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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION | PROTECTING AMERICA'S CONSUMERS - The official website of the Federal Trade Commission, protecting America’s consumers for over 100 years. Server Status

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@MK_KeySi_HK @ManWithNoGame45 @hacheipe399 @MK_Ghoul @GameTimeGaming1 @MajesticMee @FTC And it is up to every one to give in to that addiction or not. Full stop. Otherwise we repeat the same stuff all night 😂

@NYSConsumer During the 1918 Spanish Flue epidemic, Vicks Vaporub and Bulgarian Blood Tea were touted as cures. Luckily today, we have @FTC holding companies and individual “snake oil salespeople” accountable for their false claims to cure COVID-19. Learn more: #scams

@shirlgirl56 @SenJohnThune @tiktok_us @JerryMoran @FTC Americans need to know why u & the @GOP allow trump to destroy the USPS, the CDC, the DOJ, the bounties of American solders, the moral compass of the gop, the death of 165,000 Americans, & the ultimate death of America. Why do u not tell us in SD how u really feel about this?

@Cristiancruzzes @MK_KeySi_HK @hacheipe399 @ManWithNoGame45 @MK_Ghoul @GameTimeGaming1 @MajesticMee @FTC Ofc brother. I have a great account, and not pretend to spent a single dollar on this game.

@CaptainObvious_ @MeidasTouch @SecretService @FTC Fox News is issuing a call to hurt joe Biden. You should probably investigate and shut them down

@LanceMigliaccio @KimGoclowski @alextt @amberspeaksup @SecurusTech @CTCorrections @AthulKAcharya @WorthRises @techdirt 👍Allegedly software glitch. Every time software was upgraded wiped out all attorney blocked numbers nationwide. Not one agency or prosecutor notified the courts about receiving the privileged calls not one! FTC and Congress need to investigate. @FTC @DOJPH So many cases impacted

@NYSConsumer Robocalls may be down during COVID, but they are still happening. @FTC has some new videos on how to reduce them: In NY, it is now illegal to telemarket during a pandemic. If you are receiving calls, file a complaint at

@cgarayzar @Groupon @GrouponHelpUS Your company is a scam and works with merchants who are a FRAUD (Tep Maids)! I want a refund for a service I bought from you to my original form of payment, I do not want your Groupon Bucks since you are not trustworthy. Give me my money back @FTC @bbb_us

@ErikGray I am so popular! I've received SIX spam phone calls since lunchtime today. Shout out to the the @FTC's Do Not Call Registry, which gives me a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls. Truly, I'm a popular guy. #DoNotCall #spam

@MyTechMusings 6/ " ..district court’s ruling considered alleged economic harms to OEMs—who are @Qualcomm 's customers, not its competitors.." Well said.. #ftcqcom #patents #standards @FTC #9thcir #NinthCircuit $qcom @qualcomm

@ArdvarkMaster @amazon @AmazonHelp Without 2 day shipping, Amazon Prime isn't worth $120 a year. Amazon either needs to cut the price and refund money, stop advertising 2 day shipping, or actually ship stuff in two days. Advertising 2 day shipping for Prime and not doing it is wrong. @FTC

@MsIndiraCoxLCDR DYK evictions are to be held especially these @FICO on coronavirus days just for criminal activity of scheduling violent controlled substances, exit plans of others is protected clause, not a creditor free for all @FTC @USTreasury @IRStaxpros with annual reports to reimburse.

@sdguero @RBReich It only we had a government agency with the power to police monopolies and stop crony capitalism. Like the @FTC, but not all corrupt and broken.

@Kill_Bill_72 @SunshineLK10 @Twitter @TwitterSafety @POTUS @FCC @BrendanCarrFCC @FTC @FBI Account gone but my issue is when is this batch going to be locked up? is she starting another? hurting these babies.. i want to see them locked up.

@AnoraWang My personal fav #OurCuriousAmalgam episode ... so hard to pick! But it should definitely include #28 “Why All is Not Fair? Four Tips for Complying with Established FTC Advertising Principles”— where I learned what faux faux fur is w/ Lesley Fair (@FTC)!

@paigemlowry I’m gonna need the @ftc to include political campaigns on the Do not call list....

@metro_ben @Apple Later OS X versions wont allow you to delete Chess and other non-essential apps and 3rd-party security apps like @NortonSupport wont allow full functionality without forcing consumers to accept data sharing agreements using those apps. Seems not right #tech #privacy @FTC

@azathere @VitoGesualdi So, he's admitting to discriminatory hiring practices, something that's a federal crime? Cool, why is the @FTC not doing anything about that again?

@ManWithNoGame45 @MK_KeySi_HK @MK_Ghoul @GameTimeGaming1 @MajesticMee @FTC But not required by the people who sell guns. I agree. I think that everyone who owns a firearm should have to have a license for it, if for nothing else to understand how to store it properly and keep their kids away from it. This is the majority of gun related deaths in fact.

@ManWithNoGame45 @hacheipe399 @MK_KeySi_HK @MK_Ghoul @GameTimeGaming1 @MajesticMee @FTC They do not even make much effort any more to really add anything new or update anything. The effort is all in pushing the casino mechanism further and in more extreme ways. My point is this won’t change; to the contrary, it’s only going to get worse.

@84pollyanna @DanDOCHoliday1 @FTC @CFPBDirector @CarMax @CFPBDirector economic tear down! @FTC @FDICgov @Kidsgov open to assistance for vulnerable family & to get keep our kids in clean affordable car!

@stefanzeniuk @newton10471 @call6ya @FTC SAME thing happened. My mother called to resolve the situation, and now they won’t issue a refund because she “used their services” (trying to get a refund)

@StateAGReport [email protected] alleged cash advance provider continued to withdraw money from its business customers’ accounts, failed to issue refunds, long after loans repaid. See details here:

@RicFlare12 @OhioAG @FTC So, not even close to the @firstenergycorp fraud with Householder and them? That was close to 2 billion. That's alot of cash.

@DanDOCHoliday1 @84pollyanna @FTC @CFPBDirector @CarMax Had $10grand to put down offered me a 13.9% loan. 👎🏻 Put 8 hard enquirers on my credit that don’t come off till 2022. Got a 5.9% at another dealer. @CarMax 💩💩💩

@MAAWLAW “‘Anticompetitive behavior is illegal under federal #antitrust law,’ the judges wrote. ‘Hypercompetitive behavior is not.’ The @FTC staff could ask a full panel of circuit judges to review the ruling or, failing that, try to persuade the FTC to appeal to #SCOTUS...”

@bbb_us @MyScares @ConcernedVets Non profits and political organizations are exempt from the Do Not Call registry. Please contact your phone provider to see if you can block the number. @FCC @FTC

@bkelevate @fuboTVsupport you should make sure your contact info is up to date. Tried reporting a security issue to the privacy email on your Privacy Policy then the legal email on your Terms of Service. Both emails bounced. So gonna file a report to @FTC instead since I can’t contact you.

@denix1 @SenJohnThune @tiktok_us @JerryMoran @FTC Another attempt to distract from the real issues, i.e. post office, eviction crisis, unemployment, ...........and COVID. But sure, follow the demented orange blob down this rabbit hole. You are disgraceful.

@eyeckley A letter from @Geico "Our website advertises [Uninsured Motorist Property Damage] applies to "hit and runs"' and "the description of coverages on our website... does not constitute our contractual obligation to you." Advertises it, but doesn't cover it. #FalseAdvertising @FTC

@Tamara20045615 @CeeeShel @cjtruth @AjitPaiFCC @FCC @FTC @realDonaldTrump @RepMattGaetz @tedcruz @HawleyMO It's not just you. It's anything about the truth about what's really going on. Twitter is obviously TRYING to hide the truth. Check out Parler app, Liz Crokin on there. God bless her.

@ConsAmatuer @ocdtrekkie @Cubs @WatchMarquee @FTC If your cable company lists it that way it's still really part of the basic package. Any increase that everyone pays is for the basic package even if they don't want to admit that. You have no case. There are other providers out there. Switching not complaining solves it.

@CORRUPTMIUSA How many FEDERAL IDENTITY THEFT reports do you want me to FILE on you, MY BROTHERS, & MY NIECE'S? 10 ALREADY @FTC @annareynolds55 NOT to mention previous PPO'S denied by BROTHER BRIAN BURROWS EX SISTER IN LAW. @KentSheriff @FBIDetroit @mspwestmi @MspSouthwestMI @CivilRights

@countrygirlexec @FCC @FTC @POTUS @WhiteHouse @DOJPH @AjitPaiFCC Sooooo @Facebook decided to put my account on BLOCK again, saying I was "spreading false info" about "covid".... Until #MarkZuckerberg ADMITS that he was indeed ON Epstein Island BEING A PEDOPHILE. He is NOT a Free Speech Arbiter.

@ChristieSmythe Regarding the privilege issue: Allenwood Low makes it nearly impossible for inmates to schedule unmonitored legal calls. I've heard this from multiple inmates, not only Martin. @ArmstrongDrew @FTC @NewYorkStateAG

@Swiftstories The Ninth Circuit just handed @Qualcomm what appears to be a total victory in its #antitrust appeal against the @FTC. "No license, no chips" is OK, court says:

@TheSteve0 And if I had not called or read the collection letter - it looked like junk mail - I would have been on the hook to pay the bill. Feels like this is illegal. You messed up in validating it was me but somehow I am financially liable. @ewarren @FTC @CRAdvocacy

@ErikHovenkamp @geoffmanne @FTC @Qualcomm I know you and some others think the rebating program was okay, but I don’t see how you can defend the opinion on this point. In the same para you cite, the opinion implies that only harm to competitors matters—not harm to customers...

@heatherdawnmay @Twitter, I Have warned you and if you continue to keep that child porn up putting us all at risk to click on that username & U are hosting & distributing child porn I am filing charges with the @FTC as U are not protecting children! U are part of the problem! #PedoProtector!

@josh50940177 Think its time to file @FTC @fcc @bbb_us complaints since @MediacomSupport refuses to provide answers on an already 11 hour outage. Sending customers through the ringer of support options that do not work (outage text, mobile app, phone support) is unacceptable.

@lisakimmeldc @ErikHovenkamp @FTC @Qualcomm It is a pretty predictable outcome & correct decision IMO. FTC drew outside the lines and the dc went along. But there are some really poorly written paragraphs that will undoubtedly create confusion. That’s one of them. I had to read it twice. SMH. But bad writing, not error.

@PaulThePiper Wow. Just Wow! This is not acceptable in the United States. @FTC and @FCC need to get involved @Xfinity @comcast #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

@iraqvet1972 @NJSenatePres @FTC Finally something helpful, now how about passing legislation to reign in this dictators power . Make him apply for extentions not just arbitrarily decide to extend .

@ManWithNoGame45 @hacheipe399 @MK_KeySi_HK @Cristiancruzzes @MK_Ghoul @GameTimeGaming1 @MajesticMee @FTC Not true. They aim at whoever will pay. That includes people who lack self-control, are susceptible to gambling addictions, etc. There are surely people going into debt over this.

@MissAmyRoo1 @cjtruth @mariakasper50 @AjitPaiFCC @FCC @FTC @realDonaldTrump @RepMattGaetz @tedcruz @HawleyMO I recently replied to a post of a Biden supporter that clearly proved they were wrong and lying. My reply was so awesome I was wondering why no one liked it. My reply does not show up on their feed. It’s like they deleted it.

@peoplesmemorial The @FTC recommends shopping around in advance for funeral goods+svcs. Comparing prices of at least 2 funeral homes can save your family $+undue frustration. Not sure where to start? How about our biennial WA funeral home price survey:! #FTC

@ManWithNoGame45 @MK_KeySi_HK @MK_Ghoul @GameTimeGaming1 @MajesticMee @FTC I don’t find it laughable anymore actually. Quite to the contrary I find it tragic. Tragic because there will be those cases like I mentioned. You write them off as dumb 💩 but that’s just a way to not to have to look at the reality that there are real, good people out there...

@got_cactus @tanyahansen4 @FTC you may not want to advertise this site. I have filed a complaint with the FTC for defamatory practices on someone’s info Bailbondshq is i will to remove. If I get my way @GoDaddy will as well have legal problems

@MK_KeySi_HK @ManWithNoGame45 @MK_Ghoul @GameTimeGaming1 @MajesticMee @FTC That it 100% true, but that is also 100% not my fault. I tell ppl to not buy these loot boxes and go F2P all the way. If they don't listen, then I don't care why they do it or what went wrong in their childhood. I am not their parent. I play a game I love. Nothing more.

@wayfaringjames @VaStatesman7 @SenJohnThune @tiktok_us @JerryMoran @FTC I'm curious how Trump is slowing down the mail. I'm even more curious why Democrats what to ban voter signature verification, and why they're so against voter ID... and please spare me the canned racist argument.

@Martell_Media Shockingly missing from most analysis of the #TikToc #Microsoft deal is an understanding of how substantive invasions of #privacy appear to be a feature, not a bug of the platform. Potential to face $$$ in @ftc fines for violations of consent decree.

@caesars420 Stock splits and stock buybacks should be not be allowed during this pandemic crisis which is effecting our economy. It’s a insult to our federal government and the American people @FTC @realDonaldTrump @TheDemocrats @GOP @USTreasury @TheJusticeDept Namely Apple and today Tesla

@RealShawnSuter Just curious when any of you are going to address this issue? 100 numbers in this thread as of now. All unique @ATT prepaid accounts. @EdWGillespie @JasonKilar @ATTHelp #Scam #Spam #Fraud #Scammers #WirelessScam #TextScam #TextingScam #Scams #Harassment @FTC @FCC @TheJusticeDept

@ManWithNoGame45 @MK_KeySi_HK @MK_Ghoul @GameTimeGaming1 @MajesticMee @FTC Real, good people. A game should not be allowed to offer people these kinds of choices without more limits, oversight, and regulations. We’re talking thousands of dollars now with the latest.

@Akashi678 Phone scammers - report to @FTC Do not provide information to: 866-428-2424

@DanielH49103671 @FTC @DOJPH @realDonaldTrump Twitter seeks to buy TikToK , allowing Twitter ownership of TIKTOK makes it a monopoly magnifying its predatory actions hindering free speech! It is not in the best interest of Americans!

@MyTechMusings 19/ "..Our job is not to condone or punish Qualcomm for its success, but rather to assess whether the FTC has met its burden under the rule of reason ... We conclude that the FTC has not met its burden #ftcqcom #patents #standards @FTC #9thcir #NinthCircuit $qcom @qualcomm

@MarcEdelman There's a lot to unpack with the college athletes' rights movement and some questions are not easy. But, at a minimum, I'd like to see the @FTC bring a civil antitrust action to enjoin the #NCAA from enforcing its 'amateurism' rules. That's a good start.

@Nnjjeff1 @zenrak @PressSec @ChanelRion @TomFitton @FTC @jack All an attempt to silence is in the hope that Biden will not be exposed even more than he is already! They are desperate because his ticket is not well received and he is floundering

@geri_mattern @SenJohnThune @tiktok_us @JerryMoran @FTC It seems you are concerned about everything but the matter at hand. Focus, John. We're in the middle of a pandemic. People are sick and dying, the economy has taken a shit, unemployment is at 10% and families are about to lose their homes. People need relief not distractions.

@DaveScammer @MikeM3333 @itsvegasdave I’ve reported him to the @ftc and @irs and also Nevada’s AG... also any potential customers reading these comments and exposing the truth might have doubts and not send the scammer money.

@MK_KeySi_HK @ManWithNoGame45 @MK_Ghoul @GameTimeGaming1 @MajesticMee @FTC I can buy a gun to protect my family, but if I buy that gun and then run around shooting kids, it's not the gun seller who is to blame. You have your own head, you have the law and your mopral compass. If you choose to ignore all that, the problem is only you.

@_MrLogic @FTC when are you guys gonna shut down “IAM acadmey” down there nothing but scammer promising people to make lots of money in the foreign exchange market #Scam as well they trade binary options which is illegal and giving false hope and taking people money

@libertyaint @FTC @realDonaldTrump I have reported every tweet of this disgusting profile of sexual acts to twitter support they refuse to take it down #SavetheChildren

@gwshark11 @CBSNews Not just inappropriate buttons but the sounds that accompanied their pressing. @Hasbro has some answering to do @FTC

@championhorse1 @SanjayP68 @HawleyMO @RoyBlunt @RepJasonSmith @SecAzar @SeemaCMS @60Minutes @POTUS @FoxNews Yep. What other business model has their competitors pay themselves more to make a profit while setting our prices to force us out of business. If it weee an even playing field Indy pharmacies would win hands down. @FTC

@kenmacpherson @EAcctg @Walmart You can fill a @FTC complaint about taking money for never delivering You're not allowed to receive/withdraw money unless you deliver Item Leaves your possession. Secure at time of order locks the funds is ok. Did $WMT take your money and not deliver?

@hacheipe399 @ManWithNoGame45 @MK_KeySi_HK @Cristiancruzzes @MK_Ghoul @GameTimeGaming1 @MajesticMee @FTC What I tried to set up with this little context is that the studios aim at a certain public: that public is not casual players or free to players; with these policies, they aim at all the whales that CAN spend: the whales themselves or some kid with a rich daddy who doesn't care.

@VaStatesman7 @SenJohnThune @tiktok_us @JerryMoran @FTC Dude. Happens every day with social media. Facebook steals data and shares it with you guys and Russians. How bout you write Trump and tell him to stop slowing down the mail b/c he's afraid of losing! you cowards!

@sourabhdkhot @celestialsoul45 @OnePlus_USA @OnePlus_Support Thanks but unfortunately no option to cancel. It's been 25 days of ordering & their support have no clue, they are saying it's out for delivery since 2 days nowhere that reflects in online tracking. They are not responding to my refund request.Any consumer forum to complain? @FTC

@my_wicked_mouth If you feel @AHS_Warranty is a scam, you can report them to the @FTC (Federal Trade Commission) here: I'm not saying they are or are not, but, if you feel you are being scammed, then you can report them.

@ManWithNoGame45 @MK_KeySi_HK @MK_Ghoul @GameTimeGaming1 @MajesticMee @FTC Their hard earned savings whilst in the midst of a pandemic. I think that is not only tragic but since it’s something I am potentially involved in, in some way, because I promote that game and content, I need to really distance myself from.

@MK_KeySi_HK @ManWithNoGame45 @MK_Ghoul @GameTimeGaming1 @MajesticMee @FTC I don't think that you do. He asked you if he should buy a pack and you told him not to. You never told anyone to buy them. You put out content for ppl to enjoy and if they don't listen to your advice, then it's on them.

@ocdtrekkie The @Cubs have demonstrated incredible harm to consumers in creating the @WatchMarquee network. Jacking up every Chicagoans cable bill whether they want the service or not is predatory and wrong. The @FTC should be investigating this.

@ManWithNoGame45 @hacheipe399 @MK_KeySi_HK @MK_Ghoul @GameTimeGaming1 @MajesticMee @FTC @Cristiancruzzes But those people who buy even just guess is they really cannot afford it. That probably took something quite valuable away from someone who did not have a lot to begin with.

@hafinnej Instead of a National "Do Not Call Registry", we should have a "Call Registry" for people who don't mind their phone numbers being sold to other companies. #BrightIdeas @FTC

@BriGaillardetz @BSC_Gym your cancellation policy ought to be illegal. Requiring a member to cancel in person (in a pandemic) or by snail mail is ridiculous. Why would email, phone, or an app cancellation not suffice? Charging members while gyms are closed! Shame BSC. @FTC @MassAGO @MApolitical

@Velowit @sandeepvaheesan @JusticeATR @FTC The enforcement entities have been allowing tying to go on in the wholesale distribution of medical equipment and supplies for years without taking any action. This contributes to the increasing cost of healthcare. I’m not optimistic that this will change any time soon.

@humanpita @GlobeLife STOP YOUR EVIL SPAM TACTICS. You forward me emails from an address that is not mine, hide the link to unsubscribe on your website, and continue to email me after I have unsubscribed multiple times. PLUS I NEVER SIGNED UP IN THE FIRST PLACE. @FTC @GlobeLifeField

@ekkeman @googlenesthelp Everyday I will tweet and warn people. Migration was forced on us. @FTC - @Google has stolen promised functionality from Nest cameras to keep users off the Apple ecosystem. This anti-competitive behavior must be addressed. It's not even hidden.

@HungryRobotics @paypal still kept breaching the fair debt collectors act. I do wonder if the @FTC do you have anything to say about them calling me multiple times and waking me up? For how their new trick is actually to put down that I need to call them to sort out the $660 that they owe me

@ManWithNoGame45 @MK_KeySi_HK @MK_Ghoul @GameTimeGaming1 @MajesticMee @FTC I hear that man, but the thing is not every parent understands technology. Most kids are exposed to pornography now before the age of 12. This isn’t b/c parents want it to be so. This is because they aren’t informed enough about technology to know how to stop it from happening.

@summerluvin2376 @NJSenatePres @FTC My phone updated this morning. Thanks for the reminder to check that you all didn't get sneaky and turn that crap on automatically Location and Bluetooth are always off I will not comply to being traced for Cv19

@Namecheap @AxelLagercrantz @ICANN @FBI @cyber @FTC Hello Axel! I understand how frustrating that can be. I see that our specialist has been in touch regarding your issue. Give us a moment to take a look and we will update you shortly.

@mollyco8 @SunshineLK10 @Twitter @TwitterSafety @POTUS @FCC @BrendanCarrFCC @FTC @FBI #SaveTheChildren seems to be down now 🙏🙏🙏

@ErikHovenkamp SCOTUS's deeply flawed #AmEx decision continues to incite confusion and inanity across antitrust. In @FTC v. @Qualcomm, the Ninth Circuit concludes that harm to "customers" does not constitute antitrust harm. Fact check: that's actually the DEFINITION of antitrust harm.

@UncannyKyleV @SenJohnThune @tiktok_us @JerryMoran @FTC The CIA already found it didn't give any data to China, and while tech companies infringing on privacy is important, this is not the most important thing you should be doing right now.

@CherieFireball @FTC This is real. And is devastating. Most of the time the lost money is not recoverable. NEVER GIVE MONEY TO SOMEONE YOU HAVE NEVER MET IN PERSON, no matter how good their credentials. Talk to your elderly relatives and acquaintances about this.

@chris_naan @ThePiXbOgaming @MKMobileGame @FTC They advertise the update has having two new characters, and change actual money for both (not even guaranteed, $20 for a 10% chance) 🤡 . It’s beyond greedy and someone needs to make a change.

@MIDIFS Scammers ask you to pay in ways that make it hard to track them down. Learn the ways that scammers ask their victims to pay so that you can better protect yourself from scams with this helpful video from @FTC

@LanceMigliaccio @quixotequest @DanWRackley @schwarz @rmc031 @techdirt @SecurusTech Allegedly software glitch. Every time software was upgraded wiped out all attorney blocked numbers nationwide. Not one agency or prosecutor notified the courts about receiving the privileged calls not one! FTC and Congress need to investigate. @FTC @DOJPH So many cases impacted.

@MichaelHanlon11 I expect @generalelectric to do the right thing and replace my oven. If not @FTC will be receiving a call. #poorGEservice. #badGEoven. @generalelectric do the right thing! Call me!

@EricBolinderLaw This, from the 9th's Qualcomm ruling against the @FTC, stood out to me as an important anti-trust principle: "Anticompetitive behavior is illegal under federal antitrust law. Hypercompetitive behavior is not . . . Our job is not to condone or punish Qualcomm for its success[.]"

@ManWithNoGame45 @MK_KeySi_HK @MK_Ghoul @GameTimeGaming1 @MajesticMee @FTC Kids who find their parents guns and kill themselves. The reality is though that there isn’t education. The reality is people are buying guns and not storing them properly. And kids are killing themseves with them today, maybe even RN. Is that worth our right to own them? Not...

@AdrienneGusoff @peaceheartjava @GenoPalate @FTC Just look at what's going on with the other genetic testing companies. Bought by some big data company to be used, no doubt, for nefarious purposes. Even if not nefarious, at least to ends customers did not agree to (or didn't THINK they agreed to but might very well have.)

@IlyaEpshteyn @OptimumHelp no Internet for five days and you have the audacity to send a how did we do resolving your issue email? @FCC @FTC what consequences exist for utilities that have not implemented sufficient resiliency measures? #Optimumoutage #optimumdown #optimum

@CTDCP Reminder from the @FTC: Real contact tracers will not ask you for your social security number or other personal information. For more tips on how to help real contact tracers and not fall victim to scammers visit

@utcpt1 @FTC home builder wants to cancel our purchase contact due to their error w/ the zoning commission. To get my deposit back I have to sign an agreement with a gag order. I can even complain to the Better Business Bureau. Maybe not to the consumer protection agency. Is this legal

@ThePiXbOgaming @MKMobileGame Imagine thinking that we will spent 28$ for a 10% CHANCE but not for a GUARANTEED character. This all feels like the WB company is being sold to EA, because these practices are literally the same as theirs. Im calling for an action from @FTC because this is beyond disgusting.

@pharmacists APhA thanks @chopraftc for your leadership & meeting w/ @profhogue @ScottKnoer to discuss options to address the negative impact of vertical #healthcare mergers w/ #PBMs on #pharmacies + local communities. We look forward to working with @FTC to fight for our patients!

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