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@MGREXX01 @badradamson @LarryRush3 @palmettocheese @Costco I think you should learn to write a paragraph, Barb. It's not hard, Barb. SMH!

@LBellNC @Costco Cancel culture has no place in where I shop. SHAME ON YOU. Palmetto cheese has a right to an opinion. Everyone does not have to agree with you. Remember "You have a right to your opinion?" According to Costco, no. Shame. Shame. Shame.

@annonamouse12 @pppatrickford @LisBoyett @Costco Let's not stoop to their level of black and white thinking, thanks.

@AuntMyra See? I sent the story to my man (pardon my visceral reaction) But @Costco not everything has to be political, nor a statement. Nor a bow to mob rule.

@Thogar So @Costco is supposedly enforcing mask wearing, yet this is 1 of 3 employees in the #BatonRouge store either wearing it wrong or not at all. Wish I had pix of the other 2 but this one wanted to start an argument over my picture taking. That's 2 reasons to feel unsafe at #Costco

@BeninCostaMesa2 @Costco do your best not to screw this up.

@barbiennp @LisBoyett @Costco Idiot. Did you not hear about ANY of the 1,00’s of blacks gunned down ? You only heard of these 2 white people? Freakin wake up!!!! ALLLLL LIVES MATTER But Black Lives don’t seem to matter. Glad you’re cheese was pulled. wake up and realize everyone should be treated equally!!!

@forexalfonso @Costco You stopped doing business with Brian Henry for telling the truth so I decided not to shop at your stores

@SnapJag @palmettocheese @Costco I'm not going to Costco anymore then.

@diverpam @NBCNews Thank you, @Costco. I used to like this pimento cheese, but not any more. I will just make my own pimento cheese from here on out.

@liloland3 @Brandy25398516 @palmettocheese @Costco Where do you work? I will Be sure never to use someones products that supports this terrist group. You do not terrorize inocent citizens and get away with it.

@ChristheDunce @Deee_Veline @Brandy25398516 @palmettocheese @Costco Yup and just like that in just one reply you’ve easily proved to me you’re no different than the rest of these bootlicking trumpers I hope you’re not still sad about that account with 300K followers :/

@Timon41575417 @JJohnson92057 @AlleyBluez @palmettocheese @Costco ROFLMFAO that would be stupid AF, every idiot employee that does tjat will just get fired. That shit doesnt work without a union to protect your dumbass. Besides that's a leftwing tactic, its something the right cant do successfully. Just mark it down as a L

@HypocrisyRX @LisBoyett @Costco Awwww boo-hoo no one supports racist fucks anymore. This call for equality is sad & i dont like not being able to Karen with impunity.

@MarkSanchez4ms @palmettocheese @Costco Shame on @Costco for bowing down to #AntifaTerrorists and #BLM THE #TRUMP2020 ARE LARGER AND STRONGER THAN EVER BEFORE. YOU MUST NOT LEAD FROM BEHIND.

@EviemaRee777 @cish59 @NBCNews @palmettocheese @Costco No, it’s my choice not to put a picture on my account. Go back to Facebook Karen here on Twitter you look foolish.

@Pam41225591 @costco stop with the cancel culture! Comments about an organization does not make one a racist! Both black and white people do not support BLM . Black people’s lives matter! This organization does not! Will continue to purchase Palmetto cheese and buy less at your store!

@Brandon27055913 @sperskycity @Costco @SamsClub Dude how to I become as cool as you? You’re the coolest person in the world... boycotting a store because you’re on the wrong side of a racial issue, you are super cool!!

@FciiiMadison @Costco we will not be renewing our membership because of your support for BLM Marxists. I encourage my #MAGA friends to do the same. Stupidity has consequences!

@DonRogersAustin @Costco you had an big fail. People have the right to disagree with radical political views. Yes my right is to not renew my membership and go to Sams. Maybe they will stand for America.

@FrankClavijo6 @costco it’s sad that a company like Costco go along with a Marxist communist organization like blm/antifa I guess the millions of conservatives in this country will find somewhere else to shop #boycottcostco free speech this is America not a Marxist communist country

@Lakecrazy . @palmettocheese is the best (not homemade) pimento cheese ever... I hate that @Costco decided to pull it over OPINION>

@JarafelCO @trojanprincess4 @sperskycity @Costco @SamsClub why are we still labeling by race? we are all immigrants or americans. I came here legally. it took me 4 years. so its a slap to the face when someone does it illegally.i simply buy groceries at good price and cook. my wife and i cook regularly. brands do not matter when you cook

@davidjnemeth @lessofmemoreof @nypost @Costco not a member so i'll find his cheese somewhere else to support him

@1BLKNITE @mamabridgee @angieLovesUSA If so, forget the cheese, time to dump @costco and join Sams. Hate terrorist supporting organizations, hope this was just one store and not corporate.

@BrwnIydgrl @Costco Just to be clear. BLM is a Domestic Terrorist group. Many of your customers believe it. Are you canceling memberships over it? Stop being political & pulling products. People pay your fees to buy the products not your opinions.

@IkeepItRealDoU @palmettocheese @Costco Nobody's perfect and yet racist White folks regardless of their Job title think they're better than Black and Brown people a person can only take so much before they flip out but we're not allowed to show our anger it's always used against us 24/7 rather it's our fault or not

@heighnoon @Costco I am not sure I should shop at COSCO after you have pulled Palmetto Cheese out of COSCO. Brian Henry is absolutely correct Black Lives Matters and ANTIFA are both terrorist organizations. Our leaders are allowing these terrorist to scare and harass and terrorize Americans

@Grams98630006 @LibraryTchr @palmettocheese @Costco They are bowing down to terror

@Itsanewday99 @wailaupoint @JenFrYrEyesOnly @TODAYshow @Costco 😂😂 that's funny. What's not funny is that black Uncle Tom tap dancing chocolate drop you retweeted on your page😂 He's a mess. Y'all only use those black MAGAS to make your party look less racist than it really is. It doesn't work, man.

@taranico2 @USATODAY Never even heard of this, so will continue to not buy and so happy I renewed my @costco card!

@KimMadrigal18 @bababoie @palmettocheese @Costco These idiot BLM thugs need to be taken down. Maybe they should read history and gets some class.

@lengelstad I love it when Anthony goes to @costco and comes home with a treat! #oreo #popcorn #treat #costco

@RVAveteran Grow a set @Costco...and a brain while you're at it. BLM is a terror organization complicit in the deaths of multiple cops & kids. Not to mention their harrassment tactics at restaurants. Costco removes popular cheese after Black Lives Matter controversy

@SentinelZorro So Costco can fund BLM, a clearly stated Marxist organization that wants to tear down the US, but then drops a supplier for having a different view! Hope you can survive with only half your customer base! #Costco @costco #MAGA2020

@LindaRathbun1 @palmettocheese @Costco Wake up Costco. BLM is an extremist group. Their actions show to be Marxist! I will buy my Palmetto cheese at Sams. I will not renew my Costco membership. You have gone too far left!

@mkornegay2 @palmettocheese @Costco You have the best pimento cheese I’ve ever tasted. I hope you stand strong in your principles and do not bow to the left.

@ManFrmYorkshire @Costco BLM are a terrorist organisation. Are you pandering to them so they don't loot and burn down your stores? #palmettocheese

@CapnKen60 @DavidJHarrisJr Dear @costco, we have not had a chance to come cancel our membership once you started the mask crap up. But now, we will be sure to come visit you just to cancel and get OUT. We don't need your SJW help in our lives, thanks.

@davidjnemeth @Tommyd357 @lessofmemoreof @nypost @Costco Yeah, not a fan - i don't use Costco so i would not boycott them - rather just find him somewhere else to support him for speaking truth about Antifa

@LightningMan__ 1. I can just buy it locally 2. Not a member of Costco and will be sure to not join now. 3. Fuck you, @Costco BLM is a terrorist group

@hnicoleyoung3 @aginnt @Barnes_Law Lockdowns only work if everybody is forced 2 wear masks & then funneled into 1 or 2 big places 2 shop like @Walmart & @Costco b/c that's the fastest way 4 maximum disease spread & the quickest path to herd immunity, not that it matters w Covid-19 since it's less deadly than flu.

@JarafelCO @trojanprincess4 @sperskycity @Costco @SamsClub yeah im not going to boycott stores over simple statements made by the owner. costco cost more than sams yet sams has everything I would want. i dont hate trader joes i just dont know what is so great about it. if you can cook well, why would you care about brands?

@GrammaSnit My husband and i went to @Costco last night and DIDN'T WEAR A MASK. We were not asked about it or told to put one on.

@Mike39200844 @nwgoboating @Sundncefn @Costco has finally saved me money. My membership fee. Prices way up, Quality of products way down, their furniture is a joke. I have found other ways to get everything I could get from a warehouse, without membership 💰 or wearing a facial dunce cap 😷. We know where you stand.

@msirignano2 @CaliRN619 @merlins_girl @Costco @palmettocheese Wow!! There’s a new @Costco being built near me that I WAS looking forward to joining. Guess not now!

@rvasquez916 @politicalHEDGE @Costco your job is to sell to the American People, stop supporting a domestic terrorist group #BLM or the PATRIOTS will VOTE you out with our $USD or crash $COST coming soon a website of “American” companies that support domestic terrorists.

@GinLessIsMore @ToastMRK @NBCNews @Costco The point I was making is that it is not a terrorist organization. It’s not a political organization. It’s a social movement/organization. It’s not terrorizing. It’s in response to black people being terrorized.

@minuteman17752 @BillJaynesATL @Costco @Yahoo Then what are you going to chase your Xanax down with?

@arsenault_judy @Thogar @Costco If someone w Covid-19 breathes on you, it's possible to get infected. Not just coughing or sneezing spreads the virus. So wear a mask & wear it the right way...over mouth & nose

@Tristan20333335 @palmettocheese @Costco Lol they are terror groups😂 burning down citys and burning and looting small businesses, costco supports isis to probably

@rvasquez916 @Costco your job is to sell to the American People, stop supporting a domestic terrorist group #BLM or the PATRIOTS will VOTE you out with our $USD or crash $COST coming soon a website of “American” companies that support domestic terrorists.

@TylerBu65370478 @palmettocheese @Costco What fucking bullshit because some butt hurt terrorists if you do not want to ve labeled terrorists blm and antifa quit burning down buildings or assaulting people you idiots

@StanleyRoberts Bet you've never see a @Costco look this empty. This one in Phoenix is shutting down. According to a worker the rent was 2 million a month and they were barely breaking even. Then the landlord wanted to raise the rent and #Costco called it quits. #costcoclosing


@jt_tiger What has #BLM done with any $$$ raised through their efforts? Has any $$ gone to inner city neighborhoods? @ScottPresler has cleaned up more then #BLM Is a front for the @DNC @Costco should provide a service not a political agenda

@LoneStarLiz87 NO ONE makes a better pumpkin pie than @Costco . Not your grandma, not your dad, not your neighborhood bakery, not you. No. One. I would tell y'all to go buy one NOW, but there won't be any left after I'm there. Sorry suckers.

@EscapedFromLA2 @Costco We want our pimento cheese... financial retaliation for voicing the truth does not sit well with American people ... stick to retail Costco #GoWokeGoBroke eventually it will catch up with you.

@trojanprincess4 @Sunnyandbright2 @enduringdark1 @sperskycity @Costco @SamsClub Yup, from USC. She did not voluntarily give it back...she HAD to. That family is a low life band of trailer trash...with money.

@ZenMonkey77 @palmettocheese @Costco 🤔 Just a friendly warning. Those BLM and Antifa trash cats you’re bowing down to don’t have jobs. Those of us that do aren’t buying from places that bend the knee to the mob. 🤷‍♂️ We don’t support cowards. 🇺🇸 #Trump2020LandslideVictory

@Cariann50066926 @jimbopusher @palmettocheese @Costco Well, that comeback was even dumber than the first one. You're not very good at this, hon. Maybe work on your insult skills a bit and then come back to me.

@BlueDaffodil3 I want to shop at your stores, not buy your politics. Your obligation is to your members and politics should be left out of business. @Costco I have been an executive member for several years. I do not approve of your removal of @palmettocheese Be a store, not an activist.

@JerryAvalos7 @palmettocheese founder and leftist @brianhenry called it spot on, BLM is a terrorist organization, that is indisputable. @Costco is too woke to accept the truth. Still buying the cheese, but not at Costco.

@korn01us @mikewickett @Costco I also think that they are not wet enough. You need some viscosity to wipe that poo. Bought costco one and went to huggies immediately after that.

@BorisOPopov And the hoards of people found in @Costco on the daily basis is not a problem? (@JohnTory) - @CP24 Toronto considering additional restrictions to curb spread of COVID-19, including early closure of bars. via @GoogleNews

@Timon41575417 @TlHill1963 @palmettocheese @Costco Okay that's a little farfetched but it woyld be a good idea to erase black and white from the dictionary and not use made up racial categories made by the US census. Morgan Freeman talks about this along with why we shouldnt celebrate black history month.

@IkeepItRealDoU @palmettocheese @Costco Because they allowed White folks to join the BLM Movement it became about racism towards White cops and destroying businesses and the City that's not making a difference or getting a message across these White folks infiltrated the BLM Movement and destroyed it from the inside

@TravelerA5 @CaliRN619 @Costco @palmettocheese Whole family cut their cards up after church on Sunday, costco's dead to patriotic American Families. Palmetto will thrive, not all businesses sacrifice Integrity, ethic for Blm/Naacp/Dnc. Matter of fact standing up for Truth's very rare trait. One Costco doesn't have.

@LeeLeeSt1 @LisBoyett @Costco I’m sure you can drive down to the Piggly Wiggly and buy your travesty of a dairy product.

@IkeepItRealDoU @palmettocheese @Costco The BLM Movement allowing White folks to be apart of it only shows a sign of weakness and lack of understanding that it's not just racist White cops that's doing this to us but White folks in general Karen's & Ken's trigger happy White folks and Jobs so technically BLM is a Joke

@vcjacobs01 @costco I ordered #graber window treatments & have many issues w/the quality of the products & the service I've received. I've called 5 times & sent 4 emails asking for resolution. I'm told my issue is escalated to mgmt, but I haven't heard back. Is this typical customer service?

@CayeWin @LisBoyett @jhonjamesyolo @Costco Palmetto cheese is amazing and I will continue to buy it, just not from Costco...Brian Henry is entitled to his opinion and it is an opinion that MANY, MANY share!

@Puckjunky @LisBoyett @Costco So , fun fact, the local paper in Georgetown county interviewed some residents about Henry’s comments. They agreed his comments were wrong but all interviewed refused to give their names “in fear of retribution “ So,maybe not so wrong? #palmettocheese

@vvega57 @palmettocheese @Costco I agreed with cheese company. And I buy it from Costco. Not got back to Costco.

@Boozy_Flamingo @TinPhx @realryanpro @Costco I asked in either March or April and the lady I talked to said it might not be back. I know it's just a pizza, but damn was it the best $10 spent.

@david_spum @RouterGray @JezzicaBe @LisBoyett @JaneDoe87401 @Costco Actually Goya products are not selling overstock is going to discount grocery outlets 🤣🤣🤣

@KKM6 @Costco guess it’s the me not to renew my membership and boycott you. what business do you have pulling palmetto cheese products. The BLM IS A TERROIST ORG. They are Marxist’s who want destroy the US.

@PattyGodschild @palmettocheese @Costco Costco now on my bad list. Why do we have to support dangerous organizations to prove we value black people !! If you riot, burn things down and kill people you are behaving like terrorists. COSTCO WE DONT SUPPORT THIS

@warrenpacific @LisBoyett @Costco BLM is a terrorist organization on many. Now they are financial terrorists harming American companies that refuse to bow down to their selective outrage and twisted political ideology. They are self-proclaimed Marxists for crying out loud. Wake up America! #susanrosenberg

@rogermeli @Costco I ordered a fridge in the last promotion. The order went through and then Monday an e-mail just said that there was an error and my order was cancelled. I was told it was a system error and to reorder the fridge. I can't as it is out of stock. Not very good service.

@wrightbrandon7 @mambomilly @DailyCaller @Costco So basically what you’re saying is that all Black people are terrorist in America is that what you’re saying because let’s go back and look what white Americans have done to Black people over the last 40 years that’s not considered terrorism

@RouterGray @JezzicaBe @LisBoyett @JaneDoe87401 @Costco Not to mention I imagine Goya gained permanent repeat customers.

@MarshaKita @Costco I have been a member for over 20 years and am cancelling my membership due to your wokeness with BLM and antifa. You do not represent me and are not allowing a difference of opinion. Please explain where the money you have donated to BLM has gone. Very disappointed

@Paul89039746 @Costco #cancelcostco Just cancelled my membership, I want my @palmettocheese and I want Costco to not tacitly support violence, only when my demands are met will I patronize your business again.

@TrinityInternat Did you know? We're not just online! You can find a variety of our products in stores like @costco, @homedepot, and @NorthernTool! Just call or visit your local store to check stock! Plus look for our products online at @wayfair, @overstock, @lowes, and @Macys!

@JimH18 @NBCNews @Costco thank you for letting me know which cheese to buy!! I will never set foot in your buildings again!!! The owner is 100000% correct, #blm is a terrorist organization!!! #BLMBurnLootMurder RIOTING, LOOTING, BURNING BUILDINGS DOWN, ATTACKING WHITE PEOPLE, THREATENING MORE!

@suhasthegame46 If you even think this kind of pandering to the terrorists is going to get you more customers, it really won't @Costco. Instead, all your sales will go down. Enjoy while it lasts. #boycottcostco

@trojanprincess4 @JarafelCO @sperskycity @Costco @SamsClub We were protesting beliefs, discrimination and war. We are turning on each other in distrust and hate. buying power is all I will use, and I have stopped support of all charities that do not directly support my fellow Hispanics. Someone has to stick up for them.

@IkeepItRealDoU @palmettocheese @Costco We've overcome all the things that racist White folks have thrown at us and we're tired of all of this it's not asking too much to be left alone for good but they're bullies and their hatred that turned into jealousy is what's fueling their racism towards Black and Brown

@darthslotr @MartyDavis @raquelsvn05 @NBCNews @Costco That's not the point they're trying to make... the point is... nobody cares that you're a 30 year executive member. Stop trying to boost your own ego.

@SuiJenkins @Costco Go to Fox News & look at BLM & Antifa in KY. Already there are fires, destruction, riots, violence & a policeman shot. You support THIS, but not the owner of PALMETTO? Who is running Costco? All these many years I have shopped with & supported you.

@IkeepItRealDoU @themperrys @Brandy25398516 @palmettocheese @Costco You do realize that supporting a company that shows racism towards an entire race puts you in the same category they're in? So I'm not surprised that you would continue to purchase this product because you're White

@dillonangus @costco 1 inappropriate post from one leader is not sufficient to brake away our pimiento cheese. Suppose I'll have to shop @kroger for a while.

@michaelc3827 @dwgarner09 @EventHorizon821 @palmettocheese @Costco Love Walmart stock too! If a cheese company’s political views steer you to Walmart/Sam’s club... odd but more power to you. I guarantee you every major retailer will shut that shit down quick. It’s simply not good business.

@IkeepItRealDoU @palmettocheese @Costco The Black Lives Matter Movement would have been fine with just only Black and Brown people marching and protesting against police brutality wrongful arrests police officers harassing and killing Black and Brown people it's happening to us not White so why let White folks join in

@ermother @Costco Put 'Palmetto Cheese' back. Don't back violent extortionists. Remember, Patrice Cullors, co-founder of BLM to old commie 'We're trained Marxists'. All over USA, BLM leaders hv said, in interviews, 'Gv us everything we want, or we burn this sh.t down". DOMESTIC TERRORISTS!

@2catsLily @tierneyduo @BlmTogether @Costco But they're not. They only think they are. I am ALL FOR BLACK LIVES and EQUALITY, but not antifa, BLM, or any other group using terrorism to subvert freedom. Dig deeper on BLM- they are not supportive of black lives! People are starting to see that.

@HaggBrenda @costco I have been bragging on how safe it is to shop in your store but today a lady was allowed in to s Poo p and jut pulled her t shirt up when anyone was not looking. Checkout people saw...ugh.

@nick_dedvukaj @Brandy25398516 @palmettocheese @Costco I will buy it now , america will not bow down to terrorists

@dont_atmebro @LisBoyett @Costco The founder of Costco has never hidden his political views. You have every right to stop using the service but it isn't any kind of surprise that they pulled this product. If you own a business that depends on another business for your sales, do not get political.

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