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T3 Arena is an all-new, fast-paced hero shooter. Team up with your friends in 3v3 games, and battle in the Arena anytime, anywhere

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Recent Outage Reports

by William   2 months ago

Crash game

by BLACCPRINT   8 months ago

Since the recent update (SS2) the game lags the moment I start tapping things such as heroes, season tasks and rewards, subscription reward etc.. I just want the game to work like before to be honest, I'm prepared to purchase the season pass but I'll be waiting on that until this problem is resolved

by Blind Phoenix   9 months ago

Massive lag spikes, constant high ping, randomly kicks me from the game.

by Brittney   9 months ago

I have always enjoyed playing this game since I started at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately lately I have been experiencing really bad lagging to the point where I can’t really play because I move and then immediately die half the time. However this lag is the only problematic thing for me due to making me not want to play the game anymore because I just constantly lag and immediately die.

by Usauyd Nagori   9 months ago

When downloaded this app it said to update and when update was fully done it was showing that screen only even after its fully updated

by Francis   10 months ago

When i enter the game it kicks me out for no reason

by adam   11 months ago

my game keeps crashing and no its not because of my phone, it was working fine until the new update

by PlayDark   1 year ago

Sorry not really lost all my friends but the glitch is that I can't see any of my friends in list and can't add friends I can only be invited to partys

by PlayDark   1 year ago

PlayDark my username for t3 arena, my friends all disappeared in the friends list I had many of them why did that happen >:(

by Yimi   1 year ago

No me deja entrar mi cuenta avanzada

by Ананим   1 year ago

Мне выдаётошибку failed to complete data

by Eason   1 year ago

It keeps crashing on Android and it has bad graphics on Android so please fix

by Nah   1 year ago

So basically logging in and the menu is fine but when I load into a match it kicks me out of the game and it does this so many times fix the bug god damnit

by KratoDorji   1 year ago

Game crashes when playing matches in between please fix the bug

by kekeaintshi   1 year ago

not able to get in a game

by Jamie carter   1 year ago

The game loads up fine untili go to start a match and then it just sits on the loading screen and doesn't put me into a match. It is inconsistent and you never know if and when you will get it

by zmom   1 year ago

I can't go past the main screen it keeps telling me the update download was interrupted and can't even go to looby screen (I am new player)

by Jaylo Alce   1 year ago

Game freezes randomly mid-game, often creates annoying noices while at it. Have had this happen on all 3 of my installs.

by Loopy   1 year ago

I already play the game for a weeks so far so good but now whenever i finish match the app will immediately crash (every match) Its not my device because i use google pixel 4xl so i think its not device problem

by Edgar   1 year ago

It crashes constantly. at least every other match.. and sometimes before the match starts. sometimes in the middle of a match. and at the end whether winning or losing. Its great when the game is actually working and doesnt crash. but the crash is getting annoying and takes away the fun and replaces frustration instead. please fix this.

by Edgar Terrance   1 year ago

I love this game and everything about it is good so far.. the only problem i have is the app crashes after every other match on my Ipad. would hope you guys fix this because it sucks being in the middle of a match and the app closing out and having to start up again. if this gets fixed would definitely say this is one of the best online games out right now.

by Tushar   1 year ago

Black Screen issue in my device. When I installed via Taptap, it works great & no issue but after that I can't be able to go to login page.

by iRiskier   1 year ago

I keep crashing whilst in the match loading screen, this only happens whilst i play on mobile data. Can I do something to fix this?

by Unknown   1 year ago

Game keeps crashing

by Gina   1 year ago

It shows failed to login. When I click START, it doesn’t able to load to the next screen page.

by CoolBoy27   1 year ago

It needed an update but once I do, it creates and error message. I uninstalled it and tried again. But it is not working. Do you have any suggestions?

by Nick   1 year ago

When I try to launch the game it tells me SSL certification error.

by Alice   1 year ago

Il gioco mi si blocca alla schermata principale

by Adrian njuguna   1 year ago

It lags and crashes

by Owl13   1 year ago

I can’t purchase Value Bundle 15, it’s failing to recharge.

by Azar   1 year ago

It shows only purple screen I reinstalled but didn't work

by Aston Bell   1 year ago

I can't hear my friends in voice chat

by Jaroo   1 year ago

Game is crashing all by himself, closing itself anytime

by Teddy   1 year ago

No sound

by Sillin   1 year ago

Not working it shows the purple screen with the circle even after I reinstalled multiple times it’s the same problem I even tried it in my other phone it’s the same problem

by Sillin   1 year ago

Not working it shows the purple screen with the circle even after I reinstalled multiple times it’s the same problem I even tried it in my other phone it’s the same problem

by Tart   1 year ago

Hello! Ive been having problems whit entering matches reasently, I'm stuck on the loading screen and can't enter the match. I can see fighting going on in the background. Something is clearly wrong. I've tried rebooting my iPhone, deleting and reinstalling the app but nothing works. Please help! Thank you, tart

by Nathan   1 year ago

I get into a game and as the teams are being shown it completely bugs and then after a couple seconds the screen turns black

by Maria   1 year ago

When I am into a game and the screen shows the map it’s lags and doesn’t let me play

by Enemtzas   1 year ago

The game is not working on WiFi

by Dennis   1 year ago

Game not working, Server and loading problems aswell!

by Ivan   1 year ago

It keeps crashing mid game

by Selena   1 year ago

Every time is go in the game the screen turns gray and kicks me out of the app this is very frustrating

by Joel69Gamer   1 year ago

Black screen

by Lavender   1 year ago

My problem here is the is thing keeps on popping up on my screen and it says “failed to complete data update,try again”and it keeps on annoying me and whenever I reload the game it pops up again so can you please fix this or tell me what to do please thank you.

by Yq   1 year ago

Game has trouble connecting to server. Using iphone. Tried all but not working

by killerToni   1 year ago

This my first time trying to playing and it keeps saying connect to server or restart and try again

by Monzer99   1 year ago

while in party with my friends i can't hear them and they can't hear me for couple of games then it works for a game or two then again can't hear them

by Rebel Brawler   1 year ago

Whenever I load into any mode, most of my screen is black with colours at the side. It only clears whenever I get hit by an enemy.

by Aliyah   1 year ago

Since I used tap tap to get t3 arena. Since I’m on Android it needs to updated today but when I go on tap tap it just says install and I can’t do anything

by game freeze in match.   1 year ago

when a game of clash is finished the game doesnt reponse anymore. restarting the game doesnt work nuntil the game is finished. please fix your broken game

by bon   1 year ago

Correction Blackscreen after being hit by someone in a match*

by Bon   1 year ago


by Bon   1 year ago

Backstreet right after I get hit by a enemy

by eyad   1 year ago

im playing on bluestacks the game opens but i cant play when i click play it says: failed to connect to server

by Arrsh   1 year ago

Failed to connect to server Playing on bluestacks

by BigBossAC   1 year ago

I have a taptap account but I’m not getting trophies due to high ping. I’m gonna play when you guys can fix the game servers. Good thing I did not get the battle pass.

by Jadin   1 year ago

Sent invite to friend They get a message “cannot join due to account status.” I don’t know what that means

by 但し   1 year ago

Unable to search a friend and add them.

by Rean   1 year ago

Appearing offline on friends list and friends not showing

by Boo   1 year ago

Friend list missing

by RAVEN   1 year ago

Login 6 digit code doesn’t work. I tried 8 times, but I can’t login on another device.

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T3 Arena, Is T3 Arena game Down? Is T3 Arena Down?
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T3 Arena is an all-new, fast-paced hero shooter. Team up with your friends in 3v3 games, and battle in the Arena anytime, anywhere. Powerful heroes with their own personality, exciting multiplayer game modes, and easy assist options are all waiting for you to discover. ALL-NEW HERO SHOOTER ‣ Team? Solo? Your Choice. Battle with friends in a variety of multiplayer 3v3 game modes and maps. Join forces and create your own team strategy at T3 Arena. Or, go solo and win the game like a star! ‣ Cool Heroes. Pick Your Play Style. Unlock, collect and battle with heroes with a variety of abilities and ultimates. Play your game in short-range, or shoot at your long-range target. ‣ Super Many Game Modes. Play T3 Arena in a variety of multiplayer game modes. New game modes are made available in The Lab session, where you can try and experience competitive shooter games with your team. ‣ Console-Quality. Not Kidding. Ultra-stylish graphics and detailed character animations. T3 Arena is the u...

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