Is Eventbrite Down?

Published by Eventbrite 8 months ago

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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - WHOOPS! - Server Status

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How to Solve Eventbrite Down or Outage Issues:

We have tried pinging using our servers in diverse locations and the website returned the above results.

If is down for us too there is nothing you can do except waiting. Probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or website maintenance is in progress.

If the site is UP for us but you however cannot access it, try one of our following solutions:

1. It might be Browser Related:

To solve Browser related issues that might make the site/server down for you, do a full Browser refresh of this site. You can do this by holding down CTRL + F5 keys at the same time on your browser.

This trick works perfectly on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, Safari and whatever default browser comes with your Windows nowadays lol.

2. Clear Your Cookies and Cache.

The contents of all modern sites and apps today are usually cached. This means a copy is stored in your browser as long as you have visited that page before. This is to make it easier to access when next you visit that page. This might be a problem especially if the page was down last time you checked.

You might need to clear that out of your browser memory for the site to load properly.

3. Fix DNS Problems

Domain Name System (DNS) is what allows a site IP address (192.168.x.x) to be identified with words ( e.g .com, .us) in order to be remembered easily. This is usually provided by your Internet Service Provider.

To fix this, clear your local DNS cache to make sure that you grab the most recent cache that your ISP has.

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@LegacyEntP We look forward to hosting all of you tonight at #LegacyAFM. If you have an #AFM2019 badge, that is your ticket. If you do not, get your ticket on @eventbrite. Confirmed content buyers & investors from over 40 countries will be in attendance.

@RichardWarburto @eventbrite Impossible to login to your website at the moment - "console-breadcrumbs.js:33:15 Firing Pinterest event: pagevisit console-breadcrumbs.js:33:15 Event Data: console-breadcrumbs.js:33:15 Object { np: "gtm" } console-breadcrumbs.js:33:15 uncaught exception: null"

@jay0man @FlySupport @ticketfly we have not received an email to download tickets for @ericchurch show at @TheAnthemDC @eventbrite . Please DM for confirmation number.

@alfiepaddison @moggymoore @eltonofficial @Waterstones @eventbrite Alfie is not aware of it so no promises made. However, as he loves Elton John so much I had the release date saved on my calendar to try and get tickets as a surprise!

@OfficeBoysNY ...I hope you got your tickets 🎫 to see @smizthemoneykid & @illava plus a few special guests live at @thewellbrooklyn 11/22 if not I recommend you get them now cause this event will sell out! 🎫$10 @eventbrite or…

@BradDKurtz @toddbarry @eventbrite The title of this show is not descriptive enough. I have no idea what to expect.

@FootballKitCon Just a heads up that the ticket prices go up in a few hours so if you're looking to come along at the cheaper rate, get on it today! This is the event not to be missed 😉 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Football KitCon 🏟️ @BTMurrayfield 📆 29 March 🕰️ 1pm 💷 £10 🎫 @eventbrite

@STOMPSMTraining @eventbrite Jeez! I'm having a mare with your new way of setting up an event! It keeps freezing or when its not it says my region isn't valid? I can't even get to the page to say its a free event and it says I need to sort out my reserved seating. 1/2

@andigalpern “If you’re not able to articulate what the psychology of your work is, then I don’t believe you know what you’re talking about.” -Adrian Andrade, Product Design Lead at @eventbrite via @cascadesf.

@GhostlightETC Hi @eventbrite. We have been unable to get in touch with your customer service in any way. You mailed all our payments to the wrong address (an address we are not able to change on your website). This is no way to run a business. #customerservicefail

@smizthemoneykid ...I hope you got your tickets 🎫 to see @smizthemoneykid & @illava plus a few special guests live at @thewellbrooklyn 11/22 if not I recommend you get them now cause this event will sell out! 🎫$10 @eventbrite or…

@WeAreMoneykidz ...I hope you got your tickets 🎫 to see @smizthemoneykid & @illava plus a few special guests live at @thewellbrooklyn 11/22 if not I recommend you get them now cause this event will sell out! 🎫$10 @eventbrite or…

@YhomikeT Check out "FIGHTER'S CONFERENCE 2.0; How to fight for your future!" You wouldn't want to miss this! Plan to travel down if you don't reside in Ibadan, it's worth the while. Save the date: 30/11/2019 Register: Register: @Eventbrite

@heresysquad @steve_bogar @COSAntiFascists @eventbrite @eventbritehelp @IGD_News @NYCAntifa @161EUG @DSAdenver @AntifaSac_ @RM_YLF @RckyMtnAntifa @WILDFrontRange @NoCoCMAD @FrontRangeSRA @Haleyville_ARA @antifa_ne @AntiFashGordon @afainatl @CoosAntifa @CvAntifa @lbcafa @discord__panic @NDeathcamp @GrimKim @IWW_GDC Glad to hear your band is no longer playing the Divinus Principium fest (noticed its @eventbrite page has been taken down). I also noticed you haven’t answered the question about Derek Pettinelli/Metal DP who’s promoting your company is known to consistently book Nazi metal bands

@abs0 Flying Spaghetti Monster save us from login pages which do not understand when a password manager has filled the login field and leave the continue button steadfastly disabled Today grumbling at @eventbrite, not that its a site built to be used by millions of people or anything

@Mikejcraddock @tjwmurphy @eventbrite Is this for your "I'm a Neu(me) Man: Tim Murphy teaches Chant" course? I tried to book a couple of tickets for @GrahamNeal1 and myself. Furious not to be able to, as I'm sure they are selling fast!

@klomp_l Still time to register for our Halifax session on November 19th if you are a firm working on clean and quiet vessel technologies. Check out "Transport Canada, Marine RD&D Request for Proposals: Information Workshop" @Eventbrite

@EmifatiZebua1 Check out "Words matter: Effective language & communication when managing back pain- how to help and not harm" @Eventbrite

@su_jo @eventbrite I want to register at an event without signing up to your mailshots (this is not where I live) but can't do that

@SubCanyon @gabbyrosalie @thekillers @eventbrite Same happened to me, not sure why i was so optimistic ☹️

@family_pike Check out "When a Band-Aid Is Not Enough: Responding to Youth in Crisis!" @Eventbrite

@sophisticana Hey @eventbrite: Event organizers should have the ability to enter the location of their event without the requirement that it’s a location recognized by google. The form won’t accept this. Keeps crashing. Fail. Not good UX or design.

@smizthemoneykid ...I hope you got your tickets 🎫 to see @smizthemoneykid & @illava plus a few special guests live at @thewellbrooklyn 11/22 if not I recommend you get them now cause this event will sell out! 🎫$10 @eventbrite or…

@ErikWhi48334744 @COSAntiFascists @eventbrite @eventbritehelp There is not a single nsbm band on the show, do your research on the genre and quit acting like you know more about black metal than the people who listen to it, you know nothing about the genre

@witmol WTF is wrong with @Eventbrite? I used to be permanently logged in and now every time I want to get a ticket to something I have to sign in and it's not just username + password it's username on one page, clickthrough to enter password on the next page... 1/2

@Dave_O_Sullivan Great seeing the lads do the biz on @RTERayDarcyShow against @BaldoyleUtd . Trophy safely back in Carrigstown. Now down to the real business next Saturday. Tickets at @eventbrite

@Claire_R123 Hi @CDC_tweets I’ve sent you two emails via @eventbrite asking for you to change the name on my ticket, but I’ve not had a response. Could someone help please?

@TSEGuide What *Not* to Get an Event Planner for the Holidays via @eventbrite

@LauraAnnTull @caitylotz @eventbrite Saw it. It really is female Tarantino. You need to write more & make more. 👍 Tonight was surreal to. After a bad day my phone died. The man checking people in just handed me a VIP ticket & I walked in. Skipped the red carpet as I'm not in the films. Thanks for sharing.

@trevorsumner @eventbrite I have opted out of you sending me local events 20x in a row. Do you have to precheck it each time? I feel like you are trying to trick me every damn time. Not a good look for the brand.

@BCMcDowell The Fight Family Separation Soccer Tournament is happening right now, but if you're like me and are unable to get to La Doña tonight, you can still donate. Hit the link below and scroll down past tickets to the donate option. @Eventbrite

@insanity_rocks I sent email via the "Contact Organizer" via @eventbrite! UNANSWERED! But for the fact the show was Sold Out I would have bought 10 tickets for the show. I brought my entire family down for the show. I was prepared to buy food & drink, too. 3/

@XYZprod @eventbrite How are your e tickets delivered? Not sure whether to get them delivered or get an e ticket so I can get it quicker. I won't be taking my phone so I need to be able to print it 😊

@shiftynj Hey @eventbrite did I ask you to share my email address with every venue in the tristate area? No I did not.

@bluegrottoinc Just purchased my tickets - can't wait to STAY HOME. Clever idea to support #ZeroWaste: "Thank You for Not Coming: The Ultimate Zero Waste Event" @Eventbrite

@LarryPenney As a product designer, I highly recommend everyone working product in a startup to attend this event. Check out "Design Thinking Symposium: Collaboration for Innovation" @Eventbrite

@JordanDelGrand1 I woke up early to not miss buying my ticket to "BSides Canberra 2020" @Eventbrite

@insanity_rocks @eventbrite So, not only was I deeply disappointed, but my entire family too. I will be calling tomorrow morning requesting a refund for a VIP Section I was not able to use because it doesn't come with Tickets. Additionally, I will be complaining about 4/

@jeffstei Since 3D secure introduction I only experience problems with online creditcard payments with @comdirect @Visa card. I am asked for a phototan which I am not able to process on the same mobile. Can't topup @RevolutApp, no tickets on @eventbrite

@billskvrsgrd @jodiebooth @Waterstones @eltonofficial @WaterstonesPicc @eventbrite im SO angry i’ve been refreshing since like 9:45 and it gets to 10 and goes down, comes back up then wont let me pay?? what is this mess

@Sharon_R_Hair @eventbrite I need to email support as I have a question regarding an event I set up, but there isn’t a way to contact you and my question is not in your support database.

@QueenAftan Whew honey! This is going to be one of them ones! I'm not holding nothing back! Ticket link in my bio or search: Palace Perception with Queen Aftan NOVEMBER on @eventbrite. Get yours now (and one for your real…

@RevolutApp @jeffstei @comdirect @Visa @eventbrite Hello there. Would you mind contacting our in-app support? We're sure that our agents will be able to answer all your questions. To contact them go to Dashboard -> Tap on the '?' icon -> Swipe down -> Chat to us. Just remember to type ''live agent''.

@tjwmurphy I've received emails from several customers today saying they haven't been able to purchase tickets via your website today. Is there a known issue? Your CS is closed. What should I do? @eventbrite

@YCurran @eventbrite You would be succesful with your events by sending your confirmations to the correct Email address and having a contact person to respond back to in your Email. Not a no reply. I have received an Email in error intended for someone with the same name and cannot inform you.

@caspari_org_uk Its not too late to get your ticket for talk with @drsarahsutton tomorrow. See you there! Check out "Public Lecture - Dr Sarah Sutton" @Eventbrite

@FootballKitCon Just a heads up that the ticket prices go up in 13 hours so if you're looking to come along at the cheaper rate, get on it today! This is the event not to be missed 😉 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Football KitCon 🏟️ @BTMurrayfield 📆 29 March 🕰️ 1pm 💷 £10 🎫 @eventbrite

@kaefair @navahhhhh @ingridmusic @eventbrite @lprnyc Same! Came to check too! I had the page queued up for an hour and refreshed at 10a on the dot and saw a green Tickets button for like 4 seconds and now it just says unavailable, but not sold out. Was flying during presale yesterday. :(

@mattmilligan_EY @eventbrite the UX of your 'enter promo code' checkout API needs to be improved- a lot of our users are missing it in the checkout journey. The blue text is not prominent enough

@wayneofthenorth Hey @eventbrite nobody can login to your website because reCaptcha has been showing the invalid domain error all week. Please can you fix this?

@MissAmerica2812 @DonnaVitale4 @TheHikingDiva @eventbrite @aaroncarter I had vip to his shows in the uk. Two of them got cancelled and I was never refunded the $500 I spent on his diamond vip or what ever it was. It was down to Lori/Jayson/Aaron. Granted last year because of the mess I did get a free vip to his show but not $500 worth that’s fosho!

@HandstandSam @_tir38 @eventbrite @facebook You probably did a login with facebook is my guess which gives them access to the email address.

@DSLorraine Dana & Susan Robinson from the USA #UKTour brings them to #Bristol @NewRoomBristol Thu 14 Nov and not to be missed! tickets from @eventbrite or New Room shop @whatsonbristol @BristolLifeMag @DestBristol @BristolLiving @Total_Bristol @BristolOnTheMap

@chassethatbag Check out "Statewide Rally to Free Rodney Reed at the Texas Governor's Mansion" @eventbrite @MeekMill @Diddy @djkhaled THIS IS NOT FUNNY !

@_JRRivera Check out "#CreativeConversations Series and Count Down to Give Miami Day" @Eventbrite @MiamiMOCAAD

@Jagrabbit @eventbrite Would you be so kind as to force users to confirm their email before allowing them to use your site? It shouldn't be the responsibility of an email owner to close down accounts that they didn't open in the first place in order to not get spammed.

@frazzledrn @RachelMcN12News @12News @eventbrite How did I not get invited to this? 🤦🏻‍♀️

@DrKennethKunz @CoachJDJacobs @BenavidesB @eventbrite I’m well! Working my way to a grateful Thanksgiving! Turkey is a huge motivator of mine 😆🍗 and bacon 🥓 😆

@UrmstonBookShop @eventbrite hi, I have an event on Eventbrite which for some reason it says sales ended. There are tickets left and the event is not until 21st Nov. Can you shed any light? I have people wanting to buy tickets.

Site Excerpt Down, Is Eventbrite Down?.
Whoops! This page is currently unavailable. The Britelings are currently working to return you to the service as quickly as possible. If you need to reach us immediately, please contact us at [email protected] or visit our Help Center. We'll keep you updated on Twitter. Response code: 403

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