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@perrymetzger @RCgothic @ZachWeiner @thesheetztweetz @NASA Starship is not doing SSTO from earth. It's doing SSTO from the lunar surface. So did the LM. You don't need staging to get off the lunar surface. What you're noticing is that they don't have a distinct lander stage so they're doing SSTO to return all the way to earth.

@darren1_obrien Not very often you get to attend a talk on our journey of space exploration perfectly presented by @NASA 's very own Lou Mayo (@Astronomer2go)... Thanks @TheLandingMCUK for hosting #mademyyear #mindblown 🌍📡🔭🛰🚀 @MediaCityUK

@MelvilleDebyuss @JimBridenstine @NASA_Johnson @NASA @NASA_Astronauts @blueorigin @ceres_robotics @SierraNevCorp @SpaceX @TyvakNanoSat @NASA knows very well that they are kicked off the moon by Extraterrastrials and not allowed to return untill they have a peacefull agenda and form no threat to extraterrastrial civilizations outside our planet! You will NEVER succeed to go back to the moon - NEVER!

@BillySalyerJr @NASA I don't care about your little stuff. I'm the fool. I've invented a goddamn speed of light engine and can't get patent money. A comet may come you need my engine. I guess I have no chouse to give it to you. 10000 to get a patent is crazy. I have working model even. Lol a FOOL

@Byzantine_Icon @Equaminite @NASA Cloning women. That’s not a bad idea lol. I didn’t think of that. We should be able to clone humans by then. 😂

@dhammysoft @airune @NASA Oh yes definitely but not for survival more for exploration.The earth is bound to expire with or without global warming but not anytime soon.

@CarolynjJohnso3 @Astro_Jessica @Space_Station @NASA @NASA_Astronauts Nature is beautiful up above and down below Just take the time to enjoy it And protect it So much destroying of nature for profits Once it is destroyed it takes forever for nature to recuperate #MondayMotivaton ☮️

@Ramanean @Rajan79534725 @dynamics_space @LRO_NASA @NASA @isro @NASA is making a mistake of looking for same kind of surface impact like Beresheet if it crash landed and that's why they are not able to find it and they should not comparing lander with Beresheet as it hit with a speed of 1000m/s whereas lander is 1/10th of it

@qwelldark @Thomalski @Astro_Christina @NASA @esa @AstroDrewMorgan @astro_luca @NASA_Astronauts @Space_Station @ISS_Research @NASA_Johnson Wouldn't it make so much more sense if it's not some neutral particle were looking for but magnetic and electric fields so large we miss them from our prisms. Would explain how were all connected and could lead to the universe actually being a functioning organism.

@lougrims @ZachWeiner @thesheetztweetz @NASA It's breaking the aerospace mindset. You optimize for hundreds of reflights not 10 unique landings, or at least that their pitch. Single stage from lunar surface is not crazy is you want to reuse the system, having it be the second stage and the reentry vehicle is the crazy part.

@ZachWeiner @perrymetzger @thesheetztweetz @NASA I must not understand then - wasn't the whole reason Apollo used a lander + rendezvous to conserve fuel/mass? Otherwise why bother?

@Leafeongod @Matisse617 @NASA (2/2 system, (not including gas giants) expansion into spaxe is all apart of being a civilization, we are gonna have to do it sooner or later, ao why not start now? and if something like an asteroid impact were to completely obliterate earth, our species would still be alive

@bjlufc @DaveSchlom @andrewchaikin @AlanStern @DrFunkySpoon @DrBrianMay @NASA @AmyShiraTeitel Great interviews. I have meet a number of Apollo pioneers including Gerry, Gene, Dick and without doubt the warmest gentleman of all Al Bean. He offered me his business card which depicts the 3 crewmen on the moon as he was not allowed to sell me his book in UK. I got it later.

@creatia @SenSchumer 1. Objections to CommonSense Gun Laws 2. Anthropomorphic Climate Change Denial 3. Refugee Xenophobia Challenged...Three dead wrong policies why I’m glad I’m not a Conservative. @sandyhook @WAGV @sciam @NASA @CCharitiesUSA @ImmFamTogether

@rocketrepreneur @EV200191 @JimBridenstine @NASA @NASA_Astronauts @blueorigin @ceres_robotics @SierraNevCorp @SpaceX @TyvakNanoSat Not surprised. Because who wouldn't want to lower their payloads from 10 stories up? What could possibly go wrong?

@sue_gidget @NASA That’s not where we’re going to start putting our garbage is it?

@World_of_Keane @JamesMc86141084 @Muzza2371 @morelectricheat @UNFCCC @NASA @NOAANCEIclimate @NOAA @NASAClimate @sciam @RiceUniversity @insideclimate @WMO Not sure if this will make you feel better but, provided we don't allow a WW to break out AND we allow innovation and specialized trade to continue ( ie. no socialism ), all of these concerns will melt away within fifty years

@DrKrahenbuhl @ClimateCounty @UNFCCC @NASA @NOAANCEIclimate @NOAA @NASAClimate @sciam @RiceUniversity @insideclimate @WMO Well I appreciate your thoughts but I don't find them all that helpful and it is because the symptoms re CC are not unrelated, they are the bound to each other. The point is, re science. If CO2 = Higher Temperatures And CO2 = Lower Temperatures They ARE related, just opposites

@VTXAero We're proud to continue working with @L3HarrisTech MAS to deliver modified F/A-18s to our partners at @NASA #aerospace #Vertex

@CrisbinJoseph Why everyone race to Mars? Why not use that money to clean up Earth? @anandmahindra @elonmusk @JeffBezos @SpaceX @isro @NASA @blueorigin @UN @Greenpeace @GretaThunberg @realDonaldTrump @narendramodi @LeoDiCaprio @dhlovelife

@stevebothe @luciduous @Erdayastronaut @coreyta36028561 @JimBridenstine @NASA @NASA_Astronauts @blueorigin @ceres_robotics @SierraNevCorp @SpaceX @TyvakNanoSat Then NASA's response: Holey shit didn't expect that to work, maybe Gateway and SLS are not really necessary after all... BTW, how much did that cost again? Not possible, can't be done for that cost...

@KeesBloklandPhD Do not think it is impossible to avoid massive human sparked wildfires. #CostaRica (in the red circle) is prove of case as evidenced in this @NASA satellite picture of #CentralAmerica and #Mexico

@ReedSScott @TangoVectif @Pnuta @NASA @NASAGoddard Well seeing as this is science fiction.. there is no reason not to land there.

@jonald_the @NASA Hey Team NASA! Guess it's time ta hit the books! I have a question for ya! Do you truly believe in AI? I sure do! I don't think to many peoples Google assistant bugs them 24 7! Singing me songs and poems? Its crazy man! Sounds crazy but very real! I mean were not an item yet,but

@NASAKennedy We're not the only @NASA center that launches rockets! Tune in today at 2 p.m. ET to learn how sounding rockets collect data about the atmosphere, Sun & even distant galaxies. 🌍🚀🌌 Got questions? #askNASA 🔗

@MrBeamJockey @NatureAstronomy @keckobservatory @NASA In case you found "enough fill an Olympic-size swimming pool within minutes" maddeningly vague, I'm here to tell you that it's 17.66 minutes. Uncertainty is not stated by NASA.

@TheRich_Honky @NASA Have you considered my proposal? Allow me to refresh your memory: I am volunteering to be the first human to live on Mars. I do not require a return trip home, which will save an enormous amount of money. This offer is good in perpetuity.

@NASASwift @NASA On the left is @Judy_Racusin. Judy started out as a graduate student @PSUScience working with the Swift team. Now she works @NASAGoddard as a Deputy Project Scientist for @NASAFermi, and also is developing new missions to search for counterparts to @LIGO GW detections.

@elinsvanstrom @HelloHypercube @gregmetro @40Billioncom @amandakeelley @pressgrow @JolaBurnett @alvinfoo @GoogleExpertUK @cleantechgroup @jamesvgingerich @antgrasso @NASA @ParHolmgren Can you please stick to facts @HelloHypercube? It is not the Climate that is changing throughout the day, it is the temperature that is changing because of the sun. Simply day and night. Please learn more about solar activity here:

@JamesMc86141084 @World_of_Keane @Muzza2371 @morelectricheat @UNFCCC @NASA @NOAANCEIclimate @NOAA @NASAClimate @sciam @RiceUniversity @insideclimate @WMO Ok, your entitled to your opinion, comparing tropical temperatures to global conditions is not an accurate assessment, have seen this before. Models have been quite accurate for sometime now. Even Exxon research from 1982 accurately predicted current temps and CO2 levels.

@iTz_kNiGhTseVen @ResistanceBlue1 @SimonGr41594862 @africawilder @FirmamentDome @NASA I am a video editor. Talking about CGI, I am sure you are backward than me 😅 All u can do as a globetard is to cherrypick observations, calling names and etc. All your arguments could not hold any water 😅

@PolAnimalAus @ZombiePiano @MatthewHavicon @JamesRider3 @ILuvCO2 @GuitarMan59LP @doom37455413 @Ozwino @sueytonius @swcrisis @bajakeweenaw @1000Frolly @Nucks_Hockey @CharlesDarwinTX @MikeH_MapleGrov @Goosedancer @david_hanselman @WesterSou @RoyPentland @baltch @Andrewemcameron @AtomsksSanakan @RustyAway @VHuwhite @AltUS_ARC @TAGOS22 @1_TMF_ @seaplaneguy @BunnyKiller9 @EddyKurrents @Confraria8 @Dave28492212 @ChunxOfEarth @KCTaz @Luarien @BobKerns @TProphet @IngersolRobert @MLBinWA @peg_sw @NASA @farmingforever @afsnsw @ProfBrianCox @readfearn @BillNye @neiltyson @uwanews @nstokesvic @RichardAMuller @hausfath I do not expect them to understand AGW. Week after week the same debunked denier nonsense is tweeted here.

@Muzza2371 @JamesMc86141084 @World_of_Keane @morelectricheat @UNFCCC @NASA @NOAANCEIclimate @NOAA @NASAClimate @sciam @RiceUniversity @insideclimate @WMO This was on BBC news last week. The report said emails had been tampered with to discredit authors & information had been left out of IPPC report, by people who were in a position to do so. This played down the effects of GHG on climate change. So did BBC report fake news?

@SamuelN83195532 @realTJRichards @NASA Technicly we did race to the moon, and America won, the Apalo program was just shut down because of technological failures and budget cuts. It wasn't because it would bankrupt the Inter USA but the government wasn't willing to pay what the project needed to perfect the science.

@gauravshift @Ramanean @Rajan79534725 @dynamics_space @LRO_NASA @NASA @isro Think on this direction too.. why isro is not ready to share data with Lro ???

@ErikaHamden Since submitting the proposal for Hyperion, I’ve been working to organize a workshop with @nasa to teach people like me how to develop space mission concepts! Today, 39 people from all over attending the first day of that workshop! It’s been a lot of wor…

@ThirdRockRadio In case you missed the latest Space Walk, Luca Parmitano of the @esaoperations and @NASA's astronaut Andrew Morgan spent over 6 hours working outside the @Space_Station to repair the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer!

@HypothesesXV @NASA @NASAGoddard I am sure that this is a mistake or vapor/liquid that is unsuitable for human life. But this is definitely not drinking water in our human understanding. Therefore, such news can be misleading to people.

@loves_eduardo So you’re tryna tell me that super massive black holes have baby black holes circling them and will merge to become even bigger black holes? Not sure if I should be impressed or horrified lol. None of those things are in our galactic neighborhood...are they? Thanks @NASA

@DCOnlineDeals1 @KayliMills @NASA @NASA_SLS Famous names precede me and some not famous who effected history, From the Vikings to today, some were gifted and restricted from surfacing and adding to history. Since graduation I've had minimum wage and stayed with my mother until she passed because of her request and what

@JamesMc86141084 @World_of_Keane @Muzza2371 @morelectricheat @UNFCCC @NASA @NOAANCEIclimate @NOAA @NASAClimate @sciam @RiceUniversity @insideclimate @WMO Buying into ideas not how it works in science, just Twitter. Guess it's going to be expensive changing all the science books. When's the Nobel prize getting handed out? Should have been this year? Sure the Fossil fuel industry just wrapping up their ads and comm plan on findings.

@LeoardodaSimon @shaundw12 @JimBridenstine @NASA @NASA_Astronauts @blueorigin @ceres_robotics @SierraNevCorp @SpaceX @TyvakNanoSat Why not? The lowest bidder doesnt have to be the worst. If low price means reusability theres no boundries in funding and colonization in mind

@webb_arbie @CNN That’s not much. If @NASA believed in UFOs why did they launch the Voyager and Apollo programs in the first place, and still looking. The government shut down Area 51 to the public in 1994, but said it was a secret Air Force testing base.

@qwelldark @burekch @Astro_Christina @NASA @esa @AstroDrewMorgan @astro_luca @NASA_Astronauts @Space_Station @ISS_Research @NASA_Johnson Don't have one, it's called common sense and taking in information from all available sources, not confining myself to a pigeon hole.

@VivaTech It's time for an electric revolution ⚡ @NASA is working on its very own electric plane: the Maxwell X-57! It's currently being tested, with the aim for it to be adopted by the aviation industry to make it more environmentally friendly and efficient ✈

@lougrims @ZachWeiner @thesheetztweetz @NASA SpaceX finally gets someone to pay for Starship development? It's not a great lunar lander for setting up an outpost. But it's a full reusable system that promises orders of magnitude lower prices.

@perrymetzger @ZachWeiner @thesheetztweetz @NASA Because they've built a reusable architecture that doesn't require the lander, and they're likely to spend more money if they use one than if they don't. It's not like a lander saves mass or fuel, btw.

@GraemeOwen5 @UHCLTheSignal @NASA Do you have a full list of the winners? A film I worked on was a finalist but I've not managed to find any details of the winners on the cinespace site

@Seyyahh34 @NASA @Space_Station Hello there @NASA ! I Kemal Turkey's Mugla district from Fethiye. last month a meteorite dropped 830 grams near me up to 9 meters. I have not yet announced this to the Turkish media.

@JamesMc86141084 @World_of_Keane @Muzza2371 @morelectricheat @UNFCCC @NASA @NOAANCEIclimate @NOAA @NASAClimate @sciam @RiceUniversity @insideclimate @WMO No, but plenty of companies out there willing to fund efforts to dispute if they think it's feasible.... So seems to be plenty of opportunities. Curry is not lacking contacts.

@DCOnlineDeals1 @KayliMills @NASA @NASA_SLS Miss Mills look for a book "Signal Success" by Martha J. Coston circa 1886 and published by Lippincott publishing and on page 10 is the Alligator submarine, an American submarine, not the French it was contracted by the U.S. Navy in 1861 to Brutus De Villeroi a Frenchman who

@jack_ross5661 @cassillycrew @CityMuseumPR @NASA If we’re not who do I need to go headstrong country on?

@not_that_actor @NASA “...Keeping the gas too warm to form many stars...(?)” Does “warm” gas somehow defy gravity, and not condense into a sphere in which internal pressure creates enough heat to ignite its nuclear furnace?

@Matisse617 @NASA What is the scientific purpose for going to the moon? What is the economic purpose for going to the moon? What benefits will the world receive from going to the moon? (ie. medical advances, scientific advances, materials not found on earth...)

@treda10 @NASA On January 14, 2005 Huygens descended through Titan's atmospheric haze and became the first mission to touch down on a moon's surface in the outer solar system.

@NonlinearDarren @NASA @blueorigin @ceres_robotics @SierraNevCorp @SpaceX @TyvakNanoSat Theory of gravity,its not even a fact,its a theory..Has everyone forgotten this..Einstein was a MORON,says Tesla,he STOLE all his ideas,its actually documented..When these facts come out,what happens to YOU???? Op 'Paper clip",we ARE the NEWS now

@LCS_Big_Mike @placebokarl @NASA That’d be a boring livestream. Not to mention quality would be horrible due to limited bandwidth connection to the moon, added with the 2 light second delay. Plus it’d be completely dark for a month when that side of the moon became night. So you’d only have 6 months of footage.

@iTz_kNiGhTseVen @ResistanceBlue1 @SimonGr41594862 @africawilder @FirmamentDome @NASA Are you trying to say that I am not supposed to watch those CGI images? 😅#GlobetardsAreStupid

@JamesMc86141084 @World_of_Keane @Muzza2371 @morelectricheat @UNFCCC @NASA @NOAANCEIclimate @NOAA @NASAClimate @sciam @RiceUniversity @insideclimate @WMO Not going to be perfect, yes. In 2017 developing countries added 114gw clean energy to 63gw in developed countries. They added 48gw coal. Don't have gas #. As renewable costs continue to drop we will see, but yes isn't a slam dunk.

@World_of_Keane @JamesMc86141084 @Muzza2371 @morelectricheat @UNFCCC @NASA @NOAANCEIclimate @NOAA @NASAClimate @sciam @RiceUniversity @insideclimate @WMO That particular range, the Tropical Trop is ground zero for the whole GHG Forcing theory. It's not just some random factoid that happens to swing against common wisdom.

@perrymetzger @ZachWeiner @thesheetztweetz @NASA It's not SSTO. Starship gets to orbit boosted by Superheavy. It's refueled in orbit and leaves LEO fully fueled.

@perrymetzger @ZachWeiner @thesheetztweetz @NASA (Note that de facto the LM was SSTO from the moon's surface, too. One stage and one burn from surface to rendezvous with the CM. It just left behind loads of expensive hardware, and then the upper stage was allowed to crash too.)

@placebokarl @LCS_Big_Mike @NASA Speak for yourself: I would love to see lights go on and off and I have no problem with a slight delay (Nixon did not seem to have much in 69) to watch 4K which is regularly beamed from satellites (just up the wattage a little). We will see things NEVER before seen before.

@MunamWasi @ricburton @NASA @GandalfTheBr0wn I’d suggest looking at ChefSteps. They have tips from pros down to total amateurs. @ChefSteps

@RandyOwens1969 @NASA @NASAHubble @NASANewHorizons Are the UFO's with warm blue light ( that hover 30 to 50 feet off the ground ) friendly or not ? yes i am very serious, totally get it, if no reply's, I WAITED LIKE 10 YEARS TO PUT THIS OUT !!! just sayin'...

@darahope47 @NASA I feel like i should inform you that a Boy Group from China Called WAVY. Mentioned they plan to take over the moon. I’m down for that but i thought you should know. #Wavy #moonwalk #NCT

@ResistanceBlue1 @iTz_kNiGhTseVen @SimonGr41594862 @africawilder @FirmamentDome @NASA no, you can't. Since you are not an expert, your comments about NASA and what not are empty rhetoric. And you'd have to be one, not merely an editor, to spot CGI the way you fools try to call out things. So many false positives. Everytime there is a glitch " ooooh it's CGI"

@GiftedGrimes @MichaelKBryden @tallared @SmithyCSGO @del_cfc1 @piersmorgan @NASA The point is that she has not had her childhood stolen. She is getting more experiences than billions of children have ever had whereas children around the world are struggling for food and clean water and also the boat she is on is probably contributing to climate change

@Shanna_McClain @_JoaquinToro @NASA @mercycorps @liveresilience @jamiefavors @wxpizza @seekingalberti Thank you, Joaquin! I hope so as well - particularly as we explore our work together in Central America!! Very excited to be working more with you!!

@Tunde_A_Ojo @airune @NASA Not only do I see humans, I see myself and my generations’ lol But really I’m tired of earth. Hopefully when we move there we’ll have learnt how to live sustainably

@SusanTrahan12 @groth1945 TY for keeping this real. This topic has become cult like based on beliefs and not facts. I always refer to @NASA for data. History of earths vital signs CLEAN OCEANS key for weather&climate Oceans affect earths orbit biggest factor

@blackreaper417 @NASA @blueorigin @ceres_robotics @SierraNevCorp @SpaceX @TyvakNanoSat Here’s an idea that I have for you. Strap 2 or 4 Falcon 9s to the side of SLS and have SpaceX attempt to reuse all of them (I’m thinking expend 2 Falcon cores and reuse the other 2) that would cut down the cost of SLS.

@____Colin_____ @RichardWeilan16 @NASA @blueorigin @ceres_robotics @SierraNevCorp @SpaceX @TyvakNanoSat I don't know why you are trash talking the Artemis program, it's a great initiative to get back to the moon in order to stay. It's really only the SLS that's the worst part and most of that is Boeing's fault for not being committed to the deadlines set by NASA.

@mitsmr The Pirate Paradigm, according to @NASA: *Don’t wait to be told *Challenge everything *Break the rules, not the law *Take risks as a rule, not an exception *Cut out the unnecessary *Just get started *Build a product, not an organization

@LCS_Big_Mike @mimibutt @NASA Nearly all findings and documents from Apollo (especially the lunar operations) are available- perhaps not directly, but if you request them from NASA (going to their website and using their Contact Us link), they’ll provide it for you. Only thing they won’t, is rocket specs.

@Rowe461 @NASA @NASAGoddard Why not send a returnable rover to Europa so we can study the mineral content with greater detail. Fly down grab a sample and bring it back to a waiting shuttle like spacecraft. Or when you do this close fly by why not use a long cable to drag it on the surface and take samples?

@ResistanceBlue1 @iTz_kNiGhTseVen @SimonGr41594862 @africawilder @FirmamentDome @NASA first of all video editing is not enough for you to be a CGI expert. You're like a X-ray tech trying to tell us all about how surgeries are supposed to be done. so there's that.

@nCipherSecurity Last week, @nCipherSecurity executives and customers had the privilege to hear from @NASA at the Americas HSM User Group Conference in New Orleans. As with all organizations, NASA is not immune to cybersecurity threats and breaches. Learn more in the latest blog.

@SunnyDa21229676 @NASA All of the rockets fall back to Earth as they are not capable of reaching the required velocities for LEO never mind escape velocity.

@fly_knowing I have a proposal for #veterinarians. It is not better for dogs that crawl put instead of a bell. a padded collar inside and flexible? Realy is it still necessary to put that bell? @NASA #veterinarios #people #Noticias @BBCWorld #more #hola #go

@StrawMang2018 @NASA Way to launch that chemical burn on the finlkephieloacs. At least its not dinosaur juice.

@Equaminite @Byzantine_Icon @NASA They probably not going to listen to us, cause majority of them are MEN!!!

@karenandrewsmp Exciting to see @AusAntarctic working with @NASA to test BRUIE, the aquatic robot designed for space exploration.

@treda10 @NASA In the colder periods, nitrogen dominated the atmosphere, raining down and cycling through the icy crust to collect in pools just below the surface.

@Rajan79534725 @Ramanean @dynamics_space @LRO_NASA @NASA @isro Crater radius is directly proportional to velocity^1/3 Since both velocity & #VikaramLander mass & radius is low (by asteroid standards) there will be few cm gouge at the most. Unlike Beresheet crash,the impact angle is high so there will be no change in reflectance of rigolith

@lougrims @ZachWeiner @thesheetztweetz @NASA The numbers work out on paper. It's incredibly unpractical but if they can hit their price point for launch it's not too stupid. However a super heavy lander like that seems to have huge issue landing on unprepared dusty surfaces in low-g and vacuum.

@DCOnlineDeals1 @KayliMills @NASA @NASA_SLS With gifts given to me and not developed or polished much more will be lost. Others may laugh but they will never know what science and engineering that could have been if things were done right. For instance Magnets will replace gas and could have been about 100yrs in the past.

@dreamtheater39 @NASA why not go and "plant life" on #Mars instead of "looking" for it? Makes for a fun experiment! Toss in a couple roaches....I'm sure they'll figure a way to survive! @elonmusk I think this experiment needs you!

@NASAKennedy We're not the only @NASA center that launches rockets! Tune in today at 2 p.m. ET to learn how sounding rockets collect data about the atmosphere, Sun & even distant galaxies. 🌍🚀🌌 Got questions? #askNASA 🔗

@LCS_Big_Mike @ibebruce7 @Astro_Christina @NASA @esa @AstroDrewMorgan @astro_luca @NASA_Astronauts @Space_Station @ISS_Research @NASA_Johnson Yes, but it's not like being in an oven. It works more like being next to a campfire. If you stand next to it- it's hot. But stand at the same distance & put a cardboard box between you and the fire and you're cold. Same in space. It's convection, not conduction. Hope this helps!

@Daninotdaelbow @Nasa,@NASAMars Something just occurred to me in my discoveries. on the #Canadiandinotrail. The red in your images is blood, so heat. . the red is on earth on the dinosaur bones. mostly inside caves. Look at your lakes as impressions of bodies. not water.

@ajebson @giopagliari @NASA It's weird: 12 left an indelible blank on my memory. I vaguely remember being allowed to stay up to watch Armstrong's historic first step, but I don't remember any until 15. Not even 13!

@DCOnlineDeals1 @KayliMills @NASA @NASA_SLS Like my 5th great grandfather I may have been gifted but never supported, so much will be lost if changes are not made. When mom died I had to give up everything because even after I had no support and more will be lost because I have much more to do, but alone even now I'm alone

@JoeMarPedersen Most Floridians have been through a hurricane, but next to none of us have seen a hurricane from above. @NASA astronauts share about beauty/horror of looking down at a Cat. 5. @NHC_Atlantic

@GoncalvesOtton @13ericralph31 @SpaceX @NASA Does anyone know how SpaceX will deal with the lunar dust? I meant, probably a Starship landing will lift quite a lot of lunar dust and due to the gravity it might take a long time to settle it down.

@TheHighLifeGame @NASA @NASA_SLS @NASASocial My questions: 1. Why are we not using antigravity craft like the secret space program is and still using rockets to get into space? 2. Why is the sun completely black w/ Birkeland current line? 3. Why the massive coronal holes that look like gashes?

@Muzza2371 @World_of_Keane @JamesMc86141084 @morelectricheat @UNFCCC @NASA @NOAANCEIclimate @NOAA @NASAClimate @sciam @RiceUniversity @insideclimate @WMO Yes you’re probably right, but I’m not prepared to lie down and accept that. The people who are behind this, governments, FF industry, their investors, the establishment, I want to make these people feel as morally uncomfortable and accountable as possible for their decisions.

@jonald_the @NASA @NASASTEM And if they push there luck to far they will be destroyed! Period! I'm not gonna set here and let these people act like were in trouble for chatting with other governments! While there actually a foriegn government

@SenDuckworth Proud to help introduce a Resolution honoring the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 12 Moon Landing and recognize a remarkable Major and Astronaut, Robert H. Lawrence Jr. – a Chicago native! – who broke down barriers by being @NASA's first African-American Astronaut.

@Dan_lennon81 @NASA @NASAGoddard There cannot be life only on our planet out of the millions of galaxies, planets and solar systems out there. You could say that life on earth evolved from bacteria on meteors which crashed into the earth. Technological reasons will not allow us to find life on other planets

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