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Carl-bot is a fully customizable and modular discord bot featuring reaction roles, automod, logging, custom commands and much more.

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Recent Outage Reports

by Ace Joranezz   2 weeks ago

The purge command isnt working.

by Mel   5 months ago

When I go to purge messages, it says it's been completed but the messages still remain.

by Ryan-Luke Jackson   5 months ago

Bot Offline

by supreme   5 months ago

bot stopped working

by Lulu   5 months ago

Reaction roles stopped working which is veru inconvenient

by Jayden   5 months ago

carl bot is offline right now on discord

by Wren   5 months ago

Autoroles randomly stopped working

by mika   6 months ago

the messages arent working from carl bot/ the roles or welcome

by xue   6 months ago

Reaction roles aren’t working

by user   7 months ago

It was working and giving roles and suddenly it stopped. And now it's not working

by quinn   7 months ago

reaction roles it's saying my emojis aren't supported when they are

by Jhon   7 months ago

It's not really loading

by Shana   7 months ago

Carl bot isn't letting me do more custom reaction roles. I only have 8 so far and need to add another one but it's not responding

by dawn   8 months ago

the starboard isnt working

by Kai   9 months ago

Carl didn't notify us when someone new joined, didn't assign them their joining role, and didn't give them their roles when they reacted to the rules

by lil   9 months ago

carlbot keeps not working as im trying to setup reaction roles and then goes offline

by Anonymous   9 months ago

Emojis that I stole from another server aren’t working, and I’m not sure what to do?

by sumsum   9 months ago

can't self assign reaction roles

by L   10 months ago

oops! you broke the page! please take me to a working page. bro im trying to change my logging options aazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

by Su   10 months ago

Reaktion roles don't work

by Liam   11 months ago

reaction roles disappeared, and wont apply again

by raaaa   11 months ago

reaction roles arent working

by user   11 months ago

Trying to create reaction roles. Everything goes smoothly, but Carl isn't posting the message. No error messages, perms are enabled. Just won't post

by Blazept   1 year ago

The reaction role is not giving out the role

by Kat   1 year ago

I can't sub to a twitch. I tried using the dashboard and commands, but it gives me an error.

by Silvia   1 year ago

On my server the reaction roles are not working when I click the reaction it doesn't give me the role.

by alfredox123   1 year ago

not advertising my youtube streams also i cant add new twitch channels to advertise on my discord channel

by Sunny   1 year ago

I tried to make it remove a role from a bunch of members, removed 12 but stopped there. Has been 30 minutes since I asked him to remove the roles. Doesnt give an estimated time on how long it takes either so i dont know if he reacts.

by el   1 year ago

roles wont save to dashboard, posts to discord, but roles dont work

by Jazmin B   1 year ago

Not logging when users join or leave server

by Inky   1 year ago

Don't get roles or access to different parts of servers when I press the emojies-

by Matcha   1 year ago

When I do the “?steal” command it either dosnt work at all or is extremely delayed by a few minutes.

by B Apidae   1 year ago

It's randomly making muted roles?

by Amanda   1 year ago

warn and ban command are not working

by Toxik2   1 year ago

I applied roles a while ago and they were working and today someone said they are not working and I've checked and no roles are responsive. I have Carl bot in another server and it's working fine.

by Lemon   1 year ago

Carl is not giving me any roles when I react to its messages.

by Ferrhy   1 year ago

carl is not answering the commands I give him

by blue   1 year ago

this has been a problem for over a month now. i cannot seem to add reaction roles through the website. i click create and it just doesn't do anything. i've even deleted some and that didn't do a thing.

by Darth   1 year ago

Won’t allow multi-choice role selection creation

by NightFlame711   1 year ago

I was able to put one reaction role up, then from then on I can't add on anymore. Even if I delete the reaction role I made to see if I can add another then, as in I am seeing if it is limited, it still won't add anything. I have to re-add the bot entirely.

by Christina   1 year ago

Reaction role messages not sending in discord server.

by Raven   1 year ago

Carl isn't allowing me to make reaction roles. I have removed and redone roles. The bot has all of its permissions.

by Lou   1 year ago

The reaction roles are weird. I click and it goes to a 2, then drops to a 1. How to fix.

by pootzz#4889   1 year ago

I’ve been trying to send reaction roles to a channel for the past days but when I click “create” nothing appears in the channels

by Div   1 year ago

Carlbot is marked as online in my server. However, his welcome and ban messages have not been working at all. I have given him admin and checked channel permissions. I've even changed which channel is the great channel to see if that would help. nothing does.

by Ajax   1 year ago

Can’t make reaction roles

by Lucy   1 year ago

Yo so it's saying that all the emojis I'm using is not supported by discord when they literally are?

by me   1 year ago

i cant make reaction roles on the website

by sem   1 year ago

he is not online and not werking in my server Server Status

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