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Greetings Hunter! You've probably played many hunting simulators. But this one will make your head spin

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by Bear   8 months ago

The game is giving no missions

by Hatenate   8 months ago

Will not load past 75%

by Old dirty buzzard   1 year ago

Haven't been able to open game for 3 days. Just says "check network connection". Connection is fine. Please fix

by Dragan   1 year ago

The phone I'm playing this game is broken, and I'm wondering how to transfer the game with the achieved score to the new phone

by Tdoodle07   1 year ago

Wont connect tried deleteing uninstalling and still no connection 2 different devices so no my end.

by Nica   1 year ago

Freezes and lagging

by Angry   1 year ago

The game had on going problems is nothing new. But this check internet connection seems to be unfixable. I have contacted Samsung, internet provider, and the developer. As always no answer from the developer. There's no problem with connection. Or device.

How to Solve Hunting Clash Down or Outage Issues

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Hunting Clash, Is Hunting Clash game Down? Is Hunting Clash Down?
Game description
Greetings Hunter! You've probably played many hunting simulators. But this one will make your head spin. Get your gear ready. Sharpen your senses and prepare for a real treat! Meet Hunting Clash – the most amazing 3D shooting simulator ever (seriously: ever!). Have some medicine at hand as the game will drastically increase your heart-beat rate – it's known as a free adrenaline-making machine! Here, grab the awesome features of the game: The greatest hunting grounds on earth. That's right. Hunting Clash is filled with thrilling locations to hunt your dreamed-of trophy. You'll experience anything from deadly frostbites in Kamchatka to the merciless, scorching gusts of African winds. And who knows, maybe you'll get to see the Northern Lights, too? The greatest choice of weapons. You'll be gobsmacked by the range of weaponry in Hunting Clash. Deadly precision, perfect design and stunning quality will make your hunting experience top-notch plus, you'll get to improve your weapon in...

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