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Published by Nhs 12 months ago

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@Boothy_79 @TobyonTV I hate to say it and I hope I am wrong. But I genuinely think that this crisis in all its horror will still not be enough to change the minds and the priorities of those who oversee the budgets of our national critical care and infrastructure systems. The @nhs needs capacity.

@greateranglia @nialljee @NHS Hi Niall, there's not a system we have in place for this, but I'm sure there would be somewhere you could donate this to once received? - Emily

@UGDigitalPrint Team Digital would like to thank all the incredible nurses, doctors, NHS support staff & carers who are working flat out to fight the coronavirus. #stayathomesavelives #clapforourcarers @NHS @HullHospitals @NHSuk @NHSEnglandMedia @NHSPbank @nhsleeds @NHSNottingham

@arnie4u @disgust_me @UKDemockery @BorisJohnson @NHS That's good to hear as I also love satire . Not sure what I've done wrong though.

@t0ekn3345 @WokesAreJokes @syrachg @NHS Can I can be both? Based on your introduction, maybe I value your opinion about as much as I value that of Bozo Boris? It's okay to have differing opinions, you know? You don't have to be insulting when people don't agree with your cognitive dissonance. Go and have a lie down.

@OneYoungWorld A proud moment as the UK applauded all the @NHS workers who put themselves at risk every day to take care of others. We're clapping for all of the doctors, nurses & first responders working on the frontlines of the #COVID19 pandemic across the world. THANK YOU 👏 #clapforNHS

@Shamrock715_ @DiggerCrate @HeathrowAirport @NHS People were told about social distancing, not sure why you need an airport to remind them of it It’s also not up an airport to provide info on what airlines do with their pax You seam to be clutching at straws for anything bad to say about the airport, rather sad

@ChloeOnSLT I’ve also been humbled to see so many therapists sharing advice and resources online. It helps to know that we’re not alone! So THANK YOU to all the other @NHS staff fighting this fight in the background - you’re amazing! 🌟💙 #NHSheroes #NHSThankYou 👏🏼

@Smidday @NHS watching TV show about how the virus can spread using dyes, would it not make sense to put the dye on staffs gloves and patient’s hands so they can see what is potentially contaminated? #coronavirus #COVID19

@kathrynkellett @BorisJohnson @BorisJohnson Hi Kathryn here.I work @NHS paid less than £10 a hour. I suffer with #fybromyagia #aniexty the list is long, sorry to hear u r in isolation but grateful to see you here. Please lock us down! so we can't even go for walk ?message me I will tell you why.

@DavidTregonning Doing our bit to help during this crisis. Working additional shifts and days off to help the smooth running of our @NHS

@PippaMusgrave1 @AlexAlamri @mrjamesob @axial3Dan @Axial_3D @NHS Nope. They are already saying the kit they have received is not appropriate or up to the job. They want the proper kit for the job: kit which meets the correct technical, safety and medical specifications.

@disgust_me @arnie4u @UKDemockery @BorisJohnson @NHS You've not done anything wrong. Each to their own as I see it...

@neilt8000 People need to wake up. If you choose to go out ask yourself this Can I sleep tonight knowing my actions have not risked the life of my family or the wider public! @NHS @NHSEnglandMedia @LeeEvansBirding @DorsetTraffic @DorsetBirdClub @COVID19Tracking @covidperspectiv

@dj1274 Can someone please explain why @BorisJohnson had #COVID19 #coronavirus symptoms yesterday afternoon yet he was the applauding @NHS staff on the steps of @10DowningStreet at 20:00 in the evening next to @RishiSunak 2 metres / 6 feet or not they came out of the same doorway.

@cazzar61 @JManrara @NHS @AljazSkorjanec @RememberingTour ✨sad not to be seeing you guys tmrw, hope you are both well and safe, your kind offer to nhs staff will be really appreciated 👏🏻💐😘

@Hveart1 So why are nurses not being tested. My poor mum over 60 is a nurse for NHS and she was told to keep working even if she was feeling sick and now shes home sick. @BorisJohnson @nhs why are you not testing the frontline workers. Why should they put their life on the line for us???

@AJSGraphicArt1 Totally not art related, but this was an emotional moment last night when the UK was clapping for the NHS ❤ couldn't be more proud. Putting their lives at risk to save people with coronavirus but not just that but saving lives every day ❤ our hero's. Thank you ❤ @NHS @NHSuk

@ruthferrisprice @LloydCymru Diolch yn fawr. At a time when there may be less local broadcasting @BBCWales it is vitally important that we are aware of the crisis in Gwent @AneurinBevanUHB and essential @NHS staff are not syphoned off to London.

@CocozzaDionne @simonread1976 @robertmacadie @DuncanBannatyne @NHS Look mate , he replied to a tweet & others were in it & your barking up wrong tree 🌲 with me . Don’t try twist & bring others into it & stick to facts of masses super rich . Not one put hands in their pockets ? Prove me wrong & I be glad to be wrong 😇@NHSuk Donate Please 💰

@MarkIRobertson1 @piersmorgan it's not too late to tell everyone to use a tissue. Stay home, protect the @NHS, save lives and use a tissue!

@ShaedM @CocozzaDionne @simonread1976 @robertmacadie @DuncanBannatyne @NHS @MindCharity @NHSuk It's late, are you drunk?? What on earth are you rambling on about woman. Put down the lambrini and get yourself to bed, there's a good lass.

@Lytchettbirder @MJLbirder @BEACHYBIRDER @NHS We are all good at the moment at least and doing a little nocmig as well as garden watching. Yes hopefully it will not be to long was hoping to get some clearwings under my belt this year.

@WarrenC1971 Well finally my last hour is done 96 hours completed this week love working for the NHS let's continue to fight this deadly virus @NHS @alexbcann

@KarlMuud @deakhoon @SanjeevBanger79 @NHS This is a crime of the highest order‼️ This should not be allowed to happen‼️

@staceym55 @CocozzaDionne @DuncanBannatyne @NHS @GMB Well I'm still working monday to friday atm so i wont be able to stop by 🤷‍♀️shame, I'd love 4 million quid over draft from £600. You should do it, then you can donate it 👍👍

@refigure Big shout out to all the parents holding it down at home, the magnificent staff of the @NHS and to anyone disproportionately affected right now. Wishing you a peaceful weekend with family and friends, virtually or otherwise 🙂 - The Refigure team xx

@CocozzaDionne @simonread1976 @robertmacadie @DuncanBannatyne @NHS Your missing my point & you all need to calm down & sorry you don’t get my sarcasm & honesty & fact I’m telling truth . Wow people are really showing true colours & tight purse strings . @MindCharity yea let’s slag my appearance & my life for this ? Well done 👍 guys #pandemic 💰

@CocozzaDionne @_ginlane @DuncanBannatyne @NHS look at the way Ive been trolled & slagged off ? Just sarcasm & then I catch the attention of people standing up for a super rich Scottish neighbour & gives them right to slag my mental health ? Well I’m not sorry for being honest & saying @NHSuk need help 💰Wow hope your proud

@pauline10586584 @NHS big shout out to all the amazing people working in all aspects of nhs. Miracle workers and life savers.

@stuo79 @richardbranson how about you use some of your own billions to bail out virginatlantic, after all remember that time you sued @NHS well in the current climate the government are concentrating all available funds to what is most important, sadly your not an the NHS need it more

@BerrymanNick 1st week of work looking after keyworkers students. I would like to acknowledge how good our team is. Staff, students and families all working together to follow government guidance, so our fantastic NHS can be there for all of us. @DHSBoys @NHS stay safe everyone.

@TravisPerkinsCo @rdpxiii @NHS Hi Robert, We are currently working with the Procurement, and Infection Protection and Control teams at one of the NHS trusts. This is to establish which items we have that meet the correct medical specification

@spursthfc3 Not many better ways to spend having to stay in.... watching @anthonyfjoshua on @SkySports The @Klitschko fight will take some beating for my best night ever for so many reasons.... Stay safe all, thanks @nhs

@DiggerCrate @Shamrock715_ @HeathrowAirport @NHS Dramatic enough for you? Feel free to have a chat with anyone working on the frontline at the NHS.

@winston_moore @CocozzaDionne @DuncanBannatyne @NHS @NHSuk I’d be more inclined to ya e a go at companies that don’t pay enough instead of having a go at @DuncanBannatyne he’s been open and kept all his employees informed and your petty digs are uncalled for whether it’s sarcasm or not..!! Stick to rapping 🤣😀👍🏻

@DiggerCrate @Shamrock715_ @HeathrowAirport @NHS I have nothing to gain but to avoid myself, my friends, family or anyone else for that matter being infected by the virus, because no-one knows the degree to which we will be affected. But y'know, carry on defending the indefensible. Deep down, you know they've screwed up.

@Mandapyne @GoodSamApp @NHS ID verified and had a link to app but it won't let me get past asking for medical documents on the app reg! No idea what it wants, I'm volunteering and they have my DBS already. Tried several times since yesterday.... to the powers that be....It's not working!!!

@RNRMC Last night the nation paid tribute to @NHS staff at the forefront of the Coronavirus outbreak. We want to also recognise all the @RoyalNavy medics & nurses who are working alongside the NHS in hospitals across the UK 👏 #ByYourSide #ClapForOurCarers

@_971562750907 @NHS Having been confirmed with prostate cancer this afternoon, despite Covid 19 pressures, can I say a huge thank you to all my local Northants NHS staff ie GP, HCA'S and NGH staff who have been exemplary to date. Not the result I wanted, but fingers crossed in the time ahead.

@Cynthia77073719 @KS1521944547 @SholaMos1 @piersmorgan @NHS @jeremycorbyn NHS needs more. however, during normal times. They waste a lot of money for unnecessary things. I get agencies calling me up for work even though I'm not interested for £32 an Hour. You can't just buy basic things like bulb it has to go through logistics stores costing more.

@CodaPharmacy In times of #selfisolation, #socialdistancing #remotework and #homeschooling, it's important to know that essential practices, such as ours, are working late hours keeping everyone safe. As part of the vast @NHS network, we are doing everything we can to assist you. #coronavirus

@t0ekn3345 @WokesAreJokes @syrachg It's really not nice to call anybody that, especially a woman, mate. What's wrong with you? She pointed out something like this shouldn't be trending, before offering sympathy for our amazing @NHS workers. Don't you agree they should be getting tested NOW? Genuine question.

@CocozzaDionne @Yorkshireantiqu @DuncanBannatyne @NHS Well they like the dyslexia tweets & @duncanBannatyne is obviously a selfish woose & happy to believe nasty troll & not get my sarcasm to donate & fact @Prince___Salman other trillions . So the coward has blocked me & least I know he’s not a real man after all 💰✍️👍 Good Job 👏

@DeborahPerkin I'm not so much taking aim at @bbc as looking back at how little scrutiny was given to the massive and weakening changes to our @NHS with a view to allowing some to profit. And look at us now.

@MatthewCodling Huge thanks to @LloydsPharmacy for delivering my regular asthma medication yesterday it was out of stock nationwide and today it arrived just like @NHS all pharmacies are working round the clock to look after patients 👍

@lindahaellgren @StuartMaconie a reminder😉 any chance of a happy birthday to my husband Neil who is working overtime on his birthday today? He is a biomedical scientist and works for the Swedish @NHS

@McColganAidan Massive shoutout to the @NHS workers at the QEUH in Glasgow for risking life and limb to ensure my Nana did not become another coronavirus statistic. You all are truly incredible!

@kate_frankie @Almond687 I'm incredibly grateful for our @NHS I can't believe it will come down to money and insurance cover for survival. Sits really badly with me

@Esarubbish @UKHumanRights @DrFrancesRyan @NHSuk @NHS @10DowningStreet Epilepsy in uk is not classed has high risk in 🇺🇸 it is. Even though High temp make Seizures worse prolong them More need of medical intervention more strain nhs.we are shielding but cant get help to do so we wont be on government list even though my husband can’t safely be left

@CocozzaDionne @westwood_ @DuncanBannatyne @NHS @richardbranson @rodstewart Your not lost mate ? I donated £1000 of my own money to Charity & how much charity work you done ? Do you have 5 children & live with hidden illness or you defending a multimillionaire? Really what are you saying ? You a idiot ? Or trouble maker ? Talking about super stingy rich

@Shamrock715_ @DiggerCrate @HeathrowAirport @NHS I have family and friends in NHS they’re not bitter to point the finger of blame. Yes they sit next to each other in the aircraft but it’s a catch-22 situation, what can you do. The airport isn’t responsible for seating arrangements either.

@leedsrhinos We are putting our hands together tonight to show our appreciation to all our incredible and heroic @NHS staff and carers who are working so hard to look after us all. Thank You 🙏 #ClapForOurCarers 👏👏👏

@wendy_turl Just want to say a big thank you to @RFPrimary for taking a big weight off my shoulders with childcare this week and allowing me to continue working in the @nhs. The kids have loved every minute and you have all been amazing! I really appreciate everything you're doing 👍

@CocozzaDionne @simonread1976 @robertmacadie @DuncanBannatyne @NHS @MindCharity @NHSuk Look in the reply it’s a reply to others ? Look at my replies & you see how low people go defending a multimillionaire & slag me ? Thats me replying to that & I spoke truth , don’t understand how selfish & rude people are & my sarcasm is kindness & not lies like some trolls

@Dave_Emo_3 @BBCPolitics @bbc5live @BBCNews @BBCPolitics Great last question, but not fully answered... If anything good to come from #COVID19 should be that government future fund/run @NHS acute hospitals with no > 85% bed capacity allowing for efficiency daily & capacity in a crisis, unlikely but can hope...🤞🏻

@arnie4u @Sc0ttJenkins @UKDemockery @BorisJohnson @NHS Yes it is all messed up. Still they are working their socks off. An it just shows how great they are. They shouldn't have to choose who they think should live or die. As if I get the virus. They mite have to chose between me and somebody else. My immune system is fooked.

@StevePrescott1 We are delivering @EcclestonArms Essential Items to Protect NHS. Important that u all now #StayHomeSaveLives Delivering to ALL #Prescott to @NHS Elderly Vulnerable Anyone Self Isolating or in need we will not refuse anyone Make that call 01744881881 @KAITAYLOR see example list

@SherstonTea Could the EU be any kinder fairer ? - please UK government just say thank you & join- we cannot do this alone & we desperately need to test test test. which we have not been doing. @NHS needs equipment etc etc please retweet so people see how fair and kind the EU is 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🙏

@plurwillsher2 @NHSuk @NHS so why is Northgate still open its not essential it's not helping the outbreak 10 million fish to die it's a breeding ground off hot wet bad food bad meds what nhs mh doing research into the next #ownivirus are they

@james_fotos I believe #rivvy is/was on fire again. You absolute pricks! It's not a busman's holiday. It's not time to go for a picnic. I hope you get a massive fine! Allegedly a bbq. Don't you idiots learn?! The @NHS has enough on it's plate. Dick heads! @LancashireFRS @LancsPolice

@gduknews @SASchofield52 @RoyalMintUK @NHS Hello Shane, thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, the plastic sheeting is not something we use, so none in stock. Will put a call-out to see if used by any of our suppliers. Great work by @RoyalMintUK 👏🏻👏🏻 for our wonderful #NHSheroes

@ParkguardLtd Our keyworkers are working around the clock carrying out essential duties on behalf of local authorities, remaining outside to support the communities they serve and keep you safe. Please check government & @NHS guidance regularly, for updates and do what is needed #staysafe

@TerryMcIvor Now that we've all been out and clapped for those workers on the frontline in the @NHS, how about we give them a frickin' payrise damnit!?! And not some measly payrise, how about bringing them up to and beyond a livable wage? @BorisJohnson @jeremycorbyn @CPC_HQ @UKLabour

@CocozzaDionne @winston_moore @DuncanBannatyne @NHS @NHSuk @realDonaldTrump Who cares 😂 That was because I was trying to learn lyrics but I’m better freestyle & I do a faster rap soon 🥴 I’ve got @IGGYAZALEA & #stormzy song that’s better 😂 I need practice & not just wing it & writing ✍️ lyrics I can’t remember 🤓That’s slow you down ..😂

@ConfusedLady2 @AliceSk51626678 @NHSOrganDonor @NHS @hartlepoolsixth We owe it to our donors (and their families if deceased) to look after ourselves, it’s not always easy, but neither was life before transplant xxx

@adammosscomedy Well I have just been told I'm not allowed into the hospital to see Karen's baby scan, as a father to be it's heartbreaking 💔 as a @NHS I understand, remember it's bigger then all of us xxx

@SamirAllioui The @ICNARC report based on @NHS data on #overweight and #COVID19 is not credible. Not even if @BorisJohnson would promise to fuck a pig over it.

@Harry_Grimes @youtube taking a @ukeventures video down that's raising money for the @nhs is disgraceful, someone putting themselves out there and setting it all up to be put down is awful. #friendsquiz #ukeventures #IsolationLife #COVID19 #coronavirus #COVID2019 #FridayNightDinner

@MarkIRobertson1 It's not too late to use a tissue. Stay home, protect the @NHS, save lives and use a tissue.

@ncook6 @KS1521944547 @SholaMos1 @piersmorgan @NHS @jeremycorbyn Did you actually say ‘look at the state we’re in now’!! If Corbyn had got into power he would be crying in the corner not having a clue what to do. The man couldn’t run a bath! Wasn’t that obvious. Good intentions are one thing, reality is another and he’s a weak individual!

@Dave_Emo_3 @BBCNews @bbc5live @BBCNews @BBCPolitics Question not fully answered... If anything good to come from #COVID19 should be that government future fund/run @NHS acute hospitals with no > 85% bed capacity allowing for efficiency daily & capacity in a crisis, unlikely but can hope...🤞🏻

@winston_moore @CocozzaDionne @DuncanBannatyne @NHS @NHSuk @realDonaldTrump If I had £5mil to give I would believe me..!! I also agree that big companies should donate.. Duncan does do a lot of work for charities anyway.. apologies for the not to kind first response but your rapping skills do need improvement 🤣🤣😀

@CocozzaDionne @simonread1976 @robertmacadie @DuncanBannatyne @NHS @MindCharity @NHSuk Inn replying to the tweets & look on my page & see comments . So disappointed in the immature trolls & defending a rich man & blamg me for fact he’s not donated? Don’t understand people & fact is the rich do get richer in #pandemic ? Where’s donations @NHSuk poor ? All I asked 💰

@DocMoschos [email protected] today pushed millions of #COVID Antigen tests for @NHS. These use antibodies, not PCR to detect the virus. PCR detects 3-10 molecules of the virus per sample. There is no antigen test that can do this. So, what will this antigen test be used on? Nasal swab RT-PCR...

@CllrWhitehead @VanFiorelli2013 @NHS @Dyson I think we should be supportive of all manufacturers (especially local ones) offering to help especially if we do not know what f there is any profit involved.

@StevePrescott1 We are delivering @EcclestonArms Essential Items to Protect our NHS. Important that u all now #StayHomeSaveLives Delivering to ALL borough #StHelens to @NHS Elderly Vulnerable Anyone Self Isolating or in need we will not refuse anyone Make that call 01744881881 #StHelenstogether

@ridgers2012 @MattBofStoke @LauraSmithCrewe @NHS And now is the time to take to social media and comtinually moan about it? That's my point, we should be praising the intuitive nature in which they are overcoming these shortfalls, not point scoring. It's fucking embarrising

@ThePointyStick @BenKay5 @NHS @thecsp Seconded! Big up all the respiratory physio teams working so hard to help *every* patient! ❤️

@craigkennyart The real superheroes working to keep all of us [email protected] @nhs @clap_the_nhs_uk #nhssuperheroes

@K_Ramps @GoodSamApp @RoyalVoluntary @NHS @NHSX @MattHancock The app was working yesterday but when I try to log in today now wants me to register? Has anyone else experienced this?

@adammosscomedy @laurenb82 @NHS Not allowing to film either I'm Afraid, dunno why BUT it's strange times

@RoyalFamily #ClapForOurCarers is an opportunity to show our thanks and appreciation for @NHS workers, volunteers and all those working on the frontline. Join in at 8pm tonight! 👏👏👏

@DiggerCrate @Shamrock715_ @HeathrowAirport @NHS Every customer-facing org had to assure their customers by announcing the measures they were putting into place to continue operating. LHR may not be the sole exception but as a major port, don't you think they had a responsibility to their pax AND the rest of the country?

@thegingeroneni So MPs are now working from home? How many have made their second homes available to @NHS staff currently volunteering in London? I imagine I could count the number on one dismembered hand. #covid19UK #NHSheroes #NHS

@CocozzaDionne @winston_moore @DuncanBannatyne @NHS @NHSuk Great 👍 Donate 5 million to @NHSuk & send me the receipt 🧾 & I buy your record ...😴but have to buy ear 👂 muffs also 🥴 If that’s ok with you ? 🏨💰👍😇💰#5million From all you rich UK based loop hole 🕳 experts 🤓😂 @NHSuk needs you now ...Like now ? Not next year 😴

@mkothia94 The workers of the @NHS deserve great credit however I cannot help but think how badly our NHS has been let down by 10 years of austerity. The #coronavirus has shown how far behind our health services are behind countries like Germany. To put it simply, AUSTERITY KILLS! #COVID19

@TaniaPomroy So proud of @charlo_thomas and all the other student nurses working through this #pandemic. Up until now student nurses have been working 40 unpaid hours a week for the @NHS. Lets fight to change that regardless of what situation we are in. #unsungheroes #COVID19 #coronavirus

@Ruben_V_P #Lies and more lies. #downingstreet and others in the #UKGoverment put anti-EU sentiments above public health and supplying necessary materials to the @NHS they so claim to love and fund. Not pretty.

@tranCendenZ @DaveConradUK @NHS I'd hate to be a supermarket worker this last fortnight... And I'm a private care home assistant. I'd not trade one bit.

@V_Amico @MiddlesexUni @NHS @WhitHealth @NorthMidNHS @Moorfields @ROHNHSFT @RNOHnhs @CI_NHS @RoyalFreeNHS @NHSBartsHealth @CarmelClancy1 I'm making a documentary about student nurses working on the frontline of the NHS. If anyone is interested in speaking to me about your experience please DM me or email [email protected] Thank you for your time and best of luck.

@RajaRazwanAslam @VibeTickets @VibePay @NHSCharities Straightaway when I got the notification. Not messing about here, when the @nhs can do a lot for us, we are with @VibePay & @LukeMassie to support them.

@Lethalleathard Thank you @piersmorgan I cannot tell you just how proud dedicated and focussed our teams are. True care does not begin and end at the threshold of our hospitals, we are proud to serve @NorthumbriaNHS @NHS @itvnews @SharonBarbour @BBCWorld @SkyNews @ladbible @TheSandK #kindness

@t0ekn3345 @WokesAreJokes @syrachg @NHS That's your opinion; it's not mine. I don't agree with you and personally think he's having lots of people over with his wartime slogan, nationalist diatribe. You'd have to be cognitively challenged to buy into it. "Cheap snide remarks"...... You called a woman as a c**t.

@OMGitsTheChurch @fatherfunkmusic brand new remix of Where My Hail Marys At? Is available to stream RIGHT NOW sinners! And we've dedicated it to the incredible @NHS staff who are working around the clock to keep us safe. You are Angels <3 Stream the full track here:

@dink2k5 @piyush121103 @AnfieldWatch OK. @NHS you are not alone and we are thankful. Notice I didn't have to sing that song 🤷‍♂️

@male_ware @AndyBurnhamGM @johnsonBorris__ It's the OPPOSITE of a holiday. It's a dangerous crisis not a time for fun. No socialising, no fun, work for the common good. That's what's confusing people i.e. work at home or, if that is not possible, work at work/on-site but keep apart. It's a time to be selfless like @NHS

@needsfixingnow Holy duck people! Wake up and see what our disgusting govt is up to now! Not ordering ventilators or protective gear for @NHS staff BUT building giant morgues for us!!!!!!

@PeggysWorldCiC But @MattHancock recognised social care. Unfortunately others didn’t. We need to replace @nhs with #HealthandSocialCare and #familycarers @CarersUK @tide_carers to include all those working round the clock providing essential services #COVID19

@pianoman_ed Isn't it about time the seriously rich did something to help? If you look at your bank account & its 8 figures long, why not give a bit to @NHS or the like? Also - don't make a video appeal, or charity single so that folks with far less of money pay. Just put something back!

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