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@JimAwesomeYears The productivity in @home work can be truly remarkable but really, we are social beings. Working virtually has its plus sides but authentic face to face connection and interaction (not in meetings) is so very important. But I have been working a long time. Is there an age thing?

@Malcmoore52 @utdandy @UtdBeforeFergie @PeteBoyle70 @TuftyMUFC @andywhyment81 @kayt @samuelgallaghe2 @YorkshireSlang @ManUtd @WBA @LUFC @home I think the government are being economical with the truth they are not building hospitals emergency mortuaries4fun they have been advised to do this by experts we have to shop only4essentials keep our distance&keep our fingers crossed we can do our bit&help ourselves avoid it.

@HawkinsBayDisp It is dangerous out there. Not just bugs but people bugging people for buying fruit. Safer to stay @Home. Have seen, heard, filmed, recorded, painted or created something that you want to share with [email protected]? Please feel free to share it @Home

@Dirkpilat Whether you are self isolating, on call, in surgery, or just chilling @home and need 90 minute of sustained jazz funk to jump up and down and to do some freestyle dancing, may I recommend these 70 minute of Prince and the NPG at the height of their powers:

@PRO_ergonomics Today's the day! Launching our @Home Ergonomics Webinar! Ergonomic awareness for your staff working at home - with a specific focus on how to use what they have at home to achieve an ergonomic setup! More info on our website: #workfromhome #ergonomics

@LiliMuller5 @judebax @motherlode2016 @Judebox @home I saw your tweet on the view. Definitely the best. Dicipline an example. When I finish this batch of chocs, cakes and champers it'll be healthy eating only. Luckily I just have to go down to the cottage to stock up.Did that to avoid shopping. You're in a beautiful place. G'nite.

@sierraforever Agree!!! I have been working my tail off @home. I start work earlier & work later, but I take a few breaks throughout day. I go for a walk w/the dog at lunch & I can throw in a load of laundry. It's great! The other day, I had a migraine. Took a 2 hour nap & went back to work.

@raj1cp Dr. Rajesh Pattanshetti I am capable doctor ready to work but now lockdowned @home due unavailability of personal protective supplies. These are more required instead of vegetables. People will not die if they don't eat vegetables. They can eat pulses.

@rvanga12 Respected police🙏, we request u not to use the abusing words/rash behavior with poor people coming out for Daily necessities/emergency.We will be @home if necessities delivered to home directly. Punish the1 comeout 4 nothing @TelanganaDGP @hydcitypolice @KTRTRS @kishanreddybjp

@the_Crack 💥The new issue of a special The Crack @Home Magazine is out today & you can have it delivered straight to your door! 🎵 Just follow this link to pay just £2 to cover postage: 👉

@DemboJordan @PaulKoretzCD5 @MayorOfLA Why is single family home construction an essential service? Not affordable housing, no social distancing of workers, how are we supposed to work and attend school @home with all this noise? Do the right thing and follow NY.

@guy_angelini @LavertyPm @home I know!! Not a time to give up

@callme_CN @Yasoooooooooh Unfortunately, the poor do not possess the CAPACITY to stay at home without help from the government!!. Now is the time to be moving around to share the equivalent of the”trader money”. For those @home. This will encourage people to stay at home.

@Ebonys_Circle @breamstream @netflix I'm not mixed at all. My daughter & her brothers are all lighter toned because of their light skin, but still not mixed, father. I'm tired of seeing black folks in the same financial position, whether on TV or @home. Happy to see new faces and I'll support the Boosie film 🤷‍♀️🖕

@LorinB We think that intentions are ACTIONS... but if you dig deep you realize there is always a FEELING behind every action. Intentions are what we ARE. What is your intention for your home these days while everyone is working from home and going to school @home?

@gbenga_adesida @IkejaElectric Pls your marketer has refused to reconnect my light @ Ketu Alapere after payment, claiming you're on locked down, only bcos I refused his 2k demand,this is absolutely unfair, when you realise that pple really needs light at this staying @home period, pls help

@rvanga12 @SarikaR86303272 @home @TelanganaDGP @hydcitypolice @KTRTRS @kishanreddybjp We have to obey their rules, but 1 shouldn't loss their lives with over action of few police personal.. they are beating farmers as well going alone to farms in the villages... That's not the good thing

@tomtosho @AkinolaFace2 @NigeriaNewsdesk @home Read through my write up again bro. "I worshipped online (through d Church app). I didn't leave my sitting room not to talk of my house".

@TakalaniMat @Lawrence_Sebeko Trust our president to dat,But he Ddnt...the man is busy going up and down on lockdown..can't he record @home n send dis??

@itweetrema #usecalmbalmentertainment to soothe the people @home do not prod let #haffkinetalk let #patelinstituitetalk let #kasaulitalk

@ClipperMediaCo It is dangerous out there. Not just bugs but people bugging people for buying fruit. Safer to stay @Home. Have seen, heard, filmed, recorded, painted or created something that you want to share with [email protected]? Please feel free to share it @Home

@caliboosh2000 3 in 10 people worldwide or 2.1 billion people lacking access to safe drinking water @home# and 6 in 10 or 4.5 billion have not safely managed sanitation# the poorest &most vulnerable people are at greater disadvantage in accessing safe waters &sanitation# Source: UNICEF


@ROYA__Ro @YourFriendZippy funny part is that 100% of them one by one ! in very healthy looking @home 🙄 do their " Corona come out " moment in tweeter make me think 2s🤔 #coronavirus i let it come to me its not that bad after all if i catch i like them i be happy ! i vaccine myself #celeb way 😃

@Malcmoore52 @utdandy @UtdBeforeFergie @PeteBoyle70 @TuftyMUFC @andywhyment81 @kayt @samuelgallaghe2 @YorkshireSlang @ManUtd @WBA @LUFC @home I don't understand why they have not called an end to this season already all the evidence is suggesting its not going2be all over anytime soon. Everyone wants football now but heath overrides any resumption of this season resuming the stalling has2stop&then we can accept it.

@AlehasanP @Abbu_alfi I'm doing my exam preparation so that next time in any kinda national emergency I would be in the Frontline not @home you know for student of upsc ,neet,c.a etc we need to follow social distancing for few years.😁👌🇮🇳 आपका दिन शुभ हो।

@SMicanno @realFemiOtedola Its best to stay @home we all know,but some of us get our daily bread by stepping out....not our fault.

@LegendRude @DONJAZZY Please Remember your Guy I'm here all alone @home and you know that is not easy to be home Alone.. Please no matter how little it is please

@callme_CN @LeadershipNGA @africaupdates Government should quit giving “orders” to people to whom they have not given provisions!. Make provisions to give monies to people @home and see if they will not be at home to receive you.

@bhavan_ks @narendramodi It must be very hard for a PM who works 24x7 to tell the country to stay @home & don't come out. If we overcome & survive this crisis, we should ban everything from the one who is responsible for this. If we can stay 21days in lockdown,it is not difficult to ban Chinese products.

@Shrikan90597409 #concern #fear #CoronaLockdown slowly but daily cases are increasing. Even when asked to be @home people are still going out to buy something or the other. This certainly is not a lockdown!

@BajayChief @otienoc @ntvkenya @NPSOfficial_KE @ODPP_KE The boys are showing us the importance of being a noise maker in class follow the rules the government said no one is allowed to hang around stay @home journalist are not no one au ni kiherehere mko nayo

@JenottDebbie @RealCandaceO How about obesity?? We can practice good hygiene. We can cough into our elbow. We can stay @home if we’re sick. Get rest, drink water. We could be smart! We don’t have to shut the whole country down!!

@CliffJames46 @CarnivoreMD @kevinnbass I’ll take that hug 🤗! But your argument is not accurate. All of those can be remedied. People sit at desks all day long and have no access to sunlight, exercise and eat fast food for lack of time. @home you can cook fresh, walk outside, jumping jack, stretch,utilize Social media

@_len0re @LandDilemma @PhaimM @CyrilRamaphosa @home Showing the symptoms is not enough, they say u must show the symptooms and u must have been in contact with a confirmed Covid-19 person, travelled to a high risk country...

@ms_omoni @SympLySimi U are right @SympLySimi 👍🏻👍🏻 I am in support not become I av enof but I value life more than death. U need to see Italy video- [email protected] not a film trick o 😯 we all should b sincere, we must av store somtn wt d least amount last 4d 2wk @home fr its not today news. We all aware.

@hassan120713 @Loneranger9new @kunfaaya its not so blk n white.council of ulema decide after going thru quran,hadith, sahaba'slife, contxt,any similar past scenario b4 n offcoz govt hadees says 1ns ther was hevy rain thn prophet order sahaba to offr pry @home coz most sahaba usd to hv 1 cloth.

@aasadbashir @MirMAKOfficial 300% agreed! My older brother, I keep telling him 2 sit @home but he doesn’t lisen and Im sure most men who are not going to work but are still not sitting at home and sitting in the MOHALLAH GATHERINGS.We are thirteen people in the house including 6 children and he doesn’t care

@KabiruS14509080 @TheNationNews Dey only know how to count, but not to help, remember people are still @home

@napoleonwebster @dstv your monopoly is fueling arrogance. Am unemployed but always make means to pay you but today you close your thing without notifying me in a corona Crises. Why not open news channels only so we get updates atleast! We are restricted to stay @home!

@oudekaas3 @BitcoinSVtrain @rivm In the Netherlands people that group up and stay closer than 1.5m and are not a family are being fined. Also using drones to remind people of it. So they are enforcing social distancing, and advising people to stay @home as much as, but it isn’t a lockdown. The streets are quiet

@shobhit_1155 #Stocking up #Food. Infighting @home and not able to go out. Sole times it feels like you're an npc in a real game like #WalkingDead dead or #StateOfDecay2 😂

@RahulSh64847329 @richa_singh Madam, this is in addition to the your critics requirement lost. For them who have to be @home hospitalisation is not required. Just for sake of being critic, kuchh bhi likhto ho

@TueRiis @RepBenCline @jaketapper Have a like from across the pond! Now go get working on healthcare for all US citizens so nobody stands alone and abandoned in this crisis! All the best to everyone suffering, those working hard and stay safe @home!

@oudekaas3 @BitcoinSVtrain @rivm @home the parcs are not super crowded anymore, people seem to heed the advise as they know the next step will be total lockdown if they can’t control the amount of ICU beds needed for corona patients. They are increasing ICU capacity from 1000 beds to more, but it is very obvious

@vodafoneNL @davidiwanow @Dailybits Unfortunately, there are also people who do not have the choice to stay @home, we chose this option. Thank you for thinking along. #StayConnected with your loved ones: revolving_hearts:^NW

@TesfaGet @ahramonline #Controversial! It is not. Egyptian leaders presume it so, used to buy political legitimacy @home. However, genuine and equitable dealing is the only solution. Ethiopians have no intention to harm Egyptian brothers. But do't bring z outdated colonial treaties!

@AdanoritsewoRa1 @davido OBO how can we stay @home when they is no money to even stock the house with food items and groceries. Nigeria is indeed a country who does not care for her citizens.

@25AMAZINGGRACE @nycHealthy If you're experiencing flu-like symptoms, #stayouttheway @Home and #HYDRATE HYDRATE. If you're not big on water, drink GATORADE and HYDRATE! #REST REST AND REST Some more. Take OTC products to bring down fever and most importantly, EAT!

@varasidinaveen I Have Committed To My Nation's Safety By Pledging And Promote Safety Against @Covid_19. It's Your Turn Now. Pledge And Get a Certificate Of Commitment. Inspire The People and let the Commitment be Contagious Not The Virus.🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳. #IndiaFightsCorona. #21daylockdown. #Stay @Home

@ShahbazSheikh10 @Aakefah @home No, 2things am not allowed one washing dishes 2nd Ironing. She will find another excuse to have a go @me.😀

@sahie12 @VodafoneIN @VodafoneBiz Dear Team Vodafone . We are staying at home and doing work @home in this epidemic and we are not able to do our work because of poor netwrok connectivity form yesterday night and it is continue,looking for help to make this better than the best.

@raaga31280 @naukarshah @HLKodo @narendramodi You don't have to praise him..I never asked you to praise him..are the 25 lives gone due to Modi's incompetency or due to those people's negligence..? Spread the word for people to stay @home to stop spreading the virus,and not your hate towards the PM,do it later when all s well

@alexanderBuytae @Budda Stay @home you do not want to give it to the ones you love.

@LiliMuller5 @judebax @motherlode2016 @Judebox @home Why not.Those hips can have a break for 21 days. Did the same with chocolate and cupcakes. Decadent delights. Will need another 21 days to break the new bad habits.

@MusicNomadBlog It is dangerous out there. Not just bugs but people bugging people for buying fruit. Safer to stay @Home. Have seen, heard, filmed, recorded, painted or created something that you want to share with [email protected]? Please feel free to share it @Home

@UdayKumbhar11 @Schwarzenegger Dear Arn'd Sir, It is not recommended to get out for anything....The only option is "Stay @Home .....Stay safe & fit" As you said,...yes/definitely...we will get through this together

@DayDream2186 @Ozzzz @Trad3orDi3 u must be dumb all these benefits are paid by the drivers. No use of the services means no money. Half of population @home they not going to use the service.

@MMagumise @IGetShwifty @Noah75135186 @iMisred @home No we have to sacrifice whether we like it or not we can't do isolation but we can mitigate

@WeezieBenobi @arb Do we get to post the suicide obituaries of the small business owners who lost everything? All we're asking is for at-risk to isolate while the rest use heightened sanitation. It's not for the wealthy, but your neighbors who are not as privileged to have gov't/work @home jobs.

@SuzanneJambo @zack_diary This ‘some’ men happen to be #CoronavirusStayHome giving their wives/kids a grumpy, maybe even physically violent time? They’re bored @home..they’re away from their mistresses...they’re not in the bar/drinking dens....

@Martin_Bonobo The real reason why @ScottMorrisonMP and @MathiasCormann are happy to muddle along for 6 months rather than shut it down for 6 that they aren't stuck at home all day looking after their own little children... They're at the office, websurfing and grifting. Wives @home.

@sandsaims @beScrupulous @home Banks has been deemed under essential services. If they are not willing to give him an ID then ask your brother to get a letter from a bank stating he is an employee there.

@Musa_underscore @AusiDini My answer is they have not kept with fashion trends. For less than R500 a woman can look 🔥from head to toe with clothes from Mr Price. Then compare with Edgars clothes 😷 U must see Edgars' Home store and compare it with Foschini's @home, chalk and cheese.

@segunkennywhity @accessbank_help REFUND/REVERSE MY MONEY.. 3 good working weeks now, REFUND/REVERSE MY MONEY.. I BEG OF YOU I NEED MY MONEY COZ WE'RE @HOME TO BE IN SAFER SIDE...QUARANTINE FOR BETTER HEALTH SO REFUND/REVERSE MY MONEY @accessbank_help @myaccessbank @access_more

@Dani79601373 @DefiningMePro @krispykreme @cappiern Pta mom here who spoils&♡s teachers EVERY DAY! We♡& APPRECIATE U ALWAYS! "BREAK TIME"?! WE R drowning!Didn't get 2 paid weeks off!WE ARE WORKING 24/7W/THESE PTS! I'd give anything to work from home🙏U are safe @home!we do 13 hrs,can't EVEN get to stores! risking our fam.etc😪

@MBALI98182509 Sitting @home on Sunday it's not good. Thanks to our Pastor who sent us verse for today so we can read our bible's.

@sahie12 @Danishshariq I really appreciate my Brother and Their Friend ,they have started this to take care of needy and Hunger people inthis lock down by maintaining proper hygiene Good job we are working for you, all are stay @home

@fastidious09 @econet_support @EcoCashZW @EcoCashZw seems not to be understanding the stay @home mantra as a result of the #covid19 pandemic, they want me to visit their offices

@MekapatiGoutham Request all citizens NOT to hoard essential items @home - we assure you that there is enough stock available for everyone to meet their needs. We are working relentlessly to help all of us overcome this situation. #LetsFightCovid19

@nakylav_linda @NC_Governor With the stay @home and not being able to make money ,unemployment taking weeks to come through can we get some help with some emergency food stamps

@JenWomble @arotherham PLEASE remember many kids are sharing resources w/ siblings, babysitting and sharing computer time (if have wifi) w/parents trying to work @home & trying to find food is not equal access in every home. Be realistic w/ expectations for all &children's mental health

@chuhybe @estherolabisi01 @abikedabiri Lolz my sister @estherolabisi01 Nigerians are not worth dying, fighting for they will always find fault in what you do for them. Just keep it cool amd may God save us all from this. People are really angry to sit @home for weeks with no food or money. It is well

@JenWomble @MarisaEThompson PLEASE remember many kids are sharing resources w/ siblings, babysitting and sharing computer time (if have wifi) w/parents trying to work @home & trying to find food is not equal access in every home. Be realistic with expectations and children's mental health too

@chuksbrevis @KamalAdefila @PoliceNG I don't want to believe your case is hopeless. By your submission, if a devout Muslim goes to the mosque to pray in spite of a stay @home order, should he be killed and the mosque burnt down? Because that was your initial submission in this case.

@biju_thomas ACEs @home #Analytics #OrclAPEX #OrclDB Wouldn’t it be great to hear and learn about some great topics while working from home? Attendance is free and open to everyone! Thanks @IT_OUG

@LandDilemma @PhaimM @CyrilRamaphosa @home Lol I,m not being an alarmist Dr. I,m just speaking on behalf of the poor black South Africans who will hv to get sick first before being tested. Angilwi

@MMagumise @Noah75135186 @iMisred @home It's different the Italians go holidaying n they have food to eat as for us we are not holidaying we jus want food for our kids and rent for our landlords .yes m scared of Corona as m also equally scared of hunger

@JamesMwadeghu @kipmurkomen @silasjakakimba @KiarieJohn These are unprecedented times and there is so much that needs your input matters legislation oversight and push. It will not happen if you guys decide to stay @home @KENYAPARLIAMENT @Senate_KE

@JenWomble @TMSanders2 @ClassTechTips YES!PLEASE remember many kids are sharing resources w/ siblings, babysitting and sharing computer time (if have wifi) w/parents trying to work @home & trying to find food is not equal access in every home. Be realistic with expectations and children's mental health

@ReallyManas Those who have money r enjoying @home those who do not have r on the road suffering. The people having money does not feel the need to raise their voice in support of the poor suffering on the road. The fact of the society we live in. #21daylockdown #CoronaUpdate #COVID2019india

@GeronimoDarts @ochebalboa2011 Working my butt off for work (@home). A lot of reading listing of podcasts in spare time about economic/geopolitics. Very interesting times! Some self reflection. Time to think things over globaly. And what I like most a lot of sleeping. How was your week?

@djlahboceery1 @DJSPINALL Very rough o... they say we should stay @home, we buy food to stock at home but no light. se food stuffs no go spoil before 14days? Hunger will kill people not Corona

@jaywalkn @AppleSupport if I’m involved with FOLDING @HOME to help fight the coronavirus. Is it best to keep my MBP plugged in or let it get down to 20% then charge again. I’m concerned about keeping battery healthy. Please don’t send me the Apple support document. I read it Already THX

@CloHiggins TIME TO WAKE UP! 🇪🇸 deaths in 24hrs: 769 🇮🇹 deaths in 24hrs: 919 Yet ppl visiting #Salthill acting like they are on holidays ❌ Local businessses act responsibly & close & footfall increases⁉️ ❌ #socialdistancing not adhered to YOU’RE PUTTING US ALL IN DANGER ✋STAY @HOME

@ifemionly @jidesanwoolu PLS I want 2 beg U sir.Let Lagos b locked down on time so as 2 curb dis virus & pple get back 2 work and make money.I AV used d little amnt I AV 2 get food & staying at home since.i was sacked last yr so I av little to sustains my home. Dnt let hunger kill us @home

@UKinIndia @UpgradeYourOET @DominicRaab @DrSJaishankar @home Sorry to hear that they are stranded in Bengaluru. We are working closely with the Govt of India and airlines to enable returns.

@Suhailkhan313 @ECISVEEP Stay @home Pray to Almighty 21 is right for lock down Keep humanity support

@miguelgomes @MandyWiener @eNCA My Spar had the same queues yesterday. The virus didn’t start today at midnight! If you’re fortunate enough to have enough supplies to stay at home for the next 21 days...stay the fuck @home! P.S. not aimed at you @MandyWiener , just tired of people criticizing these poor people.

@ManasmitaJena1 If you really want to do something for Our Country, then plz Stay @home not troubling the police. #Support Janata Curfew 🙏

@pabbathisatish @KTRTRS @CommissionrGHMC @Director_EVDM @GHMCOnline sir we informed to local police they came but they r very irresponsible they even not yet closed n in that company lot of people are working now the situation is very critical help us saty @home @TelanganaCMO @Eatala_Rajender

@JenWomble @fablefy PLEASE remember many kids are sharing resources w/ siblings, babysitting and sharing computer time (if have wifi) w/parents trying to work @home & trying to find food is not equal access in every home. Be realistic with expectations and children's mental health too

@OyeniyiTitilop2 If the Federal government are not ready to finance people's needs to stay @home, each state should take charge of doing that in their territory to prevent further spread of Covid-19. 🙏 @MBuhari @jidesanwoolu @NgComCommission @NCDCgov @FederalGovNews

@dkroses @iMthinkingPinoy @DrTonyLeachon pray and stay @home. but if you cant , be a responsible filipino. spread love not virus. a tweet to boost morale of our frontliners, to call out actions that shld be corrected is a big effort to our common goal .. to beat this Veerus 😜

@gerardp1313 then again, I've spent innumerable days @home with my physician spouse in MA cleaning cupboards, etc, as she was exposed to a colleague who tested + (After 8 days, We Still don't have her results back; her hospital like many is in Mask desperation). We want life, not records.

@saikiran88 @chetan_bhagat Honestly not bored at all, instead enjoying @Home by working on myself and connecting with my family members with whom I didnot had much of chat since long due to busy schedule. My score 0.

@MizTeeFranklin Someone created a whole ass twitter account and was telling folks I’m not disabled because I have steps in my house. “If she was REALLY disabled she wouldn’t move to a home with steps.” OR. “If she can climb steps @home, she can climb them @a convention.”

@Umwami01 Everyone is worried about staying @home, but no one is worried about the millions of pple who have no homes They don’t hv food either,the virus not kill them but hunger will Let’s pray for them to be protected by God I’m sorry for all the homeless pple suffering from #COVID19

@EminemYbnl Thunder go fire any @NigeriaGov wet go tell me to stay home Why would stay home? No food @home no water! No electricity No Money Not even petrol, how do they expect us to cope!? Which kind useless country are we in sef and useless leaders @NigeriaGov 😬😠😠😢 @NigeriaGov fools😠

@demircandemirr @gulduriza It does not work for u to stay @home

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