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Published by Bell 4 months ago

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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - MOBILE PHONES, TV, INTERNET AND HOME PHONE SERVICE | BELL CANADA - Bell is Canada's largest telecommunications company, providing Mobile phone, TV, high speed and wireless Internet, and residential Home phone services. Server Status

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Recent Outage Reports

@Jenni_23 Raise your hand if you’re having @bell internet issues and not being able to contact technical support @Bell_Support ? 🙋‍♀️ #bellcanada #internetproblems

@BrianLa08228021 @Bell @Bell Just got off the phone with Deborah Hyoway in Customer Loyalty that said I did not have permission to record her call!! This was after I told her I had recording of her colleague giving me a PVR FREE...Deborah said didn't matter I had to pay!!! WOW

@SitecoreDiana @azulgris27 @disneyplusnews @disneyplus @CraveCanada It is comparable as @Bell are the monopoly that doesn't want to innovate but does not want anyone else to either.

@Broydoe @Bell How can a company that charges customers such steep prices for their devices be down for over 24 hours. Then they give a script to each and every one of their support staff in the phillipines, that gives their customers no reason or eta for this outage. Absolutely ridiculous.

@TheStaceyRoy @kittyhouseknife This happened to @MikeParkerson with @Bell. It was a horrible experience. His cell is our main business number and it was down for four days... We got $60 for our troubles.

@mrjingl22054002 @Bell Any idea what’s going on with the TV services in Mississauga mines been down all morning spent two hours on hold and didn’t get to speak to anybody about to put my foot through my TV

@david_hallin @Bell @Bell_Support I have reset the router, modem and modem. And went through all traditional internet troubleshooting steps. I'm in the Home Hubs page, it says down. When I attempt to reconnect it also says failed.

@indianguy So my @Bell services are down since morning, when I tried to call @Bell_Support the automated message says ‘We can’t talk to you right now’. What? I understand outage can occur but not speaking to customer when customer needs you is unacceptable!

@janibz28 Looks like @bell internet is down. Used to be reliable & stable but lately it's crawling speed & connection issues. Was told on a previous call to go to a more expensive plan as a "possible solution". Been with @Bell since the 90's, seems time to cancel all services and move on.

@FocusAndPlay Hey @bell still want to ignore you customers and not confirm the outage? Please stop patronizing your customers. The worst part of this outage is how you treat #canadians

@BMinhinnett @Bell You need to do a better job internally and externally related to information sharing.

@AlissaPax @HeatherWats0n @AnneMArnold @Bell @koodo Good to know! I mostly hate having turn by turn on down the 401 so I only turn on directions when I reaching my destination city.

@jclevesque4 @Bell Yeah they were calling me and asking for my social security number of course I did not give them any info there are some cons you have to be aware

@goyal_karun @Bell_Support Can you please issue a statement of this outage and the expected restoration as you can imagine this is affecting a lot of people? It’s unacceptable to keep your customers in the dark, at least let us know what is going on. @Bell

@ballantyne_cody @Bell I'll be looking over my bill this month to make sure I'm ot being charged for the time my net is down. I will also be expecting credit added to my account as well. This service is mediocre at best, my contract has been over for years now, so either open the door or entice me.

@KingRaija @Bell_News @Bell Apparently my house in Mississauga Erin Mills was missed. We’ve not had services for better part of the weekend. It was up for about 3 hours this morning but now has been off since 11am. Very frustrated I’m listening to an old clock radio for entertainment!!!

@justxjem Dear @Bell my wifi still isn’t working, can I be compensated with unlimited data for the day until you fix this awful mess cause how else am I supposed to binge watch Netflix????

@AmyLEngland @ronak6194 @Bell Just remember the workers didn’t do this to you. They are probably having a really horrible stressful day and do not get paid to be abused. So when you do get through be kind.

@77BlueJays @TSNHockey already has the real @hockeynight theme, so they should hire @CoachsCornerDC, since he's the heart, soul & essence of #HNIC. @Sportsnet's foolish loss should be @TSN_Sports' gain. Shame on Sportsnet for forcing #Grapes to step down, & shame on @RonMacLeanHTH too. @Bell

@SOQUTE1 @Bell @Bell_News this is a piss poor way of dealing with customers who pay for your service I depend on this to run a business not only have I lost a day's work but I am using up my data which I won't be compensated for. No communication no update and arrogant reps.

@NKossovan @ballantyne_cody @dominicklabrie @Bell You talk a good game @ballantyne_cody, but you dance to the same music as everyone else does. Are you going to leave @Bell and take you business elsewhere? NO! Even if you did do you think Bell would care? Corporations run on their values, not yours.

@CopRestocks Thanks to @Bell for a full weekend of outage and non working internet, I expect a full refund on my bill for this month

@Sonny64086599 @Bell Looks like fibe tv is now working in mississauga. Why is that when I call Bell the first message I hear is whether I want a south Asian combo added to my plan? The first message should be about the outage. Just because I have an Indian last name does not imply I know the language

@MMAFaker @FemiNelson1 @kevineproulx @Bell Not sure it has anything to do with weather or not.

@vanzlau @Bell Going on day 3 with no internet or TV. Over an hour to wait to speak to someone. I’m a new customer of yours and this is not the kind of experience I was hoping for. I’ve never had an outage last this long with Rogers. Do I really need to switch back In order to have reliability?

@lmuffyl @Bell All my pods are down my android phone keeps asking me to login with the B1 number and password.... But then when I do it's still not working..........

@ColumSavage @Bell Hi @Bell @Bell_Support Fibe Tv & Internet customer in Ajax, still down based on earlier problems. Are Ajax customers supposed to be back up?

@karleenasquires @TheCWSupergirl - I’m a Canadian, with @Bell TV there is NO WHERE to watch #Supergirl - it’s not on @Netflix_CA or any local network so I can’t PVR and @TheCW blocks Canadians from watching the show. I can watch every other CW DC show, so what gives? @MelissaBenoist @chy_leigh

@theoonlyone2 @Bell My service will allow something’s but not others. Maybe a real update instead of an auto response or an hour plus wait to talk to someone.

@hartster1 @jvnrbx @Bell @Rogers we just switched from @rogers to @bell. There's really little difference. Both charge way too much for services that are constantly down. Unfortunately we can't get the plethora of cheaper and more reliable options as they have in the United States. Thanks CRTC

@sophia63873182 @Bell What’s going on Bell I still have no internet service. Waited forever to be transferred to technical support, to be told that Scarborough area is still affected and must wait till 10:30pm for my services to be working. Are u seriously kidding me🤦🏾‍♀️

@YogirajThiru Anyone still having internet issues and not being able to contact technical support @Bell_Support. What's goin on @Bell ? It's been hours now. Time now is 10.37 ET

@artisteashlei @Bell It’s not just the GTA, services in Cobourg are out as well. Not great considering all the work I had to do today.

@LeighMorton20 @schafty @Bell @Rogers I’m as displeased with the lack of competition in Canada, but “a large credit” is unreasonable. A refund for 24 hours on my bill would pro-rate to $3. Not sure what you’re expecting...

@_Nundo Signed up for @disneyplus today and so far enjoying the content provided at launch. It kind of makes me want to cancel @netflix because its just not worth. Either way if I keep both, I am still saving money compared to paying @bell or @Rogers a monthly $100+ bill 😂😂

@wsumerset Hi @bell I’m cancelling my @sportsnet subscription due to Don Cherry’s comments yesterday. That was disgraceful. I know it’s not your fault.

@Savy_singh1 @Bell I have been working from tim hortons from past two days due to your service outage. This morning your agent rudely hung up and refused accomodate call back to fix my modem. So far the worst customer service experience ever

@AmyLEngland @ronak6194 @Bell Explains why you do not know how to function without internet for a few hours.

@sadelfando @Bell_News @Bell This is about 3 hours too late, no one can get through to support. No reall answers or acceptance until 3 hours after disruption. I hope there will be some compensation to ensure we stay with you. No apps tv or internet for half a day with 0 communication not good

@Prettylush30 @bell your internet always down and now down for everyone you guys charge way [email protected] money for this to happen

@yabuodeh1 @Bell I have been trying all morning to contact tech support and the line always disconnects. Why????? Tv internet has not been working all morning.

@iamcarsonjones @Bell_News @Bell @bell Some? Seems to be an outage across all of southern Ontario. Possibly even nationwide. Exactly how does this happen? Would be great if you not only fix the problem, but also provide a detailed explanation on your site. Has your system been compromised? Equipment failure?

@John45966824 @Bell Internet down still in Scarborough. Wait over an hour to Customer Service only to have them cut the call.

@BurnedCoconutYT @Bell @Bell_Support Internet is still down in Scarborough please fix it ASAP I need to watch the KSI vs Logan fight!!

@IanCrook1 What is going on @Rogers ? How hard is it to get ignite tv installed? First appointment canceled, 2nd couldn't install due to system going down at Roger's 3rd appt a no show!Very poor customer care and service! Not happy! Hey @Bell give me a shout when you cover Rusagonis.

@SyedRaz20882576 @Bell_News @Bell DIY Fix. Everyone i just figured it out. Bell's internet is fine. Its the DNS service thats not working. I just switched mine to cloudflares (faster, free and way more private). Internet is back up. Go to to see how to set it up.

@coraliecowan They wouldn't even let me cancel my service with them. The service I don't have. They say another department has to handle it and they will call me. 🤦‍♀️ Considering no one from @Bell has called me in 10 days, I am not holding my breath.

@ericao725 Thanks @Bell for the 5.07 credit for the time my service was down ALL DAY SATURDAY!!! Also thanks for giving me free perks when I signed up 2 months ago only to charge them for me now. REALLY regretting my decision to sign up with you!!

@MelFernando2 @Bell Mississauga is STILL DOWN and this is now the second day. Stop making excuses and blanket statements, Mississauga is STILL part of the GTA and we have no service. Customer service is next to nil!!

@Xbox_Amb_Teagan @MrAlwaysWrite @Bokor_Zombie @EA @EASPORTS @EASPORTSNHL @Bell @Bell_Support @XboxSupport @Xbox @Netflix_CA @PrimeVideo @PeggleOfficial I don't know what to tell you besides maybe repositioning your console to get better wifi signal and looking through the help pages I've linked to. The packet loss is the only think I see that could be causing this, if this is a purely network issue.

@CreativeSoulCyn I'm beside myself! I ordered a phone 27 DAYS AGO from @bell I was supposed to receive it within 2-4 business days for my BUSINESS account. I was billed for the phone immediately. Canada Post lost the phone. And I STILL have not received a solution from Bell! So much wasted time!

@pyromail @Bell This is horrible, Canada's communication giant does not care to communicate with customers. It's not just GTA, but across many provinces. Most likely millions are affected. Least they could do is acknowledge that on their recorded message and sound apologistic. Shame on Bell!

@t_nmzj Lol magic. Tweet something nice to @Bell and my internet is working again. Is that some secret trick you guys have got going? 😏

@ChrisSagal @Bell @Bell_Support this is really frustrating Bein Sports en Español hasn’t been working all morning there’s always a blue screen on and but with no words or noting this is ridiculous There’s a big game happening today and now i may not be able to watch it

@MathMeadowvale @Bell @Bell_Support @Bell_Business your sales team offered a promotion package to us but it was not honoured upon signing up. Called your support for business and my line is consistently hung up after being told to wait for 40+ mins each time, without a callback.

@sai48 @Bell_News @Bell Bell - least you can do is to alert consumers that our services are down before consumer discovers and runs around to know whats happening!

@SMB0213 @Crazy4Waldorf @Bell_Support @Rogers @Bell You get 15gb of full speed. Anything after that is throttled but no charges. I’m with @Bell_Support and we get 10GB... starting to regret not jumping ship when I could’ve 🙄

@BMinhinnett @Bell with all due respect, I and the thousands of users that were affected province-wide, needed to know this information when you guys shut down your support line. Your frontline social media staff were telling people to call a number that was shut down.

@Bell_News Some @Bell wireless, Internet and TV customers in the GTA may be experiencing service disruptions. We are working as quickly as possible to restore full services.

@ward1087 @Bell you have not restored anything. When are you going to provide a reliable update?

@Izy_Bella_ @Bell Even though theres internet I can't access certain sites like before without being told to set up the internet only to be told my login is wrong when I try to set it up wtf man

@ivalua Webinar tomorrow, "Accelerating Procurement Transformation," featuring experts from @Bell & @ProcurementLDRS! It's not too late to register:

@Izy_Bella_ @Bell @crazybob1965 Internet status of our hub says it's still down but still able to use the internet...however we can't access certain sites without being directed to the internet startup page which we can't even set up the login is incorrect apparently (we're in Scarborough)

@FocusAndPlay Reminder to all @bell customers if your going out today bring cash. Any companies using bell services will not have debit or credit working @Bell_Support @ontario

@MrAlwaysWrite @Xbox_Amb_Teagan @EA @EASPORTS @EASPORTSNHL @Bell @Bell_Support @XboxSupport @Xbox It's also not a slow connection per se, either. Just these sporadic lag moments (watch the video to see an example). And I only really play @EASPORTSNHL, but don't have the issue doing anything else online on my @Xbox (@Netflix_CA, @PrimeVideo, etc.).

@DellowL Hello @Bell, your procedures for cancelling an Internet account are unbusinesslike and unprofessional. When a customer tells your employee twice (or more) that the decision has been made to cancel, it's not a marketing opportunity for you.

@mr_yeo @Bell So service was still out how are you guys going to give us value for time lost due to your systems not working?

@DaveABrent @Bell_News @Bell Regent Park downtown TO is still down (TV)... wifi seems fine.

@ColumSavage @Bell Hi @bell, still down in Ajax. What is the plan to get us back up? Medical needs that requires internet access for monitoring. Explained to your reps several times today. Guess you don’t care. Will be calling @Rogers tomorrow

@AmyLEngland @ronak6194 @Bell Dude a lot of #ontario is out. This is a serious issue not just some one off happening only to you.

@Sakh_TO @Bell Still down at 6:20pm since this morning in Mississauga

@NapsAndSarcasm @AndrewNJohns @brucefanjoy @Rogers @Sportsnet @NHL @AppleTV @TELUS @Bell So now you're not actually going to follow through, because hockey is more important than your beliefs. Ok

@ann_yyz @Bell When did you start asking for Clients credit card CVV over the phone just to top up your account? You guys seriously do not expect me to give my CVV to your “customer service reps” right? Cause nothing screams “sketchy” than that

@dynozombie @Bell TV up, internet down for me in courtice, just an update to help ya

@MarleysGhost @kelbottweets @Bell Mine seems to be working?

@JoseCabralTO Wish all @TorontoFC fans are enjoying the #MLSCup ⚽️ match that I’m not able to watch coz my service provider is airing on the one @TSN_Sports channel that I don’t subscribe to, out of the 5. Nicely done @Bell!I’m just one step closer to cutting cable😞

@akv_vii_ @Bell @Bell @Bell_Support what it the eta for Markham east area? internet still down!! I just spent the best part of my Saturday morning 2 hours on hold and 1 hour with your call center in Philippines to learn it was an outage. Where is Your customer communication? #outragenotoutage

@FaisalRiazTO @Bell Ok, FIBE internet and TV down but why was my landline not working? Landline has nothing to do with FIBE? I'll let the dust settle but you guys lost a customer today. Too Expensive and problems more often that not.

@kidd_katy @Bell Great time to be a new customer not impressed.

@kerrytens @Bell I'm incredibly disappointed with your customer service. I called yesterday, set up a call back for 10AM this morning - not one call. I tried calling in again mid-afternoon but gave up after 20 minutes on hold. You're very close to losing a 30+year client.

@Vlado514 All im asking is when pure fibe will be available in my area. Im not looking for a billing or to check my services. Is that hard for your chat to simply answer the question without looking into my account? @Bell

@RhysFN Second day with @Bell and I have a constant 3% pack let loss, this is horrible. Few more days of this and I’m switching to Cogeco or back to virgin this is not okay. @Bell_Support

@mitha_pthpn @Bell @bell we still have no service and no response to any of our contact attempts. Not happy

@funnylooking9 @Bell I will expect contact from Bell, and an actual credit, NOT an extra few gb on my phone. No movies extra, nothing but a credit on my cell phone, internet, and tv services. I’m also unable to watch Netflix, are you going to credit me for that?

@SOQUTE1 @Bell_News @Bell Bullshit!!!! Internet is still down and Bell still hasn't provide an accurate ETA this is absolutely ridiculous.this has been handled ridiculously disrespectfully to YOUR clients!

@godsven3loquist month to @WoundedWarriorCA. In 2014 I visited #StJulienMemorial in Ypres Belgium, that was a spiritual experience for me. I can’t watch that @Bell Dieppe commercial without balling like an infant, I’m tearing up just writing this tweet. I’m not an immigrant but I am the child ->

@sai48 @Bell_News @Bell high time Bell alerts me via txt msg when my services are down with an estimated time of restoration rather than me having to run around to figure out

@robdownie07 @Bell Well getting cut off constantly just to figure what’s going on is ridiculous. Had to find out from other people that it’s just not me. Bad look bell not even taking people’s calls

@BabeBiotech @Bell Hey! Do you think you could provide a working internet connection up to the capacity you charge your customers for just once in the existence of your shady company?

@SyedRaz20882576 @BenTedesco @Bell DIY Fix. Everyone i just figured it out. Bell's internet is fine. Its there DNS service thats not working. I just switched mine to cloudflares (faster free and way more private). Internet is back up. Go to to see how to set it up.

@PrivateEgo1 @REMMER1551 @Bell @Bell_Support @Videotron Hmmm.. not really. I did what I had to do last night as far shopping goes. I bought a blue tooth headset so waiting for it to arrive. It's a PJ day!! lol

@marylougeorge2 @david_hallin @Bell_Support @Bell Fibe down all over. Heard from Oakville to Cobourg. #Bell the communications giant isn’t communicating but their customers are.

@dicabrro @Bell we’re STILL down and there is no getting through to tech support. HELP! it’s been 5 days

@chloeeliza_m @Bell I love it when I call in to customer support because my internet is down and won’t come back up after manually rebooting and the rep hangs up on me...super great start to my morning

@southerncannuck @Bell_News @Bell Interesting that they are apologizing to those affected today but said nothing about our whole neighbourhood being out for 36hrs last weekend and then down again all day Thursday. Plus neither time could a tech support person even tell that there was an outage.

@sophia63873182 @MPizeta @DavidEm94929134 @Bell Internet services still down in Scarborough, called technical support and I don’t even think they know what to do. Instead I was told after staying on hold for sooo long that services would be restored by 10:30pm tonight seriously Bell🤦🏾‍♀️

@realDrMagoo @Rogers @Bell because I live in a new development, you're the only option for media, why? And just because I was forced to pick one, does not give you the right to call me every day asking how my service is. That's not what customer service is. #bellmonopoly #rogersmonopoly

@Xbox_Amb_Teagan @MrAlwaysWrite @Bokor_Zombie @EA @EASPORTS @EASPORTSNHL @Bell @Bell_Support @XboxSupport @Xbox @Netflix_CA @PrimeVideo 1% packet loss is not great but not terrible, but it shouldn't be interfering with the game that much. This type of lag is not really noticeable on streaming services since they buffer, but with online games there needs to be constant live communications. Can you try wired?

@maej43 @marylougeorge2 @Bell @Bell_Support I hope they reach out to you. Because that should not be going on, and that should not be your experience.

@BabeBiotech @Bell For real I'm switching companies! You charge me over $100/month for a connection that does not work the majority of the time, and when I call to get it fixed, NOTHING HAPPENS!

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