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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - BANQUE ING : 0€ POUR LES OPÉRATIONS COURANTES ! - Découvrez ING, des produits bancaires simples : compte courant, assurance vie, crédit immobilier, crédit à la consommation, bourse, pea, épargne et prêt professionnel. Server Status

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@AceX_49 @shonenmyth @JustAToaster3 @theconmantwit_ @ING Enlighten me what he meant then, buster. Seemed pretty direct to me 🤣 Oh let's not forget his destiny speech to Neji in the chuunin exam just for him to become a chosen one lol

@dboogs7 @nbatimaa @notdboogs @ING Not me😅jus had to clear the air

@Queenjunkfood @NoseyRen_ @wi33ard @OKCPD @ING And the only thing I will apologise for in this entire thing is posting that screenshot cos you're right, it's not relevant to the Holtzclaw case. I ain't apologising for a single thing more because that was all I did wrong

@GaryMarry @CheesWiz5621 @Cardamungus @CoachBourbonUSA @ING So bring in someone else that plays a different scheme that needs different personnel? Take 3 years to get who you need but fire him after 1 season and 2 games cause who he's working with isn't doing the job. Assuming you're a troll and just say stupid shit.

@d0mbizzle Not PETA @ing me cause I said I wanted to go v*gan...

@zcoderr @zeziys @valorfnbr2 @prevaless @ING no need to drag me into this when I’m clearly not involved “love”

@e_bigz @guypbenson @guypbenson I'm @ing you because you said not to 🤪

@AreaMama94 @IamChukstarr I’ll stop @ing you about her because I’m not even watching but this is the same way she said I hope you know that stupid bitch nominated me referring to Erica. Someone she would also have nominated given the chance so ?? What’s this talking down on people for the same game

@posting @Naib_of_Naibs @IBeetman @make_it_snow @leothotsky69420 @altuov @BobooTobian @sansculottestoo @VanKingoff @yagigote @calamityqanon @lauraFWG @canadapoast @Fu3kYouTw1tter @hisschel @rogerlorton @MusclesQueen @southerndiaper @thezdroids @Starscape14 @FlurpyFlurp @Gma2Iowa @Christie_Malry @beans_n_bops @GenGoodsman @ChemtrailDenier @notanwo @BigBlueSass @statman29 @JPaulLeek @TheClickPit @R34lR3v0luti0n @sexy_robotnik @vodkabooty @INSIGHT94540515 @Logical80107241 @joimachine @UnfriendlyReac1 @acephalelephant @VicKingArt @drbonertron @CarolB201464 @crabbychristina @MartynYoung14 @DarkGiftComics @DgcMicg @achtung_maybe @enniusx @RoseMQueen1 @AlazmatF @ING Lol keep crying about it. You're the one making nice with nazis and crying about things that literally do not matter. Keep telling yourself that bud, hope your kid learns to be a better human than their pissbaby of a dad. Civil? Try using pronouns correctly Their*

@Bulldog_Newts @GReIuctant @WhosHarley @ING I guess it’s how you read the tweets mate. Lots of them could be taken in different ways. Which is why I was saying players need to not get caught up on it and keep doing their thing.

@niahbow @abbyjoseph_ @dr2caramelo @kristinchnce @SteveThatboi @ING I should but Not going to 😌❤️

@BtsStrayKidsTxt @yowhadupitsme @bbyprt @kawaiiempoleon @adorelul @chartdata @BTS_twt @Adele @iambeckyg @ING Next time for sure. And why does it hurts so much if someone calls you ugly. Im not trying to be nice now or smt Im just saying that you have to know that you are not ugly you are pretty and this shouldnt hurt you gain more confidence is better

@M477OLI @SnowFake3 @wrenasaurus @SillySkulker @WillEatYourRich @Denise24604669 @tiffy201 @Nick76Socialist @carmel_prescott @maccorcrain @profgrump @BillWard60 @pmccrink @RoccoLostInHull @Babble___ @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @Noundela1 @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @action_send @chefdeals @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @MattRuddell @ING I'm working right now and I'm still able to say you're a bullshitting piece of shit with a mammoth inferiority complex who can't admit that he has been duped by murdochs media outlets. You're probably a little pissed off that the Lib Dems aren't relevant any more.

@BillWard60 @carmel_prescott @SnowFake3 @Denise24604669 @WillEatYourRich @Babble___ @wrenasaurus @RoccoLostInHull @profgrump @tiffy201 @pmccrink @M477OLI @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @Noundela1 @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @Nick76Socialist @action_send @chefdeals @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @maccorcrain @MattRuddell @ING Bang on Ms C, funded by the Rockefellers. Americas Area Chairman a staunch neo-liberal guru, European Chairman emboiled in the banking crisis and Asia Chairman CEO of a big phama co. They're going to solve the Climate Crisis - not. They've caused it.

@SnowFake3 @Nick76Socialist @maccorcrain @TeeJayney @Denise24604669 @carmel_prescott @wrenasaurus @profgrump @tiffy201 @BillWard60 @pmccrink @M477OLI @RoccoLostInHull @Babble___ @WillEatYourRich @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @Noundela1 @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @action_send @chefdeals @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @MattRuddell @ING Ironically, it's not a reactionary idea. It's FOR progress and reform. Making you the reactionary for being against it. On the socialism thing, nobody's trying to get anybody to be less socialist. Just live in the real world, that you can't change a thing if you're not in power

@deaddr0pfred @AngelaLovesNY @Mooglet1 @ING I mean yeah that's absolutely overkill, not to mention why ASSUME theyre following for some nefarious reason? Most of my experience has people not realizing, or not having seen that side of them or whatever.

@lidlbigthings @Babble___ @Yazzy_321 @SnowFake3 @DaleMur88720086 @WillEatYourRich @tiffy201 @RoccoLostInHull @BriainFan @Noundela1 @wrenasaurus @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @Nick76Socialist @action_send @chefdeals @carmel_prescott @profgrump @stimmopaul1 @pmccrink @IceManTiti1 @M477OLI @TeeJayney @Denise24604669 @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @BillWard60 @ChefGarethS @maccorcrain @MattRuddell @ING I blocked him 20 mins ago but just staying to like all the people yanking his pants down 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ I need to sleep! Stop all being so funny!

@zbrafford @loghenk @Disfunctiional @ING You're still talking and idc what you think I learned what that was as a child and you want am argument I will not give you. Sorry I got mean but I've said to stop talking to me I don't know you and don't care what you have to say.

@redsk1nsforever @ErikMoreno2155 @TheActualCC It’s not a fan page I just use it to fuck w zirksee cause he’s always @ing her

@RachaelGatherum @sarahgatherum @erikabtw @ING Not to be mistake for your auntie fanny

@InquisitorMence @aquaticfoodweb @NCTHINGH4PPENS @NlGHTMONKEY @ginacarano @ING "you really didn't have a snarky comeback for going out of your way to be rude to trans people (nlghtmonkey)..." I didn't. Specifically, I didn't consider whether the person was trans because it wasn't relevant. It still isn't. It's called not being bigoted.

@yowhadupitsme @BtsStrayKidsTxt @bbyprt @kawaiiempoleon @adorelul @chartdata @BTS_twt @Adele @iambeckyg @ING I'm not trying to hurt your feelings because I'm not you. I'm saying it because that's literally what you are

@SnowFake3 @Babble___ @tiffy201 @WillEatYourRich @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @RoccoLostInHull @BriainFan @Noundela1 @wrenasaurus @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @Nick76Socialist @action_send @chefdeals @carmel_prescott @profgrump @stimmopaul1 @pmccrink @IceManTiti1 @M477OLI @TeeJayney @Denise24604669 @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @BillWard60 @ChefGarethS @maccorcrain @MattRuddell @ING You accept defeat then, on the only thing I'm here to debate. Turned out Corbyn was for the few, and Boris was for the many. As much as it hurts, delusion always eventually comes down to earth.

@dreamycrow @babiebuIl @EVERYNEUROSIS I expect you to stop @ing me. I was talking to an inclusionist about it. Not any exclusionist. I’m not bringing my abusive ex back into my life. I’m not bring back that trauma back just for some exclusionists. So again. I said what I said.

@StellenWagner_ @RTX_3070 @velvetvelvetvel @fiameelol @JarretCF @ING im not even talking to you no hate to you though

@profgrump @SnowFake3 @tiffy201 @BillWard60 @pmccrink @M477OLI @RoccoLostInHull @Babble___ @WillEatYourRich @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @Noundela1 @wrenasaurus @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @Nick76Socialist @action_send @chefdeals @carmel_prescott @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @Denise24604669 @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @maccorcrain @MattRuddell @ING I quite like a bit of arrogance when the person has reason for it, sadly you don't as it far outweighs your intellect. None of them wanted to debate with you, you pushed in talking down to folk, they pushed back, you cried and ran away.

@jthebeaut_x @GoldenMind93 @ING Because I can and there’s not a bitch ass thing you can do about it. There was never a case to begin with dummy 😭

@AndyTangled @grayphil27 @vida_public @Paramedic_Sky @beasant_a @ING Weird that, saying you don’t know who he is when you follow him. He spouts White Nationalism constantly so there’s no way you’ve not seen it. I don’t follow him but I’ve seen his tweets. Stop trying to take me for a mug. ‘Conversation’ is over.

@zbrafford @loghenk @Disfunctiional @ING I have my opinion and it made you mad. Go vote for Biden who doesn't know what day of the week it is. Now I'm not replying to you. You have problems

@TheeSweetMiraj @ISISGOO not u @ing breonna i hope u dedicate that essay to ha

@gyrolyne @steelgock @ING ah, yeah that makes sense. is there a better way I can explain without sounding like a dick? I don't know how to say that I'm not responsible for harassment without sounding aggressive about it. but thank you for being kind

@gyrolyne @steelgock @ING oh yeah I understand that. thanks for not being rude. I'm afraid I haven't replied to any dms regarding legal information, like how jelli asked. and i have never recieved notifications from their thread, in fact it was very recently that I was unlocked. I'm not sure how I can-

@tantoyadigg @JediDinkster @lilabe10 @LordAkira98 @abmdeeski @ING boy you think i give a fuck how you think about my attitude. suck my balls i don’t give a shit. you got butthurt over me not having a pfp pic of myself, you got butthurt and got in someone else’s business and i’m supposed to cater to you? again, suck my balls

@CandleRF_ @NyndeeLV @TurksFN_ @NekkoSucks @doprie Stop @ing me it’s not my fault and don’t want anything to do with these 2

@SnowFake3 @Nick76Socialist @Denise24604669 @WillEatYourRich @Babble___ @wrenasaurus @carmel_prescott @RoccoLostInHull @profgrump @tiffy201 @BillWard60 @pmccrink @M477OLI @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @Noundela1 @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @action_send @chefdeals @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @maccorcrain @MattRuddell @ING You think I'm not a Marxist. The biggest difference between us is that I'm a realist about the fact that you have to appeal to the majority of the electorate in order to get elected.

@Noundela1 @lidlbigthings @carmel_prescott @pmccrink @Kipperwacker @SnowFake3 @M477OLI @Nick76Socialist @wrenasaurus @WillEatYourRich @Babble___ @BillWard60 @Denise24604669 @maccorcrain @profgrump @tiffy201 @RoccoLostInHull @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @action_send @chefdeals @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @MattRuddell @ING 😣 Sorry you had to go through the sqwushing! Not nice at all!!! Wishing both you beautiful ladies a speedy and healthy and as pain free as possible recovery X💚

@zbrafford @loghenk @Disfunctiional @ING Look you're probably a really chill guy but here we are arguing bc I'm a Trump supporter and you're not. Politics are toxic sometimes. We can leave it alone and say 1 nice thing to each other for fun.

@SnowFake3 @carmel_prescott @BenJolly9 @wrenasaurus @SillySkulker @WillEatYourRich @Denise24604669 @tiffy201 @Nick76Socialist @maccorcrain @profgrump @BillWard60 @pmccrink @M477OLI @RoccoLostInHull @Babble___ @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @Noundela1 @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @action_send @chefdeals @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @MattRuddell @ING Haha I said work contributes to society and he said it made me a Tory. But let's not forget this is about Corbyn masterminding a MASSIVE TORY LANDSLIDE. Just like we told you he would.

@Noundela1 @SnowFake3 @Denise24604669 @WillEatYourRich @Babble___ @wrenasaurus @carmel_prescott @RoccoLostInHull @profgrump @tiffy201 @BillWard60 @pmccrink @M477OLI @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @Nick76Socialist @action_send @chefdeals @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @maccorcrain @MattRuddell @ING And sometimes in debate, you have to know when to call it a day. This is that moment. In fact, last night was that moment. You slept on it and came back. Not good form.

@AndyTangled @grayphil27 @vida_public @Paramedic_Sky @beasant_a @ING I’m just not interested in debating with you. Like I said, you don’t get to pretend to be reasonable now.

@GoldenMind93 @jthebeaut_x @ING I’m not seeking attention I said what I said. And replied case closed yet you keep commenting back. Seems like you need to stop giving attention basic

@yowhadupitsme @BtsStrayKidsTxt @bbyprt @kawaiiempoleon @adorelul @chartdata @BTS_twt @Adele @iambeckyg @ING Appearances. When you know nothing about a person or their life ur obviously not gonna fully understand why they act the way they do but please ffs at least try to have some empathy and stop playing the victim when what you just did was in sensitive af according to COMMON SENSE

@Thene_tho Do not fucking bother @ing me with how I'm wrong I am not interested in whatever stupid shit youve got to say

@Queenjunkfood @NoseyRen_ @wi33ard @OKCPD @ING I was fully impressed that you were willing to not only look at my link but provide your own. Yeah I screenshotted your account cos I saw really quickly that you go mad at people online and I didn't wanna be the next one. Turns out it happened anyway

@BeckySnowden92 @BillWard60 @tiffy201 @pmccrink @profgrump @M477OLI @SnowFake3 @RoccoLostInHull @Babble___ @WillEatYourRich @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @Noundela1 @wrenasaurus @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @Nick76Socialist @action_send @chefdeals @carmel_prescott @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @Denise24604669 @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @maccorcrain @MattRuddell @ING It’s so annoying that people just assume we are stupid. But it’s quite fun to prove them wrong and tear them down.

@Nonamesareleft2 @CypheriumChain @bankofengland @SNB_BNS_en @MNB_Hungary @ING Congratulations on your meeting, but your statement is inaccurate, you're certainly not the first to speak to central banks. Hope this is an accidental error and not intentionally misleading.

@SusanFairweathe @SnowFake3 @profgrump @Nick76Socialist @Denise24604669 @carmel_prescott @maccorcrain @wrenasaurus @tiffy201 @BillWard60 @pmccrink @M477OLI @RoccoLostInHull @Babble___ @WillEatYourRich @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @Noundela1 @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @action_send @chefdeals @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @MattRuddell @ING Eh what? Are you OK? Hello, it's 2020 and Corbyn isn't up for election... Time for you to have a lie down.

@Noundela1 @SnowFake3 @BillWard60 @Denise24604669 @WillEatYourRich @Babble___ @wrenasaurus @carmel_prescott @RoccoLostInHull @profgrump @tiffy201 @pmccrink @M477OLI @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @Nick76Socialist @action_send @chefdeals @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @maccorcrain @MattRuddell @ING And when you don't learn to agree to disagree and walk away, you are not winning either.

@wrenasaurus @SnowFake3 @profgrump @tiffy201 @BillWard60 @pmccrink @M477OLI @RoccoLostInHull @Babble___ @WillEatYourRich @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @Noundela1 @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @Nick76Socialist @action_send @chefdeals @carmel_prescott @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @Denise24604669 @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @maccorcrain @MattRuddell @ING No, no mate. I'm more interested in your superiority complex right now, because you have all the trappings of a egomaniac You okay, hun? Need mummy to come tell you you're doing an amazing job trying to beat down the big, bad socialists?

@mrohr77 @She_Love_Elite @MLGJRated @ING listen im not trying to argue all day but the reality is u made semis once and ur ass and everyone in jays chat knows that. Please stop talking with that 0 earned ego ur not even making semis lmfao

@SnowFake3 @BarryBorat @RoccoLostInHull @Rachael_Swindon @Babble___ @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @WillEatYourRich @tiffy201 @BriainFan @Noundela1 @wrenasaurus @SillySkulker @0Calamity @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @Nick76Socialist @action_send @chefdeals @carmel_prescott @profgrump @stimmopaul1 @pmccrink @IceManTiti1 @M477OLI @TeeJayney @Denise24604669 @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @BillWard60 @ChefGarethS @maccorcrain @MattRuddell @ING No, the issue that we told deluded Corbyn followers they were simply holding the door open for the Tories because he was unelectable and they still won't own what they did even after it's been proven to them in an election.

@AmxberiiAlt @summer_gilly @Essencexii @ING Not my fault i couldnt ignore it. I would if i had to but i just wanna wipe em out,u dont sound serious or anything and im still sorry you got scammed. and what i posted isnt rude at all,do u know what is OPINIONS? Twitter is a place for us to express opinions

@BtsStrayKidsTxt @yowhadupitsme @bbyprt @kawaiiempoleon @adorelul @chartdata @BTS_twt @Adele @iambeckyg @ING Then Im sorry it was not right from me and you have to know that lied about the fact you are ugly af you are even prettty

@cubaniana yall always throwing subs but not @ing !! and this directed to all yall!!

@SnowFake3 @sevemac67 @Rachael_Swindon @SillySkulker @Babble___ @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @WillEatYourRich @tiffy201 @RoccoLostInHull @BriainFan @Noundela1 @wrenasaurus @0Calamity @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @Nick76Socialist @action_send @chefdeals @carmel_prescott @profgrump @stimmopaul1 @pmccrink @IceManTiti1 @M477OLI @TeeJayney @Denise24604669 @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @BillWard60 @ChefGarethS @maccorcrain @MattRuddell @ING The biggest problem you have is not that there aren't enough socialists in the Labour party, but that there aren't enough socialists for your liking among the electorate. To get into power you need to appeal to the electorate.

@Mooglet1 @deaddr0pfred @ING But I’ve retweeted people who’ve turned out to be nasty and they’ve lost followers anyway. It’s not up to me what others do. I’m not here to control anyone.

@trainedplaylist @BaconPilot @poeticspinach @garfieldtattoos @ING I did not run it very well but I’m starting to remember how proud of this world and plot I was

@SnowFake3 @profgrump @tiffy201 @BillWard60 @pmccrink @M477OLI @RoccoLostInHull @Babble___ @WillEatYourRich @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @Noundela1 @wrenasaurus @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @Nick76Socialist @action_send @chefdeals @carmel_prescott @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @Denise24604669 @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @maccorcrain @MattRuddell @ING You have to be an idiot not to acknowledge what a disaster Corbyn was. I mean, to lose to such a useless incompetent and corrupt rabble as this.

@gabarchats need to stop @ing the feds some suspicious account that is ‘down to text anytime’ followed me djdjd

@carmel_prescott @SnowFake3 @M477OLI @Nick76Socialist @wrenasaurus @WillEatYourRich @Noundela1 @pmccrink @Babble___ @BillWard60 @Denise24604669 @maccorcrain @profgrump @tiffy201 @RoccoLostInHull @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @action_send @chefdeals @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @MattRuddell @ING Centrists IMO ought not be in labour . There’s a perfectly good centrist party out there called the lib dems. Although when compared to Keeef they are starting to look left wing

@CrossOdessa @BlackNotRedd @ING My father is amazing. Not some absentee, but actually married to my mom and has been for over 2 decades...and my siblings are nothing like you bums. They all have their own shit, great jobs, and actual goals.

@TotallySwAyStEd @PRBUchiha @OneTrickW You said it.......I’m a grown ass man therefore I can say whatever I want!!!!! You are mistaken, I’m not salty just calling it how I see it. Can’t help that truth hurts. Keep @ing people trying to expose something that everybody already knows!!!!

@InquisitorMence @aquaticfoodweb @NCTHINGH4PPENS @NlGHTMONKEY @ginacarano @ING You're so transparent it's sad. You are everything you've tried to accuse me of. Do your blood pressure a favour and get off Twitter. You're not good at it.

@t00tsi3102 And the only reason when I venting indent be @ing people is cause I get told to delete that and calm down and dont be outtatiming etc

@Kamiizuni @AdSufAzi @Purple_Retro @yoboyJim1 @ING Ah shit here we go again. Lemme see her ID and certificate to prove she is 15 or any of them. Prove 100% that its jim and not just a changed name. Prove jim is 18. I dont see it

@shadipetosky @FriendlyVoid @axel_hexed @KateronaTheGood @paperdispatch WTF following me and @ing me then pretending I am up in her shit. That’s not hyper-vigilance that is manipulation. If she wants to delete her narrative — I’ll delete this — but otherwise nope. She’s LYING.

@SnowFake3 @tiffy201 @Babble___ @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @WillEatYourRich @RoccoLostInHull @BriainFan @Noundela1 @wrenasaurus @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @Nick76Socialist @action_send @chefdeals @carmel_prescott @profgrump @stimmopaul1 @pmccrink @IceManTiti1 @M477OLI @TeeJayney @Denise24604669 @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @BillWard60 @ChefGarethS @maccorcrain @MattRuddell @ING Sorry, that's not enough to get elected.

@D20048 @Ulroud @ING Got people thinking I prefer Laca not to score and lose, I just want to win and couldn’t care less who bags 😂

@Sylviastar1313 @JillVal02406513 @LLinWood So basically this guy knows a guy who knows a guy🤣unless it’s the detective working on THIS case it’s irrelevant and judges can all pass down their OWN sentences that have absolutely nothing to do with what so and so homicide detective of 25 years thinks. Stop @ing me.

@grayphil27 @AndyTangled @vida_public @Paramedic_Sky @beasant_a @ING Nah, for trying to decide when the conversation was over.. That your voice was the only one that was important. That's my issue with the left. Stifling other voices, Orwell actually wrote that in the modern day. Bullying could be interchangeable with Facism. That's the issue.

@haseuality @sinjgibo LMFAO like thats not what I’ve been doing for months now, @ing them and quoting them and making a whole thread in public to call them out after they blocked me

@profgrump @SnowFake3 @tiffy201 @BillWard60 @pmccrink @M477OLI @RoccoLostInHull @Babble___ @WillEatYourRich @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @Noundela1 @wrenasaurus @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @Nick76Socialist @action_send @chefdeals @carmel_prescott @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @Denise24604669 @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @maccorcrain @MattRuddell @ING Your 1st 'contribution' was to call someone an idiot, yet you expected a different response? You're certainly not the owner of the IQ you claim, that much is extremely evident.

@doprie @TurksFN_ @NyndeeLV @CandleRF_ @NekkoSucks @ING I want you to know i did not wanna snake him but we werent doing how me and nekko wanted and we knew he was gonna get like this Im a kimd person im not like that ong

@maccorcrain @SnowFake3 @wrenasaurus @profgrump @tiffy201 @BillWard60 @pmccrink @M477OLI @RoccoLostInHull @Babble___ @WillEatYourRich @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @Noundela1 @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @Nick76Socialist @action_send @chefdeals @carmel_prescott @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @Denise24604669 @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @MattRuddell @ING Jesus fucking christ are you still going, I had to get up last night to mute my phone because it was pinging away like a pinball machine because of your are not going to win on this please for the love of ever living fuck..shut up.

@AmxberiiAlt @summer_gilly @Essencexii @ING I SAID MINE NOT YOU i have rights to post it since its mine,it it wasnt,i would just shut up no,i dont need our certificate

@JillVal02406513 @Sylviastar1313 @LLinWood @ING lin wood is kyles lawyer he talked to a detective thats working on the case. you keep laughing and coming up with bat shit crazy stuff to say about kyle. stop listening to rumors sstop playing telephone stop watching CNN and listen to facts. your mind has been poisoned

@SnowFake3 @Babble___ @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @WillEatYourRich @tiffy201 @RoccoLostInHull @BriainFan @Noundela1 @wrenasaurus @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @Nick76Socialist @action_send @chefdeals @carmel_prescott @profgrump @stimmopaul1 @pmccrink @IceManTiti1 @M477OLI @TeeJayney @Denise24604669 @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @BillWard60 @ChefGarethS @maccorcrain @MattRuddell @ING How does an unelectable party implement its policies? Last chance to actually discuss the issue.

@yowhadupitsme @immabottomSTILL @hobikisser @talkofthecharts @ING You told the other person not to waste their tweets and that it was a waste of time hours ago yet ur still here which is hilarious to me

@posting @Naib_of_Naibs @IBeetman @make_it_snow @leothotsky69420 @altuov @BobooTobian @sansculottestoo @VanKingoff @yagigote @calamityqanon @lauraFWG @canadapoast @Fu3kYouTw1tter @hisschel @rogerlorton @MusclesQueen @southerndiaper @thezdroids @Starscape14 @FlurpyFlurp @Gma2Iowa @Christie_Malry @beans_n_bops @GenGoodsman @ChemtrailDenier @notanwo @BigBlueSass @statman29 @JPaulLeek @TheClickPit @R34lR3v0luti0n @sexy_robotnik @vodkabooty @INSIGHT94540515 @Logical80107241 @joimachine @UnfriendlyReac1 @acephalelephant @VicKingArt @drbonertron @CarolB201464 @crabbychristina @MartynYoung14 @DarkGiftComics @DgcMicg @achtung_maybe @enniusx @RoseMQueen1 @AlazmatF @ING ? If you pass on your (lack of) judgement skills onto it regarding the company you keep... It's not a far stretch to assume they'd be susceptible to "stranger danger" That's the difference between us Blaine, I don't say anything that's out of order.

@carmel_prescott @lidlbigthings @pmccrink @Kipperwacker @SnowFake3 @M477OLI @Nick76Socialist @wrenasaurus @WillEatYourRich @Noundela1 @Babble___ @BillWard60 @Denise24604669 @maccorcrain @profgrump @tiffy201 @RoccoLostInHull @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @action_send @chefdeals @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @MattRuddell @ING Ah but .... the positive to that is you are not below the radar like I was . You’re being closely watched . You will be ok villy xxx

@emilyyvillegaas @TimPTrees @d_ejanet Dawg who said I wasn’t upset ? Clearly you think you know my life so therefore I don’t have to explain myself to you 😹 quit @ing me bro idc about your existence nor your pedophile president , sit your ass down and open your eyes dumb fuck

@yowhadupitsme @BtsStrayKidsTxt @bbyprt @kawaiiempoleon @adorelul @chartdata @BTS_twt @Adele @iambeckyg @ING I'm not supposed to be confident, even if I was that's completely natural and normal to get offended when someone calls you "ugly af" I know that most people would. But ur supposed to be a decent human being and here's a hint: DECENT HUMAN BEINGS DON'T MAKE FUN OF OTHERS'

@summer_gilly @AmxberiiAlt @Essencexii @ING i keep coming at u cus thats what u did and its kinda rude .-. I use them because i want to not my fault u dont like them\

@Nick76Socialist @SnowFake3 @Denise24604669 @WillEatYourRich @Babble___ @wrenasaurus @carmel_prescott @RoccoLostInHull @profgrump @tiffy201 @BillWard60 @pmccrink @M477OLI @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @Noundela1 @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @action_send @chefdeals @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @maccorcrain @MattRuddell @ING What you claim to be 'realism' is simply Pro-Capitalist ideology. I'm not interested in helping a Tory-lite government led by Starmer come to power. That's the difference between us.

@Ss4x200 @lifesavorr @ING Girl not off me 😂😂😂😂I was cool till he said percs . I wanted to fight in real life like... I wanted to have a shoot out over that shit I’m crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@nbatimaa @dboogs7 @notdboogs @ING not you talking to urself 😹

@grayphil27 @vida_public @Paramedic_Sky @beasant_a @ING I personally beleive Social distancing yes fine, we should be washing our hands anyway.. It shouldnt be only covid. Haven't people always known to not cough or sneeze on others? If we take something from this, of sick stay at home and don't "battle through" but no more lockdown

@SnowFake3 @profgrump @tiffy201 @BillWard60 @pmccrink @M477OLI @RoccoLostInHull @Babble___ @WillEatYourRich @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @Noundela1 @wrenasaurus @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @Nick76Socialist @action_send @chefdeals @carmel_prescott @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @Denise24604669 @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @maccorcrain @MattRuddell @ING I'm replying to the replies not yet replied to.

@SnowFake3 @Nick76Socialist @maccorcrain @TeeJayney @Denise24604669 @carmel_prescott @wrenasaurus @profgrump @tiffy201 @BillWard60 @pmccrink @M477OLI @RoccoLostInHull @Babble___ @WillEatYourRich @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @Noundela1 @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @action_send @chefdeals @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @MattRuddell @ING If you watched it you'd learn what she had to say and not have to judge her based upon your prejudices.

@IsaiahBorel4 @StenAleksander @MrSplashman99_ @xlie228 @PoastUp @Mr102ClubTife @xJimane @LilReese300 @Santana34__ i know dat nigga not really bout to get clapped 🤦🏾‍♂️ but it’s still funny he @ing that nigga like he poppin shit

@BillWard60 @SnowFake3 @Denise24604669 @WillEatYourRich @Babble___ @wrenasaurus @carmel_prescott @RoccoLostInHull @profgrump @tiffy201 @pmccrink @M477OLI @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @Noundela1 @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @Nick76Socialist @action_send @chefdeals @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @maccorcrain @MattRuddell @ING Only you're not debating, merely repeating a contradiction to our arguments, based on a hypothesis that cannot be proven. We, on the other are arguing that you are an idiot, and every time your finger touches the keyboard you add more evidence to our case.

@velvetvelvetvel @RTX_3070 @StellenWagner_ @fiameelol @JarretCF @ING why do u comment on everything you're not related to its acually annoying sometimes


@RandyDarkcloud @CEOofNEGATIVITY @jekyllnhyde1107 @ING @JeffreeStar blocked, not the first person to report them, ive seen at least 4 different examples, disgusting person

@BillWard60 @SnowFake3 @wrenasaurus @profgrump @tiffy201 @pmccrink @M477OLI @RoccoLostInHull @Babble___ @WillEatYourRich @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @Noundela1 @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @Nick76Socialist @action_send @chefdeals @carmel_prescott @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @Denise24604669 @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @maccorcrain @MattRuddell @ING Yeah, Keef's policy is insignificant. Tory voters are going to stick with the real Tories, not pale pink imitations.

@posting @Naib_of_Naibs @IBeetman @make_it_snow @leothotsky69420 @altuov @BobooTobian @sansculottestoo @VanKingoff @yagigote @calamityqanon @lauraFWG @canadapoast @Fu3kYouTw1tter @hisschel @rogerlorton @MusclesQueen @southerndiaper @thezdroids @Starscape14 @FlurpyFlurp @Gma2Iowa @Christie_Malry @beans_n_bops @GenGoodsman @ChemtrailDenier @notanwo @BigBlueSass @statman29 @JPaulLeek @TheClickPit @R34lR3v0luti0n @sexy_robotnik @vodkabooty @INSIGHT94540515 @Logical80107241 @joimachine @UnfriendlyReac1 @acephalelephant @VicKingArt @drbonertron @CarolB201464 @crabbychristina @MartynYoung14 @DarkGiftComics @DgcMicg @achtung_maybe @enniusx @RoseMQueen1 @AlazmatF @ING Lol when did I ever say you didn't have the "right" to respond? I said it wasn't directed at you No one cares about how much more lame you got as you got older. So many hours crying about "not all dads"

@melythecowboy @sylvieml30 to what extent is sylvie withholding knowledge by not @ing us and instead subtweeting? discuss using two area of knowledge (an answer including “pain” will recieve an ib score of 1 out of 7)

@SnowFake3 @wrenasaurus @SillySkulker @WillEatYourRich @Denise24604669 @tiffy201 @Nick76Socialist @carmel_prescott @maccorcrain @profgrump @BillWard60 @pmccrink @M477OLI @RoccoLostInHull @Babble___ @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @Noundela1 @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @action_send @chefdeals @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @MattRuddell @ING Or finished working. That thing people do, to contribute to society.

@Nick76Socialist @SnowFake3 @wrenasaurus @profgrump @tiffy201 @BillWard60 @pmccrink @M477OLI @RoccoLostInHull @Babble___ @WillEatYourRich @lidlbigthings @Yazzy_321 @DaleMur88720086 @BriainFan @Noundela1 @SillySkulker @0Calamity @Rachael_Swindon @redsarah99 @BenJolly9 @traciewayling @LfcBecky @MettlesomeTeri @elishaleann87 @JustMeBeingMe4 @BeckySnowden92 @jaredleandoer @zosteb @miriksmit @action_send @chefdeals @carmel_prescott @stimmopaul1 @IceManTiti1 @TeeJayney @Denise24604669 @KSwiz @lobbswhipton @kel_audio @ChefGarethS @maccorcrain @MattRuddell @ING You're not going to persuade any of us to abandon our Socialist principles and support Starmer. You're wasting your time here.

@posting @IBeetman @make_it_snow @Naib_of_Naibs @leothotsky69420 @altuov @BobooTobian @sansculottestoo @VanKingoff @yagigote @calamityqanon @lauraFWG @canadapoast @Fu3kYouTw1tter @hisschel @rogerlorton @MusclesQueen @southerndiaper @thezdroids @Starscape14 @FlurpyFlurp @Gma2Iowa @Christie_Malry @beans_n_bops @GenGoodsman @ChemtrailDenier @notanwo @BigBlueSass @statman29 @JPaulLeek @TheClickPit @R34lR3v0luti0n @sexy_robotnik @vodkabooty @INSIGHT94540515 @Logical80107241 @joimachine @UnfriendlyReac1 @acephalelephant @VicKingArt @drbonertron @CarolB201464 @crabbychristina @MartynYoung14 @DarkGiftComics @DgcMicg @achtung_maybe @enniusx @RoseMQueen1 @AlazmatF This one sucks extra. He's gonna cry about a post that's not even @ing him And then go and compare it to the abuses and prejudices that actual disadvantaged groups go through? Like damn, I didn't know Dad's had it so hard LOL

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