Is Ecosia Down?

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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - ECOSIA - THE SEARCH ENGINE THAT PLANTS TREES - Ecosia uses the ad revenue from your searches to plant trees where they are needed the most. By searching with Ecosia, you’re not only reforesting our planet, but you’re also empowering the communities around our planting projects to build a better future for themselves. Give it a try! Server Status

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How to Solve Ecosia Down or Outage Issues:

We have tried pinging using our servers in diverse locations and the website returned the above results.

If is down for us too there is nothing you can do except waiting. Probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or website maintenance is in progress.

If the site is UP for us but you however cannot access it, try one of our following solutions:

1. It might be Browser Related:

To solve Browser related issues that might make the site/server down for you, do a full Browser refresh of this site. You can do this by holding down CTRL + F5 keys at the same time on your browser.

This trick works perfectly on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, Safari and whatever default browser comes with your Windows nowadays lol.

2. Clear Your Cookies and Cache.

The contents of all modern sites and apps today are usually cached. This means a copy is stored in your browser as long as you have visited that page before. This is to make it easier to access when next you visit that page. This might be a problem especially if the page was down last time you checked.

You might need to clear that out of your browser memory for the site to load properly.

3. Fix DNS Problems

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To fix this, clear your local DNS cache to make sure that you grab the most recent cache that your ISP has.

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@theplanetshine1 One man’s mission to save the world by planting trees… @Christian_KrolI sat down with us to tell us more about @ecosia as part of #SHINEfest. Watch the full conversation at #LessonsFromLockdown with @mygreenpod

@TimPatAlPostma @IreneTheochari @RWorkclock @ImSamBunny @peta @Seabin_project @Ecosia @OceanHeroesHQ @AirCarbon @PlasticBank also as of 2018 or 2019 did you 20% to 1/3 of places do not have proper #waste disposal & it can take over 20-25+ years to rinse out #plastic pollution from the bodies of water

@theplanetshine1 One man’s mission to save the world by planting trees… @Christian_KrolI sat down with us to tell us more about @ecosia as part of #SHINEfest. Watch the full conversation at #LessonsFromLockdown

@generousgoods This is so cool 😎! Ecosia is a search engine that uses Ad revenue from your searches to plant trees where they’re needed most. By searching with @Ecosia you’re not only reforesting the 🌏 you’re also empowering the communities around surrounding the planting projects.👍🌲

@threadreaderapp @nicnowak Hi! please find the unroll here: @HeyRowanEllis: 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 maybe look into this @Ecosia - this is... not a good look 🙃 throwback to… Share this if you think it's interesting. 🤖

@thanhtacles @Ecosia Hey Ecosia, I'd like to use your engine as my default, but the one thing stopping me is that for some reason my trackpad gestures do not work (3finger-to-go-back). Has this occurance happened to any of you guys?

@TimPatAlPostma @IreneTheochari @RWorkclock @ImSamBunny @peta @Seabin_project @Ecosia @OceanHeroesHQ @AirCarbon @PlasticBank thats what we want but it is around you know that un-naturally colored sand , well it is not sand it is #plastic because of abrasive erosion caused it to match up with the grains on sands on the beaches

@kolaente @HeyRowanEllis @XplctBrainJuice @harshitgarg22 @Ecosia I've also tested Linux and Windows, both with Firefox which does not seem to change anything.

@TimPatAlPostma @IreneTheochari @RWorkclock @ImSamBunny @peta @Seabin_project @Ecosia @OceanHeroesHQ @AirCarbon @PlasticBank 2/of course #3DPrinting because sure #plastic is a issue but by the time planes ship a package from china to detroit its spent more emissions then to just go #3DPrinting because a @BoeingAirplanes 747 burns literally a gallon of fuel each sec&the plane can run for 12 hrs straight

@jes__christ @Ecosia Does the "619,396 trees" mean that the vast majority of our 95M trees have not been planted yet? I mean, it takes the counter less than a week to reach those 600k. Don't get me wrong (dedicated Ecosia user here), but it seems a small number for an entire month? 🤔🌍🌿 Cheers.

@RyanThomasWoods @HeyRowanEllis @Ecosia I will stop using @Ecosia - I genuinely believe they were a better company to support but blocking who I am and what I search for as an LGBT person is NOT RIGHT.

@sleepypioneer @HeyRowanEllis Hi @HeyRowanEllis thank you to you & some others who emailed this/tagged me here. I think your points sum up very proficiently the issue & danger of bias learning systems. There is absolutely no excuse. I've flagged this at @Ecosia where I work, we can do better, I agree.

@ecosians @TheEscapeART1ST @Ecosia @SophieDembinski I'm not sure, but I think they will answer you if you try to get in touch first. One of the goals of this profile is to create a faster way to communicate with the project administrators, if you can follow me it would be of great help.

@IreneTheochari @TimPatAlPostma @RWorkclock @ImSamBunny @peta @Seabin_project @Ecosia @OceanHeroesHQ @AirCarbon @PlasticBank @BoeingAirplanes @Cults3D @MyMiniFactory errrm You're not going to like what I have to say ;-)

@TimPatAlPostma @IreneTheochari @RWorkclock @ImSamBunny @peta @Seabin_project @Ecosia @OceanHeroesHQ @AirCarbon @PlasticBank @BoeingAirplanes @Cults3D @MyMiniFactory I also am responsible for others safety & i care , & i just shoot projectiles as a way to chill down for fun & as recreation

@IreneTheochari @TimPatAlPostma @RWorkclock @ImSamBunny @peta @Seabin_project @Ecosia @OceanHeroesHQ @AirCarbon @PlasticBank @BoeingAirplanes @Cults3D @MyMiniFactory I certainly have a certain respect for guns! I'm not afraid of guns, though, I'm afraid of people willing to use them without a second thought. I'm afraid of governments who condone their use as a means of population control and genocide or call white supremacists "nice people".

@TheEscapeART1ST @ecosians @Ecosia @SophieDembinski I have tried to get in touch...I have swapped emails with someone who does not seem interested in positive publicity for @Ecosia 🤔

@TREEAID Since 2017, TREE AID has been working in partnership with @Ecosia to support communities along the Daka river to plant over a million trees – and regenerate even more! 🌳 Find out more:

@xoiiku @DrKWilkinson @ProjectDrawdown @GoodFoodInst @TruthOrDrought @NREL @BiomimicryInst @MissionBlue @OurWorldInData @CenterForBioDiv @USGBC @CradletoCradle @Tesla @IRENA @earthship_HQ @livingbuilding @EcoResCamps @DroneSeed @Ecosia @seedthecommons @GreenBeltMovmnt I think that anyone who is solutions focused, and rationally optimistic, is "moving the needle" on climate change. Particularly if they are leading by example, and creating viable alternatives to the status quo. We need top down (policy), and bottom up (lifestyle), no panaceas.

@kedemferre @DataNewser @Annuaire_fr @sterard_ @smartrezo @Gaellelaborie @gillesMioni @pixelconscient @BayesReality @VaeVix @DrScratch @cedric_o @Senat @gouvernementFR @AssembleeNat @_DINUM @acteurspublics @AntoineTroesch @FranckMontauge @LePoint @afpfr @abondance_com @nextinpact @LaLettreA @Mediapart @mounir @gchampeau @caissedesdepots @Elysee @EYFrance @Bpifrance @uselilo @webrankinfo @jcghinozzi @lemondefr @ladepechedumidi @dailymotion @Vimeo @dr_l_alexandre @Courdescomptes @Ecosia @CNCC_audit @LesEchos @manhack It may have been better not to see, given the late news...

@MelissaIndia16 @bangtan__india @BTS_twt @Ecosia @BigHitEnt @OneInAnARMY Sorry army's I missed out today and couldn't join you . I might not be available tomorrow and the day after too as I have to prepare for an interview with FM Muscat . I'm representing my band and will be talking about my inspirations and my passion in music. 😭😭💜💜💜

@Maxlikescrayons @BTR4lyfe @Ecosia Calm down its not a competition to see who's the biggest cunt

@__Glennvdv @Ecosia I meant the income is down a lot. Is it something to worry about.

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