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How to Solve Irs Down or Outage Issues:

We have tried pinging using our servers in diverse locations and the website returned the above results.

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@LuckieKathy @Atomic__Bear @irs I would think the extension would apply to you , look at the website..July 15 all taxes .. Not 4-15..

@daniellefreda @USTreasury @IRS @realDonaldTrump I was told as a disabled person on SSDI making low income NOT to file my taxes anymore. They told me it gave them "too much work." So now I do not get a stimulus check?? We need it the most.

@JustHereToShare I'm sure ppl of WV have been really concerned about @IRS not having almost $300 million more at this difficult time for them. Also $35mil for @kencen will really bridge the gap in WV. Good to know @SpeakerPelosi & @SenSchumer own you & WV folks can just wait while you obstruct

@Mrvn_Mrtn Maybe after the billions/trillions have been sent for the bailout the @IRS /US government will find a way to collect tax owed by those using the huge underground economy known as payment processors. Not family sending actual gifts, but those using cash apps for payments

@808Geeks @tonetalks @princss6 @irs Nothing is going to happen till blacks say #NukeRussia! @TheBlackCaucus NOT A GODDAMN THING.

@Ellenconnects @SRuhle @hodakotb @today your info today:Please post HOW to update direct deposit with @IRSnews @IRS I called and was told it is not possible via phone or web. Last year my taxes direct deposit ACH info is incorrect IRS said it cannot be changed. Suggestions?

@flyingworld5 @FBI @FCC @usagov ⁦@FTC⁩ @FBI_IC3 ⁦@CIA⁩ @IRS Investigate Twitter user michell75625844 This person claims to have won $395 million with Powerball and is messaging people asking them for their online banking login information to allegedly pay their credit card debt.

@extremeritewing @chuckwoolery Well, nothing... But, had I not been a @POTUS @realDonaldTrump fan the past three years of trying to strip a duly elected President of his officetheir collusion with foreign agents, weaponizing @IRS, @FBI, @Deoartmebt of State, etc would have made me vote TRUMP/Pence #MAGA2020

@Packline5 @RellimShane @Arvid @Chris01768636 @ali @pulte @CashApp It's an image that's available to be used in for a fee. In other words, that is not his father, or even a COVID-19 patient. Since he used it in an attempt to get $$$ it's also called wire fraud. @FBI and @IRS might be interested.

@Atomic__Bear I’m a US citizen living abroad. I am required by law to file and pay US taxes and fine FBAR reports under penalty of $10,000 for non-compliance. I am currently quarantined. Am I included in the stimulus package? Probably not. #forgottenamericans. @IRS

@RAOpolitics It wouldn't take longer @kasie for @irs to get @SocialSecurity mailing / deposit records for those not already in their files if they started now..My #GOD no wonder our government sucks, can't think a move ahead #stimuluschecks #COVID19

@Jeffrey75679927 @repdinatitus @irs Please explain all the things you and Nancy want in the bill, that have absolutely nothing to do with the virus or American... Time for a change and you’re not it!

@ScottC20012 @tedlieu Let's see the disclosure, Ted. You have a tendency to tout donations that come from your campaign funds and not your own.... @irs

@itBlike my fuckin tax return was ACCEPTED jan30 and i STILL have NOT gotten it. @IRS give it to me i need it WHY do u hate me???

@IsArchieOK @BWOHB @TheToadours @POTUS @irs @GavinNewsom Therefore a state with the highest number of COVID19 cases has a Governor that possibly will divert funds to pay for their security and actual tax paying Californians may suffer. #DonaldTrump needs to intervene they are not Internationally Protected People. #PayForYourOwnSecurity

@alliantgroup @alliantgroup’s own @MarkforAmerica is featured in this @Bloomberg piece discussing the burden faced by the @IRS as the agency works to adjust in the ongoing #coronavirus pandemic. Check out the article here:

@pantherlily141 @SpeakerShinjini Just went to @irs dot gov & it states no information available & not taking info. Hope they’re more trustworthy than 45*.

@Atomic__Bear @LuckieKathy @irs I’m not talking about the extension. I mean the checks that are supposed to go out. I have no income while quarantined and have a large mortgage to pay.

@RealSouthwest Can someone please share how to do this? I do not have that bank info on file with @IRS. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@KayHammy what an inopportune time to realize my parents have been illegally claiming me as a dependent for tax breaks. I provide more than 50% of my own support and I am not a full time student. @IRS get they ass so I can have my measly 1200

@LandoverSouLjah @tonetalks @irs It still robbery. Having earned income of 75,000 on these crooks books, between fica and state tax so called employees is forking over 20k of that 75 already...these percentages is off and not all of us have (net) income is the only income to be recognized.

@TrumpWinsNevada Worst act ever passed! Glad you are proud of it @SpeakerPelosi . You empowered the @IRS to slap large penalties on those that had no health care! Health insurance is a choice not a MANDATE!

@LanyJennifer the #stimulusplan SUCKS for Humans thanks to the crooked greedy @SenateGOP @MarkMeadows @stevenmnuchin1 . @IRS better not expect any quarterly tax payments from independent contractors, who mostly got screwed. Why do corps need TRILLIONS if reopening at EASTER?

@tonetalks Understand that not only do you have to gather 1099s or W2 to file while everything is closed you also have to get a shutdown @irs to process your filing. Then also not owe money. Not sure this stimulus will go too well for #ados Black America if they hold to this criteria.

@RAOpolitics @Patrice_Brost1 efile is what @irs site sends you to. free for the poorest, but what I discovered is some sites won't take '0' as net income...I eventually download 1040 forms and did manually and mailed them. If they're required I might not see anything from stimulus for a bit longer

@InstinctFilms TRUE STORY....tried to apply for the #FederalDisasterLoan, @SBAgov loan that the #Coronavirus #COVID19 caused. The #BAILOUT if you will, well @IRS claims not received my #IncomeTax from 2018, which the owe ME money from, and said for past 9 mos. that they have. I cant apply. #GIG

@Holistic2019 @realDonaldTrump @IRS website needs a provision for 🇱🇷 to set up an account where they can put in their direct deposit information for the stimulus. Nevada Health Line has no place to register online either. They need to be more accessible, long holds on phone is not feasible. @GovSisolak

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