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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - LIDL.DE - LIDL Onlineshop - Entdecken Sie unsere große Produktvielfalt. Wohnen ✓ Küche ✓ Technik uvm. ✓ Günstig online bestellen! Server Status

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How to Solve Lidl Down or Outage Issues:

We have tried pinging using our servers in diverse locations and the website returned the above results.

If is down for us too there is nothing you can do except waiting. Probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or website maintenance is in progress.

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1. It might be Browser Related:

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This trick works perfectly on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, Safari and whatever default browser comes with your Windows nowadays lol.

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Recent Outage Reports

@Cambolc #SaturdayMorning experience this morning calm shopping experience, checkout perosn in @Lidl saying now panic dying down and extra measures in place they are now at stage where shelves are starting to be replenished and stay replenished

@NikoLewman @AMD kudos to good marketing and outstanding product line, not mention price point 😉 @lidl well done, offering quality products for your clientele @Acer happy to see you bringing valid options to consumers, thank you

@SHAKILUR15 This is @lidl, discount on Vit C. Thanks to @LidlGB @AldiUK @asda @Tesco @sainsburys etc for bring down prices during this difficult time #COVID19 #covid19UK.

@madmarchheather @rob333m @lidl No it does not help 😂 the only people who say “Hoots” are English people trying to be Scottish 😂

@BuyersReport @DHSCgovuk Isn’t this precisely the problem we have on #SocialDistancing when the public see that stores like @Lidl arent bothered - where profit comes before safety - they’re not going to swallow @MattHancock ‘s vitally important message @DHSCmedia

@BuyersReport @CaracalJ @JonAshworth @MattHancock @Hawthorn55 Slowly they’ve got their act together although I noticed @sainsburys thought 2m = 1m. No guys. 2m (6’6”) is the minimum. It may not be the spacing at your SS checkouts but that doesnt make it an exception. Still no reply yet from @lidl to our letter here...

@StJCx The construction site of 10+ builders next door to me continues as if nothing has changed. Groups of 5 having a chat in the street. No separation in the supermarket lines, and @lidl staff not wearing gloves. FFS #Germany why are you not taking this seriously??

@Newtons_Laws @johnsweeneyroar Been asking @LidlGB & @lidl to explain why not enforcing #SocialDistancing at checkout in stores - where customers can’t control the policy themselves - & they aren’t the slightest interested in the health & well-being of those customers. Is this your bag?

@mudlarklives @schnuckster @Schnuckms My daily forager says that is the rule rather than the exception these days around our parts, not just including @Lidl. It's why, from my self-sequestration, I tend to dismiss the "panic" as patchy and exaggerated.

@columbascave @artefactoid @lidl Not the best photo as trying not to include the neighbours kids but here you are. They are just starting to bud and we are planning on weaving some of the branches across.

@littlesandgrain @OccupyNN @CovidAidUK @asda @waitrose @Ocado @Tesco @Morrisons @lidl @sainsburys Yes, we need to start thinking about the next phase now, So true! I just went to Aldi and was pleased that they had lots of stuff. Not everything that I wanted, but at least enough to keep me going for a while. Was so sorry that I accidentally bumped into someone.

@madmarchheather Bloody @Lidl If you wanted your advert voiceover to contain “Tatties” you shouldn’t have chosen an English narrator. It’s not a cute little novelty, it genuinely sounds ridiculous in the wrong accent. Like “wee” Just don’t 🤦🏻‍♀️

@oliverbeige Did any country or company put aside 500 tests, even low-quality not-for-medical-use high-false-positives tests, to run a cluster sample on supermarket checkout personnel? @lidl?

@Newtons_Laws Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon speaks on #SocialDistancing & pleads with stores to ensure it’s upheld. @Lidl would do well to heed this plea & give customers & colleagues alike that assurance - not kettle customers jnto a queue like I saw, in which they have no choice

@clemesha_alison @MaryDenise22 @roxyroxster @lidl I’ve given up for the moment, as I’m not in need anymore. I’d ke to know why customers can go in a queue to “edit” their orders? This should stop and accept what they’ve already ordered , to give others a chance

@BuyersReport @DHSCmedia Utterly amazed to get off phone to @Lidl & @LidlGB about its failure to enforce #SocialDistancing in checkout area of its stores, & to have to report here that they’re not in the slightest interested, nor in the assault occasioned by their staff @DHSCgovuk

@oliverbeige @fede_moreno_s @lidl I'm sure they're not up to medical standards, which is why I'm wondering if they can still be used for target population cluster sampling. Gas station attendants. Any high interaction, high risk "frontline" demographic cluster.

@Nick_Wellings @schnuckster @mudlarklives @Schnuckms @lidl This is most heartening, I have not stepped foot in one for about two weeks now, after my last experience. Did your assault team leader have to do the "one at a time" thing/ queue to go in?

@db_networks Where would we be without the people in the service industry. Thank you to all the hard working people at the supermarkets! Your character and strength is needed. #ShowCharacter #Danke @migros @lidl @REWE_Supermarkt @kaufland @METRO_News @handelshof @BILLA_AT #EDEKA #aldi #penny

@sazderf @Vono999 @UkGovt @RishiSunak @asda @Tesco @Morrisons @aldi @lidl @sainsburys We don’t have other options where to buy food! Also @deliveroo added 3k restaurants to platform, not hearing about drivers getting more money. What bout reducing fees for independents?

@Newtons_Laws @BorisJohnson when a retailer like @Lidl is not enforcing #SocialDistancing at checkouts & on asking about policy throws me out of the store, I thought a call to HO was needed. Well that went well. #Lidl is not at all interested in ensuring customers are given the 2m space.

@Just_Jo @GelmerodaIII @carole_awebb @johnestevens @Morrisons @lidl I’m sorry the hour didn’t suit you personally, & I do appreciate how difficult it is at the moment, instead of having a dig at a supermarket that is trying to be helpful why not come up with a helpful suggestion? This is a huge learning curve for everyone, why not help each other

@columbascave @artefactoid @lidl This is year 1 so at the moment I am not certain. We did buy the ones they said are used as a sound barrier so I am hoping they will fill out to a more hedge-hedge.

@priceri @AHacket54195958 @AsdaServiceTeam @Tesco @lidl @AldiUK @BootsTheCemist @onestopstores @normanlaudassoc If any chemistry teachers working can they get the schools to get a production line going? - surgical spirit - Aloe Vera - ...

@GaynorRogers311 @lidl Is it true that your staff will not be paid if having to self-isolate? I've heard they're having to take unpaid leave. @CoreyBJourno @GrimsbyLive @LabourSidney @GrimsbyClp @NorthLincsLab @LabourClp

@BuyersReport Well as I found Helen, if you ask the wrong question like mine to @Lidl it gets you banned. Not only banned but pursued into the car park by Mgmt intent on invading my personal 2m space. I found #Lidl behaviour offensive in extreme. Here’s my letter to them!

@littlesandgrain @OccupyNN @CovidAidUK You should be able to indicate that substitutions are out. If not, then the supermarkets have a learning opportunity here @asda @waitrose @ocado @tesco @morrisons @asda @lidl @sainsburys We HAVE to come up with good (NEW) ways of getting food to people who haven't hoarded.

@CentralCarers @Shubhanna @tartan1314 @Tesco @sainsburys @AldiUK @lidl @asda We've also had a few questions about this so far & would hope that shops will accept Carers Cards as evidence. Where a card is not available/expired, we are preparing a letter on F&C CC headed paper that we can send out to carers as evidence that they are a known carer to our org

@sheilacclark We got essential hay fever tablets, yummy fresh veg, and bread plus things for self isolating, at risk neighbours. Sainsbury’s had let us down again. @Lidl supermarket of choice in future. Such a calm place and great staff. Oh , I did treat myself to new gardening gloves 😊

@SandraS80775853 @IcelandFoods And the front line staff looking after the children of front line staff #Welling. Not allowed to (and bruqesly spoken to) shop despite ID to verify my valididity. So, @Iceland @marksandspencer @lidl @sainsburys @Asda @Tesco, when am I feeding my family?

@Just_Jo @GelmerodaIII @carole_awebb @johnestevens @Morrisons @lidl Duh? I made a polite suggestion I’m not related to any hospital staff I don’t know any hospital staff I don’t know they’re working hours I’m sure the majority wouldn’t have been so rude

@Oddjobscardiff Walking down the cat walk @lidl wearing the latest designer wear from the coronavirus 2020 summer collection. A must have for all you trendy people wanting to stay well. (Just for fun to lighten the mood). 😂

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