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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - UNITED STATES ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY | US EPA - Server Status

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@acquiredadesire @Con4dentual @jadapsmith @OfficialWillow @AntDavis23 @espn @USHUD @ACLU @ACLU_SoCal @NAACP @EPA @FirstTake @carmeloanthony @spidadmitchell @googleearth @EAMaddenMobile @AB84 @CoachTomlin @PatrickMahomes @drdrew @boogiecousins @KamalaHarris @Boeing @CP3 @DwyaneWade @realDonaldTrump @YSL @Jrue_Holiday11 @facebook @Kaepernick7 @itsgabrielleu @SocialSecurity @MagnusCarlsen @GMHikaru @Zionwilliamson @Yg_Trece @PUBGMOBILE @Saddleback @MLB @kathrynbarger @Microsoft @JHarden13 @russwest44 @PelicansNBA @B_IngramDAGOAT @ZO2_ @SCOTUSblog @cindymccain @NAMICommunicate @MagicJohnson How do i get assaulted;perplexed, have my tenancy terminated principally a complaint from me about tenant in unit next door, so I purchase sound bar to negate the volume 3years current, principle commercial @ABC7 they #whitenoise defended myself, that’s not their. Misunderstood

@djconn @ltgrusselhonore @BP_America @sejorg @LouisianaGov @AGJeffLandry @DOJPH @EPA This was never going to go away. All that oil in the Gulf. :( And they still want to drill in these areas. It's always money money money ... not what if we destroy the gulf, the ocean or the waterways... It's never enough for some companies and people.

@CBPSanDiego @CBP is actively working with multiple entities (#IBWC, @EPA, Congress) & the Government of Mexico, in a whole of government approach to address the water pollution that comes from Tijuana. As you can see, this remains a significant environmental issue. #TijuanaRiver #Sewage

@RitaJ2011 @mfstern @carlyinNJ @realDonaldTrump has the stupidest cabinet members. Does @EPA not realize how 1980 this is? EPA stands for Environmentsl PROTECTION agency...not “make it easier for Trump to wash his hands & flush his BS down the toilet”.

@SafeH2o4Schools @PurpleGimp @washingtonpost @EPA We're a country complacent to lead. We're doing an abysmal job of testing at-risk children for lead poisoning. In at least 11 states, more than 80% of children with lead poisoning were not tested by their pediatricians or local health departments.

@cpluvs2tri @EPA We need have sterilization plants do independent fence post monitoring. @EPA needs to have stronger enforcement, there are ZERO consequences for violations! These plants should also NOT be allowed permits to operate in high population density areas.

@DirigoBlue @realDonaldTrump Nixon created the @EPA and signed the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act yet he was still impeached If you did nothing wrong why did you order your aides not to testify?

@CasperCucumber @dcexaminer @BarbarianCap @realdonald @EPA He’s not the hero we deserve, he’s the hero we need! Vote #Trump2020 to end low-flow toilet monopolies now...

@SethMeyerMU While it MIGHT not create a problem, the @EPA going from an average of ‘what they did’ to an average of ‘what they should have done’ allows them to continue to make a mistake that is never made up.

@YouthGoneWildOK Dude, if I am flushing my toilet 10 or 15 times, I am having some SERIOUS diarrhea and probably need a doctor and not your advice to save water. @EPA He's all yours.

@screamingturnip @mcmansionhell @EPA @TheWarOnCars I'm not sure how to feel about cryllic inspired english that actually works. I think I like it

@drsimonreddy @cleanh2oaction @CleanWater_MD @EPA get that lead-lines are key problem - but not heard any comments on dangers of copper #legacy plumbing that Dr Oliphant considered more dangerous that #lead alone - owing to galvanic action - phosphate dosed water less reactive with lead than copper+lead?

@JohnDWalke @EPA Note how this statement from an @EPA spokesperson— about the hiring of a former industry attorney that sued EPA repeatedly to overturn clean air protections—does not *once* mention any commitment to health, clean air, or climate protections. Just "the President's agenda."

@acquiredadesire @Con4dentual @jadapsmith @OfficialWillow @AntDavis23 @espn @USHUD @ACLU @ACLU_SoCal @NAACP @EPA @FirstTake @carmeloanthony @spidadmitchell @googleearth @EAMaddenMobile @AB84 @CoachTomlin @PatrickMahomes @drdrew @boogiecousins @KamalaHarris @Boeing @CP3 @DwyaneWade @realDonaldTrump @YSL @Jrue_Holiday11 @facebook @Kaepernick7 @itsgabrielleu @SocialSecurity @MagnusCarlsen @GMHikaru @Zionwilliamson @Yg_Trece @PUBGMOBILE @Saddleback @MLB @kathrynbarger @Microsoft @JHarden13 @russwest44 @PelicansNBA @B_IngramDAGOAT @ZO2_ @SCOTUSblog @MichaelEDyson I loss my mind my livelihood inherently will my livelihood-unto they (forces) my livelihood @cityoflancaster I’m loss Plantiff lookin @rrexparris my livelihood mention lik this, this defeat cost my mind Im not ever going to have hope progressing in society all I can say is they

@NRDC @EPA "My life should not be a pawn for leveraging industry profits. Nor should those of my neighbors and their children. Families and workers in these neighborhoods deserve to be safe." - Ana Parras, co-executive director of @tejasbarrios

@vivek_mutalik @EPA is working on toilets now? And also clearing the “cyanide bomb”?

@LoreyJeanene No modern country should sanction barbaric actions against humans or wildlife. We have not evolved......this devolution to the lowest level. It must STOP! @EPA What happened to the PROTECTION part? Complicit idiots are in charge of almost every agency now.

@KogerView @JoScheff @EPA Ivanka and the Trump boys must have new patents in China on plumbing hardware? Trump’s job is to mandate replacing all toilets in federal buildings—Really? Wouldn’t it be cheaper just to impeach & remove this fruitcake? Really! It’s not a coup as Pence will be prez till election!

@ToniANFPA @EPA In your Agency title, are you not supposed to be the Environmental *Protection* Agency? So why are you killing #Wildlife? With so much negative (and often deadly) impact from humans already, why can you not just let Wildlife survive and live?

@Askthepoolman @PanhandleExit I do not vote #democrat . And you take any company that wants to move to so they can pollute and ruin Your fine and beautiful states. #noregulations 😽 Plus #trumpsupportres are universally #cowards and cry baby bitches. And @POTUS You are no #Nixon .. @EPA @GOP @GOPLeader

@SailingFireman @ReformAustin @EPA Having worked in chemical refineries, let me tell you. It’s not the Wild West out there. Every incident is thoroughly investigated, Engineering controls considered to eliminate future incidents, etc. The EPAs restrictions were overly burdensome. Work in one and you’ll understand

@KiahCollier 9 days ago when the @TPC_Group #PortNeches incident began, I contacted @EPA asking about the facility's high priority violator status. Today, a spokesman sent a statement saying its enforcement website is wrong and they're working with @TCEQ to update it. However... (1/2)

@acquiredadesire @Con4dentual @jadapsmith @OfficialWillow @AntDavis23 @espn @USHUD @ACLU @ACLU_SoCal @NAACP @EPA @FirstTake @carmeloanthony @spidadmitchell @googleearth @EAMaddenMobile @AB84 @CoachTomlin @PatrickMahomes @drdrew @boogiecousins @KamalaHarris @Boeing @CP3 @DwyaneWade @realDonaldTrump @YSL @Jrue_Holiday11 @facebook @Kaepernick7 @itsgabrielleu @SocialSecurity @MagnusCarlsen @GMHikaru @Zionwilliamson @Yg_Trece @PUBGMOBILE @Saddleback @MLB @kathrynbarger @Microsoft @JHarden13 @russwest44 @PelicansNBA @B_IngramDAGOAT @ZO2_ @SCOTUSblog @cindymccain @NAMICommunicate @kathrynbarger evidently I’m not reaching she attempt to get her money, it’s like 5 property managers later, I could be wrong. notwithstanding @SCOTUSblog only reason I’m here they telling me to be homeless really, they don’t have it. I’m circumstantial homeless cos’ defamation

@FairWitness1 @TheRynheart @realDonaldTrump @EPA PLEASE VERIFY our commonwealth of MA is, or is not, liable regarding one week of time since inspection has not yet resulted in classifying the attached video re: 24/7 bathtub brook as an emergency repair category the city of Boston is obligated to enforce. 😀 💧😇😌🙂⚽️🏐☺️

@michelle0728 No. It's not very good at all. Not. At. All. @EnvDefenseFund do your thing. And @epa you had to be told by a Canadian newspaper about a NUCLEAR site spill. @TheWindsorStar great job.

@SafeGasoline We believe the issue of fine #particulate matter is grossly ignored by @EPA. By their admission, they fail to account for polycyclic #aromatic hydrocarbons and have ignored the overwhelming evidence of the causation as it relates to #gasoline. #SafeGasoline #cleanfuels #CFDC

@TrumpsLostLimo Damn how long do we have to wait? Someone must have flushed the counter-report down the toilet. Wonder how many flushes it took? @EPA any ideas?

@karenzach The #MAGA folks will have us installing outhouses soon to deal with excessive flushing issue. I can say that never in my lifetime have I had to flush the toilet 15 times. But then perhaps the problem isn't the toilet. Maybe @POTUS really is full of shit. #toiletgate @EPA

@Thenina77 🔴🔵should all care🤦🏻‍♀️ The United States of America DOES NOT HAVE consistent water quality standards and testing in place to protect its citizens and the environment. @LittleMissFlint @EPA @EPAAWheeler @USDA @GOP @GOPLeader @OfficeGovEthics

@BillRupy A Disgusting practice. These need to be banned. Trump’s @EPA is NOT protecting the American people, and this is just the latest example.

@absurdmanxyz Thank you @EPAAWheeler for working with @WhiteCoatWaste & MAKING HISTORY with your bold plan to completely phase out @EPA animal testing, saving millions of tax dollars & animals!

@Jake_McQ My son took a #TrumpDump this morning. I had to flush like 15 times to get it to go down. @EPA, please help.

@JohnPatrickHil2 @CarterCenter @CarterLibrary @cartalk @jayleno @LenosGarage @CityofBarstow @POTUS @FLOTUS @SanBernardinoNF @forestservice @guardianeco @EnviroAction @WWF @SierraClub @nature_org @MotherNatureNet @IENearth @EPA @ktlaENT @KCBSKCALDesk @latimes @DDispatchNews @Highdesertdaily @KABCRadio @ArchDigest @Tesla @Chrysler @Chevron @arco @HRHPrincessKK @hrhprincesshaya @KAcom @LAPDHQ @MPD_TN @LawtonOKPD @NYPDSpecialops @GlendaleAZPD @ChicagoPD_Vivo @DCPD_NEWS @SFPD @NOPDNews @_BPDiaries_ @LyndhurstNJPD @Ford @Pontifex @ArchbishopGomez @BishopBarnes @VaticanNews @ewtnradio @ancientorigins On Nov 16, 2017 I walked under a solar flare while the sky was heavily clouded. In 15 minutes, my skin was heavily darkened & my stomach was hurt. W/this I feel God did not punish us at Noah's Flood, but warned us. And saved all R lives. We need to shield & we have that w/us.

@jorgeclave7 @AGBecerra @EPA Hey Xavier. I'm mexican, and let me tell you this straight. You are a disgrace to the latino community and if you are of mexican descent, you are a disgrace to the mexican-american community, for your support of infaticide. You will certainly not get away with this.

@fud31 Chlorpyrifos: EPA’s Seven Year Quest for Columbia’s Raw Data: Despite multiple requests, an EPA visit to Columbia, and a public commitment to “share all data gathered,” CCCEH has not provided EPA with the data used. via @EPA

@bubba_wubba Was @realDonaldTrump trying to say there are 'water pressure' issues in that ramble of words?🤭🤭 Tells me it was the @EPA's idea, NOT his. #HeilTrump Trump takes on light bulbs and flushing toilets in business roundtable via @nbcnews

@JohnPatrickHil2 @CarterCenter @CarterLibrary @cartalk @jayleno @LenosGarage @CityofBarstow @POTUS @FLOTUS @SanBernardinoNF @forestservice @guardianeco @EnviroAction @WWF @SierraClub @nature_org @MotherNatureNet @IENearth @EPA @ktlaENT @KCBSKCALDesk @latimes @DDispatchNews @Highdesertdaily @KABCRadio @ArchDigest @Tesla @Chrysler @Chevron @arco @HRHPrincessKK @hrhprincesshaya @KAcom @LAPDHQ @MPD_TN @LawtonOKPD @NYPDSpecialops @GlendaleAZPD @ChicagoPD_Vivo @DCPD_NEWS @SFPD @NOPDNews @_BPDiaries_ @LyndhurstNJPD @Ford @Pontifex @ArchbishopGomez @BishopBarnes @EWTNews @VaticanNews Koala Bears can find assist in working to shield planet from solar flares & meteors. JPH, 2019

@TGO2GO @marcorubio @SenRickScott Protect people, not polluters. Tell the @EPA to follow the science on air quality. Sign Here:

@drsimonreddy @CleanWaterMI @SafeH2o4Schools @EPA UK @SNIPEFnews sat on good science about high lead levels in new Scottish housing circa 2000 when #leadsolder was made illegal in 1986 on drinking water - warnings about risks to children - even plumbing lecturers like me didn’t know! 20 years? Why did @SNIPEFtech not ACT? @WHO

@JacksonLeeTX18 Today I urged @EPA for a fed #environmental invstgtion of cancer clusters tied to #creosote following a @TexasDSHS rpt. The invstgtion shld be like the one caused by my office. It shld then issue a thorough rpt about cancer clusters in the #FifthWard. My letter & statement below:

@drwaheeduddin Come on. It's universal knowledge that fossil fuels emit CO2 when burnt. Basic science. Both @EPA and @UNEP knew and have developed models to calculate CO2. But CO2 does not cause warming or ClimateChange. See the temperature data at Mauna Mauna Loa Hawaii where CO2 is monitored.

@sbplama @calicobayfarm @mpgarza2012 @DerekCressman @EPA A lot of the sewage treatment plants on the Maryland Eastern Shore barely function if at all. The communities are not large or wealthy enough to upgrade them w/o significant state & federal help. Flipping the House blue has raised hopes slightly that the feds will chip in $

@thesum @waltshaub Is that the same lotion that @ScottPruittOK sent his @EPA employees out to track down at fancy hotels?

@marshalotis @Bill_Maxwell_ @BTM829 @NASA @UNFCCC NEVER FEAR: Republican president Donald J Trump says Global Climate Change is a "hoax" and has instructed @GOP @EPA to work on the real problem of: the "flushing of toilets 10-15 times". Trump is on top of THAT issue! Rest easy now.

@foe_us Our oceans should not be treated as places for mega-corporations to industrialize and destroy. @EPA must hold a public hearing and listen to those speaking out against polluting factory farms in the Gulf of Mexico. #DontCageOurOcean

@sbplama @DerekCressman @mpgarza2012 @EPA We have had no such luck in Gulf of Mexico in part because states & industries responsible for most of the nutrient discharge into the Mississippi & carried down to Gulf do not border the Gulf itself. That is why strong federal commitment is needed.

@EnvProtectioNet Not only did Trump lie on Friday about people flushing toilets 10-15 times, but he also lied about five aspects of @epa's rollback of @BarackObama's signature Clean Car Standards, expected to be finalized in January. @maxinejoselow @EENewsUpdates

@HealthImpacted Translation: the air you’re breathing can make you sick! And @EPA is not doing their job to protect #publichealth. Guess who gets to chose the human making the top-down decisions at the EPA? We need to elect public health champions if we want the government to protect our health.

@Nawal14279060 #OpportunityZones The Main Goal Of Those Projects Has To Be The Social Impact On The Public Not On The Investors 😊 @EPA

@FuelingUSJobs “…the Supplemental is not the product of reasoned decisionmaking reflecting a cogent explanation for @EPA’s abrupt about-face. Rather, it is a thinly veiled attempt to placate interest groups and the politicians who represent them.” - @MonroeEnergy. Read:

@J_Styborski @kylegriffin1 Typical of @kylegriffin1 and #FakeNews @MSNBC misrepresenting this as just about toilet flushing, when in REALITY he’s discussing the @EPA investigating issues w/water usage pertaining to ALL running water; @realDonaldTrump does NOT mention toilets until after showers & sinks.

@AnnSchroederWi2 @ChrisPennick1 @CenterForBioDiv @EPA [email protected] Unreal cruelty to humans, pets, wildlife. WHY R THEY NOT BANNED IN OUR COUNTRY??

@pachrchadvocacy Urge @EPA not to roll back #methanestandards: @CreationJustice #climatechangeisreal

@leoniehaimson @FTC @FedRegister @Parents4Privacy @BadassTeachersA @marla_kilfoyle @DianeRavitch @FrankPasquale @JulieLB @jhengstler @commercialfree @NEPCtweet Turns out entire website is down & its run by @EPA - who knew? EPA when will you fix this? People want to comment on @FTC COPPA rule and deadline is tonight!

@slrothen Dear @EPA @EPAwater if you are a hard working policy analyst or scientist and need some alcohol to make it through the review of #toilet efficiency standards- I am willing to help. My heart goes out to you. #ToiletTrump ##toiletgate

@seaplaneguy @drwaheeduddin @JaggerMickOZ @EPA @UNEP The question is how to eliminate the profit motive for AGW fraud. Socrates said roughly spend time on new not on fighting old. My engine makes EV 3-10x more expensive relative to my engine. E fuels get it to CO2 neutral/zero. Nuclear makes it cheap and keeps oil costs down.

@RegStudies "Between 2009 & [email protected] & @USDOT required both cars & trucks to become a lot more [email protected] issued over three dozen sets of energy-efficiency rules...The U.S. quietly put a price on is hardly enough," says @CassSunstein:

@NRDC The @EPA should be protecting clean air, clean water and healthy environments—not polluter profits. It's time to demand real leadership today:

@Lauraecor The @EPA did not publicize news of the contamination through a press release, but @ajc @gahealthnews and @GeorgiaNewsLab collaborated to make this story public:

@Truthtease @Coloradocrest In the documentary CLIMATEGATE 2019 I didn’t fully discuss power generation. Molten Salt & Thorium Reactors need to provide Earth’s electricity with minimal cost & wide availability to the users. Renewables should be for backup & off grid applications, not the grid itself. @EPA

@Mikeybcali @CNN Quick send Greta to the rescue skipping down the yellow brick Road w/ Al Gore @algore @GretaThunberg The emergency we face is non-stop pollution fueled by massive over-population last 30 years at least by Rogue nations like China @seanhannity @TuckerCarlson @EPA @realDonaldTrump

@NamlessInnov8r Use old strip mines as stepped greenhouse land. Similar to other stepped farms... Pump the water from the bottom of the mine to the top, let gravity work it down for irrigation. #agriculture #Farmers @EPA @US_FDA

@scot23132 @WstrnPriorities @a_riverrat @Interior @EPA @Hickenlooper Frackenlooper most likely to be Colorado's next senator. If he tires of Senate will be fossil fuel lobbyist like Sen/Interior Sec. Ken Salazar? Salazar Had promised not to lobby but lust for big fossil fuel $$$ stronger than his word.

@OneBreathHOU Industry knows @TCEQ and @EPA will not hold them accountable. An industry-friendly approach is simply not enough to prevent the disasters that threaten our lives, livelihoods and health, write @EnviroIntegrity and @PublicCitizenTX.

@tn1lffoyt1c Listen to white and black people working together to expose the @EPA and tell you about how @realDonaldTrump is fucking over vets and Marines from 1955-1960. This is the same industrial toxins everyone in Flint drank

@CrumlinUp When basic river care: i.e. clearing trash screens/collecting rubbish is not even happening, then multimillion plans are futile. “These sites are important reservoirs of aquatic biodiversity and their decline is worrying" according to Shane O’Boyle @EPA

@JohnDWalke 2. One @EPA advisor offered an astonishing excuse for not recommending to @EPAAWheeler that ozone health standards be strengthened—an excuse showing a fundamental misunderstanding of the advisors' role & responsibilities. And excuse showing abdication of those responsibilities.

@jackejones123 @MissProgressiv1 @lisamurkowski @EPA You do not get to UNDO AND ELECTION because your Lil feelings are hurt !

@PAULLEOFASO @UN @INTERPOL_EC @MikeBloomberg "WORLD SCIENTISTS ISSUE WARNING TO MANKIND" @JayInslee @SenMarkey @SenSchumer @NRDC @SierraClub @AEA @OilandEnergy @BeyondCoal @EPA @foe_us @WSJ @nytimes @washingtonpost @technology @CIA

@LimOpinion My story on @EPA's pre-rulemaking notice outlining its approach to regulating commercial ethylene oxide sterilizers. Administrator Andrew Wheeler said EPA is working with @US_FDA and other stakeholders to mitigate impact on medical device supply.

@kvconstant The PA State Dept EPA joined major #oilandgas companies, #environmental groups and lawmakers from both parties in urging the #TrumpAdministration @EPA not to go through with its proposal to eliminate methane control requirements from well sites & #pipelines across the country.

@Earthjustice #PFAS are used in waterproof jackets, nonstick pans, food wrappers, and personal care products -- and they can stay in our bodies for decades. Trump’s @EPA has failed to come up with a plan that will eliminate these harmful chemicals from our communities.

@campaignful @atrupar If you need to flush the toilet ten to fifteen times, you need a plumber, or a gastroenterologist - NOT the @EPA.

@GradesofGreen Because a dangerous group of chemicals named #PFAS don't break down in the environment, they're called "forever chemicals." What will the @EPA's @EPAAWheeler do to protect #publichealth?

@Safetyman979 @RepRashida @MichiganEGLE @EPA The Remediation and Response Plan is not going to happen as soon as you want it to. It will take time and a very thorough and complete investigation to come up with the cause and effects of the collapse. Unfortunately you and your colleagues are more worried about impeachment!

@RichMaier3 @NoahSherry4 @RepRashida @MichiganEGLE @EPA Good. Glad you’re frustrated. Here’s another....she does not love America. Her allegiance will always be to her middle eastern heritage . Just like our last president. President Trump Loves this country. Period.

@SiriusSeaStar77 @KlwGemini @EPA Because they follow not the law first set forth in Genesis 1 of God said for His creation to fill the Earth. They are telling God He got it all wrong!

@FuelsAmerica Iowa trucking/animal feed operator & 2016 Trump voter: “The president needs to hear that his @EPA’s actions are a betrayal that will not be forgotten by rural families.”

@Arimari90801427 @Alyssa_Milano Someone is having issues flushing his [email protected]% down a normal toilet and blames the plumbing, not @kfc @realDonaldTrump the @EPA needs to look into your diet, not water pressure

@Earthjustice #PFAS are used in waterproof jackets, nonstick pans, food wrappers, and personal care products -- and they can stay in our bodies for decades. Trump’s @EPA has failed to come up with a plan that will eliminate these harmful chemicals from our communities.

@JohnPatrickHil2 @CarterCenter @CarterLibrary @cartalk @jayleno @LenosGarage @CityofBarstow @POTUS @FLOTUS @SanBernardinoNF @forestservice @guardianeco @EnviroAction @WWF @SierraClub @nature_org @MotherNatureNet @IENearth @EPA @ktlaENT @KCBSKCALDesk @latimes @DDispatchNews @Highdesertdaily @KABCRadio @ArchDigest @Tesla @Chrysler @Chevron @arco @HRHPrincessKK @hrhprincesshaya @KAcom @LAPDHQ @MPD_TN @LawtonOKPD @NYPDSpecialops @GlendaleAZPD @ChicagoPD_Vivo @DCPD_NEWS @SFPD @NOPDNews @_BPDiaries_ @LyndhurstNJPD @Ford @ancientorigins @okcthunder I pray we choose not to win or worry of losing. I pray we end harming ourselves & others. If the Trump's are set out from office, the spiritual side of this fight will find those who were against him and nothing stops. We can end war @SotomayorScotus @fbi @scotusginsburg @CIA

@Scott_W_Hulbert @EPA @EPAwater FYI. I am not sure what the base that supports your agency eats, but I have never ever had to flush a toilet 10 to 15 times. Twice, tops. And that is only like 2 to 3 times a year.

@RandomDescent @kylegriffin1 I’ve had norovirus and shit 20 times in one day, none of which needed more than one flush with my low-flow toilet. More importantly can someone @EPA let him know how rivers work? (hint: we’re not filling up tankers to go throw out into the ocean)

@cleanh2oaction If the President is really concerned about clean water, he would tell @EPA to drop its reckless #DirtyWaterRule, the proposal to let coal plants dump more pollution into our water and more, not lo-flo toilets. #ProtectCleanWater

@KiahCollier @TPC_Group @EPA @TCEQ This does not change the fact that @TPC_Group's #PortNeches facility has been fined multiple times by state and federal regulators for clean air violations. In 2017, a major consent decree required it to make sweeping upgrades after avoidable violations were found.

@drwaheeduddin @Havenaar64 @tony_heller @PNS_News @Tony__Heller It's universal knowledge that fossil fuels emit CO2 when burnt. Basic science. Both @EPA & @UNEP knew & have developed models to calculate CO2. But CO2 does not cause warming or ClimateChange. See emperature data at Mauna Mauna Loa where CO2 is monitored.

@digiphile is down, so @FTC is extending deadline for rulemaking & suggesting the public email comments to them: I see @RegulationsGov hasn't tweeted since 2016. @EPA runs that website, but has no notice of downtime. Status, @MAbboudEPA45?

@Jeres_Rant Not so surprising ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ and his admin are taking a plunge into toilets. With water shortages on the rise world wide he wants his @EPA to ease up on water conservation. Go figure

@Flynnertwit Hey everyone don’t take a shower or flush your toilet because the @EPA might show up at your door and investigate because @realDonaldTrump wants to look into this issue!

@PLB1931 @kylegriffin1 Mostly in preparation to rollback water management and conservation efforts that impact rivers and aquifers but under the idiotic, imbecilic or ignorant arguments of toilet flushing and hand washing. Sad that the best words are not used. @PLB1931 @TheAtlantic @NewYorker @EPA

@PineMalcolm @corbinsmom @dcexaminer @realdonald @EPA Because they SOUND like a good idea and it's harder to articulate the reasons they're actually not.

@ltgrusselhonore Lordy Lordy @BP_America attitude to not care for the clean up workers is shameful , the Federal Courts have Dragged this out , some have died , others terminally ill @sejorg @LouisianaGov @AGJeffLandry #lagov Shameful @DOJPH @EPA

@NRDC The @EPA should be protecting clean air, clean water and healthy environments—not polluter profits. It's time to demand real leadership today:

@kdelano001 The Great Flushing Flood will go down second only to the Bowling Green Massacre in the anals (yeah I spelled it!) of history. @realDonaldTrump done went and lost what was left of his damned mind. We NEED A STRONG @EPA 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

@Nawal14279060 So, Sonny Perdue The Current Minister Of Agriculture & An Agriculture Degree Holder From The Collage Of Veterinary Medicine Have Sued @EPA On 2014 To Block An Environmental Regulation Plan Against Formulated Gasoline Oh Lord Have Mercy 😹 Wait Wait, Thats Not The End

@pascalmolineaux Andrew Wheeler is working 24/24 and 7/7 to capture the @EPA so it serves, full time, the interests of Big Business, the Fossil Fuel Industry and BigAg. He and the EPA he manages just considers envtl and public health to be far less important than the short-term profits of cronies

@GrowthEnergy All we're asking for is to enforce the deal the president made. That's means a true, three year average of biofuel gallons lost due to SREs — not @ENERGY's recommendations, not what @EPA is proposing.

@foe_us Our oceans should not be treated as places for mega-corporations to industrialize and destroy. @EPA must hold a public hearing and listen to those speaking out against polluting factory farms in the Gulf of Mexico. #DontCageOurOcean

@mertzmobile @dcexaminer @realdonald @EPA "People are flushing my excrement down toilets 10 times, 15 times, as opposed to once." @realDonaldTrump announces the @EPA is looking at his excrement standards.

@acquiredadesire @Con4dentual @jadapsmith @OfficialWillow @AntDavis23 @espn @USHUD @ACLU @ACLU_SoCal @NAACP @EPA @FirstTake @carmeloanthony @spidadmitchell @googleearth @EAMaddenMobile @AB84 @CoachTomlin @PatrickMahomes @drdrew @boogiecousins @KamalaHarris @Boeing @CP3 @DwyaneWade @realDonaldTrump @YSL @Jrue_Holiday11 @facebook @Kaepernick7 @itsgabrielleu @SocialSecurity @MagnusCarlsen @GMHikaru @Zionwilliamson @Yg_Trece @PUBGMOBILE @Saddleback @MLB @kathrynbarger @Microsoft @JHarden13 @russwest44 @PelicansNBA @B_IngramDAGOAT @ZO2_ @SCOTUSblog @kathrynbarger @cindymccain go to court wall, @SCOTUSblog in that: admission @billieeilish uh like allow my mental capacity expansion? I’m open to I get evicted without going before the judge, was smart. How stupid!? Smh... minor issue effects larger society my version virtuous

Site Excerpt Down, Is Epa Down?.
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