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Published by Ebay 11 months ago

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Recent Outage Reports

@infokuban Ebay allows to sell products that pose a health hazard! I do not understand what is written on the product label 163904196531 - it is prohibited by the FDA but EBAY sells it! @eBay

@CraeBoog Over 1 Year Ago, I tweeted that I despite having a 44mm @steinhartwatch Marine Chronometer, I was hunting for the Vintage 47mm, that it replaced...Happy to report that I found one today on @ebay!.👏..Its not the Goldtone that I wanted, but I'm Super Excited To Get It...

@RachelVillavox @NatObsPod @eBay Wow! not to be sniffed at 😮

@JeansBookshelf @eBay something needs to be done about all the Advance Reader Copies of books I've seen on your website. ARCs say "not for sale" right on them. I've found at least 3 ARC copies of @cassieclare's new book on there.

@VixusFoxy Found an interesting PII vulnerability with @eBay's dutch Classifieds platform named @Marktplaats. I've reported it to them through @zerocopter - I'm not disclosing publically until it's fixed. Stay tuned for a neat blog post! :)

@rodrox_gifts @AnonFlipper @eBay Before hitting post on your listing scroll down and change from pay in 48 hours to pay immediately. It’s our job to decide how to make our customers pay.

@Henjam48 Is there a reliable alternative to @ebay that's not @amazon?

@wtfdoyoucare4 @il12316 @loveatseacarla @AskeBay @eBay @CnsmrProServLn @CRAdvocacy Calm down. Take a deep breath, and start the steps to protect yourself. That's all you can do. In my opinion, it is ESSENTIAL to understand all of the terms of service and do what you can to protect yourself. @AskeBay is not going to help you.

@melvinoshiro @UndercoverIndi @eBay 🤔...Is there a serial number for the box to make sure it's not a fake? Doesn't look like Gibson packing tape to me...too shiny. Gibson used a darker more muted packing tape😜

@jason_pettus It's discount week at my @eBay store! Here, a #1stPrinting of #GarrisonKeillor's classic #LakeWobegonDays (including ultra-rare "This Is Not An NPR Show" correction sticker on dust flap), slashed from $50 to just $30 or best offer!

@CajsaMalloy @AskeBay Thank you, but to add insult to injury, the fraudulent scam buyer reported us to eBay for non receipt, but @eBay still hit us with fees! This scammer never actually bought the item, never paid, reported US for not sending it. Such insanity - we are going to #BoycottEBay for now.

@Jesse_W33 If you see this seller on @eBay stay away he decided to not move forward with the rims and tires I won because I was the only one who bid and he wasn’t happy with the amount of $$$ @eBay what will you do about this?

@jockney57 @eBay im not using ebay anymore. You either sell junk or the goods never turn up i admit i get refunded so its easier to stop using you

@bcnorange Interesting developments at @Shopify as they enter whilst there has been an exodus with @Paypal @ebay @Stripe @Mastercard @Visa leaving .. Will it mean @Facebook looking to buy @Shopify down the road?

@Darce67408771 @lockatron @xosquare @unsuckEBAY @AskeBay @eBay @AskPayPal No but one way around it is to log onto paypal first on a separate tab. So instead of having to log in when you click it you will automatically be logged in and that's been working for me.

@grimy_trades @TeddyCleps @eBay This is normal for collectors but beware because some times they repackage them and some try to convince you that the packaging was the first one lol. I have PS1, Saturn and Panasonic 3DO at good status, not sealed tho. A sealed Saturn costs far more than a Playstation.

@BarefootPeace @JayTaylorArt @eBay This one is really amazing. The colors somehow combine to create a color never seen before -- or at least not seen with the eyes. Beautiful.

@JewYid Yiddish @Duolingo is creating a symbol for Yiddish that I do not like. B/c the initiators couldn't make an easy "flag" for a non-Statist language, they found a random image online, posted it, and haven't changed it. Now you can buy "Yiddish flags" @ebay. We need to do better.

@loveatseacarla @AskeBay @SeattleTeamGear You HAVE NO.POLICY @eBay @AskeBay your money back,WE GUARANTEE to back the buyer DOES NOT EXIST THANK GOD FOR @CnsmrProServLn @CRAdvocacy SHUT DOWN eBAY

@fotiosdotcom @zachjhunter @Facebook @Google @firefox @DuckDuckGo @amazon @eBay Breaking up with Google Search is really tough. Both @Duck and @Startpage are just not that good. Getting rid of Gmail is the easiest thing to do thanks to @Fastmail

@Xtreme_Drive_UK 🤔 @eBay Live #AutoWatch £2,705,978 - 8 #Ferrari, 3 #Porsche, 6 #Audi, 5 #Mini, 1 #Escort, 1 #Lotus & 1 #Bentley - not to mention the 6 YZF-R1’s 😬#NeedBiggerGarage #ManMath

@lushscreamqueen @eBay Your complaint page is impossible. I have issues with a seller who cancel bids because they not high enough. Why start bidding at 1c if you dont want to play the auction game. Same seller cancelled 5 bids on 5 different items in one day one me. Is there a policy for this?

@voudaux YUSHI Tunic Shirt Button Down Stretch Pucker A Line Floral White Black NWT L XL @eBay #fashion #clothing #shopsmall

@_Charlie_rose @naughtymediauk I'm just not going to use them anymore. Theyre are plenty of free sites I just thought @ebay would be easier but it feel like I've given away items due to £60 worth of fees. I feel robbed

@CajsaMalloy @AskeBay Yes, we did all of that. We're not newbies. We had SIX scammers in a row try to buy our camera this way. @eBay told us our only option is Buy it Now with immediate payment required, which defeats the whole purpose of #eBay. It's ridiculous that eBay is letting criminals dictate.

@verykimmy @davecraige @bhorowitz @a16z They need to tell the truth. @eBay is a marketplace. @Uber themselves have admitted they are not, that they are an aggregator. If they choose to be called a marketplace, then they must release any and all control of finances to its members, otherwise they are employers.

@mybluetortoise Not too early to get ready for Christmas 2020 with some classic vintage cassettes! 14 Christmas Music Cassettes J Andrews Tom Jackson Boxcar Willie Rita MacNeil #Christmas #BoxcarWillie #WillieNelson #RitaMacNeil #JulieAndrews #TomJackson via @eBay

@Tifflen Been wanting a Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell? Worried about Porch Pirates? You're not going to find a better deal on it than this... :) via @eBay

@A_Lovely_Lilly @BunnulaTV @eBay 100%, maybe I can find something gross to pose by lol, I'm down for anything and glad to support the channel, loved you since the first vid I saw and will keep stalking your fuzzy ass

@PearlGlassesVtg Gorgeous ear climbers to dress up or dress down! #ebay #fashion #ThursdayThoughts via @eBay

@SturgeMike @aubrey_huff @eBay *talent* ? Or misguided fans looking for someone with sideways humor just like them to cling to? Let’s not go overboard and claim what you’re doing can’t be done by children younger than yours.

@101Chayos @sukhindersingh @viagogo @eBay Working as AWF, Excited to see what changes await this year!

@GuardedLegacy @cheapskateblog @eBay Umm... What's eBay? (This coming from someone who used it regularly as a teenager... And then learned, as Mater puts it: "to not to")

@labworxart @Hat_Tweets @aubrey_huff @eBay @bassfisher3k @OnTargetFishing Nice!!! Just handed off the Batman Jason Todd introduction as a kid book to my buddy @M_J_Fishing I hope he enjoys what it is for what he probably is not aware of. Also the first appearance of man bat 😂 issue

@mybluetortoise Not easy to come buy, this Turkish Airlines Porcelain Mug Globally Yours has cyan floral and bird details on a white background. #TurkishAirlines #GloballyYours via @eBay

@firesportscards Crazy he was trying to raise money for a charity for #kobebraynt by selling his ring gear and @ebay took his auction down

@Jeevxs @perfectbrisk @eBay @eBay_UK So annoying. They're literally promoting to people to damage items and then return them and not giving sellers any protection whatsoever.

@TheDamDocta Dropped the price down to 250! For anyone still interested. Hitbox Arcade Controller Ps4/PC Special Edition. @eBay

@e9Art Check out trying not to look too closely at the shadows for fear of seeing... e9Art ACEO via @eBay

@m2epro @mage_one_com Full M1 development resource will be committed! This is not going to be patching or fixing. We have many new @eBay , @amazon and @Walmart features planned for our M1 future releases for 2020 & 2021. We have been with Magento since the beginning and we will not let our users down!

@HauntatNIGHT @Parascamposse @eBay Wow !!! I can't believe Ebay is like that !!! Now I know not to do business with them. Thanks for the heads up !!!!

@claner Check out #Postcard #Worcester #Postmarks 1720 to 1844 First Day of Issue 31 July 1985 via @eBay

@alana_thrower Check out It's Not About the Broccoli: Three Habits to Teach Your Kids by Dina Rose,PhD via @eBay

@Andymac_photos @KenHanscom @StubHub @eBay I'm not trusting enough to plan a trip based on tickets bought on Ebay

@LeDavidCurran @lockatron @AskeBay @eBay_UK @eBay @unsuckEBAY @ebaytech Still not working. It's 5am at Ebay HQ, I wonder if there's anyone at work there at the moment to notice / fix it?

@OldeLaneBooks The Home Garden - February 1951 - Vol 17, No.2 The Home Garden Magazine - 1951 - £2.99 Plus shipping. Condition – Fair, Outer cover detachment, not fully. Slight rip to cover at stapling. via @eBay

@FreezerHonest Check out 1999 Vintage CRASH BANDICOOT T-shirt Born to be bad SIZE Youth-Large via @eBay #CrashBandicoot

@wtfdoyoucare4 @SeattleTeamGear @AskeBay @unsuckEBAY this dialogue here proves that @ebay is more out of touch with reality than someone with dementia. You want to know why @ebay is not growing? Because you don't listen.

@wtfdoyoucare4 @unsuckEBAY It's frightening to me that @ebay does not seem to understand the negative perception this type of stuff creates in the minds of consumers. When your only plan of action is to have high GMV numbers, you've got a serious branding problem. @ebay is in real trouble. WAKE UP!

@dommm_emporium @eBay_UK @AskeBay @eBay seems my eBay app has stopped working properly overnight. I have access to it but if I try and add pictures to listings then it throws me back to main selling page. Looks like there was an update because the barcode lines are different. Can you help? #ebay

@Sithplayer_ This mornin someone tried to buy My MK Kosplay mask. Going well until they asked me to add a 300$ PS card with it. Swung this by PayPal after getting some sketchy emails. Shut down the scammer. 6-7 hours later @eBay then said hey this might me sketchy. A lil late but they tried

@eBayToHouse @unsuckEBAY @eBay Using a completely different eBay website to make a purchase is the absolute worst work-around. eBay once tried to pawn me off on eBay Spain's customer service because a customer purchased an item from there despite me only listing on the US eBay. Not a solution here either.


@Phill748 @gt2andy @eBay Hard to see but on our one (not the same model) we had some issues with the table rocking and I notice that the expensive ones have cross braces like a anti tramp bar to make them a bit more sturdy. Looks good for the cash though

@emmmmy_p I am so over @eBay. I tried to sell a Fitbit I got for Christmas, accepted an offer on it, and they delisted my item because the offer was from an illegitimate account (not my fault). Now they won’t let me relist it.

@astairsk @SusanDelacourt @eBay @gmacofglebe Lovely to see you Susan! But not giving up my @rebekahpriceinc necklace (bought on @eBayCanada)!!

@OldSkoolMills @PayPal What ever happen to protections for someone who sells on ebay.? A person can lose a case on Ebay and still go thru PayPal just to tie money up. @PayPal has a monopoly on Ebay processing. @eBay does not take any other form of payments. Maybe someone should look into this

@chelano Side Note: Not sure why I was sent to @eBay_UK on the phone, but they were SO MUCH more helpful that the normal @eBay . TAKE NOT EBAY US

@voudaux OLD NAVY Shirt Tunic Eyelet V Neck Button Down Boho White NWT XXL @eBay #clothing #fashion #shopsmall

@voudaux DIALOGUE Jacket Button Down Mandarin Collar Cross Dyed Linen Red White 3X @eBay #clothing #fashion #shopsmall

@SurprisingFinds Need some advice from fellow #ReSellers. Looking to branch out from @eBay because sales have been slow lately. Wondering what other platform would be good for the kind of stuff I sell (seen @ I do a little on #Amazon too but not much. @TheResellerHub

@gt2andy @RobRyan13 @eBay I don't doubt the ingenuity or strength. I have the regular lift which I'd put on this stand to get wheels off whilst at working height. Very impressive

@Granosx @QuanFlix_ @eBay I had a customer request a return about 3-4 days ago saying the shoes came creased. So I replied offering to accept the return and issue a label. But the buyer responded with " I threw the shoes out". I know the shoes were not creased, but still offered to take the return. Pt.1

@Splashboy3 @eBay literally has the most dogshit sign in functionally ever. I didn't know I could run into so many errors trying to reset a fucking password. It's a bidding website not Fort Knox.

@therealvay Never rely on eBay as your primary source of business. If their computers detect high sales volume in a short period, they will take down your entire listing along with sales stats. No apologies, No compensation. @eBay You truly know how to screw a legitimate business @unsuckEBAY

@CollectorKrusty @NorCalBoxBreaks @ncb6185 @eBay I quickly jumped on it cause I thought It was a Tim’s redemption one.... then I was like nah why is this so cheap (still 45 bucks) but ya eBay definitely needs to shut this down though

@Christo14212294 @AskeBay @ebay Seller Daniecarchi-0. A seller of close to 100 various forged counterfeit cards. Just listed 2 more. Willie Mays and Bart Starr forged counterfeit cards. Not only forged, but COUNTERFEIT cards, Ebay.

@CLKLAonEBAY Hey @AskeBay @eBay - what happened to the "custom label" field on the "Manage orders awaiting shipment" page?? Since that's where I list my inventory location, it's a HUGE concern. (Only workaround is to click "sell similar" to see the field -- that's not gonna work) #ebayseller

@JeniferJS We're not sure what to do with these #vintage wrought Iron #eagles with wings spread and claw feet but maybe they'd make great outdoor porch or patio decorations, on @eBay! via @eBay #vintage #iron #eagle #decor

@voudaux HABITAT Pieced Tunic Shirt Crinkle Check Button Down Slate Blue NWT XS L @eBay #shopsmall #fashion #clothing

@human_i_t We are honored to be part of yet another massive milestone for @eBay for Charity! Plus, being the 4th largest Charity seller in the US is not bad either. We are looking forward to helping break the record for 2020!

@ilovemyself1979 @eBay I will never use your service again. There are nothing but lazy people looking to get something for free. I tried to sell my perfectly good watch and all I got were scammers. The last one was the best though bc he was able to make it look like he paid except I’m not stupid.

@kenmhaggerty Every single buyer so far for my @eBay listing has been fraudulent and tried to get me to complete their transaction via PayPal outside of eBay. Last time I tried selling on eBay (2013?) this was not an issue. When did it become so bad? ☹️

@SenjuNation Shout out to @Chime and @eBay for working together and getting the money fraudulent accrued though purchase on my account.

@AllPrettyBooks This @jk_rowling forgery is up on @eBay with 2 bids and 2 days left. If you’re a bidder, retract, retract, retract—it’s not signed by who you think it is.

@JimNotBob @gt2andy @eBay Clarke used to be made in the UK, not sure these days, chinese stuff is everywhere now, hard to tell the good from the shite though

@evaneva6 Dude , PayPal give me $5 cash free to spend Ohhh my gosh thank you so much @PayPal thank you 😊 @eBay every penny it’s acct . thank you for doing good business. Yes I do sale bags etc . only my people of Asia pride & my sons negro blood It is NOT for sale. Blood made by G-d.

@Chitterinlicht @Smicht @eBay Christ that takes me back. Got a Yamaha equivalent in garage that I cannae bring myself to chuck as it’s the only way to play my old stuff that I couldnae be arsed mixing down. Good luck.

@white15gt1 @ShopAllThat @eBay Yet again, you are a fucking scumbag for posting these, trying to capitalize on Newman’s crash last night.

@voudaux MONA LISA Vest Button Down Fleece Art To Wear Black Abstract NWT One Size @eBay #shopsmall #clothing #fashion #layering #lagenlook

@PagesLost "She took my love, said she's not comin' back So my world and my sky was all turnin' black Now I see the light, I'm wise to her 'Cause I found that place for lovers who wander, yeah" via @eBay

@voudaux HABITAT Swing Shirt Button Down Poplin Paisley Check River Blue White NWT XS & L @eBay #shopsmall #fashion #clothing

@youwontliketony Bought something on eBay. Trying to pay with PayPal. Seems to be working as flawless as I remember. 😡 @paypal @ebay #ebay #paypal

@weareoptiseller @wtfdoyoucare4 @unsuckEBAY @eBay We've done a quick search for this issue and found this recent article related to your experience. This is not something that @weareoptiseller was aware of, but I hope this helps you with seeking the correct help from @eBay to resolve:

@namesteint "Around midday today there were a number of complaints that eBay could not be accessed due to eBay DNS errors. @AskeBay @eBay_UK @eBay @unsuckEBAY @ebaytech – eBay has crashed. DNS error outage at 12:28pm UK time! FFS!! When is eBay EVER going to work properly?…

@Counterfeit_Rpt @Fuzzyligic @eBay Pretty obvious, but #eBay is in the business of making money, not policing #counterfeits. SanDisk is very responsive to verifying counterfeits: [email protected]

@loveatseacarla SERIOUSLY FRAUDULENT ! @AskeBay @eBay LIARS ! I WILL NEVER BUY A THING FROM eBay again l'm working hard with the @CnsmrProServLn @CRAdvocacy to SHUT eBAY DOWN they do NOT GUARANTEE MONEY BACK,I GOT TAKEN FOR 176.00 eBay DID NOTHING

@CollectorKrusty This is what is going to kill collecting for me counterfeits like this @UpperDeckHockey @eBay needs to step up and shut frauds like this down

@gt2andy @JimNotBob @eBay Chinese. Looks like it's the same as the Machine Mart one but for colour. Might not be as well made it's hard to tell. Is Clarke make in UK? I'd pay the extra if it is

@voudaux FLAX Tunic Shirt Cardi Light Linen Button Down 3/4 Sleeve Black 3G @eBay #clothing #fashion #shopsmall

@AnonFlipper Hey @Ebay, if you have a buyer on the screen to accept my offer, why not just make them pay then and there? #waiting

@CarlJen75558011 First post, and not a good one 😞. Updated accounts for @AmazonUK , @PayPalUK and @eBay_UK , etc. Works fine until @eBay times out logging into @PayPal at checkout. Internet says this is all too common as well! Problems not fixed, and left to stew, always suck! 😡

@DevineDelvine @MailOnline @AustralianLabor @SkyNewsAust @eBay Not to mention @PayPal thieves. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Dont put all your eggs in one basket.

@loveatseacarla @colakollektiv @unsuckEBAY @AskeBay Look l've been TWEETING since l got took for 176.00 and @AskeBay,@eBay money,back GUARANTEE IS FRAUD..CONTACT THE @CnsmrProServLn @CRAdvocacy SHIT eBAY DOWN why don't people listen? You deserve to be taken like l was

@LilacMoon_8 Look what I found on @eBay! via @eBay @texaspetrescue @texasvikie Here is 2nd item. Portion of sale will go 2 @texaspetrescue NOT all, I will keep some 2 supplement my income 4 my rescues & 2 give me more $ to pledge with. Thanks $ asking about my items:)

@BCJCSN Lmao @eBay is trying to say my selling performance is below standard, which not going to lie it is. How am I supposed to fix it if y’all won’t let me list anything to make sales to bring it up?????

@F81Vintage So I bought a lamp with a customer in mind from @eBay Seller didn't send, no tracking number., no comms. eBay have today refunded me. Seller is still selling BUT I'm not allowed to tell other buyers this person is a wrong-un. NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE FEEDBACK.

@voudaux KLEEN Shirt Tunic Button Down Pintuck Ruched Light Linen Glacier Grey NWT Medium @eBay #shopsmall #clothing #fashion

@CoadysVinyl @NZiffy @eBay We are not trying to benefit off a person's death. People want to spread the words be kind to encourage everybody to be kind to each other. But thank you for your opinion. Have a nice day :)

@penguinguy13 @eBay sellers should not be able to claim an item has been shipped unless it’s actually in the hands of the shipping company. I have an item that has been marked as shipped a week ago and tracking still show only that the tracking was provided nothing else

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