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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - INTERNET FOR PEOPLE, NOT PROFIT — MOZILLA - Mozilla is the not-for-profit behind the lightning fast Firefox browser. We put people over profit to give everyone more power online. Server Status

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@TrevorABranch Shoutout now to @mozilla who has 26 fellows working in openness and transparency, including @juliesquid who used the time to develop @openscapes--- a mentorship program to empower research teams to engage, empower, and amplify their science.

@saruspete Hey @mozilla Why on Earth is @firefox applying Windows GPOs when I use a *non-system provided* firefox instance (in my homedir, not program-files) I could edit my binary to mess the registry search, or recompile FF, but for the time being I'm switching to @brave

@find_evil @timpastoor @mozilla Yes that’s good advice for many, but I recently submitted an issue to their bug bounty and the way it was handled makes me believe they desperately need someone to fill this role.

@INN_Technology Meghan Halton, Cloud Infrastructure Engineer with @Cisco $CSCO, discusses how it is working with $MSFT $GOOG and @mozilla in encrypting data to help protect individuals online privacy through DoH.

@paulvixie trying the @brave web browser today, looking to get away from @mozilla due to their unilateral non-permissioned push of DoH. brave came out of beta y'day, and so far, so good. it uses the Blink renderer (like chromium, chrome, edge and safari) but does not phone home.

@antumbral @mozilla this list is incomprehensible, how am i supposed to figure out what the rating is for a given product if you don't show it to me? i can filter with the little popout sliders but that's not very useful either because i don't know what 'a little creepy' is

@JairusKhan My team at @mozilla has been working on this for a while: It's a companion piece to the annual smart tech buyer's guide we put out every year taking a look at smart home tech. It is dope and has a very cute cat illustration.

@danielbwaltz @mozilla @firefox I've been trying out Firefox Preview the past week and it's actually breathing new life into using the mobile web for me. 😅 It's so unbelievably fast and the UI surfaces the things that matter to me with zero config. Props to everyone who's working on it! 🔥🦊

@mattgolsen I'm happy to see Amnesty International highlighting this issue. @Amnesty, @Mozilla, @EFF y'all need to get together on this. Facebook and Google’s Pervasive Surveillance Poses An Unprecedented Danger To Human Rights

@mgifford @stommepoes @SteveFBuell @mozilla In my experience with open source it is generally ok. Especially if you can add something new to the thread. Developers tend to look at lists of bugs. Adding a comment puts it at the top of the list. Also just demonstrates interest. I am not sure about uploads. Sorry.

@bbfrombkln @mozilla can’t figure out how to chat with someone to troubleshoot an issue with Firefox. Tried using the articles but not working. How can I contact tech support??

@BJMcP If you don't want to give people you love (or even ones you don't) creepy presents, check out @mozilla's "Privacy Not Included" guide:

@wholemilk Oh wow, @Mozilla awards $2M to open source contributors so they can keep working on FLOSS!! Thank you @abbycabs at #SeaGL2019 #WOLO

@PerelmanAlison @ThunderbirdChat How can I communicate with a technician regarding my email account? Without paying for it! This is not acceptable @mozilla to say the least!!!

@DotMHIO Critical Security Issue identified in iTerm2 as part of Mozilla Open Source Audit | Mozilla Security Blog TL;DR Update to latest version of iTerm2 NOW! @mozilla #iterm2 #MacOS @Apple

@catherine_mayer @Conservatives @carolecadwalla @CCHQPress @UKLabour @WEP_UK @mozilla @doteveryone @ODIHQ @facebook @Google @carljackmiller @rowlsmanthorpe Whether you like this idea or not, it is beyond urgent that we have laws fit for the digital age and a government fit to devise and implement them. I see no immediate prospect of either and should concern everyone.

@anildash When you get somebody a cool new gadget as a holiday gift, you don’t want it to be some creepy device that spies on them. That’s why I’m glad that each year, @mozilla puts out its “Privacy Not Included” guide.

@kit_callie @bravrayj @mozilla Well, it's a double edged blade. It could end child friendly content instead What it's supposed to do is keep trackers off kid friendly content, but instead it's demonetizing them. It's not clear what is kid-directed according to the FTC & is scaring all YouTubers due $40k+ fine

@MikeRodriquez @paulvixie @mozilla I thought Moz was giving the option to use DoH or not. If so, why leave? Just to make the point? (which is fine; I'm just curious) I wish I could remember the complaints I heard about Brave a couple of years back. Whatever the issues were, it stopped me from using it.

@tbc0 From Tracking Protection (2015) to content blocking Enhanced Tracking Protection. That's 2 name changes in 4 years. Kudos @mozilla for innovating and boldly updating the name as you go. Thank you for clearly explaining how tracking slows down the internet.

@ikesterhaney @mozilla Why does your account creation password prompt not support paste. I can't use my password manager on your browser to sign up.

@Allards @Pocket It's also not possible to logon with a @mozilla @firefox account. Why this isn't working for the macOS App!? On iOS it's all good so please add this to the macOS App.

@JodiGramigni Want to silo Facebook so it can’t track you on the web? ⁦@mozilla will, but ⁦iOS ⁩won’t allow alternative default browsers, so Firefox is not available on ⁦@Apple⁩ devices.🤦🏻‍♀️ Freedom to control your data is key. ⁩#techcheck #yanggang

@Markus306 Did not know that I passed the way to the @mozilla berlin office that often the last days … but except the flags it is not really visible. #btconf #berlin

@bbfrombkln Hey @mozilla @firefox is there a place for texh support to actually chat with someone? Tried troubleshooting steps in the forums for my issue but no luck.

@buddhake The best list of the year! [email protected] posted a list of #privacy trampling gifts *not* to buy your friends/family this holiday (and less creepy ones too). Take heed and keep your loved ones safe from excessive or opaque #dataslurping! #privacynotincluded

@fanboynz @paulvixie @brave @mozilla Most browsers will have it enabled by default soon. Is there an issue with DoH? Even microsoft is making it an option:

@dkreitschmann @derSchepp @perfnowconf @mozilla my first time working on @MDN many thanks to @estellevw

@Jake72519888 @anildash @firefox @mozilla We should be allowed to uninstall all bloatware when we buy a device or PC or TV that contains it! We should not be stuck with garbage apps or programs we will never use taking up vital ram storage space!

@_virgilt @mauricexxvi @mozilla What I mean is right now I’m fixing small issues or bugs. I want to make more meaningful contributions to projects like adding features. I’m not sure how to go about it though. Also...I do have Cracking the Coding Interview 😏👍🏻

@CorvanCrowing @paulvixie @brave @mozilla What sbout Vivaldi? As far as I could see (and this might not be a complete point of view) it was using my system's DNS and will continue to do so.

@benwerd Heading to Homebrew Website Club at @mozilla SF. It starts at 5:30. Not too late to join! #indieweb

@DMConstantino @mozilla Amazon products private!? not even Amazon is private enough! Sony has also proved to be a really bad steward of user data. Apple Siri audio content is made available to Apple employees, without chance to opt-out. Nest is a subsidiary of google, few respect less privacy.

@broad__sword @mozilla Is there a way to see a list of ALL the @firefox extentions associated with my account, not just the ones on my current device?

@martintisne Want to know which tech is creepy or not? New @sonos 1 SL: not creepy, does not track you. @amazon Echo series smart speakers: super creepy! The camera & mic snoop on you & it tracks your location. Happy holiday shopping... & thank you @mozilla @msurman

@hostdns Windows tech support scam: Attackers use this Firefox bug to lock up your screen. @Windows @firefox @mozilla @jeromesegura @ZDNet #windows #tech #support #scam #attackers #Firefox #lockup #screen #bug #Mozilla #victim #disable #fraudsters #users #login

@timpastoor @find_evil @mozilla If you believe you're qualified and one, two lines, heck, half the profile doesn't match, I'd recommend to still apply and sell yourself to the best of your abilities. It's how I worked my way up from dishwasher to IT manager at a multinational. Just keep aiming and working hard.

@paulvixie @nerdlem @brave @mozilla in my own work i've been using cookie auth for a decade+, mostly because i couldn't figure out how to make "logout" work on basic-auth. so the absence (if it is) of basic-auth in @brave is not likely to affect me.

@kit_callie @bravrayj @mozilla I didn't know they were considering upping the age? 😮 That doesn't feel right. Children have always been 12 and under. 13 is a teenager & should know better. #COPPA is supposed to be about trackers, not #Censorship.

@TwstedTV @firefox @YouTube @Google @mozilla @firefox @YouTube @Google @mozilla . In order for this to stop, You have to go into youtube History Area and then Delete "Watch History" and "Search History" and then immediately shut down (close browser) it will stop once you delete both those history list and restart browser.

@JohnIvanOlmo1 And an address that merely looks similar? @mozilla @VSCO_support @vsco @gmail that {[email protected]} IS NOT MINE. How do we put a stop to this? I make Artwork, shoot Photography and "moonlight as genius" but I am no hacker and I'm not an identity theft perp.

@ArdleyDuncan @mozilla I have arthritis developing in my right hand knuckles and was wondering if FireFox had any thoughts of adding a scroll bar on the "find more bookmarks" drop down menu..I'm finding it increasingly painful using the centre mouse wheel to scroll through my lists

@bravrayj @kit_callie @mozilla I heard this is going to affect everyone, not just YouTube. If this thing passes, this could mean the end of any and all non-adult content on the internet!

@_virgilt @mauricexxvi @mozilla I’m currently contributing to some @mozilla open source and also working on @freeCodeCamp’s Alexa skills quiz. How do I get passed the bug fixing phase?

@NathanFrancis__ 💻 @firefox ’s fight for the future of the web. With Google’s Chrome dominating the market, not-for-profit rival @mozilla is staking a comeback on its dedication to #privacy. #Technology

@bbfrombkln Day 3 of @mozilla @firefox not responding... is there a place for tech support to actually chat with someone? Tried troubleshooting steps in the forums for my issue but no luck.

@pixelhours Your not so usual #holidayseason buying guide. #PrivacyNotIncluded by @mozilla wants to make sure you don't buy anything creepy.

@Stadicus3000 @thibm_ @torproject Time to dump some XLM again. 😁 I converted it BTC and dumped the same amount in fiat to the @torproject. That donation will be matched by @mozilla (not sure if that is also the case for crypto donations).

@saruspete @mozilla @firefox @brave Found an easy way to disable it, and keep it disabled... but really, this is an incredibly stupid move to not allow advanced users to bypass it easily. That just weaken security.

@anildash When you get somebody a cool new gadget as a holiday gift, you don’t want it to be some creepy device that spies on them. That’s why I’m glad that each year, @mozilla puts out its “Privacy Not Included” guide.

@shiroyuki Hi @GoogleChromeDev and @mozilla, The documentation does not specify what to do with NULL. Can you add that to the doc?

@elacheche @paulvixie @mozilla I suppose you're not migrating to @googlechrome , can you please share what browser you'll be using on the different devices?

@linz_kerr @mozilla @YouTube To stop unwanted @YouTube recommendations I had tried to clear and pause my search and watch history, deleted site cookies, went into my google account and changed privacy settings. Nothing seemed to help, I did come across a possible solution, it's not obvious and it's tedious

@jonrlloyd Vitally for campaigners, they've included the response from Facebook. @mozilla with friends like @blueprintsfc and @MobilisationLab advocate for working openly like this, as there's so much to learn from responses like that. Kudos for @amnesty for that too.

@tarkkatee @mozilla I love the #Send service, but the login confirmation emails take ages to arrive! Very poor user experience. #UX #feedback

@pavgustinov Great to see @mozilla providing incentives not just for original security research, but also for historical variant analysis. Our experience shows such work will typically also uncover new vulnerabilities. Check it out!

@kit_callie Are privacy groups like @mozilla & @EFF scared to post about the #coppapocalypse? At least their not fooling themselves it's a good thing. The way it is won't protect children's privacy at all. Google will still record data when kids watch "not for kids" vids. Nothing will stop

@ChPietsch @szymielewicz @edri @EFF @privacyint @AINowInstitute @RockefellerFdn @mozilla @accessnow @derechosdigital @digitalcourage @digiges @mydataorg It saddens me that you decided to publish this excellent text on a website that contains at least 9 trackers (ie spyware). One of these is #GoogleAnalytics which is probably unlawful under GDPR, surely if its anonymizeIP option is not enabled like here.

@martintisne @antoniomaxai @szymielewicz @edri @osfEUpolicy @mozilla @accessnow I hadn’t seen it but am not surprised tbh. I look fwd to reading, thanks for the recommendation

@catherine_mayer @Conservatives @carolecadwalla @CCHQPress @UKLabour @WEP_UK @mozilla @doteveryone @ODIHQ @facebook @Google @carljackmiller @rowlsmanthorpe In election periods, all parties should be allocated a certain amount of advertising on social that is not microtargeted but goes to everyone on the platforms of voting age living in the UK. Those adverts should be fact-checked in advance.

@TheSamBurton @mozilla It's also a companion @mozilla's 2019 *Privacy Not Included buyer’s guide for connected products. If you're thinking of buying something "smart" over the holidays, you might want to check if it's likely to spy on you 1st... 😬#PrivacyNotIncluded

@MrTreyPuzzlez This is ONLY available when surfing on web browsers like @Microsoft Edge, @mozilla Firefox or @Google Chrome. Not sure about the Safari web browser. Share with your friends so they won't have to get crappy fake reviews like @RottenTomatoes!

@CONNECT_ISGMH “It’s not just about ethics training,” says @MChrisRiley of @mozilla. “We also need policy that holds the internet accountable.” Here’s what he thinks it takes to make policy change happen. #TechPolicyCADE

@hoelgensteen @JuneYourTech @ramzimo68 @mozilla @firefox @ma1 Yeah, thx, but when I add a new computer to the @firefox sync, the @noscript settings on my old system are set back to zero as well, apart from that the settings are not synced to the new system. So, there is nothing to export anymore :( Any ideas, anyone? Thx.

@KimFoxWOSU Is @Snapchat stealing our feelings? Sign the petition to Snap demanding that it publicly disclose to consumers whether or not it is already using emotion recognition technology in its app. #SMprofs #socialmedia @mozilla

@PocketsChange #TBT to our participation in the @Mozilla Open Leadership Program in 2018! Thank you Drashti Pandya for sitting down with us to share our work and mission with your readers! Head over to Medium to check out the interview: #InTheNews #PocketsChange

@paulvixie @satefan @brave @mozilla if brave is going to follow chromium on DoH, there's no problem, because it's opportunistic (use DoH to existing servers) not opt-out (using DoH to some new set of servers.)

@Bennetto90 @mozilla Despite the best efforts of @solanasaurus, @TheSamBurton et al to assuage my paranoia, I will never ever be letting my toaster have an internet connection 🙈 (or at least not until it's 12).

@StuFFmc I found @firefox and @Mozilla to do a lot of amazing things, these days. It’s also one of the best way to sync stuff if you’re using iOS with Android with a Mac and with (I don’t) Windows. Not to mention Linux, of course. Try them:

@lynnellneri Hello, @firefox, @FirefoxDevTools, do you know where to find list of Filipino (Tagalog) words? How about Cebuano words? Have you stumbled any of this while working with your projects? Please help. @mozilla, @Google, @googlestudents, @googledevs, please

@catherine_mayer @Conservatives @carolecadwalla @CCHQPress @UKLabour @WEP_UK Earlier this month @mozilla & other great organisations inc @doteveryone & @ODIHQ signed this letter to @facebook & @Google calling for a moratorium on political & issue-based advertising in the UK until the conclusion of the election

@DeplorableCrowC @mozilla In my notifications I have several messages not coming from you or Firefox.....telling me or warning me about trying to find out if im this bogus person. I think they are trying to find out password. Thus making this a hack. And maybe an enemy within. Please investigate.

@IxiaRomania Most people are not even aware that they can *choose* what browser to use and just go with the default. Considering this, @mozilla's focus is no longer to get a bigger piece of the pie, but to fight for the future of the web. ⚔️ #opensource #privacy

@jlynnlord It was an honor to participate in a transformative workshop with brilliant litigators, academics, activists, and fundraisers. Across the world, a team is working to protect human rights and check the use of dangerous artificial intelligence. @df_fund @AINowInstitute @mozilla

@misslivirose @theextendedmind @mozilla @blairmacintyre @larsberg_ @ByHubs Congratulations, Jessica! Working with you is amazing and I'm so excited to see the work you're doing in the space 🎉

@silmaril34 @saruspete @mozilla @firefox @brave Well not providing an easy way to bypass security and administrative rules setup by an organization is not really a bad practice. I get that your admins are dicks in this case but I don’t think they should provide what could easily be a security hole

@emdupre_ @wilbanks @Sagebio @TheNeuro_MNI @mozilla Q: do you think #OpenScience is the answer to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in science? @wilbanks A: My worry is that it will not be. Unless you center EDI in the beginning, there's no guarantee these values will emerge

@wragge Sad that @mozilla is shutting down Xray Goggles. It’s a great tool for getting people to think the web as something *constructed* rather than as something to consume.

@paulvixie @fbajak @brave @mozilla there's been a lot of talk about this. mozilla is changing the default for existing, installed firefox browsers, to move dns from "what the operating system uses" to be "cloudflare". it doesn't matter to me that it's CF. what matters is, it's automatic, and opt-out. _not ok_.

@Artur_Marshal @mozilla Dear If you download any archive from the Internet and open it through the mozilla browser, and after that drag the files from the archive with the mouse to any folder, then the drag does not work. In version 67 it works, but the subsequent ones do not. The browser is degrading.

@DistributedDave @goldbe @proffnes @royaensafi @jaredmauch @AllisonJMankin @matthew_d_green @shuque @phillipa_gill @AlbertoDainotti @bowlinearl @mozilla is working on implementing CRLite into @firefox, which will make it the only browser to stay fully up to date on certificate revocations.

@LaniOtter @Vawlkus @mozilla No, actually it didn't work. The profile wouldn't load. Not sure what to do.

@saruspete @mozilla @firefox @brave Please, add an option to not honor GPO when FF is installed by user. nervous Windows admin disabled Private Browsing, Web Editor, about:config page and many other needed features...

@LaniOtter Warning for #Mozilla #Thunderbird users. The last update today, 68.2.2. of the software is not compatible with the mail profile, I'm not sure why. We had to uninstall Thunderbird and reinstall an older version to get email back. =( Shame on @mozilla for nearly ruining my day.

@NightJarNZ @paulvixie @lemmster @brave @mozilla Similar to this I have tried brave before and was not impressed. I have settled with @vivaldibrowser which is also blink based (mainstream as such). Not sure about DoH settings though. I'll have to look into that!

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