. While the sensors can sometimes be off by a degree or two, the main reason is that the air is often drier which means it can heat up and cool down faster.

@USWeatherExpert @SkyPixWeather KICT and KDDC have had more than their share of downtime this summer. These radars are aging yet @NOAA doesn’t even seem to be working on replacements. NOAA wasted a lot of time on phased array (bad idea because of beam spread). Not much has been done since.

@jkbelk @Scout_Finch @TMidsouth1 @NOAA Will love to see the fine print, and see if the federal dollars executive ordered by Trump are distributed evenly, or will massively favor red states over blue states! Not holding my breath on that one...

@GaryWHall @BosGreenRibbon @BostonGlobe @NOAA The rate of SLR in Boston is a straight line trend. The rate of SLR has not accelerated since the 'consensus' view that some to most GW since the 1970's may be man-made, AGW. Probably roughly 50% of RSLR in this region is subsidence (nothing to do w/ AGW). #ClimateChange

@DroughtGov Where will the rain be falling over the next week? The Midwest, Southeast, and East Coast (although not as much in the Northeast) Where won't it be falling? Pretty much from the western Plains to the West Coast. Most areas here will hardly see a drop. #drought @NOAA @NWSWPC

@AnthonyMweather @dennisT93153793 @justJudyZee @MPalmerTWC @NOAA @weatherchannel @NWS I see what your saying but what the SPC did today was forecast very fine details like timing, intensity or location of a storm which is WAY different than forecasting a long range pattern and not looking at small details that are impossible to forecast this far out.

@dkxkee @Laurie_Garrett @NOAA Not to worry, our incredibly efficient federal government can handle anything that Mother Nature throws at us. Just kidding. We're screwed.

@stormchaser4850 Note: TODAY at 11 AM EDT, (@NOAA/@NHC_Atlantic) will issue its routine #AtlanticHurricaneSeason update. - Season historically ramps up dramatically from mid-August thru mid-September -Current outlook calls for up to 19 named storms -There has already been 9 named storms

@mikeremaley1 @FlynonymousWX @Grady_Throws @53rdWRS @NOAA @NWSNHC @NOAA_HurrHunter @TheAstroNick Do you happen to know if the global hawk is going to be used more often? Curious to know. I’ve heard some talk regarding it being used more but not sure.

@DCohenNEWS “Extremely active”: @NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center updating its hurricane season outlook for the Atlantic; saying it “has the potential to be one of the busiest on record.” @ErikaDelgadoWx breaks down the names, numbers, and reasons for the record-setting pace (via @7Weather)

@Meitnerium12 @nickcourage @WMO @NOAA Considering how this is more ancedotal than anything, you havent been able to provide an objective reason to change the way how hurricanes are named. As the stigma arguement doesnt warrant any change since a first name for a person is just that, a first name. Not a bad stigma

@TyTheWeatherGuy @NOAA has updated their seasonal outlook, too. A day after @ColoradoStateU updated theirs. Both continue to call for an above-normal season. Just remember these outlooks are only for the number of storms that form NOT where they’ll go and where they’ll make landfall.

@pocolitto @Over400ppm @NOAAClimate @NOAA It’s pretty normal and natural with higher frequency of hurricanes when there is a La Niña / neutral ENSO condition like now. I would not say extremely active, it’s frequency is somewhat on the higher level. Nothing to do with climate change though. All natural cycles.

@WECTWeather And today is @NOAA's turn for a sobering seasonal hurricane forecast update. If it verifies, we'll have at least ten more named storms including many hurricanes. Forecasts like this are not issued to scare. They should remind you to prepare and stay aware. #WECTwx #ilmwx @medwick

@nickcourage @Meitnerium12 @WMO @NOAA Rational or not: when you share the name of a storm that destroyed your home or neighborhood, there's a stigma around your own name that you can feel for years to come. That's why names are retired. I don't have all the answers, but I think it's worth considering alternatives.

@FlynonymousWX @afairchild92 @TheAstroNick @Grady_Throws @mikeremaley1 @53rdWRS @NOAA @NWSNHC @NOAA_HurrHunter The problem with flying low is you don’t have a lot of time/altitude to recover if you hit downdrafts/turbulence. I suspect there are probably more birds down low that are trapped in the eye. So far only seen one, a frigatebird, flash by at 10k feet.

@JimCantore Not surprising @NOAA ups it’s seasonal forecast to go hyperactive during the heart of the season. We still have 89% of the “season by the numbers” to go!

@FellGannon This is one of @NOAA’s most active predictions for a hurricane season ever. Buckle up, because 2020 isn’t going to slow down anytime soon.

@KMacTWN The Atlantic Hurricane season is off to a record breaking start with 9 named storms. Typically by early August, there would be only 2. Not surprisingly, @NOAA has updated its outlook for the season which ends Nov 30th.

@ABC7EileenW 🌀 "This is one of the most active seasonal forecasts that @noaa has produced in its 22-year history of #hurricane outlooks" - @SecretaryRoss It's never too late to prepare. We're not even halfway through #HurricaneSeason 🌀

@JimCantore Not surprising @NOAA ups it’s seasonal forecast to go hyperactive during the heart of the season. We still have 89% of the “season by the numbers” to go!

@Invest23142653 @99_Wolves_17 @Wiznardo @NOAAComms @NOAA @NWS @NWSCPC It’s nothing compared to 2005 & to note 2005 was predicted to be an “average” season. I live on the water basically in Tampa I’m concerned but I’m not hanging on the fear mongering of people who cannot predict a hurricanes path until the day it makes landfall

@kswateroffice This week’s #USDroughtMonitor update shows drought conditions in the state are mostly holding level. Southeast Kansas did get some relief this week, but unfortunately not enough to bring them out of the moderate drought category. ​ @USDA @NOAA @DroughtCenter @KansasDeptofAg

@realyashnegi @NASAEarth @NOAA @NASA We choose to go to the Moon not because it is EASY but because it is HARD. Historic Speech

@FlynonymousWX @Grady_Throws @mikeremaley1 @53rdWRS @NOAA @NWSNHC Different categories of storms might have different cloud heights but that’s really a question for a meteorologist. In general through we never will climb out/over storm due to the severe icing issue.

@AmResilience @NOAA is predicting one of the most active hurricane seasons in history. We must take real steps to address #climatechange to ensure this is not the norm.

@DigitalTrends Right after Hurricane Isaias, @NOAA just updated it's 2020 hurricane forecast, and things aren't looking great to say the least.

@NWSNewOrleans @NOAA released an updated Hurricane Season Outlook today. As we head toward the peak of Hurricane Season, remember to have a plan in place now. Have plenty of water. Make a checklist. And please do not forget to plan for your furry friends! 🐶🐱 #mswx #lawx

@daric_erminote @NOAA we want to discuss it differently.. we a government in North Pole already operant.. nobody communicates with us and our country is not visible on the maps.. do you want to take agreements with your president, foreign affairs ministers and diplomats? Let’s see if it works..

@ByNwabugo @YandehEssEmm @NOAA Omgosh our friends from Mauritius just flagged this issue to us. CRAZY.

@dave_pogo @NOAASatellitePA @NOAASatellites @NOAA Just an observation, but the map featured in this tweet isn't anywhere in the linked article. Once there I see a link to another article on the NCEI page that has the map, but that's not very straightforward. Thanks.

@AC_5230 @EricBlake12 @NOAA Just issue the recommendation to evacuate the coast right fucking now before it's too late...

@TheCoyBowman1 @NOAA @noaaocean There Used to be a San Dune here. You Used to be able to see the Gulf of Mexico... the Sunset. But now, thanks to the Walton County, We see this,, All down the coast. This gap on the left is all that’s left of what used to be Miles of scenic view. Sea Turtle nests Declining. Why?

@Artisticalexis1 @Laurie_Garrett @NOAA And Trump just agreed to drop the Disaster Relief Fund down to only $25 billion from $75 bil to pay for his BS Executive Order.

@TyphoonMr @philklotzbach @ColoradoStateU @NOAA Thanks for all your work. Not going against any of your forecasts I’m just curious on how things have progressed over the years with satellite,models,information, etc, how much has changed with the ability to name smaller storms ?

@WeatherNation ICYMI: @NOAA has updated their 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast. Not surprisingly, they anticipate it to stay "extremely active.

@conely6511 @Over400ppm @NOAAClimate @NOAA Not a chance: I've been lied to so often that their predictions must always by assumed to be bad.

@clairefelicite2 @dumbasslocator @USGSVolcanoes @mmaniac90 @NOAA Yeah I ask those questions again @usgs and I'll add did this Sparta NC Quake occur due to fracking? talk about synchronicity... NC is not exactly known for its earthquakes.

@Planet_TX Scientists at @NOAA updated their prediction for the 2020 hurricane season, and now expect as many as 25 named storms. Read about how our researchers are working to improve patient evacuation during hurricanes.

@nickcourage @Meitnerium12 @WMO @NOAA I guess I can only say that I disagree! Not trying to win a debate, I just think the naming conventions could be better. From personal experience, there's a lot of long term trauma that can come with bigger storms & it feels worthwhile to think more about how we talk about them.

@MichaelAgne1 @NooshaTL @planetlabs @Samir_Madani NOAA, really @NOAA what do you make of this chart, anomaly, wrong?I think the Danish Arctic Research Institute to be a bit more credible in this regard, sorry. In fact this kind of record SMB should be top #climate news but its not wonder why? Doesn't fit the narrative

@murfholf @NOAA: 85% likelihood of an “extremely active” hurricane season in the Atlantic basin. Why not? It’s 2020.

@blushinegames @tha_rami Not sure why it doesn’t seem to apply to @NWS, @NOAA, @NatlParkService, or @NASA.

@ajukloABC27 [email protected] has released its update to the hurricane outlook and calls for a possible "extremely active season". The agency now predicts 19-25 named storms (including the 9 so far), and 3-6 major hurricanes. Note: They do not predict the number of landfalling storms.

@BlueDove420 @pattrn @weatherchannel @NOAA We need to keep the temperature of the world down so we can continue to see these beauties for a long time. 🌎🌍🌏🕊️🕊️❄️❄️❄️❄️

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