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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - MOBILE PHONES, TV, INTERNET AND HOME PHONE SERVICE | BELL CANADA - Bell is Canada's largest telecommunications company, providing Mobile phone, TV, high speed and wireless Internet, and residential Home phone services. Server Status

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@Laptitedanis Working from home would be even better if I had great internet service but @bell is too cheap to get rural clients high speed and unlimited #bell #bellsucks #bellinternet #bellshitservice

@msrachelnancy Also Damitra who was the 3rd/4th engineer (I've lost count) to come out and take ownership over the job and solve a separate issue on behalf of @Bell Thanks to those two who could empathize with me. They went above and beyond.

@etownmiller A shoutout to @bell for resolving a customer issue of inadvertent data overages on one of my kids’ phones. It took a while and several hours on hold, but they got it done. #kudos #customerservice

@KhurramRf @Bell_Support I’ve contacted the above number twice and am told issue fixed check after an hour or two, and then not fixed. I’ve DM’d information day ago on twitter. Seems @Bell not serious to fix my issue. It’s been since Aug 3.

@Bell_Support @syubjin @Bell We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble and apologize for any inconvenience. f resetting the equipment does not resolve the issues our technical support team will need to investigate further. They can be reached at 1-844-310-7873. ^KM

@76_jen Just had @Bell Fibe installed and now our tv has lines running through it. Bell’s first response? Nothing we can do. Second response? We’ll have you file a complaint to charge the technician with damaging property. Not a good look.

@UnionSocial We’ve been so grateful to our supplier partners for their empathy and understanding during this pandemic shutdown, and helping us get back on our feet. Well almost all our partners - absolutely NOT @Bell @Bell_Business @Bell_Support #customerservicefail #dontsupportlocal #cfib

@dbanks460 @Bell Why is Bell Wireless to Home available all around us but yet our little area STILL does not have access to it. (K0K 2Y0 area). We have a cell tower 1 or 2kms away and yet still no Wireless to Home internet. We have seen the new lines installed to the tower. Shame on you.

@TheRealBP2112 Dear @Bell it's bad enough you charge $35/mo for a phone line, you can drop that to $10. But we've not told anyone our phone number, yet my phone rings several different times a day. Stop selling our information to others. @CRTCeng how is this legal

@Laptitedanis Hey @fordnation and @Sflecce how about working on getting good internet so we can keep our kids home. Rural people are being left out ! @bell won’t invest in us . Will you make internet access to all students ? #DougFord #Lecce #Bell #BellInternet #Homeschool #Ontario

@Abefrohman555 @ItsDeanBlundell @Bell As someone who worked there, briefly, not surprised when I found out that employees refer to it as “Bhell”. Awful company...

@med0475 [email protected]_Support @Bell really sucks at customer loyalty. You’d think they’d be more willing to work with a 45 year customer. . Time to find a new provider for my mom because they sure do not deserve any more of her money. #bell #bellCanada

@cookingwshaina You lying assholes told me a resolution to your network issue would be a call back from a manager in 5 business days. It's been 6 business days and I still don't have a working phone. Why the fuck do you guys continue lying and neglecting YOUR ISSUES @Bell

@cookingwshaina @Bell then the fucking agent in the twitter DMs is telling ME to call in and guess what when you call in they say a manager has to call you back! They legit were avoiding the issue that their own level 3 tech said is their fault. How insane is that? @CRTC thank god for lawyers.

@AgentAn0nym0us @Bell All of the people struggling to access Bell internet or other services, make sure you hold this company accountable! They have been in outage for days and no customer should have to pay for this! This is their issue and customers shouldn't be paying for it!

@OttawaMade Hope everyone is doing well on #HumpDay I've got some good news today too, I talked to @Bell not long ago and was told a technician will be calling me this afternoon! Today could finally be the day and I assure you that you will know the min I am connected to wi-fi!

@cwiggy @Bell just moved and have this equipment on my house and we are not customers. Can we remove or do you want to?

@jfmezei School at home: If you have multiple kids, do you have multiple computers, one for each? Do you have enough upload speed (aka: not on @Bell) for each kid to be able to have video conferencing all day? #CRTC

@BobMitc @bell where it was and I was told they can’t put it back to the way it was. I now am supposed to pay way more per month and not receive any benefit. You blame an inexperienced agent? This borders on criminal. If @telusmobility would like to offer me a plan please DM me.

@JCStadnyk Today’s #CanadianNews for @PriestOutWest "I could not locate this beaver lodge in our customer database” a @Bell spokesperson said. The beavers, they added, might wish to contact the company about an upgrade, as their dish is more than 12 yrs old.

@KhurramRf @Bell tech support called me and unapologetically refused to give me upload speed that I pay for as I’m getting only 30-40%. This is brutal and shameless I’m not paying 30-40% of bill. #BellSupport sucks

@elbiefelts @bell_support @bell why am I paying for a service that you are not providing? My internet is useless. Should I start paying you in beeper stocks to make it fair? #pageme

@vaskoobscura @GlobalCalgary @globalnews I get 4 or 5 calls a week. @RogersMediaPR @Bell I know you guys make money because these people buy lines but when are you going to really put your foot down and stop these scam calls?

@Ray31401784 @Bell Most useless customer service ever. Can’t fix my email issues. Tells me BS like outlook is not supported by bell. You’ve only had 20 years to support it

@mbar_ @courtneeydavid @Bell Lol literally no service at work today. Heather called and they said to try putting it on 3G not LTE. Or how about your phone should just work cause you pay the bill ?

@dhughes @DenWillJam @DeeEldershaw @Bell @Rogers @TELUS @CRTCeng It's not that easy to stop. Create a SIP server for VoIP system trunk it to a cheap PSTN physical number. Spoof your number. Spam away. Delete sever and repeat. None of which may even be on Canadian soil. Go after the SIP trunk websites to be more aggressive.

@DragonShrieking @ewokninja @Bell_Support @Bell Still out in Gatineau, and with 4 of us working from home this isn’t exactly just a small inconvenience to not have internet since 11:30am

@Teirersias The reason @Bell suggested that is because I am ineligible for any credit because I have received to many in a short period of time. I am calling bullshit on this because the last time I received a rebate, I'm sure it was August of last year for $170 for the same issue. @CRTCeng

@EmilyBaillie In dealing with @Bell and @TheBrick today, I have had terrible customer service experiences. Working in #marketing makes it more frustrating for me when companies don’t have their path to purchase or basic customer support figured out.

@resonating @Bell @Bell_Support Who do I have to talk to about getting Fibe Gigabit to my house. Fibe 50 is not sufficient enough lol.

@ArmsRacePro Switched to @Bell this Sunday (stopped working 2 hours after install). I never thought I’d say I miss @rodgers, but here we are.

@idoclosecuts I expect Bell Canada to *not* give out my phone number AND to adhere to the Spam and calling list laws; This expectation is too high for @Bell; they apparently make more $ from the bad guys, than my fees;

@msrachelnancy I am having trouble with your services again @bell I would like to cancel my package since I am not getting any. I cannot sit on the phone all day again either. I would appreciate all services disconnected. Please have someone get in touch

@T8t3rTh0t I really hope @Bell and @TELUS provide discounts on monthly bills because of these shortages. I can only imagine how frustrating this is for people who work from home and online students. And not as important, but annoying, for people like myself trying to enjoy leisure time.

@cookingwshaina @Bell how can you fucking neglect this fucking issue and not put it as top priority? Your own level 3 THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF TECH confirmed this is a network issue. What kind of carrier doesn't have coverage in fucking Calgary downtown. How are they allowed to operate? @CRTCeng

@Belle_Raine @Bell why do you keep changing your MyBell app layout? I just learn where to find stuff and you change it all over again. it does not need to be THIS COMPLICATED 😡😡😡😡

@AdventureDr @Bell wow after almost 7 years. I'm going yo have to terminate my service Not on contract I really tried 3 hours this am to fix a $200 issue Infact fixed it but your 3 day lock out is unacceptable Loyalty is useless by the way as you have an auto lock system they can't over ride

@chm985 @Bell I was about to get a new @SamsungCanada tablet today and quickly realized Bell's only offering was a 2 year old budget tab that I already have. Yet evey iPad seems to be available and that is not what I want to go along with my new #Galaxys20plus

@deny_03 @Bell I used to work for bell. Bell is not a leader in technology. They are followers. They teach you that on day one.

@Missmodo9 @med0475 @Bell_Support @Bell Highly reccomend Virgin for home internet. Can't speak to their tech support because I never needed it. Not one since issue with service. Excellent prices too.

@Teirersias I am making my email to @Bell public to keep them accountable. I told them I'd be vocal about this. I have nothing but respect for their workers and I like their service generally. I know that I am not the only one affected & recognize my privilege. It affects us all. @CRTCeng

@jbru1977 So I put @Sportsnet on at 3pm to watch @BlueJacketsNHL against @TBLightning and my @Bell receiver has already shut off twice due to me not changing channels. If it turns off again while this game is on I'm done

@LisaSteacy1 Called @cogecohelps today to discuss a "new" modem that isn't working; since everything looked fine on their end we were told to hard wire into the modem every time we want to use the internet. Seriously?!? This is customer service? Maybe time to call @Bell or @RogersHelps!

@AbeSerfaty @Bell @Bell should assume its responsibility .. ..helping frauds defraud seniors is crime , my grand-mother is 80 ,she receive a call from @Bell issued number (416) 383-3518 when you call back to ask them to stop [email protected] 's message : this phone is not in service .Duh

@TheNewAddie @Bell_Support @Bell Really hoping you can help! My parents have recently changed all of their services to Bell but, they’re internet has not been working at all. My father is self employed and relies on the internet for his business. He has now not had access for almost 2weeks

@OttawaMade Well been one heck of a day so far it is 1:10pm est right now and I've been waiting for a @Bell tech who was supposed to be here between 8am-12pm now I get to wait around for Lord knows how long for them to call me with some info needless to say I'm not happy! 😤

@EllenMPeters @Bell I have to buy a box to return Bell equipment because they won't provide a box or allow me to return it to a store. Not exactly positive customer service.

@Nathanc383 @gskillgaming 0.59 Mbps download speed 0.53 Mbps upload speed Thanks @Bell , not what it's supposed to be😡

@sarahgavinconn1 @Bell you know how frustrating it is to call in for technical support and not be able to understand what the person is saying. Not helpful makes me want to cancel my new services.

@GouravSuri @Bell have gone to the dogs. Lies and bad sales are common..escalations are not answered. Shady people working as mangers have no idea whats going on. @Ont_Ombudsman need to get involved or users will keep getting garbage service from #BellCanada

@msrachelnancy By the way I have had the 3rd engineer come out to my property for a separate issue in the last couple of days. The last one today was extremely thorough, in no rush and did everything your last two couldn't be bothered to do @bell

@LukElson1 Shout out to @Bell exactly what I wanted to do after working all day sit on hold for 10 minutes at a time lol

@KhurramRf @Bell @Bell_Support service is really bad. They cut down my upload speed by 50% and still haven’t fixed it after so many calls to tech suppor. Time to move to new ISP

@Ray31401784 @Bell bell can suck it. I have to wait two days for a callback from a level two technician to fix my email that’s not working? Really two days?S u c k i t. !!!!!

@theaszakal Hey @elonmusk @SpaceX any chance I can get in on your Starlink beta tests in Ontario, Canada? Just paid my third $700 internet bill because I am working from home and live in a rural area 👩‍💻! We are SO ready for you to emancipate us from @Rogers and @Bell

@nydigitalmarket @TIFF_NET @Bell so you are not selling any tickets to members who live outside of Canada? I am in the US and usually come every year in person but not this year. Very disappointed.

@PlanSmarter @bell just told me they cut staff working on technical issues due to COVID-19- What? It now takes 3 days to check a downed phone line. #bellcanada #internet

@cookingwshaina Thank god for good friends who are lawyers. @Bell better call me ASAP! Happy to know I am protected under the consumer protection act and can cancel my contract without any fees for being sold a contract that does not have working services confirmed by bell themselves. 👏🏽

@omiotaco @PaulCormack @Bell I mean, if you're using a mesh wifi network, you're supposed to have 2-4 boosters lol, it's not Bell trying to rip you off. However I dislike Bell for other reasons, such as price gouging plans and the worst customer service I've ever had to deal with. @Bell_Support hung up on me

@CHAPFOOEY @iiRhymz @Bell @TorontoUltra Makes up for us not being able to play at the lan

@calmc61 Bell to bring 5G to 28 additional markets in 2020 @Bell @CRTCeng It's not a 5G's the poor customer service.

@kirandhaliwal @Bell_Support internet has been down for over 24 hours and nobody at the call centre is able to help me. Great customer service @Bell

@poolq1984 Fed up of having to restart my router every couple of hours @FidoSolutions to get shitty internet. Not good enough. Off to look for an alternative. @bell @RogersHelps @startca

@DragonNinja76 @Bell Will never trust bell again sold me fibre optic speeds to get not even half what I paid for only to be told we have fiber in your neighborhood but not up to your house. Glad I switched paying less and getting faster speeds

@kinsellawarren @bell sends bills to wrong address. Doesn’t get paid. Suspends line. Security system no longer functions. Bill paid. Line still won’t work. Security system still down at location that receives bomb threats. Bell, if you do not fix your fuck up, I’ll make your life a living Hell.

@ThemrilTV @RyMorrison2 @Bell_Support @Bell Yeah it took a while to get fiber here too, finally about 3 weeks ago they installed it in the street now. Guess there's not much you can do but wait.

@courtneeydavid I’m on day 2 of barley having any service and I’m confused cause I pay for unlimited data and I’m not even throttled so why am I paying to not have service??? @bell

@jfmezei @Bell @CRTCeng @priveeprivacy In the 1980s, NWTel was connected to the world via AGT in Fort-Nelson to Edmonton. Once Bell got presence out west and bought NWTel, it re-routed traffic at Fort Nelson to go down to Vancouver where it has presence instead of the direct route to Edmonton (Telus territory)

@DenWillJam @DeeEldershaw It’s sad that we have allowed them to drive us to the point of not answering the phone. Clearly need for improvement from major telecos and regulators @Bell @rogers @TELUS @CRTCeng

@RChilderhose @Bell The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G's camera glass is defective and is known to spontaneously break. Samsung blames consumers for this defect and refuses to repair the glass. Do not buy this phone.

@EllenMPeters @Bell I have to buy a box to return Bell equipment because they won't provide a box or allow me to return it to a store. Not exactly positive customer service.

@SkipPhotog Soending 2nd evening with no Fibe TV because our #internet is down & @Bell can’t get around to fixing it until tomorrow morning. That’s after spending 2 hours #phone time on hold & with techs. There is a chronic issue with old @Bell lines in #Mississauga

@PaolaQP1231 Hey, @Rogers! I'm getting spam calls every day. Some days it's multiple calls. I've received three this morning already. What solutions are you putting in place to deal with this ongoing problem? Both @Bell and @TELUS appear to have solved for this issue. What is your plan?

@cookingwshaina More people calling saying my phone rings like normal. Then goes to voicemail but too bad I don't get the phone call and they think I'm ignoring them but hope @Bell refuses to let me speak to a manager or resolve this issue. Day 4858392758484738 of this fucking insane issue!

@jamiercooper Sigh....I remember when the Stingray Retro channel was commercial free (not long ago), and I loved that...can we go back to that time? I pay a premium for this with @bell, would assume it to be commercial free, if we are paying a premium? @stingraymusic ?

@Teirersias The internship my fifteen year old daughter lost out on was with Kids Help Phone, an organization @Bell supports. The irony is not lost on me. Not only did she lose out on the money but a fantastic experience to digitally animate for the hotline. She needed internet. @CRTCeng

@anilaimran13 @Bell WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! Not helpful disconnected chat without giving answers not even sure if agent knew how 2 questions 45 minutes on hold only to get disconnected what is going on at Bell?!?!?!

@johnemonteith @ryanqnorth @Bell If your communication solution does not involve encryption, then someone is always listening, which is why I use a scytale, and all my friends have to have an identically sized scytale, and also we know a lot of cross-country runners, so

@jennydgiordano @shel1099 @RogersMobileCa @telusmobility @Bell @EdmontonOilers @Oil_Foundation Not true. I’m with @RogersMobileCa and have been trying since 9 am to get a ticket. No luck. So that can’t be true. Lol.

@tamera @Bell please advise why I was instructed to track down your stolen property (my @Google Pixel 4 XL) which your delivery company TL Force apparently is just hanging on to from July 21, 2020. Nope. Cancel my order and ship me a new phone, properly.

@darkbluecaro Sucks how my internet provider won't give me a good deal on unlimited internet data while working from home but new clients get it for free with a cheaper and better package.. Way to reward loyalty @Bell

@RetailTherapyEh I now have a @Bell welcome package. Lots of paper and small print. Funny, considering the technician never did show up and the escalation reps refuse to communicate in writing. No accessible accommodation. Who cares about #AODA? Not Bell Canada.

@b_cgriffin I had this on my old truck but it’s not going on my new one Enough already with shanny, Dubas and keefe with their stupid concept of what it takes to win in the playoffs Hey @rogers and @bell Fire them right fucking now

@melimaman @Bell it’s a wonder you even have customers... we were called on INSTALL DAY to ask us if we want to upgrade?!? That’s not customer service, It’s harassement. To top it of we signed up for the second fastest fibe package oh and the real kicker is the my couldn’t install it🤬😡🤬

@cheek_king @Bell @bell is the absolute WORST when it comes to service. I've had an simple issue that they've failed to fix going on 4 weeks now. Im starting to really doubt the competence of their "technical support" department. Not good. Definitely wouldn't recommend @Bell once i switch

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