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@jack80963339 @guardian It’s not a good idea to link women to this disaster for the Democrats.

@meryemana86 @bbcquestiontime FB killed the spirit of QT This is not QT it’s a Fiona Bruce show SHAME ON YOU BBC. What have you done to the flagship debate programme? @BBCBreaking @Channel4 @itvnews @SkyNews @cnnbrk @thetimes @guardian @observer @Telegraph #bbcqt

@Mick_Sterbs @BBCNewsPR @guardian Dear oh dear oh dear. @BBCNews ,@BBCPolitics, @BBCBreaking, last time I looked, if was your responsibility to report the facts, and not hide behind semantics. Boris has been sacked twice for lying. True or false? #reportthetruth

@Room101SmithWin @BBCNewsPR @guardian The fuck is this shit? If someone’s lying, at least say, “Some would consider that lying” if you want to be British about it, but, fucking hell, I used to support the BBC, but not now.

@robm_98 No wonder @RonJohnsonWI working to so hard to obscure truth, it would show depth of his involvement in the blackmail, extortion & bribery Trump was caught at. #CNN #MSNBC @RepSwalwell @latimes @washingtonpost @crooksandliars @CREWcrew @thenation @guardian @MotherJones @RawStory

@ravinaths @guardian Did Erwin Schrödinger die, or did he change his name to Richard Quest and become a news anchor for CNN? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows. Not the @guardian

@slifeeam @WomenintheWorld @guardian Fact check: out of the 24 deaths 12 are still alive and never participated in the marches, seven were victims who burned to death inside the buildings the anarchists burned down and the rest were based on calls where they gave no info, names or bodies. #MonLaferteMiente

@itsaspeedboat @guardian It’s a moral obligation to not let this man into power.

@Brianthecat @Jumpers_4gposts @guardian And even more disturbing is that many working class people are taken in by the likes of BJ and Farage and will vote to give them power.

@AFCUnitedStates @careygillam @thanosdimadis @FraukeSte @elenacou @Bayer @guardiannews @FPANewYork @guardian Hi @careygillam, please do no include us in content that is not related to our entity. You create mispresentations. The entity you are referring to is the Foreign Press Foundation of the FPA New York- it's not the AFC-USA. Thank you very much.

@_TimTraveller @guardian Correct decision. Everyone should be encouraged to campaign for what they believe, not some forced centralised compliance with Remain or Leave.

@GillesnFio @RegimeChangeBC @mcochrane21 @Newsbehindthen2 @NDPnomore @boggywood @3GHtweets @d_e_mol @ShiteGrampSays @PierreTherrie14 @luisbaram @KasierisCan @ClaireBQuinn @FriendsOScience @heymikey80 @JWSpry @baclfoo @The_Master_Yeti @borisyeltzin @LeeLafferty4 @Captain_JimKirk @DeanFieldingF1 @NikolovScience @dbirch214 @MichMcCartan @GetMyGist @SylviaD32911201 @curryja @yota_berlin @tan123 @FarmerinFields @crizm0 @Kenneth72712993 @guardian Only the govt has the mandate to threaten people with violence for not complying with its enforced monopolies (such as legal tender). Prior to 1913, money was real, rather than the fake shit that is printed to finance govt squander and its crony's.

@_TimTraveller @guardian He's been fired from having to pretend to have a job. He hasn't been fired from living a life of unearned unimaginable luxury and comfort. Marina Hyde was born rich because she is from an aristocratic family, so she's not the best person to comment.

@mcochrane21 @RegimeChangeBC @Newsbehindthen2 @NDPnomore @boggywood @GillesnFio @3GHtweets @d_e_mol @ShiteGrampSays @PierreTherrie14 @luisbaram @KasierisCan @ClaireBQuinn @FriendsOScience @heymikey80 @JWSpry @baclfoo @The_Master_Yeti @borisyeltzin @LeeLafferty4 @Captain_JimKirk @DeanFieldingF1 @NikolovScience @dbirch214 @MichMcCartan @GetMyGist @SylviaD32911201 @curryja @yota_berlin @tan123 @FarmerinFields @crizm0 @Kenneth72712993 @guardian and how many under so called socialism? If you want it so badly why not move to North Korea? they'd be glad to have you !

@ukgeol @bilbalbag @BBCNewsPR @guardian @BBCNewsnight And TWO fake Panoramas (that's just the ones I know about) - "Saving Syria's Children" and "Antisemitism in Labour" both of which are provably - and proven - packs of lies from beginning to end. Not the least apology or retraction for either

@Lisa7Pettifer @guardian How do we know you’re the real Guardian and not just some Trumped-up fool pretending to be the real Guardian though..?

@JeremyPalmer7 @CamilleHurn @guardian The one thing that bothered me the most was Jose getting the players on his side and he seems to be working hard on that aspect, so slowly warming to the situation.

@tingle_liam @guardian Tell him he's being a massive dick, and there's more to life than graft. Work to live not live to work..

@Steven__Gray @BBCNewsPR @guardian Why can't people/journalists/interviewers just call out lying when it happens. Sometimes it is black or white, not shades of which grey you prefer. And saying it's up to other to decide is a dereliction of duty. If it's raining - it's raining!

@Addictoftweets @gustavogodoy000 @ggreenwald @guardian "you don't need" is reductive garbage argument doesn't mean anything at all. you don't need to exist for humanity to survive is not a reason to get rid of you.

@mbawmba1 @guardian Fun is a way to disguise negative emotions and negative thought process. It should not be used to disguise 'Real Suffering'....Anyways Hitler started with 'conspricay theories, which the World ignored, UNTIL the Amricans saw 'Buchenwald' themselves.

@BotBarbeau @jamesfloodiii @ggreenwald @guardian @peta It's optional. Meat consumption at current levels is also completely unsustainable for the health of the planet, and there is not enough land and feed to replace all industrial farms with organic farms using humane treatment practices. The only solution is to cut use worldwide.

@peterbreda2000 @VJ @guardian Even when it's pointed out precisely what Oz is objecting to, the pompous twat just doubles down. Woke? Semi-conscious more like.

@careygillam @thanosdimadis @FraukeSte @elenacou @AFCUnitedStates @Bayer @guardiannews @FPANewYork @guardian Anyone who would ask for a side deal for $$$ for delivering journalists to a corporation should not be working in "active" journalism.

@mister2988 @AimeeRFeltham @dipu412 @guardian @UKLabour @Conservatives @bbcquestiontime It feels like you should know how Twitter works (you replied to 5 people) but I’m bored with this. Facts are not obtuse. Basic math is not obtuse.

@CognitiveDysen1 @JHC17626935 @guardian The wee poofy bastard does'nae realise that the lib dens were the minor party in a tory coalition and could not do anything to stop the TORY policy of introducing tuition fees. Stay in school ya dosy numpty vOv

@mbawmba1 @guardian Funny...but as per History, a lot of Nazi's got away becuase Soviets were advancing communism. Its a lesson that HUmanity can repeat 1940's and will go scot-free if they do it again in sufficient numbers..MORE? Yes, the World has not time to punish if the offenders are that many.

@nlitchfield @StewAshton @frazershaw90 @BBCNewsPR @guardian I agree. I strongly suspect most of the commentators asking for our media to call incorrect facts lies are really asking for a moral judgement on a particular candidate/party. That's not the media's task IMO. Correct and challenge yes, judge no.

@dawnjarvis @MarinaHyde “Violin sizes may vary” 😂 to paraphrase Muriels Wedding “Marina you’re terrible” 😉@guardian cruelty not to let us comment below the line

@sallison30 @BBCNewsPR @guardian What you mean is you've been leaned on by the Tories and told not to expose their lies.

@dipu412 @mister2988 @AimeeRFeltham @guardian @UKLabour @Conservatives @bbcquestiontime Thanks to @JolyonMaugham. The HMRC figures do indeed exclude those not earning enough to pay income tax, which means the @bbcquestiontime audience member would have been well inside the top 5% of earners. You can read more about it here:

@bobwiggin @BBCNewsPR @guardian When you're not cheerleading for the Windsor family you're cheerleading for the Tories by skewing the narrative in their favour. I've yet to see you call Johnson, Gove or any of the other Tory leading lights out on their blatant lies. If we can see their lies why can't you?

@JessMscot44 @wolfhalls @mainpopgirI @hesitatx @PopCrave @scooterbraun @taylorswift13 @ewarren @AOC @nytimes @Variety @guardian You're delusional if you honestly believe that. All you have to do is scroll through comment sections to see that it's true. Not to mention his phone number was leaked and people were retweeting it thinking it was funny.

@djinn_the @factsimile1 @LOudestVibE @ggreenwald @LulaOficial @guardian You double down on a binary argument and then pretend your binary assertion proves my binary thinking. If that seems logical to you, then maybe check under your bed for more Republican assets

@johnharker @BBCNewsPR @guardian Well BBC all the evidence certainly suggests that you are not executing your policy in relation to the PM.

@careygillam @thanosdimadis @FraukeSte @elenacou @AFCUnitedStates @Bayer @guardiannews @FPANewYork @guardian It matters not if others agreed, or supported your efforts @thanosdimadis . It matters not if there was dysfunction within the press association. It matters that you were trying to sell press access & influence to a company @Bayer that is desperately in need of positive press.

@GoCharlieM Incredibly proud to be working as @stonewalluk Sports Champion in motorsport 😌✊🏼🏳️‍🌈🏁 Thanks to @Giles_Richards @guardian for sharing my story & dream to make LGBT history @24hoursoflemans 🙏🏼💕🇫🇷 #RainbowLaces

@hesitatx @wolfhalls @JessMscot44 @mainpopgirI @PopCrave @scooterbraun @taylorswift13 @ewarren @AOC @nytimes @Variety @guardian No one is denying he is a shitty person and that he did taylor wrong but leaking personal info to send threats to him and his children is still wrong. Stop trying to make this about something that its not.

@Haikuality @guardian It's not their job to police political ads. It's your job to be smart enough to determine what is or isn't truth. Personal responsibility.

@bradsuze @BBCNewsPR @guardian Here’s a bit of fact checking for you. If someone lies, they are a liar. Simple really. Not for the BBC to ignore that fact

@TroubleDads @BBCNewsPR @guardian But by not allowing a lie to be exposed, you are complicit in that lie.

@JasperSM25 @AJBenjaminJr @guardian Mate this is the future here we need to adapt not stay in the past

@nedofthehills @guardian Before he is called, he'll go into hospital for an ingrowing toenail operation. From that procedure he will not be able to testify and will retire on grounds of ill health. Sod you all🖕

@ChantelleSeddon @BBCNewsPR @guardian Pure motive is not mutually exclusive to truth. A lie is a lie. Whether well intended or not.

@FraukeSte @elenacou @thanosdimadis @careygillam @AFCUnitedStates @Bayer @guardiannews @FPANewYork @guardian IMO the fight over who did what is irrelevant to most people. They care about journalists being on the payroll of a corporation / asking to be. Regular fundraising was a stop sign for me because of different rules in Europe, but it is not for others and it is not the issue here.

@RegimeChangeBC @GillesnFio @mcochrane21 @Newsbehindthen2 @NDPnomore @boggywood @3GHtweets @d_e_mol @ShiteGrampSays @PierreTherrie14 @luisbaram @KasierisCan @ClaireBQuinn @FriendsOScience @heymikey80 @JWSpry @baclfoo @The_Master_Yeti @borisyeltzin @LeeLafferty4 @Captain_JimKirk @DeanFieldingF1 @NikolovScience @dbirch214 @MichMcCartan @GetMyGist @SylviaD32911201 @curryja @yota_berlin @tan123 @FarmerinFields @crizm0 @Kenneth72712993 @guardian its a corp thing not a gov thing. Gov is owned by Banksters, in #cdnpoli it was 1974. The Oil crisis was about eliminating National Banks and converting them to international banks so we rent canada now from elite. #bcpoli

@bravenewfilms @guardian Sacha Baron Cohen is spot on. We need to hold tech accountable for their role in heightening the war on journalism. A war that is not new but still ongoing:

@BotBarbeau @jamesfloodiii @ggreenwald @guardian @peta Humans are scavenger eaters. If you feed a Tiger nothing but vegetables, it will die. We will not. There is nothing in our genetics "requiring" us to be omnivores.

@thanosdimadis @careygillam @AFCUnitedStates @Bayer @guardiannews @FPANewYork @guardian @helenchristophi Carey- you say you are a journalist and instead of pursuing objectivity of reporting, you on behalf of @guardian @guardiannews attempts to offend me like below. I am not blocking you yet, as I like to confirm that you target is me. I wish you the same success with your clients.

@MickCuffe @BBCNewsPR @guardian If you are not going to call someone a liar for telling lies. Will need to get my news elsewhere now.

@JanetHughes04 @guardian An uncomfortable truth. Hitler did not come to power without either the complicity or naivity of the intelligentsia. History may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme. #JohnsonFarageCoup

@yang_watch @b05crypto @AndrewYang @pemalevy @MotherJones Agreed. Used to read Mother Jones a lot. Disappointed that the content it prints now is not trustworthy and is a huge disservice to the people. Nowadays, I just read the @guardian for truthful news.

@FraukeSte @thanosdimadis @careygillam @AFCUnitedStates @Bayer @guardiannews @FPANewYork @guardian Declaring that an organization is independent does not make it independent. If someone has a history like that, and has clearly offered benefits to @Bayer (in the e-mail!) in the past, there is reason for strong doubts.

@FraukeSte @thanosdimadis @careygillam @AFCUnitedStates @Bayer @guardiannews @FPANewYork @guardian This statement also does not address a point that is the most interesting for me personally. The @guardian article states that there was a list of 300 foreign journalists they wanted to target for their “agenda-setting” efforts.

@Addictoftweets @PapaDocStrunsee @ggreenwald @guardian also not as easy to grow, requires alot more land and climate ect ect ect also you need animal proteins ect

@vickilynnjump @guardian I'm not interested in hearing from him on Twitter. I'm interested in him honoring his Congressional subpoena to testify at an open hearing.

@FredClarkson @guardian "The Guardian contacted 11 co-sponsors of the legislation. None responded. The Guardian also contacted the legislator who originally introduced the legislation in 2016, former representative Bill Hayes. He did not respond to a request for comment."

@FraukeSte @thanosdimadis @careygillam @AFCUnitedStates @Bayer @guardiannews @FPANewYork @guardian This does not diminsh the fact that while being a journalist and presenting yourself as one to other people, you explicitly asked for a contract and money from Bayer. Even if Michaels directed what you did, you did it yourself.

@Brianthecat @Jumpers_4gposts @guardian She is a wonderful role model for working class women everywhere, how sad it is that she had to leave her homeland to realise that potential.

@sege7618 @BBCNewsPR @guardian Fact check for you @BBCNewsPR. Someone who tells lies is a liar and should be called out as such. More so in the case of @BorisJohnson when it is deliberately done to mislead. You can't conveniently focus on the lie alone, & not the person telling it. That's not how it works.

@NirMaoz @DavidAmoyal @guardian @BonettiESPN @alexfrosio I think his age is starting to catch up with him. He's still very talented but not top 3

@kentbe171 @latingle Glad you agree with the liberals Good to see you have been shown the light as you could not have thought of it yourself #auspol @australian @smh @ScottMorrisonMP @AlboMP @smh @couriermail @mercnews @canberratimes @guardian

@amerkel57 @guardian Willie Walsh, the guy in charge of the parent company who owns BA, is a Boeing 737 pilot. According to this, he wants to buy 200 Boeing 737 #Max jets, despite safety fears after two crashes. Strikes are not a surprise.

@johndouglas0429 @BBCNewsPR @guardian Easy. All you have to do is point out that he/she is not telling the truth.....or point out to viewers that the statement they’re being reported as having made is ‘contrary to what seem to be the facts’. That’s factual, not judgemental.

@spayrechaynge @AllanGPaterson @MelbourneCarrie @BBCNewsPR @guardian @JMPSimor Allan, I doubt a majority agrees. There are no "Mandatory rules" which say a binding referendum would have been annulled. It's a fiction. And not much defence for those backing a manifesto to cancel brexit without seeking a majority mandate from the British people.

@factsimile1 @djinn_the @LOudestVibE @ggreenwald @LulaOficial @guardian Republican assets, to adapt a phrase, need not be Republicans. You are not as free from binary thinking as you imagine.

@pvandck @BBCNewsPR @guardian A "liar" isn't a matter of opinion. Truth and falsehood aren't matters of opinion. To not call out lying for what it is, is to facilitate lying. And you cannot call out a liar by not identifying it as such. Lying is a behaviour easy to identify when it's habitual.

@PLaldeng @paul__johnson @rowenamason @guardian He says he will negotiate a deal with the EU and then - not support it in the referendum ! Which leaves the poor suffering EU to ask: Why would anybody vote for a deal the person who negotiated it won't support? Why the fuck should we bother to give you a deal you won't back?!

@andy_astewart @BBCNewsPR @guardian "Members of the jury, the Defendant has told clearly demonstrated lie after lie. You must not assume it is done with deliberate intent to deceive you".

@AlexStevensKent @BBCNewsPR @guardian If this were even close to being true, BBC would not have broadcast PAYE guy's inaccurate rant on @bbcquestiontime, let alone clipped it for Twitter.

@ChrisLowery1991 @dylnrwn @amandapalmer @guardian I can respect that. Personally, after discovering how my money was spent post-donation (more specifically, how the 1.2 million dollars accrued were used), especially the fact that $250,000 went to repaying undisclosed recording debts, compounded by unpaid musicians...not for me.

@bobhillbrain If you act now you can maybe avoid the worst of #climatechange. But you know you're not going to | First Dog on the Moon - @guardian We can’t avoid climatechange because It has begun ut It could become bad or worse

@whydek54 @guardian You are blocking information against your old master don’t complain if you are not willing to tell the truth unless you get paid for it.

@Daneeta @LLViola @GOPLeader @DNC @FBI @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @Condor_Law @JoeBiden @BuckSexton @guardian @NewsHour I don't have an EV car. You don't know what I want to mandate. I'm fighting for clean air, clean water and clean land to plant in. If you think we have that now, I feel sorry for you. It seems like you want to find reasons why we should not address the environmental apocalypse.

@lukeharding1968 Boris #Johnson and Theresa May were told in 2016 of #Trump's 'suspicious links' to #Russia, new book by Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch claims. The British government "made a political decision not to push the matter further" - me for @guardian

@Lazyyyyyyy @guardian @sponge_lazy The #HongKongPolice are given a free rein to exercise their power arbitrarily against the people of #HongKong, if this is not a #PoliceState, then I don't know what is. #SOSHK

@hughie_go @BBCNewsPR @guardian Thank you for making it clear that your policy is NOT to call out liars.

@Districtheating @HeatTrustUK @trotheray @caseyguru are you all going to remain tight lipped that many registered customers were miss sold “low carbon” and the Heat Trust cost comparator may not be a fair representation to the equipment & service? @GillianGuy_CAB @CMAgovUK @guardian @theADEuk

@thanosdimadis @FraukeSte @elenacou @careygillam @AFCUnitedStates @Bayer @guardiannews @FPANewYork @guardian Hi Frauke, I hope you had a great lunch with me which I paid it for you. I also hope you enjoyed the wine in my apartment. It’s sad that you use friendly relationship to play politics. It’s not your business any contractual works I had as a very successful professional. Sorry!

@FunkePer @guardian when this guy *finally* makes up his mind what to do he arrives at the conclusion to not do anything. How surprising!

@jmshrrsn @BBCNewsPR @guardian Please, simply stop paying the television licence; there are plenty of other ways to be informed, educated and entertained by organisations that are not the BBC. I worked for the BBC for 17 years and was very proud to do so, but now I recognise nothing about the Corporation.

@CSOL14441 @BBCNewsPR @guardian sounds like not living up to its purpose.

@LOULOUGUINNESS @ggreenwald @LulaOficial @guardian Meet Frum, Kristol & Co. with their guard down here. This is an EXTRAORDINARY moment in documentary history! Look at Frum's face when he says he's hoping for low casualties, as Mrs Wermser Freudian slips, the president was 'susceptible' to our ideas.

@careygillam @thanosdimadis @ninarei @guardian @CJR Not upset a bit @thanosdimadis Why would I be? I did my job. In contrast you tried to sell your job to special interests. You wrote emails in which you asked @Bayer for a contract on the side giving you $$ in exchange for being their “ally” at the Foreign Press Association.

@jamesfloodiii @ggreenwald @guardian I see nothing wrong with animal consumption (we're omnivores) but industrial farming is closer to barbarism than civilization. We can improve, but media whores like @peta prevent sensible people from considering this issue and that's a shame.

@RBarbarian2 @picardonhealth @KnvulS @ClareBConsidine @MsHelenRussell @guardian Wow. This was August. Not everything is rosy. I didn’t real your article, just the headline.

@annekin1 @pulpyfictorious @guardian Not just the Guardian. Millions of people who believe in a fair & economically profitable society will be left seriously wondering why the rest of you simply don't seem to care about making Britain a better & more cosmopolitan place for all of us to live.

@GeorgeAlton @BBCNewsPR @guardian Wait, so you’re allowing your journalists to spread potential disinformation that hasn’t been reality checked? Shouldn’t all your pieces be reality checked in the first place? How can I get a trustworthy, impartial view via BBC if you’re not firstly grounded in reality?

@CruelSummer20 @corneliastreet1 @swiftiefantasy @soitfuckingoes @people @usweekly @OKMagazine @EW @hellomag @Variety @guardian @Cosmopolitan @TheSun @musicnewsfact @ThePopHub @TMZ @Independent IKR??? 😂 Finally a media source not afraid to write “all” the truth

@FraukeSte @thanosdimadis @elenacou @careygillam @AFCUnitedStates @Bayer @guardiannews @FPANewYork @guardian I could care less about their fundraising. I care that you wrote to Bayer and asked if they could offer you a contract/side money. Then threw a private party with your partner to recruit people and presented yourself as an independent journalist. Not a consultant.

@FraukeSte @thanosdimadis @careygillam @AFCUnitedStates @Bayer @guardiannews @FPANewYork @guardian When you tried to recruit people for the board of the new organization, you did not disclose the ties you previously had to @Bayer. For me, the mere mention of their planned donation was enough not to join, as I told you and wrote to you in June.

@lee1_sandra @BBCNewsPR @guardian 😂😂😂😂😂Pull the other one BBC! You are masters at hiding Tory lies! You are the biggest enabler of peddling Tory propaganda and manipulating news! BBC credibility lost! to not just the British people but internationally too! BBC propaganda specialists🤮

@AttenboroughCtr “McCormick and her backup dancers could lead the revolution” (@guardian) << true dat. Thanks to @marlboroughbtn for being co-commissioners (along with @sohotheatre) and presenters of Post Popular by @lucy_muck at @AttenboroughCtr - we love working with you ❤️

@JJ14065055 @AmazonUK @amazon you happily take money for Prime yet to refuse to treat customers like people. This is not OK. Especially at this time of year. I would like to let @TradeStandards @TheSun @guardian @DailyMailUK and anyone else know of this horrendous service

@gwpurnell @BBCNewsPR @guardian When someone tells a verifiable lie, you have a duty to expose it. It is not opinion when facts are known. Woodward and Bernstein didn't step round the truth like it was dog shit.

@wolfhalls @JessMscot44 @HornyliaStreet @mainpopgirI @hesitatx @PopCrave @scooterbraun @taylorswift13 @ewarren @AOC @nytimes @Variety @guardian Do not justify. How much he's paying for u to defend this rat?

@e_sandness @guardian Let’s not forget that the Reagan and Bush Senior administrations did everything they could to squelch much-needed reforms and backed a murderous government there.

@JessMscot44 @theswiftbible @mainpopgirI @hesitatx @PopCrave @scooterbraun @taylorswift13 @ewarren @AOC @nytimes @Variety @guardian I don't consider this gas lighting. The situation is going to far and now a compromise needs to be made. His phone # and address were leaked now his wife and children are being threatened. No matter the side it's not right.

@AnnieOdyne @FromRoy @guardian I am so ashamed of every Australian foreign minister since 2010, & of Julia Gillard for ignoring #Assange when she was PM It is so typical of the naturally apathetic Australian, to not get him back here & use his superior abilities to benefit our nation.

@VittorioNunzio @thanosdimadis @careygillam @guardian @guardiannews No one is in the slightest doubt that Carey is indeed a true investigative journalist. The kind that does not fret about exposing the level of connivance between cynical industries and pushy arrivistes... You can resign but don't feel obliged to do so… immediately.

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