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Published by Dailymail 4 months ago

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@Budgie4America @DailyMail That’s like Corbyn and Blair yaking it up at the same time Boris’s medical team is making an announcement. Know this: The group trying to take Trump down is far and wide. This includes you too DailyMail.

@robgarde @baldwin_rb @piersmorgan @DailyMail it in what you say , were the blame is , if you say something that make ppl think by sitting in doors that will stop this , then your part of the promblem , as it will not it only to delay it , ppl like me will have nothing left to fight with when I been sat at home for 12 weeks

@baldwin_rb @robgarde @piersmorgan @DailyMail So what would you like to do... let the vulnerable die? Cast all those over 70 into the abyss? You assume I obviously wont struggle by not working for 12 weeks but you are wrong. I just put life above money!

@NevenSean @DailyMail @DineshDSouza Not a citizen? You all had time to become one. 🤷‍♂️

@GoraniNekishon @DailyMail Lmao. The US has more illiterate people than most of the world. How does it not occur to y'all mad at AOC that illegal immigrants contribute a huge portion to your economy. Mostly because as much as you pretend to hate illegal immigrants, you still use them.

@PolyandS @DailyMail That’s not the federal governments job. The mayor of NOLA has been nothing but a problem since she’s been elected. One scandal after another. Owes tons of back taxes. Passes off the blame to everyone else. How did she even get elected?

@Eunglen @DailyMail I wish he would stop talking and do it already. These companies are not going to do anything unless they are force too. Because we have to force them we should make them sell it at cost.

@SilentB12942509 @piersmorgan @DailyMail Why is it in this worldwide crisis where so many people are dying and so many more could still die does it come down to money. Rather then the whole world stop,freeze. World find the solution. Then when medi found, reboot living and go again.

@robgarde @baldwin_rb @piersmorgan @DailyMail your missing the point a lock down will not stop this it only delays it , which will help the heath service cope with it which save some lives , but if we have a 2nd and 3rd wave , if we get this wrong we have nothing left to fight with , then more will die that my point

@LindaBibeau2 @OlamideOlaomi @DailyMail @MailOnline Take a chill pill I can assure you panicking is not going to help you. Trust the plan-God plan.

@TDanevirke @niro60487270 @DailyMail It's not feasible, & we'd have to test 350 Million Americans, (minus the ones who show immunities), weekly to stay on top of who has it. That's not going to be necessary to win the war against this seasonal virus anyway.

@longviewsky @Penmiester1945 @DailyMail @DineshDSouza @AOC Humans should come first and not status. No one should be homeless or hungry in this country especially during this crisis. Illegal immigrants will also get ill. Do you think we should just leave them outside on the sidewalk to die while a citizen gets treatment? Shame

@EdWalsh3752 @DailyMail Using your logic, someone who robs a bank and gets away with a lot of money should be allowed to keep the money no matter if they are caught or not because the money is now in their possession. The crime of robbery, illegal or not doesn't matter.

@Marc1947Olson @longviewsky @DailyMail @DineshDSouza And I’m not looking for anything from the government regarding the stimulus. Wife and I are retired, We paid our dues - any stimulus money we receive will go to charity. Funny how bleeding heart libs typically are less philanthropic than conservatives. Why is that I wonder?

@HealthCheck1 @DailyMail She's not to bright...look at where she's working!

@CoolSal209 @DailyMail Well its complicated. In 2008 stimulus, those that were married to illegals didnt get shit either. Not even the kids that were citizens. So yea you don’t have to give illegals nothing but what about the family members that are us citizens? As I said, it is complicated.

@boris_boriskiy @DailyMail @DineshDSouza It must be nice to earn thousands by flopping her gums while working men and woman do hard manual labor just so half of their paycheck to be taken out and given away to illegals. Never seen a country that puts illegals above its citizens. What kind of backward shit is this.

@Scott63967916 @DailyMail One of @AOC ‘s comrades really needs to say “Sister please just sit down and shut your mouth “

@justsane80 @DailyMail AOC knows how to cry. She does not know how to start her own bill. Sad.

@alj9811 @KorlosB @sanderstilda @yellowgirl4ever @SGcrimlaw @ShelizaSha @MadisonShumate5 @QueenBell76 @MUTETHEMNOTHIM @QueenYummeee9 @JackChris29 @MsLoveylo @uniekthoughts @Sandrafye89 @Esperan09859398 @BofalEvezi @DouglasAnton @03 @ABAesq @ISBAlawyer @OGELYN @a4066479bf2743b @halfraw4life @DailyMailUK @DailyMail @AP @TMZ @PageSix @BBCWorld @BBCBreaking @BBCNews @cnnbrk @NBCNewYork @people @Reuters @Breaking911 @enews @ABCPolitics @ABC7NY @CBSNewYork @CBSLA Time to get this information out to those who are "NOT" aware!👇 #RETWEET 🙏🙏🙏 #TeamRobertKelly #TeamR'Kelly #EverythingMatters RETWEET if you support Rob motion filed by his LegalTeam #R'KellyLifeMatters #WeCareReleaseR'Kelly

@BinAshry @DailyMail The President will issue a warning for all the residents of #NewOrleans not to forget wearing their 'jamas before heading to bed! Is that what you want? Are the governor and mayor of #Louisiana and #NewOrleans stupid? No, they are not and have authority to do so! #Trump #Corona

@Joy17123083 @DailyMail @DineshDSouza Thank goodness the stimulus bill is not giving my taxpayers’ money to illegals. If Ocasio Cortez wants them to have money , she is welcome to give her paycheck and all her savings to them. I guarantee she will not to do this. Dems like to give my money away

@alj9811 @LKelly4eva @SGcrimlaw @ShelizaSha @KorlosB @MadisonShumate5 @QueenBell76 @MUTETHEMNOTHIM @QueenYummeee9 @JackChris29 @MsLoveylo @uniekthoughts @sanderstilda @Sandrafye89 @Esperan09859398 @BofalEvezi @DouglasAnton @03 @ABAesq @ISBAlawyer @OGELYN @a4066479bf2743b @halfraw4life @DailyMailUK @DailyMail @AP @TMZ @PageSix @BBCWorld @BBCBreaking @BBCNews @cnnbrk @NBCNewYork @people @Reuters @Breaking911 @enews @ABCPolitics @ABC7NY @CBSNewYork @CBSLA This too shall pass;As we steadfast&continue to lift Rob in Prayer⏩God hs an ear leaning to the right.. Injustice, is NOT JUSTICE! UNFAIR, is NOT FAIR.. While many play, this is NOT a "PLAY!" This Robert S.Kelly life.If U support RK do the honor,& RETWEET. If I can just touch"1"

@GlendaBattersh1 @DailyMail "SAY THANK YOU TO ME" TWISTED, He did not that this. He Said Defending the Work of the covid19 Task Force , THESE people should be appreciated.! WOW YOU REALLY HATE THE MAN DON'T YOU!

@BigDadios @DailyMail So, is she in charge of NOLA or not? I Trump had told her to cancel Mardi Gras, everybody would have so Hell no-especially her.

@robgarde @baldwin_rb @piersmorgan @DailyMail so we all go down together , but if no one has any money to buy food then we all stave , if we have a 2nd and 3rd would more not in the long run , I wish no one to die , but I also do wish ppl to die that could be saved , were as you want us all to die

@robgarde @baldwin_rb @piersmorgan @DailyMail the sites shut down because of what was going on the news , piers morgans on GMB saying all work should stop , I lost the last one yeserday that was to start Monday , that would have been 3 weeks work , that would help though this, as im in dispute with HMRC I will get nothing

@rockrapunzel @MayaandAmore @AppyMaga @piersmorgan @DailyMail In January this wasn't meant to be a person/person virus. Your arguments are not fact based. More TDS.

@cherokee4ever57 @DailyMail Hippocratic's a HYPOCRITICAL oath. Money nor having insurance is supposed to be a priority for medical care especially not in the ER.

@EdWalsh3752 @longviewsky @SpragueYa @DailyMail @DineshDSouza Using your logic, if someone robs a bank and gets away with a lot of money they should be allowed to keep it regardless if they get caught or not because it's in their possession. Yup.

@pmramani @DailyMail Remember those images of the huge crowd in #Nashville? While this girl was not part of that crowd, she did gather with 20 friends, ignoring #SocialDistancing It only takes one to infect folks... #coronavirus

@sendittodoug @DailyMail @DineshDSouza The people of her district should not be allowed to vote, if she is the kind of crap they're going to send to Washington!

@Coronamania1 @DailyMail Good luck trying to prove it started in China. Don’t look too hard you (and others) might not like what you find #FortDetrick

@Faseketball @longviewsky @Penmiester1945 @DailyMail @DineshDSouza @AOC Fake news I used to know a few it doesn't work that way. They don't pay the taxes off the books. And they are not here any more. I'm Hispanic I know these people personally. I'm not just some white lady watching CNN

@MarkHar31903198 @DailyMail @DineshDSouza AOC, The word Illegal means they are not United State Citizens, therefore are not entitled to USA benefits. I question whether they're entitled to any benefits. The word illegal,"contrary to or forbidden by law" P.S.If they or you don't like that Go back to where you came from!

@MindProverbial @MikeJoh23783141 @DailyMail That was taken out. That's why every senator voted for the bill. The other fluff can be dealt with later. Trump knows how to make lemonade out of lemons. If we keep this up for two weeks, it's not going to matter to anyone by then. Gotta get it moved through asap.

@SpragueYa @longviewsky @EdWalsh3752 @DailyMail @DineshDSouza It’s their choice to stay and they already knew the consequences. They are not my problem and they can’t have my money. They already use billions in social services: public schools, safety net hospitals and etc.,

@longviewsky @Marc1947Olson @DailyMail @DineshDSouza another one of these people who say as long as I get mine I don't care about them. They are here whether you like it or not. DACA folks are working hard. They pay billions in taxes and you want to let them go hungry. Jesus would be so proud of you.

@donttouchmethur @longviewsky @boris_boriskiy @DailyMail @DineshDSouza Never claimed to be kind. It isn’t my responsibility to care for all these children because their own family endangered them and use them as an excuse for breaking the law. Not very “kind” of the parents to put their children’s future at risk either, but I don’t see you bitching

@JacquesThibad @DailyMail @MailOnline Very good??? What happened to an "incredible" or, "that was the best phone call any president in history has made" C'mon Donny, you're slowing down...check your shit for shorts 😂😂😂😂

@rosiinparis @DailyMail c'mon guys, is benefiting us, people that live paycheck to paycheck, do not turn this into a political fight, do your jobs, inform do not misinformed, by agents of peace and not of turmoil, HELP #wewillneverforget

@Glenmar83708301 @piersmorgan @DailyMail @piersmorgan maybe because we buy all our stuff from overseas and their shops are shut... I think the real issues are people are not staying in their houses or some employers have FORCED employees to work

@Chris89721179 @DailyMail Not able to think for yourselves are you ?

@Lisa32985011 @piersmorgan @DailyMail We were ill prepared in the United States because of the previous administrations policies that need to be overturned… We were left with a depleted supply of medical necessities… That’s not to say that this administration should not of noticed it and replenished it

@SableIrina @piersmorgan @DailyMail He not crises President&generally,most time he like a spoiled child to blame some1:the China,the EU fault&etc,sad,but this crises will shake his position,for me Trump better than the bloody hands Obama which untied war inUkraine&was good for americsns for8 hard years,sick people

@rosiinparis @DailyMail Guys, everyone needs to start faulting Trump, God knows he is guilty of many things, but not of everything, this is on her, she #neworleansmayor could have cancelled Mardi Gras , the city of miami cancelled #calleocho without even asking the Governor

@longviewsky @Marc1947Olson @DailyMail @DineshDSouza One other reason, according to studies, Democrats are willing to pay more in taxes to make sure there are security and safety nets for those less fortunate. They think we should collectively support social programs for those less fortunate. Republicans not so much.

@kduperron70 @real_T_W_W @DailyMail @MailOnline The flu has a much much lower death rate than this virus. Catch it an you may not have a life to go in with

@EdWalsh3752 @longviewsky @DailyMail @DineshDSouza They came here illegally. Because you show illegally doesn't mean you're entitled to everything thing a legal citizen is entitled too regardless if you pay taxes or not. They chose to come here illegally and not follow the law, to bad. Return them to thier place of origin

@TheCommonSens19 @DailyMail @DineshDSouza @AOC You Economic Genius, How do you : Accurately Allocate Funds to a group of undocumented people, you are not allowed to count with a racist census question, then send said $1200 to their homes that are not recorded anywhere?!? #SocialistLogic #CoronaVillains

@longviewsky @boris_boriskiy @DailyMail @DineshDSouza no one wants to put illegals above citizens but they are here and will also become ill. They should not be treated like dirt during this crisis. They will go hungry and homeless. They pay billions in taxes and deserve to be treated like humans.


@MayaandAmore @rockrapunzel @AppyMaga @piersmorgan @DailyMail Why are you so angry! The virus is not a big deal! It will go away! Like a miracle. 15 cases down to zero. No ventilators needed Go to the ICU AND HELP. ACCORDING TO TRUMP IT IS OK

@MayaandAmore @rockrapunzel @AppyMaga @piersmorgan @DailyMail Go to the ICU and help there It is not a big deal. It is contained. It is like the flu you can work with it Trump said as much

@Jonathanbstan @DailyMail The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people ~10th Amendment to the U.S.Constitution Looked all over the Constitution for Mardi Gras cancellation. Not there.

@MayaandAmore @rockrapunzel @AppyMaga @piersmorgan @DailyMail The president have access to intelligence. He was briefed and then he said the virus was contained. Does not look contained now

@justincase_no_n @DailyMail far too late for that. the PLANET needs to lock itself down from nations that already failed to contain the spread

@ajs_poppop @DailyMail Miss mayor. Its ur state not the president ur responsibility to cancel no one's fault but urs

@adlangston75 @DailyMail The mayor didn’t need the government to tell him to close it down. He should have done it himself.

@jo_sweda @DailyMail @DineshDSouza Anyone want to tell her MANY #IllegalAliens cheat our systems, just like cheating our imagination LAWS. They will get a check, not LEGALLY! #WWG1WGA

@norah_s Priority should be children/families and elderly and that is NOT what is happening. My son and I are waiting to be repatriated too! #stuckinPeru @RepDonaldPayne @DailyMail @NPRnewsdesk

@rosiinparis @DailyMail he is not going to stop, unfortunately , until someone dear to him get it

@MayaandAmore @rockrapunzel @AppyMaga @piersmorgan @DailyMail Since we knew in January we could have developed our own tests like Germany did. But trump said 15 cases down to zero. It was contained. Remember?

@aussiegoldy @Goblinkatie @DailyMail It is a bug. Click More at the bottom, then the Settings cog at the top, then change the Channel View from Most Recent to Top Stories. Should fix it up until they fix the issue.

@EmergencyAccou9 @DailyMail Mayor, You have a Leader, it should be your Governor. Th President allows most of the power to the state. You did not what to do? You should go cuarentine for ever. The Governor did nothing? He or she should go cuarentine for ever also....

@ConstitutionLo1 @DailyMail Same people who called Trump racist when he closed down China travel, said the border wasn't a crisis when Trump did, and disagree with everything he says, think we should believe that if only Trump would have told them to shut down their cities and states, they would have. 🤦‍♀️

@rosybev @DailyMail You are more safter isolating in lockdown staying at home then going to work mixing still spreading around the virus more so if you are not protected make mistakes.

@mjdoc99 @DailyMail So what's your point? Was the intent just to report on a random anomaly where results atypically delayed for whatever reason you decided not to publish - other than mentioning the fact that the President owns property in that county? Trash. Stick to the UK. Tiocfaidh ár lá

@TheCommonSens19 @DailyMail @DineshDSouza @AOC When you are not registered, HOW would the government Magically know WHERE to send the checks? You have logistical problem you can’t seem to understand.

@KingAchelleus Amid COVID-19, our planet is rebooting... Ozone layer is healing Birds are coming back to the cities Pollution levels are getting down #PositiveVibes #StayHomeStaySafe #COVID19 #TogetherWeCan @UNEP @NERCscience @environmentca @PlanetGreen @DailyMail

@EdWalsh3752 @longviewsky @DailyMail @DineshDSouza They are not supposed to be here in the first place, they snuck across the border illegally and entered our country illegally. If you want to be a humanitarian about it, return them to thier country of origin, let their government take care of their citizens.

@Pinkcupcake5472 @RandySF45 @DailyMail Wasnt Trumps fault, blame is on GM who was lagging after they had an initial deal, part of it due to wanting more money. Now hes had to force them to with the DPA. This isnt an easy endeavor, 1 not many have any experience with.

@GeorgeTCat1 @DailyMail @DineshDSouza Said this before but why not enact a law limiting bills to 5 or 10 pages. One bill for one purpose vs thousands of pages of totally unrelated legislation and payouts for unrelated nonsense. Want illegals to get payouts? Make a bill for that exclusively and see how it goes over.

@robgarde @baldwin_rb @piersmorgan @DailyMail i'm a resin floorlayer , the I had on empty units were I had to grind and coat , 2 of us could do it and we did not need to be near each other . we are all in the same boat , some how we need to find the middle ground to keep ppl safe and still have something left at the end ,

@ianwebster2013 @DailyMail @DineshDSouza Can you define undocumented please someone, as here in the UK it would be impossible to pay tax and national insurance if your not documented?

@BuseDorine @DailyMail She must not qualify. You have to make over 99,000 a year.

@MPry69 @DailyMail The Democrat mayor said what now? Apparently she's not intelligent enough to know how to handle her city. Obviously unqualified to do her job.

@StevieG69 @piersmorgan @DailyMail You haven’t been anywhere near as critical of Trump. He’s getting worse and worse. Won’t lock down the country, hasn’t enabled the war manufacturing act, leaving states to bid against each other for equipment. No rage from you whatsoever.

@dreamwalker605 @DailyMail He's hot, pandemic or not. I gotta thing for Italian men, though. Married to one.

@john76065 @DailyMail Hahaha! Do you not have a mind of your own? Do you know when to eat? When to sleep? Take a crap? Failure is yours

@StupidShouldHrt @DailyMail Not surprising. They couldn't figure out how to get out of the way of a Cat 4 hurricane or use shit-tons of school buses to get residents out of a flood. It's a wonder the toilet paper in NOLA City Hall doesn't require pictorial instructions.

@AmericanOptimi1 @DailyMail @DineshDSouza Yes AOC, thanks to the GOP. Thank you, GOP for not giving my tax dollars to illegals. They already get free lunch at my wife’s school. That’s bad enough

@davis4468 @DailyMail @ValentineShow It is healthy to have a skeptical mind; but it is stupidity to not err on the side of caution. I pray that this brings her wisdom and humility.

@robgarde @baldwin_rb @piersmorgan @DailyMail they not in denial , they know the could be a 2nd and 3rd wave and if we use all the money to fight the 1st wave then your have nothing to fight the 2nd and 3rd waves , and then more will die , and we be able blame ppl like you

@rockrapunzel @MayaandAmore @AppyMaga @piersmorgan @DailyMail The blueprint was faulty and not nearly designed for this kind of spread. Actually, after H1N1 Obama was meant to replenish stocks. He never did. However private industry are now ploughing in and filling the gap.

@CarolineContag1 @piersmorgan @DailyMail Agree both Uk and US had a complacent approach in the early days, the UK shouldof been on lock down 10 to 14 days before it was, the message really is the ignorant minority will kill the inoccent majority. @BorisJohnson take note a military style lock down must happen.

@evilbanana1234 @DailyMail Hang if it survives on paper up to 3 hours if your Postie is infected and infects the paper you better not touch your post for 3 hours!! And what about food packaging in a shop? You go in, someone infected picks an item up then doesn't want it and puts it back....

@joebev49 @DailyMail He may very well be cleaning the spot with the bar code to get a clearer scan. Not good to jump to conclusion that he’s some kind of bio-terrorist.

@SMacMeans @DailyMail If she needs someone to tell her what to do she, in no uncertain terms, is NOT a leader.

@PolyandS @DailyMail Well that’s strange because Septic shock is caused by a bacterial infection in the blood. COVID is a virus, not a bacterial infection. Someone is lying to sell a narrative.

@longviewsky @boris_boriskiy @DailyMail @DineshDSouza not the illegal immigrants. They are taking jobs you don't want. Dairy farmers cry for more, meat packing plants, hotel cleaning staff, nannies, housekeepers, growers and field workers. Just try to do the research before you start with the accusations.

@Jenny10436783 @DailyMail First of all Mardi Gras brings a huge revenues for them, they would not of canceled it. Second of all nobody listens to the shelter in home, quarantine. So people would still be out on the streets. This mayor is incompetent

@Marc1947Olson @longviewsky @DailyMail @DineshDSouza DACA is a different category altogether; I don’t think kids should pay for the sins of their parents. Unfortunately, the US does not have the resources, or wherewithal to be the world’s savior! At some point, other countries need to step up and do their part for their citizens!

@Cynthia63037308 @DailyMail Geez looks like he was trying to wipe the barcode🤦🏻‍♀️ he’s older so he’s probably “old school” people still wipe their kids faces like that. Yeah he shouldn’t of done it to a package but it doesn’t look like it was intentional. Not all these drivers are given wipes/cleaner.

@N_kadar @DailyMail It's not the federal gov't job to cancel Mardi Gras. Another failed Democrat Mayor blaming @POTUS. They really ARE useless.

@MayaandAmore @AppyMaga @rockrapunzel @piersmorgan @DailyMail Trump said NYC does not need ventilators. It is all a.big hoax. He will.let them die. After that I hope you volunteer to dig the.mass.graves

@baldwin_rb @robgarde @piersmorgan @DailyMail Nope... I'd prefer no one to die... so lock down and then when the test comes out to show who has had it start to let then out... that's only a few weeks away. In the meantime governments should impose a financial lock down and freeze all Bill's until life returns to normal.

@DeclanL90737556 @piersmorgan @DailyMail He certainly did have a strategy, you may not agree with it but it’s simply not true to say he didn’t. He followed the advice of the chief Scientific advisor to avoid behavioural fatigue and a resurgence of the virus in later months.

@MayaandAmore @AppyMaga @rockrapunzel @piersmorgan @DailyMail He knew back in January and said only 15 cases down to zero. Remember?

@hend0130_dustin @DailyMail @DineshDSouza I’m not getting a check, but I’m having to go to work everyday to earn a real check!

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