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@ericlikesfood @eBay Don't use ebay. They will hold your money for 21 days even if the buyer received the item. I'm waiting for $1300 and they are choosing not to release it even though I need it because of the pandemic. *Do not use ebay*

@JennyXaa okey so for the search on @ebay @Bing @yahoo & @google seems to not only be for men and certainly not immediately second hand or worse still: none at all! @CrownPrincessMM @ClarenceHouse @UN @NATO

@voudaux JAMS WORLD Dress Orchids of Hawaii Button Down Pockets Multi Colored Medium @eBay #clothing #fashion #shopsmall

@dondimonte @eBay your people took down my listing as counterfeit. I have all the proof I need to prove you wrong. Your basis is based on discriminatory profiling. Prove it’s counterfeit before I sue for discrimination

@grants4usa @inhousevintage @eBay Sears used to make the best girdles and before they closed down I bought several high waisted long leg panty girdles from them.

@counciltreehous When I was a young woman in the 90s, I loved going to the dance club. This little #ACEO shows #spaceflowers getting down on a crowded dance floor and boogying all night. via @eBay #watercolor #fantasyart #spaceart #ArtistOnTwitter

@thomasbland577 @RENATOLOGY Playmobil has a chunky version for $45 - tho I'm sure the scalpers are salivating to resell all those too. If only @eBay had a button to report scalpers/price gougers. Not that they care - inflated price means more money for them in higher fees. Hmmm, 7,560yen at Ami Ami Japan...


@m2epro @Magento 1 EOL? Well, not that fast . @m2epro just got a new client running 1.9 asking for @Amazon and @eBay integration for Magento1. Onboarding starts tomorrow and the plan is to complete over 1k listings by Wednesday. Seems Magento 1 is to stick around for a good few years

@KMarurade @grandmastabeebs @eBay @Mercari This is shitty on your part @eBay. Do seller's matter to you anymore? I'd be really worried to continue working with you guys if there's no protection for sellers against scamming buyers. Whats your excuse for NOT providing support or listening to the seller's side?

@AndrewPickford5 Check out Sony Xperia XA1 - 16GB- Black (Unlocked) Smartphone @eBay Don’t forget this phone is currently up for auction on eBay,so why not pop over to eBay now and check it out the good news is you’ve still got five days of the auction left

@ghostchillah @evanspiegel @eBay @snachat it’s not nice to point fingers. But wtf is this your IP is out of control! I [email protected] don’t see this @Bitmoji again. Enough with the games, get your shit together I have offers, I’m hoping for you though don’t be stupid. #snapchat $SNAP #NYSE #stocks

@atomicpopshop @eBay Had some great customers then eBay allowed a stranger to steal from me. Maybe a racket, definitely not a "business".

@voudaux YUSHI Tunic Shirt Button Down Stretch Pucker A Line Floral White Black NWT XL @eBay #fashion #clothing #shopsmall

@fluecklii The fight against #bootlegs continues. @eBay please remove bootleg offers from your site. Bootleg sellers should not be allowed to take away the money from the rightful licence holders. @chihaya_anime @chihaya_koshiki @chihayafuru_en #Chihayafuru #ちはやふる

@kin_kinsley @WatchTheBreaks I actually saw that, or something similar, when I was looking into the @ebay managed payments system the other day. I think this may be the final straw for me as a seller. It's not going to help sellers. I can do my side hustle on @Poshmarkapp, since I don't sell cards there.

@e9Art Check out trying not to look too closely at the shadows for fear of seeing... e9Art ACEO via @eBay

@CodingMark @meckimac @Tesla @eBay Eh, I wish they'd limit it to one per customer who will actually use/gift them, not for people wanting to make a quick buck

@PeterDickinso12 @eBay Item sold 10th May. Paid 11thMay. Posted 12thMay Intern. Tracked/Signed.13th May at Worldwide DC. 18th June item not received buyer refunded 23rd June. 4th July item arrived at the Post Office in PR. appealed: After reviewing case again we decided to keep original outcome.

@MadYellowDog @eBay What's happened to tracking numbers? Not seeing them on my purchases.

@HooleManda @eBay I am struggling! contacted all your numbers just cut off & told to stay safe, read all the help pages no answer, contacted ignorant seller gk2erk779 about 10 times & they have not responded, registered appeal. Now getting frustrated & need to speak to someone to sort!

@TwoCortWort This woman on @eBay will not stop asking me to resend payment after she “accidentally” refunded the payment. This makes 5 messages asking for it again. I’m kind of over this BS!

@MrLupeCrawford @UrbanScootsEbay @eBay Although it's not available on a streaming services. You still have the option to purchase it online. (Though, it's kind of risky.) Sucks that this movie JUST went out-of-print on DVD. :(

@damebabsdbe @Albannach6 @eBay @WishShopping @DeborahMeaden @marksandspencer @Ofcom Well I did sully it last year by my ‘nativity’ based ‘art film’ involving me and a donkey! I got a 12mth suspended sentence, & they had to shoot the donkey as they could not get the latex mask off! That’s the last time I drink meths!

@Deepakkr00 @eBay @eBay_UK ...they buddy can't ship anything in india...........i want to by some products ......but all the product has 1 answer( not ship in your country) what the hell is that ....?????😠

@voudaux KLEEN Shirt Tunic Button Down Pintuck Ruched Light Linen Glacier Grey NWT Medium @eBay #shopsmall #clothing #fashion

@Janusxuk @BlancoGoGo @eBay US to UK shipping is always exorbitant, but not UK to US for some reason.

@Bentlleyyy @Nozrati @eBay Not even sure what you are trying to tell me

@Thehammah I am like when will it be fixed? He says sorry, we work hard to keep our users happy .. blah blah blah then said 24 hours. So I asked for a refund of fees since I am not getting what I pay for. and this is the exchange I got #badservice award goes to @ebay. .


@A_List_Designs @Bentlleyyy @eBay Yep, I’m not even sure when that changed, but I felt it was better when sellers also had the recourse of being able to affect a buyer’s rating, when necessary. eBay is weird about protecting people who abuse the platform, until they’re finally forced to ban them altogether.

@grandmastabeebs Some scam you are running @eBay. Buyer files a return, but never even prints the return label I provided. 2 months go by, and ebay changes the status to "return delivered" when it was not, and tells me to refund. I wonder if @mercari is looking for sellers.

@Aarondklein Financialization of fiscal policy leads to giveaways for companies like @Apple @Equifax @eBay while working families wait weeks/months for 1200 to try to survive.

@ericlikesfood @eBay Don't use ebay. They will hold your money for 21 days even if the buyer received the item. I'm waiting for $1300 and they are choosing not to release it even though I need it because of the pandemic. *Do not use ebay*

@Sana_khan383 @AmazonHelp U shld have the compensation policy for how long customers have to bear with ur fuckin mistakes. If no compensation policy shut down your damn operations @amazon @JeffBezos @AmitAgarwal @Flipkart @eBay

@voudaux SNAPDRAGON & TWIG Dinah Tunic Button Down Flare Hem Willow White Lavender NWT L @eBay #clothing #fashion #shopsmall

@mathmania64 🟥 Travel + Leisure magazine issue April 2020 The Best New Hotels in the World Tokyo Japan Kenya Africa trends plans helpful advice tips hotel reservations fun family destinations romantic getaway adventures things to read in quarantine #eBay 🟥 via @eBay

@sphinxLeo1 Looks like my emails been hacked again. Got writing over writing on emails. 🤔 Why has @eBay sent a message to an email account not associated with my eBay account? You sent it to the email account for the one you shutdown @eBay 🙄

@e9Art Check out 'i am not god,' he mumbled to himself and poof, just like that he... e9Art ACEO via @eBay

@HOFcardsforsale Everyone block this POS. He twice committed to buying this trout card for $3500 and does not pay. Does not respond to messages. Finally canceled and blocked him. Get these kind of people off of eBay @AskeBay @eBay

@h_123321x @eBay_UK the £2 subtitle fee is a very sneaky way to catch new sellers out. I’ve only recently had that option available on my account and there’s no indication near the box or on the FAQs in the corner that you’ll be charged £2 for a title. How sneaky. @AskeBay @eBay. Not happy.

@TheRealSockey99 @eBay @askeBay i wrote to a seller to cancel my order and they have still posted the item! i have written to them again without reply. how do i get my money back now. As its not my fault they still posted after isent 2 cancellation requests!!

@blairkyliejay @eBay get your poop in a group!! If something is still IN NOT put the “Delivered” status on an item if it’s being held at the next stop due to a holiday (cough cough July 4th?!). You & ur sellers will catch shit for this!!

@jonwest86 @ebay you have lost my business. I buy something from you, it's faulty try & find the right thing to open a dispute about & do the incorrect one, close it & go to open a different one. Oh no that's it game over. Sorry, go directly to jail, do not pass go, you have lost your money

@A_List_Designs @Bentlleyyy @eBay Oh I followed up with the post office. Whatever mail was attached to the tracking # the seller provided was apparently an envelope that went to some other address. The item I ordered was a folding treadmill, so def not small enough to fit in an envelope. 😅

@AndrewPickford5 Check out 2020 50p Coin BREXIT Fifty Pence Uncirculated (NEW) @eBay. This coin will be a collectors item in years to come so why not pop over to eBay and check it out and maybe place a bid. Go on you know you want to.

@voudaux TOOFAN Tunic Button Down Shirt Tropical Print Cotton Multicolored NWT S M L XL @eBay #fashion #clothing #shopsmall

@vtebayseller @referral_mr @eBay Not sure what it means either... be interesting to know what meaning the message had 🤔

@Bentlleyyy @A_List_Designs @eBay Not going to lie eBay has been so misinforming when explaining why exactly a claim was opened for on a listing of mine that they somehow removed all my listings the next day and I was like wtf?! A computer w/ an algorithm that operates by itself does this

@CallCodyDriver Look what I found on @eBay! via @eBay. I used to use this once in a while when I was working and making proposals for sales materials. I hope someone will see that this is a great deal and something they could use.

@SZOTAMANO @eBay Loophole of eBay Pre-order I can't get preorder item (303376050124) paid in Nov 2019 from seller, I reported to eBay Customer Services and got reply it purchased long ago and not covered by Guarantee & eBay do nothing but ask me to contact the seller or call the police

@JohnRomeroWSU @NotAnarchyball @eBay To dunk on eBay? I'm down.

@erinbsomerville So I’m new to @eBay and doesn’t anyone have a phone number for their customer support because their online chat is not helping

@Thehammah @ebay a few months ago I shipped an item that someone paid $75 for. I printed out shipping label packed it up and dropped off at Fedex. I get billed 5x a month later because item was "oversized". WTF. I paid $175 to ship an item I only got $75 for (shipping not included) 2/

@JoeyBartz @CardboardSushi @thejudge991 99% of my stuff is free shipping. But, I cannot ship anywhere 1st Class with a bubble mailer (even through @eBay shipping) without paying 2.94-3.05(supplies not included). To each their own.

@card_university @EthanB9298 @garyvee @eBay Smart observation, I think that is an interesting thought for sure. Donruss optic in my opinion will always be superior, but that’s not to say donruss won’t improve in value.

@SillySyndicate Check out Vintage XTREME Lifes’s Too Short Not To Be Motocross T-Shirt Jersey XL USA @eBay

@JelloBelle Selling "pre-orders" should not be allowed on @eBay . You shouldn't be allowed to sell something you don't actually have in your possession.

@tarquin_mince I’d urge everyone NOT to use @eBay .

@kieranbeckles Signed up to @eBay and ordered a camera lens cover. Once the item is ordered, they immediately delete my account. I've no way to contact the seller. They refuse to help or issue a refund. Instead they send me a breakup message, 'difficult decision'. Absolutely appalling.

@voudaux HABITAT Swing Shirt Button Down Poplin Paisley Check River Blue White NWT XS & L @eBay #shopsmall #fashion #clothing

@Eirianlys Check out GEO Book 1M 11.6 inch (32GB, Intel Celeron N4000, 2.60GHz, 4GB) Laptop - Full working order has been re-set with new windows 10. ready to go. Auction start from £75 ... #geo via @eBay

@claire333 @Thehammah @eBay Unreasonable to bill the buyer for reasons I stated, and not something that you can reasonably expect eBay to take responsibility for at this point

@TySamms1 @eBay @askebay Had to leave the country to attend a funeral. Seller was notified before leaving. Could not return to Hungary due to COVID restrictions for US passport holders. Item went undelivered and returned to seller. Filed INR I lose. So now lose my money and no item? Wow!!

@Bentlleyyy @A_List_Designs @eBay Without verification. Why I don't give out my eBay store name is because I don't want any competition getting it in intentionally buying customers for me that leave bad reviews in the end. Had a gig offered to me to do exact thing before believe it or not

@zumbagriz Check out ZUMBA Ready To Dominate Button Down - CAUTION Z1T01967 #Zumba via @eBay

@MarkDershowitz Why is @eBay forcing sellers to Managed Payments, and more importantly, why are there new restrictions on what can be sold on eBay via Managed Payments? eBay “help” basically says “because we say so.” Not a very satisfying answer.

@Anthony40238443 @DeviousPL @unsuckEBAY @eBay Buyers return reason was not as described. Purchased 2 of the same phones. Returned a book instead of phones. Did same thing to another eBay user who left a message in their feedback saying the customer is a scammer.

@imgranadosr1 @AoboAobo @Dan_Schulman @financialombuds @eBay @AskeBay @PayPal @AskPayPal PAYPAL WANTS TO STEAL ME. Terrible difficulties to access my account and now I can not send my money from your damn account to my bank account. I'M GOING TO ROBARRRR !!! NOT USED PAYPAL BECAUSE THEY STOLE THEM.

@voudaux TOOFAN Tunic Button Down Shirt Brush Print Cotton Multicolored NWT S M L XL @eBay #fashion #clothing #shopsmall

@miamicards89 @cody_rumney @eBay Now I just found another guy that this jswhite did this to. Hoping we can collaborate to take him down

@QualityFrog I get outbid and lose @eBay auction by 50 cents. eBay app then notifies that I lost and similar items are available. I tap notice and it takes me to item priced 10 times higher than I've already indicated I'm willing to pay with losing bids. 10 times the price is not similar.

@tarquin_mince I think Lindsey that @ebay response was that I’d hear in 72 hours. I’d expect that would be to my email, which I can assure you I’ve not received. So if I’ve missed something then I’d appreciate if you could send again, and let me know so I can check.

@voudaux HABITAT Shirt Button Down Sleeveless Paisley Border Ombre Pink Orange NWT XS @eBay #fashion #clothing #shopsmall

@aasanorell Created an account today on @eBay and placed a bid. After a while I got a super harsh mail saying I was suspended. No explanation. First time an auction site calls a bid a security issue... Fun in some ways and super annoying. Trying to connect and understand. Silence. @AskeBay

@easyfees @CK_1973 @eBay Awesome question our eBay bookkeeping software is currently working on solving this problem too we would love for you to check us out at

@DecoryEdwards @eBay @AskeBay why can’t I talk to any one with customer service.... your help page is trash and it’s not fixing my problem

@jennyquest @eBay your app is the worst. I sold one item and now each month you’re charging me and not allowing me to close my account.

@voudaux OLD NAVY Classic Shirt Pinstripe Button Down Round Hem Salmon Pink White NWT XXL @eBay #clothing #fashion #shopsmall

@tarquin_mince I’ve just tried to login and apparently my account is blocked. I’ve received zero notification of this event, and yes I’ve checked email etc. @ebay shocking, and believe me I’ll keep retweeting etc for a VERY long time.

@MManselle (Down to the last hour!) Check out 2018 Panini Prizm #280 Luka Doncic RC Rookie Mint PSA 9 @eBay

@voudaux TOOFAN Tunic Button Down Shirt Paisley Print Cotton Multicolored NWT S M L XL @eBay #fashion #clothing #shopsmall

@babyjcolej @paylpal @eBay are stealing funds from people and not delivering items. They send out fraudulent tracking numbers, DO NOT USE @eBay or @PayPal. They need to be investigated Asap‼

@ThetruthEAD @eBay @AskeBay please stop using this platform until they stop stealing from sellers. Buyers can purchase an item, return you a box of peanuts, and not only do you get forced to return the money and not receive the product back but you have to pay for the return label and fees

@ShubhraDalakoti In 2006, a prankster tried to sell New Zealand on @eBay

@FauxRealER @eBay Cool, so your response is: 1. Hey, do our job for us. 2. Not addressing the email at all. 3. We don't really care. I'm not even asking you to make people stop selling this stuff, just don't feature it. And definitely don't put it in emails. Check your algorithms!

@voudaux OLD NAVY Shirt Tunic Eyelet V Neck Button Down Boho White NWT XXL @eBay #clothing #fashion #shopsmall

@TChambliss23 @eBay your support team literally just decided to not do their job. The hell is this? #CancelKenneth

@ThycallmeBlu333 @amazon FYI I use your services a LOT, so this company already gets a good chunk of $ from me. It's pretty insulting I can no longer use my PayPal because you want to push your credit card. Nope not happening, I don't need 1 day shipping for another credit card bill. Hello @eBay !

@ericlikesfood @eBay Don't use ebay. They will hold your money for 21 days even if the buyer received the item. I'm waiting for $1300 and they are choosing not to release it even though I need it because of the pandemic. *Do not use ebay*

@rubylittleCDLP Check out A5 PROMO BIOG BOOKLET on DEVO signing to Virgin Records in 1978 Are We Not Men? via @eBay

@Nick_Barnes I want to try this thing. I’ve got this thing I’ve been messing with called perfect that has a lot of settings but not this many. it’s helping to learn what synth knobs do Check out Sylenth1 VST+1600 Banks+98,000 Presets (WIN) ✅fast delivery✅ @eBay

@ramic03 @Hasbro way to screw the pooch on the BTTF Transformers set. Not only did the crappy link not work but when it did come online they were all sold out. Guess I can to @eBay and pay $600+ for one. You suck.

@Nozrati @Bentlleyyy @eBay Consumer rights does not allow sellers to easily access consumer info without their participation. Furthermore, it cost money, time, and tells you very little if someone used a legally acquired credit card to commit fraud. The problem is that eBay is unwilling to protect sellers.

@sebastorus @AskeBay @AskeBay And this is the way how GDPR is handled? Is it standard @eBay procedure to block user account with no details and when the user is asking for an explanation of the issue he is asked for sensitive data again without any explanation?

@voudaux MONA LISA Vest Button Down Fleece Art To Wear Black Abstract NWT One Size @eBay #shopsmall #clothing #fashion #layering

@DeviousPL @Anthony40238443 @unsuckEBAY @eBay Because for that particular case they confirmed the size/weight wouldn’t match the item that was meant to be returned and eBay knew I would sue them for it not being returned. The other scam is doctoring the address so it goes elsewhere but shows delivered.

@Bentlleyyy @A_List_Designs @eBay You not getting your package however could be a case of somebody stealing it more likely it going to be different location bc somebody else messing the delivery address up. Postal service should help you in that case. More proof seller has easier for them to win any claim made

@P87794158 @erinbsomerville @eBay Yr not suppose to be offloading the kid just yet!

@gepford_11 @garyvee @eBay I like the shape and design. It would actually be dope if there were alternate jerseys like that we’re used by teams today 👀. I also think that the market for this age is 50-60+, I’m 24 and respect the legacy of Oscar Robertson but I’m not dying to have his card.

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