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@ahmadkaukabkhan @Micromutt @DailyMail It’s not in the Quran, lmao 😆 . Where did you find this? Not a single verse from your picture in the Quran. You can google to find the verse or use this link: 🤷‍♂️

@realsarahO @ElestialConnect @bootydust17 @piersmorgan @DailyMail Well, we don’t know what Meghan is going through mentally. She looked postpartum to me, in that interview. She looked on the edge & raw. Might not be good for anyone in the long run if she doesn’t get a chance to center herself & be somewhere safe, like with her mom for a little

@anglerEd @picklenchrissy @DailyMail @MailOnline Looks a lot like raw vegan malnourishon, not necessarily drugs. We are not built to efficiently derive adequate nutrition from plants. Raw plants in particular. While there may be other variables at play, raw vegan can obviously contribute to a death sentence for an infant.

@KNaikky @bunmifasae @IsaacOgunmoyole @justinmayor2 @Phaamsaam @MBuhari @BBCBreaking @cnnbrk @PremiumTimesng @DailyMail @realDonaldTrump @toluogunlesi @Ayourb @FemAdesina @GarShehu @BashirAhmaad @Laurestar @akandeoj @ProfOsinbajo @iyaboawokoya @Mr_JAGs @T_Bakare @tundefashola @BOGbadamosi @OUKtweets @SERAPNigeria @MobilePunch @channelstv @seunokin @DrJoeAbah @HAHayatu @CACCOT1 @daily_trust @LNCtoday @CustomsNG My stance sack any incompetent person be it public servant or an elected politician to achieve D Nigerian of our dream. Bro don't justify or support incompetence. Shun excuses for failure even in Kogi! It's nice engaging you on this issue. I have to go now God Bless Nigeria!

@Michael43040206 @DailyMail It is sometimes aprivledge not aright some prisons have fund raisers for outside charities. Which the orders are messed up.This prisoner or institution who knows but all prisoners are up to no good.Believe me I know.

@gotothegym140 @piersmorgan @DailyMail Of ffs. Don’t be sensationalist. It’s not snubbing the queen. They just want to do something different for Xmas. Good for them.

@charity12143105 @Madness_of_Max @piersmorgan @DailyMail 😊 Naaa you make me it is not of my business Just that the right thing must be done maxine And also everyone is entitled to to their opinion

@bunmifasae @justinmayor2 @KNaikky @IsaacOgunmoyole @Phaamsaam @MBuhari @BBCBreaking @cnnbrk @PremiumTimesng @DailyMail @realDonaldTrump @toluogunlesi @Ayourb @FemAdesina @GarShehu @BashirAhmaad @Laurestar @akandeoj @ProfOsinbajo @iyaboawokoya @Mr_JAGs @T_Bakare @tundefashola @BOGbadamosi @OUKtweets @SERAPNigeria @MobilePunch @channelstv @seunokin @DrJoeAbah @HAHayatu @CACCOT1 @daily_trust @LNCtoday Failure of previous govt that u av nvr condemned?now u want to form activist too?is God not a great God?PDP apologist joining the bandwagon

@bunmifasae @KNaikky @justinmayor2 @IsaacOgunmoyole @Phaamsaam @MBuhari @BBCBreaking @cnnbrk @PremiumTimesng @DailyMail @realDonaldTrump @toluogunlesi @Ayourb @FemAdesina @GarShehu @BashirAhmaad @Laurestar @akandeoj @ProfOsinbajo @iyaboawokoya @Mr_JAGs @T_Bakare @tundefashola @BOGbadamosi @OUKtweets @SERAPNigeria @MobilePunch @channelstv @seunokin @DrJoeAbah @HAHayatu @CACCOT1 @daily_trust @LNCtoday Bros i ask u questions based on the Article u posted and if you don’t want me to ask then maybe u should not have posted it.Are there markets here flooded with foreign rice yes or no?apart from that have we had an improvement in security yes or no?stop focusing too much on rice

@TiggsDavid @DailyMail Stating an opinion is not a crime. Using it to provoke a desired response from a witness might be.

@dianne_fritsche @DailyMail Headline that says Nancy Pelosi accuses Donald Trump of bribery and dramatic escalation of Democrats impeachment attack is an outrage. This is not an attack. This is a constitutional duty to bring the truth to the American people

@sua29 @DailyMail So That’s it .... people don’t really like me, so I’m just going to shoot them down. 🤔 In my time outcasts usually ended up being the most successful professionals. Guess times are changing.

@mi2guys @paakowh @DailyMail @MailOnline Where is it shown in the transcript he is threatening ? A woman is equal to a man in the business field. You have a lousy employee. One that berates the President of that company and tries to undermine and negate their policy's should not be rewarded for being a woman Sexist

@realsarahO @ElestialConnect @bootydust17 @piersmorgan @DailyMail Marianne, Kate and William don’t spent Christmas with the Middleton’s and not the queen, both in 2012 (year after they got married) and in 2016. Harry & Meghan spent last two years with the queen, I think it’s fair that Harry agrees to an American Christmas this year. Like Kate.

@twinnskyy @DailyMail @MailOnline Im not sure "Wrestling" is the best choice of words here. Isn't that Insensitive to the Limbless?

@BreadLo04975964 @DailyMail @MailOnline Working with the money elite is the path to anti -democrat fascism. #HillaryClinton #ClintonFoundation

@ChristineKolb3 Love reading @NikkiSchwab @Emilylgoodin But, when is @MailOnline @DailyMail going going to get a handle on the Russian Troll farms working overdrive in your political comments section trying to sway public opinion to sway elections?

@crazynakedbaby @master_deli @DailyMail Not true. HRCs policies were basically identical to Obama's. Most on the left classify Obama Biden HRC Kamala etc. as moderates and Bernie and Warren as liberals. On the right they see them all as libs.

@kton11 @DailyMail @MailOnline Fyi who don’t know. A US AG is appointed to represent the people and is not the personal lawyer for a president. What he is doing, and has done, is treasonous and impeachable. He will be tried when Trump is out

@Madness_of_Max @MeghansMeyhive @piersmorgan @DailyMail I am not going to bring race into this, but you are right about everything else

@CajunPetunia @DailyMail @MailOnline I was offended by my husband last night… He more or less said my gumbo was not up to par. Evidently it’s not spicy enough and even though I did hear the word “good”, I am seeking a safe place.

@Hospgone @DailyMail This is lazy reporting. Bootleg THC vapes have killed people, commercially prepared vapes don’t contain vitamin C. I’m a non-smoker, think it’s bad for you but we need to make decisions based on facts not knee jerk hysteria.

@lady__gada @DailyMail I'm sorry for the kid and his parents, but it's not the lifeguard's responsibility to look after your child, never leave your child unsupervised, in deep pools, especially children who can't swim..they are lifeguards not babysitters.

@Aim84856493 @FireCrownEyes @spreadsheeticus @DailyMail When she went to cook eggs one morning. She "explained" to me how to do it. I'm not joking. She thought I was so stupid that in my forties, I had never cooked eggs. Her level of condescension was off the charts.

@Conas_ta_tu @ElaineFox @DailyMail Could be, like anywhere... but access to guns is the issue here.

@AileenJohnston @BessieBuckle1 @piersmorgan @DailyMail If they refuse to do official duties then it’s our business. Christmas Day is not official business that’s spending time with family so who they choose to spend time with is not our business

@destydan2012 @CitizenPeper @RBiakpara @Dann_10 @IsaacOgunmoyole @MBuhari @BBCBreaking @cnnbrk @PremiumTimesng @DailyMail @realDonaldTrump @EmodiMba @Efficacy12 @The_Seeker76 Ok sir 😂. But sha, see God through prayers or vision only. You're not old enough now to go and see God now 😂😂😂

@melheartart @Sanity4243 @lilweedbubble @easonabuse910 @Kandydw @whatsthetruth21 @DuuhhN @Nelle529 @NuggetLove2 @MarieLawler3 @peta @spcaLA @HumaneSociety @AnimalPlanet @AnimalWelfareRN @AWLSA @cesarmillan @LisaVanderpump @VanderpumpDogs @johnfsessa @TheDoctors @lacountysheriff @PerezHilton @TMZ @HarveyLevinTMZ @DailyMail I’m not PETA and I don’t donate to them currently, but I think he’s a piece of shit.

@NkyEzenwa @Ifeabunike @IsaacOgunmoyole @Nelly21417 @MBuhari @BBCBreaking @cnnbrk @PremiumTimesng @DailyMail @realDonaldTrump Buhari’s lunatic Brian knows not to throw stones at glass house.. It’s quite saddening that the international world hasn’t come to the Aide of Nigerians and it’s government... It’s a shame we need growth and change from these old men govt.

@Carolin79958477 @bootydust17 @FunmiOmololu @piersmorgan @DailyMail See above. I WAS a fan until the save the planet, virtue signalling, poor me, am I OK? Thing kicked off. I may not have travelled from California to the wedding but I travelled far enough.Anyway, I’ll stand by and mean what I say and wish you a wonderful evening and a Merry Xmas

@vivianneD @DailyMail We need better laws to prevent unstable mental ppl from having access to weapons that are not intended for the public. Those weapons are for military or trained professionals. And there should be limits and guidelines on who should be able to access and use them.

@TheCons40716228 @SohleTrish @GraceParkerS @McDee85 @DailyMail I'm out of touch? You mean where impeachment should be a non partisan inquiry? Or perhaps Barisma didn't know Hunter Biden was actually the vice president's son? The above's what the left continues to say & I'm untruthful?! Liberalism is abt what's "fair", of course not taking...

@me_ladyv @piersmorgan @DailyMail Remember, ur a journalist and if they choose not to contact u after an interview, please don't take it personally. Not every celeb has to be ur friend so as u can name drop at any opportunity. You interview Ronaldo now u say he's ur good friend. Not everyone has to like u it fine

@publord @Olusegu69391383 @DailyMail She is not a US citizen. She was born to diplomatic parents, with diplomatic immunity and thus not subject to US laws. This is nothing new.

@EagleWi75749618 @DailyMail @SpeakerPelosi @SenateDems Nancy, you are IGNORANT!! The only one that should be accused of BRIBERY IS JOE BIDEN. Have you not seen this C-span video at the Council of Foreign Relations? JOE CONFESSES to BRIBERY... @MSNBC @CNN @ABC @CBSNews

@HeitMikekh4 @DailyMail More anti police nonsense from the media. Cops responding to a 911 call of robbery. Not profiling! Of course they had their guns out. The owners are the ones responsible, not the police. “Nearly killed”? Anything for clicks

@OliLampkin @piersmorgan @DailyMail @piersmorgan why exactly does this issue upset you so much? Hate to sound rude but who really gives a fuck if they don’t spend Xmas with her?

@Greg_Lopez @DailyMail The Democratic hopefuls are promising to take them both down so they better change who they back in 2020.

@kenstine @Aluko_Ola @jamiuabdullahi5 @IsaacOgunmoyole @MBuhari @BBCBreaking @cnnbrk @PremiumTimesng @DailyMail @realDonaldTrump Shot up. Police will not arrest them. Police will protect them and divert traffic. It’s called freedom of expression and demonstration. There was a police vehicle, but they didn’t intervene. Who you saw trying to control or stop protesters, is a security man at the Nigeria house.

@AFR1018 @AngelaRoquemore @DailyMail Im not defending the officer. Im just stating that there is many ways to hurt someone.

@xpertss97_jeff @DailyMail @MailOnline Same thing happened to Nikolas Cruz in Florida. He had an insurance policy coming but instead was tricked into working at Dollar Tree so he bot a gun and went to school. Now his lawyers get his inheritance. #sneaky

@master_deli @crazynakedbaby @DailyMail No. HRC is a liberal, not a moderate. And she got more votes than anyone else. If only the populist left hadn't betrayed her by throwing their votes away or to Trump. Then we'd have a liberal, not a fascist, in the WH.

@HarjoodJones @DailyMail @MailOnline 'despite' 'in spite of' These words & phrases seem to crop more often than not with Prez Trumpy...

@Madness_of_Max @Jaymz45176227 @piersmorgan @DailyMail It’s not race. It’s because they met once and then she didn’t speak to him again. I’m not entirely sure what he thinks a person he met once could possibly owe him.

@charlycity @IsaacOgunmoyole @MBuhari @BBCBreaking @cnnbrk @PremiumTimesng @DailyMail @realDonaldTrump Nigeria does not have the standard institutions or infrastructures to handle the fallout of an insurrection. Any revolt will only serve as a catalyst to total anarchy. The solution is having an electorate that's more informed.

@Madness_of_Max @charity12143105 @piersmorgan @DailyMail I know. Meghan and Harry not spending Christmas the Queen seems to be really hard on you

@Olusegu69391383 @DailyMail Morality must come before profit. The oil in the Middle East is not going anywhere and American government should behalf in a more responsible way because a lot of people look up to you.

@Rlawro @piersmorgan @DailyMail How is it a snub? Why can it not be seen like any other normal family. One year is spent with one set of in-laws the next with the other and so on and so forth, find something better to bitch about you dickhead.

@Olusegu69391383 @publord @DailyMail But she was born in the U.S and that makes her a U.S citizen. There are extremist groups like the KKK who get better treatment. She is being victimized because she is a Muslim.If she has broken any law then let her be put to trial but if not she should be allowed to return to U.S

@Hotel511 @DailyMail @MailOnline Not impeachable, unfortunately. When you’re an Ambassador to a foreign country, you are likely to be the subject of Head of State conversations.

@bunmifasae @justinmayor2 @KNaikky @IsaacOgunmoyole @Phaamsaam @MBuhari @BBCBreaking @cnnbrk @PremiumTimesng @DailyMail @realDonaldTrump @toluogunlesi @Ayourb @FemAdesina @GarShehu @BashirAhmaad @Laurestar @akandeoj @ProfOsinbajo @iyaboawokoya @Mr_JAGs @T_Bakare @tundefashola @BOGbadamosi @OUKtweets @SERAPNigeria @MobilePunch @channelstv @seunokin @DrJoeAbah @HAHayatu @CACCOT1 @daily_trust @LNCtoday How is this ass licking?bros debasing ur motherland just to be political correct is the worse case of ass chewing not licking..use this one for dinner jare no mind those propagandists

@DaveBlackers66 @DailyMail @MailOnline You might hate Trump but he would not have our servicemen on trial for 50 yr old actions in Northern Ireland. Shame on our government for bringing our soldiers to court for defending our country.

@Amandalynesque @DailyMail Schiff read a tweet to the former ambassador that she otherwise would not have seen while testifying. @RepAdamSchiff intimidated the witness!

@CalifGirl34 @piersmorgan @DailyMail MM needs to be more respectful to the Family she married into. As an American she is not doing us any favors by being disrespectful to The Queen and her people. MM needs to try harder to assimilated into their culture and ways of being. MM makes me sick 😩😷

@bunmifasae @KNaikky @justinmayor2 @IsaacOgunmoyole @Phaamsaam @MBuhari @BBCBreaking @cnnbrk @PremiumTimesng @DailyMail @realDonaldTrump @toluogunlesi @Ayourb @FemAdesina @GarShehu @BashirAhmaad @Laurestar @akandeoj @ProfOsinbajo @iyaboawokoya @Mr_JAGs @T_Bakare @tundefashola @BOGbadamosi @OUKtweets @SERAPNigeria @MobilePunch @channelstv @seunokin @DrJoeAbah @HAHayatu @CACCOT1 @daily_trust @LNCtoday I am fully in Nigeria..just bec the borders in the north are more difficult to patrol does [email protected] there is a deliberate attempt to cripple some region..that’s my argument again even in Seme with cash u will smuggle rice

@Aim84856493 @spreadsheeticus @DailyMail @FireCrownEyes Indeed. Because the entire premise is that because her father was a diplomat, he, and thus she, were not under American jurisdiction. It stands to reason that someone here illegally also can't be here under our jurisdiction, but remain under the same, of their own country.

@idestINT @DailyMail Yeah, sure. They get criticized for basing their entire sham on hearsay. So what do they do? Fabricate staffers with super-human hearing that allows them to overhear *both* sides of a call they're not on.

@MWingless @Uvote4yourself @DailyMail @MailOnline This is not nazi germany. Like it or not the media needs to stay.

@Phil_Overton @DailyMail @MailOnline The proportion of female MPs standing down is less than or equal to the ratio of female MPs in parliament. The main reason MPs are standing down is that they are Remainers who have gone against the voters on Brexit and are too scared and ashamed to face them in the election.

@kategant7 @realsarahO @ElestialConnect @bootydust17 @piersmorgan @DailyMail I think it's not wise in that it's fueling the rumors that there is a major rift between the Sussexes and the RF, but you make some good points. Dick Arbiter is saying Harry's got a mental illness, so maybe there is more to this than we know whether it's with H or M or both.

@bunmifasae @KNaikky @justinmayor2 @IsaacOgunmoyole @Phaamsaam @MBuhari @BBCBreaking @cnnbrk @PremiumTimesng @DailyMail @realDonaldTrump @toluogunlesi @Ayourb @FemAdesina @GarShehu @BashirAhmaad @Laurestar @akandeoj @ProfOsinbajo @iyaboawokoya @Mr_JAGs @T_Bakare @tundefashola @BOGbadamosi @OUKtweets @SERAPNigeria @MobilePunch @channelstv @seunokin @DrJoeAbah @HAHayatu @CACCOT1 @daily_trust @LNCtoday @nigeriantribune Those are usually not know for huge summoning of rice maybe vehicles..again if u bel they want to cripple rice in the south so be it..we all can bel in what we want to bel..again show me a the competent PDP so I will take PMBs govt despite the flaw’s a democracy

@charity12143105 @piersmorgan @DailyMail There are two things 1) either Meghan is thinking 😔 of divorcing Harry and she knows Harry can not handle it will so that they will have time to talk things through. 2)Meghan is hiding something

@JohnSmi40370623 @DailyMail Must be down to anxiety amongst the population due to a deeply corrupt Gangster of a President

@Hul3891 @DailyMail Veganism is malnutrition which leads to starvation and death. It's not even pro animal. It's anti-human nature.

@HlaMuhammad @almass3ari @jungleocelote @BorisJohnson @joncoopertweets @washingtonpost @LovedayM @LindseyGrahamSC @RandPaul @Martin_Dempsey @SenBobCorker @JohnBrennan @BernieSanders @SaraObaidat @georgegalloway @sorenascence @KhalidMH77 @hakancamuz @nytimes @WSJ @Newsweek @NewYorker @nypost @BostonGlobe @politico @CNN @cnnbrk @Reuters @AP @HuffPost @FoxNews @USATODAY @latimes @wpmagazine @DailyMail @chicagotribune @HoustonChron @Newsday @denverpost @StarTribune @Suntimes @ThePlainDealer @freep @sfchronicle @Oregonian @starledger @sdut @TheHornNews @realDonaldTrump This is false news. Prince Mohammed bin Salman is a strong leader who knows what he is doing and does not need anyone to direct him. And the JK case Saudi Arabia issue. And they will not close it before punishing the murderers.

@JasonSlade1 @Justice_4_Dads @jcdwms @DailyMail I doubt it, considering he waited until 2019 to raise the issue and the investigation concluded in 2017 with no charges against Zlochevsky or Burisma Holdings. He was only interested in getting something he could use against Biden.

@KNaikky @bunmifasae @justinmayor2 @IsaacOgunmoyole @Phaamsaam @MBuhari @BBCBreaking @cnnbrk @PremiumTimesng @DailyMail @realDonaldTrump @toluogunlesi @Ayourb @FemAdesina @GarShehu @BashirAhmaad @Laurestar @akandeoj @ProfOsinbajo @iyaboawokoya @Mr_JAGs @T_Bakare @tundefashola @BOGbadamosi @OUKtweets @SERAPNigeria @MobilePunch @channelstv @seunokin @DrJoeAbah @HAHayatu @CACCOT1 @daily_trust @LNCtoday If you think those you consider my assumed mentors were not in anyway better then let's vote them out all rather than finding excuses & justifying your party's bad governance and failure. Imagine a Governor & the first lady pleading with the people to reinstate failure. Too bad.

@JaniceMacphers8 @piersmorgan @DailyMail No they are not snubbing the queen they have the duchess's mother over. So it's ok for william to do it bit not harry. So the news papers are at if again and you piers

@Ezbaronkings @IsaacOgunmoyole @MBuhari @BBCBreaking @cnnbrk @PremiumTimesng @DailyMail @realDonaldTrump This confirms why Buhari rushed back home from London 2 days earlier! Tyrants should not be allowed to enjoy freedom in other countries!

@TrebilcockOscar @piersmorgan @DailyMail Queen - "Do you want to come for Christmas dinner this year?" Harry - "We will have it at home this year if that's ok Lizzy, you know young family and all that." Queen - "It's not a problem, it's just some twat somewhere will twist and turn this into something it isnt"

@KNaikky @bunmifasae @justinmayor2 @IsaacOgunmoyole @Phaamsaam @MBuhari @BBCBreaking @cnnbrk @PremiumTimesng @DailyMail @realDonaldTrump @toluogunlesi @Ayourb @FemAdesina @GarShehu @BashirAhmaad @Laurestar @akandeoj @ProfOsinbajo @iyaboawokoya @Mr_JAGs @T_Bakare @tundefashola @BOGbadamosi @OUKtweets @SERAPNigeria @MobilePunch @channelstv @seunokin @DrJoeAbah @HAHayatu @CACCOT1 @daily_trust @LNCtoday That's Tribune News and not my hand writing. 😀 Perhaps you should take your time to open the link and read and judge for yourself if it's same scenario in the southern markets you have mentioned. Try transport a bag or two of foreign rice from Idiroko in broad day light.

@LeeAnn_Richards @DailyMail So lame for this reason to even be considered. Do you know how many teens abusive parents have died? These teens have NOT gone to their school and killed their peers. Good parents are not, this child and those before him have antisocial personalities. Period.

@JasonFri1 @JasonFri1's account is temporarily unavailable because it violates the Twitter Media Policy. Learn more.

@KNaikky @bunmifasae @justinmayor2 @IsaacOgunmoyole @Phaamsaam @MBuhari @BBCBreaking @cnnbrk @PremiumTimesng @DailyMail @realDonaldTrump @toluogunlesi @Ayourb @FemAdesina @GarShehu @BashirAhmaad @Laurestar @akandeoj @ProfOsinbajo @iyaboawokoya @Mr_JAGs @T_Bakare @tundefashola @BOGbadamosi @OUKtweets @SERAPNigeria @MobilePunch @channelstv @seunokin @DrJoeAbah @HAHayatu @CACCOT1 @daily_trust @LNCtoday If you think those you consider my assumed mentors were not in anyway better then let's vote them out all rather than finding excuses & justifying your party's bad governance and failure. Imagine a Governor & the first lady pleading with the people to reinstate failure. Too bad.

@judekani @IsaacOgunmoyole @MBuhari @BBCBreaking @cnnbrk @PremiumTimesng @DailyMail @realDonaldTrump Why r all Nigerians in London not gathered at this venue? I commend those that r present but we need more people to let the UK govt see that this dictator is hated by the Nigerian people! No violent conduct! Just word of mouth! Barawo Buhari! #hypocrite

@KNaikky @bunmifasae @justinmayor2 @IsaacOgunmoyole @Phaamsaam @MBuhari @BBCBreaking @cnnbrk @PremiumTimesng @DailyMail @realDonaldTrump @toluogunlesi @Ayourb @FemAdesina @GarShehu @BashirAhmaad @Laurestar @akandeoj @ProfOsinbajo @iyaboawokoya @Mr_JAGs @T_Bakare @tundefashola @BOGbadamosi @OUKtweets @SERAPNigeria @MobilePunch @channelstv @seunokin @DrJoeAbah @HAHayatu @CACCOT1 @daily_trust @LNCtoday Sir you seem not to get my response. The answer you demanded is in the body of D article. Just do yourself a favor by reading through & find D answer to your question. I guess you don't even have an idea that I am a local rice farmer. All I crave for is just equity & Justice.

@WendyPa37526581 @DailyMail @MailOnline There diet for their children does not qualify as a "vegan diet" obviously they fed them what it was easy to get the kids to eat... fruit !

@ElestialConnect @realsarahO @bootydust17 @piersmorgan @DailyMail SHES NOT OLD ENOUGH TO BE GOING ANYTHING MORE THAN BEING A SPOILED MOVIE STAR Everything she is doing reminds me of Fergie times a million Good luck to them...he will regret it when she's gone If anything she looks selfish

@Aim84856493 @DailyMail @FireCrownEyes She could've been born in DC at the White House. Her father was a diplomat at the time, and this means she's not American. Get over it. She's a terrorist, and unlike Britain, we have the sense not to allow these creeps back into our country.

@spreadsheeticus @Aim84856493 @FireCrownEyes @DailyMail Yes, exactly! It sounds like we're describing the same person. I haven't seen her in years, but there is 0% chance she wouldn't bring up politics and try to shame me for not agreeing with her extreme leftist worldview.

@SabrinaMorris12 @CalifGirl34 @Leeds_Demon @piersmorgan @DailyMail @CalifGirl34 no uproar because who they are??!! Not sure I will believe that from you as your twitter feed seems to have a lot of hate for Meghan!🤔

@CarolJo40280743 @piersmorgan @DailyMail Not sure she was snubbed. The Queen has to agree to the arrangement.

@twinnskyy @Micromutt @DailyMail Im PRETTY SURE it at the VERY least gives you the right to not be a victim of excessive force considering a ductaped mouth would suffice

@bunmifasae @KNaikky @IsaacOgunmoyole @justinmayor2 @Phaamsaam @MBuhari @BBCBreaking @cnnbrk @PremiumTimesng @DailyMail @realDonaldTrump @toluogunlesi @Ayourb @FemAdesina @GarShehu @BashirAhmaad @Laurestar @akandeoj @ProfOsinbajo @iyaboawokoya @Mr_JAGs @T_Bakare @tundefashola @BOGbadamosi @OUKtweets @SERAPNigeria @MobilePunch @channelstv @seunokin @DrJoeAbah @HAHayatu @CACCOT1 @daily_trust @LNCtoday @CustomsNG Good u one u mentioned Kogi but skipped Bayelsa and u still tell me u re not a part guy..if those that were there before did what they were Suppose to do by now we would have sacked Buhari unfortunately even in 2019 u guys gave us Atiku again..have a great day

@bexy617 @DailyMail @MailOnline Impeachment Not going well....Time to Deflect the Narrative..

@Redcanine3669 @EricJay2232 @DailyMail Paying for sexual gratification is not illegal in many lands, especially under prostitution. And she was not paying to provide sexual services, but rather handicap care. There's a huge difference; namely that, at any point, he could've raped her.

@raggmopp4 @realsarahO @dalkey04 @piersmorgan @DailyMail That’s not the point!They continue to snub the Queen and her invitations.H and M are biting the had that feeds them.M has even snubbed Prince Charles,who graciously walked her down the isle.She has her own agenda and stupid H is in cahoots with his stupid ungrateful wife.

@Jay_Nice_305 @DailyMail >>After his arrest, Newell reportedly confessed to the crime, saying he had done it because he was 'tired of working two jobs', the Baltimore Sun reports. c'mon say it, boomers fault again. 😉

@dana28262963 Not one celebrity on IG said anything. News on shooting seems nil compared to prior shootings at school. Why? @nypost @NYTmag @nytimesworld @DailyMail @CBSNews @MSNBC

@IbexToba @IsaacOgunmoyole @MBuhari @BBCBreaking @cnnbrk @PremiumTimesng @DailyMail @realDonaldTrump The real #RevolutionNow must start here in NIGERIA 🇳🇬 not abroad My people are scared to come out and voice out their pains we cannot continue like this.. We've had ENOUGH of #APC and their lies #FreeSoworeNow #FreeLeahSharibu #FreeZakzaky #FreeJulianAssange

@KNaikky @bunmifasae @justinmayor2 @IsaacOgunmoyole @Phaamsaam @MBuhari @BBCBreaking @cnnbrk @PremiumTimesng @DailyMail @realDonaldTrump @toluogunlesi @Ayourb @FemAdesina @GarShehu @BashirAhmaad @Laurestar @akandeoj @ProfOsinbajo @iyaboawokoya @Mr_JAGs @T_Bakare @tundefashola @BOGbadamosi @OUKtweets @SERAPNigeria @MobilePunch @channelstv @seunokin @DrJoeAbah @HAHayatu @CACCOT1 @daily_trust @LNCtoday Sir you seem not to get my response. The answer you demanded is in the body of D article. Just do yourself a favor by reading through & find D answer to your question. I guess you don't even have an idea that I am a local rice farmer. All I crave for is just equity & Justice.

@bunmifasae @KNaikky @justinmayor2 @IsaacOgunmoyole @Phaamsaam @MBuhari @BBCBreaking @cnnbrk @PremiumTimesng @DailyMail @realDonaldTrump @toluogunlesi @Ayourb @FemAdesina @GarShehu @BashirAhmaad @Laurestar @akandeoj @ProfOsinbajo @iyaboawokoya @Mr_JAGs @T_Bakare @tundefashola @BOGbadamosi @OUKtweets @SERAPNigeria @MobilePunch @channelstv @seunokin @DrJoeAbah @HAHayatu @CACCOT1 @daily_trust @LNCtoday Now what am I suppose to do with this?u working too hard here..keep it simple pls

@Aim84856493 @FireCrownEyes @spreadsheeticus @DailyMail True or not, it's gauche and obnoxious to whine incessantly while you're in a host country about how much you can't stand it because it's not superior like your own. And this was a beach trip that we paid for....all she did was whine. The. Entire. Time.

@Fyrecurl @DailyMail Like every other American I am at a loss for words at the moment. I yield to my emotions. I can't imagine the suffering families of victims and even of the derranged boy. I will not vote for anyone who does not support gun control in the future. End of discussion!!!!


@bootydust17 @Carolin79958477 @FunmiOmololu @piersmorgan @DailyMail No I live in California. And just because you went to Windsor doesn't make you a fan. And if you can't see they are getting savaged for something that the heir to the throne has done several times then you really are not a fan at all.

@orangeblue37 @Engbaron @DailyMail It is not your right as an American citizen to join a terrorist organization...that’s not covered under the first amendment 😂

@rosiinparis @DailyMail this is the whole hypocrisy of these people, they are so progressive that they regress to times when people did not make it to old age #JustSaying

@Aim84856493 @spreadsheeticus @FireCrownEyes @DailyMail Everyone likes to say the Germans have moved past their totalitarian fascist ideology. All it takes is one look to see this is not true. They didn't learn anything from history and they don't mean it when they say "never again."

@werdna300 @piersmorgan @DailyMail OK. Time to give it a rest now. Looking for trouble when there is none is not a good trait.

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