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Relaxing Words, Is Relaxing Words game Down? Is Relaxing Words Down?
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Are you a word game fan? Crosswords, word searches, Scrabble, hidden word and anagram games...nothing scares you? Then you're going to love Relaxing Words! Give your brain a workout and improve your vocabulary in a calm and relaxing environment. Each unique puzzle will make you love this addicting word game more and more. Take a break from your day by solving a few puzzles and stimulate your brain in a relaxing way. Become a real word game pro! Come on - take on the challenge! • Hundreds of puzzles allow you to work on your memory and concentration • A simple and relaxing gameplay • A magnificent graphic universe with stunning landscapes • Improve your vocabulary and maintain the brain of a 20-year-old • Take on the challenge: start with easy grids, then advance to increasingly difficult ones Relaxing Words is the latest and greatest word game from the creators of Top 7 and Jingle Quiz. Now, get to work solving all the new word puzzles for free!

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