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Published by Ebay 7 months ago

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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - ERROR PAGE | EBAY - Server Status

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@TFinn82 @jaketapper @eBay @HomesForOurTrps @RealTimers @billmaher @TeamCoco @ConanOBrien @jimmykimmel @JimmyKimmelLive @LastWeekTonight @iamjohnoliver @timcarvell @FullFrontalSamB @iamsambee @LateNightSeth @sethmeyers I'll pay not to.

@_Nezso @ebay why am I not allowed to resolve issues on a guest purchase just because I have an account under the same email? this is ludicrous, I don't even care about the money I care that you're just a shitty company lol

@squigley_ @eBay Why is it so difficult to contact support? I wanted to escalate an issue immediately, but are required to wait days. Then because the customer escalated first, I get no chance to respond to their false claims?

@cesarmor One Day To Go! Auction!🔨 - A One Time Only Event - Will Not Have This Coin At Auction Again - 2015 Star Trek New Generation Capt. Jean-Luc Picard 1 oz 999 Silver Coin Auction via @eBay

@soup_kelley @eBay is really stating to lose control. 3 of the last 4 times I have “sold” have not been paid for. Time to step up and get better control and refund my selling fees!!

@PhreddDevlin @jaketapper @eBay @HomesForOurTrps Not to rain on the parade, but if you weren't engaged in a bunch of useless conflicts around the world, you'd have fewer wounded veterans. But, I do agree that it's a nice gesture. Even from FOX.

@attractionimage ordered an item via the @eBay global shipping plan came all the way from the USA without a single issue Hits the UK and bang @Hermesparcels claim to have delivered it yesterday, this isn't the first time, both times the parcel was lost forever!!! WORST COMPANY EVER

@RobertPincus2 @jaketapper @eBay @HomesForOurTrps Hey.. what would have happen if prosecutor was not fired. Would Obama be held accountable for deaths in Ukraine?? Because Biden was going to hold up aid! Your a hater! Not a journalist

@logandmackey Coke table card game lot from 1994 for sale, And it’s NOT magic cards. You have to check this out, magic fans!! This is like magic the gathering pre lore! Like mythical pre magic magic!! Ed beard jr art!! ⁦@eBay⁩ #mtg #magicthegathering #mtgbuysell

@chiraq_matt @AskeBay Even lower for @Sears @eBay to make a mistake and not Honor a customer since 2007...Remember a 50 inch TV was $50000 now same one is $100 on Ebay

@nurse28150 Check out Midwood Brands Praying Teddy Bear White Plush Moon Stars Now I Lay Me Down To via @eBay #praying #bear #plush

@CardsGrading Everyone get over the sales tax issue on @eBay . Money is not going to sellers. Money is going to fund education, roads, etc. just like anything you purchase from Walmart. Sellers actually lose $$ now because @eBay charges funds processing on tax $$ collected.

@DonnieCamerer6 @jaketapper @eBay @HomesForOurTrps Pandering to those you are/hurting will not save you. #JOSEPHMIFSUD

@KneeCRee Check out UNCUT LEGENDS #1 Issue #1 Bob Dylan - Definitive Guide to Rock's Ultimate Icons via @eBay

@EditaGeorgevna @iamsambee @jaketapper @eBay @FullFrontalSamB I want to bid on this! Is there a link to this auction? I’m not fining it?!

@jgibbard You're almost better off throwing things away than selling something on @eBay. It's definitely cheaper. I thought the idea was to make money from selling things, not lose money. Worst company ever.

@daniibabanii @eBay you don’t go to a yard sale or an estate sale, take an item and then withhold the payment for over two weeks while you get to enjoy the items.. that’s now how the market works. That’s not fair to sellers. Make it make sense please.

@ovee84 @eBay_UK @eBay Hi,I am having difficulties to change my eBay email address! It keeps giving me same error message though I tried with different email address. Please sort out the issue. Regards

@SportsPlusVide1 Check out Mr.Toads Wild Ride (Crash DVD) - Series #6 (sku #10) via @eBay Now a portion of proceeds from this sale of this DVD set will go to The Pennsylvania SPCA. Support a great cause and watch great racing at the same time!

@voudaux KLEEN Shirt Tunic Button Down Pintuck Ruched Light Linen Glacier Grey NWT Medium @eBay #shopsmall #clothing #fashion

@MarkOlsonUSA This CEO brain drain is a product of our age of grift, in which CEOs move from firm to firm or are promoted from within. This does not produce change and innovation. @Gap @Nike @BestBuy @Overstock @eBay

@Cooley729 @ValeriLRX @jaketapper @russellcrowe @eBay @HomesForOurTrps I know at least two veterans who served and who aren't proud of that service. That's only those who admit it. They deserve accessible homes. The pride of service and access to one's home is not inseparable, not IMO anyway.

@voudaux CROWN & IVY Button Down Shirt Bitsie Crab Print Coral White NWT XLarge @eBay #clothing #fashion #shopsmall

@Cooley729 @ValeriLRX @jaketapper @russellcrowe @eBay @HomesForOurTrps No friend, not everyone pays consequences for their choices. The statement to me seems as naive as the 18-year-olds I mention.

@voudaux MAO MAM Vest Button Down Art To Wear Grey Abstract NWT One Size @eBay #shopsmall #clothing #fashion #layering #lagenlook

@TXKrystalJean You need to assist @amazon sellers to shift over to @ebay. Amazon Brand Registry is taking down seller after seller with no human override. Check the forums for victims. They are your next customers. . Shame on you @AmazonHelp @amazonnews ! #CustomerService #CustomerExperience

@KatTalesTV @ebay your server has been down for 4+ hours? Are you going to honor seller's who got extra listings (500) by the 12th additional hours to make up for not bein able to list?

@voudaux ANU Shirt Button Down Art to Wear Dupioni Silk Ivory NWT Small Medium @eBay #shopsmall #clothing #fashion

@EmperorZing @TMZ still on sale at @ebay. Depends who its marketed to. For kids not suitable. For women like #Farrahabrahams it would suit. Though she'd probably let her daughter wear it too.

@KneeCRee Check out UNCUT LEGENDS #1 Issue #1 Bob Dylan - Definitive Guide to Rock's Ultimate Icons via @eBay

@ryan_pond @Realkidcool97 @Miso_Vicious @ChrisDemarais @eBay Yes but it clear states x persons soul not x person. I understand being cautious but you think they'd atleast try to get clarification before pulling it down

@EloiseArt ASL mini painting 2.5 x 3.5 of the sign for MOTHER. Perfect gift to mail in a card. Not a print, but an original tiny watercolor and ink painting. via @eBay

@Seagull69tattoo @eBay_UK suck. @eBay sucks. And not in a good way. But with their shit grasp of common sense they suck out the will to love. 👍

@GuyMasterson NORDIC TRACK T12si foldable multifunctional treadmill - Going for a song due to move. EXCELLENT PRICE! Not used enough! via @eBay

@IamCalvinKing Hey @MrLeonardKim and @ryanfoland, still waiting from my purchased copy from @eBay. It should’ve been in by this past Thursday to Saturday. Sorry my read review is taking long 😔. Can’t Ditch “this” Act. It’s not in my control....🤷🏾‍♂️

@elijahwilde @eBay if an ebayer with less than 10 Feedback doesn’t pay for my items, I should be able to repost and sell with zero fees. I waste weeks and lose potential buyers because someone I am not able to block, bids and doesn’t pay. Your blocking policy sucks and costs me money.

@MyIndiTech @unsuckEBAY @eBay Our most recent computer purchase came with tracking software that could monitor internet usage. The buyer did not notify us of this and it was only found after reinstalling the OS directly from Apple. It did not show up when cloning an OS to the machine.

@JoeNBC Thanks to ⁦@jaketapper⁩ for working so hard for vets and letting us lend a hand: Two Tickets for a Set Visit to MSNBC's Morning Joe with Photo Op @eBay

@RU_A_LIBTARD @jimmykimmel @JimmyKimmelLive @HomesForOurTrps @eBay @jaketapper This is how Jimmy Kimmel treats women. Watch and listen as his security staff assault and molest 2 women in the audience who dared to speak out. His security even lied and stated they were policemen. Jimmy, like the rest of the left is a fascist.

@aickem42 @Miso_Vicious @ChrisDemarais @eBay I'm really not surprised. eBay has a precedence set with not handling the transaction of souls. There was an attempt to do something similar like a decade ago and they decided that it fell under the category of "human remains", which they do not allow to be sold on the site.

@NikkiMikellides When you sell a FULLY WORKING laptop on ebay, & the buyer sends it back BROKEN but eBay decide that sellers have no rights and buyers do. So I now have a broken fucking laptop and had to give him a full refund!!! #FUMING @eBay

@ArthurBiscuit @eBay Major security and Privacy issue on eBay. Messages between users of ebay (sellers and buyers) exposes ebay account holders email addresses, which makes them vulnerable to Phishing attacks, that is why there are so many hacked user accounts on eBay.

@Cooley729 @ValeriLRX @jaketapper @russellcrowe @eBay @HomesForOurTrps That aside, people often join as naive 18-year-olds. Some grow to develop opinions against the wars they fought in. So not shame them. They shame themselves daily.

@rosshopkins Thanks loads for my signed LP @snowpatrol @garysnowpatrol so generous of you guys to take time out to do that and not charge any extra - can’t believe the w**kers that have taken advantage and stuck them on @eBay! Looking forward to Saturday #Reworked #oxford #vinyl #snowpatrol

@justice__4__all @eBay @AskeBay - called customer service 2 days ago because a "technical issue" isn't letting me post my listing from the app. It still isn't working. How does it take 2 days to fix this issue? I'm able to list @Poshmarkapp with zero problems.

@voudaux MOONLIGHT Tunic Shirt Crepe Button Down Stripe Dot Black White Grey NWT Medium @eBay #shopsmall #fashion #clothing #smallbiz


@talentacommerce @eBay hey your cancelation process is missing something vital. Because there was no order information listed, not one piece of info to identify the right order, it resulted in the wrong order being canceled. Process is not clear!

@Moe59829873 @jimmykimmel @JimmyKimmelLive @HomesForOurTrps @eBay @jaketapper When I go down south to see Dr. Drew, I want to see your show it'll have to b after I buy my my hubby doesn't freak out over me going to l.a. to visit u guys....hope to see u and Dr. Drew soon

@TinMann0715 @jaketapper @eBay @HomesForOurTrps I am impressed to see so many lining up to throw their support into this. But I am holding out for @JohnKingCNN tickets and a chance to drill down into that map of his

@AndromedaBeauty Check out Wella FusionPlex Amino Refiller 2.3 oz / 70 ml penetrates down to the cortex #Wella via @eBay

@ryguy417 Of course, the standard response is to assume the customer (me) is wrong. Where are we supposed to turn? Who has our backs? This is #fraud guys. I can’t believe I’ve supported @ebay for 20 years. #wastedtime that’s it for me though. Shutting down my account after my last sale.

@JoshWhitmoreUK @eBay @eBay_UK Hi eBay, Josh here from England. I ordered a MacBook off Canadian guy on the 27th of September. Seen all the labels and that before sending it to my address and of shipment. Though, said 17-30 working business days! What do I do if I don’t get the product #Spam?

@ZenPigBook @ScorpioLife64 @eBay Oh no way- I don’t know why it didn’t work. We are receiving emails as usual with that address. I definitely don’t want it to be your loss. I want to issue a refund or get you your Zen Pig. Would you be able to send us a facebook message?

@MayorMori I found this #AnimalCrossing memory card on @eBay 😳 Not sure I’d want to visit this town to be honest 😬

@TXKrystalJean Sellers @amazon think they must take the abuse from @AmazonHelp in order to keep selling in the venue. What they do not realize is that AMAZON HAS VOIDED THEIR OWN USER AGREEMENT and released you. Try @ebay again! They dealt with TRADEMARK & COPYRIGHT years ago. #CustomerService

@alana_thrower Check out It's Not About the Broccoli: Three Habits to Teach Your Kids by Dina Rose,PhD via @eBay

@lockatron @unsuckEBAY @eBay @AskeBay [email protected] - eBay is a complete mess right now, I have two stores/shops and BOTH are under performing due to eBay's incompetent web site. Sales have plummeted drastically! I'm sure there IS something wrong, but as usual eBay prefer to lie to their sellers and buyers. Not Happy! 😡

@AaronGil35 @eBay does eBay have the power to remove negative feedback from your profile if the information is not true ?

@ZenPigBook @ScorpioLife64 @eBay Hey there friend! I can help! Please email me at [email protected] as we do not sell on eBay but still would love to help you locate your order if you have one from our site! Thank you so much!

@JebaTom [email protected] is f***ing insane. I keeps giving me my old address (even after deletion) and then after I forget to change it, I cannot not correct my mistake. Sellers cannot undo it either. WTF!

@voudaux MONA LISA Vest Button Down Fleece Art To Wear Black Abstract NWT One Size @eBay #shopsmall #clothing #fashion #layering #lagenlook

@OutlineOlympus Encountered an unusual situation w/ @ebay and @eBay_UK yesterday where one of our 'popular' listings was taken down due to violation of user policy. Thankfully the reps were extremely kind in helping us understand fully why and further educated us on best practices. Ty for that

@ARecrafted @ebay @askebay you are not get a store fee from me this month. I just had to cancel the second item this month cause yiur listing tool did not updat the price after 7 entrys. Does not save. our are not getting a store fee from me I will devote every second of the time

@Zoei31 @eBay Yes and then get scammed a lot of money and eBay will do nothing to help you! Do not become a seller on this site whatever you do!

@tampicojuices @eBay i’ve contacted this seller 5 times and they have not answered. i want to cancel my order.

@FernTay67976208 @eBay Mistaking genuine items as counterfeits not unless Harrods are selling counterfeit items? Mainly for the reason a seller wants to sell personal items on bargain price! Apparently big names contacted them to remove listings, good try! Train your staff to lie better @eBay

@sevens_media ...will apply not only to electronic marketplaces like @eBay & #digital-advertising giants like @Google & @facebook , but also to e-commerce platforms involved in the sale of digital goods and services, like @Spotify & @netflix. #sevensmedia @business

@CantUnlaceME @AfroTech @blavityinc @MorganDeBaun @hannibalburess @cthagod @TRVLBLK @BPSEventDesign @blacknerdzbrand @riotgames @adidas @amazon @Blavity @kawdart @eBay @HiddenGeniusPro @GoDaddy @facebook @liz_wamai @1son2another @BlvckSpades @nyralj @Google @WeAreHUED @freemancapital @getstimulus @delane @playvs @TurfFeinZ @MistahFAB @BigPrinting I visited @airtable, lured in by @TheTileApp, I was dismissed as if I just wanted the tile but I came back when she was less busy to see if the program had the ability to recall information so that our customers can type in an order number and get stats, it could not. #afrotech


@geminieast77 The BOOK they Never wanted you to read & an Extra of Our choosing via @eBay Do Not Let this pass you by .

@tindari69 Check out Neon Bone – Down To The Felt lp mint via @eBay

@Well2TheRight The trick to beating people like me :p at #sniping is very simple: bid as high as you are willing to go, and do so early in the auction so you have time if there's an issue w your connection. If someone like me bids more, well, I was willing to spend more... #ebayauction @eBay

@chucklespig @eBay hey I don't accept returns on my listings and I already sent a message to buyer about such listing but the email still shows me not having given a response to the return request.

@shadyPinchaser3 @bravesfan1st @eBay 👍. This wasn’t mine, not sure if you thought it was. I can’t decide what to do with mine

@WeVapeWeVote_ @CaeruleanSea @eBay maybe because i have been refreshing those two auctions several times today to see if they've been taken down yet. probably looks like i'm interested in them. oh geez.

@sourabhmutha9 @ebayindia has the slowest responses to any consumer complaint or issue. It's been 5-6 days that my office had raised an issue and it still remains unresolved and absolutely no response. Please intervene and get work moving. @eBay @AskeBay @ebay

@NekoNova @eBay I am unable to report an auction because your report form is not filling in it's dropdowns..... Can you fix this please?

@vkjangraji @AmazonHelp @Flipkart @amazonIN @eBay #whenitrytocomplaint This is Not A Good Product By Jbl India. I bought It in August And It's Battery Goes Down in One Song After 4-5 Months From Purchase Date When I Contacted to Amazon They Pull Up Hand And Tell That Contact to Manufacture.

@guadiana_ea @Stokes_Photo @eBay @devinwenig @AskeBay I've used eBay a lot. Even from down here in Mexico. They have taken the step to being global, but purposefully do a nonexistent job of staying within laws. Criminal behavior found after buying a car and searching the seller. Call from India "thank you for the information".

@Djfshop Check out UNCUT LEGENDS #1 Issue #1 Bob Dylan - Definitive Guide to Rock's Ultimate Icons via @eBay #JS1020

@hoopcitybooks Still having this problem @ebay ⁦@AskeBay⁩ shows two listings but they are identical views etc. My app is up to date. Anyone else using the eBay app having this issue?

@e9Art Check out not what he used to be since losing his fiery sword e9Art ACEO Angel Outsider #Abstract via @eBay

@tailorpadam @snapdeal @1kunalbahl Very long journey 21st Oct 2019 to 11th Nov 2019 for a issue resolution. I always think what a mistake I made that I bought the item from you. I have been suffering from it for 21 days. Result awaited. @Snapdeal_Help @eBay @amazonIN @Flipkart @myntra.

@unsuckEBAY Do Marketplace Shipping Deals Disadvantage Sellers? @EcommerceBytes posts an intriguing question as to whether or not marketplaces like @Etsy & @eBay pass postage discounts on to sellers We have a strong belief marketplaces pocket most of any discounts

@trishtaylor Hi @ebay - I've had two people in two days select shipping I didn't offer and it costs less than half of what I need to pay. Where is this USPS retail shipping they want to do? When I select create label, that is not offered.

@polymorph2 @nicolacoughlan @PorticoProp I can see a plus out of all this Not being smart But you could sign the brick 🧱 Post it on @eBay as a charity auction And donate the money to a charity of your choice I’d bid for it

@blanche_vintage She's back - to let you know - she can really shake 'em down.... Art Deco Inspired "flapper" necklace £15 #ArtDeco #vintage #Fosse #jazz #Chicago #flapper #StrictlyComeDancing #tassles #BlancheVintage Art Deco Style "Flapper" Necklace via @eBay

@KneeCRee Check out UNCUT LEGENDS #1 Issue #1 Bob Dylan - Definitive Guide to Rock's Ultimate Icons via @eBay

@wtfdoyoucare4 @AskeBay @unsuckEBAY why cant there be just one fucking day that @ebay works like it's supposed to? I'm not receiving any notifications on the Android app. Please @ebay get your head out of your ass!

@CantUnlaceME @AfroTech @blavityinc @MorganDeBaun @hannibalburess @cthagod @TRVLBLK @BPSEventDesign @blacknerdzbrand @riotgames @adidas @amazon @Blavity @kawdart @eBay @HiddenGeniusPro @GoDaddy @facebook @liz_wamai @1son2another @BlvckSpades I went down the hall to catch the winner of the @afrotech contest and receive $10k for their business with @nyralj. See who won below.. #afrotech2019 #AfroTech @blavity #AfroTech19 #10kchallenge #investinus #blacksintech #MedicalTechnology

@logandmackey MAGIC THE GATHERING COLLECTORS MUST SEE!!! Not magic cards!! But trust me you need to see this!!! @eBay #mtg #magicthegathering #mygfinance #mtgbuysell #mtgarena

@ryguy417 Why is it impossible to get customer service without resorting to social media? My latest issue: @eBay is unable to push back on a fraudulent charge from @FedEx. FedEx shipped a 55lbs item for me, and charged me for a 145lbs item. @eBay says they agree. #fraud

@BillJensen226 @limited_issue @eBay What Twitter accounts should I go under to sell these?

@Zoei31 Hmmm no @eBay @AskeBay You have already taken the money from us?!?!? All £500 of it Directly through our card not through PayPal or anything. YOU NEED TO REFUND US. I’m really really sick of this now.

@voudaux DIALOGUE Jacket Button Down Mandarin Collar Cross Dyed Linen Red White 3X @eBay #clothing #fashion #shopsmall

@CantUnlaceME @AfroTech @blavityinc @MorganDeBaun @hannibalburess @cthagod @TRVLBLK @BPSEventDesign @blacknerdzbrand @riotgames @adidas @amazon @Blavity @kawdart @eBay @HiddenGeniusPro @GoDaddy @facebook @liz_wamai @1son2another @BlvckSpades @nyralj @Google @WeAreHUED @freemancapital @getstimulus @delane @playvs @TurfFeinZ @MistahFAB @BigPrinting @airtable @TheTileApp @Pinterst_Pro @LynetteGM @EAlexTheGreat @Twitter @rafwilli23 @djdsharp but I did see @deray in his blue vest. He brushed me off and said a woman he was with would be better to interview. I left him alone but later that night I regretted not asking who she was and giving her just as much attention as I gave him because I recognized his vest. #lessons

@rachuridge @AskeBay @eBay Can you look at this?... you lost them over $10,000 for sick kids by taking down their original listing that had over $12,000 in bids, it now has only $400. I think you could stand to show @RoosterTeeth your support and contribute some of the lost $?! #RTExtraLife

@alana_thrower Check out It's Not About the Broccoli: Three Habits to Teach Your Kids by Dina Rose,PhD via @eBay

@frankylinux @eBay Hi, technical issues when Returning an Item. After writing the msg and uploading pix, clicking on CONFIRM RETURN spins for 5mins+ and then says it's an ebay issue to go back and try again. Tried 2 browsers, 2 computers + ebay android app, same behavior. Plz fix. Tnx.

Site Excerpt Down, Is Ebay Down?.
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