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@HarvardLocal In an effort to help address local food inequality, @Harvard began partnering with @foodforfreeorg, a #CambMA-based nonprofit working to end chronic hunger by ensuring surplus food finds its way to those who need it most.

@ralph_calinisan @penn_be @Harvard @YaleLawSch @StanfordLaw @ColumbiaLaw @nyulaw @MichiganLaw @Dean_Ruger @WPCarey @wpcarey2 @CareyLawAlumni I usually do not rant on social media. But i really feel disappointed. And bought. And wronged. I want to be heard. I hope others who feel the same way, w/n from #Penn or #PennLaw lend their voices too. #SchoolPride #Identity

@THEworldunirank [email protected]_Uni tops our life sciences ranking for the first time this year, knocking @Harvard down to second place: #THEunirankings

@akankshasaxena3 @harvardmed @Harvard @JoslinDiabetes Man is not a waste but a person who is ready to search for life. - Blogger Akanksha SAXENA

@jamesdotcuff Dave Turek, VP @ibmhpc with @TDaytonPM talking about Bayesian Optimization of #HPC to significantly reduce costs. Early concepts developed at @harvard. I’m remember supporting these concepts with Ed Pyzer-Knapp (he’s not on the twitter but his old PI @A_Aspuru_Guzik is)

@akankshasaxena3 @Harvard Man is not a waste but a person who is ready to search for life. - Blogger Akanksha SAXENA

@ValaAfshar A 35 year @Harvard study on how to live a healthy life. 1. Nutritious diet 🥗 2. Regular exercise 🚴🏼‍♀️ 3. Keeping a healthy weight ⚖️ 4. Alcohol in moderation 🍷 5. Not smoking 🚬

@JayAshMACP The Weekender: Thx @Harvard ‘s Nicole Breen & Anne Margulies for joining our @ApprentiCareers panel to talk how Apprenti is providing H w gr8 access to IT pros from underrepresented populations. Rest of you...if it’s working for H, then don’t you think you should take a look too!

@DavidL206 If @Harvard were committed to equity, it would seek permission from a court to modify the gift restrictions that result in this question, on the basis that it is impossible to comply with them while following the public policy of not engaging in racial discrimination. (HLS '08)

@Wikisteff @Antiproton_com @Harvard @DuncanWeldon It's actually pretty easy to do: any population that is in steady-state (i.e. not declining due to starvation) is at 1990$ 300/year, the value of subsistence agriculture.

@BukerKen @deb2227 @clairecmc @Harvard @RepStefanik No, I'm talking about a kid of questionable integrity who is only being admitted to Harvard because he's a media whore, not because he's actually qualified.

@fr_hossain ”Diversity efforts directed at all women tend to help white women — but not women of color” @Harvard Political appointee? #DiversityInGI #womeninMedicine #healthcare #health #hospital #doctor #Diversity #inclusion #corpgov #medtwitter #HeForShe #sheleads

@madmilker @LAWriter @Kaepernick7 @ABC @ABCNetwork @ABCWorldNews @Disney @BarackObama @Harvard @sanfranmag @sfgov @SFGiants @49ers @NFL @SpeakerPelosi @MaxineWaters @MLB @NBA @DerrickNAACP @KamalaHarris @DNC @AP @Stanford @nbcsnl @HoustonRockets @washingtonpost @nytimes @TheView @SenateGOP @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP But not to worry #Lord Americans saving money shopping all that foreign shit because US Corporations put We the People 1st each and every fucking day by stashing over $2 trillion real fucking dollars in foreign banks and get their rocks off having Congress #turnips kiss their ass

@theonerayman @musicrowphotos @michaeljkellyjr @RepStefanik @TedraCobb @Harvard Well I'm not going to believe and or care about the opinion of the guy who can't even spell you're properly.

@madmilker @LAWriter @Kaepernick7 @ABC @ABCNetwork @ABCWorldNews @Disney @BarackObama @Harvard @sanfranmag @sfgov @SFGiants @49ers @NFL @SpeakerPelosi @MaxineWaters @MLB @NBA @DerrickNAACP @KamalaHarris @DNC @AP @Stanford @nbcsnl @HoustonRockets @washingtonpost @nytimes @TheView @SenateGOP @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP @SocialSecurity @POTUS Growth of Government hasn't got jack shit to do with population but what a We the People person turns into once she/he gets a fucking #government job. And that is to fuck all the others that are still We the People but too fucking ignorant to get rid of all the ones that are not.

@gambino_suzanne @Stanford @Harvard Larry Page and I have been doing the right thing to FAA GSM do about the entire truth PERIOD and Larry Page and I are already married PERIOD and Larry Page is not a FORCE to be reckoned with when he makes up his mind about it including the fact you

@CB_Fulmer @wef @Harvard @finkd @ReliableSources "How to stop a Civil War" U guys get crazy in media I just went to a @chicagobulls game last night w/1 of my fam from Dallas We were talkin about the crazy weather He brought up Climate Change...not me & we had a good discussion about our opinions He thinks the planet always

@Margari_Aziza This past Thursday I was blessed to virtually visit @VoyagesJournal’s @Harvard class where we discussed anti-Blackness and Muslims and how even Black Muslim leadership is not immune to replicating harmful narratives in contrast to the liberatory work that is part of our legacy.

@Antiproton_com @Wikisteff @Harvard @DuncanWeldon Well, I will leave economics to you folks. I left my economics class after a yelling match with my prof years ago lol I'm just not sure how one applies economics. to a society like early western European Neolithic. They have no money, simple barter and a nearly communist society

@2morrowknight 💡AMAZING: #Metamaterials — materials whose function is determined by structure, not composition — have been designed to bend light and sound, transform from soft to stiff, and even dampen seismic waves from earthquakes. #design @harvard #designthinking

@Gbonjubolataiwo A university degree does not guarantee SUCCESS. In fact, if an illiterate SUCCEEDS big time, top varsities, like @Harvard and @Yale, will beg him to come and get honorary degrees. SUCCESS is a universal DEGREE recognised globally

@keraz37 @EliseStefanik @Harvard Rep Stefanik does not represent your devotion of excellence. I’d really like an explanation of how a Harvard student goes to Congress and deliberately commits these outrageous unthinkable acts against the citizens of the USA. Are you not teaching ethics?????

@Naegleria1 @splantyboy @EcoSenseNow @Harvard Also, I'm not sure if the list you gave was meant to be complete, but the four categories of factors are solar insolation, aerosols/particulates, GHGs, and feedbacks/amplifications.

@rhleeds @RepStefanik so @Harvard should be embarrassed that a graduate can’t read nor adhere to the rules of government #ImpeachmentHearings

@19jacksmom @politicalelle @chrissyteigen What is it with @Harvard and @GeorgetownLaw ?!?!? Do they not teach you to proof read or spell or basic grammar? @politicalelle and @RepStefanik ... come on! And sometimes “trashy” just means “trashy”. @chrissyteigen didn’t call her a trashy ho...just trashy. 🤷‍♀️

@CB_Fulmer @wef @Harvard @finkd @ReliableSources @chicagobulls adjust to extreme changes like this over history Really a general feeling of his...or "gut" feeling not science based I tried to summarize really a complex science issue to him Explaining 1000's of scientific groups/scientists have been studying this 4 decades I told him in the

@Wikisteff @Antiproton_com @Harvard Work within a tribe still counts as GDP to a historical economist. There's not much work done there as yet, since they lack money and hence a price for food, but some such as @DuncanWeldon have done first-order estimates there anyway.

@ArmyHRC #ArmyTech The @CCDC.C5ISR is working with @Harvard to research a wide range of technologies to enhance #Soldier protection and performance. Soldier knowledge and input are playing a key role in the partnership.

@Brajesheso Country comes first and above any personal goal, that's what I learnt from [email protected] gave you a degree perhaps not wisdom. Service to mankind should be the ways to achieve any political Goals in a Democracy. Go have a steam bath, meditate and spent few minutes lonely.

@fr_hossain ⚕️”Diversity efforts directed at all women tend to help white women — but not women of color” @Harvard #DiversityInGI #diversity #MedEd #womeninMedicine #healthcare #health #hospitals #doctor #Diversity #equity #inclusion #corpgov #ceo #inclusion

@GNAnegativeaxis @fabislei7 @GOP @SenateGOP @GOPLeader @GOPChairwoman @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @nyc311 @NYCMayor @NYGovCuomo @AOL @News18India @IndiaToday @htTweets @PMOIndia @Harvard @nyuniversity @Columbia What was taken from me is not easy to replace what i borrowed from them easy to replace once they replaced what's owed to me So that's not a probable cause either to deny me.

@BxTadow @etanthomas36 @Harvard @_NoMoreNames @HarvardBMF @TheRevAl @NationalAction @WCRhoden @CornelWest The Wealth Gap, Reparations, and whether the idea of "voting down ballot" is a tool we need to employ to shock the political system and force them to come forward with an agenda that speaks to American Descendants of slaves. NOT Minorities. NOT POC. BLK AMERICANS and our issues

@QuidProOhNo @JamesEHiggins @AnnCoulter @Harvard Death comes to us all...for some not soon enough! Though he rest in peace, so many will not because of him.

@ButchBaydala @AmbDaniDayan @Harvard @Harvard_Law I was looking for an appropriate tweet to supply this debate: The debate is about illegal settlements. Zionism is not taught much in our schools. I really didn't know much about it until after 9/11 & the invasion of Iraq. Is this a significant detail? 💁🍻

@splantyboy @Naegleria1 @EcoSenseNow @Harvard By no means. Listed several majors. Climate is as intricate and complex as weather in general. CO2 does not appear to have much of an effect beyond the 100 or so PPMs necessary to sustain life.

@LAWriter @madmilker @Kaepernick7 @ABC @ABCNetwork @ABCWorldNews @Disney @BarackObama @Harvard @sanfranmag @sfgov @SFGiants @49ers @NFL @SpeakerPelosi @MaxineWaters @MLB @NBA @DerrickNAACP @KamalaHarris @DNC @AP @Stanford @nbcsnl @HoustonRockets @washingtonpost @nytimes @TheView @SenateGOP @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP @SocialSecurity @POTUS There can and will be future financial crisis. The real estate bubble is likely to implode in 2020. "it will over time run out of its currency. " The US Treasury is not going to run out of money.

@carlie0928 @EliseStefanik Yet another reason to support and respect @TedraCobb. Not so much for @Harvard, though... yikes.

@DavidHenderson Appears that people with inflated credentials in Washington claim degrees from @Harvard, such as Mina Chang. We seem to be in an era when background and credentials are not verified.

@NG93235657 @EliseStefanik @gtconway3d "Operation Varsity Blues" needs to hit up @Harvard. We have this ridiculous woman. Ben Shapiro thinks the Civil War was an "apology" for slavery. And, last but not least, greedy zombie failson Jared Kushner. What are you doing @Harvard?

@sleepywaterbear @SandDollar04 @Yahoo She’s done a great job getting people to support @TedraCobb Also, @Harvard should think about rescinding her degree, as she apparently isn’t literate enough to read or understand the rules. Either that or she blatantly lied to the American people. Not a good look, Harvard.

@kerikukral @Harvard - Why is there no similar review? @VRSVirginia should have had the opportunity to go to college, not be a victim of your donors while all looked away.

@jgmac756 @EliseStefanik It was an act, a performance to create divisiveness again about the process, not the content. @Harvard? Really, was it the drama department? These juvenile and obvious antics won’t work anymore.

@Mapbox Privacy reform is important. We're proud to be part of the work @Harvard @BelferCenter is doing to inform policymaking on this issue. Done right, privacy legislation can make users safer while keeping the mapping industry accessible to new ideas.

@Imadaaoun @AUB_NYO @AUB_Lebanon @DrFadloKhuri @Harvard I was not expecting at all seeing Dr Khoury in the streets explaining to the students what to do ?

@8_steveo @raftofwater @POTUS @SpeakerPelosi @UNHumanRights @USNavy @Raytheon @Harvard @Pontifex what do you think it is? Or they are? It’s not a hallucination. It’s real and it is better than anything we have as humans and if humans in mass had this we’d be free from every other hold us down. Pray I guess but to that Thing 🛸 godlike and extreme.

@madmilker @LAWriter @Kaepernick7 @ABC @ABCNetwork @ABCWorldNews @Disney @BarackObama @Harvard @sanfranmag @sfgov @SFGiants @49ers @NFL @SpeakerPelosi @MaxineWaters @MLB @NBA @DerrickNAACP @KamalaHarris @DNC @AP @Stanford @nbcsnl @HoustonRockets @washingtonpost @nytimes @TheView @SenateGOP @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP @SocialSecurity @POTUS @RepAdamSchiff Has nothing to do with our @POTUS loving #tariffs It has to do with 44 straight yrs of US trade deficits which means #trillions of US $s have been place into the hands of foreigners by so-call FREE trade but countries using those $s to fuel their economies not #fair trade with US

@renoomokri A university degree does not guarantee SUCCESS. In fact, if an illiterate SUCCEEDS big time, top varsities, like @Harvard and @Yale, will beg him to come and get honorary degrees. SUCCESS is a universal DEGREE recognised globally #TableShaker #FreeLeahSharibu #RenosNuggets

@LAWriter @madmilker @Kaepernick7 @ABC @ABCNetwork @ABCWorldNews @Disney @BarackObama @Harvard @sanfranmag @sfgov @SFGiants @49ers @NFL @SpeakerPelosi @MaxineWaters @MLB @NBA @DerrickNAACP @KamalaHarris @DNC @AP @Stanford @nbcsnl @HoustonRockets @washingtonpost @nytimes @TheView Wrong, not even close to the cause of debt and the purpose it serves. You're painfully ignorant. Quoting a slave owner does not impress me.

@CB_Fulmer @wef @Harvard @finkd @ReliableSources @chicagobulls It's complicated but to sum this up They are not getting the education on this down there WHAT YOU DON'T SEE IS MORE DANGEROUS THAN WHAT YOU SEE I've said this so many times & blame a lot of this on American media @CBSNews @ABC @NBCNews @foxnews etc We had a good talk👍

@LNU2017 @rhonda_harbison @RWPUSA @Harvard It should be mandatory for all at Harvard to sign on "Morality & Ethics" pledge to earn the halo of "Harvard "to their name. Pompeo & Alan Dershowitz are some of the exhibits for the notion that Education does not beget wisdom and Harvard education begets manipulators.

@K201820 @Bird5Ca I told the researcher @Harvard I was smart when I was this age I am not as smart. Hoping that will get him to stop..bugging me. has anyone heard of the company Abbvie?

@madmilker @ewarren @LAWriter You are someone to be sitting here on the site @jack built call @Twitter tweeting about #POWER knowing in 1920 all governments in US made up less 20% of the US economy and today 49% So..! if you are truly a We the People person and not a @Harvard pimp Cut the fucking #Government!

@GuerryEthan @tafkam08 @tedcruz @Harvard I’m pretty sure that @tedcruz wants us to think that @HouseDemocrats are carping about the president’s TWEETING itself. It’s not that. It’s the intimidation contained IN the tweet.

@splantyboy @Naegleria1 @EcoSenseNow @Harvard There are MANY drivers to long-term climate and CO2 is not one of them. The only CO2 correlation is It follows temps by a couple of centuries as oceans heat/release and cool/absorb.

@JillJessMom @willham_south @marciasmilack @RadioFreeTom Honestly @Harvard will be wanting their diploma back. She’s an embarrassment at a time when other former grads like @PeteButtigieg @ColinJost & etc are shining so brightly. I guess its all in how we use our talent & for what end. Her cross exam was textbook what not to do tho.

@McSueb @EliseStefanik @gtconway3d Name calling? Why @Harvard if you're going to lie and call names for a living? Not exactly a profile in courage. You're young. Learn from this and do better. 1. Never lie. 2. Never demean. 3. Leadership by example. 4. Integrity. 5. Take responsibility. I'm rooting for you.

@madmilker @Kaepernick7 @ABC @ABCNetwork @ABCWorldNews @Disney @BarackObama @Harvard @sanfranmag @sfgov @SFGiants @49ers @NFL @SpeakerPelosi @MaxineWaters @MLB @NBA @DerrickNAACP @KamalaHarris @DNC @AP @Stanford @nbcsnl @HoustonRockets @washingtonpost @nytimes @TheView I know #Lord we both know #debt is how #slaves are born But telling that to Americans today is like poking a soldiers boot through a size 6 ring only using a pencil I know Lord it can be done but not by ones that don't know shit about history of your World for past 5 billion yrs.

@ValaAfshar A 35 year @Harvard study on how to live a healthy life. 1. Nutritious diet 🥗 2. Regular exercise 🚴🏼‍♀️ 3. Keeping a healthy weight ⚖️ 4. Alcohol in moderation 🍷 5. Not smoking 🚬

@achena21 What's wrong with you? What gives you the right to disobey the rules of the house or throw tantrums if your instant gratification is not satisfied? I hope not all @Harvard graduates are as stupid as you are. Do you teach your kids to not follow the basic rules of your own house?

@madmilker @LAWriter @Kaepernick7 @ABC @ABCNetwork @ABCWorldNews @Disney @BarackObama @Harvard @sanfranmag @sfgov @SFGiants @49ers @NFL @SpeakerPelosi @MaxineWaters @MLB @NBA @DerrickNAACP @KamalaHarris @DNC @AP @Stanford @nbcsnl @HoustonRockets @washingtonpost @nytimes @TheView @SenateGOP @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP @SocialSecurity @POTUS It's never been about running out of dollars but all about being able to service the #debt which you sit here on @Twitter saying debt is good but not realizing American taxpayers are paying more in #interest today than what the total US debt was 44 yrs ago

@Antiproton_com @Wikisteff @Harvard @DuncanWeldon I see what you are doing, but I think the values placed on their work are may be so far beyond the normal application of such a model as to be somewhat meaningless. It takes 120-140 days to grow, ret, process flax. It makes a ceremonial garment not traded. How do you quantify?

@phylogenomics @Eva3034385615 @Harvard @MIT @thecrimson And no, unquestionably no, I will not just let this fade away into nothingness - the people who took $$ from #JeffreyEpstein, who laundered his reputation, etc should be held accountable in some way and should make amends for the damage they caused to others #Harvard #CoverUp

@AmbDaniDayan So, what happened in @Harvard last week? I was invited to give a lecture on The Legal Strategy of Israeli Settlements. I said I’m not a jurist but they insisted. Finally, I agreed. I am not sure Israel’s position on that issue was ever presented in the prestigious @Harvard_Law.

@heidicatch I'd like to suggest the leader who wrote the post that claims there is not research on implicit bias and that it's essentially made up, take the @Harvard implicit bias tests online. Easily googled.

@fredofca @gtconway3d @New_Narrative Bunch of @Harvard grads, @IvyLeague grads and @WestPoint_USMA grads leading this country to self-destruction. Sorry, I am not impressed.

@danize2224 @parisreview Yes, with great clarity I recalled our submarines adventures . I'm not allow to divulge the details here, Thank God ! @annharbor101 It was a great lessons plan , Barry ! @WhiteHouse @GOVUK @UN_News_Centre @Harvard @POTUS44 " Sweet , real sweet, and Cinammon Hot !" @USGPP

@Sickentist @GeorgeTakei @RepStefanik @TedraCobb When watching @EliseStefanik , you don't really get the sense that she's "Ivy League material". Given the college admissions scandal that sweeped the nation, I think it should be immediately investigated as to whether or not her rich daddy bought her way into @Harvard

@phylogenomics @Harvard @MIT e.g., the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics still is open, despite their not only taking tons of money from #JeffreyEpstein but also their laundering his reputation, listing him as a friend, inviting him to events, etc long after his sexual predatory nature was documented

@Chenagrrl @KembieOB @EliseStefanik @Harvard My son loved Dartmouth, but in the end it boiled down to CalTech or Berkeley. He picked Berkeley.

@Wklawrence @YerisTrotski @ChrisDJackson @Harvard @ewarren Update: In her 7th year in Congress, Warren finally passed her first sponsored bill S.693 on 11/7, which changes the days on which a flag is required to be displayed. Not big progress for Americans, but at least Warren can say she's passed a bill. Next one up: 2026.

@AmbDaniDayan So, what happened in @Harvard last week? I was invited to give a lecture on The Legal Strategy of Israeli Settlements. I said I’m not a jurist but they insisted. Finally, I agreed. I am not sure Israel’s position on that issue was ever presented in the prestigious @Harvard_Law.

@RadShanDVM @EliseStefanik Just like rest of #CorruptGOP u can’t win without cheating. @Harvard educated. U guys proud of this alumnus. Weak women to GOP men or too stupid to know Roberts Rules of Order. I am not in government but I’d say the 45 min is for Minority leader or house counsel. U r neither

@johnwic26852367 #Harvard #Georgetown are feeder schools to ”Government” ... Do you trust the students coming out there to be not Liberal #AntiAmerican bunch of liars? @Harvard @Georgetown hires likes of @SenWarren #Trump2020 then burn them all on a Stake

@madmilker @LAWriter @Kaepernick7 @ABC @ABCNetwork @ABCWorldNews @Disney @BarackObama @Harvard @sanfranmag @sfgov @SFGiants @49ers @NFL @SpeakerPelosi @MaxineWaters @MLB @NBA @DerrickNAACP @KamalaHarris @DNC @AP @Stanford @nbcsnl @HoustonRockets @washingtonpost @nytimes @TheView @SenateGOP @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP Unlike in US the debt in Britain is own by its people but what you fail to mention is its private debt and that Sir is not owned by its people and like America has been spread all over the World and those #markers will be call 1 day and the #pound will be worth shit like the $s😂

@KNDmex @EliseStefanik #ETTD 👇🏽 Add that we are all donating to @TedraCobb especially women who have watched you defend the indefensible and claim to not know the rules. @Harvard one of yours?

@JodiRidley1 @KembieOB @Chenagrrl @EliseStefanik @Harvard Not an intelligent way to choose a school...just sayin.

@PeggyGuy7 @bgs1999 @TimCameron @EliseStefanik @Harvard Just made a donation to the Tedra Cobb campaign following the dishonest, reprehensible performance of your opponent at the hearings. Thank you for running. We are working to defeat Mark Meadows here in NC.

@CarlosVSdWorld @CIA @GPFutures @CNN @Harvard @UniofOxford @RCPsychWales @APAPsychiatric Psychiatry... You are not allowed to be excited, sad, or angry...

@StellaStar711 @freddiecr47 @MeandBailey @clairecmc @RepStefanik Where one goes to school does not impress me. Especially @Harvard @jaredkushner - Daddy paid for him to be admitted. @AlanDersh ? @GovRonDeSantis ? The money Harvard accepted from Epstein? Few are accepted based on academic achievements.

@NativeTexan74 @TaylenandKatie @clairecmc @Harvard may not want to claim them.

@LAWriter @madmilker @Kaepernick7 @ABC @ABCNetwork @ABCWorldNews @Disney @BarackObama @Harvard @sanfranmag @sfgov @SFGiants @49ers @NFL @SpeakerPelosi @MaxineWaters @MLB @NBA @DerrickNAACP @KamalaHarris @DNC @AP @Stanford @nbcsnl @HoustonRockets @washingtonpost @nytimes @TheView When The U.S. Paid Off The Entire National Debt (And Why It Didn't Last) "It was a huge crash, and the beginning of the longest depression in American history." Do you usually pray to the Lord by using "shit?"

@good_tainted @EliseStefanik Evidently @Harvard can't teach morals and ethics to their students as well as how to follow the rules. These are not House members. These are wannabe defense attorneys. Your parents would have saved more money if you went to Community College.

@ralph_calinisan If I had $500M, i will ask @Harvard @YaleLawSch @StanfordLaw @ColumbiaLaw @nyulaw @MichiganLaw if they are willing to receive a "GIFT" so I can rename their school to "PENN LAW" or any other name. I am sure they will decline. It is NOT about the money. #Legacy #History #PennLaw

@HealMobile @MsLaToshaBrown @CornellWBrooks @Harvard hackathon! for social justice. i love it AND what's not to love??!!

@queenscomtrust Changemaker and @harvard Cheng Fellow Ashri Anurudran is passionate about working to combat sexual violence. Working with NGO’s in Kenya, Ashri helps train local instructors to go into schools to teach self-defence techniques and educate pupils on #GenderEquality 🌟 #TeamQCT

@ah_leeyu @ryanstrug @alhknx @Harvard Dear me I’ve just bumped into a r*tard. Not even gonna go back and forth just want you to know you’re really not smart at all

@DominiqueCad Prof Miguel Hernan from @Harvard explains to not get fooled by ‘sexier’ terminology ‘ but there is much we can learn from data and the modern analytic power of computers and software in his keynote address at #researchtranslationSYM19 @nhmrc #counterfactuals

@kakempen @2morrowknight @Harvard Everything comes down to the fold.

@GilliWillie Wow this is not how a representative of congress should talk. You should be above this. Is this what @Harvard produces from its teaching ? It seems you also have thrown all your hard work to the swamp. Thank you George for bringing this to our attention. @gtconway3d #Stefanik

@ryan_frazer @SkepticJosh @BostonCyclist @Cambridge_Mayor @Harvard @carsNbikelane @MattyCiii @kylevining86 The city and Harvard are working on a plan for DeWolfe/Bow/Quincy streets to make a N-S connection from Cambridge St to Mem Dr. They want to upgrade this route so it is safe for cyclists and allows 2-way travel (for cyclists only - it world remain one way for motorists).

@EarlyStartFRN Did you know that you can help build a child’s brain – starting even before babies can talk?! Check out the video from the Center on the Developing Child at @harvard that breaks down serve and return into 5 simple steps.

@DodyGwala Can anyone explain why @LindiMazibuko and @MmusiMaimane needed to go to @Harvard to hold positions @Our_DA whereas @jsteenhuisen doesn't? If this is not White Supremacy then what exactly is it?

@LAWriter @madmilker @Kaepernick7 @ABC @ABCNetwork @ABCWorldNews @Disney @BarackObama @Harvard @sanfranmag @sfgov @SFGiants @49ers @NFL @SpeakerPelosi @MaxineWaters @MLB @NBA @DerrickNAACP @KamalaHarris @DNC @AP @Stanford @nbcsnl @HoustonRockets @washingtonpost @nytimes @TheView @SenateGOP @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP Wrong. The UK debt is actually public debt: Like the US, the UK issues bonds to pay the debt. Where did you not graduate high school from?

@anoushnajarian Yay to 30 NeurIPS participants and counting supporting our #AI4good proposals!!✨🏃🏽‍♀️ Thank you friends from @nvidia @IBMResearch @MIT @Samsung @Valeo_Group @WitsUniversity @UWaterloo @Harvard @GeorgiaTech... We're waiting to hear back from hard-working #NeurIPS Socials chairs!💖

@EvoLevin @etanthomas36 @Harvard @_NoMoreNames @HarvardBMF @TheRevAl @NationalAction @WCRhoden @CornelWest My ?-how to take such forums to the masses to educate as many as possible, not just preach to the choir. Choir needs a “word” also but such rich information needs to be available and accessible to every local community center, men’s homeless shelter, all male primary schools, etc

@ah_leeyu @ryanstrug @alhknx @Harvard I could actually be more logical in arguing but I choose not to. At least not to someone who thinks the people starting a genocide can’t fix it themselves. So you can get binned pls✌🏽🙏🏾


@MrBlifil @deb2227 @clairecmc @Harvard @RepStefanik It would be irresponsible NOT to speculate...

@renoomokri A university degree does not guarantee SUCCESS. In fact, if an illiterate SUCCEEDS big time, top varsities, like @Harvard and @Yale, will beg him to come and get honorary degrees. SUCCESS is a universal DEGREE recognised globally #TableShaker #FreeLeahSharibu #RenosNuggets

@darnell_moses @etanthomas36 @Harvard @_NoMoreNames @HarvardBMF @TheRevAl @NationalAction @WCRhoden @CornelWest One topic I have is how do black ppl; especially black men ensure that we aren’t fooled into voting for Trump in 2020 or not voting at all. We need to make sure we follow black women’s lead on the importance of voting. Also, I wish I could be in the audience. It looks tremendous!

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