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Published by Bbc 4 months ago

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@MILERHS Does it matter what they wear ?????? Any way they do not shoot Grouse at Lake Vyrnwy ... that is a barren site under management of RSPB where killing does take place by its contractors... paid for out of public purse ... bit like CP's Ltd Co..... invoices to @bbc

@Becky18324396 Also in 2018, @BBC was said to be "shocked" when a survey revealed 417 of its employees were transgender. Yet despite this being x4 the national workplace average there's still not even ONE openly trans person publicly presenting or fronting their output.

@DannyJohnJules @colesy_jnr @americanpickers @UKTV @UKTVPress And dissed @PBS who were the first (outside of the @BBC and even after they dropped us) not only to show #RedDwarf but host it’s cast (by that, I meal ALL cast) to the US. If you look closely at the (tampered) photo. The characters expressions are like “American (Pickers) Pilot?”

@RTyango @Il_Gatto__ @AlistairHaimes @LeProfMoriarty @bbc we’re all over this story at the time. The online section even rather with a story of a mother who s child had the cornavirus Kawasaki disease. Only to reveal half way down the article they tested negative

@nick_daubney Why do I have get all gov announcement from @bbc who I do not trust . Can’t gov. Uk be kept up to date anymore ?

@peter_rigolli @BBCNews Come on @bbc and the so called ‘critics’ why are you not calling for the directors of @ofqual to resign, it’s down to them!

@bluecitizens Thats the way the @BBC works. Down expect slave owners or Jamaican to be mentioned either.

@DIDDLYONE @BeatzKs @davidebrady @BBC @munyachawawa @OpenUniversity Except hes a race baiting c**t punching down from his middle class metropolitan position on to the white working class. Middle class white snobs love it also🤷‍♂️

@Jongin_Track @WokenessKills @BBC @munyachawawa @OpenUniversity Umm so your racist & transphobic. Pick a struggle. I’m literally not even trans, having pronouns in your bio is just so people know what to identify you as. You are a proper weird one bending over backwards to show how ignorant you are in every way possible (& failing at that)

@xhyuck scary to know that @skynews @BBC @DailyMailUK @TMZ @THR were all reporting about this, some of them had journalists IN THE ROOM, yet not a single one wrote about the video. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp

@ChangeDiva_Vic The transition to #RemoteWorking is seamless for some people, but not all. @meredithturits explains common challenges and solutions so that neither work #productivity nor your personal life suffer on @BBC. #FutureofWork #TeleWork

@RhysOwens92 @Francis92802166 @withoutlabels2 @nickeardleybbc @Keir_Starmer @JohnSwinney @BBC @GavinWilliamson They did what the Scottish people forced them to do. They didn't want to, and neither did they really care about the effect their policy had on the working class. Tories are Tories, what's the natonalists' excuse?

@swanlee99 @WSJ @BBC Taped an interview with NBC Nightly News about 1 hour ago. Airs at 6:30pm nationwide.Might be 1st chance we striving for equal education rights get on national TV platform to share our perspective &insights.Please tune in if you follow this issue.Or are curious about the issue :)

@MadamMiaow Some democracy! Good people on Twitter who've been trying to speak truth to power are being suspended because our masters do not want truth to get in the way of their war. @TwitterSupport & MSM esp @BBC & @Guardian are eliminating all public debate on China.

@gijn Top 10 #ddj: Life may not return to exactly what it was prior to #COVID19 even if the virus subsides. @BBC's Visual & Data Journalism team beautifully illustrated the possible future of home & workplace environments @davidxxbrown @PrinaShah2 @Rushlet_

@TedEwen @Valkyr101 @BBC @BBCNews @guardian I wish I could see anything to disagree with in that. One can but hope that reason will prevail, but 60 years of the right dismantling education, pushing guns, and promoting a ‘one man, his gun and his conscience’ philosophy seem to indicate not.

@KiyaHeike @DrJaninaRamirez @BBC Nah it's not easy. I've done public speaking for almost 10 years now and it's still terrifying at times, and requires great concentration to keep on track. Keep at it. Great inspiration you are!

@Moonbabe75 @TruthS33ker2 @BBC Its such an automated part of peoples lives.Get in,put the news on,get up in the morning & go to the shop to buy a paper Pepeople dont question their rourines and certainly not the's easy,it's comfortable...why question it?

@ZwinakNC11 This is really fascinating that the @BBC UK contradicts its own laws. If two British citizens gave birth to a child in colonial America, that child would be British, not American. The US forefathers modeled the 14th Amendment to this effect. However, it is not enforced.

@Francis92802166 @RhysOwens92 @withoutlabels2 @nickeardleybbc @Keir_Starmer @JohnSwinney @BBC @GavinWilliamson They do, as they get it all the time from Yoons, we True Scots will fight for our Countries Freedom, u Yoons will lie down to the London Elite & kiss their arses.

@JapaMahatma @iAmJasonSteward @KamalaHarris @VanJones68 @GOP @DNC @EmmanuelMacron @PoppyHarlowCNN @UN @BBC @S_C_ @RepAdamSchiff @SenSanders @johnpodesta @joekennedy @CillizzaCNN @CFR_org @NikkiHaley @Blklivesmatter @ninaturner @CNN @FareedZakaria @KingJames @HillaryClinton @TomPerez @keithellison @realDonaldTrump @RichardHaass @BrianKarem @VP @FoxNews @seanhannity @BernieSanders @BenSasse @MSNBC @JoeNBC @POTUS @wikileaks @JulianAssange @RepByrne @BarackObama @FOX4 @wfaa @NBCDFW @DallasPD @McKinneyPolice @CollinCountyGov @phideltaphi @judicialnetwork Read this to see that I have met the prerequisites that the plaintiff's in this case did not So we are passed that, into an area where the DEA needs to act right. Change their behavior, or lose the CSA.

@GerryHassan This is how not to deal with racism, lies & @realDonaldTrump: a case study by the @BBC. The below trying to appease & be balanced abt #birtherism & Kamala Harris is abt racism, white entitlement & smear politics. FACT: There is no real "birther theory": only lies.

@vickimichelle Happy Birthday to the gorgeous @PaddyMcGuinness Lovely bloke, great working with you on #KeithandPaddyPictureShow #Ghostbusters Love all your shows @BBC_TopGear #TotalWipeout Looking forward to your new show #ICanSeeYourVoice Have a fab birthday @lemontwittor @flintoff11 @BBC

@mrloopy52 @JudiciaryGOP I’m in the UK and there’s not a peep about this in any of our media over here and only know about it from what I see on Twitter, it looks awful and you shouldn’t have to be putting up with it but why the silence? @BBC @SkyNews @ITV

@ChristineJameis @nistaleos @jeremycorbyn I know exactly what you mean. Anything that went wrong, they would pin on him and send in the army to remove him. The only way this would not have happened is if he had muzzled the corrupt media as soon as he became PM @bbc.

@Tspaceinbetween @sanjitchudha @BBC Happy to have a long chat about this version! Not convinced by it.

@Real_DonnaMarie @Melina36463046 @BeNosey @BBC @SteveSpeirs4 If he is not in control, apparently all countries had to comply to be included, 205 countries signed on. Follow The Charlie Ward Show on YouTube for updates.

@IonaItalia @Friedmanzone @nooshejoon @briandavidearp @BBC @SamHarrisOrg @joerogan I wish I were as trendy as Sam Harris & Joe Rogan! Also, not an atheist. But I'm always happy to have my podcast shared.

@Tommo155 @ANormal88170917 @bogieboris @GaryLineker @BBC Butting in a bit here but you both have a point. Yes Gary is highlighting a serious issue which some people seem to have a callous attitude towards but clearly his salary from the bbc was more important than supporting elderly people who maybe can't afford the licence fee.

@OllyMead1 @DrJaninaRamirez @BBC Try not to get into any trouble while you're on @bettanyhughes 's turf. She's a toughie as we saw in the boat trip from hell where her sound man changed colour from white to grey to green... I'll keep an eye out for developments in the next issue of Viz.

@stevetoase The seal went on to have a long career at the @BBC radiophonics workshop, mainly working on teleportation materialisations.

@Becky18324396 That was in 2011, but by 2018 @BBC 's transphobia seems to have got worse. Here, in BBC 1's Car Share comedian @peterkay_co_uk thinks ppl beaten into a coma for being trans is not only something uproariously funny but is deserved.

@63_susan @poppyca28972829 @helsbells36 @amscanlon @BBC @DefundBBC I despise the @BBC. The magistrate courts are overflowing with people not able to pay the license fee. Many are single-parent families & pensioners receiving jail sentences. @BorisJohnson @DefundBBC

@JAPartington1 @grahamjsutton @amscanlon @CroneInAMillion @BBC @BBCNWT Here's one reply they sent out: Thank you for getting in touch about our article 'Blackpool woman accessed child abuse images in hospital bed' We would not refer to an individual as transgender unless this was heard in court. 1/2

@HARJGTHEONEDBA “Democratic presidential candidate Kamala (“Crazy”) Harris said Wednesday she’s open to expanding the U.S. Supreme Court...Republicans of creating a “crisis of confidence” nation’s highest court.” —she’s crazy Harris her judges would lock USA down forever! #HGOHD @bbc #HARJGTWO

@Brayney80 @Rob0ct @BBC @TVNaga01 @UKLabour It’s easy to say all this after the event when it’s not gone well. I’m not a fan of the government by any stretch but I’d rather they were dealing with this than a Corbyn led Labour Party

@MrTobyCook @qikipedia @BBC @sanditoksvig With QI starting to film again, and of course temp checks etc not reliable as many are asymptomatic, is it the BBC’s position that Covid isn’t airborne and can’t travel long distances despite social distancing (indoors)?

@Ink_Spot_Slot @LozzaFox @BBC I wouldn't pay it if I didn't have to. I've not watched any BBC content for years now, they're so far left they're completely lost, beyond salvage. As far as I'm concerned the license payment is money down the netty!

@Moonbabe75 @TruthS33ker2 @BBC Well just like the bbc and our politicians i will say anything,at any given moment that i think will further my cause.Use of double speak and changing the narrative to cause confusion. Whether it's true or not or even makes sense is completely irrelevant! See,i'm learning! 😁

@Vallery59585663 "We need to be protected, not a beating" #Belarus #BelarusProtest #Belarusprotests @BBC @euronews #belarussianlivesmatter

@Delfryn Unbelievable! But then, he has nothing else to worry about. Yeah, right..... (@BBC: The 'US calls' ?? ITYM 'Trump calls'.... Not great reporting, again... Sigh....) US calls for shower rules to be eased after Trump hair complaints - BBC News -

@lizzieh1804 @JonnaFoss @BBC @BBCBreaking They are not profiteering from the crisis, just doing what they always do - ramping up prices at a time of high demand. Travellers should have foreseen this and factored in the possible cost of returning home early, which no one is forcing them to do.

@I_lick_things_ Due to not wanting to potentially expose her to this virus. So, in short, I spent months in hospital, alone, couldn't even go for a walk, gave birth alone, and her dad didn't meet her for a week after birth, yet this was allowed to happen. @BBC and @BBCPanorama you are an a

@AndyHarrison123 @BossGooner @fouldsy147 @Eurosport_UK @BBC Its on BBC 2. Had to switch over about 20 mins ago as they are clearly not doing anything about it.

@Moonbabe75 @TruthS33ker2 @BBC Once you see clearly it will change you, perception will shift and you will feel that you are on the right path! Dont beat yourself up there are some very clever tricksters. It's better to arrive at tge party kate thsn not at all 🎉🎆🥂

@mackjangles The @BBC in the 21st century: part 4,211. Apparently they have no concept of what a metaphor is, but prefer to waste our time with both spurious & specious information that's barely relevant in the circumstances presented. Thank god we're not paying for it .. oh wait ..

@withoutlabels2 @nickeardleybbc @Keir_Starmer Please report correctly. This is NOT a UK situation. Scotland resolved this issue. It is a Wales & England fiasco. Despite demands for @JohnSwinney to resign, even after he set this straight, no parties or MSM @BBC are demanding the resignation of @GavinWilliamson .

@fhsoysauce @radi_georgi @BBC Let’s not give a fuck to people dying because of police violence and corrupted governments around the world today. @BBC should be entirely focused on the referendum 4 years ago. Bad reporting.

@RajaJyotish Don't forget to #DefundTheBBC As this video explains, presenters like @TVNaga01 want to take your hard earned @bbc license money and enjoy the benefits of capitalism too by working with @astonmartin Cashing in from the diversity game... #bbc #bbcnews

@RickDoyle @BBC Good content but a 7th grader in Alabama could do a better job on your sound. Always reaching for the remote to turn down the background music. #SherlockHolmes

@realwright13 @ScottLucas_EA and @BBC are falsely accusing @realDonaldTrump of racism. President Trump only said a lawyer raised the issue of @KamalaHarris not being eligible to be Vice president . Maybe they should deal with the UK leaving migrants in the English Channel to drown.

@SoNowUknow2 @Paul12269604 @BBC @BBCNews @10DowningStreet @UKLabour That is an old approach you are apply Paul. 1-ethnicity 2-gender 3-sexuality Those are the criteria for getting a job 4- ability That is nice to have but not essential.

@magwitch5151 WTF is the bloke talking about? Jesus. Can someone tell him just to commentate on the bloody match not everything else but the bloody game?! @BBCSnooker @BBC @BBCSport

@TokssieToks @BBC @OpenUniversity Thanks Layla🙏🏾It’s important to acknowledge that It is ok not to be ok especially these days. You speak to and for so many black people and more importantly about coping strategies. Great video🙌🏾🙌🏾

@alansco30862700 @FuseODG @junesarpong Not sure its appropriate for a direcor of the @bbc to be constantely posing in this manner.

@SteveLawrence_ @jazzaoxon I don’t use a VPN but I believe @BBC is blocking traffic to VPN servers which strikes me as illegal @DCMS @CommonsDCMS? A TV licence allows the licensee to drive broadcast media within the UK. It’s not for the BBC to determine what is driven where. This goes to the core of ...

@lindzeegee So @BBC is writing stories about how our ballots are going to be delayed, 3 MONTHS ahead of our election because our corrupt PostMaster is baddiebudds with our most corrupt elected official? Hell No. This is not even subtle election tampering. #WhatWouldBernieDo #ThisIsAmerica

@DrJaninaRamirez I’ve heard many times, ‘I could do what you do. Presenting is easy.’ @BBC are running my first doc atm I was pretty bad when I started. I’ve worked so hard to understand all parts of the process & I’m still not the best. But I have tried to get better.

@TruthS33ker2 @Moonbabe75 @BBC #Covid1984 Syndrome The #Masks are proof that the #DigitalVirusOfTheMind is highly contagious... contrary to #GovUk who clearly state it’s not ....... 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

@wheatear9 @BBCr4today Schapps allowed to lie and not answer questions this is not journalism its complicity in a debacle @BBC not fit for purpose

@vickythompson28 The transition to #RemoteWorking is seamless for some people, but not all. @meredithturits explains common challenges and solutions so that neither work #productivity nor your personal life suffer on @BBC. #FutureofWork #TeleWork

@Moonbabe75 @TruthS33ker2 @BBC @GOVUK No it wasn't me but you know,sometimes it's difficult to tell if a building is still standing or not,takes special training! I know people think 911 was a conspiracy theory but i happened to be there and i SAW those planes fly into all those buildings that day!!It's ALL true!

@bearded1_one I'm losing the battle to stop people, companies, institutions etc. saying, "for free". This is appalling English. Correct English is "free of charge", "for nothing" or, simply, "free". Naturellement, that bastion of excellent English (NOT), @bbc, is also a culprit.

@LucyJac05379869 @BBCNews @BBCOne @BBCBreaking @BBC It’s a day after results day, and thousands of people across the country have not received the a-level results if there BTECs. Some due to an error on the exam boards side. I have not got my a-level results and that is due to an error by Pearson

@Moonbabe75 @TruthS33ker2 @BBC That's a great start to really educating yourself properly!👍 I'm so relieved to hear it because tbh I think you were heading down a slippery slope of no return...being brainwashed by 'conspiracy theories' is NEVER going to end well! ☠️

@SimonFi80947769 @LiamDeacon @DefundBBC Used to watch everyday. Now lucky if it’s once a week. Then I get frustrated as it’s all politicised guff. If it was not for watching live sport I’d cancel @bbc license in a flash

@Brayney80 @Rob0ct @BBC @TVNaga01 @UKLabour We’re a small island with a population of over 66 million. Of course it was going to spread quickly. Especially when large pockets of people are not following instructions to keep them safe. That said, opinions are like arseholes. Everybody’s got one Robert.

@JapaMahatma @kausarwill @BBCWorld @CNN @ndtvindia @BBC @FoxNews @SkyNews @AlJazeera @euronews @AlArabia_Eng @MSNBC @USCIRF @LadyVelvet_HFQ @ZahraniAbidi @SuhailAlZarooni @MJALSHRIKA Read this to see that I have met the prerequisites that the plaintiff's in this case did not So we are passed that, into an area where the DEA needs to act right. Change their behavior, or lose the CSA.

@realroejogan Lyin' scum media promote false narrative again on the US president @realDonaldTrump "I have no idea if that's right" and "assumed the Democrats would have checked that out" is not stoking anything, @BBC Journalists are mostly scum. Programming you to be slaves. Many such cases!

@Shabnamagram @riaz1230 @StephenNolan @BBC Just under 40% were downgraded due to the algorithm used to standardise the grades teachers had given. There have been some students who have done well, others not so much. I guess there’s no right way of doing it but the gvt need to sort out the appeals info ASAP.

@whisperycat @KirstyWark @BBCTwo When "Not Guilty" is deemed by the establishment to be the wrong answer, they deploy the @BBC and people like you

@DIDDLYONE @BeatzKs @davidebrady @BBC @munyachawawa @OpenUniversity I'll give you a joke, I bet you were pleased at slave traders/owners statues coming down, as was I, but how come the slave trader and owner, the good old proph Muhammed was not condemned by people, Its kinda like you've got to be white to be condemned these days. Cue laughter.

@TruthS33ker2 @AnechoicDebate @LordBrexit @Charlie59845959 But #Masks are not law? Even the decision whether to enlforce them in supermarkets is down to the supermarkets discretion 🤷🏻‍♂️ so..... there are no excuses for anyone other than they can’t think for themselves outside of @bbc @sky @gov it really is that simple

@SaltSalz2 @BBC @munyachawawa @OpenUniversity You are racist againt whatever is not BAME or Corbyn. And accusing cops of race profiling is behond 🤮🤮🤮 Knife crimes is the reason for this. If cops wouldn’t tackle the problem you would attack them too. You like to extinguish fire with gasoline

@srahcol @BBCBreakfast @SimonJonesNews @BBC The @BBCBreakfast response to my complaint ignores my concerns: these people did not give consent. They are not advocates or campaigners or politicians: they are people in danger. Your report treated them like a entertainment event.


@Arvai19 @AnotherFineTwit @kennykenynwa @BBC #FuckTheBBCOff Do not watch Sport AT ALL! In fact if you value your way of life at all. Kick sport into touch. It has and always will be a way to distract you, and alienate you feom the large majority of REAL life.

@HARJGTHEONEDBA Kamala “crazy” Harris is against fracking thus not good for PENN state voters! “Now, he is adding a partner to the ticket, Ms. (“Crazy”) Harris, who goes further, fully supporting progressive Green New Deal and a ban on fracking everywhere.” #HGOHD #HARJGTWO @BBC #HARJGTHEONEDBA

@JapaMahatma @Rudraaaaaaaaa @candyisyummy333 @Whitetailbowhnt @tc904007 @mixedopinionss @knowsey @foxandfriends @NBCNews @FoxNews @CBSLA @Morning_Joe @CNN @FoxNewsSunday @TheFive @RealJamesWoods @TuckerCarlson @seanhannity @BillOReilly @NRA @cair @cristinalaila1 @realDonaldTrump @HillaryClinton @PeterTownsend7 @MSNBC @SkyNews @BBC @AlJazeera @AP @Reuters @nsa @Dea @YouTube @Facebook @FBI @Twitter @ATT @comcast @DEAHQ @SenateGOP @SenateDems @HouseGOP @HouseDemocrats @KenPaxtonTX @JusticeABarrett @uscourts @nbc @TechSoup @CollinCountyGov @USGAO Read this to see that I have met the prerequisites that the plaintiff's in this case did not So we are passed that, into an area where the DEA needs to act right. Change their behavior, or lose the CSA.

@MichaelYeadon3 @uk_sf_writer @ukpatriot1111 @BBCBreakfast @BBC No. It’s not the totals which matter. Not when a notable proportion of those deaths are CAUSED by Govts measures designed to save lives, but don’t. Any thoughtful person long ago convinced themselves that lockdown did nothing good.

@official_earlb @FCBarcelona All of this is not necessary guys let's stage a protests on Twitter and tag Spanish fa,@cnn,@BBC,@UEFA this man @jmbartomeu needs to resign latest Monday morning.

@JonnaFoss @lizzieh1804 @BBC @BBCBreaking I’m not talking about the ridiculous decision people have made to go away during a pandemic. Something we would never have done. I’m talking about companies profiteering from the crisis. If it’s £100 to travel back yesterday why is it £400 today.

@LawCharlies @philelviswilson @Michael28135781 @BBC You need a committee with reps of every race to supervise race equality. Not just a black person.

@DrJohnChisholm Sadly, @bbc, which used to be respected across the world, has become a Government mouthpiece, on #Brexit, unchallenged fake news from unnamed 'Government' sources, & choosing Government-promoted stories rather than what is important. Sadly too, BBC is not alone in these failings.

@TruthS33ker2 @Moonbabe75 @BBC The @bbc cult? I’m not sure it’s the right one for me.. #Peadophilia coverups, deliberate #FakeNews stories to create #Fearmongering, supporting #Propaganda of an unofficial #treasonous #genocidal criminal gang masquerading as govt 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’d be complicit in criminal activities?

@ChrisCooling8 @manyhopes @WHO @PayPal @PayPalUK @Telegraph @BBC @thetimes @DailyMailUK @AskPayPal I don't see how the WHO has any duty, since they are not involved in this in any way. Paypal should be able to do this. I don't think this is very widespread judging by the very few online complaints I've seen

@Becky18324396 @BBC 's transphobia is not only limited to its 'comedy' output. In 2018, trans woman, Aimee Challenor, described in the i newspaper how a one-sided BBC article contacted transphobic bullies claiming she was a man, whilst not contacting her for comment.

@Heerak4Congress Maryland has 700 new COVID-19 cases in 24 hours! MD has 12 new COVID-19 deahs in 24 hours! @MDHealthDept @BBC MD is in serious trouble as Flu Season approaches! Many are expected to die in Flu Season, unfortunately. Watch video on pinned tweet at top!

@SteveLawrence_ @bpfbpf2 Thanks Bea. The TV licence is like a driving licence, it allows me to do something and in this case it allows me to ‘drive’ content (not just BBC content) to a server in the UK. Correct @BBC? It’s the next bit which I’m struggling to understand. i.e. the stream onwards on a VPN

@shuvankr Let's see how @BBC and other western media reports on India's #JimmyLai .. Or is all "We support Free Speech" claims only apply to #HongKong and not to #India or #prashantbhushan

@ArnallRose V disappointed by @BBC response to complaint "We believe throughout our programme we portrayed the situation fairly and accurately....We don’t believe our coverage was misplaced" - fails to engage with the point that you have power which those being filmed without consent do not

@jonesy68 @AnotherFineTwit @BBC Not bothered.Prefer to watch the action and form my own views.Cant argue with Parrott,Davis or Hendrie.I like McManus.

@BTreenew @JazzyIsta @morningmika @BBC I went back and reread your message ab Darius. His political knowledge is certainly daft if any. On that note I would beg for you to consider INDIVIDUALISM. Not as compared to libertarianism. Just plain born and cognoscent. There was a case - long time ago when 4 kids - ~1~

@PaulAll86245538 @realPeteMaragos @ItsScarlettBobo @canadasdragrace @WorldOfWonder @BBC @LogoTV In the UK we get to see it tomorrow (Friday) so I'm going to stay off social media tomorrow until I watch it, as not to know what happens. Loving every minute of it.

@Epley Mika is truly Pathetic. Her husband to be is equally so as well as down right mean to people that work for him. Awful couple. @DNC @CNN @MSNBC @OWNTV @PJMedia_com @iHeartRadio @CumulusMedia @ViacomCBS @WarnerMedia @comcast @Xfinity @CTV @CBC @BBC @OpenSociety #POTUS45

@warren00761692 @uk_sf_writer @pastoralview @BBCBreakfast @BBC That's interesting - I don't watch television but yesterday I saw someone on twitter commenting on heavy duty fence work being done on Dorset campsite - when talking with the workmen they were told "It's to keep you in". Sage are not proposing it, they're already doing it.

@PlumberWat @BBC @theJeremyVine @eggheadsTV this is the second time on a Friday evening and settled down to watch Eggheads...... imagine my huge disappointment to see snooker on! Last time was Premier League Football. Come on @BBCNews

@MarkStanding3 @OurSayMedia @BBC A particular officer appeared to convince herself that he was a fraudster which was clearly not the case. His family and friends were very clear that this disappearance was very different in nature from his previous ones.

@cornwell167 @Michi_Midge @BBC Join the club!The bbc are totally indifferent to anyone who is not inside their cosy little metropolitan bubble.Time the govt stopped getting hysterical about the virus & did some governing!

@withoutlabels2 @RhysOwens92 @nickeardleybbc @Keir_Starmer @JohnSwinney @BBC @GavinWilliamson They admitted they were wrong & resolved it. I don't have blind faith in @theSNP , I used to vote @scottishlabour but, not having blind faith in anything, I saw what a waste that vote was & chose a party that were more capable than Labour & will happily choose another if need be

Site Excerpt Down, Is Bbc Down?.
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