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Mud, water, winch, rocks, winch, multiplayer.

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Offroad Zone, Is Offroad Zone game Down? Is Offroad Zone Down?
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Mud, water, winch, rocks, winch, multiplayer... - it's all here. Build your custom off-road rigs, tune them and enter the world of extreme offroading. You have a lot of places to explore - open-world trails, tons of challenges to complete and all that you can do in multiplayer mode with your friends. VEHICLES You build your vehicle the way you want it. Fit different aftermarket parts, install snow tracks instead of wheels, change axles, swap to diesel etc. You can change suspensions, bumpers, cages, running boards,rim, tires, lights etc. Tune axles and shock absorbers, adjust damping, stiffness, etc. Tune wheels - change size, width, rim size, colors etc. MAPS Drive on different maps with different conditions. Drive through mud, water, sand, snow. Adjust your vehicle tuning and behaviour to those conditions. Set different tires, adjust wheel sizes, tune axle, shock absorbers and prepare your vehicle for different terrain. MODES Explore open-world in FREE MODE and find secret boxes w...

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