Is Github Down?

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1. It might be Browser Related:

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This trick works perfectly on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, Safari and whatever default browser comes with your Windows nowadays lol.

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To fix this, clear your local DNS cache to make sure that you grab the most recent cache that your ISP has.

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Recent Outage Reports

@onmyway133 Just realized that @ephread is my newest sponsor, thanks a lot Frédéric ♥️ I'm not active on @github as I used to be due to many other engagements, but I will try to contribute back. You also many interesting projects, like Instructions 🤘

@svaksha This 👇🏼😡 Recently @github also started enforcement of 2FA to collect personal data & track users. Invoked my @gdprRights & told them threatening to lock me out was not @EUGDPRCompliant & unethical to force 2FA on me under the guise of #security @GDPRbreaches @GDPR_Europe

@imAunAbbas @Bitbucket Simply like the maintenance of @Bitbucket as it never happened to me like when our @github repo was not accessible for hours and our work was paused due to that.

@domgreen Moving from "master" to "main" with @github is actually quite simple ... not found any gotchas yet 👍

@localheinz Until recently, it was not possible to use secrets when running workflows on @github Actions for pull_request events. Now you can run workflows on pull_request_target events, where secrets will be available! 👌

@roxcoldiron Ugh @github is getting on my nerves. I *have* my 2FA device and backup codes but they aren't recognizing any of them & then just take me back to the login page. Then I get locked out because they don't like my codes.

@AgileEngPodcast Did you know you can contribute topics for discussion to @AgileEngPodcast? Open an issue in our @github repo!

@brntbeer Not sure who at @github needs to see this and I can’t remember if moves like this are on any roadmap we have

@svaksha @abhaga @github Ohai🙋‍♀️. @Gitlab used to be an annoying PITA with the constant frontend changes, now @github has joined the race 🤖 Instead of cosmetic UI changes, why not direct efforts into adding useful features eg. ability 2 run @ProjectJupyter NBs online, support binary blobs display? #rant

@bdubaut So far the beta of @github Codespaces is working pretty well. I definitely need to revamp my dotfiles now, and version my VSCode config

@Iabdullah_7510 @ng_real_ninja @github Hi RB. Firstly thank you for sharing amazing info everytime. I just need your suggestion . I am recent graduate and my goal is to become MERN developer . kindly suggest me weither I have to go from front end to backend or back end to front end ? ( I am not a good programmer)

@AnishSujanani Day 11 of #100daysofinfosec: - Started playing with #CodeQL to look for vulnerable patterns on my older #Nodejs and C code - Watched @github's excellent workshop on CodeQL for the RSysLog - strcpy issue - #infosec #100daysofcode #cybersecurity #OpenSource

@luigifcruz @rmettig_ @github Me too! But there are some unintended side effects. Like old mentions not updating to the new username.

@joesphdanial Having some issues this am @github. I cannot push to repos, saying "fatal: Could not read from remote repository." Any ideas what's up? I can login to the website just fine, but cannot commit -m. Nothing is listed on your status page.

@Petercsloan @github Why why why must your viewports be hard limited to 1012px? I have 1920px of glorious display and most devs these days have more. Why not use %?

@duilen @alisalahio I'm not sure @github would agree with the not selling to makers point.

@pascaldoesgo Playing @github actions and @docker with compose to create a new #golang template project. First attempt failed and it's time to put the laptop down. This doesn't appear trivial. 😬

@ramospablo A nice interview and points of view from @nicowaisman on the work that @GHSecurityLab is doing and how it's impacting @github kudos to the team!

@tonyarkles @greg_logan @github @gitlab Maybe I haven’t found the right features yet, but Gitlab and Github both seem to be Pull Request Review-centric, not so much overall code review. Gitea is intriguing though, looking at the feature list at least. 1/2

@aronchick @ibuildthecloud @github Ok I hear you, but you could have an action provision a VM, deploy to it, and then tear down after. Obviously not nothing, but you can do that today

@HSukesan @Andreas__Fertig @github I really wish mine too archived for 1000 years. Not because it's so great; but I want to leave behind some of my written code as a gesture if some children in future finds it a little bit motivating to dive into programming..

@joshdholtz @PawelMadejCK @twannl @FastlaneTools @CrunchyGif @github Not a problem! Its taken me a while to find what my favorite release process up so happy to share if in hopes it can help others 😊

@ericnakagawa @_ryannystrom @github I want to be able to manage repo setting strok the app. Currently need to login to web to add people to a report.

@dhoogfr @JDevShay @recursivecodes @dbasolved @thatjeffsmith @OracleCloud @HashiCorp @github You could indeed use OCI on a build VM to push a Resource Manager stack, but would it not make more sense if this integration was more direct?

@iamjatinrao @cpave3 @excalidraw @radnerus93 @profulsadangi @oliverjumpertz We need markdown support @evernote 🙏 Btw I'm using @NotionHQ & @github to take down my notes with a rich presence of markdown 😂

@MarcSkovMadsen The next version of @Panel_org will ship with integrited OAuth to securely login via @github , @Google , @Azure etc. You can study the preliminary docs here Contributions are welcome.👍 #Python #dataviz

@MyDeathMachine @_ryannystrom @github Also, I cannot seem to get notifications to work on it. I’ve never seen a notification show up on my iPhone. If I go to notifications in the app, nothing new automatically shows up, I have to pull down and manually refresh to see them. Same with PRs.

@rhundhausen @github's product roadmap is where you can learn about what features they're working on, what stage they're in, and when to expect them.

@HippoUniversity @JohnnyRinaldo @BlenheimDave @MrAndyNgo @PortlandPolice @NintendoAmerica @nvidia @unity3d @github talking shit. Thats why i'm here, to set you liars and manipulators straight. Many businesses in downtown Portland are suffering because of the chaos, most of the mom and pop business are already closed down! The subway in front the library? closed. Why? too much chaos.

@HippoUniversity @JohnnyRinaldo @BlenheimDave @MrAndyNgo @PortlandPolice @NintendoAmerica @nvidia @unity3d @github Any reason for that? Or you stalking me trying to shut me down Becuse I called you and the rest of your Marxist tools out for who they really are? Feds won’t drop the charges.

@warrenbuckley Lovely @github team who do I need to ask very very very nicely to get into the Codespaces beta a bit quicker so I can test my VSCode extension works as expected or not pretty please @amandaksilver @natfriedman

@ForbesLindesay @erikras @github Yes. That's my view. Crucially you never resolve a question you've answered, or a suggestion you've chosen not to take.

@pickleshy Folks who manage teams on @github: when working with contributors who cycle on and off a project (as in a volunteer context), what are some ways to maintain a reviewer list that reflects only the contributors who are currently active, while still keeping the others in the repo?

@ooflorent @erikras @github In short, the last person to speak does not resolve because the discussion must be settled. If it’s non debatable (for some reason) then it’s fine to answer and resolve.

@vavroom I'm not figuring out how to use the same set of 90+ labels from one @github repository to another, other than manually recreating them, which is a pain and time consuming. Looked at repository templates, but that doesn't pull the labels. Anyone got ideas on this?

@al_the_x @coates @github Seem to recall there was a Github-published UI toolkit for GH Apps, but searching for "github app ui toolkit" is not helpful. Was looking at it for a GH App I was building.

@grramos5 Glad to see @github Actions working on pull_request events from forks to a private base repository. This will unblock all of us using forking workflows 💯

@higrys Hey @githubstatus @github even the link in your own blog post does not work for more than few days now. Can you please, please, please fix it? We sent the link to the new contributors at all the workshops and now they can't find "good first issues" :(

@rudra_m1 hey Just made my profile ReadME @github if u wanna check it out go to 😃 and for the non developers this is not a big deal !!!!!!!

@brian_lovin @_dte @github We look for urls to GitHub so that we can pop a toast which offers to take you there. This prompt destroys all trust though so it’s basically not worth it 🤷‍♂️ cc @_ryannystrom

@VishuKollapudi To share or not to share your product roadmap publicly. @github is the latest to do so. I’m a fan of this, get feedback from the community > be transparent > team is accountable > build faster @collinmathilde @FrontApp were 1st to do her perspective is 🌟

@slamzoe @github the most useful internet page to me right now is "All activity" widget in because it's one of the few pages that show me not what people say but what people (I follow) do. I'd love to see more, like trending PR/Issue of my followings

@AmosShuaib Important announcement!!!! @github server is down 😭😭😭😭 After spending a while day trying to see what makes my code not to display well, I confirmed from different people that they are experiencing the same thing. #100DaysOfCode

@_UmairHafeez_ If you are working or planning to work with maps and interactivity in them, give a try to @LeafletJS. It has a solid API and is trusted by some big organizations like @github and @Facebook. #learn #share #grow

@briankariuki79 @github Seems to be a problem with commits. "Constantly getting could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists"

@jcsrb @Snugug @github Have not used actions, but AFAIK permissions in git are stored, so are the permissions permissive to whatever user the actions run as?

@peterseibel Hey @github, this is still super true. Or at least provide an option to limit to “not archived” in the “Type” dropdown.

@Pierstoval @WyriHaximus @gitpod @github I'm using gitpod when I have to do something quickly, and it's awesome: with one click, you have a working web-based IDE, terminal with linux and all the build tools you need, really handy for quick fixes :)

@Mattylantz @smayzes @jkudish @github @valentinprgnd LOL I should be shamed for making the assumption that I have hold my mouse over a date description to get more information about a date? Thats not intuitive if you ask me. But if its what I have to work with I'll go with it.

@Mattylantz I'm having an issue with @github this morning on one of my repos saying I no longer have permission to push to it. It's an open source repo, under my company... very confused

@Flyingmana @Ocramius @localheinz @github The actions are taken from the base of the fork(or the target branch of the PR?), not the code you submit via PR, so you need them to get this merged first^^

@luke_pighetti @rhalff @github Even with our high costs it's still cheaper than having a dev run the builds manually. I think you can do quite a bit of caching to bring the times down but I don't know much about it. Being able to run macOS is def awesome. And Linux when possible for low costs.

@kwuchu I just realized that today marks two years of me working at @GitHub and on Actions. This is the longest I've worked on a single product and it's been amazing to see it evolve from when I started to what it is now. Looking forward to the next two years of growth and evolution!

@fedor @sethvargo @GCPcloud @github How do you make sure a GitHub Action Runner is not killed by autoscaling if an action utilizes less then 80% of CPU? Same applies to Managed Instance Groups?

@Cyclogenesis_au Also will be opportunities to look at lightning using SDR and other sensors (working with @deeplycloudy and other cool folks). Good coding skills are a must including @github and @Docker ... Will be crafting PD soon but interested in receiving CVs now. Will be at @NorthwesternU

@nojvek @github has dropped the ball because their QA only gives a shit about chrome. I can’t add comments to a PR on iOS safari. It’s not a great world where GitHub only supports chrome. You can do better.

@MCoronga257 @github I don't get the number in the email when I try to login. And i need

@PanuOksala @AlbertoPdRF @api_daily @tisn_app @github @heroku @Netlify These things are hard, because there is no single right answer. If you get stuck give me a shout (or send PM) and I can try to help you. I'm not an expert of Heroku or Netlify (you are much better expert), but I can try to help someway.

@richardhenkenjo @localheinz @github Yes. „Adding an outside collaborator to a private repository will use one of your organization's paid licenses.“ Paying for machine accounts is a reason for not upgrading to me.

@laukidh Hey @github today is a good day to stop working with ICE.

@cezary_piatek @RadekMaziarka Exactly, there's no explanation, no id of related issue. I thought that the purpose of @github is to make everything about #OSS public.

@__haya14busa__ reviewdog was failing today due to @github's bug / sudden breaking change ( I released reviewdog v0.10.2 to fix the issue. Please update reviewdog version >= v.0.10.2.

@yojinbo_san @dnsmichi @jaredpalmer @lyrixx @github @gitlab Funny thing is : just setup it on a project I work on. And I remember why I've forgot it : I've been unable to make it working with Trello, because Trello card URL by relative number is not possible...

@jessefreeman @bit101 @github It's only been 2 days and I am building @pixelvision8 for Win, Mac, Linux, and Linux Arm in parallel. Not to mention each build is about 60 megs and I have been messing up a LOT. So I just keep running and changing things on the fly. Almost got it all working though.

@dataknut @tom_rushby @UKDataService @EllenWebborn @UCL_Energy @EnergySoton @ProfBahaj @pab_james @EllenWebborn has all the code but she has not yet been able to drop it on the archive. Maybe @github to the rescue 😎

@tomasnorre @georg_ringer @infabo @github I've not done anything official like that as the repository belongs to AOE and I'm offering as Tomas Norre.

@wodenimoni I put my best bet on @github and encouraged family and friends to open an issue if they want to talk to me in the future

@notdetails Working in Figma with an up-to-date, thoughtfully crafted component system is frankly delightful and makes my job 100000x better. The @github Design Infrastructure team is the best there is.

@theFatIndianKid @apparebit @github Commit to the man, very reminiscent of the good old days of working together. 😅

@apparebit @theFatIndianKid @github Huh? I'm not aware of any "Master network" or "slave network". But "master/slave replication" and "master branch" were a thing in the recent past. When unintended consequences strike: Now that I switched to "boss" in git, I have to commit to the man over and over again...

@olafurw @ArvidGerstmann @Andreas__Fertig @github Lol, then my dotfiles, my blog, and my weird obsession and bot projects will live on. If you're reading this from the future. I'm not sorry. You just had to be there.

@robin4java Hello @github , is there any way to know the exact star of a repo rather than 12.3k ? On Stargazers page, it also shows 5000+ but not the exact number! Thank's. #github

@noneuclideangrl I am unreasonably upset about @github changing the "Clone" button to "Code". It really confuses me! (I am much more reasonably upset about them working with ICE though)

@Matt_u_hess @github I'm not sure if you know this but I don't see a way to edit my GitHub description from a mobile device. Neither in the browser or your mobile app.

@awright18 Not sure if it's just me, but a lot of times when I have a project idea I search @github and find it's already been done. Today I found a "who wants to be a millionaire" project complete with audio, and hooked up to a trivia api.

@aronchick @ibuildthecloud @MarcNuri @github It's not fast :) right now it does a full provision of everything needed for a VM, then ssh's in to execute a script. But it should do the whole thing in under 5 minutes. you could make this a whole lot faster by pre-provisioning stuff, but I didn't want to make any assumptions.

@greg_logan @tonyarkles @github @gitlab Ah, I see what you're trying to do now. I can think of a (horrible) hack to get this working in my suggestions, but that's a poor way forward. You need better tooling than that :) I'm no help, apologies!

@warrenbuckley @kipusoep @github @amandaksilver @natfriedman It’s what I love to do. Hack, make & build things. Try new stuff out for an idea. They may not always stick though

@5achinJani @tesseralis Cause the package returns "pacger" string. Open an issue in the package's @github to request the support for "pacman".

@GitKraken @ThibaultVlacich @github Hello there, if you are only experiencing this with a single repository, it sounds like there may be an issue with that repository. Try taking a fresh clone in a new location. If this persists, please reach out to us at [email protected] and let me know your ticket number.

@dnsmichi @yojinbo_san @jaredpalmer @lyrixx @github @gitlab Hi, thanks for asking :-) Since this wouldn't fit into a tweet, I've collected some more details into a small tutorial explaining the use case & technical background: TL;DR - we refer to this as "external issue tracker" at

@opensourcesblog @_ryannystrom @Sh1bumi @github 3. It took at least one click more than expected to search (I think actually two more steps) If I click on search at the bottom I want to type immediately and not see my last searches (even if I don't have any yet) I needed to click on search inside the search step.

@tbi_internship #hackbio #testimonial @tbi_internship @olamilekan2121 This is my first time working with @github I never knew such platform existed. Now i can confidently create repo, work create pull requests, commit changes and do some other cool things. All thanks to my team #team-curie

@_ryannystrom @Sh1bumi @opensourcesblog @github Working on it, thanks for the feedback! What’s most important to you?

@fwilhe @sebi_io @VladimirSitnikv @bashorov @github @gradle @kotlin I've also found just now. I'm frustrated by the process of using npm dependencies. Dukat does not seem to create compilable code. But looks like burrunan has handcrafted type definitions. Is it supposed that way?

@MagickNET I should spend some time to create a @GitHub pages website that demonstrates the awesome things that the WASM library of @ImageMagick can do. Not sure which front-end framework I should use though.

@ForbesLindesay @erikras @github I think it's sometimes ok to merge without resolving all comments. e.g. if I comment "It might be cleaner to split this function into a separate module, I'm not sure though" and you reply "I think it's better to keep it here" you can merge, but you shouldn't mark resolved.

@aronchick @ibuildthecloud @MarcNuri @github It's probably so slow because you're a) not connecting to Azure and b) you don't have a GH PAT. The error handling here is terrible

@opensourcesblog @_ryannystrom @Sh1bumi @github 1. When receiving an email of a new comment on an issue the link doesn't bring you to the comment in the app. It just opens the issue

@hibacodes 4. @github: The best place to upload your code, and was so convenient when working with teams. Instead of emailing the code, you can get it instantly with this platform. By utilizing the git commands.

@boffbowsh @ChrisBAshton @github It’s not obvious, but pressing “y” when on a relative link (eg `master`) will change the URL to a canonical one with the commit SHA embedded

@maciejmensfeld @onghu @oceanicpanda @github @dependabot I'm not going to open it with MIT that was a joke. I have most of the code in place already so no worries. Can manage without them ;)

@vasanthdevelop @chandrikadeb7 @github This is awesome 😍 But I already have a repository with my username 🤷‍♂️ and there is already a in that repo 😦 Any suggestions on how to get this working for me?

@PanuOksala @AlbertoPdRF @api_daily @tisn_app @github @heroku @Netlify Are you using Github Actions to deploy the app? Start from simple and then make it more robust if it is not enough for you. For example canary deployment is good for some cases, but you should use it only if you really need it.

@opensourcesblog @_ryannystrom @Sh1bumi @github 2. If I remember correctly it was not possible to click on - Who starred the project - and maybe jump to a user (not sure about that)

@jessefreeman @bit101 @github @pixelvision8 I'll just spin up a VM tomorrow and create a new account to finish up my experimenting. Save the last of my time for real builds once I get this actually working.

@ncreated @mluisbrown With @github it’s not even needed. If B2’s PR targets the B1 branch, GH will automatically update its target branch to `master` after B1’s PR is merged 👌.

@tallynturnbow @_ryannystrom @github 1. Create a pull request! Even if it’s only to create one from the most recently pushed branch. 2. Search starred repos from the app. 3. When you create a new issue, show it in the issues list when you navigate back to the list without needing to pull to refresh.

@machomaster @seejohnrun @eileencodes @21stCenturyMen_ @github I feel that the following quote is quite apt: What some people call "overthinking" I simply call "thinking". It's not very hard to see how many people asking the same exact question, but Eileen replying them, but not answering (or even acknowledging it) might be seen as rude.IMO

@slashmodev [email protected] How about a ✨ keyword like "Closes" but for "Blocking", where once the blocking issue/PR has been resolved it automatically adds a comment or similar to the blocked issue/PR?

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