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Published by Ebay 1 year ago

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@voudaux TOOFAN Tunic Button Down Shirt Paisley Print Cotton Multicolored NWT S M L XL @eBay #fashion #clothing #shopsmall

@NOLA_in_DFW @eBay @AskeBay you guys need to monitor the price gouging on many many items. Clorox, Lysol and all related items are being purchased in bulk & sold on your site. It’s not right. This isn’t a damn hot video game or system being sold for the holidays. You’re gambling with lives.

@WerdSOS @its_dishdawg @eBay Aw yeah, PayPal will know it’s a sale eh.. tax n shit. Not like buying beats for example just say it’s always ‘send money to a friend’ option 🤔

@drdavecoyle @FSweeder @ESA_org @evecologist @eBay Agreed. I wish there was a better way to reach retailers. That's an area I'd LOVE to investigate more. I'd thought about contacting folks in mgt at big box stores (e.g. Environmental manager, etc.) but not sure if that's even the right place to start...

@hamletmax I'm waiting for an @eBay order of candles from New Jersey, a week late now... They're at a @USPS transfer station in Nashville... They do not care about your entrepreneurial individualism... They only care about their own revenue streams... They want to wet their beaks...

@voudaux YUSHI Tunic Shirt Button Down Stretch Pucker A Line Floral White Black NWT XL @eBay #fashion #clothing #shopsmall

@plantmad If you ordered seed recently from @amazon or @eBay you too may have received one of these mysterious packages Posted to customers who previously made legitimate seed orders these may have invasive varieties so PLEASE do not sow them via @MailOnline

@bipolarzclown Thanks to @eBay for resolving the issue. I guess I have to keep my @Verizon phone at home like an old school house phone since it acts stupid when I'm out I can't believe I'm paying this much for a house phone. Maybe I'll call quest phone company.

@CaseOfEmergency @miakhalifa @eBay4CharityUS @AskeBay @eBay That's a bunch of bullshit. I can only imagine haters reporting it to cause it to get taken down

@PitStopAuto1 1 of 2 : @eBay What is the point of Multi User Account's if they cannot view returns, cancellations, resolution center cases.. Plus employees logged in on the main account now have access to issue refunds to any order they wish!! Completely irresponsible of eBay to allow

@CheckOutMyCards @Ryan18403706 @eBay @NFL Hello @Ryan18403706, thank you for reaching out with this concern. If the Challenge is not loading for you ("Community Progress: 100%), it means that other COMC users have completed all available challenge opportunities. Be sure to check back regularly for new challenges!

@catholicmominHI @Ebay 2x I bought items where sellers claimed to be from US but really from China. I want to support small business in US & buy more from #Ebay but not happy with current lack of control or awareness by #Ebay

@RudishTom Reply from Mark @ebay I agree with you about the fees on shipping and returning money to sellers even when they do not want tracking but ebay does not really care .

@FrancesJohnmyda @eBay @netflix The effort to diminish the efficiency of theUSPS by the US government is impacting my ability to receive purchases on eBay. Not the sellers fault. I can see in tracking they mailed things I don't receive, Can you put pressure on the government? If not, eBay will not be viable.

@ARoomWithAPoo @rachelsamevans @PayPal @AskPayPal They allowed someone to sign up and receive payments using a temp email service? And yet somehow it's on you to figure this out? Hell no. I use @paypal for @ebay and I'm thinking not anymore.

@RockterDoctor CANCEL - @ebay is allowing price gouging during this crises. Schools need these #cloroxwipes and parents are not able to find or purchase because of this. #eploitation #COVID19 #backtoschool #COVID__19 #2020worstyear #HandSanitizer @AGAshleyMoody @realDonaldTrump @GovRonDeSantis

@voudaux KLEEN Shirt Tunic Button Down Pintuck Ruched Light Linen Glacier Grey NWT Medium @eBay #shopsmall #clothing #fashion

@incodekktwitch @eBay i'm just wondering if a item is listed on the site as For parts or not working but has in the description as unable to test. Is the buyer able to get the money back on the item?

@MoneyMaknMooney S/o to @eBay holding me down on some 🔥 feet pieces DS 06’ Super Bowl forces and Korea AF1s

@_Mr_Brittle @diomyx1 @eBay There you are UA thought why not I’ll throw it to my spanners as a crimbo present 😂😂

@michaelgrr my @yahoomail shows me an @eBay ad for what I suspect are brass knuckles. Is that legal in the UK? According to Wiki, the item is not.

@chrspecials Huh, did not know that #BlackChristmas was known as "Jessy – The Stairs to Death" in Germany. Weird. via @eBay

@Chayce02954130 Ordered from @amazon @Poshmarkapp and @ebay on the same day the same product. Amazon and Poshmark orders were delivered on same day no issues. @eBay on more than one occasion did not deliver. @ebay sent a message to contact the post office. Fuck @ebay

@esellercafe @eBay now offers an alternative to PayPal Working Capital as its transitions more sellers to its payment service. #ecommerce #ebayseller #smallbusiness #onlinebusiness #digitalcommerce

@voudaux TOOFAN Tunic Button Down Shirt Brush Print Cotton Multicolored NWT S M L XL @eBay #fashion #clothing #shopsmall

@YoungBillyDee1 @mercari_app Your company is gonna go down! You’re holding people’s funds and think that you’re gonna grow your business to the likes of an @ebay or @amazon... NEVER

@hooverstreet @tom_tomcats @MVictors @eBay @UMichFootball Yes. That's a $50 ticket in 2019 money according to the Minneapolis Fed's rough calculator (it's not perfect but it gets things in reasonable terms.)

@winter_wilson Having a clear out. This is a lovely guitar, but it’s not getting much use, so it’s got to go. @eBay! via @eBay

@RockterDoctor @ebay is allowing price gouging during this crises. Schools need these #cloroxwipes and parents are not able to find or purchase because of this. #eploitation #COVID19 #backtoschool #COVID__19 #2020worstyear #HandSanitizer @AGAshleyMoody @realDonaldTrump @GovRonDeSantis

@jjmoxy I love that this 31 piece set was all original, and included the milk + sugar bowl, and platter. @CorelleBrands still makes the Old Town Blue pattern but it’s not quite the same; the @eBay seller in Winnipeg was amazing to work with and packed them so well! ❤️☺️ #dinnerware

@RJisLiving Guessing @eBay is down. Can't buy anything. Ugh. At least I don't have to worry about losing it the item, lol

@thinlenny Hey @eBay I have to file about a missing item, but my purchase queue won’t let me go back far enough(may fifth I think) to submit it, in fact it also won’t let me click on the item to view it. Probably not good. Awaiting your answer, which you didn’t do yesterday.

@geovinyl @eBay @directorx @PayPal Case # 5238169528 this is the buy admitting to filing a "not as described claim after 17 because he found it cheaper. I got a damaged item back and now @paypal is harrasing for payment.

@ScottMWest @BunnieKat1962 @FunHouseARTcade @Super_Beppo @AnnaLouiseMagee @DellDracula @Barry_Cinematic @BlackCatsPoppy @DarkCorners3 @awhitetable @FolkloreFilmFes @MadmMonstrosity @MichaelWDenney @wotnomonsters @AHappyHiveling @PulpLibrarian @eBay Yeah, it's not the same, though. It has to be a Christmas gift from my parents or the bitterness will never leave my heart. 😏

@Gunn4DG @william_fitz @davincidiva @VoteYesOn22 @veenadubal @offerup @eBay To be precise an employee gets about 3 sick days a year. That's not even enough for full diagnostic testing. And at minimum wage like Asm Gonzalez so applauds?

@JohnGermaine Tweeted for OldBaloo: A Little Angel Baby Embroidered Button Down Dress Size Birth to 3 Months (B-6) via @eBay

@IRateCats1 Wow @eBay as a casual seller I now have to deal with sending $1.32 in taxes to the state? Not very user friendly. You just lost a loooooooong time customer. #taxes #YouJustTookTheFunOutOfIt

@thec0llect0r1 It’s a great business model to Sponsor Profiterring @eBay @AskeBay - everyone please do your part to #BoycottEbay and put these scammers and online looters down for good #FuckScalpers #FuckEbay #FuckProfiterring #HappyFriday 🤙🏻@NECA_TOYS @Bongzeez @VaughnMichael13 @TMNT_NOSTALGIA

@makarov__ @easternstate @eBay oh my god the cost - $3 for a script and another $3 to get it filled (1 pint) my father's first job in the 1940's (working in a brick yard) paid $0.10 an hour, for an income comparison

@The_Rusty_Nail1 Check out Pope John Paul II: Champion of Faith Special Issue TV Guide Magazine #Catholic via @eBay

@davincidiva @Gunn4DG @william_fitz @VoteYesOn22 @veenadubal @offerup @eBay ICs would not even get that if forced to W2 as most don't work enough for any 1 entity to access any benefits they &the "employer" are paying for. This while losing business deductions & ownership of their work. #AB5 is a LOSER for "workers", a win for unions & state gov't ONLY

@gavarghese @RealLeonOG @stupidhops24 @miakhalifa @eBay4CharityUS @AskeBay @eBay Ah I don’t know if resorting to personal insults is a good idea. Might want to be a little careful there since I’m not the one trying to be a twitch streamer. How many views do you pull per stream? 3?

@voudaux JAMS WORLD Dress Orchids of Hawaii Button Down Pockets Multi Colored Medium @eBay #clothing #fashion #shopsmall

@RockterDoctor STOP - @ebay is allowing price gouging during this crises. Schools need these #cloroxwipes and parents are not able to find or purchase because of this. #eploitation #COVID19 #backtoschool #COVID__19 #2020worstyear #HandSanitizer @AGAshleyMoody @realDonaldTrump @GovRonDeSantis

@ChrisShaw Rare opportunity to get yourself a #Lojigma HEMS Suit @eBay (I am not affiliated with the seller - just trying to share the opportunity with the #PHEM community)

@dailyprandium Dear @eBay @AskeBay You are not permitted to charge my @paypal account, I removed all vendors manually from doing so, so why are you charging me $15 “direct pay returned item fee” Reverse the charge I’m not selling with you anymore As the ol’ saying goes, it’s highway robbery

@gege_wilkins @eBay can I actually talk to a real person and not an automatic voice system. All I wanna know is how one of your sellers got my address and I don’t have an account or ordered anything

@edchvi Check out BECKETT Autographed GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO 16" x 20" Milwaukee Bucs #MilwaukeeBucks via @eBay Heading to the NBA finals and MVP award. Playing lights out. Best price on the internet for this size and quality autographed NBA photo. Will not last!

@P_A1X_AKS Really @eBay ?! You need to monitor what sellers your ads are displaying! Ears ripped from a rabbit is not acceptable and distressing. I have a girl in tears now here... Why are you even allowing them to be sold!? 😡😡😡 @AskeBay

@Vent2theworld People are waking up, not buying @china made I see HUGE signs, on @ebay, LOTS of #china products won't ship to the USA A @walmart employee told me they are ordering less containers from #china GOOD #holdchinaaccountable #ChinaLiedPeopleDied #donotbuychina #BoycottChina

@voudaux SNAPDRAGON & TWIG Dinah Tunic Button Down Flare Hem Willow White Lavender NWT L @eBay #clothing #fashion #shopsmall

@money2millions can be a great way to make a bit of extra cash. But, whatever your intentions, it's best to learn the ropes on how to sell on @eBay before getting started so you can be sure you're not missing any tricks. We've crammed as much info as we can into this, so by the time👇👇

@bantouni @chriszoghby @miakhalifa @eBay4CharityUS @AskeBay @eBay Yes we do deserve it. The money can go to trusted NGOs, it will not be stolen. Beirut needs this money.

@zrbecker13 @CardboardSushi @eBay @AskeBay This is the primary reason I only try to trade if possible until a better platform shows up. The fact that there is zero protection for sellers is a huge turnoff... sorry to hear you’re one of the ones experiencing this! It’s not at all fair whether it’s a $2 card or $200

@mrpjones @QualityFrog @eBay What they should say is 'hey, reminding you a day ahead of time, so you remember in 24hrs + 1 minute. Then we'll tell you We Want To Help You Get What You Want, and recommend you a toaster you already bought and shoes that won't fit'. I'm not even in marketing.

@Gunn4DG @davincidiva @william_fitz @VoteYesOn22 @veenadubal @offerup @eBay Right! And all those "lucky" part time or temp W2 people are getting, wait for it - "The minimum weekly benefit amount is $40." Not a lot of "protection" there.

@CJ_tradingcards Not my card but willing to broker a deal! @Hobby_Connect @CardPurchaser @PackGawds_ 2019-20 Panini Chronicles Black Box Zion Williamson PURPLE PARALLEL RC /49 Fire via @eBay

@BCZYGS084 More on shady @eBay practices. I was chatting with a supervisor, he not only refused to help me or answer my questions but he flat out ended our chat. Ebay then sends me the transcript saying I ended the chat. See screenshot for proof supervisor left the convo. #shadyebay

@pcanella Well THAT snuck up on me! Today is my 7 YEAR anniversary @ebay 🎉 I know it's not "cool" to be at one company for awhile in the Bay Area, but I'm happy to be here so long and make so many big impacts on the company as a whole!

@NotaryEM @eBay @JamesIannone Your E Bay Money back Guarantee Policy needs to be clearly stated for sellers. Having Sellers Money Locked up for 35 Business Days or 7 Weeks because of a Buyer filing false claims is not right. #SellersMakeYourMoney

@jponfilm Anybody new to the @YouTube game, DO NOT use @eBay for affiliate links, they will screw you out of your money and make you use URL shorteners that require paid services. Just stick to @amazon , you’ll get a much higher commission and they will never try to keep your money. 💯

@dolunaykiz @AskPayPal @paypal your "support" sucks. you keep sending people regurgitated FAQ w/o ever offering a real solution. from here on out, i'll try to not use you or @eBay ever again. what a joke. #customerservicefail

@seabisquick In light of the USPS slowdown imposed by the Trumpmaster General, I hope @ebay might consider some way to not dock sellers for late arrivals when tracking reveals they sent the items on time.

@PitStopAuto1 @eBay managed payments reporting is a joke. Can not view sales record numbers, missing final value fee information, incorrect subtotals!!! To make matters worse your customer service team is painfully under prepared (likely no fault of their own).

@daric_erminote I been blocked shopping on @amazon, @ebay, @AliExpress_EN.. My SIM card on @giffgaff, or any operator I am trying to pay; Shopping online is over unless I want to buy a pallet on @AlibabaGroup, it still working.. really, anywhere I try to login, register or pay I can’t..

@BITW2099 @PeterSmart @eBay Sorry to hear it man. I've only had maybe one issue buying, in all the years I've used them. There are good sellers on there, like me, but I'm a collector & take pride in it. I'm sure you did, but always double check the feedback & if you can, look for free returns listings.

@fullvanfun Dear @dcfc @barsukrecords - please, please, please someday make the digital version of the @magikmagik Orchestra LP available (or repress the vinyl). Truly one of the best concerts we ever attended and we'd prefer to not pay some random person $250 on @eBay. Thank you.

@ScribbleDrips #wickett #warrick #ewok #StarWars #toys I try hard to not be so cute 6” #Funko via @eBay

@Sade_Management @ebay is not viable anymore compared to @Facebook marketplace that is more or less free?

@fuzziestdawg Check out How Not To Get Fat IAN MARBER FOOD DR NEW GIFT QUALITY BRAND NEW FREE SHIP US via @eBay

@Mohamedtarekk12 @senorguy1 @miakhalifa @eBay4CharityUS @eBay @AskeBay @eBayNewsroom She's trying to help her home country not to have bread idiot.

@xclusivekicks27 Buyer asks me to cancel an order. So I do only to get negative feedback and called a scammer and now @eBay says its not a violation of an ebay policy so now im labeled a scammer after doing what the buyer asked. How can he even leave feedback.

@RidwanAli007 The Last of us 2 now on ⁦@eBay⁩ for £60.00 getting buying 👇 #TheLastofUsPartII link down below to buy !! #Forplayers ⁦@PlayStation⁩

@EMG612 @Amer_Emperor @BobBark11 @AASW62247430 @USPS @eBay Management sent letter by corporate told to not deliver mail if 5 pm and return to office. That is deliberate and against postal standards.

@InkedViking @eBay @AskeBay Can you please let me know why you deceive your US sellers that they have to use your global shipping program in order to have a secure transaction? EU does not require EU citizens to pay import costs buying second hand clothing. What you are doing is immorall.

@BethanCantrell Hey @eBay - this is broken - I do not want to be notified when sellers offer discounts on items I'm watching, - The spam mails offer unsubscribe & contact preferences, BUT - In those account controls, there's no method of unsubscribing other than just not 'watching' any items.

@realgmurder @eBay costumer service is by far the worst in the world I been loyal to them for years spend my money they offer me 20 percent off my next purchase coupon 3 months ago for a issue and never got it #ebay #theysuck

@theMFremedy Always assumed eBay was the one place you don't expect to get trolled...guess not @eBay #ebay #troll #worstofebay #peopleofebay #customerservicedisaster #makethemfamous #viraltweets #viral #cancelled #RIP

@BCZYGS084 My interaction with @eBay today.... they charged me seller fees for an item that I didn't sell. When i asked the supervisor if this was ethically ok he down right refused to answer me and actually ended my chat! #dontuseebay

@fullvanfun @DaleSpoonemore @dcfc @barsukrecords @magikmagik @eBay Us too - but still would love to have our own version. We were so fortunate to see it live and @strathmore was a truly remarkable venue just down the street from our old house in DC.

@steveg46 @zipgun74 @TRextasyBand @eBay @MarcBolan1977 @tyrannosaurusx Only to show that it's not always possible to know whats fake and what isn't. Autographs vary everytime , having said that, the ebay effort was clearly fake.

@voudaux MONA LISA Vest Button Down Fleece Art To Wear Black Abstract NWT One Size @eBay #shopsmall #clothing #fashion #layering

@sheriffkevin Mia's glasses were up to almost $100k and @ebay shut her auction down. That's so fucked up

@BKilby He claims that the book was damaged, but won't actually show me any proof. I really don't give AF if he leaves me negative feedback, which has never happened in 22 years of being on eBay. I'm not going to stand for being insulted. After I'm done with the move I'm done with @ebay.

@rbnhgns14 Such a joke! You can’t REsell AUTHENTIC @livelokai BRACELETS on @eBay @AskeBay because LOKAI reports everything as counterfeit when it’s not! You can check to see how many shitty bands of yours that I purchased yet you stop me from reselling them!

@Candice13900324 @eBay I want to know when Ebay will be completely getting rid of Paypal processing for GUEST credit card checkouts. I've had an Ebay username\password for YEARS and I always use my credit card. I do NOT want to register for Paypal or use Paypal in any way. Paypal is very sketchy

@Amer_Emperor @BobBark11 @AASW62247430 @EMG612 @USPS @eBay IF it is true, which i highly doubt, have your postal carrier file an affidavit and pursue charges as “interfering with the delivery of the US mail is a felony” and prosecute, even if it goes all the way to top... if its not true then shut up with the vote farming

@AlmostHollis Another American company dealing with a long, slow list of bad decisions because they don't understand their customer base. I have zero sympathy for you @Gap, and now I'm off to @eBay to buy YOUR product, but not from you, and not your clothes... because I'm not in your store.

@bipolarzclown I will not tolerate a phone that doesn't work right. I will also no longer tolerate a company that does not listen to customers and tell you that there is nothing they can do and unfortunately @eBay and @Verizon are two such companies. I complain a lot yet nothing gets fixed.

@geovinyl @eBay @directorx Ebay allowed a buyer to keep my item for 17 days, they damaged it and returned it as "not as deacribed" i have saved back and forth messages through ebay that prove the buyer wasnt planning on keeping the item. Ebay wont show me how they came up with.....

@PNH_Hotelier @eBay why does the new payment system take so long to clear funds compared to old @PayPal ?? Why the need to change other than to make you more money? You only think of yourselves and not the customers.

@atxheadman Shout out to @QuickShip for not replying to a warranty request from Friday July 31st. Wednesdya August 5th and no response. Email. Contact form on website. Twitter. @Ebay messages, facebook. Nothing, no response. #quickship #quickshipelectronics

@voudaux TOOFAN Tunic Button Down Shirt Tropical Print Cotton Multicolored NWT S M L XL @eBay #fashion #clothing #shopsmall

@313Amazing @eBay 073120-58585650011 was unpaid but YOU will not let me appeal because I cancelled it when the deadbeat didn't pay. I cannot report him; and I relisted it. So, I'm stuck in no man's land & you are trying to charge me $6. Im unemployed, so $6 is a lot of waste! Help!

@InstructorADI Some great Upgrade parts for your RC on Road Car, suitable for 1/10 scale and will fit most Rc cars - To be used with oil (Oil not Included) Check out RC 1/10 On Road Shock Absorbers Racing Spec Works with Tamiya HPX TT01 TT02 #Unbranded via @eBay

@gramishel Hey @ebay @AskeBay, I have a problem with a seller listing an item and me NOT getting the item listed; i.e. a WHOLE DIFFERENT PRODUCT than the one listed. I want a refund. And I AM NOT paying to send this back.

@wannabetvchef @AskeBay #CustomerService on @ebay has become #appalling Apologising but not fixing the problem is #rubbish_customer_service #california need to remember ebay users generate their wages. #Amazon #muchbetter

@KManXPress @eBay Hey, would you mind please explaining to your sellers that 'Neutral' Feedback is NOT the end of the World. Also,You need to DEMAND the Federal Gov't get the USPS under control !

@ISOBOLO1 #New #eBayItem #InternationalHarvester #Hoodie International Harvester IH RED Front Zip Hooded Sweatshirt Size XL #Front via @eBay #Farmer #Farming #Famers #CaseIH #ILoveFarming #SameDayShipping #eBay #eBayFinds I have not been able to find another one..

@TScxrpix To hell with @AskPayPal for still allowing the old "unauthorised payment" scam. Why should I be expected to refund a liar when the item in question IS NOT even COVERED by @eBay?

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