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@IndyGraceland @BBCScotlandNews Seriously? Anecdotal I know, but not been a problem in my circle of friends + family...possibly down to individual Drs, LAs+ different drug sideeffects but @NHS needs protection from creeping #privatisation south of Border!

@yipmann82 @justinmadders @MikeBatt01 Let me correct that #DailyFail headline! It's not the @NHS wasting money! It's #ToryCorruption #ToryCronyism it's all down to @ConHome outsourcing to their corrupt mates! #ToryCovidCriminalMismanagement @premnsikka @skwawkbox @corruptionukorg @NHSMillion

@makewoman1 @gnasToeL @Toof_the_foof @RealWumben @BuckAngel @WilliamShatner A @NHS metadata study found that 0.47% of transgender people detransitioned with the majority of those doing so due to social or economic pressures and most planned to resume transition later. Only 0.09% detransitioned and did not plan to resume their transition later.

@Tomhayess_ @CllrMariaToolan @NHS @CentralBLP @Johnrashton47 @DPH_MAshton Both - Just because the governement want to tackle down on obesity doesn’t mean they cannot do ANything else which may have a factor to do with obesity aswell - The economy exists aswell

@InvislbleHand @LukeJohnsonRCP Partially also due to our extremely woeful and poor healthcare system that is so fragile that it needs protecting from patients. Sensible to minimise every risk of having to be treated by the @NHS for a serious illness at this point. Not the case in many other countries.

@makedoandSEND @bbcsml We've been shielding since March 16th. Wearing our @BornAnxious2018 t-shirts here to say thank you to the @NHS. Shout out to @Danwhite1972 @alison_beevers @BecksM36 @ktculture and @KatieTraining incredible mum Jacky Zarb (not on Twitter) for shielding and coping amazingly xxx

@cftrust @EmilyYeol @DistanceAware @mariecurieuk @kidneycareuk @LymphomaAction @NHS @WePrintLanyards Hi Emily, we are not selling the distance aware badges at the moment, but we support the movement and encourage people to keep 2m away if they see someone with a #DistanceAware badge

@markwarrNHP It’s not just the scandal of cronyism but the impact of the decisions. @nhs staff died as a result of poor/no PPE, millions of children face food & fuel poverty and there is no money for them. The nation were gripped by Major Tom - but his £30m lost to Tory donors. Scandalous

@weebabesmum @W75817731Sandra @NHS Thanks @W75817731Sandra , trying to make Libby slow down, it's not easy for her though. Xx 💖

@kevbanufong ( 2 ) If you, your child or teenager have a physical or mental illness, or an impairment or disability that means you are not able to put on or wear a face covering, then you are also exempt and will not be breaking the law. @NHSEnglandSW @NHSuk @NHS #COVID19

@yahboomy @jeremycorbyn The @NHS is a financial black hole. It is a huge money pit. No country or industry would be mad enough to buy it. It is so sad that you are that stupid not to realise that.

@MostlyMetaphor I clapped for the @NHS And last month, they saved the life of someone I love. No fuss, no charges. They deserve to be celebrated, but they deserve to be paid like heroes, not just applauded. #NHSPay15 #nhspayrise #NHSWorkersSayNO ...OK, back to my usual tweets now.

@NorthWmr Massively proud to see our District helping to launch this new and exciting joint youth programme between the @NHS and @StJohnAmbulance for #NHSCadets, especially as its working further with @UHNM_NHS where our adult volunteers already have been supporting since April.

@CelynenNorth If you’re heading to sixth form, college or university in September, you should check whether you’ve had the meningitis ACWY vaccine. If not, you could get a catch-up if you need it. @NHS #health #vaccine

@Greenstien_ Thank you @LFC for allowing @NHS staff the opportunity to have our picture taken with the Premier League Trophy. I still regret not going full Blue Steel when posing or at least having a shave, but made up to be able to have this picture and moment.

@corrie_shelley Glad @jodieblang managed to tune in during her break whilst working on the front line for @NHS, thanks for everything you are doing along with your colleagues, I hope the music gave you a little rest during a busy shift ❤️❤️❤️😘

@Hartpury Always proud, but not surprised, when our graduates and students, like vet physio Fiona, use their specialist skills to help local communities and @NHS 👉 Find out how Fiona supported the NHS @HartpuryEvents @HartpuryEquine @HartpuryAlumni @HartpurySU

@aspire_speaks @OksanaPyzikUCL @NHS @ucl @School_Pharmacy Thanks Oksana!!! Looking forward to the year ahead and us working together especially with @UCLFightsFakes Team!! 🙌😁

@MisterD641 @BorisJohnson @MattHancock @NHS The NHS are putting DNR "DO NOT RESUSCITATE" on people when they are are going into hospital I thought the NHS was meant to save lives turns out they're mass murderers

@aapierre @David3Jamieson @AndyGoode10 @jimhamilton4 @NHS @NicolaSturgeon @Scotlandteam @BorisJohnson Much the same as it’s not too difficult to get something along the lines of Andy Foode being a 🛎 😀😀😀

@PDeeley ...... and destroy the @NHS Just how idiotic can one get as well as selfish and self centered. Go do all you suggest, but DO NOT ASK OTHERS TO HELP WHILST YOU SUFFER.

@JimForr81688897 @MilesBriggsMSP I shudder when I imagine you leading in Scotland’s response to COVID-19. The @ScotTories have literally no talent except constant moaning and running down the @NHS in Scotland

@readingSLTsoc I’m currently working with paediatric dysphagia & communication: this involves feeding & communication assessments, sensory play, oral & language stimulation through play & teaching alternative methods of communication to children - Jen @UniRdg_Psych @NHS @RCSLT #SLT2Be

@Ant4769 @HenryMarott @NHS Absolutely awful, Hen. Life really gives some people a shit deal. I still haven't heard anything more but it'll be pending the consultant completing rounds/appointments before he moves on to treatments. The biggest thing they needed to do 1st was get the pressure down.

@Sam_Arkim @xinteriorsltd @NHS Yes. The masks you wore, do not protect you, they help protect others from you. Given the two planes rides with 100s of other people for hours you are 50/50 to have Covid

@liz_colorpurple @vonniecroz I managed @nhs IAPT team of 25 #counsellors I would not wish them on anyone Bullying bitchy back biting bunch Senior Managers were completely apathetic & oblivious Waiting lists as long as your arm I left due to the shock & horror of how counsellors can behave towards each other

@HighFlier76 @daraobriain I blame the fact that people are living longer. If they died when they were supposed to then this problem of 830 peers wouldn't be there. I blame the @NHS and proper diet. I remember a time when we could count of these old farts to die at a constant pace, not anymore sadly.

@DriftwoodVegans @Jess_Simpson645 @helenhims @NHS @PHE_uk @nhssomerset Maybe, but it's a case of use it/fight for it, or lose it. Some people are starting to be seen in person again, but only those deemed most in need. The issue is around who decides who is seen, and what long term adverse outcomes there may be from not being seen in person.

@mimmymum I’ve been reading so many threads and comments about how many ways trans people are let down in basic healthcare, while transphobes complain about the @NHS using inclusive language! 🙄 People should tag their posts with #TransHealthcareFail to boost & collate 👍🏻

@MrMorgan44 @joseph_carterUK @PentwynP @EmmaSandrey @NNaguto @rodneyberman @cardifflibdems @cardiffian_news @cardiffonline @InYourArea_UK @HeartWales @GlenwoodChurch @NHS During this global pandemic we are all having to make sacrifices to help save lives. I think its a poor show on your behalf to complain about this. We all wish we could go back to normal but that's not going to happen soon. I urge you to please rethink this petition 2/2

@ThisMorningCall I notice the publication of the @NHS ‘People’s Plan’ has been a disaster equating LGBT with disabilities, and a complete tin ear over one of the key issues of the day: gender. Why on earth did they not take the time to consult with expert colleagues before publishing? @NHSuk

@DanOfChorlton @MarkGaze @ThisMorningCall @NHS @NHSuk Thoughtlessness underpinned by heteronormativism I am hoping it was not deliberate but because there have been several other LGBT-related "gaffs" from NHSE/I recently I have to say a conspiracy theory has crossed my mind more than once

@prohibition_p Officials from @NICE and the @NHS have said that paracetamol, ibuprofen, aspirin and opioids should not be prescribed to treat chronic pain. Could this open the door for medical cannabis expansion in the UK?

@cobragardens If you cared about our health you would be telling us how to avoid catching COVID. Except the answer is "Stay in lockdown", and you can't say that bc @BorisJohnson has decided it's time for the UK working class to die. Don't take it out on us with your fat-shamey bullshit, @NHS.

@vonniecroz @liz_colorpurple @NHS That sounds horrendous @liz_colorpurple absolutely horrendous. This is why I advocate therapy for all individuals studying to be a therapist in particular. Its living and breathing self awareness. Not a thing we discard at will. Good job you left! ❤

@aluncooper Just a reminder @BorisJohnson that the @NHS is mostly funded by direct taxation and national insurance. Therefore, the @NHS belongs to the people. It is not for sale unless the people of this country wish it, which they do not. #nhsnotforsale #BorisLies #ToryCorruption

@PahPhotography @NHS Righty NHS, let down again, dad with cancer appointments cancelled, his shoulder damaged now out of work and they cancelled. Today baby niece throat issues, sent to doncaster hospital...then sent to Sheffield as not enough staff. Absolutely disgusting. Disgraceful!!!

@RobertsonDawn3 @iluvfilms @NicolaSturgeon Anyone not wearing a mask in public places to protect others specially workers like you, should be fined immediately & all money go to @NHS who are dealing with consequences of this selfish behaviour - it's as dangerous as drink driving

@OTP26woods @neileley @SusanSEnglish @NHS I’m glad it’s not anything worse. Rest and read sounds right to me.

@SNaziP1 @Ant4769 @NHS Good and bad to hear .. glad it’s working out ok though, must have been scary for both of you, NHS gets slagged for a lot but they do come through most of the time 👍 best wishes to your mum .. you can celebrate with a large G&T or 2 when it’s over !

@Heerak4Congress That is not honest. It is gross underestimate! @CDCgov @US_FDA @NIH @NHS @NIAIDNews @WHO @VP Right now, more than 1,000 are dying per day in USA! And death is increasing in most states! Watch video on pinned tweet at top to understand what Heerak means.

@LPLFlippedEng @SusanSEnglish @NHS Glad it’s not broken, but your injuries may take just as long to heal- take care x

@RobertsonDawn3 @changed_gear I beleive there are fines for not wearing masks in public places in many countries in the world - propose we fine up to £1000 (to fund @NHS)

@party_nota Apart from that. If we wear a mask to prevent others getting #Covid19 when we have it but do not know, why can't people continue as per normal with the mask when we (few!) get Covid? Does the mask only protect others when the owner does not know he has Covid19 @BorisJohnson @NHS?

@makewoman1 @aggressie @Teryel5 @BikerKaren @WilliamShatner Detransition & transition related regret is extremely low. Much higher is regret that they waited too long to start their transition. @NHS metadata study found detransition rate of 0.47% & most due to social or economic pressures. Only 0.09% detransitioned not planning to resume.

@LouiseACPrice @HarrattVanessa @NHSuk @BBCNWT I hope you're not treated with the contempt that climate activists are, and have a safe and effective march leading to real change. Solidarity with all NHS workers. ✊🏽 @NHSMillion @NHS.

@helenhims @Jess_Simpson645 @DriftwoodVegans @NHS @PHE_uk @nhssomerset I intend to. Just thought a 'hands-on' physio appointment might be helpful ... clearly not!

@pastsnapper We have more ventilator units than ICU beds,more. ICU beds than is needed for COVID-19 patients,death rate right down @MattHancock get @NHS back to normal, operations needed urgently #nhs

@evso6603 I sincerely hope that the 50 MILLION face masks that have been rejected by the @nhs will be used to in some way and not just scrapped. The awarding of the £252 MILLION contract needs looking. This Government cannot be trusted. #ToryShambles #DontTrustHmGov

@abid_patel @ICOnews Is this not a violation of #GDPR? I thought you could not imply consent under GDPR? The form seems to suggest that consent is given unless explicitly denied @MattHancock @NHS @NHSEngland @grumbledook @satskill

@ElyzabethSB Yet Commissioner Cressida Dick has the affront and audacity to state @metpoliceuk are not racist. Needless to say, as far as @HertsPolice are concerned black lives don't matter. Cc: @DawnButlerBrent @NHS #BlackLivesMatter #racism #institutionalracism #metpolice

@chatttylady @buttonbox21 @MattHancock. U KNOW thez NO VIRUS yet you got @NHS & Police to CRUISE their Blues & Twos! You can't FOOL Granny. @ASPolice @BristolLive United Bristol Hosp Trust, I KNOW what you all FAKE Cv19 scammers are up to. U DARE NOT Test Trace Vax HEALTHY 67 Million ppl. END th SCAM NOW!

@ambulancemike Please stay #WeatherAware. If you or others feel unwell, get dizzy, weak, anxious or have intense thirst move to a cool place, rehydrate and cool your body down. #BeatTheHeat #Heatwave @EastEnglandAmb @PHE_uk @NHS

@Ralex98 And how is has @PHE_uk managed to get away with not even looking into the data provided by @NHS, merely checking if people who have ever had covid are still alive? Why would you just double the figures if they have only reported half? IS THERE A SINGLE LOGICAL MINDSET IN THIS GOV

@UnwinStanley @sonofr @NHS Yet Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iran, seem to be doing rather well. Time to look at the worker not the tools🤔

@MaryBuddHR @RefugeesAtHome @curiouswilds @fedfakenews @mouthwaite @edarcherthinks @NHS @hassan_akkad Or my current guest, a young Iranian man, who has taken enormous care of this elderly English bat during lockdown. Not sure how I would have got through without him. He's learnt to make an ace chocolate cake too. Haven't seen much of Farage helping anyone though.

@SHFan1985 Having a dick i.e. Penis does not make you any less of a woman! Transwomen should say that to a Doctor/Surgeon - you think you need a cervical scan/operation for a prostrate cancer. Pls Stop encouraging this madness! @NHS @ActionAidUK @JoTrust @WomensHealthMag @NadiaWhittomeMP

@paulhowey Theres now a 400% increase in the cancer scan backlog. Why has preventing people dying from cancer not returned to where it should be... 'a priority'? Scanning needs to step up massively @NHS #cancertreatment @CR_UK @MattHancock

@JohnPCBiggs UK Just before Hoax Lockdown Everyone became Organ Donors #Just a short Lockdown to flatten the curve #Just 2m gap #Just a Clap for @NHS not over whelmed, falsified Data #Just a Knee for an Actor & M8 #Just a Muzzle for making others feel better #Just a DNA swab 4? #Harvesting

@MrMorgan44 @joseph_carterUK @PentwynP @EmmaSandrey @NNaguto @rodneyberman @cardifflibdems @cardiffian_news @cardiffonline @InYourArea_UK @HeartWales @GlenwoodChurch I'm sorry Councillor its not available to the local people but they are paying for it. Also & most importantly they are doing this because they have given for free their facilities to @NHS so that they can fight Corona Virus and save lives 1/2.....

@Tomasco_ UK comms is a case study in how not to communicate in a crisis. The strategy from @NHS was unclear and failed to deliver a simple and clear instruction An easy copy and art direction fix could have made this a much more powerful piece of government communications. @UKgovcomms

@RBRactive #DYK Deep Vein Thrombosis #DVT is the number one cause of PREVENTABLE death in the @NHS #NHS it costs tax payers over £200,000,000 a year (and rising) just to treat. Ask your #MP why they aren't tackling this. People do not need to die, it's preventable. #WorkSafe #LiveSafe

@RiscaSurgery If you’re heading to sixth form, college or university in September, you should check whether you’ve had the meningitis ACWY vaccine. If not, you could get a catch-up if you need it. @NHS #health #vaccine

@PahPhotography @NHSEngland @NHS Shop for necessities or pick up medicine Rubbish Go to work when you cannot work from home We never stopped working Exercise once a day. Do what you want Do not meet with others, Why? covid doesnt kill you. NHS you are ajoke, do your jobs get back to work & start seeing patients

@Mdee_Telecom Are you working from home and struggling? You're not alone! Here's 7 simple tips to tackle working from home via the @NHS #EveryMindMatters #WFH

@GaryBlythe13 @FullFact Why isn't everyone being tested ? There is the capability to test the nation now so why not test everyone for the live virus and anti bodies It makes sense and the figures will help the scientists with a vaccine @MattHancock @BorisJohnson @NHS @didoharding

@l0vesicktheo @CHERRYPlE @dave2hughes @nhs pls stop this women, wants to be a nurse but not a single caring bone in her body

@PahPhotography @NHSEngland @NHS @NHSSupplyChain waste of time as covid hasnt been proven to actually kill anyone. They had it when they died but it didnt kill them. Also us working who never had ppeare fine...Fake news Shame on the NHS

@doonakebab I couldn’t be in town for the first time in four months and not go say hello to Mazza P and Bert’s home. I really can’t wait for the day we can all be back at Cherry Tree Lane again. 👜🌂 (And I love the change to the signage in homage to the @NHS 🥰)

@DriftwoodVegans @helenhims @Jess_Simpson645 @NHS @PHE_uk @nhssomerset Try the virtual one, and if it's not good enough ask to be seen face to face. Lots of clinicians are very frustrated at not being able to see patients in person too. 👍

@makewoman1 @JLCederblom @aggressie @Teryel5 @BikerKaren @WilliamShatner @NHS It is not a loss to follow up to care, dumb ass, it is a loss of follow up to the STUDY. You can't include their data in the study if they don't follow through on completing the STUDY'S requirements. It's and ethics thing, you wouldn't understand.

@xinteriorsltd Please can someone @NHS explain why I have to self isolate for 14 days on my return from Spain. Where we wore masks entirely. Socially distanced in a country with lower rates of infection and deaths. Come home to people not abiding by the rules. Financial support? 🤔

@RealWumben @makewoman1 @gnasToeL @Toof_the_foof @BuckAngel @WilliamShatner @NHS That doesn't cover the current spike which is fueled by social contagion. Most of our conversations around this issue are about this extremely alarming rise - particularly among girls. Get back to us in 5-10 years.

@AmbridgeOrganic @ClydeSSB @ScottishFA @spfl if Covid19 can allow you to award titles not won and relegate @JamTarts @PartickThistle why don't you give @StJohnstone the 3points. @AberdeenFC clearly breeching safety and putting strain on @NHS

@MattyFrench82 @mikegalsworthy The @DailyMailUK will know its not an @NHS app too. This headline is a cynical ploy to try to avoid yet more criticism for @BorisJohnson's Govt's eye-watering wasting of public money throughout the #COVID19 pandemic! #JohnsonMustGo

@InvislbleHand @YardleyShooting Been trying to get a heart echo for 3 months now. Hospital cancelled an appointment 3 wks ago and doesn't respond since. Not to me nor GP. @NHS is right down to a 3rd world country level now as health system. On full salary of course. It must be redesigned from ground up.

@MSEHospitals Are you working in #healthcare and are interested in building new #innovative pathways and care packages for patients? We're looking for a Senior Sister to shape and lead our new specialist critical care division. @NHS If that's you, apply here

@JLCederblom @makewoman1 @aggressie @Teryel5 @BikerKaren @WilliamShatner @NHS These reservations are in fact so obvious that it beggars belief that you would provide this as your source for low detransition rates. It highlights either a complete lack of understanding of the topic from you or a desire to intentionally mislead. Not a good look.

@GavinDrew7 @NHS @NHSuk @PHE_uk why is it virtually impossible to get an appointment with my GP? Before all this #Covid19UK crap, I could get an appointment easily. It's not even like they are busy or anything. @DominicRaab expect lots of deaths in the future because of this.

@JLCederblom @makewoman1 @aggressie @Teryel5 @BikerKaren @WilliamShatner @NHS That's a poster, not a study. Even if we were to take it at face value, I'm sure you can see the numerous problems with it, including lies, a severe case of conflation and of course the flawed premise of looking for inactive patients among active patients.

@nmb340 @realhoundrescue @fakenewshater1 @SimonWickers @CMPG I've never claimed to be a paramedic. I'm not registered with @The_HCPC. I don't need to be for my role with my skillset. I am working on behalf of @NHS at the moment, however.

@MsNikitaTV @Barnacules Update : According to the emergency crew, Mom's chest is clear and does not have a "chest infection". Talk about #malpractice @NHS I also #videoed the consultation between her Mom, the ex GP & language line. Presented this content to the emergency crew that attended.

@cionann @SusanSEnglish @NHS Glad to hear it's not as bad as it looked, just read! ;-)

@JETPRESSLimited JET PRESS is very proud to be working with @RollsRoyce , @astonmartin , @Multimatic , the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) and the @NHS on a revolutionary new Aerosol Generating Procedure (AGP) Shield.

@Me98313742 @vah33d @GMB @EddieHearn @benshephard @kategarraway @BorisJohnson @MattHancock @georgegalloway @UKLabour @Conservatives @NHS @amirkingkhan How thick are you?? Serious question!! Firstly its not his garden and secondly you mong, the event needed government approval first, but if you want to bring it back to racism you can fuck off

@BWDDPH #COVID19 To colleagues in #NewYork & USA Our sympathies - the world can see what's happening. It's not your fault. @ADPHUK @NHS

@ape_bass @Zucchinna @makewoman1 @Toof_the_foof @RealWumben @BuckAngel @WilliamShatner @APA @AmerMedicalAssn @WHO @IPAWorldorg @aapos4kids @NHS @NIH No it's not. 'peer-reviewed', means 'reviewed other scientists in relevant fields'. It doesn't mean reviewed by anyone with an undergrad degree in Gender Studies who thinks they're adding value to the world.

@BBang7891 @NHS if you're my doctor's how come you don't prescribe me medical weed, you're always doing something badmind to me. So how are you my doctor's. I'm not even human, none of you are fit to be my doctor's, you don't know anything. @CNN @guardian @TheSun

@ape_bass @makewoman1 @Toof_the_foof @RealWumben @BuckAngel @WilliamShatner @APA @AmerMedicalAssn @WHO @IPAWorldorg @aapos4kids @NHS @NIH That's not science. That's a belief system. Try again. I don't care what institutions have repeated your mantra, it doesn't make it any more of an objective reality. You cannot change your sex. Ever. Get used to it.

@SHFan1985 Called it! It is all about profit, also where is the answer to my question - Will it be a #Halal/#Kosher #Vaccine? @NHS @10DowningStreet @GOVUK @WelshGovernment better not suggest vaccination of the #UK Public from an unproven vaccine and premature ending of clinical trials.

@ShooguhLipz [email protected] Keep an eye out for this one. If he ever needs Viagra, let him know they’re not natural & if they were essential to his survival he would have evolved other mechanisms for getting a boner.

@pastsnapper . Ok it’s time @BorisJohnson @MattHancock @DominicCummings Let’s get the @NHS back to serving ALL the people, hundreds of thousands of operations on waiting lists. We are “all in this together” remember? The British people want action not words #nhs

@stuzib85 🎉TGIW!! On tonight's #StuziAndFoxShow, I'll be working on my Lamborghini #Essenza vinyl, whilst PTG Fox lends his skills to pay tribute to the @NHS! 9pm BST, join us for Forza painting, laughs and chatter!

@jo_bartosch @LesleySemmens @NHS @NSPCC Can’t believe they’ve blocked me- never interacted & I tend not to be rude online. How unprofessional!

@IdollyDancing @LouiseWluddite @millar_marion @JolyonMaugham Well, he might not have seen this new advice, yet. But I'm sure that @JolyonMaugham will not consider the @NHS to be "hobbyists" or "politically motivated".

@babykitten1978 @Bella_Astro @ReetNortherner4 @BTHFT @NHS So do I! I'm in Bradford also, but my docs only seeing certain people for face to face just doesn't seem to think not being able to stand still for more than 2 secs, sit or sleep without pain for a 41 year is ok just because my bloods were satisfactory 😢

@HenryMarott @Ant4769 @NHS yes that is the first thing they have to do, they used drops on my cousin like every 15 mins, they wld come around & go " plop " & i obviously know u have had more than yr unfair doses of cruel shite dolloped on u. My probs such as they are do not warrant mention in comparison

@LordBowesLyon I have some issues w/the @NHS. When mum was in #intensivecare, a sullen Dr 📞 Dad & I to the #Hospital. He asked us 4 permission 2 turn her #ventilator off then die, if not, he’d do it anyway. Dad was married to Nora for 60 YEARS. He was devastated, as I was. NEVER forgotten 🙏

@chatttylady @Neil_Wilby @MattHancock. Turning th screws on us! We did NOT CLAP @NHS that we PAY for! to be stripped & ripped from under feet like we do NOT count! NHS is NOT a Tory TOY to be messed with. It is OUR statutory RIGHT to SEE a Doctor FACE 2 FACE! How dare you! VIRTUAL Doctors NO NO NEVER!

@Charlieboy682 @drkohilathas @JazzAsh I think it's down to the fact that anyone working for the @NHS , upon acceptance of their contract, has to agree to the removal of their backbone 😬

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