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@juliocesartist8 @BBCNews The @BBC and all it’s programs are a biased propaganda machine for the tories and a con to have to legally have to pay for that although One does not waste time watching the channels!

@IMcCrae @BBC_Saturday @BBCRadio4 @BBC On #SaturdayLive you laugh at 'fashion disasters'. can you make it clear to listeners as they get dressed, as some will be terrified of letting you down: What's the criteria for a 'disaster'? Why can't people wear what they like without you judging?

@ste_henry @MarkSomers @conway2k @BehnG77 @maitlis @BBC It’s all about perception. They don’t want him to be perceived as a clumsy, bumbling oaf, which he invariably does easily. Why not just show the original footage? In the grand scheme of things it was just a clumsy error, but they made a rod for their own back using 2016 footage.

@roystyn @BBCNews @BBCBreaking If he is innocent then we need to see him in a US court facing his accuser. Only that will prove whether he's a paedophile or not. A PR stunt promoted by the @bbc only suggests there is something to be buried.

@drsarahcroke @catzollman @ecimcongress @BBC @PennyBrohnUK What we really need is for more medical professionals, especially in primary care, to have some actual training in these approaches. That is where patient safety is managed. It should not be up to patients to do this homework.

@ArtCrunchy @DonaldFrump @JulieBJewellery @BBC You tried to discredit the information because it doesn't suit your world view. That's not helpful in the war against disinformation. You're entitled to your view of course. I wouldn't have posted it if I knew it was untrue. Play nice, ok?

@realStefanStrek @danielmiller549 @ABC @nbc @MSNBC @Yahoo @BBC @blacksheep_uo @eugeneweekly @registerguard @BreitbartNews Dedicate your life to it, peasant, YOU are MY slave that exists for garbage. There R thousands more where that came from. 4 every 1 taken down by #autistic #moron there are 2 more put up by #STREK fans and #family! God Bless America! #tcot #ccot #MAGA @wqqqqwrt @MedsBestPodcast

@NinaRekhi Finally! Thanks for being diligent @EOWDelhi @CPMumbaiPolice but we want #CBIProbeRBI to explore its role in #PMCBankCrisis The auditors frm @RBI shud not be let off either. @FinMinIndia @PIB_India @DrJitendraSingh @PMOIndia @MirrorNow @UN @BBCWorld @CNN @Telegraph @guardian @BBC

@TheNugget1902 @dallo100 @Pingachoo @BBCNewsnight @BBCTwo @maitlis @BiasBBC @BBC @BBCNews I'm sorry, Randy Andy doesn't cut it for me. This is a paedophile pure and simple. To belittle it with a nickname. No, not today, it's not 1985!!!

@SimonWood2k5 @Tonygoode @KeithSwinburne @CPFlo @BBC I think it's absolutely clear you have an agenda. And, like everyone on Twitter with an agenda, you're gonna push it and push it and keep on pushing it regardless of whether it actually makes any sense or not to an objective, rational person.

@Paradijsbeer Watching Prince Andrew @BBC. He says he doesn't remember meeting Virginia. He tries to cast doubt on the verity of the photo of him and the girl, but he doesn't say it's fake. i.e. He knows that would be a lie and his legal team instructed him not to go there.

@Saamprater @maritzburggreg @jeslllll @SABCNewsOnline @Radio702 @brucebusiness @eNCA @CNNBreakingNews @BBC @HaddadEffat @mahya_saber The reality of South Africa under the ANC. Always the hate. Not even hiding it anymore. Not even trying to project civility. Just hate. Hate. Hate and greed.

@sipos0 @BBC/@BBCNews needs to release the full interview with @TheDukeOfYork immediately. Speculation based on edited clips from it is no help to anyone. Release of edited highlights is not news. It is bad journalism to release it as they have IMHO.

@njm787 @mrdanwalker Are you not supposed to be 'impartial' as you're an employee of the @BBC? No?

@dounowhoiam @bbc @BBCTwo What is going on with #QIXL? It's only up to the third episode of the new series (when the cut down version is up to 8) at just irregular points. Looking at Wikipedia the massive delay has been happening since Series P (2018–2019), which isn't good.

@KH04040502 @BBCNews If it's not @bbcquestiontime its @BBCNews The @BBC are behaving like a propaganda arm for the @Conservatives Again and again, @BorisJohnson was allowed to attack @jeremycorbyn and the @UKLabour on @BBCBreakfast yesterday, when he was specifically asked not to! #impartial ???

@ennovyrednaxela A masterclass in interview technique from @maitlis. And love that @bbc has included her jotting down notes throughout. Would love to read those scribblings!

@joelpatterson_ Not all technological advances are purely practical. This interesting @BBC article describes how photogrammetry is "increasingly being used to insert lifelike character models into video games and to digitise real-world scenery." #technology

@josephdoherty8 @drdavidbull @BBC I think it’s a great idea because the way the @BBCNews projects it’s bias view it’s better for our kids not to listen to propaganda

@karensi77677905 @BBC how can you give away £21k on the wall and not give free TV licences to over 75s this is just this weeks episode you are a joke

@macTredo Prince Andrew is not the victim. Please stop giving him the platform to push his false narrative @BBC @guardian

@John97732667 @JamieLangton @drdavidbull @BBC It’s a disgrace trying to charge pensioners,they paid all there working life’s it keeps them involved and in touch and in some cases the only way to see what’s happening in the world.

@AlastairWalker2 @BBC not to be trusted #defundthebbc #BBCBias

@danielmiller549 @realStefanStrek @ABC @nbc @MSNBC @Yahoo @BBC @blacksheep_uo @eugeneweekly @registerguard @BreitbartNews @wqqqqwrt @MedsBestPodcast I just checked and there aren’t two posters where I took the other one down yesterday, just a blank space that’s way more pleasant to look at. I don’t think you know what you’re talking about

@A_Few_Good_Men @HousingITguy @BBC conduct has been absolutely appalling in not furnishing the UK electorate with the truth in the last 9 yrs, their obvious political bias during purdah in which all broadcast media is required to remain neutral is scandalous yet nothing from @Ofcom

@accouder I think it was at Orgreave where the @BBC six oclock news switched the sequence of police charging and miners throwing stones and no one has ever been reprimanded let alone booted out, no wonder the BBC do everything they can to bring down Corbyn

@GuyPortman @BBCNewsnight @BBCTwo @maitlis When are you, impartial @BBC, going to be interviewing Virginia Giuffre? You're not, are you? All you're offering us is this pre recorded detritus of an interview. And to think we're being forced to pay you an extortionate annual TV licence fee. #BBCFarce

@MiaSertima @Independent He should be in front of a Judge,NOT @maitlis ! The @BBC have sunk to a new low that I thought was not possible from the Sewer it has become already.

@TonyTwellings @drdavidbull @BBC I disagree. News is only worth listening to if it’s true news and not biased political propaganda that the BBC have been peddling for the last 4 years at least.

@frasertweet As someone who works in Corporate Comms, gonna give it to Prince Andrew. Answered well,honestly & made idiotic decisions. Think most paper editors will be annoyed with @BBC for over egging the interview. That was not reschedule worthy....

@MCY1X Dear @BBC Has @bbcnickrobinson been told not to challenge #Tories, even when they’re lying? #BBC #GE2019

@ProvNewsHistory Dear @BBC. Children need more news, not less. Keep @BBCNewsround in its afternoon slot please. It’s an entry level gateway to the wider news media.

@david_voyle #PrinceAndrew 1st Lie "We (@bbc an I) wanted this 6months ago" 2nd "Never met him before" But #Epstein was released #PrinceAndrew went2 him to tell him NOT ONLY COULD THEY NO LONGER CONTINUE ANY FORM OF RELATIONSHIP BUT ONLY TO TELL HIM THEY CAN NO LONGER BE SEEN IN PUBLIC ???

@AndyEdwardsR14C @drdavidbull @BBC I understand your excellently well made point David, I have forwarded your comments to Tony @TonyHallBBCDG Hall the BBC Director-General for his view as Editor-in-Chief. Newsround lead by John Craven & team has informed (rather than educated) young people (not kids) for decades🇪🇺

@wa83820003 @mrdanwalker @maitlis I have to say and give credit to the @BBC for showing this. You’ve all come in for some stick recently, but this, was gold. Pure car crash gold. And huge credit to @maitlis. I thought you’d go soft on him but were brilliant.

@JamesJohnTapper @redBb10 @BBC @UKLabour @jeremycorbyn I’m not making excuses - this isn’t a game or jovial competition. Nor am I expecting @UKLabour to ‘lose’ the election. I’m simply stating what I think is a fact. And I suspect you know very well that the contents of your reply bear no resemblance to reality. #JC4PM #AttleePlus

@sphenefan @onhistodd @Channel4News @BBC @Channel4News not as bad as @BBCNews But @KrishanGuru_Murthy has a different attitude if he talks to @jeremycorbyn ,he is far ruder and aggressive to him than Lib Dem or Tory ,he shows his prejudices ,this channel used to be more balanced but its out to make headlines now

@michael_hows #dukeofyork "Prince Andrew" by not saying "Definitely No" to #underage #sex in @BBC interview-it opens the #possibility that he did-so why aren't the #police investigating further, because this is serious - a #royal could be a sex offender -& what type of #honorable model is that

@BeaColdwell #PrinceAndrew If you were accused on the @BBC of something as scuzzy as shagging trafficked underage girls, wouldn't you be furiously angry, not claiming Woking...Pizza Express...don't message to Virginia? What a jerk.

@Lance63 @BBC @BBCNews @BBCPolitics - Who should I vote for? General election 2019 policy guide - #BBC How can this be accurate and up to date as Manifestos have not been published yet? Could this not be misleading? @bbcpress ?

@MoMo_MCMLXXVII @STEPHEGREAT @the852spirit @UN @amnesty @nytimes @BBC I hate to throw dirt in your food mate, but protesters actually fact check everything before they put out news. But you probably do not know what is that. So you were saying?

@KbomzKevin @BBCWorld @BBC @BBCNews The interview of Prince Andrew talking about Jeff #Epstein didn't look good for the Prince. He looked like a deer "caught in headlights" & even tried to deny knowing Epstein very well. A elitist grown man doesn't do sleepovers & not know who you're with

@Privatecarfree @BBC As we get down to net carbon zero levels of carbon consumption, these data energy and carbon figures become a far more significant proportion of our daily lifestyle. As we necessarily prioritise eating over other activities

@FuriousFury3 @BassettWemendum @DenisHinds2 @BBCArchive @BBC @Conservatives Brian, I'm not here to do the work for you. And as you 'don't trust' info on the internet, providing links to the quantities available would be a waste of my time. You could maybe write to the ONS and ask them to help you. Or pop your head back in the sand.

@LesleyW71005753 @drdavidbull @BBC Could not agree more It’s a time when parents have an opportunity to explain what is going on in the world rather than young people acquiring knowledge via social media or rumours

@immaggi @BBC why are there no subtitles on (some) on demand progs? Are deaf and hard of hearing people not supposed to use this service?

@IanThom01 @drdavidbull @KerieinLondon @BBC All for children being well informed and educated. Not nearly so keen for the BBC to be doing it though.

@snoopytruth While we were working to clear Pokfulam Road, I saw 4 gweilos directing the thugs #HKprotesters. They had a drone taking pictures of the clean up crew who were all just ordinary citizens aged around 13-65. Who are they? #hongkong @SCMPNews @BBC @CNN #FreeHK @washingtonpost

@ka_po2002 Hk rioters want free sex from voluntary girls,may even be underage . If so, all these are crimes . This is not the first time they recruit girls. Anyone help to stop this madness !!! @trump @hrw @SavetheChildren @MacroRubio2016 @uk @bbc @bbcnews @tedcruz @SCMPNews @shaunrein

@AndyJ93519624 @graham_strouse @doomcock @Nerdrotics @AndreEinherjar @RandomMnky @Variety @THR @Forbes @BBC Agreed. i wasnt overly impressed with gladiator, But in fairness not really the right mode of film. with all actors like him they are niche,few roles come along, so i hope he took a good option on the movie and not just a paycheck. I would like to see him take on King John

@Nomad69318346 @davjam8 @No1Login @BBC @FinancialTimes Let's not forget this is a monument to the oppression of the working classes.

@garhowell @drdavidbull @GawainTowler @BBC All part of the dumbing down policy of our beloved state broadcaster! We only get to hear what they want us to hear.

@Michaeless622 @cnn @WhiteHouse @BBCBreaking @BBC this is a blatant breach of the basic law. #PLA is not allowed to roam around the city without #carrielam approval

@PrettyHatMech Thanks to creepy nonce Prince Andrew & his @RoyalFamily it’s going to be very difficult for footballers to talk “letting the side down” without having to clarify they’re not a pedophile aristocrat. Shameful of @BBC to give him an opportunity to spin the narrative.

@ian4downton More evidence of how the @BBC is dumbing down servicrs for children & the toothlessness of @Ofcom . Went downhill when Blue Peter was moved from BBC1 to make way for a game show. BBC to scrap Newsround bulletin

@Bonnard_Khan #UK @RoyalFamily isn't satisfied with flogging ABC over pedo Andrew, so now the @BBC and @maitlis are busy cobbling a fluff piece that Monarchist bootlickers eat up. Emily, how much was your soul worth? How do you not need a shower with steel wool after to live with yourself?

@had_enough_yet @fergusonjanette @BBC I think Fergie would have something to say about that, 'one does not agree.'😏

@JeSuisSabotEUr Me: “Alexa, what in Tim’s tiny little hard right, #Brexit jihadi bubble counts as “relentlessly hostile”?” Alexa: “Questioning which pursues truth and facts to pertinent issues and not providing a platform for a Govt. lie-filled Brexit Broadcast like the @bbc does.” Me: “Ta.”

@BrexitMania "Israel vows to investigate civilian death claims" Typical @BBC distortion. "Israel's military has said it is investigating harm caused to civilians from an air strike it launched in Gaza" is NOT A VOW. #BiasedBigotedCriminal_BBC

@Lance63 @montie So you seem to be confirming that @BBC is soft on Tories? Trouble is @Conservatives are telling so many lies they don't want to scrutiny! Not that you are bias, of course!!

@Dong__Xiang @snoopytruth @TheDrBlanc @SCMPNews @BBC @CNN @washingtonpost Well put it this way, they are not your day to day tourists, are they?

@bulshdetector @TomLondon6 @JoyceHeard @BBCNews @BBCR4Feedback I never understood the need to go over the papers anyway: it is secondary, if not tertiary news. Lazy stuff as filling for @bbc lack of its own journalism. @BBCNews

@JennieLaw4 @drdavidbull @BBC I’m not convinced the BBC have any idea what’s going on. It’s about time the licence fee was abolished and they were left to sink or swim.

@tavole @simonmaginn @BBC @RichardBranson should have become a person non grata the day he sued the @NHS for £2M for not getting a contract, @Virgin healthcare (I have on good authority) is to be avoided, & Virgin dodge tax He is no role model!

@godishomer Hey @BBC look at this communist not even trying to profit from this .. how very communist not what we what is it .. where's the money and profit motive ✊✊✊✊

@bjames280961 @DrEmilyGrossman @ClimateDepot @BBCNews @BBCWorld @BBC @Lauratobin1 Ohh, tetchy. So you can't back up your 99.8% claim, which means you threw out a made-up number on @BBCNews. And that's propaganda, not science. As for the weather woman, she's a meteorologist, so not a climate scientist, so not qualified to comment on AGW, according to you.

@krustysghost DEAR [email protected] it is NOT ACCEPTABLE for you to restrict my account because I, as a woman, am being forced to see Prince Andrew being facilitated by the @BBC try and excuse his "alleged" sexual predation of children. THIS IS NOT OK

@ianward2000 @drdavidbull @BBC Given the BBC's notorious reputation for broadcasting bias and fake news, this is one decision they seem to have got right. It is more important that children are not misinformed of what's happening around the world. Misleading news is worse than no news.

@Activeconvo @drdavidbull @BBC But probably on the bandwagon for 16 yo to vote. Makes no sense at all. Shocked? Not!

@nitinpandey04 @alert01 @republic @TimesNow @ZeeNews @SudarshanNewsTV @WIONews @washingtonpost @nytimes @ndtv @IndiaToday @CNNnews18 @MirrorNow @MailOnline @DailyMirror @BBC @CNN @Reuters @DDNewsHindi @airnewsalerts @aajtak @NewsX @BJP4India @AmitShah @narendramodi @OpIndia_com @SwarajyaMag PNR 6236929188 train no. 15232 travelling to satna. see the worst condition of toilet in 2nd AC coach. Why coachs not upgrading?? We are paying thousands for [email protected] @RailMinIndia @RailwaySeva @aajtak @PMOIndia @ZeeNewsHindi @BBCHindi

@DennyBawbag @NicolaSturgeon @theSNP Pretty much everything Corbyn or LibDems promises is largely already in place in Scotland and where they aren't its mostly down to the parties voting to deny Scot Gov the powers. Strange why the @BBC constantly fail to highlight these discrepancies!

@TeaganTheDog @mistressking @BBC And lets her hair down.. have to admit that the dress was pretty dire though.

@yap_yap_rabbit @drdavidbull @BBC For children to have a balanced, healthy look at what's going on is always a good idea.Sadly, journalism and news programmes are no longer balanced or trusted and until they get back to that, we should not be projecting unbiased or personal points of view and agendas on the young

@Privatecarfree And actually I applaud this @BBC article for a down to earth understanding of data energy and carbon consumption

@sfspawn Is the @BBC doing a #ChildrenInNeed this year? Including @bbcdoctorwho @TheWomenOfWho ? If not a sure sign they intend to kill what’s bringing in the most amount of money for that network;(

@SocialistBloke More people are talking about Jools Holland than Prince Andrew. This is entirely appropriate. Take note @bbc , Prince Andrew needs to be in front of a Judge Not @maitlis You have abused our money. You are a disgrace to this country.

@CollectCelticFC As good a reason as any to not pay TV Licence Complete Bias from @BBC 7 years and counting for me

@ValerieSaunder1 @Phil1830 @BBC Not surprising when it's all millionaires telling the rest of us what to do. Plus all these charity collections never tell us where it has gone. Local hospice and animal charities for me.

@MJohn59655 Well @bbc have managed to get a once much loved Christian programme out of its evening slot to 1.15pm on a Sunday afternoon. Obviously intentional and ultimately signalling it’s demise. Not unexpected given that the programme is now produced by an ‘independent’ company.

@Grayzza @drdavidbull @BBC They’re not educating them though, they’re indoctrinating them to far left ideology. I’m surprised you feel this way

@TruthLies16 @BBCNews Did #LiarJohnson or @CONservatives not tell you to say that “it was a young person’s mistake”? Anyone with archiving material would know of importance of date on file archives - does @BBC still use 19th century archiving techniques? #mediabias #LiesLiesLies

@DenisHinds2 @BassettWemendum @FuriousFury3 @BBCArchive @BBC @Conservatives Porky's or not. I think the claim that we have enough Homes/Houses for ALL to live in is a bit dubious. If it were so. Why do Governments & POlitical Party's (of all shades) promise to build more ad. inf?

@joolieluvzpink @BBC I thought the yellow rope was for safety and not to pull up 🤔🤔

@JHartley1975 Not only are the @BBC a branch of the right wing, they are now the channel that gives air time to pedophiles. Next week they'll have a new show featuring OJ Simpson called "The things we do for (g)love".

@SavageRoni I've finally caught up with #apprentice @bbcapprentice Cant say I disagree with @Lord_Sugar's choices so far. I'm not sure how the candidates manage to achieve anything with so many arguments... looking forward to the next five episodes... 'I got my fav' @BBC @BroadbentPaul

@APlender @ChicagoRyanLFC @CraigxMitch @BBCSport @bbcpress @BBCMOTD @BBC @England There must be hundreds of YouTubers who are better suited to work with these organisations and not contradict their values.

@Life94539194 @BBCNewsnight @BBCTwo @maitlis Fuck the @RoyalFamily Fuck #PrinceAndrew and fuck the vile child molester’s protector @BBC its time for this infected family and corporation to step down!

@KeithSwinburne @Tonygoode @SimonWood2k5 @CPFlo @BBC Exactly. So back to my pony this morning. Was it by accident? Of course it wasn’t, repeat offenders. Not great that it’s our beloved national broadcaster.

@TrumpCritic #BREAKING @HadiNili: Verified by the @BBC: #IranProtests get violent in NW city of #Tabriz. People blocking streets. Happening in many cities. Not limited to big ones. #Iran

@candance_nab @drdavidbull @captainbartlet3 @BBC Yes, but it doesnt fit with their task which is to brainwash the people. The 1% do not want the people to be intelligent & enquiring. They want us to watch brain dead 'reality' shows & eating lots of chemical laden fast food so they can control us.

@LYNNMILDNER @Rolo_Tamasi No, they are not green. But the @BBC #ThoughtOfTheDay slot will be filled by #GretaThunberg with tips for our allotments and how to get our millionaire friends to give us lifts on their eco boats. Radios will be free, and compulsory so @UKLabour can get their message to us all.

@AndrewWeeraratn @JamesJohnTapper @BBC Take a historical analysis to see how evil & powerful the press & entire elite groups are & as such @jeremycorbyn @BernieSanders @JLMelenchon trying to form governments for 100% is a pipe-dream. Powerful global elites will not allow it Instead #FalseFlag attacks may be in order

@peterbroughan #PrinceAndrew Royal Correspondent Witchell says on @BBC news that he “looked relaxed” The establishment fix is in. The jury is NOT out, you toad. Read Twitter to see what people really think and report it (as if!)

@beryl_theperll @drdavidbull @BBC Not sure if it's education or indoctrination when it comes to the Bias bbc nowadays. 🤔

@jjs999jjs @Germans4indyref It was something that had victims, @bbc made it a one sided 'interview' where a royal c8nt got to try and say how sorry he was for letting his family down, nothing about how sorry for his victim(s).

@May36215711 20191116 KowloonTong, acc to both #BasicLaw n Garrison of PLA HK, soldiers should not leave their camp within their 1year service in hk;no matter if off duty.break’ it 2nd time @lukedepulford @uffeelbaek @TIME @ABC @BBC @trekronormedia_ @BelTel @TODAYonline @TheSun @HawleyMO

@SummerRhapsody @BBC He should have his HRH taken away & not be allowed to carry out any duties. He's lying & if he says he doesn't remember things then he must suffer with Dementia. #PrinceAndrewInterview

@milly4red #GenocideInSouthernCameroons When will genocidal dictator @PR_Paul_Biya stop killing #Ambazonians? @EmmanuelMacron is so desperate for our resources he wants to kill all #Ambazonians. Why is the world not stopping this carnage? @realDonaldTrump @AsstSecStateAF @EU_Commission @bbc

@robdorrington @drdavidbull @BBC I think they believe children should be brainwashed not subjected to the truth... it doesn’t suit their agenda

@liz727 #QAnon #QAnon8kun #8Kun #Brexit #CleanBreakBrexit @BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet Time to drop @BBC @BBCNews as "#NationalBroadcaster" True once, not now they work for #EU #censorship/#propaganda EU pays them. Why should we? Show the #GiletsJaunes! #YellowVests #YellowVests1YearOn

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