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GALAXIGA is the best space shooting game that makes you feel like playing a classic game. Download and play it now to help you remember your intense childhood

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by Missy   3 months ago

I cannot play anything, it freezes after the new download. Please help! Thank you so much in advance @

by Dave mahoney   11 months ago

When i start galaxiga on my iphone now, my game account is gone. It started over and asked to create a new account. How do I get my old account back? If I login to facebook it still doesn’t work. I still know my acct. ID number and profile name, so what can i do to get my original account back?

by Ggg   1 year ago


by Wilber nazario   1 year ago

My email is [email protected] can some help me explain what going on with this game still not working and it been a month already do i have to start paying for stuff so it could work because iam not doing that its a cool game and i like it but nothing to lose my self here thera and issue and i can get even a response of whats going on so please help

by Wilber nazario   1 year ago

I been playing this game for a few months i love it i havent spent money on it because its not worth it i spent my money on food and shelter for my family so that being said this game has network server problems for me for amost two weeks now also when u click on the left icon it said closing for maintenance only some things work on the game i cant see my freinds i cant watch ads to collect rewards etc the only thing i can do is play thw levels thats it please fix this problem thank u

by Sly   1 year ago

No server connection error

by Mike Tapko   1 year ago

This is talk to text so please bear with me This game is one of the funnest most toxic games I’ve ever encountered. If it wasn’t for my guild and decent players I’ve met throughout this game I wouldn’t be playing anymore. That being said, the only reason I am playing is because I’ve spent quite a bit of money more than I want to admit, but the thing is they double dip in my bank multiple times I’ve gotten back probably a total of $600-$800 in game purchases not granted from me they reimbursed and then again I’m sitting at about 3$40-$360 The only reason I have not got a refund on that is because my lawyers advise me at this moment not to. They are greedy. They try to show their generic message with compassion but when you actually talk to somebody, it almost appears that it’s our fault. People are losing upgraded ships meaning they’re being downgraded and basically every update they have is just for an event and makes the game even more laggy and they Nerf it up a lot especially in guild boss battles. If you need any further questions, please feel free to call me at 816-803-7515 because I could go on and on and I don’t have the time right now lol but I imagine you guys are getting flooded after that I’m sorry But the developers are only in it for themselves. I fear that they’re going to take the money and run as a wise man name Steve Miller one said.

by Lori Atchison   1 year ago

No power now from the Umbra Stone, reduced conquer cards. Only getting15 to 20 per round and have to gather 90,000 to purchase ship in conquershop, reduced rewards, uneven pvp match ups, rewards keep decreasing, ship, drone and stone cards are disappearing, takes an astronomical amount of cards and gems for tier 3 ships, drones and stones. And complete unfair game play. Game says free to play, but to get anything from any event or regular game play you have to purchase like you are a millionaire just to get in the top 50. Or they do an event and they only way you can play is to purchase. The price for anything is different for different players. Such as conquer cards, some players will pay .99 for 15000 cards, while other pay $20 for 15000, and then some pay $10 for 15000 conquer cards. This is not at all in any way fair. Please fix thes

by Ily   1 year ago

I can't watch ads "video unavailable"

by Anne-Marie   1 year ago

No server connection?

by Antonia hansen   1 year ago

Can't play multi-player mode message says network connection not detected. Can't collect any rewards or daily stuff message says server connection error. I've tried all the recommended fixes. I've Uninstaller and reinstalled. I've done the latest update. I've cleared the cache. I've freed up space on my phone and still it's not working.

by Tristan   1 year ago

It is definitely crashing while very close to the end of a level, usually when I'm watching an add to get that 1 more chance to use a ship to keep on fighting

by Galaxia   1 year ago

Chasing league and survival league point reducing

by nico serrano   1 year ago

cant connect to the server

by Kailash rawat   1 year ago

Its shows everytime server not connect please try later whenever i am trying to collect rewards

by djombie   1 year ago

no server connection

by Melissa   1 year ago

No server connection please try again later. Right after guild boss fight- now no part of the game works!

by Tan husd   1 year ago

Keeps freezing

by Mike alinger   1 year ago

Did I e of your 1.99 get 200 gem and whatever else, I just needed gems. So as soon as I purchased your game crashed kicked me out and we'll I seen today I was billed 9/26 for 2.19 but I never received anything. I will hold for 24 hours for at least getting my 200 gems or refund before placing a dispute and more than likely never buy on here again. I will assure you goes the same for the boys and wife that plays also. Ty

by Mike alinger   1 year ago

Unable to connect to network server. I connect to everything but this game. And of course issue began after I made a purchase. Please advise, thank you

by Atp892   1 year ago

When i open Galaxiga it just crashes immediately

by Carrie   1 year ago

Ever since installing the game about 2 weeks ago i have not been able to access adventure mode. I continue to grt s closing for maimtance message. Is this true or a glitch? Thanks!

by Shant Bagdasaryan   1 year ago

After I win a game or sometimes even in the middle of a game the app just crashes on me

by Thomas Dillow   2 years ago

Server won’t load

by Keith Franks   2 years ago

Says sever is down won't load

by Thomas Dillow   2 years ago


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Galaxiga, Is Galaxiga game Down? Is Galaxiga Down?
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GALAXIGA is the best space shooting game that makes you feel like playing a classic game. Download and play it now to help you remember your intense childhood. In Galaxiga, you will be faced with a large amount of infinity galaxy enemies. Use your spaceship to shoot them down and clear all enemies in the galaxy. Features: - Gorgeous Pixel graphic reminds old school games - Super-easy control that tutorial is not needed - Strong and varying enemies - Tough and fierce Boss battle - Various ways for the power upgrade - True space battle experience - High-quality images optimized for tablets and large screens. - Various upgradeable spaceships. How to play: - Slide the screen to control your spaceship dodge enemy's bullets. - Use coin and gem to upgrade or evolve your space crafts to fight with giant enemies and alien invaders. - Use appropriate spaceships and strategies for each level and boss. - Remember using a power-up item, booster item. They will help you complete easier. Download...

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