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@SolveMIT It's not too late to RSVP! Join our interactive Challenge Design Workshop tonight 6-8pm at @MIT. You'll join fellow undergrad & grad students to design the 2020 @solvemit Global Challenges in economic prosperity, health, learning & sustainability. RSVP:

@USCCFeducation The @WhiteHouse in #Chicago recognizing the #T3Network #Data Transparency Working Group's efforts to bring #ILR implementation to scale, shareable across any vendor platform. @Walmart @MIT @credengine

@phylogenomics @Harvard @MIT e.g., the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics still is open, despite their not only taking tons of money from #JeffreyEpstein but also their laundering his reputation, listing him as a friend, inviting him to events, etc long after his sexual predatory nature was documented

@BobbyPo68669385 Smartphones are def dumbing us down, @SethMacFarlane but I'm the only human who theorized as to why. We'll be easy pickings for #ArtificialIntelligence And it's been building to this point. @ethankurz your daddy got no clue what he been contributing to. #MachineLearning @MIT

@lab1886 Ever wanted to be able to see around corners? 👤 Now, robots & vehicles can! Researchers @MIT have developed a system that uses shadows to detect not-yet-visible-but-moving objects - a great way for automated cars to avoid collisions! 👉🏼

@fhbrain @Harvard @Yale @Columbia @MIT It is logical for me to conclude that you are stupid…I do not say this to people, I say it to universities...Even if none of my theories is correct, formulating over 100 theories which did not come up in any other of 100 billion [email protected]

@Christ_Will_Iam @DeepPopQ @realDonaldTrump @elonmusk @VP @SecondLady @charlipence @FBI @KatiePhang @billmaher @iamjohnoliver @Grimezsz @AOC @HillaryClinton @DoD_IG @CIA @NSAGov @LastWeekTonight @alllibertynews @DalaiLama @CardinalDolan @Pontifex @JustinTrudeau @TheJusticeDept @Twitter @jack @GermanyDiplo @ChuckGrassley @YouTube @tomhanks @Oprah @GayleKing @Microsoft @DARPA @tedlieu @ATFHQ @DHSgov @AdamSchiff @SecPompeo @maddow @vicenews @UNODC @WorldBank @NCA_UK @Boeing @DeptofDefense @AmbJohnBolton @MIT @BarackObama I am really sick of being attacked at night when I sleep. My eyes have been all messed up for days again. Chunks of my beard shaved down to the skin. Not that the @FBI can see this.

@ImpeachBDevos @DarinMorris5 @JimNewsMorrison @RobSChandler @WBUR @MIT Not anecdotal no matter how disingenuously you attempt to make it otherwise.

@tooidevry @DHUNTtweets @GretaThunberg @UN4Youth @GlobalGoalsUN @Space_Station @UNOOSA @BulletinAtomic @UCSUSA @IPCC_CH @MIT @Cambridge_Uni @ENERGY Lovely all that free stuff....never worked a day...never finished school.....and who stole what from whom? Life of luxury. Sad really as the climate issue is really a political issue.... millions of year's of climate change....and we are now going to stop it? Not funny.

@hasan_nazarovHD @SenseableCity @MIT Not even one from Uzbekistan? 😶😔. Would love to be first, but hard to get in..😶

@Eelco_Fiole At the @SFI_CH Annual Meeting today Nobel laureate Bengt Holmström of @mit states he does not expect #Cryptocurrencies and #tokenization to produce #safeassets

@OnPointRadio @MIT @MITEcon "We think that if there were not very strong barriers to migration, people would flood the U.S." Esther Duflo says. "That is actually wrong," she contends. People don't move in such large numbers from rural areas to cities, for example, where barriers to migration are lower.

@DonnyCoughlan @OnPointRadio @MIT @MeghnaWBUR Next time jump in and correct them or make sure they understand your question. It’s very frustrating as a listener to hear them not address the real question.

@carboneval When techno-optimist scholars at @MIT realise that climate change has to be taken seriously and that maybe technology can not solve everything #scholars ##anthropocene #climatechange

@jacquez45 Here’s the damage the Media Lab scandals have done to @MIT’s brand: my reaction was not “cool!” but “can they, though? I bet it’s another fake.”

@Armenteros2001 "Democracy means you govern money, too. Banks are not in a special category to be run by experts and the people have no say. Wall street isn't either. Democracy is on top of all of that." Phil Thompson, @MIT #JustBanking

@innovate_K [email protected] economist @amcafee sat down with the team at @a16z to discuss how free markets, technology, and venture capital can save the environment.

@AdamVShattock @08257gronk @Swoody1500 @adambro @MIT @UOW Everyone is capable of dreaming. Some try to make them real. If @grandnorthernuk is successful, you'll look silly. If not then they will probably keep trying. There's only one failure: failing to try. UK needs a better government, better transport offering than HS2 & futureproof

@ErmaScott3335 @tictoc @MIT Okay, so at least has a human that is pushing their buttons and instructing them to do this, they are not thinking yet. (But it still creeps me out)

@sony_crest @tictoc @MIT I saw that. You love them now I know. Battery not heavy right now, so easy to make such structure.

@cool___bobo @PreciousOkoebor @MIT They would have definitely figured it out. I am just not that wise to see it, lol

@Christ_Will_Iam @DeepPopQ @realDonaldTrump @elonmusk @VP @SecondLady @charlipence @FBI @KatiePhang @billmaher @iamjohnoliver @Grimezsz @AOC @HillaryClinton @DoD_IG @CIA @NSAGov @LastWeekTonight @alllibertynews @DalaiLama @CardinalDolan @Pontifex @JustinTrudeau @TheJusticeDept @Twitter @jack @GermanyDiplo @ChuckGrassley @YouTube @tomhanks @Oprah @GayleKing @Microsoft @DARPA @tedlieu @ATFHQ @DHSgov @AdamSchiff @SecPompeo @maddow @vicenews @UNODC @WorldBank @NCA_UK @Boeing @DeptofDefense @AmbJohnBolton @MIT Flags are more important to some people than God! Very very sick... Flags are nothing more than divisive national propaganda that keeps all people of the world apart... Flags do not produce humble or meek behavior! #QAnon is the antichrist....

@JohnMashey @A_Siegel @drvox @MIT Old saw in tech: Q:What can you build with half a dozen MIT grad students? A: Anything! Q: Wow! A: But you can only build one of it.😊 (Not to pick on MIT, applies to Stanford, CMU, etc & of course not always true, but it is an old saying. That’s research.)

@jsgalloo @robertoglezcano @MIT Getting row informations is not knowing how to handle it & be an expert...this is a misconception.Y have to search,aggregate & be critic about what search engines gives you. It's like teenagers who get info from internet but don't know h to handle it! (but think they know)

@Ninja_Jim_ @Victor77672417 @pattrn @MIT no.. it falls to earth... and moves to oceans where its 400 percent more soluable than air.. or absorbs in plants and the ground. Its a heavy gas.. it does not float up. it falls down.

@nsc_5412 @WhiteHouse @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @MIT @GOP @TomFitton @JudicialWatch @NikkiHaley @1stCavalryDiv @Somalia @pid_gov @IBMWatson What's not to like about @AIPAC main @DNC salesman @SpeakerPelosi ringmaster @RepAdamSchiff affording our entire planet less due process than a Salem witch trial prosecutor? #Blexit #qanon

@ThomasGzRoberts So happy to host @astroscale_ on @MIT’s campus today! Special thanks to @RonTheSpaceGuy and @cweeden for briefing @MITAeroAstro students on sustainability issues in the space domain and how companies like Astroscale are working to address them.

@jesush1979 @RandallSampson @mashable Thank you @RandallSampson ! Love showing these to students so they get a glimpse of the future they will be working in. @MIT also developed paper robots with applications in medicine and the video always gets Ss thinking of other ways it could be used!

@grandnorthernuk @AdamVShattock @08257gronk @Swoody1500 @adambro @HS2ltd @MIT @UOW First thing we have to do in government is electrify all the railway of about 5000 miles to give zero CO2 from rail. That's over a million tonnes of steel. Problem: Brit Steel in the proverbial. Solution: Electrify all the railway. Bingo! It's not hard. #BrexitParty #brexitvote

@ExasolAG A pair of @MIT engineers just created a new way to efficiently remove carbon dioxide from the air. And if that's not impressive enough, it could be developed commercially at low cost. #Climate #GlobalWarming Sources: @forbes @trevornace

@LacaveraJr @Interior @ENERGY @BerkeleyLab @MIT @DARPA @realDonaldTrump @KremlinRussia_E @METI_JPN @BMWi_Bund @CERN @EA The attached drawings are for a hybrid public utility tower capable of not only providing consistent electricity to the populace at large but as well 4G/5G communications

@DoctorFio @Benjamin_Taylor @MIT @mitrealityhack @DawnRivers @medialab Ah, I worked with a startup before going back to studying. That startup was a significant influence on my decision to go back. Poor management made the startup fail and made the working environment unsustainable.

@MassLandlords @poeboston @MIT @WBUR @NextCityOrg @CityLife_Clvu @BostonNeighbor @marty_walsh @CityOfBoston The problem is not landlord laws, it's zoning and #mapoli. We don't permit small landlords to add affordable units by subdividing. Only developers can navigate zoning constraints, and their projects require clear outs and then enter at top market rents.

@JohnPatrickHil2 @CarterCenter @CarterLibrary @cartalk @jayleno @LenosGarage @CityofBarstow @POTUS @FLOTUS @SanBernardinoNF @forestservice @guardianeco @EnviroAction @WWF @SierraClub @nature_org @MotherNatureNet @IENearth @EPA @ktlaENT @KCBSKCALDesk @latimes @DDispatchNews @Highdesertdaily @KABCRadio @ArchDigest @Tesla @Chrysler @Chevron @arco @TiffanyAndCo @chiefbillbaker @CherokeeSO @NNPrezNez @NHOnews @NavajoCodes @cher @ancientorigins @laurawbush @PDChina @UN @UN_Women @unwomenindia @UNWomenWatch @unwomen_pak @unwomenafrica @unwomenarabic @unwomenasia @unwomenEU @Caltech @MIT The Hopi Prophecy of destruction of the Earth by Fire is not meant as a direction. It can be stopped. In ending wars, we have the wealth to move into positions to continue a strong life while producing for our comfort. Trees planted are a base shield for the planet. 🛡️🍁🎄🍀🇺🇸

@odoruhako @SafetyDesert @flypolitics @SarahTaber_bww @MIT @medialab @TEDTalks Well they don't. They must have noticed it and changed it to "TED has removed this talk because we have determined that it does not meet our content guidelines." :D

@OnPointRadio @MIT @MITEcon "In a sense, we're all working in self-interest," Esther Duflo says. But economics tends to "operationalize" this strictly in terms of financial interest/incentive.

@MIT_ISTnews At a recent poster session, IS&T was one of many MIT departments to talk about projects it's working on, including a transformation of the form and function of @MIT ID cards. Learn more about this and other interesting work going on around the Institute:

@FessyiLab 9th graders returned to the Scandinavian Living Center after mid reviews to share ideas/prototypes with their "clients" and receive more feedback. Not surprisingly, John (an @MIT alum and engineer), had a few suggestions for our students' design and approach. :) @nuvustudio

@darklordmtt @DawnTJ90 @johnleremainer @NOAA @algore @IPCC_CH @NASAGISS @metoffice @uniofeastanglia @BOM_au @LBNL @MIT @environmentca @350 His Y-axis wasn’t “truncated”, you math illiterate goblin. There’s no data down there, and the axis is regularly spaced with no omission along its range. Go learn how to read & interpret data if you’re going to start debating scientific results.

@KaJo503 @JasonFebery @Illinois_Alma @MIT @Google @OdysseyWorkshop Tony's wrong. There's one more year left of this decade. Year 1 to Year 10. The Millennium Year was 2001, not 2000.

@DarinMorris5 @JimNewsMorrison @RobSChandler @WBUR @MIT It’s not an important study at all. It reenforces what we already believe. That’s not ground breaking or adding to our understanding at all. people will try to use this study, because it was published, to push flawed public policy.

@covertress @doescience @irah_chandler @MIT Domains? "...neodymium nickel oxide, or NdNiO3, can act as both an electrical conductor & insulator, depending on temp. It also happens to be magnetic, though the orientation of its magnetism is not uniform throughout the material, but rather resembles a patchwork of 'domains.'

@segundoatdell Aren't they cute? ... They are @MIT's Mini Cheetahs able to do tricks like back-flipping, frolicking and playing #soccer ... Do you remember the black and white episode of #BlackMirror? ... The dystopia is not that far from our reality! 🤖 #Robotics #Robot #AI

@MIT_ISTnews DYK, DocuSign is available for business use by @MIT departments, labs, and centers? It sure is! Learn how it can make your life easier and reduce paper usage (not to mention paper cuts). ✍🏾

@genghisgalahad2 @MoNscience @MIT @NewsHour @PBS @IndependentLens 2/ "Trees absorb..greenhouse gases that cause global warming...cutting down of trees causes billions of tons of carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) to be released into the air. About 20 percent’s greenhouse gas emissions are a result of deforestation." @IndependentLens

@MIT_ISTnews Digital signatures can help your office cut down on the paper you use (for, you know, actual business purposes). 📝✈ If you'd like to cut back on your use of paper, @MIT has licensed DocuSign for business use by community members. Learn more at

@jholston @workofthefuture @MIT @UofDenver Why not have digital data farms in rural America, where workers are paid well and taught skills to move up the digital career ladder? 2/2

@NfinityLLC This breast cancer detecting tool from @MIT uses #DeepLearning to identify patterns that would not be apparent or even observable by human clinicians.

@MilliporeSigma @MIT @SusanHockfield During Q&A, @SusanHockfield is asked: What is the benefit of academia working closely with industry? Both entities have insights that the other does not have, and can help build a better picture of the problem they are trying to solve. #SolvingTogether

@OnPointRadio @MIT @MITEcon On the topic of migrant workers, and whether or not they are responsible for taking jobs from Americans, for example: "Employers are often particularly happy to have them, and when they go away, they'd rather just do without replacing them," Abhijit Banerjee says.

@SM____03 @Justin_H_USA @UCBerkeley Don’t forget he’s also apparently heading to @MIT in 2020. @MIT is actively working to make farming smarter and better. I wonder if they want someone like that amongst them?

@08257gronk @AdamVShattock @Swoody1500 @adambro @MIT @UOW Juliar's idea of a "Quantum Loop" is not a "Hyperloop". In the past he has quoted his science based on James Bond films (and now Seaworld). It's probably best to avoid, as facts & information doesn't work.

@rnoBstin @fritzafrancisco @MIT @TechCrunch Unfortunately not, as far as I know only NASA is trying to build robots with my models ;)

@WHOI The @PNASNews podcast Science Sessions sat down with former @MIT-WHOI grad student @braunianmotion to talk about how ocean eddies allow #sharks to dive and forage deep in the #OceanTwilightZone.

@Armenteros2001 "62 people control so much because the economics has said that the economist, the experts, the bankers, the regulators, the government people, small numbers of people know what's best for people. They know how to make the world better for people, not the people themselves" @MIT

@DS_insights Changing nature of jobs - they won’t disappear but will change due to #AI and #Machinelearning, paper from @IBMWatson and @MIT

@luzigomez Did you know that 92% of low and middle income cities in Latam do not have complete data for transportation maps? Check out what DATUM is doing to fill the gaps. @the_IDB @WorldResources @CNTR4growth @MIT

@anoushnajarian Yay to 30 NeurIPS participants and counting supporting our #AI4good proposals!!✨🏃🏽‍♀️ Thank you friends from @nvidia @IBMResearch @MIT @Samsung @Valeo_Group @WitsUniversity @UWaterloo @Harvard @GeorgiaTech... We're waiting to hear back from hard-working #NeurIPS Socials chairs!💖

@Christ_Will_Iam @DeepPopQ @realDonaldTrump @elonmusk @VP @SecondLady @charlipence @FBI @KatiePhang @billmaher @iamjohnoliver @Grimezsz @AOC @HillaryClinton @DoD_IG @CIA @NSAGov @LastWeekTonight @alllibertynews @DalaiLama @CardinalDolan @Pontifex @JustinTrudeau @TheJusticeDept @Twitter @jack @GermanyDiplo @ChuckGrassley @YouTube @tomhanks @Oprah @GayleKing @Microsoft @DARPA @tedlieu @ATFHQ @DHSgov @AdamSchiff @SecPompeo @maddow @vicenews @UNODC @WorldBank @NCA_UK @Boeing @DeptofDefense @AmbJohnBolton @MIT @BarackObama I guess I did not give myself enough credit... I did not realize how much I could change reality. I worry about changing things too much... Not many or not any seem to ever realize. It started as a fluke, figure out what I could do... Now it happens often. Mind state is key.

@ElevenCream @UCLA @MIT @Yale @UCIrvine You have to be pretty stupid to not be able to tell them apart

@HesamDean Tweets like this by non-faculty @MIT professor are not only meant to minimize the violent repression of the Islamic Republic on protestors, but on a deeper level, it is meant to question whether the #IranProtests are even real. Pure evil.

@Meg_E_Goldberg This sort of space would have been so incredibly valuable to me as a graduate student parent @MIT, and I would love to see more resources like this for all working parents!

@stevenDiVietri1 @myelomacrowd @MyelomaCoach @MIT I go back on chemo treatment A week from Thursday. I see my doctor on Wednesday. To see if chemo treatment is working.

@dvxdco We got a tour of @MIT yesterday and were inspired by the ways emerging technology can impact society — including work by Jessica Van Brummelen, a Ph.D. candidate working on conversational agents to increase access to programming and AI

@MITdusp What is group-equity cooperative housing? #dusp's Agustín Cepeda is working to help demystify this tool for increasing #affordablehousing stock & housing equity. Learn more via @MITpkg - IC: Agustín Cepeda @mitsap @ArtsatMIT @MIT @lacolarq @ladinamo_

@ImpeachBDevos @DarinMorris5 @JimNewsMorrison @RobSChandler @WBUR @MIT Not identifying underlying causes does not make the results anecdotal. Further, you'd have to know Boston and its housing history to really understand what it shows. Further study is needed.

@EricCaleb208 @GeorgiaTech Boycott MIT until its students protected. Seth Lloyd = longtime friend of a notorious, child sex-trafficker. Ignoring common sense and the pleas of students, this fall @MIT forced MIT Freshman (some probably children) to interact with SL.

@MITAthletics WATCH: Megan Flynn and Laura Chen break down field hockey's NCAA Tournament win over Scranton, including playing an unfamiliar opponent and the opportunity to continue their postseason run in their home state of New Jersey. #RollTech @MITstudents @MIT @NEWMACsports

@ZacharyJeans @petercoffee @charlieisaacs @Dreamforce @SalesforceTower @MIT I will pay money 💰 to watch you guys repel down @Salesforcetower with lights... and I’ll bring popcorn 🍿 #DF19

@albertotono3 @ThatBIMGirl @SFCDInstitute @NASA @facebook @Deloitte @SamsungUS @MIT @volvocars @_yuuvis @bemyapp are great examples of this. I think company are still not able to capitalize the value of these events in our AEC industry. Maybe it is due to a lack of innovation culture?!

@Primary_Immune @BakrJundi @natBME @BrighamWomens @BrighamResearch @BDLevyLab @harvardmed @RLEatMIT @MIT My pleasure. Having lost my mother to sepsis last year, which was not detected until far too late, your outstanding work means that much more.

@ImpeachBDevos @DarinMorris5 @JimNewsMorrison @RobSChandler @WBUR @MIT You're just looking to argue. Fairly clear you did not read the article. g'day

@reverse_swing3 @nayanikaaa @MIT Not scary if we start using this UI it will be tremendous in any field but still lot of work to be done to get 100% result with accuracy

@GolfCalgary I trust the @MIT team is working on a golfer. Don't forget to factor in micrometeorology.

@jv3sund @lasserith @MIT @techreview Thank you so much! Yes I would very much like to have the slied as well - if online is not possible could you pleas e-mail to [email protected] :-)

@guidozuc @MIT @MIT_CSAIL I argue for evaluating search engines in terms of the decisions people make based on the information presented by the search engines. In fact, increases in MAP, [email protected] etc do not necessarily translate in being able to make better decisions

@OpenSourceVAR @MIT The 'big bang' was an event not the beginning. There is no end to the universe or was there a beginning.

@alien236 Take a stand! Join me in asking @DukeU @Princeton @MIT and @RockefellerFdn to stop any investment in #Uyghur oppression in China. They must not put money over their stated missions!

@FuruKyouka @MIT If #MIT has not spoken out already u should re the war crimes committed by Erdogan's armed #drones murdering the ecofeminist guardians of #Rojava. Their creator is an MIT graduate, married to the dictator's daughter. In short, u indirectly help extreme Islamic terrorism

@styl A sale sign, when used correctly and not excessively, is one of the most effective ways to drive demand, regardless of whether or not the sale price is a bargain - study by @MIT #ASKSTYL

@iamtrudyl Take a stand! Join me in asking @DukeU @Princeton @MIT and @RockefellerFdn to stop any investment in #Uyghur oppression in China. They must not put money over their stated missions!

@Kinduct We spent today at the @MIT Sports Summit, listening to the likes of @NEvansFootball and @jameshbuffi. Thank you @cchase for inviting us down!

@ChemicalEyeGuy @SLuckham @NatureNews @realDonaldTrump Unfortunately, American society does NOT fund real science through private channels. And when it does, such as #JeffreyEpstein or #KochBrothers funding @MIT, it's often dirty money. So science and politics are INSEPARABLE. #FaceFacts, that's the key to science anyway!

@goulstonstorrs #Cambridge is booming and is showing no signs of slowing down. How will #Boston work together to solve the challenges that come with such growth? We're looking forward to finding out at @Bisnow’s #LifeSciences Event. (@MIT, @KSProp, @TheDavisCos)

@FenaghTesting We’re working with @MIT and @CallahanInc on the renovations to building NW14 at MIT, the Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory. 👨‍🔬 Learn More: #construction #MIT #testingandinspections #education #engineering

@natalia_barbour Considering that 10 years ago I just moved to the US and was learning to write and read scientific English at a local community college- and now I’m @MIT - I think I got down the writing.

@DarinMorris5 @ImpeachBDevos @JimNewsMorrison @RobSChandler @WBUR @MIT If it’s not anecdotal, what is the cause of the evictions and how is this study transferable to any other area?

@SLuckham @ChemicalEyeGuy @NatureNews @realDonaldTrump @MIT I'll agree with you on that plenty of money from the very wealthy funding areas of science, some will have their own agenda to do so, be they conservative or socialist. Facts and data is where science needs to focus not hyperbole on some celebrity cause.

@RealSeanIrish1 @EpochTimes @SecPompeo @MIT Paying governments will not do a thing to "assist" the climate.

@FINRA Congrats to Team POGO for winning the @MITFinTech #Buildathon! Their tool makes financial investing simpler—breaking down abstract financial concepts into easily digestible learning modules. A standing (inn)ovation to all of our participants, @MIT & @Deloitte! #BreakingBarriers

@KrystaferRedden Day off? Rest for the weary? Not so much! Dressed + ready to catch next @MBTA_CR into Boston for @MIT @SEIIatMIT School Access and Quality Summit. It’s my second year attending; I’m looking forward to a great day of learning + connecting the dots, much like last year! 👏🏻🙌🏻🙏🏻

@jnamatt Daniel is also here just to discuss career paths with #PhysCon2019 attendees. He's not just the author; his career path is also features, from a BS in electrical engineering at @Princeton to a PhD in plasma physics at @MIT to leadership roles in industry and at @HertzFoundation.

@syssecserv No, I was not happy with @BernieSanders and @AOC, because for 15 years I've reached out to certain non-profit organizations like the @gatesfoundation and the @macfound, I created a profile on @MIT's @ClimateCoLab site to share the Vision there, ...

@phylogenomics @Eva3034385615 @Harvard @MIT @thecrimson And no, unquestionably no, I will not just let this fade away into nothingness - the people who took $$ from #JeffreyEpstein, who laundered his reputation, etc should be held accountable in some way and should make amends for the damage they caused to others #Harvard #CoverUp

@Christ_Will_Iam @DeepPopQ @realDonaldTrump @elonmusk @VP @SecondLady @charlipence @FBI @KatiePhang @billmaher @iamjohnoliver @Grimezsz @AOC @HillaryClinton @DoD_IG @CIA @NSAGov @LastWeekTonight @alllibertynews @DalaiLama @CardinalDolan @Pontifex @JustinTrudeau @TheJusticeDept @Twitter @jack @GermanyDiplo @ChuckGrassley @YouTube @tomhanks @Oprah @GayleKing @Microsoft @DARPA @tedlieu @ATFHQ @DHSgov @AdamSchiff @SecPompeo @maddow @vicenews @UNODC @WorldBank @NCA_UK @Boeing @DeptofDefense @AmbJohnBolton @MIT @MittRomney Every aspect is tampered with... They pick what ever they want to manipulate! I hope things I have stated in criminal cases were not just picked as they thought what is meaning full or not! I hope they actually checked into things, but I doubt it! Considering they are fools.

@petercoffee @charlieisaacs @Dreamforce @SalesforceTower @MIT Alternatively, we could do a Batman maneuver that lands us at the top of the full-scale @SalesforceTower, from which we string lights down to the ground and hang ornaments as we go. Or is that already being done?

@Christ_Will_Iam @DeepPopQ @realDonaldTrump @elonmusk @VP @SecondLady @charlipence @FBI @KatiePhang @billmaher @iamjohnoliver @Grimezsz @AOC @HillaryClinton @DoD_IG @CIA @NSAGov @LastWeekTonight @alllibertynews @DalaiLama @CardinalDolan @Pontifex @JustinTrudeau @TheJusticeDept @Twitter @jack @GermanyDiplo @ChuckGrassley @YouTube @tomhanks @Oprah @GayleKing @Microsoft @DARPA @tedlieu @ATFHQ @DHSgov @AdamSchiff @SecPompeo @maddow @vicenews @UNODC @WorldBank @NCA_UK @Boeing @DeptofDefense @AmbJohnBolton @MIT @MittRomney Oh am I not supposed to say things when people harrass, steal, and attack me?!? Or express what is actually happening! I have been dodging death my whole life... This is nothing new... Hard to remember how many times I have dodged death and saved people...

@Christ_Will_Iam @DeepPopQ @realDonaldTrump @elonmusk @VP @SecondLady @charlipence @FBI @KatiePhang @billmaher @iamjohnoliver @Grimezsz @AOC @HillaryClinton @DoD_IG @CIA @NSAGov @LastWeekTonight @alllibertynews @DalaiLama @CardinalDolan @Pontifex @JustinTrudeau @TheJusticeDept @Twitter @jack @GermanyDiplo @ChuckGrassley @YouTube @tomhanks @Oprah @GayleKing @Microsoft @DARPA @tedlieu @ATFHQ @DHSgov @AdamSchiff @SecPompeo @maddow @vicenews @UNODC @WorldBank @NCA_UK @Boeing @DeptofDefense @AmbJohnBolton @MIT @MittRomney Lock me up, kill me! Crucify me! Let the people know all I did to help the world! I die.. I can go to heaven! I will be sitting next to God! I am going to expose the corruption and evil while I am here! I am not embarrassed! I stand up for the disabled, poor, and people in need

@jburkejburke Stephen Schwarzman and @MIT throw down the guantlet, to help establish @boston area as the hub of #AI @techreview

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