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@gregtutunjian @lagunacarta @brandonbusteed @Forbes @Harvard Yes, I know: The article spoke to ditching (their word) their acceptance. It was that possible outcome of deferment I was referring to. A lot can happen in a year (and even acceptance at Harvard might not be as appealing.)

@Swampdo01077548 @realDonaldTrump DAILY REMINDER THAT @realDonaldTrump DID NOT GO TO Harvard or Yale. That's why establishment Washington and the Media hate him. There are no "Party Loyalties" only ALUMNI! It's why we elected him @POTUS and will again! @GOP @DNC @Harvard @Yale #Biden #Trump2020

@JoyceChaplin1 @john_overholt @Harvard I think I’m not allowed to say yet...

@BistyCSRoss @LincolnsBible @Harvard “The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals vacated a previous panel’s 2-1 decision that rejected a petition by one of Epstein’s victims. She sought to undo the agreement that federal prosecutors struck with Epstein not to charge him ...”

@JanelleNowell3 @Harvard Alexander Nowell was an alumni in 1600s Massachussetts Bay Colony. Other Nowell were alumni after him. I was kidnapped from them in 1950 to another state where I attended college. I do not know what my parents look like as a result.

@RutgersCommInfo 63% are not getting results within the 1-2 days that would be optimal to aid contact tracing. New #Covidstates Report 8 is out today -- a collaboration between #RUSCI Asst. Prof. K. Ognyanova & colleagues at @Northeastern @Harvard @NorthwesternU @RutgersU

@REDSheSaid2 @GovTimWalz @chadronstate @Harvard Wow.. not many friends on your feed, Gov. Maybe you should stop pandering for one hot minute & actually listen to #Minnesotans. Last check you work for us.

@RealSeanIrish1 @CornellWBrooks @AttorneyCrump @WhipClyburn @spotifypodcasts @Stitcher @AMEChurchOff @ReformRabbis @NAACP @Harvard @HarvardDivinity @harvardcpl @JacksonStateU @DemSpring @DemAwakening @NJ_ISJ I’m calling BS. In 2008 in Miami, Obama campaign staff were giving even GOP “shut in voters” rides to the polls to vote. Civility has gone OFF THE RAILS since then, and its NOT the fault of GOP.

@TeckieGirl @dtcav @Harvard They are counting on their base being stupid enough not to lookup the truth. If you are educated and free thinking you do.

@ShadMoarif Experiencing violence early in life not only raises a person’s risk for disease, it accelerates puberty, according to new Harvard research. via @Harvard

@moshe_akiva @DeedsWylie @Harvard @thecrimson Sorry, I don't disagree! I was just trying to see if they put it back up, or if it was still down. I don't think it is a small secret that these views are mainstream in anti-zionist movements. I hope this hurts Harvard, they need a shellacking.

@gregtutunjian @brandonbusteed @lagunacarta @Forbes Anyone choosing to "ditch" an opportunity to learn at @Harvard (or ANY center of higher education & training including junior colleges, community colleges & trade schools) once accepted has made a critical error. It's not safe (IMHO) to attend "as usual" but don't throw it away.

@AllenJWilson Awful tweet by Assemblyman @KevinKileyCA who does not provide link of the @[email protected] Poll: Governor @GavinNewsom approval rating dropped from 70% to 58%. Life must be lonely in the #DogHouse

@d_s_thakur @jeff_cranmer @pash22 @deralteGaukler @das_seed @SonaliVaid @SeemaAhuja1 @Jim10341007 @prat1112001 @GorwayGlobal @dawalelo @malini_aisola @ProfBhargava @ICMRDELHI @giridar100 @StephenPHansen @BioCentury @kiranshaw @Bioconlimited @Roche @EdyKim5 @Harvard @BrighamWomens @AskDrShashank @ClassActionCom Sounds right. The task force decided not to include Itolizumab in the treatment protocol. So there was no revision post early July

@AndreGonya @Harvard misandrist, obviously. I am only half joking. Men freed the slaves, gave women the right to vote, defended us in war, but they are looked down at today. Sickening.

@Harry_Zephyr @Harvard The choice of working class language, 'yard sale', 'homebrew' which are things you do to save money in the marketing of the campaign kinda gross coming from Harvard princesses and princelings lol

@rikoamour "“It’s not a #vaccine that will save us,” says @Harvard Global Health Institute [@HarvardGH] director, Ashish Jha. “It’s vaccination.” #COVID19 Yahoo News/YouGov coronavirus poll: Number of Americans who plan to get vaccinated falls to 42% — a new low

@ernieJohnston @NPR @NPR, Listened to this story with interest. It has been 50 years since I read Hiroshima by John Hershey. I take issue with @Harvard #Law prof Gabriella Blum that "must provide warning" & "none of that was considered". It was! Per: under Stepped-Up Bombing.

@lagunacarta @gregtutunjian @brandonbusteed @Forbes @Harvard Deferral means to wait the year, not throw it away completely.

@IIJMR @kodefense1 @bcdctf @GovTimWalz @chadronstate @Harvard @GovTimWalz abandoned his unit? Why am I not shocked. Apparently he didn't want to be a cook.

@five_books "To move forward, we must understand our history and combat its capacity to drag us down." Professor Drew Gilpin Faust of @Harvard leading historian of the American Civil War, on the best books to read about it (we also highly recommend her own):

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley i cannot let them down, please help me protect them forever, please!!!! I am not afraid to ask for help! I cannot explain!

@KarmarkarSanket @Kennedy_School @Harvard only allow donations from non secular theocratic nations into stem programs, not into humanities because then u start singing their tune and cease to be truly free. Already China and Middle East have bought u guys(ivy leagues).

@das_seed @d_s_thakur @pash22 @jeff_cranmer @deralteGaukler @SonaliVaid @SeemaAhuja1 @Jim10341007 @prat1112001 @GorwayGlobal @dawalelo @malini_aisola @ProfBhargava @ICMRDELHI @giridar100 @StephenPHansen @BioCentury @kiranshaw @Bioconlimited @Roche @EdyKim5 @Harvard @BrighamWomens @AskDrShashank @ClassActionCom @MoHFW_INDIA @neutranino Statement of Prof Bhargava, ICMR, was during joint press conference attended by MOHFW representative along with others. His statement reflected agreement of all agencies in that press conference. It was not a personal comment. In fact, even Dr Shashank Joshi agrees to it.

@Bibcilly @skominers @HBoushey @NorthwesternU @Harvard @Stanford When externalities are significant, free markets are not necessarily the way to go.

@OrdinaryUk @RosieP4 @StaffsCPRE @Policy_Exchange @aireyj @Harvard Amazing @aireyj what 6 months can do! But your @mhclg planning shake-up is more a shake-down? Market Towns, Villages, Greenbelt & Farms are hostages to @LGACons who ignore their constituents & use a planning policy unique to just 1 group to erode greenbelt for caravan ghettos.

@pash22 @deralteGaukler @d_s_thakur @prat1112001 @das_seed @SonaliVaid @SeemaAhuja1 @jeff_cranmer @Jim10341007 @GorwayGlobal @dawalelo @malini_aisola @ProfBhargava @ICMRDELHI @giridar100 @StephenPHansen @BioCentury @kiranshaw @Bioconlimited @Roche @EdyKim5 @Harvard @BrighamWomens @AskDrShashank Yup. I'm sure @PMOIndia & PM @narendramodi did not intend his 'Make in India' slogan to be distorted in this way. Passing off scientific dross as 'Make in India' and accusing others objecting to it as being anti-national, is certainly not what PM had in mind, IMO

@health4eva @jmlarkin @duecaution @Harvard All classes online regardless of housing. Makes me wonder how many kids at other schools would choose not to come if they knew that all of their courses were directed at remote students.

@ModernMaccabi @DeedsWylie @Harvard @thecrimson This speech countering the lie that Zionism is racist is a must watch if you haven’t seen it already. @HarvardPSC is a racist and bigoted organization that must be challenged and shut down if they don’t stop their attacks on Jews.

@Mattm12000 @LbMaggie @GovTimWalz @chadronstate @Harvard It's not about the virus, it's about politics. We never went through this during H1N1 - despite 60 Million cases (compared to 4 Million for COVI(D) ), but back then the Deep State didn't have a patriot president to ruin.

@gwslutts @JeanHadrien @shreksbooty420 @Harvard @harvardmed ok i commented that as a joke not for y’all to reply

@smith124343 @NCSPrincipa1 @MIT @Harvard @Princeton We need to be careful not to give the narrative that it was the highly prestige University that is giving these kids value. It is the other way round. These kids are special and the university is privileged to have them.

@pash22 @das_seed @jeff_cranmer @d_s_thakur @deralteGaukler @SonaliVaid @SeemaAhuja1 @Jim10341007 @prat1112001 @GorwayGlobal @dawalelo @malini_aisola @ProfBhargava @ICMRDELHI @giridar100 @StephenPHansen @BioCentury @kiranshaw @Bioconlimited @Roche @EdyKim5 @Harvard @BrighamWomens @AskDrShashank @ClassActionCom @MoHFW_INDIA @neutranino This is v good news for IND and I welcome it and look forward to seeing the results of the Phase 2 & Phase 3 trials. I wish them all success. Also, can we see the results & analysis in print and not through press releases please @CDSCO_INDIA_INF ?

@common_man_01 @kartikm50692062 @manipande74 @AtishiAAP @AkshayMarathe @Kennedy_School @Harvard @AamAadmiParty And he was an AAP volunteer and spokesperson, so Delhi govt is not supposed to pay for him. AAP is a party, where education is celebrated! And it's very hard to get admitted without similar experience. Probably, that's the reason he worked with AAP and hopefully will continue...

@a_TAYLORedTweet @tedcruz Rafael, Your @Harvard education has failed you, as you clearly do not comprehend the construct of RACISM. Oprah is african-american, meaning she CANNOT wield institution power based on race. Her billionaire status you seem to envy doesn't make her statement less accurate.

@scottcampbellj7 @CornellWBrooks @AttorneyCrump @WhipClyburn @spotifypodcasts @Stitcher @AMEChurchOff @ReformRabbis @NAACP @Harvard @HarvardDivinity @harvardcpl @JacksonStateU @DemSpring @DemAwakening @NJ_ISJ Do we not have this right so the can fuck the election? Why remove that right? I couldn’t think of one reason to remove that. Voter protect and we remove it. Seems like only a bad idea to me

@RealJayShetty @drbobphillips @Williams_T_C @UniofOxford @NHS_Lothian @RCPCHScotland @RCPCH_and_Us @ADC_BMJ @NeurologyToday @Harvard Brilliantly done Bob! Sorry for not getting back to you about the recording! You managed to pronounce my name so that no one will recognise that is me! You should have said Jay or my previous SHO! Really enjoyed listening your podcast and will subscribe!

@TacLabTribe @Cernovich I’m not planning to vote for anyone who’s a @Harvard graduate. How many times have Harvard “conservatives” let us down at key moments? They want to BE somebody, not DO something. Time for new leaders outside the system that created the problems we now face

@jpenny5408 @EastTennBoy @dbongino @Harvard I was brained washed that My children had to have a degree for success. Maybe that is why their professors told them the C students run most companies. In life you are judged by what smarts you use, not the smarts you have.

@enroutegapyear 20% of @Harvard incoming freshman are taking a #gapyear - I'm working with several of them. These students - like others - are planning road trips to @NatlParkService, starting businesses, attending outdoor skill semesters and more. It's inspiring! More:

@MattOfTheWoods @sawindel1 @GovTimWalz @chadronstate @Harvard Not a crystal ball. It takes only a few minutes to educate yourself.

@Slalom These days, how can you confidently plan for the future? Learn how we partnered with @Harvard students to help the @CityofDenver not only meet changing circumstances, but support its community with data and flexible forecast models:

@FCatalanotto This is not rocket science except @realDonaldTrump stands in the way! There are 5 easy steps to tame COVID-19, says Fauci via @Harvard

@PsychopompGecko @JohnFubka @LobsterGulag @mccormick_ted @Harvard You need a lot of help. Math, reading, all sorts of subjects. Anyway, yeah, if you round to the 1s place, you'd round 2.4 to 2. You wouldn't round it to 3 because it's not 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8., or 2.9. Your teacher should have gone over this already with you.

@ShelleLamar @PressSec @realDonaldTrump Do you know what the definition of a public servant is? YOU ARE NOT ONE. Talking about jobs when people are dying. How do you sleep at night? Harvard is embarrassed to be associated with you. @Harvard @HarvardAlumni

@LobsterGulag @JohnFubka @mccormick_ted @Harvard Well they’re rounding the 2.4 when they measure it on its own so 2.4=2. Then you weigh both objects together and you round up to get 5. The problem is that weighing two objects together is not arithmetic or addition, it’s just taking a measurement of a collection of objects

@BongripCapital @jbenton @Harvard This does not shock me in the least. I’d encourage my kid to do that exact thing. Gap years are a decent idea anyway.

@JustinBleuel @adamnash @Harvard @DanFChambliss Rebasing, it becomes just under 50% of students who could afford it chose not to attend

@KentLauglin Harvard study links jailing practices to COVID-19 spread via @Harvard. Next the mental defects will demand that the prisoners b released, because that is a way to control the spread. B sure not to call your defunded/disbanded police department for help

@adarayaffa @DeedsWylie @Harvard @thecrimson I really hate that they used Malcolm X to bolster their antisemitism when that quote was about Black self-determination. Jewish, Palestinian, and Black self-determination are not debatable. I’m bothered but not shocked: most liberals are foxes, like Malcolm X said.

@Bibcilly @skominers @HBoushey @NorthwesternU @Harvard @Stanford When barriers to entry and exit are significant, free markets are not necessarily the way to go.

@mikefroom @bizcasualpod @MorningBrew @profgalloway This only emphasizes the point @profgalloway made about accepting and not attending. Getting accepted to @Harvard is worth enough in a 2020 world

@MrHand56728795 @BlakeFlayton @HarvardPSC Agree. This is standard fact-less Palestinian propaganda dripping with antisemitic tropes - aka antisemitic racist BS. They should be banned from their campus. Antisemitic Palestinians do not get to define what Zionism is. @Harvard

@JackJolis @JunkScience @diana_west_ @realDonaldTrump Make @Harvard register as an agent of a foreign power! (Which would not only reflect reality and would force Harvard to act within the law, but it would also cause them to lose their tax-exempt status. Win-win-win.)

@deralteGaukler @d_s_thakur @prat1112001 @das_seed @pash22 @SonaliVaid @SeemaAhuja1 @jeff_cranmer @Jim10341007 @GorwayGlobal @dawalelo @malini_aisola @ProfBhargava @ICMRDELHI @giridar100 @StephenPHansen @BioCentury @kiranshaw @Bioconlimited @Roche @EdyKim5 @Harvard @BrighamWomens @AskDrShashank I see some very valid queries raised by a number of folks on this thread. But the responses have been gobsmackingly disappointing. Deflections, appeals to authority, and now a genuine scientific/regulatory enquiry is perceived as a slight to India. Not a good look for Biocon.

@artgirl_andrea The @nyt 's is finally getting "woke"😏: The @nyt decided to end its partnership w/China Daily - ending its cozy relationship with the Chinese govt. The age of critical thinking & social conscience hits the @nyt and @NBA and @Harvard 😏...maybe, maybe not.

@traishik @USAndIndia @Harvard @AIUIndia @USAndIndia @DrSJaishankar @PMOIndia @USAmbIndia my in-person classes are about to start in a week's time but the consulates are closed and my emergency appointment has not been worked upon for 1.5 months. I req u to look into this matter and assist thousands of students like me

@katie_k_rogers @UTAustin considers itself a world-class institution, on par with @Harvard, @UCBerkeley, & dozens of other elite universities that have opted for remote learning. It's not too late to follow their example.

@samson_hu @adamnash @Harvard You (often) make all your friend in first year. It would so shitty to not get that op

@RevOgWillieJ @SICIHarvard @MsLaToshaBrown @Kennedy_School @BlackVotersMtr @Harvard My new song just went into rotation on radio stations accross the nation- LISTEN TO IT NOW! Thou Shall Not Kill via @YouTube

@WellrunNation Some insights gleaned from two recent @Harvard studies into how we are working from home and what it means for offices.. #office #workplace #WFH #futureofwork

@jmtheodor @h2obabyts @WaterSHEDLab @Harvard There's also studies showing that the implicit bias tests can, without proper framing, lead people to think they can't have any implicit bias if they've taken any training, so it can backfire if not handled appropriately.

@andrewfunkspain Would you be willing to donate & support @frankeellins, a @harvard grad within the LGBQTI+ community, who became homeless, so not only he can get back on his feet but many others as well? ✅See His Story, Donate & Support his book! #HomelessEntrepreneur

@MorrisMandevil1 @ajaxzimm @Harvard Taxpayers don’t need to bail out colleges and universities closed them down and start over

@Ariell08422482 @eff: @Harvard's TraceFi appears to be the introduction of a powerful new location surveillance for everyone on their campus. Students should not be asked to sacrifice their privacy to use this technology. #100DaysOfCode #WomenWhoCode #SurveillanceState

@SamHornIntrigue Want to turn your #JOB into your #JOY - your #passion into your #profession - now, not #SOMEDAY? This @Harvard Business Review article shows how. #SamHorn #SOMEDAY is Not a Day in the Week #Book #bookreview #business #bookclub

@Undershafted @ProjectLincoln @Harvard Jared for $2.5mm? "Who steals my purse steals trash; 'tis something, nothing; 'Twas mine, 'tis his, and has been slave to thousands: But he that filches from me my good name Robs me of that which not enriches him And makes me poor indeed." - Shakespeare's Othello

@amv660758585 @webslingur @Harvard @MIT @Google @Microsoft @Apple @amazon @satyanadella @sundarpichai @tim_cook @JeffBezos Your logic is a fallacy. The relationship between a number of H1Bs and amount of taxes collected is not liner. Do you think it would be profitable to bring the whole population of India on H1B and crash the job market? In that case 10 people would be paying as much taxes as 1

@lilyabryant Been having a rough week so I just sat down and wrote some poetry to feel this what it feels like to graduate from @Harvard? 🤓

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley how can the Law put a value on one life but not another life! All lives are priceless and should be treated the same when it comes to killing especially the lives that truly are cont

@Bibcilly @skominers @HBoushey @NorthwesternU @Harvard @Stanford When there are no viable substitutes (e.g., patent protections), free markets are not necessarily the way to go.

@KelseyMarieBell @jenbrea who made the film @unrestfilm #MeCFS, #CFS, #CFSawareness went to @Harvard, I have not seen the film, follow her here for content, reflections on/about #Covid19c #chronicillness, life, etc.

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley they are my heart! They are why I don’t give up! To protect them and their babies/youth is more than I ever dreamed of! I cannot let them down!

@nunez_anna 🚩@Harvard University recommended high-rated air filters, portable air cleaners & ultraviolet light inside air ducts to help eliminate #coronavirus in #schools Not one N TX school met all the recommendations set out by Harvard’s researchers #TXlege #TXed

@MJBiercuk @NaomiOreskes @Harvard @ErikMConway @billmckibben @agent_ayesha @PrincetonUPress Can you at least please warn students not to read it on a relaxing break? It absolutely ruined one of my poolside vacations once - I couldn't put it down, except to occasionally throw it in anger 🤣

@lilygc @RicardoHarvin @juliacarriew That's hilarious. But as someone who went to @Harvard b4 he did, we really did have a paper version/hard copy informally called "Facebook," so it wasn't such a stretch to see him call it that. There was a lot of paper version Hot-or-Not-ting with that one too ;-).

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley you are the best and educate the best hack my phone, my life and I am confident enough to say you all will not be sorry! A Win Win situation for those who believe! Again I use Cocaine!

@Sir_Mrgl_Grgl @OxfordComma6 @FrancisGDavis @davidhogg111 @Harvard He admits to dyslexia and Twitter doesn't have spell check. This is social media, not English class.

@clare_guinness @williamorbinson @MichaelAodhan @PlanQUB @QUBelfast @QUBNBE It’s down to the hardworking parents with a belief in education @stdominicsGS and beyond that the same parents instilling the need for lifelong learning @Harvard @IoDNI and so it goes on .... and you don’t stop until life stops you #JohnHume what a man

@eshmu @adamnash @Harvard Doesn't surprise me. As one data point, I believe close to 80% of the incoming class is on financial aid so for a large fraction of the class, the financial implications of deferring are not that attractive.

@DermafirmUsa @Harvard graduate Shara Ticku has created a biotechnology company that works to solve the sustainability issue of harvesting palm oil. #WomeninScience #BiotechBeauty #EnvironmentalBeauty #SharaTicku #Sustainability #Beauty #EmpowerEvolveEmbrace #WomeninSTEM #BIOTOC

@shahrukhutas Heartbreaking to see the explosion in Beirut. 2020 has not been a great year for the world safety and health. This is a lesson for the port cities of the world to keep the inflammable chemicals away from the populated areas. @WHO @AKUGlobal @Harvard @unimelb @UTAS_MPH

@varsity_share @Harvard @HarvardChanSPH Please can you get other scholars apart from Dr Sanjay Gupta and Anthony Fauci? They are a little bit controversial. Get some other researchers especially those doing reasearch in the laboratories not those who move from one tv shows to the next. My opinion though.

@jeff_cranmer @pash22 @deralteGaukler @das_seed @SonaliVaid @SeemaAhuja1 @d_s_thakur @Jim10341007 @prat1112001 @GorwayGlobal @dawalelo @malini_aisola @ProfBhargava @ICMRDELHI @giridar100 @StephenPHansen @BioCentury @kiranshaw @Bioconlimited @Roche @EdyKim5 @Harvard @BrighamWomens @AskDrShashank @ClassActionCom A Q for y'all as I continue my crash course in Indian pharma regs. In the U.S., regardless of the status of an EUA for COVID19, docs can decide to use approve drugs off label. Is this the case in India, or does an approved drug have to be approved/get EUA specifically for COVID?

@EdyKim5 @SonaliVaid @pash22 @das_seed @SeemaAhuja1 @d_s_thakur @jeff_cranmer @Jim10341007 @prat1112001 @GorwayGlobal @dawalelo @malini_aisola @ProfBhargava @ICMRDELHI @giridar100 @StephenPHansen @BioCentury @kiranshaw @Bioconlimited @Roche @Harvard @BrighamWomens Yes, can’t compare my workload to most physician-scientists in Korea (or India). I was 100% clinical during our COVID surge, but generally I am only 25% clinical, 90% research (yes 115%, but I’m sure Indian physicians are working 130%!)

@PsychopompGecko @JohnFubka @LobsterGulag @mccormick_ted @Harvard 2.4 is rounded down because you don't round up until you hit .5 or higher. So 2.4 is rounded to 2, and 4.8 is rounded to 5. Rounding is a pretty basic thing you should have learned in elementary school.

@ghatwai @USAndIndia @Harvard @AIUIndia Thanks for this! I've been accepted to MS (Architectural Sciences) at @rpi this year & trying to apply for an F1. While website says students are eligible for expedited visas, I'm not able to find any available consular interview appointment dates. What should be my next step?

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley real Mothers don’t sale their babies/youth but these real Mothers are not protected to the maximum? Tell me why when they are the best examples of what a real Mother is today aka my family?

@VijayBh34710602 @TribeccaAngie @rahulgandhi flunked out of @harvard in 1990 not '91 as he claims. @incindia needs to get rid of this family to mount a serious challenge to #uberthugs in @BJP4India

@KurtMorales06 America vs America truly genuine down to earth too fast how to concede in terms of #Lawsuit, as a #AmericanCulture highest doctrina majesty school of @Harvard we know what's #Further in directly otherwise/otherwords #InRightAway against @OfficialAlorica.

@Bibcilly @skominers @HBoushey @NorthwesternU @Harvard @Stanford Can you define what a "Free Market" is? At times, you seem to use it as a proxy for a fully competitive market. Other times it seems it is an unregulated market. Those are not the same. A fully competitive market is an abstract concept that exists nowhere in the real world.

@elizmkallman @adamnash @Harvard The freshmen will be on campus, I've heard. Other classes, not. If so sounds pretty responsible to me.

@deralteGaukler @pash22 @das_seed @SonaliVaid @SeemaAhuja1 @d_s_thakur @jeff_cranmer @Jim10341007 @prat1112001 @GorwayGlobal @dawalelo @malini_aisola @ProfBhargava @ICMRDELHI @giridar100 @StephenPHansen @BioCentury @kiranshaw @Bioconlimited @Roche @EdyKim5 @Harvard @BrighamWomens @AskDrShashank @ClassActionCom I am not aware of journals using writers. Ghost writing as implied is now seldom seen, it’s certainly discouraged; changes in publication practices (GPP) have resulted in most journals now requiring medical writing services used by authors to be acknowledged.

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley anytime a human is forced to harm my family for money than this is a clear indication that the system does not work! My family is not here to be be harmed they are here to teach respect!

@staghioff @ChristineML1 @GovTimWalz @chadronstate @Harvard The Mayor heard police were overwhelmed and called the Governor immediately. The Governor deployed the National Guard within hours of receiving the request. Much valid criticism of the way the response was coordinated, but not accurate to say anyone "sat back".

@Tikur_Anbesa @Kaleb_Tamiru @adeladawy @Harvard @jeffpropulsion @AUC really need to pay attention to their staff’s active and personal participation in mis/disinformation campaign against an #African nation. It’s not that his tweets matter, but his tweets reflect badly on @AUC. Their employee is going overboard with dissemination of falsehood

@HarvardClubVic Remote learning is more challenging for international students living in different time zones. Right now the time difference between Cambridge and the east coast of Australia is 16 hours. We hope @harvard will rise to the challenge and not repeat the blunders of this past spring.

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley something in the windows is seriously wrong causing me to se doubles, and not factually! A control mechanism! So hard to explain but being honest!

@LobsterGulag @PsychopompGecko @JohnFubka @mccormick_ted @Harvard Except in the case of angles, we define angles by relating them to rotation, or the arc length relative to the radius (arc length=radius*angle). 360 degrees does not equal to 720 degrees just because it *appears* so

@kellydugs272727 @PatrickWBarrett @TWallack @BostonNewsMan Patrick, it’s because they were forced to shut down for so long, thanks to @MassGovernor and his infonite wisdom and @Harvard who owns the building.

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