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@ArticunoKiller @Minecraft Nice! But, for Ask Mojang Episode #5 I want to ask you about why you keep working on Minecraft. Surely there are other games you could be developing that break records (and blow games like ROBLOX and FORTNITE out of the competition). Thanks and keep up the good work!

@Neural_Ink @marthavalenta @EvanAndKatelyn @Minecraft I was just thinking this! Even if you don't feel symptoms, inhaling resin fumes is EXTREMELY dangerous & creates long term problems. No masks or windows (to my knowledge) is scary. I love the videos, but not as much as you 2! Please stay safe, that stuff is not to be messed with.

@Nastykiller92 @Minecraft You really do not care about bedrock and all of the bugs you put into it as the spawning bug started in may and nothing was done about. I should see polar bears spawn at y 16 underground. I shouldn't have to have a whole redstone machine die to the point nothing works.

@roccoco20 @Minecraft Sword is always slot one. But I'm not dropping my multi-enchanted diamond sword, I'm gonna swing it at the creepy pumpkin! Anyone who doesn't have their sword in 1st slot is not a true epic gamer. I so many questions relating to that being in your Hotbar

@roccoco20 @Minecraft It sucks that they said we would get it in October and now we are a week Into November. To celebrate the pretty inconsistent and over all clunky worldwide launch, well not be releasing the game in countries where it would make sense

@Cthulurex0412 @Minecraft I've opened a support ticket but haven't heard back yet, I bought a copy of the game but I'm not getting the email to verify my account, so it won't let my play anything but the demo version of the game. Please help!

@PokemonPolicia @RaichuParody @Minecraft @FortniteGame Sorry for saying this Raichu... But You jsut throw the box,not the game card...So you didnt do anything to my fortnite. Sorry pal,i am in level 55

@ParrettJoe A5- I seek out highly engaging materials (such as @bloxels or @Minecraft )to engage all students in practicing critical K skills. My tier 1s will work with increasingly higher numbers to keep working with these materials. #demathchat

@selingaaa It’s always raining on my Minecraft realm :(((( even when I sleep lots. @Minecraft @MojangSupport please I just want it to not rain every few min. Alexa this is so sad play parents by young blood.

@CheatCodeMatty @8mothan92 @sergdooddarsh @CouRageJD @Minecraft Definitely needed to hear that cause 💯 i feel like I play some games that cater to what the community wants me to play but I don’t want to play and when I don’t want to play I’m not as hype about it so I gotta change that up thank you

@Isaiahkeltner1 @Minecraft I have been stressing with this 4 months now actually I'm almost 7 months on Mineplex on the Bedrock Edition having a white blank skin and me not able to use mash-up pack skins and now the skin customisation skins and it still goes white blank skin I'm tired of stressing this

@ColToons @Minecraft @4JStudios Why not just go to the old textures? It’s more retro than the new defaults and looks better than this.

@Mythical_Sock06 @Minecraft @Microsoft While watching Minecon Earth 2019, I was extremely excited for the prospect of new capes. However to my disappointment, the Founders Cape I picked up could only be applied to a skin I made with the new skin system, not my own custom skin. Just disappointed.

@cam3raakid @Mojang @MojangSupport @Minecraft @Microsoft I guarantee I'm not the only one who feels like it is beyond difficult and frustrating trying to get worlds transferred from one device to another. It should be made so that your worlds automatically save to your microsoft account.

@RealNateWest_ Well... Who's Down to Play @FortniteGame Or @Minecraft or something

@Moose_RaceCars @Minecraft @MojangSupport it would be nice if Minecraft bedrock on switch wouldn’t crash every 20 minutes to an hour, or crash when I try to save my world. And the performance issues just get worse with every update. Where’s the true fix at for all this?

@TheDVIChannle @Minecraft @WatchMixer Stream over! Time to lay down.. Or maybe a bit of beatsaber XD

@foolproofpro So litteraly all of the Motorola G serries work on #MinecraftEarth from G5s to G7Play. I have a G6 play.... And it is not on their list of compatable phones... My phone is better then 5S and 6plus yet somehow I am the only new motor serries that can't play? WTF @Minecraft

@MissParkAve I have to say a huge Thank you to @Publix ! I reached out to them last minute and needed a cake my sons 9th Birthday! Not only did they design a @Minecraft cake just for him but the baker had so much pride in making it birthday perfect! TY #publix Maitland!

@productphenom @FortniteGame maybe I should thank you since you have PC players destroying my 9year old son on console he has decided to play @Minecraft again! No more skin buying so thank you fortnite keep not listening 👌🏽

@EthanArlette @DadPlaysMC1 @Minecraft I had an idea of how to get home, but then the sun was going down. I finally got to a place I recognized, and then a creeper blew me up. NBD, I thought. I'll find where I was and pick up my stuff. Hope the sheep is still there. But try as I might, I couldn't find where I'd been.

@BatallionBig So I'm glad @XboxSupport has got a handle on the clubs and store issue, but what about games, i.e. @Minecraft, starting to load, locking up the system or just dumping to the Home screen?

@rainafk264 @Minecraft Hey, I got a mail that my password was changed (not by me), so I went to change it, but your website is inaccessible. What happened?

@favio47530461 @Minecraft Animal cruelty is not in Minecraft update cause animals have get killed by player if a player start playing Minecraft at a wood stage or flying pig nope he dead soo what add sharks to Minecraft or that dolphin aren’t rideable to player no baby parrots ride on pigs Stop

@Apwalien I think i may have a weird addiction to @Minecraft. Unfortunately, i don't have a PS3 anymore so it's not in that image. My goal is to get it for every platform out there ! Next step is to find a way to get a Xbox One and get Minecraft for it \o/

@BoomerdotTV I think I'm going to stream @Minecraft tonight for the clout. 🤔 You can tune in down below. Remember to hit the follow button to reverse climate change. I'm a scientist. @DliveRetweets @DLive_Retweet @OfficialDLive

@Sora_walker1 @Minecraft Hello I have an old minecraft account. I do not remember the email address of my account when I wanted to associate my account to make a migration Iam told that I must buy the game while I can play on the trial version. how should I go about playing without buying ?

@roccoco20 @Minecraft That's up to Sony not Mojang. They won't allow cross platform yet. So you're stuck waiting for 4J to port updates until Sony gets it together. It was already approved by the ESRB, I’m pretty sure it’s ready it’s now just a matter of time

@Sollow525 @jesse2671 @HardcoreIconDC @NoahWilkes3 @Minecraft The reason why it's not getting updated as fast is because Bedrock is the main edition of Minecraft, it's literally called Minecraft, and just cause PS4 Edition is still around that doesn't make it better than the edition with many features you won't get until PS4 goes to bedrock

@PugHD_Anime @Minecraft please fix your game, i have to wait 7 minuets for it to load, just to see that my skin i paid for isn't there anymore, and then on top of this, have the game crash while i make a world, and have to do it all over again. This is pointless.

@JoeysCorner03 Hey @Minecraft is the 1.13.1 update out on Switch? I don't want to risk losing progress in my worlds due to a crash.

@Isaiahkeltner1 @Minecraft And second The View bobbing is broken the auto jump is broken Amorous to come to even see that is broken these things need to be followed before the update comes live another words if it's going to be in beta test it does not need to be half-assed

@roccoco20 @Minecraft @Blockception That's up to Sony not Mojang. They won't allow cross platform yet. So you're stuck waiting for 4J to port updates until Sony gets it together. It was already approved by the ESRB, I’m pretty sure it’s ready it’s now just a matter of time

@agentms_ @_Big_Clarky_ @Electerald @4JStudios @Minecraft I released a patch the day 1.13 came out to fix all that. There was never an issue with the character creator, but the resource packs screen had issues. They're all fixed now, though.

@BatallionBig @rEALLYbADiTCH @ID_Xbox @XboxSupport @XboxGamePass @XboxSupport and @Microsoft are lucky my @Halo 5: Guardians loads up! Still doesn't fix the issue of a pissed off 9 yr old who's friends are able to play @Minecraft and have repeatedly invited him to play tho! #PissedOffGamers

@tazkabaz 🌻LIVE NOW: SUNDAY FUNDAY🌺 If you're looking to play some Multiplayer @Minecraft on this wonderful Sunday afternoon, or watch someone playing it, why not swing by the stream? #SupportAllStreamers #SimsStreamer #Minecraft #MultiplayerMinecraft #Tazmania

@jesse2671 @HardcoreIconDC @Sollow525 @NoahWilkes3 @Minecraft Exactly my point bedrock has all that and ps4 edition is still better I mean it's still around and that speaks for itself, amd the reason it's not getting updated fast is because mojang is hoping it dies doen so itll be easier to make it apart of bedrock.

@hectorzemat15 @minecraftearth @Minecraft Sorry for bothering you but I wanted to download minecraft earth but it tells me that it is not in my country and I find it strange if Mexico is on the list. i have android

@Devlin_Nichols @Minecraft, you guys need to make an enchantment for boots to be able to jump on crops and not damage them.

@CaptainMeowdy @Cyberarms I think stone tools are really cool and not just because I love @Minecraft. I recall there was some interest in using knapped stone to make scalpels. The edge is literally a single atom thick so sharper than steel could ever be. Don't think it took off but neat idea anyway.

@4_8_two Hi @Minecraft don't seem to be able to login to my account. Do old accounts just not work now? Because all I get is "reset your password" And yet I still can't log in. Honestly this is incredibly annoying, bought MC almost 10 years ago & now being told I have to buy it again?

@Miriya15440241 @Minecraft @XboxSupport I get this message whenever I try to join realms, and realms specifically. Everything else works fine, just not realms. I have everything set to "allow", and according to a bit of googling, this bug has been happening for almost a year now. Super stressful

@DeanMG3 @Minecraft @TomatoN_mc I bow down to the master...... please if you see this teach me your ways 🙏

@KatyMontgomerie Trying to link my @Nintendo Switch @Minecraft account with my @Microsoft account is the single worst sign on experience I've ever had in my life. I couldn't put into words how bad it is. It's still not working. It's meant to be for kids. Unfathomably poor

@tazkabaz 🤩LIVE NOW🤩 Once again, I'm gonna be continuing this frat house build on @TheSims - not sure if I'll ever finish lol😂Then, I'll be switching to multiplayer @Minecraft later! #SupportAllStreamers #SimsStreamer #Minecraft #MultiplayerMinecraft #Tazmania

@BarretMomentos @Robloxian25 @UsedMace @Abdou40839399 @M10Allen @BowserGer @Minecraft @TomatoN_mc Ok I’m gonna dismantle you’re points 1. A little kids like you is not the same as a big company coding it’s a hell of a lot easier to make than decent games 2. I never said it has no players and a downhill industry doesnt mean no one uses it simply that it is getting worse and...

@PlumYeti More working on Botania on the @Minecraft server. Join us today on the @ExtraLife4Kids server as we continue to raise money for the 2019 Campain.

@megs091217 @Minecraft anything going on with the game all my things keep glitching out like gollum and my villager and nothing seems to be working ????

@gods_and_punks @Lolipxp3 @dumbshittyrepli @Minecraft That's fair, i just don't live anywhere else and don't know where else doesn't have it x'D Your welcome to also be annoyed at not having the game!

@BarretMomentos @Robloxian25 @Abdou40839399 @M10Allen @BowserGer @Minecraft @TomatoN_mc God when I say the industry is going down hill you are what I mean toxicity is part of the fun beat the fuck outta someone or they will beat the fuck outta you now let me get back to your moms tight asshole

@UsedMace @Robloxian25 @BowserGer @Minecraft @TomatoN_mc Minecraft literally has endless content your not limited like you are in fortnite because Minecraft has mods and servers and you can do anything in Minecraft like ffs you could go to the moon. And yes I used to play fortnite a lot actually but it just gets so repetitive and borin

@BiltmoreGhost @Logdotzip @Minecraft Have a great time on your trip! I hope you plan on visiting some places not just doing this event. Use as a chance to vacation? Even if you are working. And sunscreen sir. It's their ...what... spring(?) right now? Different season for them at least...

@EddieBJudd 7th grade Coding students get their first chance to code for @Minecraft from @hourofcode @jeb_ should be quite proud of the designers he will be working with in a few years. . . #everykid @CMSPrincipal2 @CrestwoodSupt

@Narendr32579369 @tjk184 @Minecraft Right away then only for once the launcher opens and when we close the launcher then it is not going to open after all run as administrator and every opening options so how am I going to progress? Do you k ie I have lost my first minecraft world😭 with 76 diamonds and all progres

@Darksid3r222 @WitherKing001 @TJConsoleRepair @dungeonsgame @Minecraft Its a minecraft game they have information on but not PS4 bedrock so if they don't want to keep getting questions they should tell us about it

@AnchovieSteve Not gonna lie @minecraft needs to make chocolate cake

@Gibb_J_ @Robloxian25 @barman_andrew @brados111 @Minecraft @TomatoN_mc I have my reasons kid, and its not because of the bandwagon to hate fortnite

@TJConsoleRepair @UnlimatedStone9 @Corncobb64 @canadiantoejam @AMkervalishvili @Minecraft @TomatoN_mc When mojang says "we will not be adding any mods to the game" hahahahahahahahahahaha

@mitori551 who wants a tower in their home? I want a tower in my home! we're not building any snowmen today on @WatchMixer, no sir, but we are building, let's craft and mine in @Minecraft for a couple of hours at I promise to be good and also we have song requests!

@Last_Gambit Well i officially re-created every zombies map in @Minecraft, that’s how much i love and i was inspired by @CallofDuty zombies, well not every map all the way up to Der Eisendrache #callofdutyzombies #blackopszombies

@Abi25604253 @Minecraft most of my pets have died bc of pillage raids, the random raiders that spawn with the flags keep killing them all, please slow the spawn rate of them down I can’t afford to keep making new graves

@KevinC1998 @figway @misplacedyank @343Postums @Halo @PlutonForEver @Unyshek @franklez @Minecraft @XboxP3 @Xbox @Microsoft It’s not ideal but it’s better than releasing a broken game to a new audience.

@SleepyheadLBP @Psikorps @Minecraft @4JStudios I was commenting on the fact that people seem to think that photorealistim is better. It's not. Hence why the movie sucked. And the game probably would to. The style of Minecraft is deliberate, at this point, and there is no need for any graphics improvements.

@CreativePropSt @Minecraft don’t know if anyone else has experienced this with the new bedrock update. The update deleted all My worlds. I even went to go try to find them in the files they’re not there. (p.s. i’m running windows 10 version)

@davynjones @HellothereIxD @MojangSupport @Minecraft @LydiaWinters Thanks, I wasn't sure if Minecraft PS4 was still without custom servers. Even if and when it does have it may be LAN only (like Xbox) or won't connect to bedrock server version (1.13.xx) which Android currently does not. Complicated 🤔 & as for contacting PlayStation Support? 😂

@SleepyheadLBP @Psikorps @Minecraft @4JStudios Exactly, you can use mods to do it, not any reason for them to do it.

@Atte49446439 @Minecraft Hello! I have some things to say about realms... fist of them is being able to afk! It would be so good, second thing is better connetion, pleasee! And last is that if one player sleeps the night skips and not that everyone has to sleep thinkabout it when you have 6players online

@WearySky @jzemsky @colinmochrie I know that like most kids his age, he's a huge @NintendoOfCanada, @Minecraft and @Raptors fan, but he's a real smart computer-y kid so I'm not sure what else. His mom @mrsrankka would be the best one to ask!

@ninzcraft @Minecraft i go on mineville (i think thats what its caled) and i run a couple blocks then i crash and ive been trying to get back on for hours (as soon as i finish its starting to cooperate, also im on switch)

@JoeBoe_kun @Andr0xus @Minecraft @4JStudios Mojang prolly wants it it’s just Sony being cocks and not wanting to play with everyone else

@gtAFvet @Minecraft when will you fix my bedrock bug of not being able to aim the blocks anymore. Since the last two updates it has been out of whack android tablet hd never an issue before

@LinusAbsolut @Darksid3r222 @Minecraft @Mojang @PlayStation They are acutely not supposed to. This is just a stupid idea that I do for fun. But I get your idea as well.

@SigmaSaysYOWZA @KevinC1998 @Halo @MicrosoftStore @steam_games @343Postums @PlutonForEver @Unyshek @franklez @Minecraft @XboxP3 You realize there’s a difference between making a whole new game and building off of a game that already exists right? Like yeah you’ve gotta switch engines for the graphics and tinker with the AI and what not but it doesn’t take as long to remaster a game as it takes to make one

@Isaiahkeltner1 @Minecraft And to be honest I get that you want to make Minecraft the way that you want it but I do not like this new customisation skin thing it literally messed up the whole servers including Mineplex for 1 for everyone on Mineplex on the Bedrock Edition their skin is a white blank skin

@BamaGirl02188 @Minecraft @TomatoN_mc This is amazing. I do not have the patience level to build something like this.

@JustAHube @Robloxian25 @RoyaleOutfits1 @Minecraft @4JStudios Not me but internet. Still I agree with you, just wanted to do kinda meme battle, didn't really work out

@glascod @Minecraft Edu goin down at @WESPANTHER elementary! 💻💻💻🍖🍖🍖❤️❤️❤️ If you’re wanting to learn, we’re here until 1 pm today! #edcampflagler #whyFlagler #whyWES

@Bentendo5 @Minecraft Why not bring them over to Bedrock?


@ppcc42 @Minecraft Also beds crash the game $ whenever I look straight down, my controls get reversed, it's really annoying when trying to build.

@Sollow525 @jesse2671 @TheDiamondzzZ @NoahWilkes3 @Minecraft PS4 is not the last legacy edition, legacy edition is PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U, and people have actually been playing Bedrock, nobody has talked about PS4 in a while besides them talking about how PS4 is coming to Bedrock. You literally don't even know what you're talking about.

@StormedNitro @UsedMace @Robloxian25 @BowserGer @Minecraft @TomatoN_mc It's not a bad game if you have no reason dipshit. What's there to hate if you don't even know?

@BarretMomentos @Robloxian25 @Abdou40839399 @M10Allen @UsedMace @BowserGer @Minecraft @TomatoN_mc It’s a shit game with the same few features no challenge just the same thing on repeat over and over then it takes a manipulative way of getting kids to buy shit it’s less that fortnite is bad it’s just unoriginal along with the entire Genre play if you want but it’s not good

@Inquiring_Ghost @AER0KNIGHT @Minecraft Dunno. I'm sure Sony would accept the release of a bedrock edition, I'm just not sure if Microsoft/Mojang is interested in porting bedrock to PS4. Who knows.

@EthanAndLiamHD So we had an entire version release...around bees?! I was expecting that to be in addition to the larger release. Much like foxes were to villagers and pillagers update. So hunny blocks I guess. Also I’m not throwing shade on the devs, nothing but love for them. @Minecraft

@bidule995 @PathwayMC @Minecraft Also huge thanks to @Arcaniax for its #Arceon plugin, this project would definitely not have been the same without its tools.

@HellothereIxD @davynjones @MojangSupport @Minecraft @LydiaWinters Playstation 4 doesn't have Minecraft Bedrock (yet). It is instead running legacy console Edition which doesn't support servers, cross-play etc. The restrictions of not being able to join custom servers come from certain platform holders like Microsoft, Apple, Nintendo etc.

@UsedMace @Robloxian25 @BowserGer @Minecraft @TomatoN_mc Nigga this isn’t a fucking political debate it’s Twitter. My opinion is that fortnite is a bad game and I do not like to play it

@Chikibambonishe @Daredevil245690 @magisbac @kmb42600 @AxelKein @TheSinisterElf @4JStudios @Minecraft I think so, it would be very sweet. But I do not think that they will be pleased to update the PS4 after all the words that we told them

@Narendr32579369 @tjk184 @Minecraft A big thanks to everyone trying to help me with this frustrating situation now let me explain my problem in detail so so guys can give me a better help Last Sunday when I double clicked on Minecraft launcher on my desktop(as usual) a update for my launcher not the game appeared

@ItsTylerJohnn @ProSyndicate @Minecraft I feel like no one should ever spend money on such an ugly vehicle. Notice I didn’t call it a truck, it’s cause it’s not one lol. It’s a glorified Power Wheels toy that looks like the back to the future car but worse.

@justinsteffen5 @wyoplayer676 @4JStudios @Minecraft Please stop ask 4j for bedrock 4j not make bedrock I'm like to have bedrock too please stop

@roccoco20 @Minecraft @MageFall The article isn't super accurate: beyond not talking about 3d software at all (where most renders are made), chunky is definitely not the "hard way". Sketchfab isn't a rendering software either... Might have been a better idea to interview people who make renders

@TinTodder @Minecraft i wanted to move my bell but when it went to my inventory i couldn't get it off, i tried placing it down it just disappear and returns to my inventory, when i put it in a chest it goes back to where it was,

@EthanArlette @DadPlaysMC1 @Minecraft And I was like ENOUGH!!!!!! But then I calmed down and was able to find some cows in my usual animal place. They followed me right back into the pen and just had a baby!

@Splunkmastah @PlayStation @Minecraft So the amount of active TNT on PS4 is limited to 20? Can a current gen console in 2019 really not handle a game with the graphical sophistication of a game from the 90s?

@AkikDave The Minecraft game needs to be shut down for good because there’s nothing better about it because nobody wants to be a Noob Because I seen people and kids playing that game that’s for noobs. But now for Record no more selling Minecraft. The The rest of games are great @Minecraft


@ruspoker @Minecraft @Mojang @BillGates @Microsoft @satyanadella Fix thousands of minor bugs that don't change anything, and you don’t do important things for years! The balance of the game is terrible! Many things are useless and not used, potions for example, or rabbit soup, it is very difficult to obtain, and very little benefit. #Minecraft

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