Is Chronicle Of Infinity Down?

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I have a problem with the Experience gain. It has been 2 months and I'm stuck at level 94 because when I get half way the experience bar resets to zero and it is pissing me off. It is making me not injoy the game anymore, please fix it

by Anonymous 1 month ago

It's about two weeks that I'm not able to enter the game because of the server issues. In this two weeks, whenever I log in and click on "start game", it goes on loading and then says the server is unavailable. I also cleared the cache and data, uninstalled and reinstalled, and updated it to the latest version many times but the problem still persists.
In this period of time, I could enter the game twice by chance afternoon playing match-3 while downloading. I really don't know what to do. Hope you help me with this issue.

by Utopia 1 month ago

I had 60% experience on my bar earlier and now i am at 5% what the bell s going on I am level 79 trying to gét to 80 if this keeps happening imam going!to uninstall.

by Gary 4 months ago

I can't login the game

by tagaPASLANG 5 months ago

How to Solve Chronicle of Infinity Down or Outage Issues

Our users reports indicate that there are no current problems with Chronicle of Infinity .

If you're having problems with Chronicle of Infinity too, the games' servers might be overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outages or server maintenance is in progress. Here are some fixes to debugg Chronicle of Infinity and solve the Chronicle of Infinity not working issue:

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Chronicle of Infinity, Is Chronicle of Infinity game Down? Is Chronicle of Infinity Down?
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