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Colònia de Sant Jordi
Reports are also coming from: Barcelona, ES; Málaga, ES; Brussels, BE; Braunschweig, DE;

Recent Outage Reports

by Lucinda   1 month ago

4 giffgaff mobiles from uk not working for calls but work for texts and internet

by Dian   3 months ago

No internet

by Joy Annette Donaghy   4 months ago

We cannot make or receive calls.we are with lobster.

by William Ross   5 months ago

No internet for many hours.

by Marco Bianchi   5 months ago

Internet not working since 0500 am today. Still nothing happening. Now 6 pm

by Raymond Cheyne   6 months ago

My router has stopped working not worked for 48 hours Y7859587H Tel 711050203 mobile

by Andy   8 months ago

No signal on multiple devices in cala carbo ibiza

by Robert Taylor   9 months ago

Internet has been down now for 24 hours

by Agleron   10 months ago

Fibre internewt not working

by Judith Cory Devonport-Hawkes   1 year ago

No Internet since yesterday morning in Los Noguerones, Jaén. No sign of any engineers to solve the problem. What is going on. Expecting a refund. Our business relies on an Internet connection

by Michael Poynor   1 year ago

No internet

by Luca   1 year ago

No network since midnight in Chipiona!

by Angela Idle   1 year ago

Movistar internet is down in Lucainena de las Torres When will it be back on

by Angela Idle   1 year ago

The internet connection is down in Lucainena de las Torres Please advise

by Ruth mary   1 year ago

No Movistar internet connection for 12 hours since 24.00 last night...7th November, Granada, Alomartes The helpline just says sorry as soon as you call them...what is happening?

by Luciana Thamm   1 year ago

Website is not loading. Please solve this problem, I need to work!

by Blathnad Whelan   1 year ago

No WiFi and get get through to Movistar . We’re in Torremolinos

by ravi jobsz   1 year ago

WiFi is very very slow.

by Peter miller   1 year ago

Very slow ping47.35 upload 16.02 download paying €62 to €80 not happy

by Peter miller   1 year ago

Internet very slow ping 57.35 ms upload 16.02 maps download 54.43 mbps

by Neil gorman   2 years ago

I’m in Seville and can only get a 3G network on my phone. Is there a local problem with 4g and 5g?

by Michael Searle   2 years ago

Landlines in Cortijo Grande, Turre, 04639 are all dead. The whole community is without internet or phones. This is dangerous. Some of our more elderly owners do not have mobile phones. URGENT that you address the problem. 1002 and 1004 are not picking up calls Poor service? Very poor. This sent to you via Wimax. Movistar is dead.

by JaY   2 years ago

Live in Cadiz - Usually get 100-200mb download and 100+ upload, for the last 3 days im getting 5mb download and 100+ upload. What's happening?

by Ashlyn ward   2 years ago

I. Have prepaid internet sim. It is not working today is there a problem with the network. Thanks Ashlyn.

by Ashlyn ward   2 years ago

I have sim only prepaid. For my internet. But my internet is not working right now mis there a problem with the network. Thanks Ashlyn Server Status

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