Is Coursera Down?

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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - COURSERA | BUILD SKILLS WITH ONLINE COURSES FROM TOP INSTITUTIONS - Join Coursera for free and learn online. Build skills with courses from top universities like Yale, Michigan, Stanford, and leading companies like Google and IBM. Advance your career with degrees, certificates, Specializations, & MOOCs in data science, computer science, business, and dozens of other topics. Server Status

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@milanmoffatt taking a public speaking course on @coursera so i can stop binging curb your enthusiasm and drag race. i'd like to speak more in 2020 🙌 especially around: - finishing unfinished side projects (beating procrastination) - how *not* to be a manager - working at startups/remotely

@michaelconn_ny Most popular @Yale course ever -- On #Happiness and #WellBeing -- is now availble to all for free via @coursera . Check it out while you're hunkering down during the #coronacrisis: #mindfulness #covid19 #coronavirus #edchat @SRF_HQ @lauriesantos

@samcharrington Join tomorrow's @twimlai study group as we begin our review of course 3 of the @IBM AI Enterprise Workflow specialization on @coursera. We'll be talking Feature Engineering and Bias Detection. It’s not too late to join the study group! Learn more here:

@nishantpatel9 @coursera i had shortlisted 20+ courses (end Feb 2020) which were part of "coursera plus" membership and used to display the badge, however, today, I'm not able to see any courses with the badge. Can you check and update me?

@enthusiausted This morning I found out that @Yale made its most popular course ever available for free on @coursera. It’s called “The science of well-being”: If you’re curious, here it is boiled down to just 593 words:

@ChocolatierHill Amidst the current #coronavirus chaos, I haven chosen to put down #AnimalCrossing and pick up some new business related skills instead. I'm looking forward to gaining social media marketing expertise through the “What is Social?” online course offered by @Coursera @RandyHlavac 🤓

@najibelkihel I am currently enrolled on an online course on @coursera. I submitted an assignment only to have it failed by a stupid peer-reviewer who couldn't be bothered and whose only feedback on all sections was... "not good". Okay.

@_ArchitS (25/n) And it's just not children who get to learn. If you are an adult and want to spend your time away from work learning something, remember @coursera have a great deal of courses for free

@JStyles89 @coursera hello! I am trying to enroll in the Yale class and I would like the certificate for $49, but it’s not letting me checkout or log into PayPal. Not sure what to do from there? Any hell would be appreciated!

@EyeDaisyShu Here’s my take on how to maximise #productivity during lab shut down and #workingfromhome. Basically, write, write some more and keep writing #scicomm @coursera @BioRender @Addgene @EnzoLifeSci @udemy @HMSpostdoc @StanfordOnline

@FisherDanyel @FILWD @scheidegger @miriah_meyer @coursera A virtue to this class is it's not in the CS department; I'm teaching not-necessarily programmers. Good HCI training, limited coding. Heavy on sketch and design; using Tableau and talking about principles.

@CourseReporter @shawacademy is it true? This will not going to work for long term. Then no need to give free trial to customers. You should learn customer satisfaction from @skillshare @coursera @udemy @udacity @edXOnline and @edurekaIN

@ajourneytoFI #WFH has been great. Not taking it for granted. Flexibility is really good. Spending time with the family & investing in self-development -- free courses are being offered by @coursera & currently taking one via @udemy. Not a bad idea to get additional skills these days!

@NiveditaBijlani @GenomeGal @coursera @CUAnschutz @googlecloud Hey Laura, submitted my text mining project for the Clinical NLP course. One difficulty is having projects peer-reviewed to be able to complete the course. We usually share links in the discussion forum requesting other students to review, but not much luck. Thoughts?

@KeepRuminating (Tweet out what you’d most like to develop yourself in during this MOOC) So far, what I want, what I have been working for, is to take on clients who need fun, professional content. All walks of life welcome to apply! @NUsocialmktg @RandyHlavac @Coursera

@BjornstadOttar If stuck at home the @penn_state Epidemics MOOC is free (and will always be) via @coursera The below graph is NOT the number of covid cases. It is the rush of people joining our Epidemics MOOC community to use science as a guide during the months ahead.

@Phantom6102 @coursera I tried to enroll in the “free” courses due to covid-19, and it says they’re not free. What’s going on with that?

@jamesblack975 @ChemTeacher843 My son is in ninth grade. He was cheated in middle school with not learning chemistry and he really wants to learn it. Any suggestion on some online resource where he can learn high school chemistry? He is afraid to try something on @coursera as it may be hard.

@LadyFortran @tpoi Is there not a middle ground between one weekend and 10 years? Of course it takes a long time to become an expert at any skill, but this doesn’t answer your colleagues’ questions. They asked “how to get started.” Try @khanacademy @coursera

@zeunonnne @victorosimhen9 You need to do a course on @coursera focusing on work-life balance. You are not created to work alone but to fulfil higher purpose. Use this period to discover that. Great and gangling striker🙏

@GenomeGal @NiveditaBijlani @coursera @CUAnschutz @googlecloud I’m so sorry Nivedita! Frustratingly I don’t have power in this area. Have you tried @coursera support? I know they batch students for course deadlines, but maybe it’s possible to swap into a different group that is more active? I’m sorry that there’s not more I can do to help!

@Floreins87 I was feeling bad about not being able to take classes this semester but I've found @coursera and I'm taking the "Genetics and Evolution" online course with the amazing @mafnoor what a fantastic professor, I'm loving the class!!

@karliekloss Brushing up on my foreign languages thanks to the free classes being offered by @coursera right now... 🚨THIS IS NOT AN AD🚨 I just really love learning 😩

@ebohinson @RichardDelaSky Surprised at Corona because if u ask my students they will tell you I've been saying the Bus Sch of the future will be @udemy and @coursera digital type course delivery... Less brick & mortar & morr digital... NO idea Corona was coming to make my prediction a now now ISSUE! SMDH

@CoachCelenaDP G.I. Joe fallacy is: The mistaken idea that “knowing” is half the battle. Merely knowing something is not enough to put into practice. Merely knowing something is not enough to change your behavior. [email protected] [email protected] The Science of Well- Being

@AhmadMustafaAn1 I just saw the syllabus of cs230 and how it relates to #DeepLearning specialization by @AndrewYNg at @coursera. I am not a student of @Stanford but will try my best to follow the same syllabus and assignments. Thanks to @Stanford,@coursera for making these free. #100DaysOfMLCode

@Nick_Henderson @alexismadrigal Interesting problem. For me I used frameworks from @iftf (@coursera taught by @avantgame thanks Jane 👍🏽) I thought it was going to be big BUT did not throughly explore second order effects—lockdown, stock crash, businesses cash flow issues. That might be in her next course.

@KetoCarnivore Have you been told to stay in your lane and not talk about pandemics because you don't understand epidemiology? @JohnsHopkinsEPI is offering a free course over @coursera: "Fighting COVID-19 with Epidemiology: A Johns Hopkins Teach-Out"

@NewThea If you're looking for ways to spend some downtime, why not take a @Yale course via @coursera? 'The Science of Well Being' is both timely and FREE to take just now. You can even pay £37 and get a certificate at the end. #alwayslearning

@BhumikaShah7 Not a paid tweet folks. 😹😹😹 I am certified @coursera fan hence spreading word about their Nobel step.🙏🏻 You can use it to learn- - technology - advance courses of your discipline - how to read/write - creative writing - health/fitness/ diet courses - wellness/happiness courses

@ricardodallen @garveygirl @CallTyrone_W @iCreateEDU @Oneononelocker @edXOnline @coursera We are also working with mobile partners to offer Data-Free access to all university and college courses via our platforms. This is a big idea and therefore we have to take time and care in executing same, especially as we are doing this in 10 Caribbean countries as we speak!

@james_barton @rvcx Hope so. Costs, especially in the States, seem absolutely absurd. Not sure if any of @coursera , @khanacademy , @LambdaSchool have the right model, but it must be possible to do better.

@AC_ActiveMinds As you're spending more time at home and working to stay sane during the coronavirus pandemic, you might be able to find solace in @Yale mega-popular "happiness" course, which is available for free online through @coursera.

@learnrepsue Just a wee reminder that we should take time to learn for ourselves while working at home - keep your professional skills and your mind sharp 🧠 Here are a few sources to begin exploring #homeCPD @eduX @coursera @EISUnion @dundee_angus @Group_Tutor @gtcs @EISFela

@FILWD @FisherDanyel @scheidegger @miriah_meyer @coursera ... also technology often hinders learning. Students can easily spend weeks figuring out how to code a simple graph and learn next to zero about visualization design. This is a huge hurdle. Not easy to solve.

@Viennaunwrapped @ChristineLozada @classpass @djdnice @visitsandiego @coursera A3 I work from home anyway and now introducing rest of family to working out regularly at home. My daughter and I love doing zumba classes on YouTube 💕#luxtravelchat

@dvanderbyl @coursera @lynda @udemy @SJA_Canada Can you please launch a "first aider's" guide to operating a ventilator and running an ICU caring for #covid19 patients in case med staff are unavailable? Not enough people are taking precautions and overflow is happening. #coronavirus

@sherinvadayil @coursera Hi, I am not able to process the payment on the portal. Facing this error for a week now. Kindly help.

@profkeithdevlin @ShoupLaura @coursera The session I will be doing starts March 30; maybe that's the one you are in. If not, there is a control somewhere that you can use to switch. (I am still getting familiar with the layout. It has changed a lot since I was involved.) Good to have you on board!

@michaelconn_ny Most popular @Yale course ever -- On #Happiness and #WellBeing -- is now availble to all for free via @coursera . Check it out while you're hunkering down during the #coronacrisis: #mindfulness #covid19 #coronavirus #edchat @SRF_HQ @lauriesantos

@ATAI_life From @r_prior via @CNN: Spending more time at home and working to stay sane during #COVID19? You might be able to find solace in @Yale's #happiness course, available for free through @coursera. Huge thx to @lauriesantos :) re: #mentalhealth #psychology

@pasteIqueer all online learning sites are atomic trash for refusing to be free rn. back when @coursera started i distinctly remember it not having paid features. not sure why it can’t go back to that universally, and not just thru some convoluted application process for college admins.

@MrsHerrmannMath “As you're spending more time at home and working to stay sane during the coronavirus pandemic, you might be able to find solace in Yale University's mega-popular "happiness" course, which is available for free online through @coursera.”

@cciring18 When I read about this, I thought: "Why not?" So far, it's proving to be a good decision! @coursera @lauriesantos #D59Learns

@Ravikiranck @udemy @coursera @pluralsight @unacademy Why not give opportunity for author of courses to make there course free/discount so that people all over d world sitting can learn d courses, spend time safe in home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Ppl who can afford let them buy/contribute

@SandToy56 I really dislike foggy instructions, #webapplicationsforeveryone. I'm not sure anyone is monitoring @coursera boards either. On to @drchuck Introduction to SQL.

@ChemicalCundy @DenisaVargova @coursera How did you find the course? I want to learn some python but i’m not sure which online course I should choose!!

@eileenkennedy01 Learn how to teach online with our on demand @coursera free online practical crash course - nearly 10,000 learners so far! @uclknowledgelab @allisonl

@laurahickman Shoutout to the companies who take your credit card details for free trials, then don’t remind you your trial is ending & have a policy not to refund. Many will be getting stung by these terms in the coming weeks/months with reduced/no work hours @coursera @NoomCoach

@suziezed Come on @coursera - I am not going to give my credit card data for a 'free course' on COVID-19 - just make it free FFS - if @LSHTM can offer a truly free course why can't you!?

@mikeypeaches @coursera trying to get support, but unable to retrieve lost password (not sure what account we used to setup). Can you assist? Have tried to make contact through other mediums and hitting a brick wall.

@SaabyConsulting Remote work (or no work) doesn't mean nothing to do. Take an online class somewhere, like @udemy or @coursera #elearning #socialisolation #coronavirus (not an endorsement and I don't get any payment for mentions)

@RockyTironi Now is a great time to learn something new. @udacity @coursera @udemy @edXOnline @MITOCW are great places to start. I’m currently working on a Udactity nanodegree in #ArtificailIntelligence and #python

@ceejayesq Classes and courses begging to be taken! Some are free, some are not, many are also very affordable! A huge number also offer financial aid if you're unable to afford the tuition & explain this! Simply go to @coursera @edXOnline @udemy @khanacademy etc, you can very easily cram

@MotherofNerds42 @KR1573N I am learning marketing through @coursera and @HubSpotAcademy... and I'm starting to narrow down my interests a bit more!

@EvinRobinson #A6 Search up and enroll students in additional #free online learning such as but not limited to @Codecademy @GA @CodeHS @coursera @freeCodeCamp @edXOnline #EdChat #COVID19 #NextGenFellows #SocialDistancing

@sasiram410 @coursera I have a issue with my coursera course can u pls solve it , even though I watched all my week wise videos , watching videos it is showing completed but after a few mins it is again showing to watch videos , the completed green colour tick is removed after a few mins

@karliekloss Brushing up on my foreign languages thanks to the free classes being offered by @coursera right now... 🚨THIS IS NOT AN AD🚨 I just really love learning 😩

@forefront_17 Is now a good time to skill up? Are you working with old tech in your job and concerned about your future marketability? Self-education, tinkering and side projects are the key. A few resources to consider @udemy @coursera @Skillcrush.

@tutaleni @MelvinAngula Good idea, but connecting from Donkerhoek to stream videos on @udacity or @coursera is expensive. Sometimes I either cannot connect or when I do in the evening it is excruciatingly slow. If you go further up, for friends in Havana informal settlement computers are not available

@docjuank @KenoMentor @YouTube @UCT_news @CILT_UCT @UCTHealthSci @coursera Hi Keno. No, certainly not. And I wouldn't want it to. Choice is great. They both have their strengths.

@ukuleo99 @coursera is a crap! And @GoogleForEdu should not be linking their courses as "free courses". Tried to sign up for a course from #Googledigitalgarage, it said free, redirected me to Coursera and they asked me to pay! #falseadvertisment

@lisa_raney It would take lifetimes to do all the things I want to. Now that I’m not working 50 hrs/week, I’ve resumed @duolingo Spanish courses, enrolled in a Public Health class on @coursera, & started a 30 day yoga challenge. When life hands you lemons. #StayAtHome #CoronavirusPandemic

@madaanvanshi Anybody who needs to start python from scratch& link it with automation, here's a course from @coursera #GoogleITAutomationwithPython which I am currently working on and this is quite easy to understand the concepts and the theoretical depth of the subject.#100DaysOfCodeatUPES

Site Excerpt Down, Is Coursera Down?.
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