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@GardenersArms73 @MattHancock My partner who is Polish, works at a local bakery, pays her stamp, tax, registration to @NHS since 2012, so you and @andrealeadsom are talking bollocks, beginning to sound like a watered down 1930's #NaziParty, playing the blame game. @InLimboBrexit @the3million @guyverhofstadt

@SteveLaitner @easonkrish @NHS no I think it's the common difficult processes and being made to feel you're wasting people's time that's the major issue. i think the problem is that most people working in the NHS forget or don't realise how scary it is for others and how a simple smile can really help!

@MaryOToole10 @Ermintrude2 @CallMeMoNow @CareQualityComm @careopinion Beg to disagree v slightly . LAs look at @CareQualityComm ratings before they commission or fund. Bureaucracy rules & often not in a gd way. Same in @nhs Masses of examples in my head; need a day off!

@NoelTurner194 @albertheapsout1 @boscoeuk @EscapeEUSlavery @AnnBank41695841 @NHS It costs more to not educate them!

@TelFeath @SAINTSGUS @BorisJohnson @NHS @Saints1890 We'd better not get into that one Geoff. Half of the @Conservatives in effect blocked May's deal and Farage and Brexit party would block Johnson's. The amount of people who are going to get what they want will turn out to be a tiny percentage.

@darthmill Thanks to the #NHS they gave me 2 and half amazing years with Aled. They battled everyday to give him more time. From the time he spent in @GreatOrmondSt. Please support the nurses, doctors and support staff. Please do not sell it off #NHSCrisis #Labour @NHSMillion @NHS

@NetworkMARCH @ShirleyCramer28 @R_S_P_H @NHS "We want #ArtsOnPrescription available for everyone in a regular basis and we will be all working together to achieve that"

@michaeldavin12 @mac123_m To bring hope where there’s despair To unite instead of division For the many not just the few To seal the cracks in the Union of Britain Free Health Care at a point of need but allow private health care to run concurrently alongside @NHS To create an amazing equality

@CultrHack When I say @BorisJohnson lying at #LeadersDebate⬇️ I mean he keeps saying he'll protect @NHS, add funding, never privatise, but during 9 yrs of Tory austerity @Conservatives repeatedly did the opposite to damage it & he never protested. How does he have credibility on this issue?

@kmptnhs @DawnDonja @CarersUK @cqc @NHS @rcn @rcpsych @CarersTrust @HealthwatchE We are super proud of our carers champions who are helping to push #TriangleofCare in KMPT & are looking forward to our very first carers champions conference in Dec. Together we are working to ensure our patients' loved ones have a voice. #Notperfect #Wearelistening

@NoneOfVAbove1 #SaveTheNHS The @NHS is doing its best its principals need to be put to the test. It's such a shame that #NHS is in #NHSCrisis & most #Nurses are struggling financially & too much wasted on big pharma. Cannabis cures many ills not just medically. More Nurses needed! More wages!

@LiverTrust Across the UK, more than 1,000 people each year donate a part of their #liver or a kidney while they are still alive to a relative, friend or someone they do not know. Find out about the different kinds of living #OrganDonation on the @NHS website:

@roomerasit "I Daniel Blake" I don't agree with Labours views on Brexit, put I cannot give my vote to a Conservative Party that sentences working class people to the equivalent of a death camp and destroys the @NHS

@TheLouisEmerick Yes I am torn!I'm guessing you're a Tory?Are U not torn,that BJ represents, Islamaphobia, Racism,AntiWorkingclass,will look to sell off the @NHS ?My eyes are wide open,to the failings of #JC and my party,but,who out there is,pure,without sin?🤔

@lozza2905 @mcderminator @NHSuk @NHS Mike im not going to fall out with you or start insulting you but you can’t blame everything on the Tory government. I don’t want my kids growing up in a debt ridden snowflake society. Life’s fucking hard, nothing is for free and everything has a price! Corbyn is a price to high!

@DawnDonja #CarersRightsDay #TriangleOfCare should be Mandatory.... set as the only Standard accepted by @CQC @NHS @RCN @rcpsych @CarersTrust @HealthwatchE ..It’s 2020 soon ,why have #Carers #Families & loved ones not got a right to this standard throughout our @NHS & health care systems. X

@jack_rydeheard [email protected] has said numerous times that the @NHS is NOT FOR SALE - stop trying to mask your lack of a #Brexit plan @jeremycorbyn! #ITVDebate

@1kilroywashere @JosephineCumbo @matthancock is wrong. "The Govt has NOT scrapped the taper tax. It has today introduced urgent measures to mitigate the impact of the pensions taper tax." @keepnhspublic @dorset_eye @suejonessays @NHS

@jorddd @ninnyd101 @NHS I meant you're fortunate to live in an area where waiting times are as short as that. It's not the same for the rest of England.

@DawnDonja @HealthwatchE @CarersUK #CarersRightsDay #TriangleOfCare should be Mandatory.... set as the only Standard accepted by @CQC @NHS @RCN @rcpsych @CarersTrust @HealthwatchE ..It’s 2020 soon ,why have #Carers #Families & loved ones not got a right to this standard throughout our @NHS & health care systems. X

@Plopdaddy1 @LibDems Well done! Over 17m voters will ignore you for pledging to scrap #Brexit and everyone else will reject you for putting up tax for the wasteful @NHS How about saving taxpayers money by stopping the NHS wasting millions if not billions annually? My hospital is a shambles

@glenspringhall @robfree0 @TheFabledAesop @ne_grant @nyeannebevan @DavidLammy @Conservatives @MattHancock @NHS If corbyn had his way we wouldn’t have an army food banks not sure about that one migration has lot to do with certain things and again labour will open the floodgates to anyone to come here. The elderly I agree with your point.

@Geoff__R I will be voting @UKLabour at the general election on 12th Dec, not for myself, but for all the homeless, all those visiting the foodbanks, all those needing treatment from the @NHS, those who are too poorly to work but have been told otherwise, for children and their education

@dontlikemilk @Nigel_Farage why do you continuously lie?You promote desire to disable and bring down our great @NHS,🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿whilst slagging off @BorisJohnson for it? two of a kind, pair of stuck up wannbees you both disgust me, I’m struggling to find a reason why you hate the working class

@VadodaraAirport @_beltie @DrUmeshPrabhu @willcpowell @drjonesaa @chocicy @ActCarers @sue91282690 @fightingforinju @VsEuthanasia @HPSarcastic @Zoompad @Phoebejoy1611 @LittleGranny2 @Rosenhaning @JohnElsey11 @MrsGool @MooskelTomTom @cpskeetmom @MancunianMEDlC @marionste @ann_poppy @elm_slippery @jones_celia @normanlamb @WingedPsyche @TV_HIEC_Chair @ang__johnson @SueAllison809 @honeylyttle1 @NHSwhistleblowr @DeaconPaulC @hassin_joan @alexander_minh @MattHancock @curetheNHS @NHS @profchrisham @ClareGerada @NHSC_Niall @NikkiKF @doctorcaldwell @David_ukan @Dkell999 @DrJennyVaughan @sbattrawden @WestM61 @gmcuk @GasDocRP @NHSScotland NHS England telling others to stop torturing disabled?🤪🤣🤣🤣. Pot = kettle, glass house = stones, springs to mind! They like to claim their victims are delusional, I would suggest it is they who are not only delusional but also psychopathic! Arrogant! Mad as hatters!

@mcderminator @lozza2905 @NHSuk @NHS Likewise Loz, not in the business of trading insults; it's not snowflakery to say I don't want anyone's kids growing up in needless austerity. Facts are though homelessness up 140% while foodbanks usage up 300% under tories; hopefully will change next month. All the best to you.

@JustSpeechless8 @NHS (Wigan and Salford) to say I am disappointed with your care is an understatement. To watch the one you love not just be in insufferable physical pain, but also emotional turmoil; is more than anyone could handle. This traumatic experience, will never be forgotten.

@NobaconEgbert @EscapeEUSlavery @InMonifieth @NHS A progressive policy would be to give a cash rise not a % rise. Corbyn is so incompetent he can't even get socialism right

@Danwhite1972 @JeremyVineOn5 @theannediamond @TrishaGoddard As a parent to a disabled child health insurance is a financial impossibility . We struggle daily with lack of financial support & health worries. The @nhs is essential for our children’s continuing health. Trisha like so many allowed a voice in the media DOES NOT UNDERSTAND

@ActCarers @_beltie @DrUmeshPrabhu @willcpowell @drjonesaa @chocicy @sue91282690 @fightingforinju @VsEuthanasia @HPSarcastic @Zoompad @VadodaraAirport @Phoebejoy1611 @LittleGranny2 @Rosenhaning @JohnElsey11 @MrsGool @MooskelTomTom @cpskeetmom @MancunianMEDlC @marionste @ann_poppy @elm_slippery @jones_celia @normanlamb @WingedPsyche @TV_HIEC_Chair @ang__johnson @SueAllison809 @honeylyttle1 @NHSwhistleblowr @DeaconPaulC @hassin_joan @alexander_minh @MattHancock @curetheNHS @NHS @profchrisham @ClareGerada @NHSC_Niall @NikkiKF @doctorcaldwell @David_ukan @Dkell999 @DrJennyVaughan @sbattrawden @WestM61 @gmcuk @GasDocRP @uch #Metoo My son rated tortured by UN & Council of Europe standards, in NHS hospital Not seen for for few years Saw him 10 mins on 29th July 2017 10 mins 29th July 2018 Not seen since @BevanBrittanLLP report twitter traffic but allow staff to anally sodomise my son & rape me 4 Cash

@fendermac @Annabel_Giles @claudelittner @DeborahMeaden @dragonjones @NHS Definitely not Littner after the person he has shown himself to be in recent days. In fact I'm not sure that throwing business folk at it is what the NHS needs ~

@neilTheMagpie “We are investing record amounts in the @NHS” cries @BorisJohnson Shutting the door after the horse has bolted springs to mind. If your party hadn’t systematically destroyed it then you might not have had to spend ‘record amounts’.

@rosannadownes @cliveoconnell @NHS Thanks! Not due till late Jan/early Feb so a little while to go, though I am starting to feel *enormous*.

@SAINTSGUS @TelFeath @BorisJohnson @NHS @Saints1890 Didn't she promise to not block Brexit then blocked Brexit

@NormaCo37361533 Fellow warriors have given so much to help patients great girls and patients themselves #Cpass #unitedpatiencealliance @NHS patients should not be made out as criminals after over a year of legalisation #endourpain

@Sugar86578012 @EscapeEUSlavery @NHS The majority of child benefit goes to Pakistani and Bangladeshis. It's not just EU immigrants. The entire system needs drastically changing.

@aking12312 @SEAC_Defence @vancole9 @NHS So I'm not back to self medicating like I was before.

@TTruth55 @NHS just wanted to inform you on the lack of customer service the people working at streatfield surgery show. Lack of compassion blunt and rude for no reason. Thank you for your time.

@Tina99242642 NHS secretary, 89, sacked for 'not being able to use computers' wins £200,000 @NHS That was inexcusable behaviour to someone who dedicated her life to the NHS and she's treated with such disdain and disrespect, the British People are OUTRAGED over this.SOU

@FulcrumGilbz @HarrisonBulman @samaritans @NHS Whoa dude what? Not bueno, we still have a million things we need to do and say to each other before you go kicking the bucket.

@SapphireRose786 @الله @NHS @NHSEnglandLDN I do not require nor need any psychiatry in my care plan. Please change this to psychology and psychotherapy. Prioritise US and We shall get somewhere. I am calling for a CPA Review Meeting. #MentalHealth #mentalhealthawarenessweek

@Medtechcerb @HackneyAbbott I believe @michaelgove maybe touching on Deliberate Health Tourism and not attacking migrants who live and work in the UK who do in fact pay taxes and are entitled to use the @NHS facilities.

@mcderminator @lozza2905 @NHSuk If there's more police, you subdue the gangs. If there's less police, more gangs more knife crime. They are proportional. What part of that do you not understand? As for @nhs nothing to do with PFI more to do with this⬇️

@robfree0 @glenspringhall @TheFabledAesop @ne_grant @nyeannebevan @DavidLammy @Conservatives @MattHancock No not at all. 9yrs of Tory rule = 7th largest economy & yet people are having to go cap in hand to foodbanks, military folk risking their lives for us & not getting the benefits they deserve, @NHS facing cut after cut, ealderly ignored entirely. It’s just a disgrace.

@ukfootballflags Not football related but today is world prematurity day. 6 years ago my daughter was born at 35 weeks weighing 3lb, we was in hospital for 6 weeks until we was aloud home. Thanks to the @NHS and staff at Southend hospital she is now a healthy 6 year old. ❤️

@Ellectrika Continuously the @NHS have let me down. I can't get to my doctors fir financial reasons and more and I've tried ordering my medication via @Pharmacy2U but it constantly gets disregarded . I'm struggling here. Sort it out!

@ThomasEvans1984 @TheLouisEmerick @NHS "I'm guessing you're a Tory?" - Not relevant. "Are U not torn,that BJ represents, Islamaphobia" - Negative. He came out with some questionable comments with regards to dress. "Racism" - Again. Came out with dated comments that he has shown regret for. cont.

@TommyHiggins14 @nhs #QueenElizabethHospital #Glasgow in light of negative press been in just about a week. BIG shout out to staff of ward 4e absolutely wonderful angels working so hard under constant pressure thank you for your service 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #loveNHS

@AndyJ93519624 its not possible to run the @NHS without private companys. it just isn't viable ling term. #ITVDebate

@NickSmithington @mjsmith75 @CoolArif79 @LBC @NHS Read the book. Dominic Raab, Priti Patel, Liz Truss all coauthored it They are not shy about their plans "If we could just halve the burdens of the EU social and employment legislation we could deliver a £4.3bn boost to our economy and 60,000 new jobs" Priti Patel

@AheadP_ship We're working with young people today to introduce them to careers in Health. Thanks @WYHpartnership @NHS for bringing along such interesting equipment to share with young people for our young carers event! @CarersUK #couldntcareless #CarersRightsDay

@NYacoubi I hope @BorisJohnson is not going to win the elections. He’s got the whole establishment behind him including some in the show-business @Baddiel it’s not them who will need the @NHS or the schools, the justice and the police. #BoycottBaddiel

@_Ian__Brown_ @DeidreBarlow123 @NHS Well that's convenient for you. I'll take facts that have been checked on reputable websites and conversations I have with doctors and nurses three times a week over your gut feeling and evidence that you're "not allowed to publish"

@Magnieboy @Annabel_Giles @CrillyBobc @claudelittner @DeborahMeaden @dragonjones @NHS @jeremycorbyn @JonAshworth The exact problem with the NHS is that Tories and Blair have tried to do that. What makes it efficient and successful is that it is not based on a market model but on a socialist model. Profit should not be involved...

@slingerpete1 @DancingTheMind This is not #sustainable looks to me like targets to reduce waiting times and improve service within @NHS @NHSuk are conflicted with targets to reduce spending. Causing low morale, overworked underpaid nurses and Doctors. @BorisJohnson Sort it out please...

@0121_pedro @keepnhspublic @NHSMillion @NHSforPV @Momentum_NHS @NHSuk @NHS every time @BorisJohnson tells you the #nhs is not up for grabs in any trade deal, remember that he and @DanielJHannan are on this ‘noble mission’. They want to bring USA style medical bankruptcies to the UK

@NickDelaney9 @PaulAGrundy21 Ive always said the best way to lose Corbyn is to get him into Number 10 where the parliamentary labour party takes over. His ability to achieve will be based on what support he can get in the house not on Twitter or any other form of [email protected] = @NHS

@MrGazd007 @_Ian__Brown_ @daniellejade198 @NHS Danielle is smart, cool, great and awesome. More people should listen to Danielle and then they would see sense. A vote for Labour is a vote for Danielle and other Nurses to bring them the reconignition that they deserve and not forgetting the resources for OUR NHS. #voteNHS

@brettd1981 This is the scary truth of what the @Conservatives have done to our @NHS . It's not coming from a MP, a celebrity, someone in the media. This is from actual doctors and nurses on the front line who can see the damage first hand #SaveOurNHS #GeneralElection2019 #nhs

@DrUmeshPrabhu @willcpowell @drjonesaa @chocicy @ActCarers @sue91282690 @fightingforinju @VsEuthanasia @HPSarcastic @Zoompad @VadodaraAirport @Phoebejoy1611 @LittleGranny2 @Rosenhaning @JohnElsey11 @MrsGool @_beltie @MooskelTomTom @cpskeetmom @MancunianMEDlC @marionste @ann_poppy @elm_slippery @jones_celia @normanlamb @WingedPsyche @TV_HIEC_Chair @ang__johnson @SueAllison809 @honeylyttle1 @NHSwhistleblowr @DeaconPaulC @hassin_joan @alexander_minh @MattHancock @curetheNHS @NHS @profchrisham @ClareGerada @NHSC_Niall @NikkiKF @doctorcaldwell @David_ukan @Dkell999 @DrJennyVaughan @sbattrawden When doctors are not honest it is innocent patients suffer. When leaders are not honest it is innocent patients suffer. @WestM61 @gmcuk @sbattrawden @GasDocRP @doctorcaldwell It is important for doctors, leaders, managers and patients to work together in a honest culture

@MikefromLFE @sonofr @NHS The national rules are the same now as I always understood them when I worked for the NHS : “NHS employees are free to undertake political activism in a personal capacity but should not involve their organisation or create the impression of their organisation’s involvement.”

@Westers1401 If you’re heading up/down the #A14 do pop in to see @RBRactive a Cambridge #startup aiming to save the @NHS over £200,000,000 a year by preventing #DVT #VTE #Thrombosis @heidiallen75 @cllrbridget

@lozza2905 @mcderminator @NHSuk @NHS Rubbish. The NHS is not a bloody Bottomless pit. Of course the £11 billion a year debt makes a difference. It’s you lot whining about money all the time & Tory dent and you want to triple it. Who pays? Not the rich they’d be gone. We working class fools will be. #VoteConservative

@Bolton_Leaguer @DikThird @JohnRentoul @NHS Can’t win with people like you. You love to weaponise the NHS. Truth is it’s not sustainable in its current form. Massive reform needed but lefties always cry “privatisation” when anybody tries to improve. As long as it’s free for everybody and high quality, who cares?

@NevilleSouthall Baby loss, Dads & Counselling Could a different type of counselling help? Do we have any counsellors following tonight? To hear a dad couldn't cope, left home & had to live in a caravan is not acceptable. What can b done? @NHS @willquince #tweetcradle @Cradle_EPL @davidmonteith

@m3dark_k @MattHancock I'd love your @NHS that I pay for with my 40% income tax to tell me how to deal with staphylococcus instead of selling me BS that's down to shaving!

@MasieJayne @EscapeEUSlavery @Lizatthecottage @NHS Imagine, you've paid a fortune for your car insurance. Your car gets stolen and you have to wait months for your claim to be processed. Meanwhile, your insurers issue a new car to someone from abroad who has never paid for insurance. How would you feel?

@TerryWhenman @BBCPolitics @BBCNews So now the lowest-paid workers who are willing to work in the @NHS have to pay for a visa for the privilege of working in our health system? #madness

@NHSAbility The learning disability employment programme at @NHSEngland are working with partners including @NHSBSA @NHS_HealthEdEng @NHS-jobs and @nhsemployers to help employers. Find out more about the work of the programme here @neilgchurchill @skillsforhealth

@VadodaraAirport @sue91282690 @drjonesaa @Barbara03499021 @ann_poppy @DrUmeshPrabhu @Rosenhaning @HPSarcastic @Zoompad @Phoebejoy1611 @LittleGranny2 @JohnElsey11 @MrsGool @ActCarers @_beltie @MooskelTomTom @cpskeetmom @MancunianMEDlC @fightingforinju @marionste @elm_slippery @chocicy @jones_celia @normanlamb @WingedPsyche @TV_HIEC_Chair @ang__johnson @SueAllison809 @honeylyttle1 @NHSwhistleblowr @DeaconPaulC @hassin_joan @VsEuthanasia @alexander_minh @MattHancock @curetheNHS @NHS @profchrisham @ClareGerada @NHSC_Niall @NikkiKF @TheBMA @NHSEngland @NHSEnglandNMD @BrennanSurgeon @drhfidler @ict22 @GarethRoberts0 @MLGG2 @gmcuk If they want to protect the planet getting rid of ethical, caring, compassionate and moral people is not the way to do it. This only increases % of insane v sane = no empathy. If they care about the planet, stopping corporate corruption, fracking, big pharma etc is the answer.

@kateheydonorg @NHS It's sad SAR/Complaints process is sole way to access equitable competent* care (*when seeing an inferior GP). NB there are excellent ones too. I previously saw a superb lady GP, so it is not gender-specific. But women tend to be awesome, or [email protected], vs men mostly-mediocre

@miJemima No! Neither is the @US_FDA or the @MHRAgovuk I want them to tell us again why #Mesh cannot be banned Pelvic mesh= 20% complication in UK and 1in 15 must be removed @NHS stats. If they cannot remove fully without damaging nerves+tissue th should not insert. @JuliaCumberlege

@Mystery__Travel When you see a contract job advertised by a recruitment agency for the @NHS but not listed on the NHS website, makes me a little suspicious. I prefer to work with the clients directly to reduce the costs. @LinkedIn Is this just an agency trying to add you to their books?

@RainbowNHSBadge And 7% of @NHS staff said they would not feel ‘comfortable’ working with a trans colleague Attitudes like this need to be exposed, challenged and education provided #TDOR @RCPCHtweets @RCPCH_and_Us

@therealBaggit Why are @Conservatives @ScotTories trying to convince us that @NHS @NHSScotland #NHSCrisis is safest with them? Coz they know no one believes that. Methinks they protest too much. We're not thick you know.

@_beltie @DrUmeshPrabhu @willcpowell @drjonesaa @chocicy @ActCarers @sue91282690 @fightingforinju @VsEuthanasia @HPSarcastic @Zoompad @VadodaraAirport @Phoebejoy1611 @LittleGranny2 @Rosenhaning @JohnElsey11 @MrsGool @MooskelTomTom @cpskeetmom @MancunianMEDlC @marionste @ann_poppy @elm_slippery @jones_celia @normanlamb @WingedPsyche @TV_HIEC_Chair @ang__johnson @SueAllison809 @honeylyttle1 @NHSwhistleblowr @DeaconPaulC @hassin_joan @alexander_minh @MattHancock @curetheNHS @NHS @profchrisham @ClareGerada @NHSC_Niall @NikkiKF @doctorcaldwell @David_ukan @Dkell999 @DrJennyVaughan @sbattrawden @WestM61 @gmcuk @GasDocRP Cont/British Citizen it's not a safe country & fraudulent use of public money to do so.

@sharonpentay @MattHancock Youve been in power for a decade and have NOT #Invested in #NHS #school #police #fire & on your watch we've seen #windrush #GrenfellTower and increases in #foodbanks #inworkpoverty #homelessness #LeadersDebate laid clear your plans for [email protected] its for sale to the highest bidder

@robfree0 @MattHancock @NHSMillion Labour has a 10 year plan to help reduce the working week and improve quality of life for people and this is translation you get fed? How stupid does this guy actually think you are? Labour is only hope for our precious @NHS it’s too important to get wrong. #VoteLabour2019

@terryoverall @jessphillips @Conservatives Good point. And all of investment in the @nhs & Police Service? It’s not even close to the amount of reductions and cuts to those services in the 10 year Austerity-a-thon! The lesson is, don’t make Election promises you can’t keep. Take heed @jeremycorbyn

@withoutlabels2 @GMB_union @mojos55 @NHS It may not seem like it, but we still live in a DEMOCRACY. LET THE WORKERS SPEAK. THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO EXPRESS THEIR OPINIONS.

@mrpamason @MaggieMcCutche1 @SThompson_JP @jessphillips @UKLabour @NHS @drug Nonsense. We buy our drugs from all over the world, were not going to spend 500m a week to buy them from the US. The cult of corbyn tells lies aswell.

@IKON_Architects Thank you @PickEverard for a lovely evening of networking 🥂 met some lovely people, who with we @IKON_Architects are looking forward to working with in the future @Leeds and @national @NHS

@ScottDavert @Thehotwatt @Cherrysouth @MollyWattTalks @NHS @NHSEngland @ReSoundUK @ReSoundGlobal oticon, ReSound, Widex, and many other hearing aid manufacturers have not designed their apps to be fully accessible with VoiceOver or braille. Are braille and VoiceOver users expected to pay the same amount of money when they are cut off from features?

@albertheapsout1 @NoelTurner194 @EscapeEUSlavery @AnnBank41695841 @NHS How can people doing low paid low skilled work be paying enough tax? Due to high tax thresholds and in work benefits a lot of them barely pay a penny and they are not all young - in fact there are many been here 15 years now with families (school place is £22,000 a year)

@McNallyMirror Climate change is the biggest issue facing the future of our planet as @MirrorAlison & the @DailyMirror rightly identify as a catastrophic threat. But we in the #UK must also defend our precious @NHS from Johnson's planned sell-off to Trump & co. Don't be fooled by their lies.

@hattierocket @StNurseProject @NHS Not that they’ll be sitting waiting for me to tweet them 😂

@WB_UK @NHSwhistleblowr @ShaunLintern @denis_campbell @gmcuk @sathNHS @drcmday @Edwin1432 @peter__duffy @drbeatt @TheBMA @beisgovuk Not accidental it’s part of a cycle of abuse that is embedded within all organisations. Breaking the chain cannot be left to the @NHS we need #OfficeForTheWhistleblower

@_Ian__Brown_ Inspiring stuff! As someone who has relied on the @NHS recently for my very life I know that #Nurses4RealChange want only the best for us and I don't want to let them down on December 12th #VoteLabourDecember12 #JC4PM2019 #GE19 #GE2019 #ToriesOut #SaveOurNHS #NHSCrisis

@CouldbeYue @boscoeuk @MasieJayne @EscapeEUSlavery @Lizatthecottage @NHS I thought you were talking about visitors, since anyone working here pays tax and NI and so are entitled to use the services. As for tax - here you go...

@jjcwow @EscapeEUSlavery @holtarmy @NHS Health tourism adds further pressure to the NHS, the BMA must be brought to heel, if they insist everyone from abroad must be treated without paying, it must be at BMA expense not taxpayers on less than 25% of what most doctors or doctors union reps earn!!

@ActCarers @_beltie @DrUmeshPrabhu @willcpowell @drjonesaa @chocicy @sue91282690 @fightingforinju @VsEuthanasia @HPSarcastic @Zoompad @VadodaraAirport @Phoebejoy1611 @LittleGranny2 @Rosenhaning @JohnElsey11 @MrsGool @MooskelTomTom @cpskeetmom @MancunianMEDlC @marionste @ann_poppy @elm_slippery @jones_celia @normanlamb @WingedPsyche @TV_HIEC_Chair @ang__johnson @SueAllison809 @honeylyttle1 @NHSwhistleblowr @DeaconPaulC @hassin_joan @alexander_minh @MattHancock @curetheNHS @NHS @profchrisham @ClareGerada @NHSC_Niall @NikkiKF @doctorcaldwell @David_ukan @Dkell999 @DrJennyVaughan @sbattrawden @WestM61 @gmcuk @GasDocRP @_beltie Hi ! Me too for added diagnoses, multiple life limited but key is massage Massage moves pain from under skin If you want to know how just dm me Have taken mine down, improved body Unrecognisable 2 10 years ago. Dramatic improvement Lowers cortisol levels Keep ❤️xx #Raped

@jaimebishop @doctor_oxford Not sure this is something to boast about if the condition of the buildings is any reflection of the overall state of @nhs. There was a lot more to fix than the roof in 1997 (after 18 of those 44 years) .

@AaronMarks_ @ColletteOGorman @Crashed7 @UKLabour @NHS @Conservatives Thatcher is not a bogeyman. She had faults, as we all do but on ethe whole she did more to make this country great. #skippedahistorylessonmuch

@dezb1979 So on Monday almost died. @NHS @HitchinPolice were amazing, from off duty police, doctors, midwifes and kind people, to everyone at hospital in Stevenage lister. I do not have enough thanks and wish I could thank personally #nhs #lister #hitchin

@robfree0 @glenspringhall @ne_grant @nyeannebevan @DavidLammy @TheFabledAesop @Conservatives @MattHancock You mean like the @NHS? It’s not about ‘free’ it’s about using taxes we already pay to better use than funding the pockets private concerns. And making sure company’s like google and Facebook pay their fair share instead of expecting hard working families to bare the brunt of it.

@tavole @Markliamb @BeadArtist1 @RightfulLives Just read they are running all hospital pharmacies & charging @NHS £28 for patients' to complete health surveys they may not need!

@Sjd_22 @Nicholasthelaz1 @StevenBigland @THemingford @jeremycorbyn @johnmcdonnellMP @UKLabour Nobody wants to privatize the @NHS so that we are like America - god forbid. However, the @NHS, and the services it provides DO NOT work without private companies. What about @BootsUK, @LloydsPharmacy and @Specsavers? They are but a few private companies who we use the NHS via.

@toeslayer @RedHotFoot @wyliedpod @KarlGuttormsen @lesleyahpd @BeverleyHarden @CRLAN63 @Carolynahpdf @KMiddletonCSP @krishpod7 @johngnk1 @NHS My first experience working with American pods in NZ (multinational team) was exactly what Ben has stated. Initially I put it done to defensive practice then became aware of how 'specialists' feed on it.

@_CharlieYorke Very lucky to have hard working @NHS docs and nurses in our community. When the cold weather hits, we always end up in hospital. Tonight Harvey took his Edgar toy @jlandpartners. The staff made a very scared 3yr old very relaxed and happy by telling him a story about Edgar.

@ThomasEvans1984 @TheLouisEmerick @NHS "AntiWorkingclass" - Nonsense generic dismissal. Small/working class businesses would suffer + go bankrupt under Corbyn. They have flourished under the Tories & represent a majority of people employed. "will look to sell off the @NHS" - Another nonsense generic Labour dismissal.

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