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Play this fantastic multiplayer 3D golf simulator game and enjoy real golf courses, real-time duels, sports tournaments and our unique Golf Royale battle mode for free! Ultimate Golf is a free online sports simulator with a fun race to the pin: Do not wait for the opponent to tee off, drive and hit. With our golf courses you can perfect your swing, drive, chip and putt from an endless variety of lies on the fairway and greens

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by Dave   1 month ago

New Samsung S24... Crashing constantly....every Royal at least 1 crash...frustrating and ready to give up on this app..

by Dean brown/Alaskan   2 months ago

Won’t connect

by MH   2 months ago

Cannot connect to game server. Internet connections are working normal. No problems/issues doing anything else online with iPad

by Sigbjørn Johnsen Nordvik   2 months ago

Cannot connect to server. My internet connection is working as it should.

by Tom   4 months ago

I get a " game is not compatible with phone" message. I just purchased the moto g phone. How can I fix this? Thank you.

by Gary p Cecere   7 months ago

Not working at all.

by Jeff   8 months ago

The app comes and works for about 3 to 4 mins. Then it begins to buffer. Then it just kicks me back to my homepage. Updates are good. Internet test shows high speed excellent for gaming. I cleared out storage cache. Other games and everything works fine. I've been playing a long time. It would not be very upsetting to lose my progress.

by Gadgetskates   9 months ago

Shot not received “error message “… To add insult to injury, the shot is still counted against you, so you are guaranteed a loss.. has only happened about five time in the last thirty days but when you are playing for a million or so it’s not close to acceptable.. please tell me what is going on and also why the shot is counted against when it clearly has not accepted the shot… and also no internet issues anywhere else on all my other apps, so it is not that..

by Don   10 months ago

I purchased a Google Pixel 7A. The game doesn't work. Says it's incompatible. Any fix for this ?

by Z Man   10 months ago

Can't start. Unable toload the game

by Gary   1 year ago

Cannot connect to ugly but can connect to pool 😭

by Kyle Marshall   1 year ago

Wont let me play ultimate tournament at whispering pines When selected it freezes, the other tournaments work fine

by Daniel Huck   1 year ago

I entered a Golf Royale 2 seconds before game started. Took my cash,then said game started already. Wasn’t able to play!

by Jerry Castaldo   1 year ago

The game told me to update to the latest version. After doing so, none of the tournaments appear. I was in the middle of a tournament. Saved my progress and they're all gone. The icon for tournaments is no longer there. Help!

by Daniel   1 year ago

It says it's not compatible with my device. I have been playing ultimate golf for years. I went to sign in ,it said I have to download the latest version,I went to do it and it said it's not compatible with my device

by Bill   1 year ago

Message. Cannot connect to server

by Bert Bennett   1 year ago

An update on Feb 23 or 24, after which my galaxy phone would not work. It kept saying "this app is not compatible with your device anymore. Contact the developers for more info.

by Dennis Rakicki   1 year ago

Sound and music echos-reverberates

by ConsigliereXiv   1 year ago

Yesterday(2-27-2023) my Motorola g pure, instructed me to update the game, after going to GooglePlay, another message said, "this game is no longer available for your phone". WTAF, JUST made Pro, not to mention the $50 I had in, in-game purchases. Hope to see a resolution, I greatly enjoyed playing your game and hope to continue to do so, if not... lesson learned, keep moving forward- FORE!~ -Sig

by Castleblayney   1 year ago

Won’t update via Applestore

by BrianM   1 year ago

Lost all my progress in the game. It started me over from scratch.

by Mark wilson   1 year ago

Gone back to zero like a new player Done the update as told to now game won't load 😑

by Putty McPutput   1 year ago

Opened game this morning and everything has gone. Back to zero and like it’s a new player!

by Chris   1 year ago

Game will not load

by Claude Jarret Robertson   1 year ago

Gsme won't load

by Anthony Grajeda   1 year ago

I am lock out of playing the game

by Paul Lalonde   1 year ago

My phone broke completely. I cannot reload has user number -tournesol qc- For thé game ultimate golf. What is thé procedure to havé my game back? Phone number 1-514-894-4312 Thanks

by Dave Kelly   1 year ago

I can't click on the bonus stuff to purchase

by Mark Hyde   1 year ago

Error handling my request when trying to log on to game

by Ronald D Krause   1 year ago

Say I need to update. Will not allow me to update

by FireBall   1 year ago

Got a bug, Keeps going off

by Dave   1 year ago

Game will not download on my iPad.

by Guy Thomas   1 year ago

No matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall I keep getting a message that the game install or update failed.

by Sheldon Booker   1 year ago

I was suspended but don't know why . My teenage son changed my player name as a joke from Burn Survivor to ol dirty balls . Is this the reason . I am not a cheater

by David Rooney   1 year ago

Downloaded app won't connect tried numerous times

by Grumpy Gulfer   1 year ago

Will not load any matches anything

by ohashas   1 year ago

The head to head is not scoring trophies properly. It always gives 6 for a win no matter if you play the $200, $1000, $4000

by Dennis Benders   1 year ago

Wont let me log into Facebook account

by Raymond Garrison Tilton   1 year ago

Your most recent update won't work. It'll load up the game, then when it connects to the servers it prompts me to download the update. I got to the app store and when I hit the update button it just says pending, the. Hours later it's still pending

by Danny Mcgill   1 year ago

Shot track and needle vibrate uncontrollably when aiming and hitting. Have recorded at least a dozen occurrences. gostinmachine

by Gareth   1 year ago

Taking up 5.55GB on my phone but not sure why. Any way of clearing that down?

by Buzz74   1 year ago

The mastery pins have disappeared from the shop. It’s says to purchase more and when you click on the button they aren’t anywhere to be seen? Anyone know?

by Paul Spencer   1 year ago

I’ve lost all my data and it won’t let me log in to my account user Id: Noers Email:[email protected]

by Paul   1 year ago

randomly during, head to heads or tournament's. the hole goes white or black not allowing me to complete the match..

by David Wyeth   1 year ago

Cannot reinstall ultimate golf app. I off loaded it and when I tried to reinstall a message came up saying it’s integrity could not be verified.

by Doug   1 year ago

Keeps crashing. Over and over

by Mark T   1 year ago

Game keeps crashing on getting to tournament page - sometime I can play 1 or 2 holes before it crashes but not a full round - noticed this in the last 48 hours

by Cade0330   1 year ago

Same as reported by others, every tournament, head to head and royale I have entered over the past 48 hours has crashed and I am forced to forfeit my funds. I don't know why I keep trying and expecting a different result at this point.

by David   1 year ago

I keep getting kicked out of the game

by Bon   1 year ago

Still crashing. Used to be good game, now for the bin

by Sam   1 year ago

Same as everyone else keeps crashing lost hellve lot of funds

by Larry White   1 year ago

I cannot playa full hole without it going back to my iPad Home Screen. I lose holes because of this glitch. My server connection is not the problem.

by Austin   1 year ago

It crashes constantly, to the point where I can enter a tournament but every shot crashes my phone

by S p   1 year ago

I keep getting kicked off

by Mark   1 year ago

Game play so irratic. Can't send a ball in the right direction because swing metre is stop start

by Antonius.   1 year ago

Ween i try to play a course it crashes. All the time.

by Marie Parisi   1 year ago

I keep getting kicked out. I pay to play in a tournament and it crashes.

by Dave   1 year ago

Excellent game but has become unplayable as constantly crashes. I was unable to play a single hole without repeated crashes. Each time it finally restarted I had lost a shot, or the game. Hopefully a fix soon, if not I’m afraid I’ll call it a day for Ultimate Golf.

by Antonius.   1 year ago

By starting the game course. it crash, how i can play.

by Stan perry   1 year ago

T I start to play but the game keeps crashing why

by Slick Driver   1 year ago

Can’t finish a single hole without UG crashing. Contemplating to switch to a different game. Great game but this is not worth it.

by Robja   1 year ago

Keeps crashing. Keep loosing h2h because of crashes. It crashes in tournaments I’m almost ready to delete game

by Vince Hess   1 year ago

I finally deleted the game from my IPad. I think they are a victim of there own success. Too many players for the servers to handle is my guess. To bad it is a great game.

by Smitty   1 year ago

Still crashing

by RBW   1 year ago

Download head to head play (crash) Download tournament play (crash) Download Royal play (crash) Download big shot ( crash). Ever since this mastery option became available???

by Chris   1 year ago

Nonstop crashing. Times me out when playing H2H and doesn’t let me finish in royale

by Smitty   1 year ago

Constantly crashing today, 7 times in first 4 holes of tournament. Unplayable

by Toad   1 year ago

Crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, crash, (there is a pattern here in case you didn’t see it). Done playing until it’s fixed!

by Steve H   1 year ago

Just crashing all the time, so disappointing. The one game I really enjoy. C’mon UG, fix it.

by John   1 year ago

C’mon, this crap has been going on since the weekend…FIX THE CONSTANT CRASHING!!

by Paul   1 year ago

Game keeps closing every time I get in. It’s been doing this since the upgrade.

by Keeps crashing   1 year ago

Mine mostly crashes during head to head. Can’t hardly play that anymore. During a tournament round, it’ll crash 5 or 6 times. Royale is 50/50 if it’ll crash. No, it’s not my internet connection! It does this at home, work, or my data plan. All the same problems. Just losing coins.

by Tylersurden   1 year ago

Non stop crashing, but I have fixed it. I held my finger down until your app started to shake then I hit remove app. All fixed bye bye.

by Les (1983)   1 year ago

Keeps closing down in the activity I have not been able to play or complete Royale or tournaments

by Bill   1 year ago

Crashtastic… game play is non-functional. Can only imagine how much $ the developers are actively losing and will lose longer term due to this issue.

by Hugh fairless   1 year ago

Every single hole site crashes, personal internet is sound. Am losing loads at every single hole I play. Really sad and frustrating

by Fkw15   1 year ago

I can’t open the app today… Everytime I try to open it, it closes… How is it possible? Can you help me? Thx

by Thebosshisboss   1 year ago

Game crashes at tournaments, H2H and Royal, only on my Ipad not on my phone, get a message that they working on it. I go for a big reward as compensation

by Big iron   1 year ago

Crash, crash, crash in 'one v one' game play. Lost millions of coins and great balls. Ian

by Steve   1 year ago

Crashes - can’t get back into tournaments to complete. Has got far worse with last 2 updates, and/or in last month!!

by Shane   1 year ago

Game unplayable. Not worth the money I have paid

by Mïa   1 year ago

Games keeps crashing, which hampers my progress. Experience got from really enjoyable to very frustrating now. Please bring back the former, much more stable version!

by Maynard   1 year ago

Continually crashing

by Lisa Tressel   1 year ago

Constantly crashing, can’t play a full round without it crashing

by Mike   1 year ago

Same crashing issues. Good news is I am stubborn and keep trying. It’s like a bad marriage you keep trying to make it work but I am giving up now. It’s been two weeks.

by Robby wilson   1 year ago

Game keeps crashing! Can’t play it anymore.

by NJF 43   1 year ago

Non stop crashing … same as everyone else … tried all the fixes … no luck … will not be continuing with game until fixed

by Rick Kelly   1 year ago

Crashes every shot. Can’t play a tournament or even one game. Have been playing for a couple of years and enjoy the game but will be deleting in the next couple of days if this isn’t reconciled. Just too frustrating.

by Hobbyranch   1 year ago

Still crashing…

by GT   1 year ago

The app continually crashes - game will not start at all.

by Martin   1 year ago

Game not loading and constantly crashing something’s wrong with servers

by Marc   1 year ago

Love the game after the upgrade all it does is crash all the time!

by Hobbyranch   1 year ago

Game keeps crashing

by Stephen   1 year ago

I can’t even play a hole I just wast my time reloading.

by Vince Hess   1 year ago

Constant crashes are annoying. Take some of the money you have made from this great game and update your servers. I suspect the servers get overwhelmed.

by CeBe   1 year ago

I Also had to restart the game all the time. Another thing, one small tip, please remove the the ”rings” to avoid people use the ”wind-calculator”.

by John   1 year ago

Game is cashing, can’t even complete one hole now ! Very, very frustrating.

by Guest ms   1 year ago

This game is crashing so often

by Greg   1 year ago

This game is crashing so often & so fast I cannot complete a hole. Massively frustrating!!!

by Thebosshisboss   1 year ago

The game stops constantly, what can i do ? How can I reinstall the game without losing my credits?

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Play this fantastic multiplayer 3D golf simulator game and enjoy real golf courses, real-time duels, sports tournaments and our unique Golf Royale battle mode for free! Ultimate Golf is a free online sports simulator with a fun race to the pin: Do not wait for the opponent to tee off, drive and hit. With our golf courses you can perfect your swing, drive, chip and putt from an endless variety of lies on the fairway and greens and become a golf master. Avoid the rough and bunkers in this real-time 3D golf simulation. Challenge your friends, family and Facebook buddies in our multiplayer championship simulator! Win golf bags from your challenges and unlock a huge range of clubs and balls to improve your golf swing and shot in this real-time sports simulator. Try our free real golf multiplayer courses from Wolf Creek Golf Club, Fairmont Banff Springs, Close House, Abu Dhabi Golf Course and Harbour Town Golf Links for a world golf tour simulator in stunning 3D design! Start as an amateur... (Ultimate Golf! Publisher) Help Center

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