Is Coursera Down?

Published by Coursera 6 days ago

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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - COURSERA | ONLINE COURSES & CREDENTIALS BY TOP EDUCATORS. JOIN FOR FREE - Learn online and earn credentials from top universities like Yale, Michigan, Stanford, and leading companies like Google and IBM. Join Coursera for free and transform your career with degrees, certificates, Specializations, & MOOCs in data science, computer science, business, and dozens of other topics. Server Status

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1. It might be Browser Related:

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This trick works perfectly on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, Safari and whatever default browser comes with your Windows nowadays lol.

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@nicolasburtey over the years @coursera and @khanacademy have brought so much value for me. Anything I had to learn, that was not part of my colleges' education, is a few clicks away, essentially free, and available on-demand any time of the day.

@colinrgodsey Been on a @coursera kick again recently. Finished 2 scala/spark (@epfl) big-data courses, not sure what to do next. Would like to finish up this course on Galois theory, but think I need to brush up on some fundamentals first. Anybody got any suggestions?

@akashbisht81 @coursera This is the real truth and very harsh truth in India, While schooling a kid needs to get additional coaching because "some" schools are not good. Also it's not that good.. I wish i knew this earlier in my life. PS:- At least I had a desktop computer that time....

@loadingbeta @coursera I need help with my account, my issue isn't in the FAQ and there was no other official way to contact you.

@Ichnologist @UGAPress @coursera Then it's prepping to teach tomorrow's classes, followed by inevitable #grading duties that are an important part of teaching. Fortunately the latter is mostly just time-consuming, not aggravating: I've had good students this semester, for which I'm grateful. #AcademicLife 2/2

@johnjanuszczak #education needs disruption and #DigitalTransformation. @coursera has elements of what’s described below, but not everything. @SirKenRobinson started the discussion at the macro level - let’s see more tech applied to this opportunity. Break the lecture

@cole6b9cfs @sanjeevn @coursera Not yet sorted, I'm too careful with my p/w so can't sign in on this browser &kinda distracted otherwise & data-saving too. It'll sort soon enough I guess. Thanks for all you do, sharing brill links, supporting learners etc. Great to see you on the webcast this year too :) Cheers

@FoolishApathy @coursera @Yale Quick look at the course It seems to be more focussed on #Health issues with #ClimateChange Not about the actual evidences, counter-points, paleo-climate etc.

@AshleyVoorslag @coursera When I passed matric back then,there was not much info at my high school regarding bursaries,loans etc etc,I thought they were only for top achievers,as a result I never went to varsity,still trying to though,after all these years

@bolus_62 @coursera @hultprize_ui That I was supposed to network and build up team skills... Well, it's not too late now

@thenormalguy01 #GCPChallenge19 Finished my GCP Specialization :D Courses are very well organized and props to instructors, understood most of the concepts even though my background is not computer science. Also enjoyed qwiklabs a lot. Thanks, 🙌 @coursera @googlecloud

@eeleeyaa @spectatorindex You're not considering the bans on Iran by foreign websites due to sanctions. For example iranians can't access websites like @coursera or @coinbase due to US sanctions. And in some cases like @PrimeVideo even using a VPN does not work!

@malikmssz @coursera Not to sweat the small stuff!! Everything has a way of eventually working out

@nandumarrapu @coursera I'm trying to make a payment through my PayPal and it's not accepting it. Need help.

@NikhilSSeth In the past 2 days, I completed 2 MOOCs on Probability & Statistics by @HSE_eng on @coursera by working more than 14 hrs Just to get the A+ in my college credits🙈. Also, this helped me to revise & revisit Probability concepts. #100DaysOfMLCode #thoughts #100DaysOfCode

@andremaha Excellent showcase of #voicefirst approach in education context by @Coursera It's not such a big leap of imagination to envision the future, where the parents can ask how they kids' assignments are in school, progress reports etc.

@ActivateLearn Essential Skills Playbook for Business by @coursera (you'll need to add details to see it). I'm not entirely sure of this. It has managers needing highly technical skills???

@dotEthan @coursera An instrument, would be good to be good at one. working on guitar now.

@HaesungH Started taking “IBM Data Science Professional Certificate” and finished course 1 today. I still need to turn in the final project so technically I’m not done with the course yet but feeling pretty achieved!! :D #coursera #datascience @coursera

Site Excerpt Down, Is Coursera Down?.
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