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Recent Outage Reports

@UALLMETAL @eBayNewsroom @eBay eBay will not help sellers from criminals. So in fact they are in the commission of the same crime. Wise I had a lawyer to sue this awful company

@Flivanlie @DustyFlow97 @eBay I only ask if there is an option for best offer. I like to cut the crap and get straight to the point. This jackass even ended up selling them for 345. Not understanding what was so offensive especially since he took less than asking price.

@hfvrufiebi @eBay @businessinsider Go fight the supreme court about the new sales tax, 15 percent on used items? Thats absolutely insane. These are mostly regular people and small businesses not multi chain store corportations. You are risking your entire future as a business for not continuing to fight this.

@NobodyManpreet @unsuckEBAY @eBay You do not tell me how to run things. Only if you're in that position. There is something for everybody in store.

@pclaroni @stoudty1 @eBay I have moved on to the Exxon gas station down the street. And I’m not lying

@Sleepin_XD @PatrickDearden @Kurisuchaneko Im a eboi not to be confused with @eBay or @eBay eboy's

@TheSocialLurker I don’t give two shits about scammers this person scam me out of a Bape hoodie. They filed a false claim 6days after purchasing my hoodie & now I’m out of money & the hoodie & the buyer will not return my replies. I did exactly what @PayPal & @eBay asked to do with no luck!! Rtwt

@Shawn_Langley We're down to less than 12 hours to snag one of my two licensed Upper Deck/Marvel original, hand-drawn sketchcards! via @eBay

@FlyingVCards @vocalpercman @UpperDeckHockey @SubwayOperator @shady7475 @UpperDeckSports @477marcbruins @ediddy416 @WALaxer19 @Hockeyoden @UpperDeckAssist @eBay Well UD maybe but @ebay should be halting these accounts right away. At least stop them from continuing to rip people off.. Its not rocket science. If UD contacts them as well to confirm this is against their policies, ebay should comply immediatly.

@NewFLMajority Almost every single company in #Florida pays no taxes. @eBay should have paid more than $1.8 million in state taxes -- enough money to hire 40 new teachers. But ended up paying only $18,810 -- not even enough to hire one.

@pressreset As someone who has sold stuff on @ebay, people think the return policy thing (which #ebay now has set as "no return policy, but there is a guarantee, including return policy no matter what") basically FUCKS anyone thats not a huge seller due to charge backs, fees, and penalties.

@LeanneS101 @nyahbinghiblax @eBay I’m disgusted in their service. Have purchased over 2000 items in my time with them and just brushed aside when I need their assistance. Not sure how to go about it through PayPal?

@XeroTheHero @nia_meyan @eBay Almost every auction these days. I'm honestly more surprised when someone pays versus not paying these days. Tried to sell a headset 4 times and gave up because the auction kept ended and the buyer wasn't paying.

@RCoat13 @PlayaCoins @JoelKatz @PayPal @eBay Not giving up gonna get her to keep chasing them up. There is no alternative to @Ebay that's their biggest downfall. I will never in my life use ebay again prefer @amazon they know how to look after customers

@Ciclavalley @bikinginla @militantangleno @HeraldExaminer @eBay @EthanHarpNews Not going to see @militantangleno out epic me on the next @CicLAvia!

@EthanHarpNews @KPCCsharon @militantangleno @HeraldExaminer @eBay BTW, I’d love to see the issue that went out the day before — the afternoon update that first reported the closing. The SO LONG, L.A.! was put together with a few extra hours notice, of course, and as I recall had little jokes like C-YA for page C1.

@PkSharma31 @onsitego @amazon @Flipkart @eBay @Glassdoor @GoogleBad experience with you guys and I will not suggest anyone about your services.till today you guys are not aware what was my issue how do fix the problems I called so many time on your customer services to inform you but no help

@voudaux COMFY USA Reed Shirt Tunic Button Down High Low Hem Grace Print NWT Small @eBay #ShopSmall #fashion #clothing

@jaispeed2020 @Antonic94116705 @IAmDylanPeschel @eBay i just found the entire n64 wrestling series (World Tour, Revenge, WM2K, No Mercy and War Zone) all for 29.99 on ebay lol so getting an n64, a gamecube, all the wrestling games for n64 and DOR 1 & 2 comes up to around 160. that's not bad

@zizzybob #RARE Hard to Find Cross Stitch & Country Crafts Premier Issue #CrossStitchCountryCrafts via @eBay #craftbuzz

@rubylittleCDLP Check out Vinyl LP - JOHNNY COPELAND - DEDICATED TO THE GREATEST KENT-076 New,not sealed via @eBay

@SanketKawli @ebay @AskeBay Didn't receive my order, seller closed his account and is not replying to my messages, Resolution centre isn't helping.

@mleTurner_ It's down to the last few hours on the art auction supporting planned parenthood! Check out "Earth Mother" via @eBay #plannedparenthood #artauction #doomandgloomforwombs

@geminieast77 The BOOK they Never wanted you to read & an Extra of Our choosing via @eBay Do Not let this pass you by , Che does a fantastic job exposing this to all of you , Copy and Share make this Go Viral .

@ractiveideas @thriftinglounge @eBay Why does it HAVE to be Men's ????? Why can't it be women's!!!! Women can be JUST as big as men! If i'd done that as a man you'd have attacked me for being sexist!!!!! It's not right... it's so unfair!!

@DazzaField Not content with costing me nearly £60 by siding with a buyer rather than seller (Even tho i had proof of postage), @eBay has now decided to hold for 21 days the funds i earned from the sale of figures i sculpted to try and get some cash together for christmas..What a "Service".

@kristen_capalbo I had a buyer on @eBay not pay 2 weeks after winning an auction. Had eBay get involved. He still didn’t pay so I blocked him. This same guy just won another auction of mine but this time, with a different account. That doesn’t seem right. I feel like he is trying to mess with me.

@klawlessxo @eBay have the worst customer service agents known to man, one of them actually started laughing down the phone when we called them for help!!!!

@sportobsession6 Day 4 of not being able to pay on @Ebay. 6 days and 17 hours to my last bid is done and I'm done with this site.

@colamusa209 Check out The Walking Dead Issue #151 NM First Print Image Comic A call to Arms! via @eBay

@TMS2787 @Emac_FS @eBay It’s no matter what! As long as it’s not “buyer remorse” they’ll force you to take it back and you have to pay shipping! And you’re 100% screwed if the buyer sends back a fake and / or different item. “We give our buyers benefit of the doubt” but never the sellers. Unreal.

@AronT For some unknown reason @ebay created an account linked to my gmail address. I cannot get them to stop emailing me. I cannot delete my account without giving them my cell phone number. Even providing a made up number does not work.

@flufficat @ejectamenta_com @eBay I should mention that legally, on-line sellers are not allowed to advertise and take money (in advance) for goods not in stock.

@JohnAtkinPR FFS @eBay - if I'm searching for boots in one size, don't send me a 'here are some others you may like' email with a range of different sizes. I'm not going to chop my toes off just so you can make your percentage.

@CCase69 @AmazonHelp Not wasting any more of my life on this. You guys had a chance to make it right and didn't so it will be @ebay for my Christmas shopping. It obviously wasn't the money but the point of it and I'm sick of being ripped off.

@BAHighRoller Wow @eBay @AskeBay done selling with you. Not only is your final value fee 10 freaking % but you are collecting a FVF on shipping too? You already barely collect enough to cover shipping. Bye.

@superisabel76 @eBay This Ripley overalls thing is in men's sizes which is totally screen accurate but I'm not really sure what size to order in it. I want the bottom fit because I'm sure this doesn't have the back laces the real costume has (it was made from a g-suit for fighter/test pilots).

@JoeNBC Thanks to ⁦@jaketapper⁩ for working so hard for vets and letting us lend a hand: Two Tickets for a Set Visit to MSNBC's Morning Joe with Photo Op @eBay

@CryptKeeper1225 @Mischa44870704 @Readful_Things @eBay Not that I know of, but it would be cool to see a figure of him and Jeryline as well!

@rawsomeman @unsuckEBAY @jchen009 @KidGengar @eBay They're working with me on getting a refund. We'll see how that goes. They said it should take up to 8 days.

@superisabel76 @eBay Only he could play that resemblance up and I had to pretend not to care at all about mine. Now I want to celebrate those days and also just you know be Ripley because she rocks.

@Mackerelcat @NavexGlobal violates the #law by refusing to take complaints where someone outside @Ebay found potential #ethic code #violations. They are not honest that way, they are always required to take the case under the law regardless #eBay #ebaydeals #ebayfail #integrity #honesty

@LAGr_VXVX Hey @eBay I'm getting sick of being outbid last second by the listed seller because they dont like the price. They should not be able to do this.

@hfvrufiebi @eBay @imagination Go fight the supreme court about the new sales tax, 15 percent on used items? Thats absolutely insane. These are mostly regular people and small businesses not multi chain store corportations. You are risking your entire future as a business for not continuing to fight this.

@RavenNandi Hey @eBay so I sold something on your site and your site created a shipping label saying my item sold and was purchased. Come to find out there’s a promise to pay. So not only did I get scammed out my product also the money. A supervisor informed [email protected] contact the fuckinf FBI .

@zizzybob Check out Hard to Find Cross Stitch & Country Crafts Premier Issue #CrossStitchCountryCrafts via @eBay

@IGruinedit This broke prick won't send my item because now on the 5th day "it's not worth the price", and he can't afford to refund me 🤦‍♂️😭. @grailed @eBay ya'll need to start doing some kinda credit checks or some shit and these MF'ers.

@KneeCRee Check out UNCUT LEGENDS #1 Issue #1 Bob Dylan - Definitive Guide to Rock's Ultimate Icons via @eBay

@Timothan2 @TheSocialLurker @PayPal @eBay It happened to me not too long ago. But the buyer send my item back the way I send it to him/her. I was lucky and sold it two months later for more money. eBay didn’t care and said it was PayPal. PayPal locked my account for a month. It was a big mess.

@Korehi_ @iamsirloin @eBay @AskeBay not at the top tho😭 just a shaky spot to be in

@sralaluch @BridgeBurning @eBay @eBay_UK @AskeBay Because ebay supports scammers. They still get the money so they do not care about buyers or sellers. I was just scammed by 2 buyers who bought a perfume with rrp184£ used them for a week and then requested a refund. And ebay is ok with that even though I am not able to resellnow

@voudaux HABITAT Swing Shirt Button Down Poplin Paisley Check River Blue White NWT XS L @eBay #shopsmall #fashion #clothing

@sellerboyking @eBay i keep getting this issue Your request couldn't be processed because of a technical issue. Please try again. You guys need to fix this lots of people having this problem for months now

@voudaux COMFY USA Reed Shirt Tunic Button Down High Low Hem Sally Print NWT S L @eBay #shopsmall #clothing #fashion #lagenlook

@marvadawn301 @jaketapper @russellcrowe @eBay @HomesForOurTrps Russ, sorry for writing my name twice. I didn't realize I had. This issue is very close to my heart. As you may or may not know, Dad passed away in February of Cancer. Love ya Russ, Marva xo

@uneedh2o @ebay since when do sellers not have to honor a completed listing? I win the auction, I pay the money, they cancel my order once they realize I live in HI even tho the listing said "ships everywhere". And of course your service system is trash so I can't even file a report wtf

@AllThePrettyBo2 This book is NOT signed by who you think it is, dear Bidder, despite the worthless CoA. This @jk_rowling forgery is also up on @ebay 🙄 and currently bidding for $74.99 😕

@hebdenwill @eBay the returns process doesn't work on your app. the postage label will not show, i've had to use a computer to find the address of the seller.

@CreativeSaver It's not too late to buy the perfect fall jacket on @eBay! #ebayfinds #ebaydeals #resellers #anthropologie Link:

@og_cards @eBay it’s about time you let sellers leave negative feedback on these scammers on eBay who make out item not recived and others who abuse buyer protection !!! I’m sik of losing money and items due to your buyer protection abuse time to leave your platform

@lockatron @eBayNewsroom @eBay [email protected] @eBayNewsroom - eBay is NOT thriving, stop with the usual lying. Constant lies from eBay even at customer service level, you really need to pull something outta the bag. My sales like many other sellers have plummeted!

@ejectamenta_com It's really not on @ebay when you buy something with an acceptable delivery time, only for it to get updated with a date that is 1 month later and not acceptable!

@Mackerelcat @myIT_com This company has agents that were rude to me when I reported a phones issue regarding @eBay as at#eBay I only get #Philippines call centers, not one in #Draper #Utah or elsewhere in the #USA, My IT dishonored themselves

@pressreset @eBay So, yeah, I expect that they would be returning all kinds of everything because "Fuck it, return it". Yet, they don't think about all the waste being created just by returning. I hate HATE ordering from Amazon and I try not to. I try to go to a store.

@voudaux HABITAT Pieced Tunic Shirt Crinkle Check Button Down Slate Blue NWT XS S L @eBay #shopsmall #fashion #clothing

@HungryPan Want to jump start your kids’ #StarWars #ActionFigures #Toys collection...but not wanting to pay premium new toy prices? Check out C-3PO and R2-D2, good condition, on @ebay starting at $0.99. #RiseofSkywalker #Christmas2019

@AllThePrettyBo2 Guess who did NOT sign this book? DING DING DING!!! You guessed it! Another @jk_rowling forgery found on @eBay ! It’s bid up to £115! If you’re a bidder retract!!

@amydacre1 @eBay terrible customer service from you guys. Sold an item, postage said it would be £5, end up paying 3x that amount. In good faith sent the item as not the buyers fault only to be told that I shouldn't of sent it and tough luck basically. I'm at a loss now. Thanks for nothing

@mad_monkey01 @Edelmiro1961 @alienslacker @ThierryDeux @eBay Not sure how it relates to my post.. But cool

@Focustheframe Surely I'm not going to be the one guy who can't sell Pete Alonso cards?!? #TheHobby #baseballcards #mets via @eBay

@Oldeshop2012 Check out 55 tips to make quilting easier faster and more fun back issue quilt magazine via @eBay

@gon_walt Season is here, when you look for something that is to good to be true is 98% not true! specially if seller have 20+ items of the same one at 30% or more than reputable legitimate sellers @Counterfeit_Rpt @brandwatchtech @ipwatch @Yellow_BP @eBay

@mtchknght8 *THREE* #DAMIENHIRST HAND #SIGNED LITHO’S *SIGNED* @eBay In all honesty,become a desultory & depressing experience trying to flog(earnestly knock down price)-but when ur(literal)at the end of ur rope-u keep trying in life,because all u have to cling to

@wtfdoyoucare4 @gixxerfool @unsuckEBAY @AskeBay @PayPal @eBayNewsroom @Elliottmgmtcorp @eBay This buyer and @ebay both have chosen the wrong victim this time. Terms of service do not apply when a law is broken. This buyer committed theft by not returning the accessories and the return was through USPS which makes it aggravated mail fraud. Shit is going to hit the fan.

@msbellslucky13 It's time to go #fishing!! Columbia PFG Men's XL Vented Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt Fishing RN 69724 #Columbia #MissBellsLucky13 #Ebay via @eBay

@wtfdoyoucare4 @AskeBay @unsuckEBAY @PayPal @eBayNewsroom @Elliottmgmtcorp I'd like to congratulate @ebay on being the go to safe haven for criminals and thieves! Buyers can state "not as described" after using an item for 23 days, not return it with all the accessories and in this condition.

@jgibbard Just a reminder that when I attempted to sell a computer on @eBay a few weeks ago, I lost $110 plus giving the computer away for free because of eBay policy. The company routinely steals from sellers in this way. They’re unethical and you should not do business with them.

@DistinctlyDri @ebay a buyer fraudulent filed a fraudulent claim against me and I’m trying to appeal it. Your representative is not helpful and won’t listen.

@MattyPlum13 @shady7475 @UpperDeckHockey @UpperDeckAssist @eBay Good. They definitely should not be able to make a dime off of UD’s name, off of anyone’s name for that matter!

@StuartWahlin Today @ebay took down every listing by a Goodwill, but when asked, eBay didn't know why they chose to stand in the way of the non-profit's mission services. Absolutely deplorable, arbitrary and capricious behavior that surprises no one who has ever been an eBay seller.

@sportobsession6 Day 3 of not being able to pay for a #BaseballCard I won on @Ebay. I'm thinking I may be about done with this site. Plenty of other choices that I've had on the backburner, guess it's time to start using them.

@exception_not When is @eBay going to ditch the useless @PayPal? A payment platform that cannot get payments right.

@MaskedNinja76 @BearingtonTrade @eBay @usmint I did not think I was going to get one. The US Mint website kept crashing. I hustle coins

@rgov As another example, @eBay canceled a sale due to suspicious activity from the buyer, but did not refund me the sale fee until I complained.

@alana_thrower Check out It's Not About the Broccoli: Three Habits to Teach Your Kids by Dina Rose,PhD via @eBay

@TruBluDad @eBay what is the point of offering up a $5 off coupon code every time I go to your page only for the code to not work!!??!!

@hfvrufiebi @eBay Go fight the supreme court about the new sales tax, 15 percent on used items? Thats absolutely insane. These are mostly regular people and small businesses not multi chain store corportations. You are risking your entire future as a business for not continuing to fight this.

@lockatron @CiaoBrooklyn @AskeBay @UniversalEnt @ParamountMovies @DisneyMovies @disneyplus @SonyPicsHomeEnt @eBay . @AskeBay - There are so many counterfeit items on eBay. I have reported MANY items as blatantly counterfeit, but eBay still allows them to be sold, totally ignorant! Waste of time and not good enough! 😕😕

@LA_SPORTY @militantangleno @HeraldExaminer @eBay @EthanHarpNews Maybe one of the reasons the Militant was not able to buy a copy of the last print of this newspaper is cause many people knew this was the last and decided to steal all the copies from the self serve street vending stands and figured they could sell them for a very good profit.

@LeslieAllain Listening to the journey of @ebay from @dhoopcamp inspiring and making me think about the journey and the plan. It’s not enough to have a strategy #movethedial

@CiaoBrooklyn Fine, ignore me @AskeBay! Hey @UniversalEnt @ParamountMovies @DisneyMovies @disneyplus @SonyPicsHomeEnt How do yous like illegal downloads (not codes) of your movies being sold on @eBay? Since my reporting is futile and remains ignored. DM me for link to seller's listings.

@militantangleno 30 years ago this month, the @HeraldExaminer printed its last issue. The Militant, was unable to buy the last edition BITD, but he recently bought one via @eBay for a very affordable price (Props to @EthanHarpNews for the tip). LET'S OPEN UP THIS TIME CAPSULE, SHALL WE?

@XeroTheHero Yet again an @ebay auction ends and yet again, the buyer is ghosting. They even sent me a message before the end of the auction asking to buy the keyboard, then proceeds to win the auction and now I'm not getting responses. The lack of ability to combat this crap is annoying.

@karenterry132 Check out The Bob Scott Six – Music To Use The "Trim-Twist" By — Not On Label – CS-5168 @eBay

@MaskedNinja76 @BearingtonTrade @eBay @usmint The last time I had a return of this magnitude was the 2011 silver eagle set (five coin set). Does not always work because the website is trash. You are only limited to one per household...I would have bought several of them.

@Mamasra Get REady to count down to 2020 PEEK Black Long Sleeve Gold White HAPPY NEW YEAR Countdown Graphic shirt XL 10 #Peek #mostwatched #HNY #newyearseve #mostwatched via @eBay

@the_queen_of_13 Sold 8 items to raise cash for Xmas only for @ebay & @paypal to say my money is ‘on hold’ for 21 days because I’ve not sold anything for over 12 months! Now got to fork out £30 for postage without actually receiving any money! Had my account years! Wish I’d not bothered! #scam 😡

@jaispeed2020 @Antonic94116705 @IAmDylanPeschel @eBay only thing i didn't like about no mercy was that to get the themes to not loop, they had to cut the entrances after the ramp lol

@TheSocialLurker I don’t care if she has had 100% feedback. She has YET ONCE to return my replies. I would have handled this diff. @PayPal and @ebay no help whatsoever for the seller (Me!) I’ve even called this person with voice mail being full to leave a msg. Something not right with this!!

@geminieast77 The BOOK they Never wanted you to read & an Extra of Our choosing via @eBay Do Not let this pass you by , we can all. Feel it ! Now admit watch this and see.

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