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@lietux I'm pretty fucking disappointed and sickened by @github bowing down to governments like this. Seems like we need a blockchain on Tor for source code or something to stop government cunts from fucking with us.

@TwitterCareers @chris_herd @doist @trello @gitlab @stripe @buffer @zapier @github @Upwork @airtable @HubSpot @InDesign @Hubstaff @automatic @basecamp @teamweek @FirstbaseHQ @StackOverflow 👋 We've got remote work too and we're continually building capabilities to improve the remote working experience for all our Tweeps. Check out our remote roles at with more coming in 2020.

@mukherjee_atin @sankarshan @gluster @github It’s the gerrit UI.. In fact I am not a great fan of github review UI where in a single panel with + and - I’d need to understand the delta (yes! There’re plugins which allow you to have a left vs right panel), but in gerrit mobile UI I face the same trouble..

@kmeyerTO @github Hi! I'm trying to log in to update my repository, but I'm not able to because it wants me to update my password. The email associated with my account is from my student days and I no longer have access to it.

@rodydavis @redbrogdon @DmytroGladkyi @FlutterDev @github Yeah I saw that issue :/ would it be possible to offload the work to a web worker to get it off the UI thread? Then at least it wouldn’t freeze the UI. Also would web assembly help?

@BobWhitelock @github By dropping ICE you can make a difference to help thousands of children not be separated from their parents and locked in cages. #NoTechForICE

@ricardmtweet Hi @Github! I was using your Ed. Pack to complete my Master in Web Dev. in Spain until I moved to French. I keep working on the master but you refuse to keep Pack because of the connection locatation. What do I have to do to prove that I'm still studiyng? Thanks.

@kavyaSukumar I came here to see "@github is down. go home" tweets. I am disappointed and mildly worried at once

@_ryannystrom @udondan @github Not immediately but I find myself wanting it already! Def going to explore

@KristinHenry @github So, how *does* one monetize work that the commercial space does not value and may even not want to exist? What would you want for a subscription to a code repo? Access to private repos? Priority support for feature requests?

@PhilippeDeRyck @MichalKoczwara @manicode @github @snyksec Look, this is a literal quote from your source: "March 10, 2017 First evidence of attackers exploiting the Apache Struts vulnerability on servers connected to the Equifax network." Does not leave much room for interpretation. Thanks for the reference. Muting this thread now.

@bkerensa Hey #KubeCon if you care about human rights and children being locked in cages give this a retweet and be sure to follow @githubbers! Demand @github do the right thing and end the contract and that their executives issue an apology

@JimStLeger Laura Owen, @GitHub, says she was once told that if she couldn’t fix her own computer she should not work in tech. Her fantastic response was “Well, if you don’t work in accounting then you should work for free.” I would have loved to see that person’s face. #KubeCon #diversity

@realCuylerStuwe @MohamedElidr @github What? No it’s not. That’s survivorship bias to think that it is — The only source code you personally see on GitHub is open-source because everything else is in private repos and organizational access. GH is used for a LOT of closed-source.

@EarthLabCU Are you ready to start working with tools like @Github, Bash, & Conda? Learn how to get them set up on your computer in this series of beginner lessons #earthanalytics #earthdatascience #python

@kevinabrioux Since Tuesday, #githubaction support latest versions of #Xcode @github’s documentation is not already up to date

@peter_pilgrim @chris_herd @doist @trello @gitlab @stripe @buffer @zapier @github @Upwork @airtable @HubSpot @InDesign @Hubstaff @automatic @basecamp @teamweek @FirstbaseHQ @StackOverflow Are any of these companies interested in hiring a UK #contractor who codes #SpringBoot #Java or #Kotlin microservices for a #Kubernetes platform? In the 2020 decade, we should be looking at “new ways of working”, do you know what I mean? I want to beat this #IR35private too!

@neovintage @canyon289 @github @ProjectJupyter Are you still running into notebooks not rendering? We've made some infrastructure changes to fix some of the problems while we work on a longer term solution.

@lkurzyniec @github is it possible to omit build (not to run github actions) when commit message contains [ci skip] ?

@AndySvints #Latest #Powershell #Commit @github • Update to make the new-issues link present the issue-type templates rather than an empty form. #11101

@RedMarlinAI @github Hello, We've reported several GitHub repositories for takedown that are hosting sensitive and intellectual property data related to a client of ours. So far we have not received any action on these from GitHub. Can you please let us know how to go about the takedowns?

@JudahWright @luka_prebil @gitlab @github Welcome to the not-dark-in-fact-rather-colorful-side.

@James_inthe_box @mal_share @fumik0_ @cocaman And one more, Jon_1.exe hash fd6c40dbd747bdce483fd0e8d36912fe upping to @mal_share might as well cc @github to take it down.

@jainal_gosaliya @trello @lucidchart @figmadesign @MicrosoftTeams @TeamViewer @NotionHQ @dribbble @UpLabs @icons_8 @unDraw_co @canva @Illustrator @Photoshop @ChromeDevTools @codesandbox @code @CodePen @WebStormIDE @pycharm @Docker @getpostman @dbeaver_news @gitlab @kubernetesio @Azure @Netlify @AzureDevOps 10. Others Some more Tools I use For Working on windows!! Windows sub system for Linux and WSL2 running on @ubuntu Google Notes for Creating a collaborative Notes @googledocs for Collaborative Documents Forgot to mention @github for contributing and finding opensource Repos.

@hidgw @opencollect I was excited to see that @github started working on team sponsorships, but the organization bank account requirement stymied me. So it's really good news to see that you're working with GitHub and I can just apply for @SopelIRC through you!

@ethanhackett @mginnard @chris_herd @jefflembeck @doist @trello @gitlab @stripe @buffer @zapier @github @Upwork @airtable @HubSpot @InDesign @Hubstaff @automatic @basecamp @teamweek @FirstbaseHQ @StackOverflow @clearbit I second this ☝️ I’m Immensely greatful that I both get to work remotely and am so invested in. It’s clear that here remote work is grounded in trust and respect for the individual their family and life, it’s not simply or reluctantly added on as a way to compete for workforce

@alextwenzel I really like @github's new code navigation feature. Not sure why it has to reload the whole page though? Clicking a line number doesn't do that.

@ourmaninjapan @chris_herd @doist @trello @gitlab @stripe @buffer @zapier @github @Upwork @airtable @HubSpot @InDesign @Hubstaff @automatic @basecamp @teamweek @FirstbaseHQ @StackOverflow Can I add @DuckDuckGo to that list? Always been a remote-working company (over a decade old now) with employees around the world, including wandering digital nomads.

@DarkCisum Just noticed that @github has updated their mobile page. Now you can finally edit issue labels and projects status on mobile without having to switch to desktop mode! Thank you! 😊

@DistributeAid @github Listen to your users- stop working with anybody that's keeping children in cages or disappearing them!!!

@XSerrat @github I've not received the invitation to try the beta. Do you know how much time can it take?

@nick_thompson @writes_kate @emilyanndavison @chelseberly @github @WordPress @Wix @squarespace (disclaimer: I've not USED Wix or Squarespace, however I've heard good things about them; they make it easy to get started... Although they're not free (as far as I know))

@aisenyi @manionfire @github @sameerhirji77 @mBongo @tahajiwaji @martinwarioba @ellipsisdig Encourage devs especially young ones to code for fun and not every code they write need be for commercial purposes or have social value. Also encouraging the use of open source software in organisations will help give devs a commercially viable reason to contribute to open source

@rodydavis @redbrogdon @DmytroGladkyi @FlutterDev @github @jryanio Is there a roadmap for dart pad? I would love to help contribute if possible. I am working on extending dart pad for creating template flutter projects for Flutter. Right now pure dart, but will pub packages be integrated anytime soon?

@Argorak Almost all of the replies to this tweet are about the ICE contract. @github is a company that has boasted to be "in conversation with communities", yet there is not word since that poor statement a month ago.

@shevegen @martinschurig @github Why do you want to thank Microsoft for denying the catalans - or anyone else for that matter - the right to distribute source code? Also: as long as spain is run by ex-Franco dictators it should not be part of the EU. The UK+scots showed how to deal with independence movements.

@mustmodify @github @slacksupport This is a windows 10 notification thing, btw. Could be @Windows who has the issue but they're unlikely to fix. :P

@AndySvints #Latest #Powershell #Commit @github • Update to make the new-issue-creation link show the various templates rather than a blank new issue form. #11096

@ActivateLearn Mental Note: explore @github as an example of collaborative learning. In #MSInnovate presentation, mentioned that companies are using it to “build upon each other’s work”. (All departments share knowledge & build upon it. All departments - not just IT). #workingoutloud #wolweek

@maybekatz @skolima @adgrv @jongalloway @github you should be able to do nuget push. The action supports passing in a nuget apikey using github secrets. Please file an issue if it doesn't work!

@DennisCode We've finally pressed the big red button and shut down the MSDN Code Gallery. All samples are now powered by @GitHub and are available on 🚀 Help us make the experience better by providing feedback - we're very open to it!

@randompunter Some results of my exploration of @GitHub Package Repository for NuGet from last couple of evenings: 1. For public repositories it is not a good place for CI packages as as you can't delete them without a trip to support who only delete for GPDR or similar reasons.

@allanwhite @chris_herd @doist @trello @gitlab @stripe @buffer @zapier @github @Upwork @airtable @HubSpot @InDesign @Hubstaff @automatic @basecamp @teamweek @FirstbaseHQ @StackOverflow This is encouraging. A lot of the “traditional” job boards & recruiting firms are old-school and won’t consider remote workers, and it’s been getting me down. Now <slaps roof> to google-sheet this bad boi

@BomberUnix I totally understand the public wanting @github to sever ties with ICE - but what about @Windows ? And @RedHat ? And every single other technology vital to running an enterprise? I'm not for or against any company working with ICE - but it seems unfair to GitHub.

@BondageLand @github This is your reminder to stop working with ICE

@rswebdesigner Not sure if it is just me but even though I'm used to the new @github notifications system going through all my notifications takes way longer than before.

@steeve @github Hey, I'm not sure how to list commits on a repo ?

@dikayodata Gotta check this out. Maybe it’ll help @github not be so intimidating to me.

@deadlybrad42 @github This rules 💪 Now you just need to stop working with ICE

@LeeHambley @github Still working with ICE @github ... ? Do better. The @microsoft acquisition wasn't supposed to poison your values this quickly. Be damned if they're a legit government agency, you are helping them kill children.

@harrymarr @_myitcv @rogpeppe @github Oh dear! That’s not ideal. I’ve forwarded the tweet to the relevant team.

@ReeyahSDasoriya @Google Thanku..I’ve been doing that since yesterday. Thankfully I already had enough security which blocked the access. 🙁 However, minutes ago I received another email for GitHub login blocked and I can’t understand - this happened 2 days ago, what took @github so long to notify me???

@tahajiwaji @manionfire @github @sameerhirji77 @mBongo @martinwarioba @ellipsisdig Agreed with @manionfire @Zuw508 @ellipsisdig. Fundamentally I think its a mindset and education issue which will be a tough hurdle to overcome. We at @BongoSMS will also look at what we can make OpenSource to encourage others to do the same.

@AvrahamAdler @opencpu I’m beginning to understand better. You’ve added some scripts and I’m trying to understand them. I’ve used #msys2 and #mingw64 a decent amount and followed much of your quick script. Please See the issue I raised on @github. Thank you very much.

@kaushals9 @thewandermacha @chris_herd @doist @trello @gitlab @stripe @buffer @zapier @github @Upwork @airtable @HubSpot @InDesign @Hubstaff @automatic @basecamp @teamweek @FirstbaseHQ @StackOverflow Thanks. Chris you should totally add @AirbaseHQ to that list but... Is there a list? Not sure where that's being maintained..

@FinalNecessity Gotta say I'm really impressed with the new @github actions, tried it out with one of my projects that I was going to configure with #AzurePipelines and seamlessly got it working.

@CAFxX @SlackHQ Looks like @Github has a similar issue: some URLs to private repos can be accessed even if you are not logged in. @GitHubSecurity @natfriedman

@iximeow @github hey here's a scheduled reminder to stop working with ICE

@calanais Signed JAR file to @Github Registry... not so easy. Computer says no, is pretty much the error I've got.

@GitKraken 🤯Using the #GitHubActions integration with GitKraken issue boards gives users the ability to link Glo cards with pull requests in @github. When users include a card link in a PR description, you can trigger automatic actions in Glo. 🙌

@wolf4j1 @ericabrescia @sijieg @github @Jia_Zhai @apache_pulsar Thanks for your support. I'm very glad to give a speech. Do not hesitate to ping me if anything I can help.

@RickyDLaw @manionfire @github @sameerhirji77 @mBongo @tahajiwaji @martinwarioba @ellipsisdig This is because we do not have a tech heavy industry/ecosystem in Tanzania that would encourage developers to share their repos. Also the developer skill market in Tanzania is pretty low for so many reasons.

@0zyx @LAFitness @DARPA @god @sumo @GoodysPowders @madebygoogle @IntelSoftware @LifeFitness @Android @MSFTResearch @ODIHQ @OpenSociety @github @fitbit @drysauna @EsperDoD Really I prefer going for 45 to 48 minutes. Get close to an hour. Then 20 minutes of dry sauna. 3.2 miles, was just a brief kick. I usually run for just 2 miles a day. Can not imagine military doing the small numbers they do.

@ind_imm @github BlockChan's repo has been down for weeks due to false reports. Why does github not respond to email/tickets? What terms of service were violated? @blockchan_ca #Electron App coming soon Built on #ETH, #XRP, #IPFS, #BlockChain In support of #8chan, #4chan, #FreeSpeech

@KristinHenry @github What's the point of all this? I'm working on a different funding model for my work, that provides independence and allows me to work on projects that I think are important, but probably won't be built in a commercial setting. Projects like science learning tools...

@tjlytle @naderman @github @packagist Definitely not looking to avoid that. Just seemed like quite a glaring omission on the list.

@mlizo_ @manbirmarwah @github Already done, but I did not get anything from it. Do I have to wait?

@arielglenn @github I want to know that you are not engaging in regular business with an agency that actively implements racist (really: white supremacist) policies. Every time I land on the web site or make a commit, I think about needing to find a new home for my code. It makes me anxious and sad.

@TreisTim @SHolderbach @github Nah. It's not that I've had many problems with GitHub cli, it's just that the GUI version is more comfortable to use :D

@Sentdex @SchoolOfAIOffic @PyImageSearch @github @YouTube @facebook @amazon Oooh right the amazon publishing. Dang yeah l had not even considered this. Bet theres a lot of money in converting online tutorials to books and publishing. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

@ene__im @github Cannot find the right place to send feedback with Videos ... Let’s me share it here: from an issue if I click to a link that jumps to source code, the navigation in source view seems wrong now. Tested on iOS 13.2.2, build 50 or 53 I think.

@realCuylerStuwe @_ovlb @github Nobody actually cares about how GitHub is related to ICE. This is not the appropriate venue anyway. If you don’t like ICE, raise your complaints in the correct place rather than spewing your opinions in random places. Be more focused and intentional rather than scattered.

@___leigh___ [email protected] Actions has made it a no-brainer to run tests for my open source Go packages on Windows and Mac too, and not just Linux. It feels good to know that code is actually portable.

@soswow @itsmadou @chris_herd @doist @trello @gitlab @stripe @buffer @zapier @github @Upwork @airtable @HubSpot @InDesign @Hubstaff @automatic @basecamp @teamweek @FirstbaseHQ @StackOverflow @Atlassian Btw, just for the record - I work in Atlassian, and remote or not I love it and I think it's one of the best places to work ;-)

@char_fish @github Except... the ability to ensure a tag matches a regex before running the deploy job is impossible on @GitHub Actions makes is absolutely useless for my workflow... so no, it’s not easier than ever to get my code into production consistently and reliably.

@mbrdevuk @jerrynixon @VisualStudio @github @amandaksilver It's just a really nice touch to see the method or property I want to use be first in the list the vast majority of the time. Right now that's not groundbreaking but I see a lot of potential there.

@KristinHenry @github I'm really not a radical, but often my very sensible thoughts seem radical in today's climate. That's what really concerns me. That's a big part of why I want to build something independent....or rather, as independent as I can.

@KristinHenry @github To be clear, I'm not looking for a job. I'm looking into ways to make my own job, and be my own boss, with my own sustainable infrastructure.

@GFritchey Not being critical, just checking to see if I'm missing something. Is there a way to connect @AzureDataStudio to @github directly within ADS? Currently doing the work in ADS and then using GitHub commands to save the code.

@rogpeppe @mkflint @github i spent a lot of time reading through that review and adding those comments. I'd much prefer not to lose those hours of work.

@pradeephegde @chris_herd @doist @trello @gitlab @stripe @buffer @zapier @github @Upwork @airtable @HubSpot @InDesign @Hubstaff @automatic @basecamp @teamweek @FirstbaseHQ @StackOverflow @acuvator , @abhishan I wonder what really is the buzz around remote work experience. Having worked for IT companies that were 100% remote, had remote teams across timezones and provided flexible working for about 15 years now. I seem to take it for granted!

@char_fish @chrisrpatterson @tarasm @natfriedman @GitHubHelp @markoiskander @mxie @CircleCI @github @StackOverflow Yeah but at the same time @CircleCI supports it. Filtering the event filter is not what I want either since I want the workflow to run on all “create” triggers, but I only want the “deploy” job to run when it matches that regex.

@kwisarts I have a strong dislike for @github repositories that haven't activated the issues feature... I don't care about your awesome mailing list or your grand IRC channel where nobody ever replies, I just want to post a friggin' issue!

@klmr @shevegen @martinschurig @github Are you suggesting GitHub refuses legal requests from a court order? That doesn’t seem like a great idea. The problem here is the Spanish government, not GitHub’s adherence to the law.

@gep13 @GeertvanHorrik @arturcic @admiringworm One of the things that was enabled in this release was publishing NuGet Package to @github Package Repository. You can find the packages here: This took a little bit of setup/understanding, but seems to be working well.

@tunnckoCore Sorry, what?! Why randomly trying to bill me when I don't have anything spent. Not to mention the wrong error message. I thought July 2019 passed already? 🤔 /cc @GitHub @GitHubHelp

@adrinjalali @hug_nicolas @github You could also argue that these features should/could be provided by a third party app/platform. But I guess that part of the market is not large enough for people to actually go for it?

@manionfire According to @github : Nigeria has the fastest growth of open source projects, Kenya in 3rd. Hong Kong and Singapore led in terms of open source contribution growth. Unfortunately Tanzania is not on the list of fastest growing contributor countries in Africa. 😥 What to do?

@artem__tkachuk @ninad_dadmal @MLHacks @Microsoft @github Absolutely! Not sure specifically what it will be, but MLH guys say they are sending almost a huge truck of swag😂 Definitely stickers😈. We are looking for additional sponsors, they will provide some kind of free cloud credit to the winning team! Come build life-changing things!

@zstolar @github @githubstatus PRs are still not working properly. I can run the same PR over and over again and I keep getting the same diff each time. Had to fall back to old-time CLI.

@kevinrob I just get an email from Github: > Make sure your PayPal account balance has enough funds to cover the subscription amount, USD $0.00. If not, please transfer funds from your funding source into your PayPal account. Are you okay @github ? 🤣

@Irishmac0713 @github Webhooks don't seem to be working with CI!

@MagickNET Just created a build for the @PiqlAs boxing project to add a build with @github actions: But for some reason the action is not executed in that pull request? Not sure if it should but I think it did in the past. cc @ethomson @chrisrpatterson.

@r3dhax0r Damn it VPN, you had one job that was to circumvent censorship not get me into more of those. @github it'd be great if you could restore my full access.

@Hacker0x01 Friends, HackerOne is proud to announce we are teaming up with @GitHub to upgrade our Community Edition. Protecting open source is our social responsibility and essential to the internet’s well being. Learn more about how we are working with GitHub here:

@chris_herd @TwitterCareers @doist @trello @gitlab @stripe @buffer @zapier @github @Upwork @airtable @HubSpot @InDesign @Hubstaff @automatic @basecamp @teamweek @FirstbaseHQ @StackOverflow Awesome! Let me know if there is anything we could do to help you provide an even better remote working experience to your team 😄 @FirstbaseHQ

@artcollisions @KristinHenry @github I have the extreme luxury of considering making work that is not marketable. I am so tired of the idea that the only work that has value has to be able to be monetized. On the flip side, there is lots of work that should be valued monetarily that isn't.

@ygini @chris_herd @doist @trello @gitlab @stripe @buffer @zapier @github @Upwork @airtable @HubSpot @InDesign @Hubstaff @automatic @basecamp @teamweek @FirstbaseHQ @StackOverflow Mine? @abelionni is a remote first company (was until recently remote only, now with office [not hotel desk] access too, when employees feel the needs to)

@suff_syed @chris_herd @doist @trello @gitlab @stripe @buffer @zapier @github @Upwork @airtable @HubSpot @InDesign @Hubstaff @automatic @basecamp @teamweek @FirstbaseHQ @StackOverflow It’s sad not to see any of the big 5 or even big 10 on this list.

@m_szostok @github FYI: To do the release I used the @GoReleaser. It's not my first time that I used that tool and guess what? I truly recommend that! #Kudos to you guys!

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