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@drayzze @EPA Wrong. The repeal of the 2015 rule is not progress and opens us all up to far more water pollution. And a serious decline in Superfund site cleanups? Enough propaganda, EPA. People deserve the truth so they can vote smarter.

@dqasci - @EPA has proposed to regulate #PFOA and #PFOS in drinking water. They have to date made just one decision to regulate a drinking water contaminant, perchlorate, back in Feb. 2011 and EPA is still working on it. Any bets on how long it takes for #PFOA and #PFOS?

@coshjoupe @Eyelergy @EPA I'm not required to have patience for every account (paid shill or otherwise) attacking the EPA on here. Being skeptical towards randos on Twitter isn't the reason why people dismiss climate science. That's a problem of their own their own political bias and cognitive dissonance.

@SenWhitehouse Remember, first thing crooked fossil fuel industry did with corrupted Trump @EPA was to take down methane leak reporting. Think maybe they knew something?

@wavemgb @MiMi96482553 @DonnaKappler @eilperin @EPA @brady_dennis @realDonaldTrump It’s not IMPOTUS it’s the Republican Party that wants this the corporations want this the conservatives want this they don’t believe in climate change listen to Megan McCain she does not believe in climate change IMPOTUS is a puppet for republicans 🇺🇸🌊

@johnjin40008771 @twistopherrobin @NewYorkStateAG @EPA You mean an CRIMINAL AG who does EVERYTHING she can to disarm LEGAL gun owners so her PET MS13 ILLEGALS GANG does not have to worry about get shot by law abiding CITIZENS when the Rob, Rape + KILL them!

@FSchmiffer @DeseretNews @EPA @SofiaAJeremias Your implication is false. "federal protections" do not equate to clean water

@acquiredadesire @Con4dentual @jadapsmith @OfficialWillow @AntDavis23 @espn @USHUD @ACLU @ACLU_SoCal @NAACP @EPA @FirstTake @carmeloanthony @spidadmitchell @googleearth @EAMaddenMobile @AB84 @CoachTomlin @PatrickMahomes @drdrew @boogiecousins @KamalaHarris @Boeing @CP3 @DwyaneWade @realDonaldTrump @YSL @Jrue_Holiday11 @Facebook @Kaepernick7 @itsgabrielleu @SocialSecurity @MagnusCarlsen @GMHikaru @Zionwilliamson @Yg_Trece @kathrynbarger @KingJames @ZO2_ @Walmart @SCOTUSblog @NLSLA @KamBrothers @Lakers @YahooSports @SHAQ @Pontifex @Zendaya @TheJusticeDept @Apple I go to court facing eviction summons this thep third such time, we, it’s. Blessing. Lot of emotions I hope I the defendant win my case, I’m ready to win. I’m not dressed up I don’t have 3/3 fashion appearance judge budgeted 2/3 fine lil unnerved go out here in protect my tenancy

@chadinabhan Dr. Sheppard who served on the @EPA SAP explains how the EPA did not follow its own guidelines when assessing carcinogenicity of #Glyphosate via @Forbes Important read to understand how real science sometimes gets concealed.

@BeeNewsDaily @rfmahe02 It was Obama’s Admin and @EPA who failed the people in #Flint! Hillary did not bother to lift a finger until the voters attacked. None of the Dem candidates helped Flunt. The 15 charged Dems!

@JohnDWalke @EPA did not explain the arbitrary, internally inconsistent treatment of academic & state gov't scientists who both receive grants. Judge Tatel seized on that concern over EPA's failure to explain its rationale, asking DOJ’s lawyer where EPA did so. R.I.P. @EPA Scientist Purge.

@RiganoESQ so for all those that do not know, the former head of the @EPA was Christine Whitman. She stated that after 9/11 it was safe for rescue workers to breathe the air. It was full of asbestos + other chemicals - all to reopen the stock mkt

@TheWheltonGroup @PACleanwater @BrownResearchGT @EPA @acceptsrisk @MaryamSalehie @H2O_Ley @ErinEasterling 3/ Another issue: Water safety at faucets across a single home is unclear. In this study we collected grab samples 58/365 days in the building (with online 1x/5 sec [Q, pH, Cl2, NTU] at service line and 1x/1 sec at every fixture: [Q, temp]. We're now able to see major variability

@EpochTimes #NewJersey led a coalition of states and #NewYorkCity in a lawsuit against the #TrumpAdministration over #AirPollution coming from other states. An @EPA spokesperson told @EpochTimes that the agency “does not comment on pending litigation.”

@d0nt_ask_m311 @ajc @GeorgiaPower Leaving that much coal ash laying around is probably not illegal or thought to be a hazard because DT repealed so many @EPA regulations

@barnes4nh @EPA what action is taking place, if any in regards to disallowing use of the compounds?  What will the financial penalty be for continuing using/producing? #Taxpayers should not have to pay for the clean up, in my view. #NHpolitics because we ❤it here!

@Bean_Dork @lizabio @jhett93 @EPA @reveal @FERNnews There’s a big difference between drift and volatility. In this case volatility was to blame. I’m not arguing that the legal system did its job, you’re very well stated there.

@lawgirlwa @eilperin @EPA @brady_dennis Why do they have to turn back everything that can actually help our children and the environment? Why does everything come down to $? I feel sick to my stomach when I think about all the unnecessary toxins my daughter & all children will be unnecessarily exposed to again.

@EnvProtectioNet As @epa continues to drag its feet a year after promising to enact federal regulations, 23 states are writing their own guidance, regulations or legislation that would address #PFAS in drinking water. @SylviaCarignan @KeshiaClukey @alexanderebert @business

@RiganoESQ @EPA "We are very encouraged that the results from our monitoring of air-quality .. show that the public in these areas is not being exposed to excessive levels of asbestos or other harmful substances" - Christine Whitman, EPA

@eilperin @EPA @brady_dennis And even if this does not happen, power companies in some states, such as Pennsylvania, might decide to stop running their pollution controls once EPA determines that the mercury rule was not justified.

@UCSUSA The @EPA's lax attitude toward industry’s responsibility to monitor and cleanup the industry chemical #PFAS is putting 2.3 million children who attend school less than 5 miles from PFAS contamination sites at risk. We need to #ProtectKids not industry.

@coshjoupe @Eyelergy @EPA How about both? You retweet notorious disinformation peddlers like Liberty Hangout, Charlie Kirk, and Bill Mitchell. You can tell me the story but I’m not really inclined to believe you.

@SaraJaneMaki And the landlord has not even provided respirator masks, goggles, or a HEPA air cleaner to the maintenance people. Unbelievable. #mold #moldremediation He owns hundreds of rental units and other property, and hasn't bothered to educate himself with the @EPA website on mold info

@shinnick_g @KevinPWalling @thehill @TheHillOpinion @EPA @NIH #economy #deficit Deficit spikes 25 per cent through January Overall receipts were down since last year by $68 billion, largely due to a drop in individual corporate taxes. Spending, in the meantime, was up $147 billion

@sandrogalea When we roll back environmental protections, we are also rolling back protections for health. If we want to be healthy, we need to shore up these protections, not dismantle them. v @AMJPublicHealth @busphEH @EPA @PublicHealth

@PACleanwater @TheWheltonGroup @BrownResearchGT @EPA @acceptsrisk @MaryamSalehie @H2O_Ley @ErinEasterling Well, not a great response, but this is worse because now people will have the idea that there is virtually no cost effective way to monitor and track the quality of their own drinking water.

@khaylock @rpiloves @dianesbaker1 @eilperin @AndreaChalupa @EPA @brady_dennis If you are being paid not to understand [if you even exist outside a server rack], there's no point trying to educate you, you just need to be overridden.

@ProfitGreenly @goldenmatt @RachelEGolden @EPA @AirResources Biggest issue with paraffin is its low thermal conductivity. Research is working to improve this though.

@drmav @myhlee @davelevinthal @EPA @eilperin @brady_dennis Than the industries do NOT have to follow!

@socueme @eilperin @WoodyWoodcaster @EPA @brady_dennis Had an unfortunate accident recently, home flooded. Am told because of age of house, asbestos testing has to be done. Have informed contractors coming here about the loosening of asbestos restrictions. They were not pleased at all to hear about that.

@CreationCare The mission of the @EPA "is to protect human health and the environment." We need leaders committed to that calling, not to the mission of the fossil fuel industry. #ActOnClimate

@bennettpeer @EPA proposes to regulate PFOS and PFOA. Too little, too late, EPA. What about the other 4,998? Let me guess...your limit is 70 ppt? Not good enough. Not based on science.

@OtusPig @eilperin @EPA @brady_dennis Yet no one wants a work strike to shut down this economy until Trump resigns. You want to wait until Nov. A work strike where only rents/utilities paid. Cars and people in city streets preventing all but emergency vehicles. DC shut down with people crammed into Capitol bldg.

@petemyers Hooray @gillibrandny presses @EPA to move faster on #PFAS Removal Plan. Not just NY, not just #firefightingfoam. Wverywhere. From manufacturing plants to #artificialturf #PFAS contaminate landscape, people and all things living

@DTsarouhtsis @RepRiggleman @EPA @VDHgov Thats right #va05 our @RepRiggleman like a good Republican has trashed laws to protect our water and is not bringing home some bacon 💰💰who cares about our rivers and streams we got 773k to takes care of us. About $2 per citizen. Love being a Republican.

@MiMi96482553 @wavemgb @DonnaKappler @eilperin @EPA @brady_dennis @realDonaldTrump I think 45 is controlling any strings. I hope 45 has not yet corrupted SCOTUS. Re: Deutsche will be interesting to see who 45 owes. Russia, UAE, Turkey for starters. Someone is fronting him $$ since daddy is not around to bail him out.

@rachel_resists @eilperin @EPA @brady_dennis it will probably only affect the working class and poor communities. This regime wants to get rid of the most vulnerable in our society.

@truth_357 @eilperin @EPA @brady_dennis Really just not even trying to hid it anymore. Ok but in order to start let's do this at CEOs and billionares homes from their tap to their bottle waters. See if it's ok?

@PACleanwater @TheWheltonGroup @BrownResearchGT @EPA @acceptsrisk @MaryamSalehie @H2O_Ley @ErinEasterling So, in the middle of a situation were people do not trust the water authority, govt, and their drinking water, it was decided to conduct a study to prove to people they should have no confidence in the quality of their water even if they test, great!

@JohnDWalke I’m down with @EPA’s decision not to celebrate the current president.

@FrankRosso6 @NewJerseyOAG @EPA You and the EPA are not doing anything to protect the environment. Look at Lakewood and see the overdevelopement from the Hassidic community! You let th these corrupt politicians and zoning board members destroy every open space of land with no regard for the environment!

@AzYager1 @SenFeinstein @EPA To bad all they do is Marxh around and shit down free speech when someone disagrees with them

@godsouza @CenterForBioDiv @EPA Thank you, working to make pollution great again #IsAMajorRedFlag

@HarvardCCHANGE @EPA seeks to change #MATS, which cuts mercury pollution & keeps kids healthy. “EPA’s analysis suggests that the costs outweigh the benefits. That’s simply not true,” says @kflambert in @WashingtonPost. It's a rollback even industry doesn't want.

@SafeH2o4Schools @Dellaslongbrown @NRDC @OfficialJLD @EPA #AZ's DEQ & DHS deny science after lead was confirmed in the drinking water at 4200 ppb, stated lead does NOT affect anyone who chronically ingests the toxic poison while at school. According to them, we're the ONLY state that has NO lead in the schools. #lies

@sarahehunt01 Extremely disappointed by all the personal attacks I am seeing against @MississippiMG. Do we agree on everything, all the time? No, but this does not make her any less a good human. She is capable to do the job @epa well. I am grateful for her willingness to serve our country.

@GMWatch Powerful piece by a member of the @EPA’s science advisory panel on #glyphosate: “I was shocked to see that the EPA’s approach to distilling the scientific information [on glyphosate] obfuscated the evidence.”

@Grace516G @NYisBLUE @lawgirlwa @eilperin @EPA @brady_dennis Actually if you notice Trump obsesses over Pres. Obama &has been rolling back ALL his great policies McConnell had blocked from votes in the Senate. Trump is not only trying to burn our gov't down but he's also trying to MakeHisMark&RuinTheEntireGlobe. #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare

@rpiloves @AndrewNCassidy @dianesbaker1 @eilperin @AndreaChalupa @EPA @brady_dennis Afraid of the truth? This guy is not a partisan by any stretch, just someone in the know. Your choice to remain ignorant of the facts🤷‍♀️

@wilytone Trump's @EPA is not doing its job. The EPA has rules that require polluters to show that they can afford to clean-up when they pollute our environment. It only makes sense for polluters, not the public, to pay for cleanups. Trump is killing those rules!

@USAbeforeOthers @SenFeinstein @EPA 🤔 "The research funded will lead to more cost-effective drinking water treatments and construction materials.” How about stop letting Ca. Citizens from shitting in the streets. That would cut down the costs of water treatments.

@tedcoxchicago @LOYURGRL @KwameRaoul @EPA @BarackObama @OneILMedia I'm not speaking for the AG, but as the story points out — and his office does as well — the state has set standards. This is to set them for everyone, so that firms don't move into another state to set up the same shop.

@dominique6138 @AmbJohnBolton @NIAIDNews Trump is dismantling our @NIH @USDA @US_FDA @EPA and every other health agency of ours as we speak so pretty soon we wont have a health agency of ours to respond to this issue. Focus on getting rid of Trump first so he doesnt get us all killed then we can circle back to China.

@DefendOurFuture Bipartisan agreement: @SenAlexander and @SenatorCarper urge the Trump @EPA not to undermine the #Mercury and Air Toxics Standards. #MATS #PeopleOverPolluters

@NurseRabbi @EPA Only the living allowed to lease a song ... all special people...hey..want to get it on @bobbiebrown•every little step i take u better🎤next to that hologram not 💴 💶 cd upc issued a warnings recall pills found posioned need hair of real toxins @SecretaryCarson ©🎶®™️.npi:icd.

@OurPublicLands Rolling back protections provided by #NEPA,could silence citizens. "Cutting off the American people’s ability to challenge their gov's decisions is a dangerous path to start our country down," ~ says @RepDianaDeGette & fmr. @EPA admin. Gina McCarthy.

@kdmquito @EPA Sorry but no will NEVER celebrate the current POTUS! Nor should you - his budget is calling for a 25% cut to the EPA! But we know his appointees made you post this - Thanks to the hard working men and women at the EPA for all the work you do! We will vote him out in November!

@SenWhitehouse Remember, first thing crooked fossil fuel industry did with corrupted Trump @EPA was to take down methane leak reporting. Think maybe they knew something?

@rpiloves @khaylock @dianesbaker1 @eilperin @AndreaChalupa @EPA @brady_dennis Ok, so because you choose not to educate yourself, you just attack me. Makes sense🙄. Btw, I’m paid by no one, I just choose to consider all facts before I reach a conclusion. More than I can say for you.🤷‍♀️. Bye

@GretaYacht Elon's "estimate" was not independently validated by the @EPA, comes from someone who's committed securities #fraud in broad daylight, and is a desperate response to @Porsche #Taycan getting rave reviews. #Tesla $TSLAQ

@bennettpeer @dqasci @EPA They didn't even really propose to regulate them. Said they are CONSIDERING it. And it's pre-publication. Just kicking the can down the road...forever. 🤬

@StacieMaya @leoniehaimson @JimInhofe @EPA @ClimateOpp This is exactly the kind of thing we need to point to when someone on the left threatens to not vote if the Democratic nominee is not their favorite.

@galaxiou @BigBertieT @PostScottWilson @EPA @eilperin @brady_dennis It's not infrequent, it usually comes from amalgam fillings. Also from exposure to mining tails.

@mjacobs324 @leoniehaimson @JimInhofe @EPA @ClimateOpp Wtf with these people. Do they have a planet B we don’t know about? This insanity and the people who are complicit in the insane movement never cease to amaze me (And please, I am not disparaging those with actual mental health challenges...)

@TheWheltonGroup @PACleanwater @BrownResearchGT @EPA @acceptsrisk @MaryamSalehie @H2O_Ley @ErinEasterling 1/ A few points: I agree with you that this point is obvious. But we have found this knowledge doesn't translate to those who often make building water policy decisions or testing buildings. It's obvious for some people, but not the general public or decision makers.

@MustangLane @Caitlinh24 @publicservic @AVechera @JosephGoffman @shadyasstimes @eilperin @CaitlinMcCoy_ @EPA @brady_dennis @lisamurkowski I’m not sure there is any reasoning. It appears to be mostly reactive, vindictive, or another grift on America.

@MaressaSylvie @adriangalysh @cafwu @BernieSanders Hard pass. Lifelong Dem here, all for smart, necessary regulation — like an @EPA that actually cares for our air and lands, Medicare, quality public education, etc. I just need @TheDemocrats to support labor laws that are nuanced and fit for 2020’s economy. Not too much to ask.

@galaxiou @BigBertieT @PostScottWilson @EPA @eilperin @brady_dennis How would you know they're not? There are controls in place to hide the number of black lung cases in the same areas the mercury emissions aren't safe.

@UCSUSA The @EPA's lax attitude toward industry’s responsibility to monitor and cleanup the industry chemical #PFAS is putting 2.3 million children who attend school less than 5 miles from PFAS contamination sites at risk. We need to #ProtectKids not industry.

@CPRBlog Here we go again: @EPA is proposing another rollback that will increase the risk that toxic #coalash leaches into our #drinkingwater. To protect our families & communities, the agency should be strengthening commonsense safeguards, not weakening them.

@cpalimeno @BudGothmog44 This was the final move.....down goes the @EPA. Once a democrat is in the White House, they need to remove all EPA employees and replace them with people who actually care about the environment.

@DrishtiEthics Don't mean to rain on this parade, but @EPA's #LeadAndCopperRule standards are not health-based, water utility compliance means little for public health and, if adopted, @EPAwater's proposed revisions will further weaken an already weak Rule. More here:

@Brooke_Babineau . Whew! Lucky that the whole thing is a hoax, or the death of so many species could be quite alarming. . . . Be sure to express your thoughts, opinions, and appreciation directly to @EPA & (not very real at all) @realDonaldTrump .

@Monica_Wilcox I'm trying to imagine what the last few years have been like for those who have spent their careers working inside the @EPA trying to protect the #environment? #map-EPA Superfund sites #airquality #waterquality #asbestos #mercury

@frackfree [email protected] decided even tho there are hazardous materials in #oilandgas waste [uranium, toxic heavy metals] to label it hazardous would cause a severe economic burden on industry. There literally would not be enough landfills to deal w/ it. It would overwhelm regulators. [email protected]

@charles_boyce @JimInhofe @EPWGOP @EPA I see your greed, your disregard to any people who know the importance of the connection to earth along with your lack of care for future generations. So I am not surprised to see you back a former lackey who spouts your propaganda. Well done in brainwashing youth.

@ProfitGreenly @goldenmatt @RachelEGolden @EPA @AirResources With a bigger tank you’ll still want to keep all the water in that tank at a specific temperature, say 130 F. If you start adding more heat to that tank when renewables are high the water temp will increase. This may burn residents or even cause a tank explosion. Not good.

@EnvProtectioNet NJ, four other states and NYC are suing @EPA again to try and force it to clamp down on upwind states that contribute significantly to poor air quality stating it has failed to address the issue in violation of a year-old appeals court order. @NewsFallon

@EpochTimes #NewJersey led a coalition of states and #NewYorkCity in a lawsuit against the #TrumpAdministration over #AirPollution coming from other states. An @EPA spokesperson told @EpochTimes that the agency “does not comment on pending litigation.”

@JamesGeee @RepHarley @EPA Do you really think Bloomberg wouldn't do the same if his buddies could make an extra buck? @RepHarley took $4 million from Bloomberg to get elected. He works for a republican billionaire, not his constituents in CA48.

@FL_Doug1336 @BecharaReports @RepDarrenSoto @EPA @CityofStCloudFL @MyNews13 What was the cause of the large power outage in Saint Cloud Monday night Feb 17th? I have tried to find ANY information, not found any yet.

@tfutrell @EPA your mission is to “protect human health and the environment” not Trump’s campaign promises to coal companies.

@jonnyricola @sjquinney @grist The reason our Public Officials_including Pres. Trump: Do not support protecting our Air, Land & Water/@EPA - Which is the real protection from exacerbated Climate Change_is Corp. Allowed To Fund Public Elections. It's bribery & Bribery is not Constitutional. Ask @DeanKronkWarner

@sklee_ca The @EPA is closing down its Crystal City office and moving 1,200 staffers to its D.C. headquarters.

@MaddieBarry8 @eilperin @Millernote @EPA @brady_dennis OMG!!! EPA is supposed to PROTECT PEOPLE!! NOT KILL THEM!😡🤮

@DavidJakubiak @SUEtheTrex According to @EPA data, in 2017 the single largest sector for CO2 emissions was transportation at 29% (energy was 28%). A deeper dive shows, 59% of that 29% came from light cars and trucks. By comparison, rail contributed 2%. So, if you must drive, go EV. If not, take the train!

@JohnDWalke 'Fear not," says the Trump @EPA's political air head. 'EPA is not aware of any instances of a state lowering voluntary air pollution limits to address clean air health violations or harmful impacts on national parks & wilderness areas.' Pathetic.

@jawilli31 @ewarren Demagogue! @MikeBloomberg, buying his way to @DNC @POTUS nomination, re-educating US in Farming 101 with @ewarren appointed as his @EPA Chief, and @JoeBiden his VP TELLING ALL "to learn to code, Man!" REGRESSIVE, NOT PROGRESSIVE, MISFIT CABINET MAN, WTG!!!

@CPRBlog While the #Trump/#Wheeler @EPA irresponsibly dithers on #PFAS, 23 states are writing rules & legislation to address the toxic chemicals.

@StopEtOLC "The core issue, according to a letter the attorneys general sent to the @EPA, is that the Trump administration never reassessed permissible levels of EtO emissions after it was formally added to the EPA’s list of 'Group A carcinogens' " @tedcoxchicago

@RD_Wisconsin @USDA is committed to working collaboratively with our federal partner @EPA to help #rural water systems thrive and serve their communities, because #TogetherAmericaProspers. Click to read more on our Memorandum to address aging #infrastructure issues

@brich60056 @LoveOurMother1 @EPA Regulations without enforcement are not effective deterrents of unacceptable industry behavior. The EPA and the USCG are working to improve this but the path to creating this enforcement is no small task. Look up VIDA- Vessel Incidental Discharge Act for more information.

@3horses4dogs @NewYorkStateAG @EPA Maybe those states don’t agree with your decision not to enforce immigration laws?

@Anastasis321 @MountainVisions @JohnSheehanAC @adk_council @EPA @business It’s not meant to fix the problem. It’s payback so the population of other states will start dying from air pollution caused by New York.

@Dogmom13 In a session on the public health effects of wildfire smoke, a topic that is literally close to home. First up, a cardiologist from the @EPA. Not just a local issue, because smoke travels. #AAASmtg

@PiceanceDog @Interior @BLM_CO Groups sue #Trump's @EPA over missed deadline on #Colo plan for toxic #OilAndGas emissions choking #FrontRange air quality down to among the worse in nation. Lawsuit seeks action by federal agency, says public must be protected #COpolitics #COsen

@TFASIsland @DrShepherd2013 @wildweatherdan @EPA Good! Maybe there’s still a slim chance that the ‘P’ can continue to stand for protection not profit, even under Trump.

@NYFarmer @agmoos @WWF @USDA @EPA @Starbucks So, who are the faces of power behind @wwf ? Or are we not to know?

@BioSRP My article reprinted by @earthislandjrnl Not much interest so far in the 'detail' that the German authorities were indifferent to this discovery. They are turning a blind eye to regulatory fraud! @BUrl_EFSA @PCRM @ActualEPAFacts @EPA @EPAresearch @HealthandEnv @EnviroEm @EFSA_EU

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