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@twenty29nine29 @piersmorgan @DailyMail He will NOT expose himself or his bosses by talking about the real issue in Hollywood of child sex trafficking.... truth is he does not need to.. the truth is spreading worldwide quicker than the virus.. then there will be no place to hide for him or anyone he defends

@ruserio58725391 @DailyMail Less than 50 deaths in the same period in Canada. It is normal for US figures to be 10x Canadian figures, therefore US deaths should have been 500 over the last 9 days, not 10,000.

@Doffman_ @DailyMail Good job. He shouldn’t have screamed in that ladies ear that can make her go deaf & he deserves to answer for that. However I agree with his reasoning for not complying initially for his own safety. There is nothing more aggressive than police on a mission.

@chowell2000 @kaonohe @PDocumentarians @DailyMail A federal judge specifically said journalists were not subject to those dispersals. The PPB are criminals.

@SassyDST14 @DailyMail #RacistJoeArpaio lost!!! One down...a few more to go!!!😀 #AdiosArpaio

@pernillatweets1 @LoveLA77 @DailyMail Ok so according to you he’s basically not the president 😂 let’s just hope he’s not a sore loser shall we 😀

@DeclanReed4 @CoolSal209 @DailyMail Move back to Mexico, you “not very proud American”

@KPlorable @DailyMail Yet Turkeys numbers are great. Outpatient HCQ.

@joep547 @DailyMail Don’t you have to actually be sick (showing symptoms) to say recovering? Article states she’s a symptomatic and self isolating. Not at all a sensational headline

@DettYng @Ronald_Gardocki @DailyMail The media will not cover it; it does not fit the narrative. If you don't hear about it, they can sweep it under the rug, like that slug up in Michigan, beating an old white dude to death on camera. And the media wants to talk about "sickness" and "Healthcare" for the criminal.

@busybee8009 @DailyMail @MailOnline He, Gates & Soros, Jenner, West & Kardashian between them could solve world poverty. They choose not to. Think about that.

@PatriotFunds @MailonlineV @selfdeclaredref @DailyMail Maria does not film the videos herself, she simply compiles them from other sources so that we her followers don’t have to go far for protest videos that aren’t run on the big news websites. If she hasn’t replied, I’m sure she can link you to the source for every video.

@TheVaccination @PDocumentarians @DailyMail To be fair, I'm not sure that anyone working for the Daily Mail can legitimately be called a 'journalist.' 🤭

@MonkeysinChina @_sakura_75 @DebbieGBUK @DailyMail Are u stupid? Did you just say “hours”? Stick to French politics buddy. He died due to a fentanyl overdose and a heart attack Bc he was extremely high off of it. They were on his neck for 8 minutes not hours.

@AlanThai99 @Thatmaybesobut @DailyMail People are looking at the "Maximum" sentencing in which they wouldn't get. Protesters need to really peacefully protest, not destroying public property all across America.

@JohnWal87278370 @DailyMail You know if the police department didn't show up at the protesting they would all go home because they would not have anyone to fear or get into their faces.

@NotATrollAtAll_ @DeadFlapping @DailyMail @BristolComSense Most caregivers back then were white, so there’s not much to imagine

@Polak_Maly @M_Bugala @danieltilles1 @DailyMail @TIME Many money will be needed to explain to the foreigners that “LGBT are not human”.

@Madrina334 @DailyMail Both of them are nuts at this point and I don't mean to sound mean but I am not sorry for tweeting it.

@dowgiveafunk @tizzoutthere @DailyMail 1+1 = 2 (there is no place in the universe where this is different). If so! I would like to know? Mathematics is the universal code. Pants = trousers Language/slang is all interchangable and subjective to time and evolution! Its not that hard. Is it?🤷🏼‍♂️ 👍🏻

@officialdvader @DailyMail Let's hope she don't catch athlete foot . But the complain "I have something on my food" .. will not work with her when the waiter points to her dirty shoes . But good for her

@_sakura_75 @JohnHoxton4 @trajon2000 @DailyMail @MailOnline he had not refused, he is listening to what police say you even watchin the video you are littely suck the murder dick

@ImAmberHahn @BilboBirkins @DailyMail Lmfao!!!!!! I’ll never stop talking out of my ass.... Call me out on anything. I can go all day. Not like I’ve got anything to do other than jerk off every other day.

@jel281 @DailyMail But these are deaths with COVID not due to COVID.

@BluenoseDaddy77 @DailyMail Obviously this tweet is just to put down Trump ? Yet even British scientists today even said don't rule out hydroxychloroquine. Yet it is being covered in bad publicity because we all know Trump said about it so it must be bad according to msm ?

@Mike4Democracy @piersmorgan @DailyMail If the N.B.A. Is the PROVEN gold standard to eradicate Covid what’s the issue? 21 days of complete lockdown with governmental assistance & governmental moratoriums & then the chance to rebuild a better, more just, more inclusive society for all. A chance to build all better.

@trac123 @DailyMail BS. They may have died because China virus killed them, not because of hydroxychloroquine. The drug may not have been able to save them from Chinese virus but drug did not kill them. Fake news. Lame

@DaimanJunubi @DailyMail News is definitely under threat... with media houses like this peddling these warped opinions and narratives without shame. It confounds that you expect your readers not to see through the sham.

@BruxaUkcg @DailyMail As long as parents can have the choice to send their kids or not to school... Parents should be able to opt-out and carry with online class. As long as people have the choice, it shouldn't be a problem.

@Fred30662633 @ItsNotAlexxxx @DailyMail @claudiamconwayy They are just reporting on this abusive little brat that twitter bots follow. Her videos show how abusive she is to her mom. It's not news but it shows how unstable people are that follow her.

@Massvwatches @DailyMail Who the fuck takes 200k out in cash? not a wire, check etc? This seems very fishy, would not be surprised if he setup the robbery himself as an attempt to scam

@peter25631 @DailyMail Not the best way to join a loved one you can't live without. He probably took the covid19 route for religious reasons?

@CumbriaDeepblue @iamalazythinker Good riddance. Not likely to have been a one off. This only ever had one outcome....steal money, get sacked, feed the @dailymail more Police hate stories

@chowell2000 @wildtimes2020 @Gods_Son_Orion @NegativeNiner @PDocumentarians @DailyMail That’s what a federal judge ordered, yes. He specifically said journalists are not required to disperse

@PrimalAvenger @DailyMail @MailOnline This should be massive news. If the Americans have been caught trying to overthrow a government (not for the first time), it’s makes their outrage at Russia’s alleged election meddling somewhat hypocritical, to say the least!!

@GaryFloydPinkus @NoName41941593 @TheVaccination @PDocumentarians @DailyMail That dude didn't spend his entire adult life to get a good paying job as a journalist for a major publication to "start shit" at a 300 person protest in Portland. Settle down, Alex Jones.

@HamzaDeBarros @ChaskaDaisy @TraceyLMcDaniel @mickhowsthat @DailyMail @MailOnline That's not true i never skipped a injustice case because they wasn't poc. What you trying to say its not in the main stream media as don't fit the current rhetoric

@JoeHamster4 @DailyMail @throneofthesun This story stinks to high heaven. All kinds of holes in it. I have a feeling a Gofundme effort to help this poor man is not far behind.

@AbulbulAmir @DailyMail @MailOnline Why would anyone suppress these? Anything BLM do not want us to see?

@TheEternalRenoi @DailyMail Good. I’m actually blind to some nipples , but not all. #iceland #fuglies #cheap_pr0secutors

@SmileItsNathan @itsmikebivins @DailyMail Not even "their" photo dude. Just a freelancer trying to make a living, covering this story as a local, and a good guy.

@TraceyLMcDaniel @ChaskaDaisy @mickhowsthat @DailyMail @MailOnline I am not someone who only talks about injustice if someone’s is black not fair to assume that or I’d know your brothers story. I fight to stop ALL injustice, equality for all & eradicating ALL racism and police brutality. I’m ASHAMED OF THIS AMERICA.

@tweer_girl @AngieTaylor1105 @DailyMail It’s not mentioned anywhere that he tested positive. They are saying he went to the same church where few reported cases and few had seizures.

@Chris23703 @kennethokubo @DailyMail Oh, yeah, totally. He likes to keep everyone guessing. Distractions galore. Sometimes he makes spelled mistakes on purpose, other times accident, because he knows that news will talk about it. He is funny and not like the other guys. Future presidents will be boring sadly.

@JohnHoxton4 @FromRagsToGP @DebbieGBUK @DailyMail She's actually not analysed the footage correctly. Floyd bolted out of the police car and forced his own way to lay on the floor.He says it himself in the footage. The knee restrsint didn't actually kill him. Drug abuse, heart condition and act like an idiot, did.

@smith58_robert @Lee_Tourneau @DailyMail They have to serve the whole country whether it's economic or not


@PhillipNakov @DailyMail Why is Donnie not sending troops in to stop these ANARCHISTS that are FLAUNTING CDC guidelines for Covid safety, no social distancing and NOT wearing masks? 250k will become SUPER SPREADERS as they go back and infect their communities. Send COVID med bills Attn: Trump and Noem.

@PeterJDiEgidio @DailyMail yep, fine upstanding citizen. nice how he has a teenager involved. see, he's even a role model. not sure where he finds the time to mentor, being so busy interfacing with law enforcement all the time.

@Shloufen @DailyMail @MailOnline Shoulda had a gun... oh wait! According to lefturds, they’re not needed! 🥴🤷‍♂️

@Massvwatches @AnthonyOgunseye @DailyMail @MailOnline No I cant, I said I would bet money, as in that's my strong suspicion I would be willing to wager on. If it was a sure thing there is not reason to bet money :P

@Here_to_Teach @puertoricanfog @DailyMail It will be fine also not connected unless police are refusing to do their job

@vegas870 @DailyMail the democrats have not tried to stick the green new deal in again

@JohnHoxton4 @_sakura_75 @FromRagsToGP @DebbieGBUK @DailyMail No! He was sayin it when he refused to get into the car; he was guilty of handling counterfeit $; guilty of usin illegal substances + abusin them; guilty of drivin under the influence. Could 'ave killed children/a family. The autopsy shows no marks on the neck; it's not a choke!

@RosineRou @DailyMail Please do not give money to the politicians in power in Lebanon they will steal it.

@HollyBriden @DailyMail 1.8M is a lot of jobs, especially considering how hard Dems are working to stop any progress. 🤷🏻‍♀️

@SeanCar25752421 @BertSteele3 @Billion36860209 @WeedStocksNews @DailyMail No. Drowning requires liquid entering the lungs. Simply drinking water is not usually enough to kill by drowning.

@matbhh @DailyMail “We’ve taxed them to death, driven crime up, and locked down the city. Let’s try insulting them and see if that works.”

@CookingGroyper @DailyMail Cuomo "lol we'll tax you to death", the rich "nah mate fuck off", cuomo "wait, you're supposed to cry and pay, not leave!"

@YBNTHEKIID @busybee8009 @DailyMail @MailOnline Yes, they choose not to because they work on conditions from the evil

@Ito74642057 @DailyMail This drug has been FDA approved since 1955 , my doc said it’s not harmful to human body at all

@JohnHoxton4 @DebbieGBUK @DailyMail You're talkin rubbish! The cam footage shows Floyd not complyin; drugged up; not complying; the police were tryin to do their jobs. Drug abuse, heart condition and bein a criminal twat killed Floyd. Watch the entire video; the Mail are creating their narrative.

@grumpy_fuzzball @DailyMail The drug has been used safely for over 60 years to treat rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus and other illnesses. I’m not saying that it can be effectively used against COVID-19 but the drug has an excellent safety record for its intended uses.

@ceeresults @DailyMail @seattleSuze Glad to know that he will always stand up for what is right even when it’s not popular. Grateful he is giving a little more time to peeps in severe financial hardship over this Pandemic. May we all get through this & rock the lowest unemployment once again.

@Gods_Son_Orion @wildtimes2020 @chowell2000 @NegativeNiner @PDocumentarians @DailyMail Judge said it didn’t matter for a follow the rules person you seem to think it’s okay not to follow them

@thedemureshark @DailyMail That’s not a caregiver and calling him that is an insult to actual caregivers.

@KnowWhatEyeMeme @DailyMail TikTok users embarrassed Trump by getting tickets for his Tulsa rally and not showing up. Trump bans TikTok while screaming that social media is trying to silence him. (if only he could be silenced)

@gforce_brown82 @DailyMail @MailOnline Every death is now being put down to COVID-19, whether the deceased had it or not!

@ruserio58725391 @DailyMailUK @DailyMail At an early age, “spares to the throne” are positioned by courtiers and press as flawed foils to make the “heir” look good. The spares are defined as mischievous (lack judgement) and not very bright (court jester). Louis will be next Harry rejected this character assassination.

@JohnHoxton4 @_sakura_75 @DailyMail @MailOnline Not only racist; now usin' derogatory comments to attack overweight people. Pretty abhorent, ain't you? Disgraceful!

@RickyLynnV1 @PeterJDiEgidio @DailyMail Most people don't belong in prison they just need help. Not to mention victims of the war on drugs.

@Is2020_OverYet @DailyMail The MSM wants us to believe a drug that's been safely used for 65 yrs is now unsafe. Somehow, HCQ became dangerous right after Pres Trump spoke positively of the drug as a treatment for covid19. Not a peep from the MSM about it being dangerous before then. What a coincidence.

@sean_k_thompson @DailyMail This IS the same @NYGovCuomo who still has the bars shut down, right? Kinda hard to buy someone a drink there, Andy boy.

@TwotwentyOne1 @DailyMail Stop it! So it’s not the principle but the ‘what I can do to you attitude!? Get sued to oblivion!

@AlanThai99 @DailyMail Protesters are destroying public properties across America and the Government needs to put their foot down. Perhaps a lessor sentencing, but definitely need to be held accountable. People cannot just go around destroying public buildings, otherwise it will be neighborhoods next

@CurtisKRobbins @DailyMail @MailOnline Each to their own, but if I were to draw $200k (not that I could), I’d make sure to have some kind of security.

@SouthernLifeTN This some straight up BS @DailyMail! Get yourself checked because there was a ton of equally talented women serving a full injection of pure sexual goddesses and you’re making this all about one ADDITION to a video that’s not even sang by her!!!! #WAP #WAPMusicVideo

@SamGooman436 @DailyMail It’s not a “give away” it’s relief and help for the american people due to the “scamdemic “

@pernillatweets1 @DailyMail Any sane American would be feeling down due to the state of the country. The insane ones are the same ones who supports that incompetent idiot in the WH who’s ok with millions of people dying.

@WallyHenry6 @DailyMail Let me try to explain why Trump will not bring back good paying manufacturing jobs in a tweet. 1. The manufacturing jobs lost were good paying union jobs. 2. Corps are relocating to other asian countries that don't have tariffs. 3. Corps are switching to automation.

@RickyLynnV1 @DailyMail Social media is a privilege that's all we have in America are privileges and laws. Nothing about America's free anymore not even freedom of speech! The American dream is dead thanks to law.

@TheWorldAsIKno3 @DailyMail @AOC has more smarts and integrity than you could ever claim to have! @realDonaldTrump stop trying to ride @RepAOC coattail! In your last days in office try to act like a president and not once again a bully! Isn't that suppose to be @FLOTUS platform?! 🤔

@dowgiveafunk @tizzoutthere @DailyMail One thing I will tell you! Big pharma hate this plant and will do anything distort any positives evidence that comes from it. Its a threat to the patent system. They cannot own a plant! All my dope smoker mates I know, take there health seriously, while the drinkers do not!

@KinnanKendra @aRationofmind @DailyMail @throneofthesun No! I’ve worked in nursing homes, I was fired for reporting a white woman for elder abuse! This is what happens when you fire those who report abuse instead of the abuser! The residents are not dumb, they see everything but are too vulnerable to speak up.

@PylonP @wildtimes2020 @julie319 @206EJ @PDocumentarians @DailyMail You're not responding to any of the arguments people have presented anyway, so who cares

@HamzaDeBarros @ChaskaDaisy @TraceyLMcDaniel @mickhowsthat @DailyMail @MailOnline Weed was actually more to oppress Mexicans and hippies as they couldn't say they anti anti war movements now the sentences of crack cocaine are way higher than powder cocaine that ain't majorly much different like weed and hashish you are still done for cannabis not more years.

@batmanwgd @DailyMail @MailOnline Yes, because the CCP doesn't want gaming on the platform... and #Apple is going to go down with them.

@JosephGWashingt @DailyMail @MailOnline In a short time these soldiers will see that it not worth the penalty stay two decades behind prison bars in Venezuela. No money in the world can be enough for you to lose your freedom.

@ladyfrost131 @garedicus @DailyMail They're stretched thin and probably trying to shut everything down as fast as possible. Be careful. #DefendPDX

@TeresaM51981532 @RetiredMaybe @CouchPotatoSJW @DailyMail The white supremists have instigated violence at the BLM protests to pin it on the protestors. We know who the real terrorists are and it is not the BLM.

@TEXOTX @DailyMail Why is @DailyMail not reporting the Swedish state TV media radio 7 of 8 Swedish political parties are all also influencing support for Sleepy Joe the media twist turn Trumps words to suit their narrative

@MeteorIam @DailyMail @MailOnline Lunatic @POTUS what now you hijacking Democrat ideas now to? Is this why you will not pass acts sitting on a republican desk that was passed about 2 months ago in the house, so you could call it your own?

@liz_sutt @HamzaDeBarros @ChaskaDaisy @TraceyLMcDaniel @mickhowsthat @DailyMail @MailOnline Most Americans are not ok with matter what color. This is fallout from previous administrations that Trump is trying to correct (while being fought the whole time I might add) pray for America. If we don’t make’s not very good for the rest of the world.

@RancidPUNX_ @meltotheglitz @DailyMail Oh fuck off, why not put down the parents. 9/10 times it’s failed parenting that leads to children acting inappropriately towards animals, which ends in the child getting hurt.

@_paul_henry_ @DailyMail Did he not manage to get a clean getaway then 😂🥴

@Architect000000 @DailyMail @MailOnline It is said to be not effective for covid-19

@NaimaH56 @DailyMail @MailOnline The first half of 2019 did not have Covid 19. How many took hydroxychloroquine for Covid in total? What percentage of them died? What was the recovery to death ratio of covid +ve patients that did not use this medicine?

@JohnCon36370580 @DailyMail Yeah, they took it because they were dying of Covid. Not because of it unless that’s how you want to read that

@philly1191 @JohnBar01132215 @DailyMail To help further a life that those people see as against their beliefs. So if you wanna ask Catholics 2 do this you have to give them a reason. Will these people be required to convert? 2 go 2 service? 2 live Holy? If not, than ask another group who arent together 4 that reason.

@FromEscobar @danieltilles1 @DailyMail The Daily Mail is a wonderful rag. I’m sure on other pages they’ve got plenty about dirty immigrants trying to “invade” or the feckless poor. Never forget “Hurrah for the Blackshirts” the Hate Mail is an abomination not a newspaper.

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