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Recent Outage Reports

by Aysegul Bagci   2 months ago

Can not log in

by George   6 months ago

Can’t send or receive money the app and can’t use an atm

by Lukas   7 months ago

Still not work any transactions

by Lukas   7 months ago

Can’t transfer anything or use cash machine

by Mettle user   8 months ago

Cant open the app, it keeps closing???

by Jack   8 months ago

App keeps closing

by Ellen   10 months ago

App keeps giving server error when I try to add HMRC VAT as Payee

by Jem Dowse   10 months ago

Trying to add HMRC Cumbernauld as payee to pay corporation tax. Fails with error message saying 'server error'.

by AT   11 months ago

I am trying to open a Mettle account but constantly getting an error message so unable to complete the process.

by Alison Bignall   11 months ago

My app won't open

by Eleanor Gill - Academy Art Framers   11 months ago

Hi. I can't get the app to open at all, I'm trying to complete my application. I just tried on a new phone, in case the storage was full. Still not working.

by Steven Styles   1 year ago

App won't allow me to make payments. It won't load Payee's

by J A S   1 year ago

Can’t add a payee or send money

by Jane Edgerton   1 year ago

web access on computer not working

by Lisa Mulholland   1 year ago

Company has just reported that my dd has been returned although the transaction is showing as pending.

by Adrian   1 year ago

App not working, no answer on the phone

by Lisa Michael   1 year ago

App down has been since this morning I need access to it how long is it down for

by Sarah Budd   1 year ago

You need to delete app and download again… you’ll need your 3 recovery words though

by Phil   1 year ago

Nothing working all day! App down and missed time dependent transactions! Not happy

by KJ   1 year ago

Can't login into app, its not accepting my pass code or finger print.

by Sarah Budd   1 year ago

Website and app been down for an hour

by Sonia Vaiciukas   1 year ago

I cannot login to my mettle app and have just seen I cannot login to your website either. I hope this is a system glitch and you haven't gone bust

by Faye Dennett   1 year ago

Website 504 gateway timeout. Can't log into apps because of network error.

by Rachel   1 year ago

app and website down.

by Brody Passey   1 year ago

I'm being told there is a Network Error when trying to login to my account using face ID and when I put in my passcode I'm being told It's incorrect so I've just been locked out of my account with all of my business funds.

by Peter Atkinson   1 year ago

Payments sent to my account from customers are being declined today.

by Deborah Handley   1 year ago

Unable to send payment from account

by Paul bush   1 year ago

Can’t accept payments can’t send payments

by Louise Rennie   1 year ago

app not working. cannot login via web without this which as you can imagine renders it useless

by jacqueline nott   1 year ago

app will not open. after id verification page i just get a spinning blue wheel. Cannot open mettle online either as it needs the app to be able to verify .....which of course wont open . So basically cannot take care of business currently....not very useful :(

by Mettle user   1 year ago

Cannot access my accounts through the app, the interface freezes

by Daniel Mackenzie   1 year ago

I can't get on my app to do business.

by Nick Keogh   1 year ago

Apo starts to open but won't even after multiple trys

by Serena Waite   2 years ago

App starts to open with face recognition but doesn’t open Server Status

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HTTP/2 308 
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content-type: text/html
content-length: 164
set-cookie: AWSALBTG=ixQQp4OgRY5PG4tDk5kjVbqLWil1a8WfsxYc0uR3nVsQxs2XfwD8N9ExW+aeBguIFP8Rmtw699sr9+BAEFKmIg23X5OBzIwPy0eQp1QUZzA7El9yvbZYAHJV4ex4itn2JneuXAf50bCmOnKB5++u7eo/VeNbTdj6GWM0nKdyuk/2mTJ3v7Y=; Expires=Wed, 19 Apr 2023 14:31:49 GMT; Path=/
set-cookie: AWSALBTGCORS=ixQQp4OgRY5PG4tDk5kjVbqLWil1a8WfsxYc0uR3nVsQxs2XfwD8N9ExW+aeBguIFP8Rmtw699sr9+BAEFKmIg23X5OBzIwPy0eQp1QUZzA7El9yvbZYAHJV4ex4itn2JneuXAf50bCmOnKB5++u7eo/VeNbTdj6GWM0nKdyuk/2mTJ3v7Y=; Expires=Wed, 19 Apr 2023 14:31:49 GMT; Path=/; SameSite=None; Secure
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  1. Do a full Browser refresh of the site holding down CTRL + F5 keys at the same time on your browser
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