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Update: an English speaking representative from Iberdrola just contacted me. She explained that there could be a technical problem with the website or a problem with the link provided in my email. She offered to take a payment over the phone. The other 3 representatives said they were not able to offer verbal/phone payments. Unfortunately, the transaction was denied in their end. She did say that certain cards from certain countries, like Sweden are not being accepted. She emailed me instructions to do a bank transfer by using swift codes (wire transfer). The fee in the United States for a wire transfer is more than my current monthly bill.
I am still exploring different bank methods to solve this problem.

by Deborah 1 week ago

I am in the USA. I have been paying my bill with a credit card since June 2022. Yesterday and today I am unable to pay my bill. The same error message keeps appearing. “No se puede realizar la operación. Error de autenticación “ The QR code on my bill does not work, the link provided in my email does not work nor does Apparently the app is not available in the states. I have offered to pay over the phone with a representative. They won’t take payment through verbal authorization. I have tried several different internet browsers and on 2 separate devices. I even verified with my credit card company that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my credit card. I have spent over 3 hours talking to 3 different agents. I have run out of options. I guess Iberdrola doesn’t want to be paid. This is extremely frustrating.
I do not have a bank in Spain. Does anyone have any suggestions?

by Deborah Cool-Llorens 1 week ago

Both the website and the app (paying extra)doesn’t work when in Sweden since around April this year. It’s a pity as the sites and apps gives valuable information especially for customers living in other countries and have a second home in Spain. I hope Iberdrola is working on finding a solution to solve this problem having excellent developers and technical people in their IT teams. I’m using Hidraqua, Suma, Agencia Tributaria, Sabadell, Leroy Merlin sites and apps, all are working in Sweden. Please make this work again so customers can use the self service solutions you have implemented in your sites and services.

by Belinda 4 weeks ago

Have not been able to enter nor the links they are sending me to pay my electricity bills. Have not worked for more than 6 months.

by Lea 1 month ago

It has gone 4 months and still web page or app can’t be reached from other countries. I’m usually very patient but now I think it’s a shame on Iberdrola…

by Ginte 1 month ago

website is not available outside of Spain. Use a VPN and you will get access.

by Phil 1 month ago

I was told by client support that they have temporarily closed access from other countries due to some incident. They will open access but he was unsure when. Said it could take at least a month.

by Sergio 3 months ago

You need to install VPN, choose Spain and than you can access Looks like they close access from other countries.

by Peter 4 months ago

Tried to access and the links they send for payment. Can´t be reached from Sweden. Tried different browsers, devices and locations. Nothing works from Sweden. Has been like this for weeks now.

by Peter M 4 months ago

can not reach . Have tried with different browsers

by Jacob Matheson 4 months ago

Have had problems over a long period accessing Iberdrola. Tried with a VPN today, chose location in Spain, and that solved the problem.

by Karl 4 months ago

I have been trying to access for 2 weeks now to pay a bill. The website nor the app is accessible from Denmark.

by Helle 4 months ago The server do not respond.
Not even to : Ping [] - Request timed out.
Trying to access from Sweden.
Problems with for several weeks... :(

by Tim 4 months ago

Hasn´t worked for days. Can´t pay bills

by Sergio 4 months ago

New customer.

Not possible to access webpage and confirm my email for recieving bills - also not possible to create and confirm user in order to access personal page and the app.
Nothing can be accessed. Don´t know whether it´s because I access from Denmark ?

by Henrik Kristensen 5 months ago

I am trying to get on the webpage to pay my bill but the webpage is down.

by Domingo Vaquerizo 5 months ago

Iberdrola site can't login on app or browser

by Chris 5 months ago

I am not able to log in to The server do not responds. I have tried several days.
[email protected]

by Kjell Salbu 5 months ago Server Status

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