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@_Grade3Teacher_ @FTC @TwitterSafety please go shut down @MrHumanityGives Enough of us have been lied to and scammed by him and keep tellin y’all to go look. GO LOOK. His lies are pretty blatantly obvious.

@NexGenStriker @KwingReviews @FTC @YouTube I'm guessing you're currently stuck between making too much for disability, Medicaid, and etc, but not making enough to live without constant stress. I hope the long term stress doesn't negativity impact your condition.

@Counterfeit_Rpt A brain is not required to sell fraudulent products on Amazon. There is no legitimate 18650 battery over 3800mAh. This 40A (40 Amp or 40,000mAh ) battery is a fraud. Clean up your website #Amazon. @FTC

@_Grade3Teacher_ @ejin_elan @FTC @TwitterSafety @MrHumanityGives @CashApp @TwitterSupport @jack @Twitter Me too. @IRSnews @FTC @TwitterSafety @YouTube Y’all need to shut this scheming crap down.

@LLightningGamer @3dlokigamer @FTC The FTC #COPPA made the demand that creators are held liable for not disabling trackers if their content is "kid friendly." We can still voice ourselves at until Dec. 9 And to sign a petition. I'm trying to get this understood

@OKGoodreview @juliocoolio6 @FTC @Ranger_Liz @Japanime9393 @thomasjujube @ghaaast This is effectively asking creators to police and report to themselves and if they thought that was effective, we would not be here. Also, any of the "bad actor" creators can do the same thing, even if the content is intentionally duplicitous. 2/

@Tedakin @Chadtronic The fish in a barrel comment is just mean. They're scaring well-meaning creative people who are not to blame for any of this. @ftc @FTCPhillips

@LLightningGamer @missy__m @Friyo9785 @CoreyCoyote @UKChange @FTC yeah that falls under "websites aimed at kids" IE if a site is full of kid stuff it is safe to assume that kids under the age of 13 will be there and in that case you are not allowed to collect personal information without parental consent

@PixPlayzGamez @GardeGardevoir @FTC yes, I agree, something needs to be done, either relaxing the demonetization policies, lowering the fine, or not changing anything at all and forcing kids under 13 to browse via YT Kids via Parental Restrictions or something. It's really up to YouTube at this point in time. (2/2)

@KwingReviews @NexGenStriker @FTC @YouTube Car Accident, brain injury. I was under SSI for 6 yrs too. Not allowed to work outside my home. Or face a hefty fine. But also expected to work from home or have assisted living. The us govt wanted me dead 15 yrs ago, im broken lol

@gfoglia101 @JANGBRiCKS @NickOnRipple @ZachisSkinny @YouTube @FTC So you think it may be very, very close to being kids content. And to not take any chances whatsoever.

@GiantSoundLLC @Nterin @THR @IGN @ForbesTech @FTC @EAStarWars I'm just falling too much in #JediFallenOrder and not falling much in #DeathStranding so I feel like a #Jedi in the wrong game and just want to quit the story to back to @KojiPro2015_EN like, I could just make gameplay and cut the two and it'd be so much more clear @EAStarWars

@OKGoodreview @juliocoolio6 @FTC @Ranger_Liz @Japanime9393 @thomasjujube @ghaaast YouTube runs the site. They can flag or delete or unlist 100% of the content at their discretion. They are the sole operators, despite the FTC not understanding that. Both YouTube & the FTC are trying to have things all ways, which will work until someone challenges them in court

@CraftyMaelyss @YouTube @FTC That would also: -Get rid of the "Elsa bait" videos -Stop predators from chatting up kids -Prevent You/gle from stalking and advertising to kids -Not put YouTubers at risk -Comply with the FTC and COPPA -Have everyone walk away from this situation content

@LLightningGamer @missy__m @Friyo9785 @CoreyCoyote @UKChange @FTC I honestly don't know how else to explain this. COPPA is one thing and one thing only, you are NOT allowed to collect personal information from a child under the age of 13 without obtaining parental consent. NOTHING to do with videos, who makes or uploads those videos

@meligirl8 @FAFSA @FTC Yes!! I know it’s not the fovernment. It’s these slime ball companies looking to make big bucks off of people struggling to pay their loans in the first place. Sad that not everyone knows that and they sign up with these crooks. I will report them. Thank you thank you!

@FantogemeDan @TPMvideos @FTC I wonder if it has to do with them wanting to crack down on all those nursery rhyme channels.... But at the end of the day I really dont understand why. I really hope you guys can continue doing what you do. TPM has been one of the better channels. Would hate to loose it.

@Zom_Bee_Nature @CoolTrish1 @RobotMakerGirl @FTC It doesn't matter now, because she got mad at me for misphrasing what I meant in my opinion and blocked me. That's unfortunate. But since I have never seen the TV program, have not met anyone who has gone to a Maker faire, and will never see her in real life, it won't matter now.

@OKGoodreview @juliocoolio6 @FTC @Ranger_Liz @Japanime9393 @thomasjujube @ghaaast I think they will. The FTC does not understand YouTube now, but if they still don't after the comment period, it will be willful. If the rules are that vague and makes it to a court, it will be problematic for them to prosecute.

@Real_The_Goof @FTC @YouTube It sounds like, no matter what I label my channel or videos, I could still get into trouble just because I was drawing a character, or making music.. or playing a game. My videos are NOT and have NEVER been for children. The ones to blame are lazy parents!

@WillGriffinYT @juliocoolio6 @FTC I agree it is very vague but they are the government and I’m sure once the 1st rolls around they will narrow it down. Especially since a lot of creators have reached out. I’m sure they are going to do the right thing. I hav faith.

@ItsHojoz @NickOnRipple @ZachisSkinny @JANGBRiCKS @YouTube @FTC So, it comes down to this: Does Minecraft count as kids content: Yes Does Spore count as kids content: Yes. Does Forza Horizon 4 count as kids content: Minimum age says yes Does Kerbal Space Program count as kids content: I don't know. Oh shit...

@CraftyMaelyss @YouTube @FTC There are so many things you could do that doesn't bring severe harm to so many who already work incredibly hard on their videos and content. They absolutely do not deserve this kind of abuse in the slightest. It's not too late to do this, there's still time.

@ejin_elan @_Grade3Teacher_ @FTC @TwitterSafety @MrHumanityGives @CashApp Because this would show he’s clearly keeping money. He says he gives most if not all back to the community which is a blatant lie. Doing the math day by day just by what he shows, he’s lying. I can only imagine what he’s hiding. @FTC @TwitterSupport @jack @Twitter

@wontgetfooleda4 @AGBecerra @FTC Then ask the goddamn ABA to stop making lawyers intimidate their OWN fucking clients when they get a judgement. Your profession is the reason all this shit happens. It’s not only in sexual harassment. It’s prevalent anytime a woman gets a fucking judgment.

@SabrinaMahony @scooterbraun @FBI @FTC @IRSnews @taylorswift13 Scooter, stone is convicted, MbS monitors your phone, and justice is about to come down hard. Let's face it, you're the #fyrefestival of Music rights and Fraud. He got jail and you'll get way more for laundering.

@Namine113 @FTC @YouTube @TeamYouTube @YTCreators To the FTC, You are not very bright. To YouTube, the COPPA rule/law for advertising to kids had been on the books since 2013, you did not fight hard enough for your creators and their content that brought you the big bucks.

@IncConcentric The #CybersecurityFramework not only helps organizations understand their cybersecurity risks but how to reduce these risks with customized measures.  Companies from around the world have embraced the use of the Framework. @FTC @NIST  @DavidJOberly

@scalkins2 Prepared testimony was on regular oversight, whereas the hearing subject matter was changed to online platforms on Nov. 8. Same for @FTC although it updated title but not substance.

@Nterin @GiantSoundLLC @THR @IGN @ForbesTech @FTC Death Stranding is not even fucking close to Fallen order lmao don’t even start

@KwingReviews @NexGenStriker @FTC @YouTube Nope, not likely. Youtube was it. Ill be lucky to get 1k a month on twitter and pateron. Tbh

@juliocoolio6 @OKGoodreview @FTC @Ranger_Liz @Japanime9393 @thomasjujube @ghaaast As you’ve said in your recent tweets, I hope the @FTC will clarify COPPA after they stop taking comments in December. They need to realize that there are adults who like superheroes, video games, animation, and toys. Not every adult is an alcohol-fueled cynic.

@OKGoodreview @juliocoolio6 @FTC @Ranger_Liz @Japanime9393 @thomasjujube @ghaaast We considered this also and may eventually wind up doing it on the secondary channel, as well as making a banner to that effect, etc. The problem with this is that the derivation of the rating is from the creator, which YouTube and/or the FTC may not recognize as valid. 1/

@LLightningGamer @3dlokigamer @FTC And and so far people are getting fined up to 42k for not complying 🙄

@richey_paula @JANGBRiCKS @DavidRoomeAuth @YouTube @FTC I was half asleep when I read the email from YT about it... But it seems the issue is that YT is not allowed to collect info on kids, hence the policy. I'm not sure I want info collected on my viewers (CREEPY) & I keep my art stream family-friendly, so "for kids" it is.

@sonicfan1661 @fluthlianthesis @JANGBRiCKS @YouTube @FTC I'm a plush channel (like @supermariologan or @SpinDashproYT) so we're all also in the same boat. I'm not sure what to do honestly...

@Al_Taransky @FTC Punishing innocent creators is not the way to stop those elsagate videos.

@OKGoodreview @juliocoolio6 @FTC @Ranger_Liz @Japanime9393 @thomasjujube @ghaaast That that they have not taken this and other easy steps, to protect their creators, really points the finger at them as much more the villain-types in this whole scenario, as if the sliding goalposts to monetization wasn't already enough. /5

@MegamanRA @KwingReviews @FTC @YouTube Thing is that adults enjoy them too. And no my channel is not for kids and I will continue to enjoy them and cover them regardless.

@FourElectrons @KatieSchoolov @TMobile @ATT @sprint @verizon @FCC @FTC @nomorobo @tweetgmc @JohnLegere Don't you want to know the real truth? American PhDs inside phone companies solved this problem already years ago. Patented solutions exist. They are not in place over money & politics.

@Beachnbumm How does @Walmart & @Publix deliver alcohol on their Home Delivery Systems win the State of Florida requires me to have a beverage handlers license to put it on the Shelf in the stores in the first place and I'm not even leaving the store with it ? @FTC

@bwtmtbrickworks @JANGBRiCKS @YouTube @FTC safest to switch to kids friendly on whole channel and take your lumps in lost revenue and views than a very large fine - loose or loose even worse if you do not comply! Its sucks but the options are quite simple.

@fluthlianthesis @JANGBRiCKS @YouTube @FTC Its depressing what this will not only do to lego reviewers but also animators as well.


@CraftyMaelyss @YouTube @FTC #CleanSlateYouTubeKids #ProtectContentCreators Please take a few moments to read this, as it would resolve all of these issues at once. If there is an issue with the screenshots, I shall provide a written copy as replies to this original message:

@JANGBRiCKS @gfoglia101 @NickOnRipple @ZachisSkinny @YouTube @FTC Yeah who you *intend* to target is immaterial if you cover subjects that are visually clearly kid aligned. Visually look at your content through the eyes of someone who knows nothing about it and err on the side of not getting your channel deleted & bank account zeroed for life.

@LLightningGamer @missy__m @Friyo9785 @CoreyCoyote @UKChange @FTC "made for kids" as it pertains to COPPA is NOT broad, it is clearly laid out, YOUTUBE on the other hand IS broad, and that is 100% done intentionally, but that is YT NOT the FTC, YOU as a content creator can NOT be held liable BY THE FTC under the CURRENT COPPA laws...

@rollsyt It is not the FTC's job to "protect" children from watching content that is vaguely appealing to children. It's the parents job. Plus, YouTube users have to be 13 to make an account! Fuck you @FTC y'all are major retards

@GardeGardevoir I really think the @FTC should rethink the 42k USD per video fine and clarify what "child oriented" means as kids watch the same YT as everyone else, and yet it seems like YT wants you to not be child oriented but not at the same time as you risk demonitization.

@joesSONICBOOM @FTC Look it is okay to try and be child-friendly on YouTube, but to go as far as fining people's videos as deemed not child-friendly is going way too far and it is being unfair to content creators that only make videos for fun. That is what the YouTube Kids app is for.

@KwingReviews @FTC @YouTube Im not the best with Math, but i have 6,000 vids covering Games. Which is listed, so roughly im looking at 500 to 750 Million in fines. Should FTC target Me. But ill comply by marking the brands i listed as For Kids. Tbh if this doesnt get fixed im finished and homeless soon.

@Comictropolis @KwingReviews @FTC @YouTube Where can I go to find you on twitch, I'm not very familiar with it

@adamesq @Chadtronic Not 100% @FTC blame is on BOTH sides. Putting the onus on the CREATORS & threatening w/a $42K fine per video is outrageous. Comments filed through the link & offered to get involved. This mess runs against the spirit & purpose of intellectual property law. 🖤 ur content btw.

@Juanitob18 @ChipCheddar @PhillyD @YouTube @FTC Exactly it is the ad center not YouTubers who are to be punished. It is the ad center programming team. Why they should punish freedom of speech of creators? That is the big question here.

@OKGoodreview @J_titer @YouTube @FTC It is very misguided and represents a fundamental misunderstanding of what content creators are able to do on the YT platform. They are incapable, for instance, of collecting any data, in any respect, and do not fit even a stretched definition of operator.

@OurFamilyNest Kind of ironic that this video we posted 5 years ago of Karli sharing "What's in her Dance Bag" was marked as "not suitable for all advertisers" by @youtube but now I am being advised to designate it "For Kids" due to @ftc & #COPPA.

@BiekerJosh @aarpfraudwatch @FTC @AARP Y’all know this 42,000 dollar fine per video thing is bullshit right? Not everyone has the money to pay for such a fee and you aren’t even allowing YouTubers the chance to change said settings if you think a video violates COPPA?

@LLightningGamer @missy__m @Friyo9785 @CoreyCoyote @UKChange @FTC 1: they (YT) already had to pay $170 mill 2: by spanking creators videos they can remove those videos from from being part of data collections IF they would just follow the COPPA rules and NOT collect data from underage kids there would be no issues, but they won't...

@Missy03616934 @_Grade3Teacher_ @Chem_Warrior @CurlyandBelle @FatGirlvsWorld @MrHumanityGives @TwitterSafety @FTC @irs Ohh.. Idk to much about him but he's a nice guy.. And does legit giveaways everyday.. I've actually won one last week... But anything about middle man i know nothing about.. I guess im not educated enough on it...

@LLightningGamer @missy__m @Friyo9785 @CoreyCoyote @UKChange @FTC once again, the FTC (the only entity in charge of COPPA) has not, nor can they come after people who upload videos, YOUTUBE is using that narrative as a scare tactic so you do not try to fight these changes. The FTC COULD come after you but not until COPPA is TOTALLY re-written

@CptMutant @juliocoolio6 @FTC @YouTube @ShartimusPrime @PixelDan @just2goodYT @thomasjujube @Chadtronic @TheOfficialMe @clong83 @TheQuartering @Strawburry17 I think google will disable comments because they track people through the comments, so since the videos will be “for kids” then comments must be disabled - as opposed to not tracking people. Google can’t think like normal people anymore.

@MAAWLAW ”The #antitrust laws protect not only competition today, but #competition in the future, especially when it comes to the development of new treatments for chronic conditions.” - @ftc Chair Joseph Simons #pharma #merger #remedies #compliance

@widescreenJohn Wow. It's times like this when I'm glad that I only do audio podcasts and they're not on YouTube. It looks like the @FTC and @YouTube are once again finding out ways to screw people over in order to (as always) PROTECT THE CHILDREN!

@melliedearwolf @YouTube forcing me to state that a video is made for kids because I made a skit of a 90's cartoon character in it, is lowkey like the mildest version of Witch hunting to exist. "If you don't drown you are guilty, if you drown you are not". #COPPA #FTC @FTC

@Stewartoons COPPA is putting a lot of us animators into a weird grey area where nobody knows how to categorize our content, especially if it's acceptable for all ages to watch, but not intended specifically for kids. #KreekFTC @KreekCraft @FTC (See Thread)

@JoAnnKennedyCAN @FTC I had a text message from a scammer last night claiming to be a Paul Brown from the FTC. It was a 313 area code. Not a 202

@PWCPolice It appears as if the Social Security number (SSN) Scam is making the rounds again. People pretend to be from the Social Security Administration, to get your SSN. Your caller ID often shows the real # (1-800-772-1213) when these scammers call. It’s not the real SSA. @FTC #PWCPD

@Kokoro_Shinju @YouTube @FTC @MKatwood And why are the rules on COPPA so vague? take @thekingofrandom for example. They have made many videos with slime, and their channel is NOT child directed, but according to COPPA it is. When there's slime, it's child directed.

@DonnieCrusader @juliocoolio6 @FTCPhillips @FTC @YouTube It would better not to do it and just ban accounts that belong to kids under YouTube because the YouTube say kids under 13 are not supposed to have accounts that why they have YouTube kids app. This thing is just a big mess

@JaynePR @HeyAprill @CarrierHVACR @CarrierAtHome @carrier @FTC Carrier oversold their app-controller thermostats at an incredibly high price. Every time it’s cold and everyone is using them, carrier doesn’t have the capacity to handle the volume and the controls crash. And then they lie.

@puttintang @hulu @FTCPhillips @RKSlaughterFTC @FTC @CSWilsonFTC Btw, this corrupt conglomerate is comprised of @Disney aka @NBCUniversal and @comcast. When combined this terrible trio form the “media mobsters.” Time to tear this evil empire down.

@TREVORDAVISFNP Ton Ransom your investment for $200 a wallet! Sad @FTC was not on ball when I made the complaint! I knew it was a matter of time before the Russian or similar language scumbags ran off! Last amount in sites own stats they had over $2.8 Million to steal! Oh well! When

@GiantSoundLLC @THR #DeathStranding is just better, if you enjoy falling and feeling confused all the time, then relief, over and over, play #JediFallenOrder... do not listen to @IGN they are like @ForbesTech reviews now, just there for the AI stock trading bots @FTC I may buy some $EA for quick $$$

@JANGBRiCKS @TitanPictures @NickOnRipple @ZachisSkinny @YouTube @FTC I don't see anything wrong with the law. It's about protecting kids from exploitation & privacy violation. The law was flagrantly broken by YT/Google & their lawyers negotiated an out by shifting their liability to creators. COPPA's not the evil here.

@welldoop @CptMutant @JANGBRiCKS @YouTube @FTC It is already like that. You need to be over 13 to create an account. FTC has already said that is not good enough. Children will say they are 13 when they aren't, or use their parents accounts.

@PowersTricia @SoftBank @MA_Senate @FTC @InmanAndrea @LorenaSGonzalez @SpeakerDeLeo @LegalRealEstate @trdny MA follows ABC test too. Yikes, innovation does not mean structuring licenses to scam 1099s &charge #feesongross. Need to be a CFA to understand math. #mapoli

@BRICK_HIVE @JANGBRiCKS @YouTube @FTC I love how none of this is the parents responsibility to oversee what their kids are watching. YouTube and it's creators should not be babysitters.

@GLCVGamingYT I will NOT stand by this! The @FTC shouldn't regulate @YouTube! While I prefer to watch Mature content THIS regulation isn't the way. We shouldn't be punished. #COPPA YouTubers and Viewers UNITE Against FTC Regulation - Sign the Petition! via @Change

@FrgottenPaladin How does the @FTC allow this but want to fine independent creators on YouTube 42k for not marking their video "correctly"

@dingus_bringus @MandRtweets @JANGBRiCKS @YouTube @FTC What’s more frustrating to me is how creators are being held responsible for parents not doing their job

@JANGBRiCKS @gfoglia101 @NickOnRipple @ZachisSkinny @YouTube @FTC This is going to sound icky but I can't give specific compliance recommendations, because I'm not a lawyer. I *hated* typing that. Hypothetically speaking, were I to look at your video as if it were my own, I'd personally say it's right on the border & not risk misreporting.

@PowersTricia @SoftBank @MA_Senate @FTC @InmanAndrea @LorenaSGonzalez @SpeakerDeLeo @LegalRealEstate @trdny @InmanAndrea this not sexy enough to write about? #feesongross Franchising & 1099s don’t mix. ABC test= HUGE tax bill for Uber in NJ. Real estate next? 🐘in room Inman writes “around” this topic.

@jerry_logic @DanVerno @taymkk @FTC Danny she’s not going to fuck you give up

@FatGirlvsWorld @CurlyandBelle @TwitterSafety @FTC @irs But the thing is, if he's not legally a charity, does he have any obligation to honor that?

@PoshHammer @JANGBRiCKS @YouTube @FTC So if you have content that looks like its for kids but is not (like an animation that contains adult themes) and you mark it "kid friendly" and kids watch it, is there any repercussions for that if kids then start watching them? As that seems like a worse situation to be in.

@KwingReviews @FTC @YouTube Id advise pushing ppl to Pateron and twitch. Since they are not a kids platform. Youtube is finished. Also if your channel doesn't earn a lot of money like it did prior to Jan. They will unpartner you, to save money. #youtubepartyisover #coppa unless ftc changes law & they wont

@DonnieCrusader video explain show much and it does feel like the #FTC is bluntly wanting to punish YouTubers. @FTCPhillips @FTC this can hurt people who has depression or worse. There's a reason why there's a YouTube kids app & not kids on YouTube. Please listen.

@_Grade3Teacher_ @Missy03616934 @Chem_Warrior @CurlyandBelle @FatGirlvsWorld @MrHumanityGives @TwitterSafety @FTC @irs He posts just enough for people to think he’s legitimate. He’s not.

@Supernova_Style [email protected] @FTCPhillips here goes another great educational show because of this ruling. This is not ok. Kids are losing great content to help them learn. Normal TV already has almost no shows for children education. I seriously want to talk to you all on this.

@Penkid11 @MandRtweets @JANGBRiCKS @YouTube @FTC Basically we have to tell them not to collect the data. They still want to hivemind the personal data of everyone 13+ into Google. They don't want to give up the fact their primary source of income in selling people's information.

@indoorjetpacks #COPPA and @YouTube and @FTC So, from what I understand, absolutely any person on youtube, monetized or not, if YOU decide that it's 'made for kids' based on something that THEY are drawn to, a factor that's not controlled by someone making a video, then the creator can be sued?

@Paps31583942 @FTCPhillips @FTC If you do not have another solution to this problem you may not be able to sleep at night (this is not a threat)

@TPMvideos You know that YouTube Kids, where children can go and watch videos with no ads and no ability to subscribe or leave comments exists, right @FTC? Children under the age of 13 should not be on YouTube since the app is rated 17+ so how does this apply to a non kids site?

@CraftyMaelyss @YouTube @FTC I get it, looking after kids is hard, sometimes it's just so easy to pop something on, hand it to your child, then relax in front of a television but YouTube should not be your instant go-to for this.

@MTLFORBRKFST @derraleves 😔 This whole thing is crazy. Kids are not going to stop watching YouTube after this goes into effect, and if all that's left on the platform is content that is without a shadow of a doubt adult oriented, how is it going to help? @FTC

@JANGBRiCKS @ZachisSkinny @gfoglia101 @NickOnRipple @YouTube @FTC Right, like with a parking ticket or tax penalty, you can always choose to not pay a fine. Usually works out really well for folks 😐

@WshfulCandidate [email protected] @FCC 1) I'm getting 5 calls a day from companies claiming they can help with my Google Listing. We need much stricter laws for these calls and much easier ability for people to sue these companies for calling after telling them not to call.

@GLCVGamingYT If you select Yes for the videos then it will not get comments, end cards, notifications and no personalized ads. Which is why it seems bogus that the @FTC is willing to fine YouTube alot of money for "exploiting children" and @YouTube is forced to implement #YouTubeCOPPA #COPPA


@iamjevans @FTCPhillips @FTC lots of unintended consequences here. Hope it’s not too late to revise. Thank you. 👍❤️

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