Is Costco Down?

Published by Costco 9 months ago

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@SimplyARose @mrsstarr2011 @dorisberriz @Walmart @WinnDixie @Publix @Target @AldiUSA @cvspharmacy @Walgreens @Costco @SamsClub @TraderJoesList I asked the Greeter yesterday as I was going in, “Why aren’t you wearing a mask? She said it came from Corporate that they weren’t allowed!” Someone’s Not Telling The Truth! They should be allowed to protect themselves too!

@atinamontgomery @Costco Trying to get a hold of anybody online is a joke. I’ve gone down to two minutes each time and now it’s back up to 10 minutes what is going on????

@mr_calico @youyouxue @Costco Premium cost products may take a hit with more unemployment a few months down the line from now. Amazon more likely to thrive

@fatherforman @schwep_305 @chrisdelia @toto99com Careful not to break your ankles. @costco has towels in bulk if you’re planning on watching it again

@tenthmuse @WiseArts @motoridersd @Costco I'm down to 737 now and they seem to be moving at a clip, so my guess is minutes. It's probably all people pissed there's no toilet paper clogging up the lines. So to speak.

@HenrichsenJohn @bokehbaby1979 @Costco That will change baby, 6 ft rule, intentionally coughing near or on someone, already beginning to see arrests for idiots. Soon they’ll have no choice but to arrest those who put others at risk, up to and including felony charges, some people are just too stupid not to be policed.

@sandrawade @rickkryan @cheyinka @dansolomon @paulaforbes @Costco in Nashville has its act together. Signs, wiping down all carts, tape down to keep distance at checkout, gear to protect employees...

@KillaCali27 How has your shopping preference changed since the start of social distancing & shelter in place? I went to @HyVee and I'm very concerned they are not doing anything to enforce social distancing. @Costco on the other hand limits capacity, wipes down carts, and encourages distance

@BFate420 @jokertomyright @Publix @Costco They know, they have a policy not to say.

@RobertMania35 Hey @Costco, I just got this. I know not to click links.

@byamko @ABC Is anyone doing a story on why @Costco @Walmart @Safeway are out of cleaning supplies for this long? Did the production stop? Did the trucking stop? Do they not have enough people to restock?

@kpohookem @Walgreens This is awesome but why not more time for those that have given this world so much of their lives? And EVERY large retailer from @WalmartInc to @cvspharmacy @SamsClub @costco @kroger @TomThumb_Stores @HEB etc should be doing this for our seniors!

@jokertomyright @BFate420 @Publix Got up early and went to Costco lots of healthy elderly folks who r short on shit paper and food. Says alot for our local leaderships all are guilty for not ever preparing for this kind of situation. My 55 years on earth and this is just crazy @costco

@HelperTesla @TriTexan @Costco Cleaning all carts. But also having 2 gas attendants constantly wiping down entire pump after each use Also hv been opening 2 hrs early to allow for elderly (60+) to shop separately Supporting local restaurants by promoting gift cards to them, esp those struggling

@godawgsin11 @pancho_joe @EddieTrunk @Costco But then someone has to wipe that it all down with sanitizing wipes.. Crazy times.. #noreturns

@PerkinsJanie @donnatroy @Costco Our first responders are having difficulties accessing your warehouses within these new timelines. They are spending 12 to 18 hours a day, 5 to 7 days a week, working to save American lives. Please find a solution for these heroes. We owe them for their endless sacrifices

@HockeyBroad Went to @Costco for the first time in like two months because I needed to actually stock up on a few things. Not very good #socialdistancing going on inside (except at the registers); in fact, it pretty much felt like a normal Costco trip. :/

@GetYerYaYasOut @donyjunky @dorisberriz @Walmart @WinnDixie @Publix @Target @AldiUSA @cvspharmacy @Walgreens @Costco @SamsClub @TraderJoesList 2/? My parent,over 70,are running amuck, people coming to the family home installing windows and such b/f Easter. I told them to have fun I won't be able to attend. They asked why, I said b/c you've exposed yourself to 1000's of humans and I'm not quite ready to die.

@NatalieCarbone2 @ForterFraudFree is returning error codes between @Instacart and @Costco like they can’t keep up with the traffic flow- this does not look good! Come on guys you’ve had weeks to address this kind of thing!

@PunkyPaneteddo If #Governors are letting @SamsClub @Walmart @Target @HomeDept @Lowes @Costco @BJsWholesale stay open they should not be permitted to sell non-essential goods. You are creating a #monopoly which is unfair to #businesses you will not let open that sells the same items. #lawsuit

@CarlaKDallas @susanlumberton @RheumaBlog_Wren @Costco Tissues are not a good TP substitute if you flush them. They’re meant to stand up to heavy sneezes and use. They will clog septic and sewer systems.

@blindsited @OriginalGuidett @mcharlesworth7 @Costco So glad to here they are many doing the right and safe thing. Luckily here most are listening, but this place by me does what they want obviously they do not care. Awful!

@lionesqueen1 @ProcterGamble @Charmin why is tissue not being shipped to store @costco @Walmart @Target they are selling basicly their brands... pissed ... love my @Costco charmin the only place I buy it. With these long lines I can't get it 😢😢😢

@marievonastra @dorisberriz @jomama64 @Walmart @WinnDixie @Publix @Target @AldiUSA @cvspharmacy @Walgreens @Costco @SamsClub @TraderJoesList Customers, stock clerks & every handler in the supply chain have already been in contact w/ everything before we get to it. Carts are always dirty, & then we come to checkout, where everyone & their neighbor have breathed on/touched the conveyor & keypad. I wipe it down at home.

@lilygc @CheriseRohr @saddamscribe @Whataburger I haven't but I will. Sig et al., I would contrast this behavior with what I saw at @Costco #689? more than a week ago, where they were taking ALL of it seriously, and apparently had even hired retired folk to continually wipe down cases, case handles, spray carts, etc. Genius!

@gotmedieval On the other hand, @costco is an absolute machine. One person directing you to registers, maintaining six feet at all times at each. People in masks and gloves scan items and disinfect cart surfaces before handing it back. PIN pads wiped down as you walk away.

@joanmichellex Also @costco needs to start tracking member purchases especially during times of pandemics / disasters so that people can STOP FUCKING HOARDING! There is no way you can tell me that at this time, you need more than 1 Costco PACK OF TP!! ESP if your fam is not that big!

@Christina711 @newplantings @OneJurorMatters @Publix I went to @Costco this morning, and they really got their stuff together! Limiting customers. Every cashier had gloves and a shield over the register. Limiting customers on line. Wiping down the registers, belts, shields and pin pads after every customer. Great job @costco !!

@SlidewaysBrad @KySportsRadio Sams is way better than @Costco and membership and prices are cheaper, not to mention the workers are friendlier.

@dealarchitect @greg_not_so @Costco Items missing vary from store to store and often hour to hour. So yours may have it.

@AngieSanchezss @Stickit2Stage4 @Costco 2. Our Walmart was about 50 60 ppl in the "senior" line not 3 of them were seniors. Walmart let's them all in n then this girl is so close to my back I said pls back up ur too close. She told me "oh go F off". Lovely.

@Jump4imog @GavinNewsom @Costco Please do something with the long lines at #Costco and people not following social distancing. Here are some of my ideas to stop this madness. Thank you Gov! And you are a true leader in this crisis!

@pick_lucas @iamevltwin #SocialDistancing I agree with but if you have 2 families who know they are not sick & the gathering is under 10, then I say party hard cuz you'll have to go home back to boredom afterwards. I think this is safe for the same reason u see families walking close together @costco

@bcasher @KySportsRadio But you not gonna @Costco them? Regardless of your feeling toward that type of place, it's no way to treat a guest

@Gazzer @realjosegoyanes @Costco Hopefully not... But when our friend - the wife to the head of epidemiology at a local hospital - told V this was part of THIER routine... became part of ours.

@JosephM45693115 @cspanwj IMO @POTUS @VP @NYGovCuomo @CAgovernor @NatlGovsAssoc working together is the key to defeat #COVID19. Next 2 weeks is the Apex of the Spread , everybody in hot spots should be wearing face masks,but they are nowhere to be found @Walmart @Target @Lowes @HomeDepot @Costco @DHSgov

@alexchenakal @costco you are limiting people and quantities, doing sanitation of carts, but your employees use phones with gloves and then handle ready-to-eat food (breads in this case). Not cool! #costco #sanitation #gloves #coronavirus #violation #COVID19

@namirph @dorisberriz @Walmart @WinnDixie @Publix @Target @AldiUSA @cvspharmacy @Walgreens @Costco @SamsClub @TraderJoesList Donning & disrobing PPE is a skill. Distancing is the best protection. Stores need to get on board with distancing. If a store is not enforcing distancing don't shop there! Ask management why they aren't enforcing distancing! Peer pressure goes a long way!

@SamCampfield @Costco Went into the Costco off County Line Road in Colorado and they were efficient, clean and working hard. Wanted to let you know that, that store is doing a great job! Thanks.

@SHU76 @EricfromClt @TopherSpiro @Bakari_Sellers @Costco Pls take care. Not water soluble. Watch the levels of D3. Talk to your Doc. I take it as well per the advice of mine but there is a danger.

@JMurphFB @OnlyInLVNV @LasVegasLocally @Costco keeps a record of all purchases and when. Do you plan to notify anyone who was shopping the days that employee was working in the last two weeks? @stevejekel

@Facce Went to Costco in Sharpsburg GA today and saw these suds in the meat department. I have go to say they are taking hygiene and cleanliness to a whole new level. They are working hard on cart cleaning, and cleaned the register between every customer. Nice Job @Costco #handwashing

@devlinhartline @looseleaves1205 @KCEsq @brianmcbrearty @businessinsider @Costco I've never seen Schitt's Creek, but to the extent that person is Chris Elliott (and I hope it is!), I wholeheartedly agree. So great to make a new acquaintance on Twitter! Thanks, Kevin, for the intro. (And even if that's not the "Cabin Boy," same sentiment.)

@nj_colmenares @elisamich0422 @Costco is well organized as lately managing well the 6 ft social distance, controlling the access of folks, controlling very well the cashiers lines. Seniors only access 2 days a week from 8 am to 9 am. EXCEPT NOT getting disinfectants wipes, pack of 4!

@4jmc2113 Costco CONFIRMS ANY TEXT SENT IS A SCAM!! And they are phishing for INFO!! Everyone please be careful in this time ! Do not click on any text !! Thank you @Costco for getting back to me so quickly! I could have gotten taken advantage of cuz I’m out of groceries and $$$

@eliot_green @MsLeslieann @Costco Where I am in California, Costco was wiping down carts almost a month ago. They were early to action.

@biggestchina @TropicaliJaye @Costco So like how impossible is it? I haven’t even bothered trying here in kZoo yet but we’re down to about 4 rolls..

@SSFBartender @KissMeCole There is social distancing getting into #costco and at checkout . BUT when you are shopping people are all up in your personal space. Shopping like normal! I had to tell someone to back up. I got out of there..too many people I will not be back in that PETRI DISH. @Costco

@tvTechDirector So apparently @Costco thinks it’s cool to sell bulk unground coffee like normal, but remove the post-purchase grinder due to #coronapocalypse #COVID19 and not tell anyone.

@diana_on_skin Hey @itsjessicabraun! Not sure if you know this, but the Missha BB Cream is on sale @Costco today... 2 pack for $17.99. Just ordered mine, to try for the first time ☺️❤️

@SamsungMobileUS @CriTown @Samsung @Costco Hi there, we are sorry to hear about this and want to assist as much as we can. Please send a DM to our @SamsungSupport team so we can begin documenting the issue. Thanks.

@sssc I'm grateful 2 currently have any meat 2 eat, but the ground beef from $WMT is awful! The Pork Loin is not much better. I will say that the Chicken is "edible" Please $COST, figure out what needs to be done 2 keep your meat stocked for all us loyal customers! @Costco #COST

@spottydoggie @dorisberriz @Walmart @WinnDixie @Publix @Target @AldiUSA @cvspharmacy @Walgreens @Costco @SamsClub @TraderJoesList I want all grocery store employees to wear masks for their safety! If there were enough masks, we should have to wear masks to go inside. Day in and day out they are working their asses off to make sure we have food!

@trishhhg Hey @costco as a concerned employee.. we should not allow people to enter in groups (maybe 3 max) when we have a “shelter in place”.. there’s no reason for people to come and shop with multiple friends or multiple family members.. that’s not how shelter is place works!

@janus303 Has Costco been hacked? Their website is down and their Twitter account is set to private. @costco

@TMirkin @mrsstarr2011 @IncaOrchidLove @dorisberriz @Walmart @WinnDixie @Publix @Target @AldiUSA @cvspharmacy @Walgreens @Costco @SamsClub @TraderJoesList I take back the lying line. This could be based on state, county & town mandates. I went to one outside my county & not all employees had gloves. I asked & they said they were supplied & had to wear them to stock exposed goods. It's optional for boxes & cans. 1/2

@AIEdelman I just hope to one day return to @costco and not be limited to one toilet paper. Is that too much to ask?

@mhmmmakana @Costco why would you change your chocolate milk? Why would you go to straws? Do you hate the planet? Do you want to kill all the turtles? Go back to the old chocolate milk delivery method. These straws SUCK (bad) they do not suck (they do not deliver chocolate milk to my mouth)

@Rhyval #ThatMomentWhen @Instacart cancels your only food order on the day you're supposed to receive it after you've been waiting a week. But wait there's more now on a 48min after waiting 20min into the initial 45min wait #oof 🤦🏿‍♂️guess we not eating for a while thanks @costco 😭🥴

@GetYerYaYasOut @donyjunky @dorisberriz @Walmart @WinnDixie @Publix @Target @AldiUSA @cvspharmacy @Walgreens @Costco @SamsClub @TraderJoesList They called me dramatic and told me to calm down. Thk Gods my husband picked up the other line before I went off the deep end. Sorry for rambling on, I'm upset about everything. Pls be careful and try to borrow from neighbors. You seem kind you need to stick around.

@berylline1 @Costco I appreciate your efforts to help seniors but it seems that the hour shopping has created more of an issue with long lines outside and ppl standing close together. You have to do better.#SocialDistance

@coastalali @Bethenny @kroger @Walgreens @Costco @Walmart @FedEx @UPS @Publix @Target Ours in S.C. are not wearing masks. They are talking of adding plexi glass to protect the clerks.

@PunkyPaneteddo If #Governors are letting @SamsClub @Walmart @Target @HomeDept @Lowes @Costco @BJsWholesale stay open they should not be permitted to sell non-essential goods. You are creating a #monopoly which is unfair to #businesses you will not let open that sells the same items. #lawsuit

@CougTx Stopped at @Costco on the way home. Completely impressed. All carts wiped down prior to use, disinfectant wipes everywhere, cashier has a plexiglass screen which they wipe after every transaction (CC machine too), they were also wiping all of the gas pumps after each customer.

@saskie35 Went to @Costco #yxe North end this morning and was able to walk right in shortly after it opened at 10. When I left about 1/2 hour later, a lineup for getting in. Only issue was staff putting a book back that felt the need to walk up to me and stand less than a foot away

@clubsizepaul dm u my direct line (Primus)? @costco @FreedomMobile @Primus_Canada because my Primus line is not ringing and I am older than 45 and don't see as well in the evening but secretly going to @AWCanada for coffee or to see if they r open @humasect @The_HumanRights @Friendlyness

@cabercrooner @joececiyyc @jkenney Educational assistants get minimum wage because the NDP gave teachers the money instead. They are not working, they should be laid off. They can get higher paying jobs at @costco. The Alberta Teachers Association and NDP need to own up to their past greed

@SSFBartender @JeanieSmithKSDK Not the people shopping THEY ARE ACTING like nothing is going on. I hurried up and got out of there... too many people all next to you, walking by you. ONE MAN COUGHED i was o.u.t. No more @Costco

@alwaysconfucius @Walmart What’s being done to keep your employees safe? Customers are not exercising social distance. WM stores are named 90% of exposure site. @Costco is reducing crowding, no touch policy, gloves and cashier shields.

@billymcdinca #BreakingNews In response to #COVID19 @costco is partnering with this state of the art technology used by @Ticketmaster so that you can order Toilet Paper from the safety of your home I thought that I was going to be first in line this morning, I guess not #StayHomeSaveLifes

@twit_mac @cowboysfan389 @SamsClub @Costco Costco does not. Also it should be done for all not just seniors. Everyone can be infected with the virus. I understand elderly are more at risk. how about people who have parents and children at home. Do they not deserve to be safe?

@NatalieCarbone2 @Costco I’m trying to order groceries and getting 500 and 503 errors- your server is down- I know it’s a Saturday but you’ve had weeks to ramp this up, c’mon guys you’re better than this!!

@hoosiergirl89 Shoutout to all of the amazing workers at the Mooresville, NC @Costco this morning. Very professional and clearly working very hard to keep things clean and assist customers. I’m sure they’re all under a lot of stress but you’d never be able to tell. Well done. 👏🏻

@ramandipk @News12LI @costco I went for milk, and after waiting 2 hours in the line I got 1 gallon of milk bcz they put limit of 1 gallon per family per day. Usually I go after week and take 4 gallons and now I have to go every day for one gallon milk bcz I have kids at home and I’m working 5 days.

@tsiruno 1/2 Hey @Costco & @SamsClub: Instead of a "Senior Citizen Hour" that creates crowds that are clearly putting our elders at risk, why not institute a "Senior Citizen Day of the Week" where they have the entire store to themselves all day (while everyone else stays home)?

@cobaltjacket I figure my @Costco membership is totally useless to me for weeks if not months. Delivery time horizon is insane as well.

@rfrazee @Costco Any chance we will get Order and Pickup from you? I really am not interested in delivery, and don't want to spend any more time in the stores than is necessary right now. We like your produce.

@VinniePancakes Big shoutout to @Costco their employees and more. For being amazing. Having signs out Out of items. And having their gas pumps sanitized after every use. Not that they have to but they are going above and beyond.

@velvetsilk I joined @Costco in UK as an online member. Not to buy loo rolls, but for gluten-free black truffle sauce and black truffle butter made with Umbrian truffles and Cotswold butter.

@traveler_jerry @calgiantberries #costco these like the strawberry quality I got today at @costco I’m not going back to wait I line

@1VoodooKitty1 @dorisberriz @Walmart @WinnDixie @Publix @Target @AldiUSA @cvspharmacy @Walgreens @Costco @SamsClub @TraderJoesList Don't forget the grocery stores... Albertsons is not allowing employees to wear masks.

@jennrobinson12 Dear @Costco could you please tell the @instacart shoppers, who apparently don't have to wait in line like the rest of us, not to brush past us and to stay 6 feet away from the members who have been waiting in the rain for 30 minutes. It's irritating in an already trying time.

@Mary19514488 Shout out to @Costco Knoxville TN they were organized, and taking every precaution with sanitizing . Plus side all employees were friendly... down side still no TP 😂

@Heilady Dear @Costco , I bought this @NutellaUSA at Costco few yrs ago 2018 & found on the top shelves. It was 2 pack. My nephew used 1 while the other still in the sealed pack. As I opened it last night, the sealed foil was broken. I wanted to exchanged it, but not sure it’s ok.

@sraoldenkamp @pulte Maybe @pulte and @JeffreeStar can use your platform to help people inmune compromised like me. Maybe @Costco ,Sam’s club and other stores can set up a time for us to shop in a safe way. I am not 65 and I don’t look sick but I have 2 autoimmune conditions and Asthma.

@cornel_the @ChampChong @h3h3productions Not everyone wants to shop @Costco. Those people are not breaking any laws. We have gone from millions of people dying to maybe 100k-200k. Is it worth destroying people's livelihoods & families for a virus that has a 1.6% mortality rate? The cure will be worse than the disease.

@Moonlight9508 I wonder if there is a way to know what @Costco got before making a trip down there. A.k.a, do they have the items I need?

@TampaSays Have to give @Costco credit. They are working at keeping those shelves stocked, store disinfected where they are even making people wait limiting who can go in and when u do, already disinfected wiped down carts

@thomasm929 @RoscoeBDavis1 I thought we were getting a great deal because @costco had gas for $1.75 a couple days ago. Haven’t seen those prices since ..........., I don’t remember when. Not worrying about gas now, here in NYC we are not driving to much. Only for necessities, food & meds. #StayHome

@700OLECRAM Remember this used to be considered one slice of pepperoni pizza, not two! @Costco I love you but I think I'm going go to different #pizza spot for a while. If you do reply back, spare me the public relations spin that you may put about #COVID19 and the supply chain. Thank You.

@GerardLan @costco I am very disappointed in Costco for thinking that lining up their customers around the block to wait so that there are only limited people inside is a good idea. It is not. Everyone in the line I saw was packed together like sardines. Of no value whatsoever.

@MyBlingRoom @Onjie777 @SimplyARose @mrsstarr2011 @dorisberriz @Walmart @WinnDixie @Publix @Target @AldiUSA @cvspharmacy @Walgreens @Costco @SamsClub @TraderJoesList So I will NOT be going to @WalmartInc or @Publix if that's the case!!!!

@fidotogo @Citibank is by far the worst bank by not helping anyone and defer payments die to #Corvid19 ! Will NEVER shop at @Costco again because #Costco credit card is through #citibank ! Terrible! They are telling everyone they are working on a plan yet collecting late fees! #scam

@ShreqBoi He’s so great, I feel safe enough not to hoard TP from @Costco like the rest of the democrats...

@kickzjilla There is absolutely no excuse now for large chains to not be fully stocked with Hand Sanitizer, Disinfectant wipes and Toilet Paper...especially @BJsWholesale @Walmart @amazon @SamsClub @Costco @Target

@2Petty2Care @texasauntie10 @MarkerBart @OnlineDetective @jbillinson @RexChapman @Costco Who knew people were going to lose their shit over toilet paper to suddenly require Costco to limit sales? They are a wholesale store after all that supply not only families but business too after all.

@TMirkin @mrsstarr2011 @IncaOrchidLove @dorisberriz @Walmart @WinnDixie @Publix @Target @AldiUSA @cvspharmacy @Walgreens @Costco @SamsClub @TraderJoesList The issue I have is the virus lingers on metals. It's a sticky virus so anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks (I'm not buying 3 weeks & won't get into why right now). Their employees are safe if they're not rotating stock, which there's no need for now, but we the consumer aren't. 2/2

@Qnir The feeble minded simpleton watching me pump gas at @Costco tried to talk to me about how it's all "the media's" fault and the flu kills more but we don't shut down the state for flu.

@Klbonbon @Costco doesn’t even wipe down the keypad that EVERYONE uses to pay at in between customers but I had to stand 10 Feet back. you’re missing the point here. You’re not flattening anything and putting everyone at risk. Do better.

@brianmcbrearty @devlinhartline @KCEsq @businessinsider @Costco There’s so much to like about this. Roman pizza sucks first off. Come at me. And where I live, I’m not sure I couldn’t pull off the same move and at 18 bucks especially. I’d have a line out the door.

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