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@JSiculli @KathrynMathias1 @suepeac @ruthmkb @MaryFernando_ @DianeMariePosts @JaroGiesbrecht @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC I am unsure why JP Tasker and Kapelos are not saying the true problems with this weekend's protests which is that most of those people who are anti-mask are conservatives and they are leading to a second wave.

@mylesecon @jengerson @TheaCanada @CBC lol, so it’s down to Steven Guibeault then! Lolz

@PaulCormack @nicolebrockbank @CBCNews I would be willing to bet that there is nothing controversial in those letters and that this is more about @fordnation digging in so as to not lose a court case to the @CBC

@KidOkanagan @CandiceMalcolm @gartho73 @TrueNorthCentre Of course they did I have to look at the reporters/anchors/columnists involved the real criminals NOT the @CBC. Those gossip hags need to stand trial RIGHT BESIDE that Criminal Org infesting the PMO. Hmm, I wonder if they can be charged w/ Criminal Conspiracy after the fact

@JaroGiesbrecht @GeoffyPJohnston @MaryFernando_ @DianeMariePosts @PoliticalCupid @ruthmkb @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC @cbctom @carolyndunncbc @CBCRaffy @CBCAdrianH In the PNP video Vassy said the PM was clear he wasnt going to talk with opposition. This was not true. The PM said he was engaging with opposition. Here is the PM in the pressor this morning.

@Ohkwari2 @cadria04 @MaryFernando_ @DianeMariePosts @ruthmkb @JaroGiesbrecht @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC There appears to be a narrative that there are "alternative facts". There's not. There are facts. One does not agree or disagree with the NEWS. This is b/c it should be delivered in an unbiased manner. If it's not, then it's classified as commentary & needs to be labeled as such.

@FinsUpSailor @CBC @cbcasithappens Tell us to wear a mask, what news to watch, not to eat meat, hate Trump, love Trudeau, what to wear and now when to bath yourself. How about take your mommy complex and F right off!

@queen_station @manysteaks @CBC @CBCNews It’s not about being divided| It is about staying alive|US COVID #s are DANGEROUS|My healthy 32 year old niece died in TX in Apr to COVID|My brother could not even bury his daughter|It‘s hit us harder now|Plus, they encourage civil unrest|Soon CERB ends, everyone needs to work ✌️

@kimaenglish @collegeofnurses You’ve not provided one email about this to members!! We learned of this breach from either @RNAO or @CBC that is unacceptable.

@WordsandGuitar Attention: @GlobeandMail, @TorontoStar, @NationalPost @CBC - Here's that document you seem to have not been able to Google search when you were actively denying the genocide of my sisters to all of Canada!! I know it was probably so hard to type it into the search bar.

@dawnbazely Some story. Context by Profs. Henry Giroux (famous 🤩) & inf. disease specialist Lionel Mandell. Trump adviser, a Mac p/t ass’t prof, tied to efforts to downplay #COVID19 not on ⁦@McMasterU⁩ payroll university says | ⁦@SamCraggsCBC⁩ @CBC News

@peterasussman “At Orangeville Prep, the Kitchener native combined with fellow NBAer Thon Maker to take down many unsuspecting American schools.” @CBC @cbcsports @AI_Academy @OrangevillePrep @Jesse_AI @CoachTonyMac #AnyonesGame #ComingSoon @NBA @nuggets @mylesdichter

@MaryFernando_ @GeoffyPJohnston @DianeMariePosts @PoliticalCupid @ruthmkb @JaroGiesbrecht @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC @cbctom @carolyndunncbc @CBCRaffy @CBCAdrianH I agree. Further democracies benefit from publicly funded media and disagreements should not be tied to defunding. When I disagree with @CBC comments on issues - I say so. Not using this as a cudgel to deprive our democracy.

@DianeMariePosts @MaryFernando_ @ruthmkb @JaroGiesbrecht @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC The Liberals get to craft their throne speech and budget and have informal conversations to determine what opposition parties might need to see for *one* of them to support that speech and subsequent budget. It's not a coalition government; it's a minority government.

@elspence333 If you do not throw out the Trudeau regime Mr. @theJagmeetSingh are not doing anything to " help Canadians " ! Canadians want a vote of non confidence and a different Prime Minister of Canada, one who is not mired -thickly mired in corruption Cc @CPC_HQ @NDP @BlocQuebecois @CBC

@danicamclellan @jull_oliver @SeanvanderLee @CBCNews @CBC @PBS @EricGrenierCBC @CBCTheNational @PnPCBC You seem to be under the impression that I somehow owe you my time and replies to engage in a lengthy back and forth with you on an issue that reasonable people can disagree on. I really don’t need the snarky commentary and ad hominems from someone I don’t even know.

@Goddess_Sierra @CBC removed embarassing clip millions have saved it 😅 Tam never had sex in her life she's not wrong to Stand Up for women rights ! 👏👏😹

@farmishly @kathleenogrady @IshatReza prepare for another lock down. It's sure to happen, now. We need @tvo and @cbc working on curriculum based programming like they're doing in 🇲🇽. I'd like to get the @TorontoZooBot and some others together and make a really solid plan B. We can do this as a province if we pitch in

@queen_station @CBC @CBCNews Kevin O’Leary is an a*rseh*le|They were speeding, they planed| were drinking and left the scene. He has not changed even from the time he was cheating on his wife & was at Muzik nightclub w/ ... shame on him. People lost family — must nice to be so rich and need another $3M

@Roosterinchains @jobananelapoint @BobYoun92747356 @CBC @ybrend @CBCNews America...Brazil...both with 3 times our death rate per 1 million. Let's not begin to talk about the lasting effects on the survivors. Lung and heart damage. I'll guarantee I interpret data better then you.

@jull_oliver @danicamclellan @SeanvanderLee @CBCNews @CBC @PBS It’s hard to take your criticism about CBC’s editorial choices at face value, since you don’t seem to think it should exist. And like I said @EricGrenierCBC is a full time staff pollster so I’m not sure you can criticize him for doing his job.

@SalmanSima In condemning the heart breaking murder of #NavidAfkari by Islamic regime in Iran,900+ chanted in Toronto:"Down with @khamenei_ir".When It comes to critisizing lslamists,lame stream media is silent.This is one of the many reasons @CBC should be defunded.🇨🇦must say no to Islamism.

@BobYoun92747356 @jobananelapoint @CBC @ybrend @CBCNews Free-ranging Americans must not be allowed to socialise in Canada. CAN/USA border should remain closed to non-economic cross-border travel.

@DianeMariePosts @MaryFernando_ @PoliticalCupid @ruthmkb @JaroGiesbrecht @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC The "be nice" was not aimed at you, Mary, it was aimed at someone I thought was rude to you.

@TNTesch @berkie1 @JeremyLFojut @CBC @CBCNews @CBCEdmonton @CityofEdmonton @YEGardenSuites @SallyAnn_12 @slmf13 @RJSCity @UalbertaSURP Great plan! Growth over decades means you all need to have more children now. The birth dearth has only started to impact society. You are not going to recruit your way out of a population or talent squeeze according to the literature.

@HeyMarlana @WSJ TV in the 1990s was truly the last of good TV. Good comedies, good dramas, *no* reality shows. Come on, producers and networks: try to understand that we're not watching what's on because we like it. We watch what's on because nothing else is on. @CBS @ABCNetwork @NBC @CBC @CTV

@tommies16 @tR6vRpaE10x9L16 @CBC @CBCAlerts @CBCToronto @CBCVancouver @CBCBusiness @CTV @CTVToronto @CTVVancouver @CP24 @globalnews @MapleLeafs @JustinTrudeau @erinotoole Have you ever thought to yourself why this virus conveniently came out in the Wuhan area and not in one of China’s shining cities like Shanghai or Beijing. It’s because it came out of that level 4 biological lab in Wuhan, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know this. 🇨🇦

@get_working @CTVNews [email protected] the only news the @CBC covers is the US so guess what? You know these fires are started by Antifa arsonists. Stop playing games to fit your narrative. Start being a Canadian and stop being a Liberal.

@jull_oliver @danicamclellan @SeanvanderLee @CBCNews @CBC @PBS @EricGrenierCBC You should be prepared to defend your views and not just rhetorically. I just heard you suggest there should be more money for local broadcasting, suggesting > not < money for the CBC. That’s why we have democracy, and have public fora (like public broadcasters) is it not?

@patriciaannmcd2 @GeoffyPJohnston @DianeMariePosts @MaryFernando_ @JaroGiesbrecht @PoliticalCupid @ruthmkb @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC @VassyKapelos is definitely lying to viewers and it's not an opinion it's just blatant lying period. In the age of trump it's alternative facts. Sad that she is allowed to get away with it.

@AviBenlolo I welcome this news. According to @CBC Lt.-Gen. Wayne Eyre will discuss issue of far right extremism in Canadian forces convening a meeting of all commanding officers and regimental sergeants major — 450 mid-level leaders. ⁦@CdnPressNews⁩ #cdnpoli ⁦@CanadianArmy⁩

@tommies16 @tR6vRpaE10x9L16 @CBC @CBCAlerts @CBCToronto @CBCVancouver @CBCBusiness @CTV @CTVToronto @CTVVancouver @CP24 @globalnews @MapleLeafs @JustinTrudeau @erinotoole I’m willing to bet the farm on the fact that the Chinese government has had a vaccine since this virus originated last September 2019 in Wuhan but the Chinese government is not officially going to reveal the vaccine until after the November elections in the United States. 🇨🇦

@RayburnBev Once again Vassey and all the other clic baiters rushed to publicize that A MINISTER gave an exemption.... turns out that was not the case at all. No apology for jumping the gun @CBC you now owe two apologies for two lousy reporting errors @CBCOmbud

@emgfind @cravecreative @CBC @CTV @globalnews Canadians who want info re US news & politics, view US media, not Canadian. Canadian MSM is attempting to manipulate, distract or incompetent. Much of the political scene & other Canadian news items r never reported.

@jennkfrench I can not wait to see it. I am sorry I missed it with folks tonight in #Oshawa - but I carry our #community's story on my heart & will watch it along with Canadians on the @CBC October 10th. #CompanyTown @CompanyTownDoc #OshawaStrong

@SimisterJ @ABC @AntennaTV @ATT @CBC @CBS @CNN @FOXTV @METV @MSNBC @NBCNews @PBS @ViacomCBS could you arrange with @BBC to show David Attenborough's excellent TV program on your network? Warning: Donald Trump may not like this program. It may be safer for you not to show it on your network

@Pepperfire @Scribulatora @CBC It's not the same CBC it used to be.

@cadria04 @MaryFernando_ @DianeMariePosts @ruthmkb @JaroGiesbrecht @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC So news stations shouldn't strive to tell the truth, taxpayer funded or not? Wow.

@JaskaranSandhu_ @Jhatkalover @CBCNews @CBCTerry My understanding is @CBC has asked @CBCTerry to change his handle after he spread fake news & misinformation about COVID. Issue is Terry not changing it. Probably because it's the last remnants of his now shattered legacy.

@Nurbol_Bolat @PrideTape @CBC @NHL @NHLPA @CHLHockey Let the fuck not play death to him and all lgbt people🤢🤮

@MaryFernando_ @DianeMariePosts @GeoffyPJohnston @PoliticalCupid @ruthmkb @JaroGiesbrecht @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC There is working with opposition to craft a speech and there is crafting a speech hoping the opposition will support it. Those are different things, Diane, and you should know that. You are misleading (from an anomomous account) if you gloss over those differences.

@danicamclellan @jull_oliver @SeanvanderLee @CBCNews @CBC @PBS @EricGrenierCBC I’ve literally never said the CBC “shouldn’t exist” and I’m not criticizing Grenier for doing his job. I’m criticizing his employer for choosing to resource him over local Canadian news that is going unreported.

@margssister @CBCPolitics @CBCAlerts @CBC @CBCOmbud How could this even HAPPEN‽ It’s not like this issue was hard to understand. Can people actually read? Was it malicious? I don’t see any other explanation. Honestly this is beyond the pale.

@JSiculli @suepeac @ruthmkb @MaryFernando_ @DianeMariePosts @JaroGiesbrecht @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC I guess Kapelos believes you need to give power to the opposition because we hate Liberals and must try to weaken them however we can. Yes, that must be the philosophy of what Kapelos is trying to spin, even though the government does not need to bring anyone in.

@Epley CBS will deceive, lie, mislead and coverup to advance their political agenda. Patterns tell us they will not apologize or withdraw. Sleazy @DanRather proved that. @katiecouric @CBSSports @ViacomCBS @CBSSportsRadio @CBS @nbc @ABC @PBS @NPR @BloombergTV @CTV @CBC @BBC @OWNTV

@DianeMariePosts @MaryFernando_ @HenriBreboeuf @GeoffyPJohnston @PoliticalCupid @ruthmkb @JaroGiesbrecht @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC Someone concerned about racism should also be able to recognize that women of any colour would have good reason to protect their privacy on Twitter. Deal with the content, Mary, not the name of the account, which I've had for at least a decade. Same avatar, too.

@JSn0wd0n @jull_oliver @SeanvanderLee @danicamclellan @CBCNews @CBC @PBS @EricGrenierCBC @CBCTheNational @PnPCBC But what you want her to do is defend her views you made up that she did not say. Even after pointing this out, you continue to demand she defend a point she did not make.

@OrbitStudios @RayburnBev @CBC @CBCOmbud Went to my local grocery store at lunch and this faux conflict story was above-the-fold front page news in the Toronto Star on the newsstand, in case anyone thought there isn't a coordinated effort on the part of the Canadian media to bring Trudeau down...

@ForbesLorne According to @CBC this story is #FakeNews and both the @IsraelNN and the @BnChronicle are not reliable news sources

@Norlaine @Qualifyfor @CBC @PnPCBC No. The 9 Liberals did not violate anything. The way the commissioner worded it makes it ambiguous. It does not appear that @CBC is going to do any more than delete the tweet.

@kellr2010 @MaryFernando_ @GeoffyPJohnston @DianeMariePosts @PoliticalCupid @ruthmkb @JaroGiesbrecht @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC That's interesting. You don't sound like Liberals either. You almost sound Conservative. But you go ahead and try to change the issue. lol.

@annpornel @aishaalfa @CBC_Publicity @cbcbakingshow @TheAlanShane @KylaChef @CBC I feel it important to clarify I will NOT be serving anyone poison. ....except maybe for myself, by accident, because I left food out on the counter overnight and thought it’d be idea to eat it for breakfast.

@Meowshell1 Why does @CBC have more control over the volume of everything on their platform than I do? That alone makes me not want to vote #LPC. I can listen to the UCP, CPC or a certain NDP, if I want something on blast.

@JaroGiesbrecht @MaryFernando_ @GeoffyPJohnston @DianeMariePosts @PoliticalCupid @ruthmkb @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC I also support public health measures taken by a liberal government. I also want to ensure it continues with a liberal government. By saying Trudeau is not engaging with opposition is another way to blame him if an election were to happen.

@kellr2010 @MaryFernando_ @DianeMariePosts @ruthmkb @JaroGiesbrecht @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC They are not obligated to please us but they are obligated to get the facts straight, unbiased and to be truthful. They are failing at all three as this has demonstrated.

@danicamclellan @jull_oliver @SeanvanderLee @CBCNews @CBC @PBS PBS doesn’t run poll aggregators for Canadian elections. I’m not politicizing it, I’m criticizing their programming decisions and how they choose to prioritize American news over Canadian stories on a regular basis.

@benstahl3 @JustinTrudeau Reopen Parliament , listen to the different MLA , Dialogue ,asking questions , discussions back-and-forth,brings solutions, not talking to quacks on the other side of the pond, @CBC

@funmidniterider @CBC @CBCToronto Yes and they know to stay away from the vulnerable and grandma. They will also help with herd immunity. They dont die. Same situation in Europe where the casedemic does not mean death. Here is France.

@PatBruc @MaryFernando_ @JaroGiesbrecht @GeoffyPJohnston @DianeMariePosts @PoliticalCupid @ruthmkb @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC If kids can go to school I surely can get out to vote for their future & the future of Canada . We all make choices and the opposition has chosen to be unethically oppositional with trumped up scandals during a pandemic . They can either support the budget or bring the Govt down

@ghost1144 @Norlaine @CBC @PnPCBC What the hell is wrong with these bloody clowns, thinking it's time someone starts suing their asses off . @CBCNews @PnPCBC have parked their ethics and are acting contrary to public interests @liberal_party shut this shit show down or clean it up

@MaryFernando_ @DianeMariePosts @ruthmkb @JaroGiesbrecht @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC See? Now we are in agreement. This is not about the ‘facts’ it is about opinions about how to proceed. I only commented because all sides - I assume you’re Liberal so conservatives too - want to bring up funding of CBC and I’m fed up. Disagree. Converse. You don’t own it.

@danicamclellan @jull_oliver @SeanvanderLee @CBCNews @CBC @PBS @EricGrenierCBC I am prepared to defend my views. I’m not prepared to defend views I don’t hold that you insist on imputing to me because that’s what you want to argue against. I actually don’t want to argue with random strangers trying to pick fights with me at all!

@MogStanley @waynelineker and @Jacob_Rees_Mogg 'Searching for the basket to put them in.' Working title. I think I could be on to something here. @ITV @BBC @Channel4 @channel5_tv @SkyArts @CBC @nbc @

@SteveRae11 Perhaps @CBC could focus more on the issue with the exemption rather than focusing so much on their donation to the Republicans.

@over_here_now @Travisdhanraj @CBCOttawa @CBC @ctvottawa you want a 1/story? Look at OCDSB high school learning. An email is supposed to come out. At home days for us will not be synchronous. It’s office hours. And not full school day. It’s independent learning on your own.

@IshatReza @JustWatchMe14 @DianeMariePosts @CBC Complain to @CBCOmbud. Sometimes they make a genuine mistake but they should own that. And tbh, other news outlets are just as bad, if not worse.

@JaroGiesbrecht @MaryFernando_ @DianeMariePosts @ruthmkb @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC Vassy said the PM was clear that he wasnt going to reach out to the opposition. This was not true. The PM clearly said he was reaching out to opposition.

@theantitheory This is a mature and rational perspective shared on @BBC. It's a shame we hear nothing like this on the @CBC, where there is absolutely zero criticism of pandemic policy, unless it is to criticize it for not being sufficiently reactionary.

@Fast94stang @AviBenlolo @CBC @CdnPressNews @CanadianArmy In otherwords if your not hard left you must be purged given that to the far left anyone that does not share their ideology is considered far right extremists.

@MerlinofCanada @cbc @cbcnews if you want to correct your Covid Tracker number for Quebec as they did not report 248 cases Sept 9-14. There are as follows Sep 9 192 Sep 10 221 Sep 11 269 Sep 12 310 Sep 13 372 Sep 14 382 Sep 9 was +4 as this is what is leftover of the 248

@iamNIKSHER @FriedgeHNIC @Sportsnet @CBC Not the dude to rely on😂

@YaWhatHeSaid Jesus @CBC The 'smug' look on her face....boy oh boy, not even TRYING to hide it anymore are ya? @CBCOmb Horrible conduct. #cdnpoli

@VanJonez @JaroGiesbrecht @GeoffyPJohnston @DianeMariePosts @MaryFernando_ @PoliticalCupid @ruthmkb @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC When are we going to fire this useless piece of trash. @VassyKapelos has never been objective. She does not deserve her position. Give it to a BIPOC woman who will pledge to be objective.

@chaos_in_calm A limerick for a Tuesday morning: There once was a company called @netflix Who with @CBC made the best flicks But they cancelled Anne Content went down the pan And I'm struggling to get their logic #renewannewithane

@isabellemacnei1 I can’t even believe I have been working with @CBCKidsNews for 2 year now!! last weekend I had the opportunity to take some more training with @cbc 📚 ❤️ I love working with the #cbckidsnews team & I look forward to growing with #CBC #education #acting #fun

@elspence333 Challenging b/c @theJagmeetSingh is waffling about non confidence vote @CBC , a liberal mouthpiece and @PnPCBC avfavoarite operative , are working on Singh ..trying to offer him political cover n TV soap box; should give him his own show called it "Singh😭Sympathy" . #cdnpoli

@michaelcoren I do try to write regularly for the relevant ones - @TorontoStar @globeandmail @macleans @CBC @tvo @walrusmagazine @nowtoronto @TheCriticMag and so on - but it's not easy. Thanks for writing. Be well.

@ember_november @MaryFernando_ @DianeMariePosts @PoliticalCupid @ruthmkb @JaroGiesbrecht @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC Just catching up on this thread. Mary, your comment is unfair. Diane has been polite and reasonable to you, and called out someone who wasn't. At no time has she been "not nice." Your generalization is wrong.

@Norlaine @captcanucklives @Qualifyfor @CBC @PnPCBC NO! We need a public broadcaster. It needs to be fully funded so it is not beholding to sponsors AND it needs to have a good housecleaning to get rid of all journalists (and, producers, etc.) who lack journalistic integrity and who take sides.

@Philm_et_al @cwjroberts @BradStCroix @CanWarMuseum @CBC Would be nice if it was as easy as you seem to think it is. unfortunately netflix recently had a call for submissions and this is the exact stuff that did not fit their requirements.

@Patriotgirl18 @CBC will you be reporting on the agenda of this government? Why are they showing videos to children do not hug their grandparents? Will you report on this or are you too aftaid to be real journalists? @joe_warmington @Sflecce @fordnation

@Len4112 @bvanhoovan @L4A65 To murder healthy sentient being for no other reason than “no room” has 2B a Crime, committed by local council giving the order. Why no prosecutions for animal cruelty Not even “test case” by police They wonder why “activists & vigilante groups” abound. @peta @CBC @smh @nytimes

@DefenderofHaqq @SaaraChaudry @CBC @CBCKidsNews Do not be afraid to stand for our principles in Hollywood.The muslim community will protect and champion you as you defend and portray our values.Use this character as an opportunity to get closer to Allah and to study and emulate our Prophet pbuh. May Allah bless you always!😊

@WrathMary @albertarabbit @Women___Exist @CBC Saying the hashtag for her to Rest In Peace was tongue in cheek is hideous of @cbc. It was not expressed as a joke and I am sick of the misogyny and disdain our national broadcaster displays for female taxpayers. It’s disgusting but then again you provided air cover for Jian.

@pondball @erinotoole and @CBC are unworthy of it, but as I read this the first song that came to mind was - Monty Python - How sweet to be an idiot! However, they are just not worthy of a pairing with anything Monty Python.

@pammcgugan @CBC news tonight at Toronto school clearly showed a K class lined up in masks but shoulder to shoulder. Parent picking kid up could see kids were NOT social distancing at all although lined up outside. Yikes! @normsworld

@OscarGrouchAjax @GSawision @jaredlholt @CBC I know it is early and you may not had your coffee yet, but I didn't say that George. My point is that investigating the CBC is just not in his wheelhouse, given the website he writes for. But I am sure there are plenty of the defundthecbc folks who would love to investigate it.

@G4blklivesmattr @CBC @cbcasithappens Maybe not the best thing to suggest during a pandemic where we are focused on enhanced cleaning.

@DianeMariePosts @MaryFernando_ @oracle_bill @JaroGiesbrecht @GeoffyPJohnston @PoliticalCupid @ruthmkb @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC That it is but that does not mean that the government has to produce a throne speech that suits all opposition parties. Just one is needed and I assume that the government will seek the support of a party closest in policy outlook (or with the most to lose).

@JaroGiesbrecht @MaryFernando_ @GeoffyPJohnston @DianeMariePosts @PoliticalCupid @ruthmkb @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC Mary do me a favour. Watch the PNP video and watch what the video of what the PM said. I am not saying defund the CBC or trying to gang up on Mary or even Vassy. I am pointing out a false statement by Vassy.

@TheMediaHoarder New batch of mystery media! #super8film #reeltoreel from @cbc plus cassettes. Looks to be late 60s and early 70s. @ London, Ontario

@gabriellegrim Can someone tell us if @GrahamWardle is going to be in #Heartland season 14, please!! What’s the point of not telling us @CBC @HeartlandOnCBC You’re guys gonna lose viewers anyway if he isn’t.what’s the difference between now and later?? It seems like you guys don’t care about us

@JSiculli @KathrynMathias1 @suepeac @ruthmkb @MaryFernando_ @DianeMariePosts @JaroGiesbrecht @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC Just like when the media played down that person who rammed into Rideau Hall gate, calling him a nice guy, and it took a report many weeks later to get Global and others to change their description. They called him a person angry at PM and just wanting a chat.

@2muchfun4me @IshatReza @JustWatchMe14 @DianeMariePosts @CBC @CBCOmbud Other news outlets are not publicly funded to the extent the CBC.

@ddsnorth @losinghopein @CBC @CBCNews @CTV @TorontoStar @nationalpost @VancityReynolds @bifnaked @DahliaKurtz @JustinTrudeau @MPJulian @MatthewGreenNDP @JoelHardenONDP @CityCynthia Big, ups to @losinghopein a #PWD like me.. who has supported my tweets so generously since diagnosis of 4 new ab tumors, and call 2day from my dr re: brain MRI 4 days after MRI. I am fragmented not by pain, but I've been made an economic cripple. A beggar. Shame on Canada i think

@sb_tracy @pjdueck @AllThySons01 @He48300141 @MrStache9 @CBC @liberal_party @erinotoole @CBCCanada I saw this post earlier on Facebook and could not believe how they were trying to put the spin on the liberal loss. I am so disgusted with our local CBC station that now I realize they, as well, are following the Liberal agenda. But Jacques Poitras as usual, was great.

@MaryFernando_ @DianeMariePosts @ruthmkb @JaroGiesbrecht @PnPCBC @DLeBlancNB @VassyKapelos @JustinTrudeau @CBC She is not - you missed the difference between informal conversations about the throne speech and what @VassyKapelos is asking - bringing them in to craft it. Further, I’m a huge fan of @DLeBlancNB - he made his point of not triggering an election. So many issues. #keepup

@Bill_Owen We can plead to @cbc all day and all night long about their attacks on Assange, and their lack of coverage, but this is not an oversight, this is bedrock #CBC policy. "Assange. must. be. destroyed." ('for making us look bad')

@cbcbooks Congratulations to Nicole Kennedy for being longlisted for the 2020 @CBC Nonfiction Prize. @banffcentre @CanadaCouncil

@BuddieBuddiee @TorontoStar LMAO -- it's the @TorontoStar + @CBC -- the #FAKENEWSMEDIA who DON'T like an outsider like Donald Trump. your opinion/pole is for DOGS to PISS ON. get a grip -- you already know that TRUMP will win. let's NOT become the RATS like the DemocRATS in the USA

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