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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration | U.S. Department of Commerce - Server Status

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How to Solve Noaa Down or Outage Issues:

We have tried pinging using our servers in diverse locations and the website returned the above results.

If is down for us too there is nothing you can do except waiting. Probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or website maintenance is in progress.

If the site is UP for us but you however cannot access it, try one of our following solutions:

1. It might be Browser Related:

To solve Browser related issues that might make the site/server down for you, do a full Browser refresh of this site. You can do this by holding down CTRL + F5 keys at the same time on your browser.

This trick works perfectly on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, Safari and whatever default browser comes with your Windows nowadays lol.

2. Clear Your Cookies and Cache.

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You might need to clear that out of your browser memory for the site to load properly.

3. Fix DNS Problems

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To fix this, clear your local DNS cache to make sure that you grab the most recent cache that your ISP has.

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@JoeyBernhardt @com_ecology @NOAAFisheries @NOAA Yes, thanks Pedro! yes, I've tried a couple of pdf OCR converters which seem to fail in various ways...i.e. sometimes not recognizing numerics...but this may be inevitable with this quality of scanned document. I will keep trying other options as well. Thanks!

@brittwray Hey #climatetwitter does anyone have a link for a database that attributes extreme weather events to climate change like this one by @CarbonBrief but that is updated to 2020? Or this one by @NOAA that is global not just US? Thanks!

@RobertKennedyJr "If we do not deal with #climatechange quickly ... we are going to continue to see more severe and more frequent #bleaching, and we are going to see the loss of #coralreefs in much of the world." @NOAA Coral Reef Watch #GreatBarrierReef

@nyseagrant Our latest e-newsletter will soon be e-distributed to our subscribers. If you're not already one, sign up at & we'll send it to you … weeks before it's available online. @NOAA @SeaGrant @NOAAResearch @NOAAeducation @ccecornell @stonybrooku @SoMAS_SBU

@rightonq32 @fiendofscience @CO2_earth @su_z_t @NOAA That is correct. Humans weren't around then. Lots of other critters tho. Humans do, however work in 1000+ppm environments all the time. It is known that under 5000ppm is not harmful to humans. In fact, we exhale 40,000ppm. If co2 drops much lower, plants die.

@RobertKennedyJr "If we do not deal with #climatechange quickly ... we are going to continue to see more severe and more frequent #bleaching, and we are going to see the loss of #coralreefs in much of the world." @NOAA Coral Reef Watch #GreatBarrierReef

@MitchRoffer @EPAAWheeler should not be allowed to censor science. Join me and call on the @EPA to block his and @RealDonaldTrump's insidious proposal via @NRDC @nsf @noaa

@roryekennedy "If we do not deal with #climatechange quickly ... we are going to continue to see more severe and more frequent #bleaching, and we are going to see the loss of #coralreefs in much of the world." @NOAA Coral Reef Watch #GreatBarrierReef

@bradachristie You mean 453 mil's not enough? I could think of a couple places you could cut... The 100mil for prison system, The 33.2mil for @NOAA, The 100mil to combat violence against women, The 100mil for @NASA, The 100mil for environmental compliance, The 99.5mil for dept of energy,

@ClimateEFund "If we do not deal with #climatechange quickly ... we are going to continue to see more severe and more frequent #bleaching, and we are going to see the loss of #coralreefs in much of the world." @NOAA Coral Reef Watch #GreatBarrierReef

@pat_data_man @Kaih042018 @CO2_earth @NOAA Lots of polution comes from cargo ships, heating and industry. Having 25% less carss driving (worldwide) for two weeks is not enough to bend the curve very much. And dont forget air traffic, look at the US today:

@OneHealthUCD Congratulations to our @OneHealthLab director @DrTracGoldstein! She has been nominated as the Chair Elect of the @NOAA Working Group on #MarineMammal Unusual Mortality Events! #WomanCrushWednesday #WomenInSTEM

@NOAANSSL @NOAA NSSL is happy to announce John “Jack” Kain as its new director! Jack began his NOAA Research career working with NSSL and once served as a division chief within the lab. Welcome Jack! Learn more:…/noaa-nssl-announces-new-direc…/

@CO2_earth @renerpho @NOAA Do u have time to tweet cuz yore off work recovering from COVID-19? Seriously, NOAA says the analyzer is down. I think that's a pretty straight answer. gets the same data from NOAA as anyone. Yore tweet about declining avrages is the real issue to watch!

@keyser_stephen @COPi314 @TeacherSensible @KyleClark @GovofCO @GovWhitmer @GovInslee @NYGovCuomo @SenatorBennet @SenCoryGardner @CDCgov @NASA @NOAA It’s stupid not to trust the first President that actually kept his campaign promises. But then liberalism does require a substandard IQ.

@rightonq32 @CO2_earth @su_z_t @NOAA Or not. Most co2 comes from nature. Co2 is a vital life sustaining gas with concentrations on earth ranging from 8000ppm down to a life exterminating 180ppm. We barely survive at 280ppm which is the Climate Crazies baseline. 800ppm would be ideal according to research.

@Smol_Wallaby @jscarto @HarmlessYardDog @NASA @NOAA Not possible that they might be conserving due to the economic slow down?

@EpPurplegirl @BuzzFeedNews This sounds like another media scare to me! @NOAA released the Spring Outlook last week discussing flooding trends expected during the upcoming season. Widespread flooding is predicted this spring, but not as severe or prolonged as the historic floods in 2019.

@enabledfuture @CO2_earth @NOAA Because we have to shut down all fossil fuels...not some 😐

@DeweyRants @CO2_earth @atom_bombe @NatalCicuto @NOAA Currently, natural sinks are removing #CO2 at ~ 50% of our emission rate. These sinks (if not degraded) will continue even when our emissions stop. So, if we “halve emissions by 2030” we’d expect #CO2 to level off. With further reductions, the sinks will bring #CO2 down.

@Kramed67037 Hey @NOAA, can you talk to @SpeakerPelosi about this and remove this wasteful spending out of this bill so people can live and not lose their homes?

@PrincetonHydro While it's rare, it's not unusual to find a harp seal resting or “hauling out” on Atlantic beaches. @NOAA encourages people to leave harp seals be, as they are most likely laying on the beach to rest & thermoregulate after a long period of diving.

@guertin It's 28 Days until #EarthDay celebrates 50 years. If you are getting a little restless and want to go out exploring, why not take a 360 virtual dive in the @NOAA National Marine @Sanctuaries? Check out the amazing habitats, animals, and cultural resources!

@ECandella @RobertKennedyJr @NOAA At least your not bloviating your anti vaccine the moment Not to minimize the importance of “The Great Barrier Reef”..... I think the world is “otherwise engaged”

@brianvastag A little good news: Hawaiian monk seals are doing ok & @NOAA plan to help them avoid extinction seems to be working. I know people who work on seal field teams in remote NW Hawaiian Isla - they don't do it for the (low) $.

@sarah_graddy "Moderate to severe flooding" forecast for the Upper #Midwest this spring, per @NOAA. Last spring's floods led to a huge #toxicalgae bloom that shut down Miss.'s beaches for the **entire summer**.

@rightonq32 @su_z_t @CO2_earth @NOAA I saw one measuring NO in China. Marked improvement. America's air is too clean to show anything. co2 appears unaffected, although it's not pollution ( non-toxic, plant food).

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