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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - HOME.PL: NR 1 W POLSCE. DOMENY, HOSTING, SERWERY WWW, STRONY, SKLEPY - Domeny internetowe: 1,2 mln | Serwery wirtualne: 150 tys. | Sklepy internetowe: 7 tys. | Działamy niezawodnie od 20 lat. Dołącz do 2 mln użytkowników! Server Status

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@ChrisLe15970575 @Nikkipage44 @thecarolemalone Does it therefore mean to say that people not being in offices suggests they are not working?My wife hasn’t been in her office in London since March,but to get there she must sit on a train for an hour with people who could be A-symptomatic & bring it home, stay home, work @home

@Jayendr58986155 @SrBachchan Congrats & Welcome Back to Home. Stay Safe @home, enjoy time with entire family. One request , now Plz do not promote superstitious things like Tali/Thali & Diya and also that useless Arogya Setu app.

@berte802 @elonmusk Hi why not a small utility pick-up for farmers/small building? No need of huge truck....definitely a small and cheap alternative to the Diesel engines. No need of high mileage, continuous start/stop, possibility of high voltage recharge @home.

@SportsSynergo @nilkamal_ltd visited your @home store Guindy chennai to purchase fountain Buddha statue. Team is not ready to sell as I wanted to ship it to Coimbatore. They don't have any solution to provide as well.

@eaasic @dattwell1 @spencer_fritch @thatepicgamer5 @gee_kani @JoeBiden @NRA Yes. Military weapons can be stored at home, but almost noone gets to keep the ammo, few get a 10 bllt emer. ammo and you have it bring it sealed to the yearly recurrent. So you can have it @home but unless a war breaks out you are not allowed to use it outside of off. training

@Riek_lt Next week is the marathon I'm working hard for, BSG Marathon's @home 2020 event ( @BSGMarathon) Next to being a senior tech, I'm doing Mort the Chicken and GTA San Andreas (only Los Santos)

@OmTheReality 5 Next, transport. buses will hv to ply twice w.staggered timing. Parents available @home? Schools outsource buses, some hv their own.Yet,buses shld ply twice. Don't barge on lot of fee collection. it'll will not b enough for fuel price increase,extra duty by drivers n cleaners.

@StarTimes_Ng @yes_servicesng @home We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. Kindly know that your account is active on the Basic bouquet and we expect that you should be watching therein. If not which channel are you tuned to and what is the error message on the screen?

@3gDitto @IamCassieCurtis who go from the pub to people that were in face masks but not @home, hence second wave and the gov's prefered/^cheapest fix, Herd immunity.


@wonderperson @abcnews lots of parents working @home, they can care 4 their own children, like all did before childcare was invented. its not a new thing/hard - working from home, looking after your babies/kids. Using covid to farm out your kids+ want govt pay, so u can hero FB/insta all day online?

@Gator_NY @LibertarianRea3 @guccilibertaria @home The treatment of one industry over another only has to do with essentialness. Ex) If my in-laws bus. shut down we'd have no oil cuz of one part, so they're open. I could see why little things like that are why it may appear so inconsistent though to those who don't know why.

@TopDriveIndia @amandeep86 @JasmanTweets @RaviSinghKA We need to educate our kids to not blindly follow, its musicians business, can't stop anyone else, charity begins @home.

@noventech Today in Tech History (1996) Tom Jermoluk, former COO of SGI, steps down to become CEO of @Home. @Home was a company based on building high speed backbones for data transmission over the internet.

@doreenfianko Corona came u never stayed @home to learn. Now the president is responsible because u could not answer questions. you can't even insult ur own parents at home.

@cooslice Y'all media/press types [email protected] on dope of talking to and about me, y'all got's to invent au style to get back to normal, because I'm only getting hotter, and yeah I know working @home is boring and sht.

@eilykay1 @chukwuka077 @Tutsy22 My dear brother, you try and God go bless you real good. @Tutsy22, you are a good person. What do we expect from such ingrates parents of hers that prefers sitting @home and waiting for manners to fall from heaven. When you do not invest well, you turn 2 begger.

@Equal_Church @deafhannah @ShrineOLW @mission_priest @home I’m not surprised frankly. Walsingham was never accessible to me. I refused to go on youth pilgrimage or later the main pilgrimage: because despite queries and request no basic access for being deaf was ever provided/ even loop. It may have changed more recently don’t know 1/2

@mohammed2live Americans are still refusing working @office, rather @home More than 500 State Department employees sign letter opposing return to offices

@Paapakwame @Akweley7 @Nkwaten @home Maybe these brands need to learn from dstv and not try to micro manage the local businesss from joburg; that model has never worked and has been the cause of the downfall for major brands going into markets like ghana; franchising is what works in markets like ghana.

@ShrineOLW We hope that you have enjoyed the Youth Pilgrimage @home. Thank you to those people who have sent in photos. It's been lovely to see what everyone has been up to and it's not too late to send us yours. We have had so many we will be sharing some more with you soon!

@cannybaba @Ubaidbinriyaz As-salam alaikum waramatullah wabarakatullah Abu, Abu, pls I want you to enlighten me on something. Can a single person perform EID @home? If yes, humanly send me down the guidelines on DM.

@Ashawo_gboy @abbeysite4real2 Hope u're not just sitting @home and using only ur keypad to protest

@roninkaizen2020 @preston_vanloon etstats @home--- like seti, years ago, but helpful somehow until we do not have the goerli-stats back itself- due to the medalla somebody needs to keep an eye on, therefor a single-"babe" setup and sometimes posting, that we are still "running" ;) sort of "lifesign"

@Zoltan49016565 @RonMart56096494 @secretlabchairs Just can't wait to be working @home in so much comfort. Can't wait to get my @secretlabchairs.

@SumalathaVlogs Hi Friends today’s uploaded #recipe is a winter’s #favourite recipe and #tasty every one of us used to order it when they go to restaurant.present #pandemic situations can not go to restaurants. #enjoy #restaurant style #chickencornsoup easily done @home

@kristeez__ @vrbo I had to uninstall. To those looking to vacation... 1) VRBO/homeowners have stolen $$$ from countless renters whose trips were affected by the pandemic. Don't fall for this vacation thirst trap. 2) fulfill yourself @home. COVID does not discriminate. Protect yourself and OTHERS.

@DesaiD95498253 @Home Minister Maharashtra Present/Latest advisory on inter state travel by train, in third unlock down extended upto 31st Aug, need to be updated on your site. Kindly apprise .

@Equal_Church @deafhannah @ShrineOLW @mission_priest @home 2/2 but honestly I’m not at all surprised. Sadly. It’s not hard to find the button to turn on auto captions though is it?

@deafhannah @ShrineOLW @mission_priest @home Sadly It’s really noticeable that this is the first national Christian conference online during this period that has chosen not to use YouTube and automatic subtitles (or add your own subtitles). There really is no excuse for lack of accessibility at this point.

@MJPArmario @KirstieMAllsopp Some people genuinely worried about their future . They don’t have a say when employers think it’s safe to go back & are working hard @home . But , by all means worry them more , create more anxiety don’t you worry atop your ivory tower.

@indyhall This Friday, I’d like to personally invite you to try Indy Hall @Home for free. From 9am to 6pm, we’re hosting events, coworking sessions, and happy hours so you can feel a little less lonesome while working from home. Sign-up at We'll see you Friday!

@chileman13 @StellaArtois @home #IBFStellaRewards #InternationalBeerFest mmmm I'm ready to chow down

@aNoNrAv_En0 @AnonSolito @home 😆 I remember the fear of the big crash when it hit 2000!! My parents told me not to go out that New Years bc computer systems and traffic lights wouldn’t be working 😭😭😭

@kristeez__ @vrbo To those looking to vacation... 1) VRBO/homeowners have stolen $$$ from countless renters whose trips were affected by the pandemic. Don't fall for this vacation thirst trap. 2) fulfill yourself @home. COVID does not discriminate. Protect yourself and OTHERS.

@vmcampos @BandwidthRiots For the short term, for sure. Plus side: more people can "attend." Down side: not as "real." In any event, here are my top 10 Comic-Con @Home panels if you want to chime in. 😁

@crimmo @lukeacorkery @philipnolan1 I couldn’t agree more, if my own kids are anything to go by. As a young kid in the early 80’s I was very aware of politics @home, it’s an interest I’ve never lost & not confined to Irish politics either. I can’t seem to get it across to them the importance of politics & voting

@BKanjolia On this Independence Day we should #Salute not only to doctors or police but to every single individual like delivery boys, cleaner etc who all are available for us to make our life @home comfortable in this era of #coronavirus

@Factsplease123 @Jim145314 But do you shut down a country when protesters are out there going crazy spreading it? Aunt stayed @home left house once due to uti/dehydration w/no diabetes no medical issues, she tested -, -, then +, she got it from hospital. Died Sunday

@dickiepep @mrjamesob We all stay @home 2 keep the spred down ...WHILE the Gov/ airports are still allowing peak infected countrys to holiday here ...TWATS spring to MIND

@Tlobasimi @Builder_BryanN @Mazigburugburu1 Even if the youths cannot join in the protest, they can use their phones to support the course... Generate an #tag that will trend for weeks nonstop in support of the protest. I truly weep for Nigeria, schools out here are working non-stop while students are @home in Nig. SHAME

@PavanDasari17 @get_drpankaj @Santosh4IND @KTRTRS @Eatala_Rajender @DrTamilisaiGuv @home Sir if such exuberant efforts are made by @TelanganaCMO @TelanganaHealth @Eatala_Rajender then why not even a single @trspartyonline representative is willing to go for treatment at those wonderful facilities??

@centeringpendu1 @PeggySattlerNDP @WesternEdu @LFPress Before #covid19, some parents would give kids fever reducers to bring them to school, go to work, then get the call from school and run to pick them up later on the day, getting work done and not being penalized. What will it be, when kid tests positive, needs 14 days @home?

@AugastineOkwir @justinenantale2 I will not be surprised next time when you type, A robber broke into the bank because he/she had no money @home to feed his children.

@Equal_Church @ShrineOLW @deafhannah @mission_priest @home I know that. It’s just on the phone through the twitter link there IS no option (hence assuming they weren’t activated.) When I go to YouTube on a desk top I have the option. Think twitter / twitter browser somehow blocks the option on mobile apps which is really not useful!


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