Is Minecraft Down?

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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - MINECRAFT OFFICIAL SITE | MINECRAFT - Explore new gaming adventures, accessories, & merchandise on the Minecraft Official Site. Buy & download the game here, or check the site for the latest news. Server Status

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@G3N3ZISmc @novabarlow @raijinn @MineNewsToday @CrackedCubes @PlanetMinecraft @Minecraft I will do that and make sure to not spam it 👍

@PselvarP To @Minecraft. So for a few days I tried to log into Minecraft but it says (Not Responding) every time. I have put tons of hours into that world so please give me a solution. My IGN is katamaki with a alex skin btw

@ThatRandomRudra @jugwine1 @dungeonsgame @Minecraft Which next level? There are many secret levels. Try and explore the whole level when you are playing. Eg: explore the whole Creeper woods level to find the Creepy Crypt level. Sometimes tho the secret level might not generate

@ColbyBoothman I STILL have not played the new @Minecraft @JurassicWorld! @chrisandthemike & @itsAshleyosity, want to check it out together sometime???

@moonwolfsoul @WannabeClyde @Ah9825356Hassan @Minecraft Not always I still play good beta amd am happy with it amd whatever my phone sucks at tyoe especially when you type I lot I know a lot of people who won't play the updates and that's fine each to thier own opinions does not make anyone better then anyone else's

@spiderclaw05 @William02549063 @Minecraft Not cool to say on this kinda tweet


@MichaelMelfi2 @Minecraft Update the Xbox version again we have nothing and it’s not fair Xbox Minecraft players have been very loyal to Minecraft and you’ve ditched us.

@k3vk4 And yes, I think @Mojang should go after @Minecraft #Server operators that violate the #EULA by operating #Pay2Win #Minecraft servers like #TreeMC... They legally can and should do so in order to not be associated with #Lootboxes & #gambling!


@GenDesignMC We presented our results at @FDGconf, and I think it was a fitting choice. Not just is it a conference about Games and AI, but there is also quite a lot of @Minecraft content. Nice to see more #Minecraft research.

@itsvictor238 @QDude24 @saviommorais @Minecraft Maybe so the OG furnace has a use, and to not be useless but idk

@forsanderson @Minecraft I would start by exploring the Tiaga biome and gather food. Once that's done I would then build myself a home right out of the shipwreck itself and explore to find further resources to get ready to head down underground and look for the things every Minecraft player needs.

@CoolJosh3k @jeb_ @Minecraft I always wished there was a way to always show our skins, even when wearing armour. I also wish we can a rare chameleon mob. Idea!!! Chameleons drop a unique food that gives an effect of not showing armour. Just drink milk to remove it, of course. #Minecraft

@Shortyyy_xD @ProSyndicate @OldSchoolRS @Minecraft Had to tidy, you saw behind me with the pops, might aswell show you infront😂 not the greatest either but gets the job done

@IrlNoskills @HelenAngel I mean.... did you expect me to ‘not’ tag you? Lol I’m so happy about this for some reason 😆 @Minecraft thanks @Target for having it in stock! #Minecraft #breakfastofchampions #MCChampionship get it? Lol @KelloggsUS so good 😋

@not_supess @glqtch @Phlroo @HeyItzKillerMC1 @Minecraft @Mojang @MojangSupport I personally started disliking the game mechanics around 1.6, that’s when it started to really become shit

@RedFoxCorky So @Minecraft what's the point of an auto save feature if the world just gets corrupt after a power outage anyway? Surely you should be able to load up from the previous auto save, not have to delete your whole world.

@Real_CRAFTQuest #craftbian has a connection to a webserver that distributes updates and transmits messages! But, it's not needed to, simply, run the software! @Minecraft @Raspberry_Pi @RaspPiBeginners @djDa9L #craftquest #raspberrypi #Minecraft #linux #windows #linuxmint

@0x591 @IceMetalPunk @Gooboberti @RedNinjaPhoenx1 @Minecraft damn man, i so go down the street as a white man and see a black man and just pull out my glock and shoot him. Because in America that's apparently what is happening to them since I am white.

@greysaintcastle So I beat @Minecraft in 3 hours and 30 minutes today. It’s My 3rd attempt at a speed run. The first two times I died. I seen a new Fortress and got my ass handed to me. Those piggies were strong. Not even sure what the new pig mobs in the nether are called.

@AlienLocal @GearsofWar @Minecraft I LOL'd when I saw this. BTW - great job on Operation 4. I look forward to Operation 5. Maybe it will be in line with the next gen kick off. Rumor of a campaign DLC and hopefully a bunch more mp maps. Thanks guys...I know you working hard.

@MojangPlsHelp @MojangSupport @Minecraft A few months ago I was able to play minecraft perfectly fine. Suddenly, I was not able to log into my account as my password had been changed. However, I have never changed my account.

@siftwofficial @Minecraft If you want PS4 servers talk to Sony, they're the ones not wanting to play ball. *Continues to play on my PC, Xbox, and Switch*

@SignedSteak3 @Minecraft Please I just want to build without getting knocked all the way down back to layer 64 they are so annoying they don't bring anything useful to the game they are just annoying.

@TheGmodDude @SchoolAlhussan @Minecraft 'aight kid go back to listening to your fucking nursery songs. Twitter is for the big boys, not infants like you.

@texasgreentea @hellozenka @CharlieFink @ParamountPics @Apple @Minecraft @tiktok_us @Facebook @magicleap @htcvive Hey, great job on this podcast! Super excited to hear more about the search engine you're working on. If it weren't for covid, I'd say we should get coffee and catch up.

@pxssxmxtxc @MojangSupport @Mojang @Minecraft Is this a bug or intended feature? In the "Old" world option for Bedrock 1.16 (Windows 10) when I jump into a body of water it does not let me jump out or use slabs to automatically jump out. Is there a way around this, and could it be patched?

@GremlinInc Never see this screen again! Learn how to crash-proof @Minecraft using #ChaosEngineering + #Observability ⛏️🧱💥 cc: @newrelic Webinar. Thursday 9/17, 9AM ET. RSVP:

@ThingLiquid @DarthMakroth @Venoms192 @Minecraft that's because bedrock is very very very optimized to the point where it can run on an iphone 4s, im not saying it's good by the way, bedrock has taken a lot of shortcuts, sacrificing graphical features and making the game look cheap and flat.

@DjPumpkin3 @Minecraft Yo What Up Microsoft I Love Playing Minecraft and my brother didn't Let Me User Name In Xbox Mobile And in Minecraft Xbox And In my Gaming Microsoft User Name I Wanted It to Be name Gamingwithdjpumpkin22 And Not Brushedcellar3

@garywaethelugs @Mojang cant export my Minecraft world to my realm on the Nintendo switch. Keep getting an error before it starts? Not doing anything different from normal, is there a bug? @Minecraft

@chele_69 @DynamicAaronG @Minecraft Do not sleep at night in Minecraft please inchantment in Minecraft please go to the nothing in Minecraft and go to the ocean to Minecraft

@beta_bedrock Due to 'a bunch of new stuff' announcements for Minecraft Live event, according to, snapshots may not be released until Minecon-2020. I'm leaving from Twitter now until October 2 then I will retweet for @Minecraft and @dungeonsgame news. Bye!

@DespairHopeAU @Minecraft What happened to my 1020 Minecoins I bought? I did not spend it on anything

@treecko_the @1400_Beast @Minecraft @MinecraftMarket I honestly do not know. I just think making a new model of the Switch is just stupid. I have a feeling they are gonna pull a "New" 3DS/2DS on us. What i mean is there is going to be games thst cannot be played on the normal Switch or Lite.

@Real_CRAFTQuest If the webserver is down, your #craftbian instance will still run. However, the dashboard may respond slowly if you go to the About page. @Minecraft @Raspberry_Pi @RaspPiBeginners @djDa9L #craftquest #raspberrypi #Minecraft #linux #windows #linuxmint

@Entity_Mumu I decided to purchase a @Minecraft server for my community to access and play on. Time to hop in and start building a world from scratch! If you're interested, why not stop on by and become part of the community! #twitch #streamer #Minecraft

@novabarlow @G3N3ZISmc @raijinn @MineNewsToday @CrackedCubes @PlanetMinecraft @Minecraft Be sure to tag future work with #FeatureMeMinecraft so I don't miss it! (I try not to spend tooooo much time hunting around at random but I do manage to carve out a little time for that each week.)

@chele_69 @Minecraft Do not go to the nether in Minecraft

@Georgenotfoun18 I'm not gonna pay to play minecraft... @Minecraft make it free right now👹😾

@James09302000 @Jose__517 @MrDarknessWolf @Minecraft @MinecraftMarket Believe me, I’m not saying bedrock is superior at all. I love both to death. I love java I just wish it was more optimized for lower end PCs and have a higher render distance and chunks load fast like bedrock and some of the great bedrock features like snow and cauldrons.

@joshuaadurst Anyone getting this message from #Minecraft @Minecraft Mojang account services will be down for maintenance for approximately 15 minutes starting 10:00 AM CEST On Monday Sept 21st 2020 Login To Minecraft Launcher Will Be Unavailable And Current Sessions Will Appear Offline

@abigmanrunning @JDallagiacomo @Raspberry_Pi @ubuntu All mine are pi 4's. I set up the first last Christmas as a family @minecraft server. It got upraded quickly to a 4GB. I've used the 1GB as a GPIO practice bed and it's in the cyberdeck. My job is in facility controls so I'm working on analog I/O logging and display. Lots to do.

@ThingLiquid @DarthMakroth @Venoms192 @Minecraft the problem is bedrock has way way more game breaking bugs than java does, not just regular bugs, it seems to all boil down to one problem which is being on a huge number of platforms and devices, how hadnt mojang nor microsoft not foreseen this before deciding to rebrand mcpe?

@TheFrogQueen How to kill phantoms in @Minecraft... Also don't scream like I do... That's not part of it 😂😂😱

@ToodleyNZ In @Minecraft it took hours to build a staircase of dirt amd let the grass spread from the top of a hill, down to my base at bedrock. The next day an enderman teleported in to my base and places a grass block... Condescending prick! :p

@dumbfatbabies @Minecraft hates Bedrock Edition Players there are so many good features on Java that are not on Bedrock. And they add Bedrock features to Java but no good Java features are on bedrock

@DexFolf I have lost what little respect I had left for the @Minecraft devs, what would @notch say? You're not meant to put this shit in a game for kids...

@Dawson83251826 @MojangSucks @Minecraft @Xbox @MojangSupport i tryed asking them for help cause i payed for it but cant play it yesterday they got back to me only the first time with just a link i dont think they even read what i said cause it wasnt a money issue at the time however now that my money is taken/held idk whata do

@DCMetroGambler @NVIDIAGeForce @xlr8gam1ng While not the most graphically impressive game, seeing the difference of @Minecraft on a GTX980 compared to the 570 was amazing! That 980 was one of the main reasons I got back into PC gaming too. Pretty sure the 3080/90 is going to be the reason I skip Series X.

@FoxyTheLegend1 @Minecraft WE NEDD OGG HAND OR I AM NOT GOING TO USE BEDROCK¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!

@InfernoTCGs @Minecraft my realm (that I bought) is not loading in this morning. It goes to loading resource packs, and doesn’t go from there. Can you guys help me out?

@DicingGamer @elijahandgod @Minecraft It still takes time to code stuff. Not that hard my ass. If you want it so much then code it yourself.

@EdgeAnthony @Minecraft hi i have a decent phone a samsungs20 5g i have enabled the enable cellular data but it still does not connect to the servers thank you

@ThingLiquid @Venoms192 @Minecraft why are people in denial whenever someone says bedrock is buggy? im not defending java nor bedrock, it is super buggy, just because it doesnt happen to you doesnt mean the game isnt buggy, or you dont know enough to realize that the bugs are there

@ElijahSmall20 @citrusmitrus @Minecraft How many times are YOU GOING TO DO THIS NO BODY CARES WETHER STEVE'S IN SMASH OR NOT.

@Venoms192 @ThingLiquid @DarthMakroth @Minecraft Exactly, people like myself who work with redstone and huge building projects I have dealt with chunk errors and game crashes, way to much Recently I had a game crash that corrupted my world that I had for a year Something I didn't think would happen and I lost all of my progress

@josheac Reflecting on the idea of @Oracle buying @tiktok_us. The acquisition of @Minecraft is the template: hands off. Not sure that’s possible. How the kids who used the platform for social activism will react to the political underpinnings of the deal remains to be seen. #backfire.

@MojangPlsHelp @MojangSupport @Minecraft When I go to reset my password, I never receive the reset password email in my inbox. This is very frustrating as I have been enjoying minecraft for close to 10 years and now I have been unable to login to my account for a couple months.

@Feplayofficial @Minecraft I was having an issues for some reason I can't log in to my Minecraft account on my laptop but on other laptop it will allow me to I enter the correct email and password then nothing happens even after pressing login multiple times plz help or tell who I should contact

@CoralBlueEther @Removeghasts @Minecraft Instead of campaigning to remove them which will be infinitely controversial and gain little support, why not advocate to improve/change them along with adding ways to keep them under control? They’re a part of the Nether’s brand image.

@shaheer12345938 @UnknownLxgend @Minecraft They will not come to ps4

@ShantiSan4 @Minecraft @jeb_ something happened to my game. Hopefully im not the only one but i was afk in my solo world and after being afk I turned off my My game and got back on the game with my sword gone. Just vanished and I checked every single chest, furnace and hopper in my world 😢

@Altcoinbuzznews [email protected] and @enjin is working together to bring @Minecraft NFTs and a new NFT marketplace. All this to be launched this year! Read More: via @Altcoinbuzzio #Minecraft #NFT

@DougJossem My five year old continues to dominate his stock portfolio. He obviously 🙄 had @FedEx in his picks (crushed earnings) and today told me he wants to get into @Microsoft (due to @Minecraft, not because of TikTok). His double digit percentage beat on my stocks gets larger, wtf.

@Forskim1 @Minecraft @MojangSupport @Mojang I'm not receiving an email to reset my security questions and I cant get my transaction code and Iv'e been trying to get into my minecraft account for almost two weeks and haven't received any helpful information

@showxhyun @jadynlxox @MojangSupport @Minecraft literally a piece of shit, not to mention the help centre doesnt even help

@YourAsainBoi @AzurePlayFab @Minecraft @DOOM @MSFSofficial We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around

@Frenchy3111 Looking true my old videos and I had to upload this on @smaIItubers ... me and my friends take down the dragon in @Minecraft with my 4 yrs old commenting this is how minecraftstarts for so many younger generations. Love y’all

@Immorta06500537 @SchoolAlhussan @Minecraft Stating that it is subjectively better is way different from saying you simply like Fortnite more than Minecraft. Your opinion does not overpower anyone else's So stop screaming for attention, and pay no mind to Minecraft instead of lusting for attention

@_Kotrin @FyrBorne @Minecraft I play with my son on it from time to time, but when I play it's not boxes. I use a few mods that literally make it look like a 4A Game + Billion dollar movie. Should really check it out. Takes a bit to get it all to work but holy its so beautiful.

@PGtheVRguy @Red_Hood1389382 @Minecraft Actually I'm gonna hyped. Its a small update not much of a big game changer but in excited to see how they do it.

@Crimson52Gaming Tomorrow night I stream some more @Minecraft! Can't wait to continue working on the house! Stop by for prayer, the verse of the day, and some fun! #twitch #gaming #familyfriendly

@luisbierbrauer @Minecraft I am really disappointed. Somebody hijacked my acc and since a week I am trying to contact support. Seriously Microsoft? Mojang? A Billion dollar company not able to have a proper support? You should be ashamed! #Minecraft #support

@Darkavenger_13 @Sana20415045 @Minecraft I had a feeling it was Bedrock. Have the same issue, can only play with one of my friends, which makes more sense when you consider I literally live next to him 🤦🏻‍♂️

@caulfield_gavin @MojangSupport @Minecraft I decided to pass time by playing minecraft at 6 in the morning but when I loaded my disk it got stuck on the making loading screen and refuses to load. It has also renewed all save files to 6:15 am, please tell me I'm not about lose all my saves

@chele_69 @Minecraft Do not go to the ocean in Minecraft

@rereactionist @Speedy_1305 @Minecraft mine will load but it booted my microsoft log in and the website to reconnect it is down. Maybe they're related problems? bedrock seems to take ages to fire up.

@777Normal @Christi32846805 @SchoolAlhussan @Minecraft He is just a child with thoughts that his grandfather surely gave him, it is better not to give him the attention he wants and ignore him.

@Robloxgamecrea6 So i was playing @Minecraft i wanted to explore so this is what i found right by my house but then i saw this so i was like no way pink sheep and then gurdian thing (i froget what is name of it) and is not seed from internet i can give to you guys

@EthanMasons @Minecraft Could you maybe give us an update to let us use the character/map packs that we've purchased offline? It's stupid to lock it by not being online. I bought it and should be able to use it offline.

@hadeaninc We're delighted to be working with @Mojang on the best-selling game of all time, @Minecraft, to increase player capacity and present new gameplay possibilities. Read more ➡️

@BlackZnowz @Mojang @MojangSupport @Minecraft when are you guys gonna talk about how almost a year later ps4 still does not have realms yet? Been really wanting to play with my friends yet I’ve not seen you bring it up at all.

@evanoflanagan My wife had to hold @Minecraft court today, in the middle of her zoom lesson, because one of her students burned down the house of another of her students. They were arguing about it in the zoom chat.

@Realityggs_ I’m very disappointed at @Minecraft for not adding mini game servers and realms to PS4 yet 😞😞 it’s been 275 days 😞

@IronDuckjcm @GayProtogenBoi @dungeonsgame @Minecraft If you actually played Minecraft dungeons you wouldn’t be saying this. If you have played it then take that attitude to the actual Minecraft game not the dungeons one

@StevenJamFTW @NVIDIAGeForce 1. @railsimulator 10 years and about 10,000 hours in game, this has to be the top! 2. @Minecraft Another one of the classics you can just sit down and have a great time playing! 3. @trainsimworld The next evolution of Train Sim! #NationalVideoGamesDay + #UltimatePlay

@teamkill3d @Crash_Tise @Minecraft you are clearly not old enough to be allowed on twitter

@GG66444669 hello @Minecraft I know that it is difficult to implement something in the game but I feel that the caves look very empty and well I know that many people request it but an update to the caves would not hurt;)

@dvanw6 @skunksnape @Minecraft Decided to google about this, seems like its not just you, me and someone else also cant get into our realms

@spexcter @sonny123110 @Minecraft The problem is making it work on Mobile since in Java you can almost use both hands... But if they changed it to only being able to store items but not use them that would be much easier to do

@versatile_mc via @Minecraft: ICYMI on @MinecraftMarket: Zombies by Spark Squared. The world isn’t over just yet – not while you have anything to do with it! Defeat 35 different types of zombies, customise your weapons and face epic undead bosses! ↣ ↢

@Eldritch_Oliver Well, I've got my very first @Minecraft Spigot plugin working now, only took about 2.5 hours to get it building and running without errors. (It's literally not doing anything but printing text to the console ATM)

@milkbread03 @Minecraft not happy🤨 keeps saying an error occurred when i try to change the realms world, i just ejsisikalals GR. HAKRN WOOF

@OliverCowen3 @ElijahSmall20 @citrusmitrus @DiemesHuk @Minecraft He’s a troll, you think he cares about anything you are saying to him? It not being funny is the point and he won’t stop at all.

@MojangPlsHelp @MojangSupport @Minecraft Day 1: According to Twitter this is officially day 1; however, I have been trying to get into contact with Mojang for months now with no help. Mojang support is extremely slow to reply, which is not fair for anyone who has had their account hacked.

@smgstudio @kezamacdonald @ltsDB @MovingOutGame @PlayCakeBash @dungeonsgame @Minecraft @Halo Even games like Hidden Folks is fun to play as a family, working together to find everything. It's great on touch screens too

@JIXSAW_Official @kemistry113 @Minecraft Not going to happen till Sony agrees ps5 mean won’t change it

@BelongGateshead Just imagine, its dark your torch gives you barely any light, you have been down the mine for three days and finally you see the glint of diamond! Then you hear something behind you, you turn just in time to watch the creeper explode... It can only be @Minecraft on Game Pass

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