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by dan   3 months ago

pokemon game moving to slow

by MasterShrimp14   4 months ago

The website itself is working, but the game does not appear after clicking the ‘load game’ button. It just takes you to another page with two ads, one of them being where the game used to be. Getting rid of the ads just leads to a blank page.

by Jefferey   4 months ago

Yes my name is spelled Jefferey. With an E. And yes. isn't working. For some reason when I hit "load game" on any game (I'm trying to play Pokemon Emerald) (I'm so close too!) it takes me to a new tab. Like normal. But, there isn't a game screen. It's just the normal categories and "We love RETRO GAMES" and just ads. I think the ads are where the emulator screen is supposed to be. But yeah, what do I do?

by Feller   4 months ago

The site is up but you can not load games. The place where the game window would be on the page is just blank. Tried deleting cookies, different browsers. No luck.

by User   4 months ago

I was playing a game quite recently and I've been trying to play it and tried the methods that were recommended and nothing has worked for me.

by guy   4 months ago

gba emulator is not loading regardless if cookies have been cleared, across many browsers

by Raul Serna   4 months ago

Whenever I try to start game the screen won’t pop up. I press load game but on the next tab that pops up an ad seems to replace the start game screen

by Santino   4 months ago

My emulator is not working. If I hit load game I go to a page with... no game! I don't have a GBA and this is the only way for me to play Fire Red, Minish Cap, and many more games.

by TIONDRE   4 months ago

game doesnt pop up with ads

by Alex   4 months ago

Was just playing last night but now the game won't show up when I try to load it

by Ronith Chowdhury   4 months ago

The game is not showing up on the website.

by Francisco   4 months ago

My emulator doesnt show up

by Nalg   4 months ago

Any game loading

by Raheem Akhtar   4 months ago

game doesnt load after clicking play game, just the page not including the game - like that on all the games i tried

by Francisco   4 months ago

The emulator to play the GBA Games doesnt appear

by Francisco   4 months ago

When i press the play button, its opens another webpage but the emulator doesnt show

by :(   4 months ago

the game is invisible and/or replaced by ads.

by advlknag   4 months ago

ads showing in position of the game

by zeo   8 months ago

When I move in Paper Mario the screen starts flashing repeatedly making the game hard to see and play

by zeo   8 months ago

When I move in Paper Mario the screen starts flashing repeatedly making the game hard to see

by FRE3KIL   9 months ago

I was playing pokemon emerald for a couple days, and everything was fine. But today when I press start, there's just a black screen.. Why is that and how can I fix it?

by Xxx   11 months ago

Keyboard on pc often not working

by jack   1 year ago

the game is not starting when i press enter

by gh   1 year ago

Everytime ive tried to play pokemon leafgreen version, there is just an ad in the place where the game usually is. Ive many others with the same problem, so its probably thats having troubles.

by Kirbo   1 year ago

I tried playing The Minish Cap and Mother 3 but there was only and ad in place of where the game is. Closing the ad didn't do anything.

by Santino   1 year ago

When I click load game, the game won't show up.

by chris   1 year ago

game emulator doesn't appear after pressing load game

by Fjord   1 year ago

I have tried to play Metroid Fusion and The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap but the games will not even show up, I'm not sure if its my school or if is broken. though I am assuming there could be a DDoS attack or something. But still! I wanna play Metroid Fusion because I have no Gameboy Advanced at home and I can only play Metroid Fusion at school.

by kirbysuperstarmaster   1 year ago

when i load a game, an ad is where the game normally is. i tried removing the ad, but than the game is just gone.

by Jess   1 year ago

The game I want to play won't show up when I click on 'load game'. Server Status

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