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Published by Cbc 7 months ago

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@Therese53277728 @CBC Not one answer so option to travel back and forth to the past and future also.I’ll need the time machine. Go back in time to make sure that no one does or thinks anything evil and no one leaves EDEN ( Paradise) and that way all problems are solved. Planet Paradise is perfect!

@Diary_Ka No news is NOT good news, especially now in #Iran! Near-total internet shutdown passed the four-day mark @netblocks @CBC @fitz_meagan Per @UNHumanRights, respect the right to freedom of expression for Iranians! #Internet4Iran #IranProtests

@pbergeron01 @CBC Sandra Bernhard. Not that she is an actress nor would I ever sit to watch voluntarily a movie knowing that she is in it , but she is the first name that came up, gotta mean something !

@CalvinSwine905 @TheAgenda @PnPCBC @CBC @TorontoStar It was a sarcastic comment. I’m not interested in anything #JWR has to say. I’ve heard enough of her self serving saga. Do you also have interviews with #GeraldButts, the President of #SNCLAVALIN or #MichaelWernick? I’d be interested in those. #cdnpoli #onpoli #Ontario #Toronto

@steeltow @bigGiniroquois @cbcmarketplace @CBC @davidcommon Have you ever been in the position of having to care for a loved one with Dementia? Many times it's not doable at home or by family. Our mom just passed after a many years battle with this disease, we tried but it was to much. Unless you've been there please don't judge.

@FancyTitleHere @jean_yoon @KimsConvenience @CBC I’m going to need to buy a bigger antenna aren’t I? (Grumbles that Fios does not include CDN TV stations but cable does). I can almost see Canada from my house!

@elspence333 Why hasn't the @DNC @SpeakerPelosi and @RepAdamSchiff called for @POTUS to resign ? Rhetorical question. No such call because Dems have no case n lost public's confidence in inquiry stage. Question is why should the process continue when the facts are not there ? Cc @CBC @PnPCBC

@bb46bb @HeartlandOnCBC @CBC @TheRealShaunJ My biggest fear is you will end Heartland after Friday hour end of season 13. It like the hand writing is on the wall with the Limited episodes. Not sure what would cause you to end a show as great as Heartland. The only thing is loosing your actors ( TY or Amy). We can hope

@Trottier87A @SucksXplornet @CCTS_CPRST @BernJordanMP @Bill_Morneau @JustinTrudeau @APLenehan @EORN_CA @ISCC_Canada @KE_Watson @ciranews @CanadianIGF @RuralLiv @MobileSyrup @CBC @natnewswatch @kady @cbcmarketplace Agreed. I just got an email from them. It starts out by saying thanks to me for being so loyal. Then it says it's increasing my monthly fees again... Seriously up yours @Xplornet! I'm NOT a loyal customer, I just don't have a choice! And thanks for making me pay more for crap!

@Level_PFAgency Check this out! Great to see young people speaking out and breaking down stereotypes on the show RED BUTTON. Thanks, @CBC! “Each episode focuses on one young person who gives us an unflinchingly honest portrayal of their life.”

@KTTampa @RoseHusbands @SchittsCreek @CBC Agree, not sure I can take much more but so much more to come.

@clemoreo @CBC Liver and onions! Not possible to like.

@meenawong1 1) I read 4 CBC reports on #HongKong protests. It’s frustrating to see the biased reporting on violence done by HK protesters but not once on Hong Kong police brutality against protesters, who beat up, sexually abused protesters [email protected] #cdnpoli #HongKongProtest #HumanRights

@JuliaGreaven @ABC @BBC @CBC @CBS @CNN @CTV @MTV @nbc @PBS and as an afterthought, that I tweeted this thread on a Friday at 17h ET is not lost on me, but I'm hoping the organizations I tagged in the above tweet won't use that as an excuse to ignore me. Regardless, I wish you all a nice weekend!

@Kenzia91 @CBC @hockeynight Don't agree with a lot of what Cherry has said over the years. But. Everyone does deserve the right to clarify/defend their statements. No matter how bad they are. They may have been misinterpreted or they may not have been. But they do deserve a chance to defend themselves.

@BradGGallant @NotYourMascot @Nike @NFL @CBC Was willing to come to DC to show but @cpsgwu #ATTcenter did not respond to my request to work together, nor did they check out the video. @SmithsonianNMAI @NCAI1944 @MikeWiseguy @RebrandWF

@SP19hockey @danimal_ca @MikeDalmedo @isles589 @Sportsnet @TSNHockey @CBC @TheFourthPeriod @Canoe @NYIslanders @IslesWhiteSUV @91Butch @ehornick I played in northern Ontario up in logging country as a teenager. Many Isles fans in Canada back then too. I’m not talking about catering to us, just one article on a great developing story to NOT be buried scrolling down their website, once…just once?

@festa_bianchet On @CBC this morning, doctor interviewed on 'superbugs' said that 'bacteria sense antibiotic and mutate to resist it". Perhaps talk to an evolutionary biologist next time? Part of the issue here is how doctors are trained! #evolution

@McNaughtonBill @CBC Want to say tofu but not sure it is actually food.

@glassbookshop Sending HUGE congrats to our pal @a_pirmohamed on winning the 2019 @CBC Poetry Prize! We’re thrilled! If you’re in #yeg and you want more of Alycia’s poetry, run down to the shop; we‘ve got copies of FACES THAT FLED THE WIND ready and waiting! @cbcbooks @CanadaCouncil @ECCMALL

@SolmesPeter @manny_ottawa @CBC There isn't one, they're all lefties! The "swamp" is just as prominent in Ottawa as it is in the U.S. Trump is not one of THEM, they perceive him as a threat, especially when you threaten to "drain the swamp"! Civil war is not impossible!

@DaleFerriere Public trust in institutional media @CNN @MSNBC @CBSNews @NBCNews @ABC @PBS @CBC @CTV is at ZERO. But, instead of addressing this reality, because of media's arrogant leadership they'll continue to double-down with their BULLSHIT they insist is "objective."

@Deceptiquan1 @CBC not a food but IPA beer, that stuff is disgusting to drink

@screaminggogogo @SchittsCreek @CBC 🥺🥺🥺 I thought I was emotionally prepared for this show to end but maybe not

@merkyywaters I got a placement with @CBC in their CAPE program. I'm working in the Unscripted department with the Digital team and it allows me to use my writing and research skills, while also getting to learn from everyone around me and get to network #EmployableMe🇨🇦

@TheSGEM @kenjaques @DugaldSeely @DrAndyHolt @LyndaBalneaves @picardonhealth @CBC @CBCAdrianH @LucyvanOlden @CaulfieldTim @gorskon I appreciate your point of view. Science will always be incomplete. This does not convince me as a clinician to use placebos. I try very hard to educate patients as best possible.

@Alboucha1 @CBC Maybe not ao much of a “pretend to like” kinda thing but Montreal smoked meat is highly over rated.

@RoseHusbands @KTTampa @SchittsCreek @CBC I know. My eyes are so puffy. This needs to stop, but not.

@JimGinter @bader_diedrich @SchittsCreek @_schittscreek_ @CBC I could not agree more. I am not ready to say farewell to these odd and amazing people.

@abinksma @carland27488094 @JustinTrudeau @HarjitSajjan @CBC @CTV @globalnews Someone in Canada needs to show some leadership and reporting on this important issue. If US fighter pilots are encountering these vehicles so are Canadian Military pilots. Perhaps it’s time to start interviewing our pilots.

@MetroBunnyMtl Why is it that the Cdn govt can force CN workers back to work, but forcing CN to better their work standards (& raise pay, tbh) is not even an option mentioned (at least it wasn't on @CBC)? @JustinTrudeau and co., explain to a poor pleb please. #CNstrike

@amberdragun1 @megandherbooks I really enjoy reading the short lists. I'm not able to read all the shortlists. So I make sure that the #canadareads by @CBC shortlist gets done at least. Even better if I can get it done before the debates on the books begin. As for non fiction I loved consider the fork.

@TheSGEM @gorskon @DrAndyHolt @DugaldSeely @LyndaBalneaves @kenjaques @picardonhealth @CBC @CBCAdrianH @LucyvanOlden @CaulfieldTim More comfortable taking a stronger position on homeopathy. Easier to defend a position that it does not work beyond placebo. Not all pseudoscience is the same. Each must be evaluated individually for its validity.

@wolfycan Sondland is not prepared to make "presumptions" and nor to " characterize" the @POTUS statements, orders or motives , IMO. As such, @CBC and press and other networks should not jump to any conclusions or judgements if Sondland not explicit ON RECORD. SONDLAND 🙊🙉🙈 EQUIVOCATES

@TheSGEM @gorskon @DrAndyHolt @DugaldSeely @LyndaBalneaves @kenjaques @picardonhealth @CBC @CBCAdrianH @LucyvanOlden @CaulfieldTim I agree with this but try to be cautious not to claim something does not work. Then I have the burden. I’m fine stating there is no good evidence for #acupuncture and cannot recommend its use.

@treepeasstudio @danjlevy @SchittsCreek @CBC @PopTV No! I do NOT want this to eeeeeennnnnddddddddd!!!!!!!!!

@RobinMCouch About to go under the knive you make me so freaking mad you lazy lawless Senators not looking out for the folk in the UNITED States The Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act Law @CBCInstitute @CBCIndigenous @CBCFInc @CBC

@bsbllnbkns @thalia_m1 @SchittsCreek @CBC @MiserableSDFan I’m not ready for it to end 😭

@unionwill I wonder when the @CBC and other mainstream media outlets will start talking about how long hours for train crews and unsafe conditions are not only a threat to those crews but also the public at large? #cdnpoli #canlab

@SM20158757 @AndrewScheer Thank You Mr.Scheer. We are so unfortunate to not have you as our PM. #FreeIran #Internet4Iran #IranProtests #IranRegimeChange #IraniansWantRegimeChange @CBC @CNN @CP24 @FoxNews @realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @PahlaviReza

@garykam8 @CBC i pretend to like cbc !NOT!

@Bellx59 @stevewoodYYC @CBCNews @CBCQueensPark @CBC Your clearly not worth the conversation. Go back to your moms basement.

@limadastar @CBC And Twitter wonders why the platform is toxic. (Shame @CBC - your tagline says Bringing you the best of Canada - this is our best?) Why can't we discuss what actor/actress immediately makes us want to see a movie, whether you'd normally be interested in it or not?

@jcrjohnson @CBC If you made a rom-com starring Dane Cook and Amy Schumer... I would borrow money from a mobbed-up loanshark to pay not to see it.

@eightysix_____ @CBC @CBCNews 1 down, 395,928,492,949 left to go.

@katinthehat444 Is Vassy not required to use proper style in addressing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? @PnPCBC @CBCCanada @CBCNews @CBC @VassyKapelos @AmyCastlecbc

@nspector4 Arriving Ministers have obviously been instructed not to reveal their portfolios--so first hour of @CBC broadcast from Rideau Hall should be a paid political announcement! #cdnpoli #cdnmedia

@AnnaAmyHo @huq_tanya @CBC @CAFDN @TorontoCAS Thanks Tanya! Not possible without the team at CAFC and CAST! Looking forward to hearing about the changes on the ground!

@CoachFitzGerald @CBC I could not care less about Impeachment hearings. Please, more focus on Canadians and Canadian stories. There is plenty to discuss and bring to light.

@MikeDalmedo @danimal_ca @isles589 @SP19hockey @Sportsnet @TSNHockey @CBC @TheFourthPeriod @Canoe @NYIslanders @IslesWhiteSUV @91Butch @ehornick So are you saying that the Sportsnet site does not cater to Canadian viewers or are we agreeing with each other. 😂

@FlyingZebro @CBC not sure who is in charge of the CBC Gem app, but please turn the volume of The National up and the ad and "We'll be right back" screens down, the ads breaks are so loud in comparison and annoying to always have to turn down or mute. I don't mind ads, they're just so loud!

@CanadaIsMyHome1 Hey @albertateachers I’m listening to @CBC and they are talking about the sub list being so long with the layoffs. Why not stop retired teachers who are on pension from subbing. This makes it harder for new teachers and retired teachers are so out of touch with technology.

@DrAndyHolt @LyndaBalneaves @kenjaques @DugaldSeely @picardonhealth @CBC @CBCAdrianH @LucyvanOlden @CaulfieldTim @gorskon You seem to misunderstand. It is not that there is no evidence. There is plenty of evidence, and the evidence is crystal clear that acupuncture is a theatrical placebo. Further research not required. This is a colossal waste of money.

@Lindalag1 @cbcmarketplace @CBC @davidcommon No way should families be banned.They have the right to speak up when their are issues,I did even if they did not like it.Someone needs to watch over some of the employees when they do not do a good job.These seniors pay a lot of money to live there so take good care of them!!

@Lindalag1 @bigGiniroquois @cbcmarketplace @CBC @davidcommon They do NOT make minimum wage!Some do very little work are there ONLY for pay check,FACT not to be caring and helpful.Taking one in your home if you work and do not have proper equipment then it can be challenging so easier SAID than doable.

@NJeanbeih4 Dear @netflix @CBC @nbc @hbo and everyone else trying to create a streaming service.. we’re not paying for all of these.. work it out 🙂

@shahnazfarzaneh Viva #MEK_Resistance_Units in #Iran fighting against tyrant #Iran regime. #IranProtests continues strong, brave people of Iran will not rest till they topple the dictator, bring democracy to Iran & put an end to the world #Terrorism led by Mullhas. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

@AmySalloway @SchittsCreek @CBC Theory: Notice that no one is actually trying to TIE David's tie; they're just smoothing it down. This is b/c the tie is concealing a fatal gunshot wound from a pre-wedding bullet fired by crazed & jealous Sebastien Rains. These clips = David's glowing journey into the afterlife.

@cinzabear @bigGiniroquois @cbcmarketplace @CBC @davidcommon Because the attitude and expectation in this country is to work, unless you have the means to look after a family member independent from government aid. I know someone who takes care of his disabled parents in another country and it's not easy on him.

@lovestowe @DiggstownCBC @CBCTelevision @CBC Loved S1 but sadly won&t be able to see S2. Not being carried by my cable company😞

@zengarden17 @AnnaAmyHo @CBC @CAFDN @TorontoCAS I read this piece this morning. We have over the yrs worked with students who are Crown wards. Our staff has experience in working with students who have been put into precarious situations that were not of their making. Good to see these changes for #childwelfare.

@perfectrose2011 @jennjilks @NightShiftMD @UHN @CMAJ @CBC In Vancouver, the vaping company had a huge ad in a few transit areas and the public objected so strongly earlier this year within a week of them going up, they had to be removed. None since. We do not need markets selling the products either.

@MedicalConfiden @WHO study warns of risk of obesity & cardiovascular diseases due to most of the world's teens not getting enough exercise. But what about Mental Health? Many studies link physical activity to mental health! | #mentalhealth #adolescents @CBC

@SamSense United Auto Workers president steps down amid bribery lawsuit, federal probe | CBC News ⁦@UAW⁩ ⁦@Trevornoah⁩ ⁦@ChrisCuomo⁩ ⁦@AC360⁩ ⁦@TheDemocrats⁩ ⁦@SenateDems⁩ ⁦@HouseDemocrats⁩ ⁦@CBC⁩ ⁦@CBCNews⁩

@NigelProtter @CBCCanada Headlining that Notley is “not ready” to apologize against her will is 'splaining her to change her mind. WTF are you doing here @CBC?

@AnnaAmyHo @brandonrgsmith @CBC @CAFDN @TorontoCAS Thanks Brandon! So much work to do, not stopping here! Looking forward to seeing the evaluations/outcomes.

@Diary_Ka With the internet shutdown in #Iran passing 120 hours, we heard/saw very little of peaceful protests (they were all cracked down) See a protester handing flowers to riot police @CBC @globeandmail @lauralynchcbc @ZulekhaNathoo @CBCTashauna @IoannaCBC @BetsyTrumpener @cbcErica

@oriolsalvador @CBC Nothing against the man, but him in a movie, specially recent is guarantee that is going to be action-packed boring non-sense. It has an audience, just not for me.

@TheSGEM @DrAndyHolt @gorskon @DugaldSeely @LyndaBalneaves @kenjaques @picardonhealth @CBC @CBCAdrianH @LucyvanOlden @CaulfieldTim Each claim would need to be demonstrated. I agree there is a lack of evidence supporting the pathophysiologic explanation for #acupuncture. Lack of know mechanism does not mean it can’t be investigated. To date, the burden of proof for efficacy has not been met IMO.

@AxtoxthexO @CBCNews I am mortified that in #Vaping channels people are saying: "Hey did you hear that story out of #Canada about #popcornlung?" How embarassing – & then I find out that that this disinformation is from the @CBC ?! I am not going to sit idle while this #fearmongering infiltrates here.

@DPrairies Just look at the deceitful @CBCNews, eh? @jkenney is NOT a separatist, but the @CBC will be sure to frame it that way. #Propaganda #cdnpoli

@censorwatcher @NigelProtter @CBCCanada @CBC Free speech does not mean freedom from consequences. If she wants back in then tell her to learn how decorum works.

@MikeDalmedo @isles589 @SP19hockey @Sportsnet @TSNHockey @CBC @TheFourthPeriod @Canoe @NYIslanders @IslesWhiteSUV @91Butch @ehornick They are there to cover Canadian teams, not cover the whole NHL. They are covering teams to drive more viewership and revenue. That is the sole purpose for their site.

@NotSoSuper_Dave Hundreds of words, and only bring up the cause of the issue one time? That's really irresponsible @CBC.... I'm really trying to be calm because I get your worried about kids, but the more I read, the more I realize that a law suit is the only way to get you to report the truth...

@platinumbgurl @SchittsCreek @CBC This is just an emotional moment between Alexis and Moira. They've come so far from mom not knowing her daughter's middle name to just being so happy together.

@LarryON94044996 @manny_ottawa @CBC The Canadian Bullshit & Crap network should be spending less time trying to berate Trump and more time looking into the crooked, dancing fool ,Mr Dress up.The political arm of the Liberals are embarrassment they are certainly not journalists.

@ghostcorr @CBC, not sure who I reach out to for a story, but I think I may have one about @TD_Canada and @TD_DirectInvest. Has to do with a leak of personal information (according to the CRA) and what they're "doing" about it.

@jakern41 @CBC There are so many opportunities to be nice, why promote this? Just meant for people to bash people they may not like. Do better please CBC

@Flagpole_Canada @kapboy59 @CBC @CBCSask It's not to keep them cold. The opposite. It's to keep them warm enough to not freeze. The water is *warmer* than the air.

@CMacQuar @KirkwoodLab @AlbrechtS_H @festa_bianchet @CBC sigh, not "+ to a med degree" I meant "= to a med degree". Dang shift key let me down,

@AmySalloway @SchittsCreek @CBC Theory #2: It isn't anyone's goal to tie the bow tie. Moira learned in Bosnia that it's a traditional wedding day ritual for love & long life to smooth down a groom's untied bow tie 72 times. We've still got 65 smoothings to go.

@deBeauxOs1 I stopped listening to @CBC, switched to @iciottgat in 2005 for @AnyckBeraud's Katrina coverage and never went back. Radio-Canada offers more diversity, and more genuine journalism. Never dumbs down content for its listeners.

@saguenay_xpat @CBC I'm not a fussy eater (really I'm not) but I can't wrap my head around goat cheese, mussels and blood pudding (the last one bringing memories of me locking myself in my room as a kid just to avoid the smell)

@WatTyler5 @CBCTheHouse Not highlighting politicians who speak out against #War or #ClimateCrisis or #Genocide of #Indigenous People - but rather those who make no waves, who 'work cooperatively' to ensure the status quo remains. Exactly what we have come to expect from @cbc #cdnpoli

@MonicaFibonacci @JohnAll63815927 @Aberhan1 @MarkMe60 @JohnMorelli_BC @JustinSchafer1 @BrentDgls @lassiter1550 @trains72 @pacopilbakalao @Blueyes9445 @vesnalaurie8 @Canadian_Chris_ @HaveWeAllGoneM1 @NewImproved9 @jay_slatter @daveb2561 @AsuAdanac @defiantcanuck @FriendsOScience @rossw04 @Danbalkwill1 @Canadian_logic_ @IsExtortion @RRidley11 @LDawg05 @phil_rack @kstokesvies @SusanIverach @muchmore2cents @lambert_pp @leighgt @JIsaacsonV2 @laShawner951 @nemo_gratis @FayMary3 @jacksurfs204 @UpKeeks @molly6342 @Mim19561 @ThedeplorableM @CascadeTessa @DawsonMdhoust @pipeoutlaw @heathrodgirs @Ta_davy @Kenster0007 @elijahfire8 @DRottiemom @geoff_perry @CBC is going out of their way to justify #massmigration of #Muslims to Canada. 30% of them identify themselves as MUSLIMS, not as Canadians. #Islam is inherently incompatible with #CanadianValues.

@RizgarKurdstan 2-Human rights encompass a wide variety of rights, including but not limited to the right to a fair trial, protection of physical integrity, protection against enslavement, the right to free speech & the right to education. @CBC @BBC @CNN @AFP @EU @HRW @StateDept @StateDept

@kingston_guy Just read a story on @CBC about a cafe owner in Calgary that wanted work done to her store and two contractors took her money and did nothing. Sub contractors were not paid, work was so bad it had to be done again, materials were not purchased. Wonder if @Make_It_Right could help

@Ravensandcrows3 Has @cbc been hacked by a 14 yr old Reddit user?!? If not, who ever is tweeting/asking these nasty questions needs to be moved to a different job folks! @CBCNews

@TheSGEM @gorskon @DugaldSeely @DrAndyHolt @LyndaBalneaves @kenjaques @picardonhealth @CBC @CBCAdrianH @LucyvanOlden @CaulfieldTim I hear you but do not want to shift the burden of proof. My position is that I’m not convinced #acupuncture does work. I’m more comfortable taking a stronger position on homeopathy.

@kapboy59 @CBC @CBCSask Not to rain on your parade, but how many people need to cool their drinks down in the freezing temperatures? Could you not just leave them out? Or use that newfangled device - the cooler? But cool idea, though.

@LyndaBalneaves @TheSGEM @DugaldSeely @DrAndyHolt @kenjaques @picardonhealth @CBC @CBCAdrianH @LucyvanOlden @CaulfieldTim @gorskon Thanks, but this study, funded by PCORI, is not focused on acute pain in the emergency room but in preventing and acting as adjunct to other pain meds in cancer patients.

@ShawnEldridge5 @HeartlandOnCBC @CBC @TheRealShaunJ 😱 wow it's 8:59 and that means heartland will be coming on very soon. I have to get off so I can watch heartland. I do not miss any episodes and I will not miss any.

@ExclusiveOrGate @allantaylor @CBC 😋 I love butter tarts. But not those big stupid ones, they have to be smaller with a thin shell.

@MiserableSDFan @babsdad @thalia_m1 @bsbllnbkns @SchittsCreek @CBC Look, between SDSU/Austin Hedges slander I have next to no time for anything these days. Not to mention these GD birthing classes n shit. I went to a 3 hour breastfeeding class last night.... THREE HOURS! 😂😂

@cbcdragon All season we’ve been trying to get you to tune in at 9pm! Not tonight though. There will be no plea for you to watch at 9… no, tonight we’re trying to get you to tune in at 8. NEW DRAGONS' DEN AT A SPECIAL TIME: 8pm on @CBC! And tonight is our #cbcdragonsden 2hr season finale!

@VoiceOfCanada4 @JohnnieOil @mvbenter @j_mcelroy @TorgHacker @CBC Their revenue continues to go down because advertising is based off of viewership. No viewers no add revenue haha. They are a failed experiment that needs to go. Along with every other failed government program. I hate when ppl conflate $ with results.

@esarkis_ "[Vice-provost] Welsh would not say how long the current waiting list for therapy is." Great to see @CBC reporting on this.

@SaulWil38085758 @wtbrayer @cbcnewsbc @CBCVancouver @CBC Hey @CBC why are you so Liberal/democratically biased with news Coverage and stories? And why do you not respond to your Ombudsman? Can you explain please?! #canpoli #cndpoli #ombudsman

@GeorgeJacoby1 @CJPME @CBC @JustinTrudeau Congrats on helping Cda remain true to its policy of supporting a 2 SS of Israel and Palestine and an end of conflict ocupation which these realms at UN aim at and wild not be necessary if they were implemented. Israel lobby wrong in saying Cdn vote demeans Israel enables AS.

@_kathleen_erin @SchittsCreek @CBC OKAY I NEED TO KNOW IF A DOUBLE WEDDING IS COMING BECAUSE THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH TISSUES IN THE WORLD (also need to know what Moira will be wearing)👏🏻💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

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