Is Coursera Down?

Published by Coursera 2 weeks ago

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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - COURSERA | BUILD SKILLS WITH ONLINE COURSES FROM TOP INSTITUTIONS - Join Coursera for free and learn online. Build skills with courses from top universities like Yale, Michigan, Stanford, and leading companies like Google and IBM. Advance your career with degrees, certificates, Specializations, & MOOCs in data science, computer science, business, and dozens of other topics. Server Status

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Recent Outage Reports

@VitalisAli @coursera hey coursera I updated my app and ever since i have not being able to login.

@ChetnaIsrani @coursera Been writing to tech support but issue stays unresolved for almost 10 days now. 1/3rd monthly subscription gone waste.

@ErinLynn1966 There's really no excuse to not further your education when it's being offered for *free* right now. I absolutely love @coursera, and can't recommend them enough! They have so many great courses to choose from. 😊

@noellinks Had to find an alternative on @coursera which she ended being very happy with. I normally never recommend @udemy and Udacity but when she showed me the course on Udemy I did not want to show any bias by complaining about the platform. I am now justified.

@RandyHlavac Glad to do it and there are more new videos coming. Working on them now. I will post an announcement on @coursera once I have some more completed. Still in editing. Glad you found them useful, Daisy!

@scotknap Day 7: 122 minutes of coding today. -Total of 20:53 over the first week; so far, so good Working through week 2 of Statistical Inference on @coursera. Taking a bit longer to work through as I need to brush up on some of the math. #100DaysOfCode

@vinlla_2 @coursera Dear coursera, when I tried to take a quiz today in this course, the app told that I am not enrolled in it, but that is not possible since I have already taken some of the quizzes in the same course, and I haven't reached the deadline yet. What should I do?

@annwitbrock @laurieontech There is a good free algorithms class on @coursera. It goes far deeper in understanding than interviews do, and will make you think around problems too. This is meant to be challenging, not scary, but I think some are brought up to be terrified of failure, instead of challenged.

@wesleydickens @SAH16928046 @coursera I hear you! That’s the most underserved market imo; the time that I had to learn my career skills is a privilege that most working class people don’t have. I think it’s up to us “techies” to find solutions. I would love to lose my job to someone bagging groceries right now lol

@meredithvadis @coursera has a great course on contact tracing for COVID, but if you want to take it down a level, I recommend Doc McStuffins contact tracing episode “Caught Blue Handed” - my kids do too. #COVID

@dlb_tweets Leah Belsky, Chief Enterprise Office @coursera - Higher Ed is going to look a lot different than it does now - @coursera imagines a world w/ dialing in and learning #remotely - More accessible, greater reliability, taking down the walls of universities

@zetoichi @coursera hi! For some reason, I'm not able to access my account nor the homepage nor any of the courses nor the app since yesterday. Do you know what could be the issue?

@SAH16928046 @wesleydickens @ThatzMuhName @_TallGirlsOnly @coursera Well, some professionals prefer to nurture their learning curve by not visiting a university or a technical cum vocational college. You cannot exit the workforce, every time, just to learn a traded skill, in order to upgrade yourself? MOOCs and bootcamps are the way forward!

@adam_yetter Not only did @JohnsHopkinsSPH @coursera and @EmilyGurley3 put out a great contact tracing education course, but they've also sent updates via email to changing CDC guidelines. They're doing a great service

@DrJoseKnows The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do. — Michael Porter, "What is Strategy?" (1996) Check out this great online course from University of Michigan @Coursera. #Coursera What is your writing strategy @shrikantpeters ?

@tkgshn @InioluwaD @coursera I'm not. I think it is just content. So, If you want to learn could competency, you may work on somewhere.

@marleighsmom13 Y’[email protected] is fixing to change my dang life. For reference, single mom of two, working full time, distance-learning/homeschooling a 2nd-grader & a 4-year old. I am in shock at what’s available to me.

@Priyaar37973142 @coursera, just complete assessment quiz for AWS Machine learning foundation course to be eligible for ML nano degree scholarship. However, did not receive any acknowledgment after submitting the quiz. How can I be sure, it did submit to you?

@TAC_NISO Hey @coursera I don’t appreciate you selling my name to banks interested in selling me student loans. That’s not what I’m doing, not what I want, and I’d like to opt out.

@stigmarelius #Day12 of #100DaysofCode * Completed Week 3 of the Data Science Math Skills on @Coursera (Much... much needed refresher!!!) * Decided to see what @YPracticum is all about! Currently working on the free course: Python and Data Analysis Basics

@aybetoques Please don't send me an autogenerated reply and help me out with the payment, take the money @coursera, I just want to keep with my courses 😭 P.S Yes, I've already checked all "help center", its not useful for my situation.

@DwpGill Fantastic learning opportunities for our customers in #Cheshire. We are working with Cheshire & Warrington LEP & local partners to team up with @coursera to provide free online learning to 10,000 users across Cheshire & Warrington, 4,100 courses available to unemployed people 👍

@PKU1898 Bored at home, not knowing what to do this summer? Why don't you enrol in one of #PKU's courses available on @coursera? There are dozens of courses to pick from, here's your chance to gain the skills you've always wanted, from the comfort of your own home!

@ruthmalan @annwitbrock @NeilLewisJr @coursera It's complicated... Our college kids have decided to continue remote--in part because they want aid/scholarships not to be dropped (IU, not Cornell), and the aid office is saying they'd have to reapply. And in part because college is so much the path to next things (grad school)

@urpotentialuk #EdAniWelf @coursera This looks like a great course. Are you still offering a FREE certificate as advertised on your website? We are working with several people who would really like to access this. We are #buildingbetteropportunities @TNLComFund @SelnetLtd

@AmartyaKalapah1 @prateekjha @mervenoyann @deeplearningai_ @coursera Course 1 wasn't detailed at all. 2-3 min videos mostly without proper explanation. It's not good if you're new to NLP.

@UsamaAli507 Day 24: #100DaysOfCode I've started a new specialization (comprising of 5 courses including a project) on @coursera... The first 2 courses are basics of python and should be completed within a week, but I'd also be working on my Capstone project along with it. So, BoL to me. 😋

@JOSEMAT16908343 @coursera Hello, Is server down. I am unable to launch Programming Assignment: Risk Models Using Tree-based Models Notebook.

@TimirahJ Just did my first Twitch stream, and announced that I've just signed a 5-course deal with @Coursera! 🎉🎉🎉 Woo-hoo! I'm sooo excited! +Special thanks to everyone who joined the stream! 🤗💕 P.S. Can you guess what language I'll be teaching?... (Hint: It's NOT Swift 😌)

@RandyHlavac Thank you, Abiodun! I am just glad to be working with students like you and the others in the @coursera #socialmediamarketing specialization. It is a unique and fulfilling experience!

@ClaraHead86 @coursera i am trying to cancel my subscription with you since 2 months ago and still not reply. Awful customer service!!

@cuppycakebaby_ @coursera hey can I talk to you about a refund issue in dms?

@tramalolang @methodsmanmd @coursera Just finished it and absolutely loved it! The content is comprehensive but not excessive, with lots of examples. The course is delivered in a fantastic way, you're an amazing presenter: engaging, fun, knowing how to speak... and the visual cues help a lot! 100% worth it :)

@tynathanclark @coursera I am getting an error when trying to reset my deadline. Trying to complete a course and now I am stuck. The contact button on the website is not going anywhere. I would love some help to complete this course. Thank you!

@Mishra_Parimal And @AppleSupport believe themselves to be always correct as they give tend to give a verdict without even addressing customers issue to his/her satisfaction. Such a disappointment here @Apple and @coursera Would have to think twice for any further product and service. (2/2)

@JoshuaGladwin *Phew* Finally finished Mathematics for Machine Learning on @Coursera. I've not studied maths formally beyond GCSE, so I've learnt *quite* a lot in these courses. Should now be ready for any maths that comes up in my MSc AI in Sept Big thanks to @DavidDye9 @camsooper and @mpd37!

@swoonandswagger @coursera I am halfway through Week 2 (Google IT Certification Python crash course). Still, I find the course hard to grasp because of the minimal tutorials and video walkthroughs. We need more in-depth training and step by step examples. A few minutes of video is not adequate

@kaushal__abhi @coursera I have completed various courses. but now I login to my account, there is no record of my accomplishments and also no currently active course.

@tanvi0206 @coursera I'm neither able to log in or sign into my account. If my account is deleted then I should be able to sign up if it's not then I should be able to get password reset link in my mail id. I'm not able to get either. I also remember my password. Please help asap!

@skilled_odisha The @Coursera #onlinelearning is in full progress. Learners have started completing courses after registering. Have you registered yet? Login to to avail the courses before 29 September, 2020.

@TimirahJ @wellingtonajo @coursera Nope! Not Ruby either! Lol! Here’s another hint: it’s used to build for mobile... 🙂😌

@skilled_odisha 3000 odd people have already enrolled themselves and have started honing their skill sets. Have you registered yet? If not , click below to REGISTER. #SkilledInOdisha #upskilling @coursera

@WiDS_Worldwide "My advice to young women would be to not get too lost in the data science, in the math, in the algorithms and instead to remember that those are a means to an end, and the end is impact." – @emilygsands, @coursera, interviews with @theCUBE:

@suvyboy @lampidicsparrow @coursera I just need to find a good interface to use and then get the syntax down.

@Willemde13e @coursera for your info: People in the Netherlands speak Dutch, not German. Although ‘Deutsch’ looks like it, that is actually the German word for the German language. So you might want to stop sending Dutch people emails in the German language?

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