Is Github Down?

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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - GITHUB PAGES | WEBSITES FOR YOU AND YOUR PROJECTS, HOSTED DIRECTLY FROM YOUR GITHUB REPOSITORY. JUST EDIT, PUSH, AND YOUR CHANGES ARE LIVE. - Websites for you and your projects, hosted directly from your GitHub repository. Just edit, push, and your changes are live. Server Status

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How to Solve Github Down or Outage Issues:

We have tried pinging using our servers in diverse locations and the website returned the above results.

If is down for us too there is nothing you can do except waiting. Probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or website maintenance is in progress.

If the site is UP for us but you however cannot access it, try one of our following solutions:

1. It might be Browser Related:

To solve Browser related issues that might make the site/server down for you, do a full Browser refresh of this site. You can do this by holding down CTRL + F5 keys at the same time on your browser.

This trick works perfectly on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, Safari and whatever default browser comes with your Windows nowadays lol.

2. Clear Your Cookies and Cache.

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You might need to clear that out of your browser memory for the site to load properly.

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To fix this, clear your local DNS cache to make sure that you grab the most recent cache that your ISP has.

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Recent Outage Reports

@tomkowalczyk Dear @coinpaprika the code progress section on your site about @RSKsmart project is not working, please point to the correct repository on @github , DM me if you need advice which should be choose 🧐

@davidbaron I want to filter @github email notifications based on two things: 1. whether it's an issue I've interacted with or I'm getting the email just because I'm subscribed to notifications for the repository 2. what repository it is.

@anotheruiguy Hey @github is there an issue where Travis-CI checks are not being seen in a PR? I have a series of PRs where the tests pass, but I see "Expected — Waiting for status to be reported" in the PR.

@DivDev_ ▪️if working with a library, look in the following sequence - docs, open issues on @github(or similar), closed issues, @StackOverflow, community resources ▪️if nothing to be found, have some rest and try to come back to search in couple of hours - fresh look at things matters

@Grady_Booch The @nytimes has released, via @github, an open source repository of #COVID19 cases for the US (with granularity down to the county level).

@ryntck Wondering what @github's long-term strategy is around not displaying PR review requests that are actually waiting on me. In the meantime, still gotta use this link to find out:

@2standandstare @pressedconf @playground_data Not as usually, and not in such a low barrier to entry way. My background is CompSci so @GitHub and #Markdown really wasn’t/isn’t a problem. But it is for others if they wanted to help.

@andir0815 Someone is trying to fish @Github's users via a domain that looks almost alike (if you aren't careful). They failed to provide a proper text/plain part of the mail so I am not even sure what they actually want (besides my credentails…) cc @GitHubSecurity

@terrajobst Can someone from @github explain to me why this query shows issues that do not have an `untriaged` label?

@RobertCooper_RC @swyx @github I’ve been trying to use the new GitHub notifications UI instead of email, but I often find myself missing certain PR comments when not using the email notifications.

@jsdotla Some in our community expressed interest in using their dev skills to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. @github has compiled a list of the most impactful open projects working toward this cause.

@StefMa91 @passsy @github Yeah, not hundert percent correct. Even if jks encrypt it contents, the file themself is not encrypted! And this is what I did with gpg. Yeah sure. But that only can if I provide the passphrase to them. If I won't they could also not decrypt the jks file.

@jcwill415 @PaoloMaguino @github Not sure if you've seen this for uploading your project to #github; there are other training videos here:

@ifyouwillit @therepositorywp @sabrina_zeidan @SiteGround @WCEurope @AlexDenning @yoast @dimensionmedia @WPandUP @post_status @corymiller303 @SentreeHost @brand_on_fire @github @WPSessions @WordCampUS @freemius @wp_seopress Hey, just signed up! Is there a way to get the most recent issue?

@Snugug I really love @github actions, but there needs to be a better way to test than pushing, and the docs for writing workflows needs to be greatly improved. It literally took me all day to get a job working as expected despite having all the individual pieces work locally.

@mxbck @DennisView @github @Netlify Ah yes, still working on the docs. Will try to avoid tech lingo ;)

@hanslovsky If you ever need to use fenced-in code in a @github markdown list or enumeration and it just does not work, try this: Life saver!!!

@jeffdalley @github Is there a way to link an Issue to a Pull Request without closing it upon merge?

@therepositorywp Huge thanks to the community whose news & views made this issue: @sabrina_zeidan @SiteGround @WCEurope @AlexDenning @yoast @dimensionmedia @WPandUP @post_status @corymiller303 @ifyouwillit @SentreeHost @brand_on_fire @github @WPSessions @WordCampUS @freemius & @wp_seopress 💙

@Design__Pattern Is there a way with @github actions/stale to have multiple except-issue-label? #github #actions #oss

@betatim @HEPfeickert @github Not tried arbitrary forks yet, made a PR from someones fork of BinderHub to the repo in the JupyterHub org

@noazark @technobaboo @Noah_A_S @Scobleizer @SkarredGhost @github @gitlab 3D model and explanation would be good. Accompanying that with a video of a working prototype would be even better. I think you know enough of the right people to get a prototype of whatever you want built. You could make the whole thing OSHW, and use the OSHWA guidelines.

@indexpatient0 I'm a big fan of clearing the browser cache and everything that belongs to it (cookies, etc.) when I shut down my computer in the evening. However, having to enter a verification code every time the next day without being able to switch off that behaviour is annoying, @github 😟

@Smithamax @github don't know if it's a global issue or just me but git pull/push over smart http has stopped working, I've switched to ssh as a workaround. In Australia for reference, guessing could be a CDN thing

@phishy @github I think it would make sense to put this warning right into the UI. I thought Actions was broken. "We have recently started to encounter problems, that actions do not start at all, if PR has any conflicts with a base branch."

@qdoug @github I think it would be great to have an option for GitHub to not override system keyboard inputs like cmd-G. I don’t want this to ‘insert a suggestion’. It should always go to the browser.

@turingway [email protected]_j & @MalvikaSharan have been working on the layout of the #TuringWay book to make it more accessible to read and contribute to. Read this thread by Kirstie 👇 (bonus sneak peek on a day of working remotely using @zoom, @github, @hackmdio, @ProjectJupyter).

@alannairving At @opencollect we've been working on an integration with @github's Sponsors, so #opensource projects can fundraise directly from their repo. Our fiscal sponsorship means projects don't need to incorporate to receive funds, and makes the whole process easy. It's now live!

@berndj @neil_ferguson @Microsoft @github @Imperial_JIDEA @MRC_Outbreak It doesn't need to be "refactored" or "extended" now. It needs to be released now, warts and all. The only valid reason not to release what *has already been used to inform policy response* is if you suspect it to contain login details for vulnerable network services.

@Evangel1nk @jaredpar @github Just use Refined Github. Note that you can't get back to not using it xD

@__MichaelBrooks @tobi has kindly created a $10,000 bounty to implement native virtual cam support in OBS. If anyone is interested and can implement the feature, then take a look at the current issue on @github

@bob5ec I can't change my server's config, which I'm sitting next to. Because, @travisci is not starting the build, test and deploy of my docker compose to @github and @Docker Hub. Because, @GCPcloud had some network issue. I'm grateful for all these free services I choose to rely on.

@Grady_Booch The @nytimes has released, via @github, an open source repository of #COVID19 cases for the US (with granularity down to the county level).

@kinlane Not being able to pay for more @github API calls is dumb, and just encourages bad behavior.

@alvinsj @yijin @fastdotai @jeremyphoward @github looking forward to see what you are working on! 😍

@BzzzbzS How do you manage your tasks to keep developers up-to-date and increase efficiency? We use @github built in issue tracking system with custom labels for bugs, tasks, possible enhancement and goals. #projectmanagement

@halvarflake Hey @github, is there a timeline for having diagramming support (perhaps via mermaid?) in markdown? Issue #533 is closed and I would like to repeat that this is a really really important feature:

@nhoizey I wish @Github had a different UX for repository deletion if this is a fork. Especially if there is nothing useful (no open PR for example) on the repository to delete. "Unexpected bad things" will NOT happen in such case! (sorry @etportis ;-) )

@buggymcbugfix Yo, @github, have you ever heard of identity elements? Like the number 0, yaknow? Not only would it would be very nice from an algebraic perspective if you allowed for empty PRs... it would also make the UX better in many ways. Happy to elaborate!

@jongleur1983 hey @github - when I check the "viewed" box in a PR review, the file is collapsed. Would it be possible to not lose the scroll position meanwhile?

@aetherspaceone Thanks @github for wanting to / helping to bring devs together in this shared goal. But also fuck u @github and @Microsoft for dividing us all by working with ICE. #NoTechForICE #GithubDropICE #StopGithubCages

@RalfLippold @JHUSystems @github @JohnsHopkins @JHUCaSE Dear CSSE-& @JHUCaSE-teams, First of all thanks for the terrific effort to aggregate all the data on #Covid_19 #CoronaVirus. However, I could not find specific explanation of the differences between the official @rki_de numbers and yours on Germany. Can you please specify.

@matteocollina @Design__Pattern @AndresCaroC @github Any issue/PR I can check? I’s probably need to write a little essay about this!

@koppor [email protected] What does "no spece left on device" mean during docker runs? Did you reduce the maximimum size since one month or so? We need to build a docker image at each run, because the image is not available publicly.

@mmarkini @Design__Pattern @github Probably. If you're adding or changing an Action via PR from a fork and you don't have commit access to the repo, the Action will not run until the PR is merged

@DaniRabaiotti Hi @github you aren't letting me log in without a verification code which is being sent to my email. Only issue is I only need to log in to change my email address because it has stopped working.

@hackteck @github I can't find it in the release notes so asking here: does GH Desktop support associating diffs to e.g. FileMerge on macOS? Last time I checked (year ago?) I was not possible.

@warengonzaga My #covid19 tracker command line is now trending on @github Now I understand that there is a greedy developer who accusing me of copying. This is a curl-based tool not a CLI that you need to run on your machine. #greedydev

@ManishEarth @davidbaron @github BUT i'm pretty sure you can do this via email as well, just not in gmail. `X-GitHub-Reason:` is the header for why you got pinged (mention vs subscribed vs whatever). For mentions `Mention <[email protected]>` will also be in the `To:`

@whiskygrandee man maintaining and updating a @github account is something I look forward to in my life. I have projects but just not in git. I will do that soon.

@shahpreet25 Participated in the #githubhackathon by making my first @github action project. The action keeps reminding you every 10 mins to continue working, by sending a push notification on your iOS/android device. Do check it out at #DEVcommunity #githubactions

@andrew_mason1 @github seems to be having trouble displaying large files at the moment. Honestly not sure if it's always been this way and I haven't noticed, or it's an issue on your end.

@nathanieloffer Installed @github desktop and tried cloning a repo only to find the url/port blocked in the office. So now I'm left with interacting with GitHub in the browser only. So not fair.

@billygriffin22 @grap3_ap3 @github Of course, happy to help! We're working to improve it every day, so I'd love to hear what you love and what feels missing as you start to use it. 😀

@kevinsimper I find that bots on @GitHub closing issues automatically creates a disincentive to contribute. I understand that there is not enough time but the other thing is bad Better solutions: - close down new issues as there is not time for those either - close all issues and start fresh

@kwuchu @jasonlong @github Congrats dude! It's been amazing working together with you, glad to have the chance. ❤️

@MihaMarkic Why the heck is @github coloring closed issues with red color? Like it is something to worry about. And new ones green? Upside down world.

@victoriadotdev Things to do after changing your @GitHub username if suddenly your stuff isn’t working 😥 (it’ll be okay!): #developer #coding #DevTips

@songsthatsaved @grap3_ap3 @github Ha! Well, to be fair, I'm not entirely sure it'll do the thing you need... but it seems plausible to me. :)

@DavidMaiden @terrajobst @github Not at present but read an article by @ardalis last week that made me realize we should be doing this - as a minimum to help new starters!

@directus Creating premium open-source software is not easy, but we're constantly kept motivated by the growing number of developers within our amazing community. So a huge thank you to each of our 6,379 @GitHub stargazers... onward to 7K!

@jc_unknwon I do not know what is going wrong with Travis CI makes it stop reporting build status. But I’ve successfully migrated to use @github Actions✌️

@securibee @hakluke @github I have this issue that once I get used to a (white/plain) UI it's very hard for me to switch ie use darkmode

@keith_dorschner @teslanalyst @CallJims @github @PJHORNAK @Louisbotelho17 @ResidentSponge @thirdrowtesla @davidtayar5 This Greg character should have the courage of his twisted demented convictions. Who knows? Maybe his employer is also a sociopath and will give him a big raise for helping to kill our fellow Americans? Social media is not for secret opinions.

@GitKraken 🤝Sync @github Issues & Milestones in real-time with Glo Issue Boards, allowing users to create milestones for big projects and associate them with specific cards on a Glo board. 👀🙌

@EinsteinsAttic Next, #HaMagen ("The Shield") from Israel's Ministry of Health: & its @github repository: Though #trust is still a bit of an issue, given other forms of #MassSurveillance being done via people's phones: /3

@nhoizey @etportis @github You’re welcome! In fact, I’m not sure I follow what you mean, I understand you say all open source projects aim to disappear, while most are useful and have no alternatives, or proprietary ones.

@2standandstare 7/13 #PressEdConf2020 Moving @playground_data from @github to @reclaimhosting – using standard @Wordpress not a fan of the block editor. Took me quite a while to re-build site as my side project.

@MishManners Last chance! The @GitHub Actions hackathon only has 8 days left to submit & get some sweet SWAG 😍 With everyone around the world working from home it's the perfect time to get involved. See 👇 for inspiration 💻 #StayHome #hackathon #WorkFromHome #dev

@veronica_hanus Ready for @github @nearform's #WorkFromHomeConf talk by @HustleMethod on a topic near & dear to all right now "Working From Home: Our Changing World Of 'Well'ness" My🙌part was the circle of control: how you think, act & feel is in your control (important when so little is!)

@deyyanl @github please fix your notifications panel. When deleting notifications in bulk, they seem to be deleted but they appear and duplicate some times. Feedback has been sent already, but not response. 🙂

@KolappanNathan @github @npmjs Hopefully @github does something about all the email address being public in npm. This is an issue that the current npm team has refused to solve.

@D3cryp_Tor Apache Tomcat Exploit Poised to Pounce, Stealing Files Researhers said that a working exploit for CVE-2020-1938 leaked on GitHub makes is a snap to compromise webservers. #cybersecurity @github #github #exploit #Attack #security

@danhellem Just published my first @github action! It's a great way to sync GitHub Issue with @AzureDevOps work items. Please check-it out and let me know if you find it useful. All feedback welcome!

@JohannesDienst @d_pisanu @terrajobst @github Thx for mentioning me 😌 We are you them. Unfortunately not public. I have also given plenty of talks about it (german). If you want to chat: Ping me. If you need me to give the talk remotely. I am very happy to do so 😀

@edwardgrubb3rd @ckpooldev @github Thats all I finding, too when checking globally. It’s difficult enough to vet non-profits locally when it’s not an epidemic, but in times such as these I wish there was a GOTO #crypto charity resource that fully vets. I challenge you to keep looking and I’ll do the same. #COVID19

@Design__Pattern @AndresCaroC @github Funny you say that! I am currently working on a fastify server... I just can't decide on how to structure the project...

@RossSheingold Some hope in bleak times. A friend of mine is working with a group from around the world (via DIY videos and @github links) to 3D print ventilator mouth pieces for hospitals in need.

@_JacobTomlinson I managed to get to the bottom of this. Turns out my new ISP @virginmedia are causing this problem. It's not possible to push to @github via SSH because of their Web Safe product. You need to add it to a whitelist.

@Pythux Not sure when to trigger your GitHub actions workflows? Just use the 'gollum' event... I see what you did there @github

@AryanJabbari @sublimegeek @jsjoeio @github On an old project I was one, we agreed to squash down branches when merging into `development` or `master`. This allowed us to go crazy with the commits for local development but keep our main branches nice and tidy.

@Design__Pattern Unpopular @github actions opinion... GitHub actions are not ready to replace @CircleCI or @travisci

@hughsheehy At 1630 Dublin time tomorrow, I'll be speaking on how to do remote working properly. All part of the international WFHConf 2020. Organized with @NearForm, @NF__Research, and @GitHub

@_TheFamily Remote Summit's half over... but that doesn't mean you shouldn't join! Coming up we've got founders and CEOs from @github, @Upwork, @Bubble_Group and more! And if you join for only half a day, why not give you a half-price ticket? 😉 Let's goooo! ==>

@IgorRussKie @elisealix22 @github Thank you. I want the ability to reference a comment made by someone else, not my own. Couldn't find the ability to quote either.

@Hydrology_IRPI Validation practices for satellite soil moisture retrievals: What are (the) errors? Accepted today new paper on @ElsevierConnect Remote Sensing of Environment to the paper not yet available but @ThePSF and @MATLAB code available on @github

@abewinter2 @gitlab version of squash merges make no sense not sure if I'm porting expectations from @github and I shouldn't But the whole point of squash is to not clutter history -- so why is it doing a squash & a merge as 2 separate commits Am I just using this wrong?

@MRC_Outbreak Working with @Microsoft & @GitHub to: ➡️prepare our code to model #COVID19 control measures for use without extensive training ➡️develop web-based front end for public health policy makers worldwide to use the model in planning @neil_ferguson @Imperial_JIDEA @MRC_Outbreak

@bitandbang @MattIPv4 @github rerunning didn't used to be there, so I imagine they're incrementally working it out! I don't doubt it'll land eventually but I needed it now :)

@0xdade @grap3_ap3 @github It's an all or nothing if they are in the branch. You could make a branch for each script you're working on, which would be akin to "feature branching"

@elliekat So inspired to see companies like @GitHub working with a global community of scientists, government, journalists, programmers and citizens collaborating on a shared goal of understanding #COVID19 and best response. You can check out the efforts here -

@reubenbond @_ryannystrom @IgorRussKie @jaredpar @TimSeaw @github I have no major issues with the app, but there are some small things, like the desire for an optional confirmation before closing an issue/PR. Also, autocompletion on @/#, that's an important one to me.

@redteamwrangler @grap3_ap3 @github And since PRs are Github feature, not a git feature, you need to call the github api to do it properly, with a tool like hub.

@srivatsa224 Learning #Android development, once again. This time instead of just watching and writing down, I've decided to start by building small apps every day. Also, keeping track of everything on @github #AndroidDev #kotlin

@tobermatt @github part of combating covid19 is not helping ICE to put people in concentration camps.

@SimonPJByrne @axccl @travisci @github Not really: Actions show their log directly, external Apps aren’t able to. Also if you click on the Actions tab, only Actions are easily accessible

@rdil_pickle @github What the heck?? You are now giving support tickets to GitHub USERS TO HANDLE??! I need to speak with an employee, not a "Community Adviser". Outrageous. What if that message had contained sensitive contents?! That is not alright at all.

@omaruddin Hey @github @Microsoft @GitHubHelp btw 2 weeks ago I saw random “issue” appear in a private repo for an instant for a test project (don’t trust Github for proprietary code btw). I recommend you audit your systems & platform code review process to be more trustable for customers.

@crandycodes @szul @github IMHO, the immutable release is more important to have close to your repo than the deployment part, but that's from years of library deployments (which are simple) and not much recent experience with complex service deployments.

@j12934 WTF, @github package registry requires you to login to pull a PUBLIC docker image 🤦‍♂️ Basically unusable for any open source project...

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