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@bubblensquek @Rose03339267 @eleanormorgan @guardian thank you. that also means a lot to me.. Amazing how the conversation can change when we get down to the nitty gritty driving the argument.. belonging .. fuck us humans are messy buggers.

@GeorgieSpirit @ronnytodgers @r1tch2e @stiptop1 @neemo2357 @SodknowsMikey @redsarah99 @celtjules66 @guardian @Freedland Capitalism does not do compromise. Profit is king, and the easiest way to increase profit is to lower the cost of manufacturing, namely cut wages. Until profit is used to enhance the fortunes of the many instead of minority there is not solution and no party will find one.

@Warren_Whitmore @afuahirsch @guardian @CARICOMorg @Isabelwilkerson @TaNehisiCoats @analuciaraujo_ @Beyonce Also, would disadvantaged white people from Working Class towns in the north of England be expected to pay compensation to rich and privately educated 'black' people such as Afua for their 'privilege'? If so, why?

@PlWireless @redsonya241 @HXterminate @mojos55 @guardian Please stop this..."the media did their job" duping stupid people in the North, did they? I know its not what you said, but that's what they hear and why they won't vote Lab. Every Lab leader has to deal with a hostile media. Goes with the job. JC couldnt/wouldn't do it.

@MKruger12 @TaylorShone @Micailic0Mica @senior_debra @awkward_1110 @PerlsteinMary @TomBrow38006074 @Homsey_Tara @windsor_sally @griffin38187019 @_Pehicc @GeorgiaRaeBrown @EcoWomble @VioletImpact @preciousjules2 @joelle47019650 @notodogmeat @Veganella_ @Adriana79929839 @SombergElla @MoishesMom @lezzus1301 @animalsvoice4 @rissalipstick @SylviaB05413603 @Ash_Pro1 @RobRobbEdwards @herbivore_club @HGUltimate @veganuary @peta @PETAUK @JenniferWhite21 @JamesHockaday_ @jezpike7 @TonyDrew7 @VeganOlive1 @Steve57376530 @juliana_monty @herbieharry @ellrhys @ginachron @hilltopgina @GrahamCD62 @houchen_karen @mmmoyer @LorenMaccario @BBCHARDtalk @DailyMirror @guardian @Channel4News Such barbaric acts. It’s not what a civilised society should do ! Children are exposed to this abuse, they will never understand that they should love & care for animals - No person should ever accept cruelty as normality !

@andy_woodfield Proud to be at #65 in this years #PridePowerList20 published in today’s @guardian it’s the guide to those in the #LGBTQI community, and our allies, who are dedicated to working towards true LGBTQI #equality and #inclusion @PwC_UK @sarahjchurchman @LauraHintonPwC @ShinePwC #PwC

@Orla24816298 @eleanormorgan @guardian Women are real not a myth and they will fight for their sex based spaces and they have a right to do so. What absolute nonsense you write.

@CarolineTS9 @SensableSteven @bearwitness2019 @ChrisGPackham @stophs2 @Hs2Rebellion @XRebellionUK @guardian @XRFamilies @xryouthuk Lots if evidence. Not fake news. Police are turning blind eye to wildlife crime. Protesters call police for assistance, police go to the HS2 speak to HS2 first! Wake up sir. Be like the guy in the tweet. Go see for yourself. I didn't believe it either until I saw it for myself.

@celticpirate1 @Prospectally2 @RishiSunak Roman Emperor @RishiSunak has handed out the "burgers & circuses" He's been set up as a puppet - a tactic by @BorisJohnson #cummings to keep plebians in line ... Scots not so easily taken in ... @theSNP @guardian @ScotNational

@nahtanoj1971 @eleanormorgan @EllaWitchwood @guardian From your article it seems as a lesbian you'd happily date a male-bodied person if they claimed to be woman but not if they still claimed to be a man. How would you know if they were telling the truth? Rely on their honesty?

@CarolineGatti3 @guardian Oh, I think that dutiful son/daughter, who gives up an independent life to play companion to aging parents, much like the naive young governess who the brooding master of the house falls in love with, are not to be found too frequently these days anyway.

@JonesLloyd93 @patrickjbutler @guardian @NAOorguk It’s central aim is to make the conditions of life out for work so unbearable the working class agree to work under the dystopian conditions of late capstalism. It’s succeeding.

@jf2811 @faizashaheen @guardian So #ThamesWater sacked CEO gets £2.8m payoff for completely failing to deal with leakages. Is this all part of the Tories' beloved theory of 'trickle down wealth creation' in the private sector?

@raggagirly @eleanormorgan @janeclarejones @mar_vickers @FilmLecturer @guardian @Womans_Place_UK @ALLIANCELGB @DebbieHayton @HJoyceGender @FionneOrlander @Docstockk Non sequiturs. Still no condemnation of the abuse Rowling received for revealing the violence she was subjected to. And yet you claim not to understand why there is antagonism. Good luck with the book selling.

@HolyMole @cochrane_claire @guardian Perhaps not electing Tories that actively defund it for a decade would mean it was affordable to cover the over 75's?

@Phildidgee @eleanormorgan @guardian 9. I have no idea what it is like to be trans, because I am not trans and would never try to even claim to, but what I would like to know. Is how males that identify as women, can ever understand what it is like to be biologically female?

@simple_equality @janeclarejones @Athers1977 @eleanormorgan @EllaWitchwood @guardian The fact that trans activists misappropriate the use of the words "man" and "woman" to mean the opposite is all part of the coercion to be accepted & fully absorbed, not as a gender but as a sex. They have an obsession with keeping the binary divide. #Equality #transperson

@Rosy_roo_roo I’ve seen the lasting effects of COVID. Malnutrition from rapid weight loss. Increased social dependency. Fatigue. A total integrated response is needed to meet the needs of the people who have recovered from COVID. @TheQNI @BAPENUK @guardian

@leoxymoron @TheRahman @SmokeMcdope @guardian Sorry not sorry, Mister Law & Order *Ting Ting*, but if I should be abusive on Twitter, *real* autority still have a rightfull access to my ID. What you stand for is the abusive possibily to shut up every citizen who wouldn't have some strong network behind him/her. We're not in

@ronnytodgers @GeorgieSpirit @r1tch2e @stiptop1 @neemo2357 @SodknowsMikey @redsarah99 @celtjules66 @guardian @Freedland The model they almost established of get elected, have a more left wing chancellor, push to the left, could have been transformative then. As we all know history and Blair's unwillingness to step aside rather got in the way. But let's not forget mainly the Tories did

@Curious_Chak Apparently she is despairing on behalf of the people she met who couldn’t speak English and was not pushing click bait to pander to the racists in order to increase traffic over at @guardian

@JDingbah @QandA @guardian What does working from home have to do with diversity?

@bubblensquek @Rose03339267 @eleanormorgan @guardian That's wonderful. You know if I had a guy/ girl friend who felt that way I'd want to support them too. I think maybe the issue is more guy/ girls I don't know.. I'm suspicious of men because of all the lies and abuse I've had to put up with.. but I guess you have had that too

@Kaliathane @eleanormorgan @guardian “the majority of this community don’t want a fight – they want safety and domesticity.” I think this is likely true. But women want the same thing. GC objections to current trans activism are not going away. Do you have any ideas for practical solutions that work for everyone?

@BenStephens1965 @guardian Doesn’t look quite right: wonky parking, walking far ahead of the little boy - not like a fun trip. Perhaps she was very late picking up the boat, but the body language (though hard to see) seems a bit odd.

@bubblensquek @Rose03339267 @eleanormorgan @guardian I apologise if anything I've said has not made you feel like you belong.. This is a long debate that needs to be had between both parties being able to understand the others point of view

@rubbish_at_FPL @eleanormorgan @FilmLecturer @guardian How about this man who tried to shut down Helen, many other examples like this , see them literally ever week.

@GeorgieSpirit @ronnytodgers @r1tch2e @stiptop1 @neemo2357 @SodknowsMikey @redsarah99 @celtjules66 @guardian @Freedland All i'm saying is that if the next Labour government, does not radically address wealth inequality in this country. If it panders to right wing sensibilities in the name of compromise, then it has failed, right there, to fully represent working people.

@BadDreamUSA @guardian I look at @GovAbbott and the word “feckless” comes to mind. Probably not a bad guy who made a really bad decision for the people of Texas by following @realDonaldTrump down a rat hole.

@GrahamKay14 @PeterKGeoghegan @openDemocracy @guardian Many, many things in breach of rules. But the consequences for breaching rules are dun dun dun lucrative contracts that you don’t really have to fulfill. Not super scary. Are these breachs illegal or just embarrassing?

@bellabanana85 @golanvonbrik @guardian So it’s ok to judge people for not having kids if they choose not to have them? And not having kids does not automatically mean you won’t create your own family or that you’ll die alone. Lastly, what’s with the idea of having a kid so you don’t die alone?

@screechingalah @eleanormorgan @lastpositivist @guardian Sexually reproducing organisms are real and tie humans to the great tree of life, but a tiny minority wants to believe that only their internal thoughts are what matters, not reality.

@bubblensquek @Rose03339267 @eleanormorgan @guardian I understand. Thanks for showing up as human. I think if we were all able to do that and drop the defenses what a different world we would live in huh.. Thanks for not attacking me and how I feel btw. It's a first

@fletcherkathy8 @eleanormorgan @EllaWitchwood @guardian How can there be? This is very new, or there is more knowledge of it. There certainly appear to be far more assaults/rapes/photos etc in safe spaces. Since the vast majority of women do not report, it is disingenuous of you to demand empirical evidence. “safety” is subjective. 1/

@golanvonbrik @bellabanana85 @guardian "it’s ok to judge people for not having kids if they choose not to have them? Yes it is. It's only a prob 4r them if they are upset by my opinion, which you obviously are. Why are you so upset?

@CopperLantern1 @AmandaSamuels4 @Jsoosty @eleanormorgan @guardian What part of ‘not trans’ did you fail to comprehend? It’s a pretty simple definition. Do you also struggle with ‘straight’? Because whenever anyone pretends to object to the term cis, I just remember the 90s, and homophobes whinging “I’m not straight, I’m normal!”

@RGLBeresford @patrickjbutler @guardian @NAOorguk Not only is #UniversalCredit a disaster - it is being illegally implemented. The Government lost an appeal on this recently, and STILL haven't stopped. Rule of Law? Nope. Any journalist need more evidence, talk to me, what they did to me was awful; I even got them to admit error

@golanvonbrik @bellabanana85 @guardian Wanting kids but not being able is NOT the issue of the article but instead the volitional act not to have kids. By pointing out the hurt what you thought i said might cause you actually AGREE with my point; that having a family is preferable to dying alone.

@daveholoway @Airyn79 @guardian Having been on this platform for years, it's definitely gotten worse in recent times. What used to be the occasional left/right extreme view has now become the norm and dragged the idea of 'social' media down to the gutter.

@KeilynNarrowboa @bearwitness2019 @stophs2 @Hs2Rebellion @XRebellionUK @guardian @XRFamilies @xryouthuk This pretty much what happened to me last autumn. Sadly not enough people know about it. Share share share.

@peter26412327 @Frednginger2 @SilverLove_ @mokkish @wvfmtltn @ElwoodPolly @eleanormorgan @guardian By the time adolescence happens a lot of nurture has already taken place. If you want to use science in an argument should it not be about babies brains?

@chipkahn Upcoming guest on my podcast @martinmckee – masks are “means of reducing the propensity of someone who has #COVID to spread it to others. We’re not talking about protecting yourself by wearing one, but about reducing the risk to other people.” @guardian

@AmandaSamuels4 @StuartForbes1 @CopperLantern1 @Jsoosty @eleanormorgan @guardian Using the dictionary definition the term cis woman is entirely unnecessary because trans women are not women. So if you have an alternative definition of woman that includes trans women then I would like to know what it is.

@AmandaSamuels4 @CopperLantern1 @Jsoosty @eleanormorgan @guardian I was told that the definition of a cis woman was “not a trans woman”. Assuming that the definition was meant to be “adult people who are not trans women”, I pointed out that it includes most men and can’t be right. So maybe you could have another try at a definition?

@stormtroopers99 @eleanormorgan @EllaWitchwood @guardian Not one single flip given for lesbians who face homophobic pressure from transactivists; not even for young lesbians who are so often made to feel that they'd be better off as men

@Phildidgee @eleanormorgan @guardian 4. We are seeing an element of trans activism, literally trying to erase what it means to be same sex attracted and this some how does not concern you? Female lesbians are an oppressed group also

@AmandaSamuels4 @StuartForbes1 @CopperLantern1 @Jsoosty @eleanormorgan @guardian When you define something you need to do it clearly and without requiring the reader to make assumptions. Are you saying that a cis woman is a woman who is not a trans woman? If so I need to understand what your definition of a woman is?

@BesmaCC 7 Ways to Help Garment Workers: Thank you @ellsviolet for putting this listicle together, was working on a similar blog post but this is perfect! (via @guardian)

@stiptop1 @ronnytodgers @r1tch2e @neemo2357 @SodknowsMikey @redsarah99 @celtjules66 @guardian @Freedland Who is happy for it to be worse? Do not speak for me please. The mantra of “ well who else you gonna vote for” and “ you are happy to let the tories in” is utterly bogus when that is exactly what the “moderate” LP saboteur’s actions enabled.

@GreenPeopleUK @bearwitness2019 @HS2ltd @BorisJohnson @RishiSunak @ChrisGPackham @grantshapps @MattHancock @XRebellionUK @guardian @BBCNews @itvnews @Independent @SkyNews @LBC @thetimes @XREurope @XR_NYC hi, we wanted to let you know you tagged Green People (a skin care brand) and not Green Peace 🌱

@Rose03339267 @bubblensquek @eleanormorgan @guardian No, of course not. But under the umbrella term “women”, black women, white women, Jewish women and all other women have access to “women only” spaces. All trans women ask is to be granted the same safety. We need trans rights and women’s rights.

@mokkish @SilverLove_ @wvfmtltn @ElwoodPolly @eleanormorgan @guardian I didn’t say they can’t. I said they shouldn’t, meaning if a space is set aside as a male only space, it should not be available to trans men.

@SmokeMcdope @TheRahman @guardian Yeah, but who sets these rules. Who decides where the line is drawn? Why do you want to live in a nanny-state? Why not be annoyed at Twitter for allowing these people to be active on here, why not call for them to just ban those accounts?

@DrWaqarRashid1 @guardian All infections can give rise to neurological complications. I do not dismiss this but as the author of the paper says more work is needed. The emphasis in the headline and this piece on mild disease is not justified when you read the paper.

@AmandaSamuels4 @StuartForbes1 @CopperLantern1 @Jsoosty @eleanormorgan @guardian OK, well aren’t most of the population “not a trans woman”? You, for instance, Stuart, I’m guessing you’re not a trans woman? Also if we need to rely on the definition of what a cis woman is on the definition of a “trans woman”, please can you define that too?

@bubblensquek @Rose03339267 @eleanormorgan @guardian Yes I can try and put myself in the position of a trans woman and have empathy for how utterly confusing and isolating it must feel not to feel like you fit in anywhere. Thank you for pointing that out to me. It's really important as human beings that we have a sense of belonging

@Warren_Whitmore @afuahirsch @guardian @CARICOMorg @Isabelwilkerson @TaNehisiCoats @analuciaraujo_ @Beyonce Does this all depend on the percentage of white and black in the persons gene pool? Does the 3/4 black person get compensation and the 1/4 black person not? Does the latter have to pay compensation to the former?

@CIPD 'We are not convinced the job retention bonus will provide sufficient incentive to encourage employers to bring workers back from furlough beyond those they would be planning to bring anyway.' @Cheese_Peter via @guardian #SummerStatement

@Me70745404 @guardian I had children so I would have family not to have them stolen by the government.

@P_Bots @USUHNAME @BillCody @jk_rowling But that's not what my original tweet was about. My tweet was about the omission (by the @guardian columnist) of the blatant transphobic reasoning of some of the authors to co-sign the letter.

@sheeps74 @CopperLantern1 @Jsoosty @eleanormorgan @guardian Cis is not in any way a neutral scientific term. It doesn’t mean ‘not trans’ either. Cis means this side of, and can only be the antonym of trans in the context of from one side to another, eg transatlantic is the antonym of cis Atlantic, it’s just not in common usage that way.

@Poldisleftpeg @UKSpunkyMonkey @Glostermeteor @guardian @Conservatives It’s not a company, it’s a country. Yet despite the “experience” can you honestly say it’s gone well? Not it’s better than the unknown, judge them. Not the unknown bias you hold. Hold the people in power to account.

@fletcherkathy8 @eleanormorgan @EllaWitchwood @guardian I walk in places/at times that many women feel to be unsafe. I would never demand that they sacrifice their peace of mind to my judgement. How can we safeguard our daughters if we are not allowed to teach them to set boundaries & listen to their instincts?

@MikiB007 @CopperLantern1 @alandriscoll @eleanormorgan @guardian The term TERF is not now used as an 'innocent' acronym, as you are very well aware. It's a gendered insult, that blames women for male violence towards trans people. I repeat, believing in biology does not mean you are trans exclusionary. Try to keep up.

@bubblensquek @Rose03339267 @eleanormorgan @guardian Can we not love each other for our differences rather than trying to impose our sameness on one another

@HelenHighwatr @janeclarejones @eleanormorgan @EllaWitchwood @guardian collusion of institutions in mandating that I pretend to believe there's no difference between me as a female human and a male who wants to be a woman is deeply, suffocatingly distressing to me, it's like forced religion. How can ppl not see this?

@libertyfourall @guardian Why I don’t care you want to be lonely. Not me.

@MarkBagnallSurg @Beccajfish @guardian I’m not a parent. I’m in awe of all those who are with successful careers & amazingly happy families. I agree, surgical culture needs to accept parents, dads as well as mums. And also the non-surgeon parent shouldn’t be presumed to do disproportionate childcare either

@OneKarlStone @marcusevanspsyc @guardian I'm not sure whether to be relieved the left are learning, or worried the left are learning. Still, quite difficult to forget Starmer's 'unequivocal' acceptance of gender self identification on Newsnight, before his election as leader.

@dansodergren @jkaonline @guardian As the data showed us from China. There is no simple going back to normal. Not for a while yet...

@LykourgosKing @guardian Promote young women to not have children. Then say a declining birthrate causes problems. Then promote third world refugees to increase the birth rate.

@AmandaSamuels4 @StuartForbes1 @CopperLantern1 @Jsoosty @eleanormorgan @guardian You wrote that a cis woman was not a trans woman. Assuming you actually meant a cis woman is a person who is not a trans woman. You do understand that you yourself are included in your own definition? If you want to exclude yourself you need to refine your definition.

@stevesymondsAI Important stories in @MetroUKNews & @guardian this month highlight racism in how young people born in & entitled to this country’s citizenship come to face exile to countries they do not know. This @AmnestyUK blog from 2018 relates: 1/3

@sportsmanlager @BWGovernment @DailyMirror @guardian @HouseofCommons @CNN @BBCBreaking I cannot accept the MEDIA REPORT which The Botswana Gov arranged ..they have not given us any further news and this has gone on since May 2019 ..we want the truth not pork pies

@Phildidgee @eleanormorgan @guardian 3. The problem with your article is you are not listening to many females and their concerns over their rights The fact that lesbians and females suffer the most horrendous abuse. Has you clearly having your head firmly stuck in the ground

@DavidChameleon @NEF @NAOorguk @guardian @beti_bar The average rent is at least £200 pw, That leaves £21 to feed the family on...Not even enough for a solo person The @Conservatives need to cap rent and in some cases even legislate for rent reduction This recession will be very, very nasty. Folks pay way too much for housing

@SamPiper74 @guardian I wish that SOB were up for election this year, we might have had a chance to get rid of him. I don't know if Texas can sustain the outrage enough to throw him out/not elected Dan Patrick 4 years from now.

@BiologicalQueen @eleanormorgan @EllaWitchwood @guardian Transexual women are also suffering from prejudice and hatred from self-identified transgenders who claim a "trans identity" without gender dysphoria or gender reassignment. Trans rights exist for protecting us, not for giving creepy men a free pass to women's private places.

@BeechdaleAndy @BillBillBill06 @guardian If the license fee was abolished Elderly people would not have to pay for tv, unless they chose to have sky/virgin etc. It’s about having a choice!

@mikamosi @guardian 🙄 smug and judgey. Good for her, plenty of people have kids, don’t expect to be looked after by them AND are also not afraid of solitude.

@Maggie_C30 @guardian @Emmabarnett Have had a general issue with Drs not having a clue about being post menopausal and unable to engage in discussions about (eg) increased blood pressure, weight gain, metabolic changes etc. There seems zero knowledge of how hormonal change affects women's health in all aspects

@Phildidgee @eleanormorgan @guardian 7. So if unisex facilities clearly place females in danger of abuse Then of course self Id will also place females in more danger Its not rocket science to understand this. If you remove provision in law that protect females in having privacy and safety.

@BestForBritain On the prospect of a no-deal Brexit, @the_brc have released a report saying it will mean a hike in the prices of not just luxury goods but “ordinary household goods that every consumer has to buy and replenish”. via - @guardian

@Rose03339267 @bubblensquek @eleanormorgan @guardian And yes, it’s so important that everybody gets to be heard and understood! Only then we can move closer together, not further apart (which only helps the sexist patriarchs) :)

@HannahScoid ‘Sufferin’ succotash’ is our family’s favourite expression since trying to remember Sylvester the Cat’s catchphrase for a recent crossword. Very excited to be trying @meerasodha’s succotash recipe from last week’s @guardian! Veg from the garden, hearty stew - what’s not to like?

@GeorgieSpirit @ronnytodgers @neemo2357 @r1tch2e @stiptop1 @SodknowsMikey @redsarah99 @celtjules66 @guardian @Freedland That's just it pal, they can, we can't and even if we could, that's just not good enough. Once people reach the conclusion that nothing will change whoever is in power, then it's over. Finished. We might as well get used to this, because this is all there'll ever be.

@Phildidgee @eleanormorgan @guardian 2. Females rightly are concerned over things like self ID. Which would open the door to abusive males to take advantage of. Hence the issue is not trans people, but poor policies, which remove protections for females Which some how does not concern you.

@bubblensquek @Rose03339267 @eleanormorgan @guardian I can relate to that true self part. It's so painful not to be seen as you are or accepted . I'm happy that things are changing for you. It's so important

@carolineb180 @eleanormorgan @guardian You have fundamentally misunderstood. It’s not about “equal rights” for TW to invade our spaces; men have equal rights & more already. It’s about women’s rights. We are not a myth, no matter how much you prostrate yourself to men & debase all of womenkind into the bargain.

@satirical_here @JohnRaemi @guardian I think I try not to be for the pure fact it does me and my older children no good. Just have to carry on as best I can for their sake 😊

@bubblensquek @Rose03339267 @eleanormorgan @guardian Rose, I'm really happy for you to have trans rights and I'm happy for you to be able to have your own bathrooms and I'm truly sorry that I don't feel inclusive that you get to share female spaces especially when they might be areas where ladies get naked.. I'm not being horrible.

@Rose03339267 @bubblensquek @eleanormorgan @guardian Thanks, Pip (cute name btw). Well I hope that’s true, sadly it’s such a difficult debate if your whole identity is questioned and it’s not easy to remain civil for many. In the end, patriarchy is the villain and if we can weaken it, all women will have it better.

@Poldisleftpeg @MobileJustice @UKSpunkyMonkey @Glostermeteor @guardian @Conservatives He also failed to answer any question. You are just presuming every one is shit. So these guys are fine because they have experience. Not holding those in power to account is a terrible mistake and not how politics worse.

@jf2811 @georgenturner @faizashaheen @guardian Let's hope she's not successful at her job - what on earth would that cost customers if we're bailing out failed CEO's to the tune of £2.8m . . .

@hdavies73 @TheRahman @guardian That is dangerous. Because well that is already happening not for spouting hurtfull words but for simply having different opinions. That kind of thinking makes people to scared to express their own views.

@RevRonNC @guardian It is time to locate every Trump owned building, resort or facility, and obtain permission from the local jurisdiction, and then paint a message to Donald Trump on the street, or put up signs at each location! Let Trump know, He Does Not Matter!

@leoxymoron @guardian Some days, it's painfully true -when it occurs I'm fed up with it, I go limp [MS courtesy] in some other place for 1 hour/day or 2. As simple as that. Fortunately, in your interview @TwoPaddocks talks about acting job or down to earth subjects too. Hope he has less blisters :)

@Orla24816298 @eleanormorgan @rachel__julia @guardian As transwomen. Women will protect their sex based rights which are not anyone's to give away.

@Meridian808 @y_alibhai @billt @guardian I’ve read it. And it’s absolutely as dumb as I imagined it to be. Thankfully it’s getting (quite correctly) an absolute pasting in the comments section. Perhaps you’re not as ‘right’ as you think you are?

@hairygit @BeautyAndTheCat @MarinaSofia8 @guardian Naipaul was a very fine writer, but a dreadful man (and not just for those comments). I know he was just trying to provoke, but one wonders what the point of that can be if it means you end up saying very silly things!

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