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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - AMAZON.FR : LIVRES, DVD, JEUX VIDÉO, MUSIQUE, HIGH-TECH, INFORMATIQUE, JOUETS, VÊTEMENTS, CHAUSSURES, SPORT, BRICOLAGE, MAISON, BEAUTÉ, PUÉRICULTURE, ÉPICERIE ET PLUS ENCORE ! - Achat et vente en ligne parmi des millions de produits en stock. Livraison gratuite à partir de 25€. Vos articles à pe--- prix : culture, high-tech, mode, jouets, sport, maison et bien plus ! Server Status

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@ShivaG19576464 @dinesh_gavand @AmazonHelp @amazon They (Twitter handling team) are just do copy - paste msg. They are not even putting their efforts to check the history of the issue. Blindly doing copy-paste. God knows how they are going to improve the service?!

@Thefabulous1257 @AmazonHelp @amazon @ShieldVoC Okay, I did what you asked @AmazonHelp and THIS was the reply. THIS does not even address the issue that there is NO "receptionist' NOR a "front desk" at my apartment building. So, again...WHO EXACTLY was my package given to?!?

@raymond_anctil @Oysterhaven @AOC @amazon Na there’s not enough people left to fill those jobs. Gotham is dead 💀 and Batman left for Florida (lol)

@iam8bit We demand that @amazon restore the "Untitled" title so that Untitled Goose Game can go back to not having a title.

@JRohit19 [email protected] @AmazonHelp @amazonIN @awscloud I ordered an item (order no. D01-9758495-2239018) from amazon website, not from the App. Delivery date of the ordr is not mentioned. How to know that?

@TheGamingVillas @TimNiedzwiecki @AOC @amazon Billionaires do not make themselves. At some point along the line they did in fact use working class people to enrich themselves.

@PHXDN_Klauss Dear @amazon this is not how to ship CDs. This is the 3rd disc I've ordered that has been cracked due to improper packaging. Please ship things with proper protection and labeling.

@catsfather Dear Amazon retailer: I'm not averse to being bribed, but if you're going to bribe me then indicate how much you're offering for the review rather than "an @amazon gift card" of undisclosed value.

@HSPrasad0 @AmazonHelp @amazon @amazonIN In one email your CSE proudly assured me not to worry as you ensure A to Z guarantee to protect buyers interest and I will get my refund within only 90 DAYS. WHY???While accepting payment you take less than 90 SECONDS. You're customer centric or eccentric. Think

@thumbsforyou @OpTicMaNiaC @amazon If you use Amazon support chat, they can get this resolved. This happened to me as well recently. Amazon has too much fun with their money and not their shipping lately.

@sisodiyams89 @AmazonHelp Why did you not mentioned this information in product page. People are switching and paying you for Prime services so that they will get the prime benifits from your side but its seems your are just gaining money to make people fool that🧐 @jagograhakjago @amazon @geekyranjit

@sp3drock @peoplefor @BenJealous So shut down the internet then? I mean I can send a email to my homie a hella alot faster than @USPS can get it to him and @amazon can get my homies his package way faster than the post office so again why do we need them?

@RadicalGoats @kyfranklin05 @GoodAdvicePub @anitakumar01 @UPS @FedEx @amazon It’s not really that simple because UPS and FedEx use USPS to cover the “last mile” of their deliveries fairly often.

@MayurBudha @mandeepgupta @amazon @amazonIN How to lodge a complaints with national consumer help line, I raised one on portal, they closed the with and from Amazon "Asked customer to connect with Vendor". @shoptheworld is the vendor. I had many call, but not repaired. Strange part is my claim was during warranty period.

@TheGamingVillas @TimNiedzwiecki @AOC @amazon They most certainly do bail out the ones that fail. The fact that lobby in congress to bail them out when their on the verge of failure is not indicative of skill.

@TimNiedzwiecki @jyellowson @AOC @amazon I don’t justify e everything in life. I focus on my community, family, friends and myself and creating happiness and success for all of us. Big companies need to make money...may not always seem fair, but it’s what keeps this great country, and all of us in charge of our fate

@BluelineEditing @caitylotz @amazon @WholeFoods @SPUDVancouver They used to pick them up and reuse them but not anymore. I don't like these new plastic bags that they use.

@bone90210 @amazon IDEA : How about Amazon / UPS / FED-EX, etc ... all join forces with the USPS on election day Nov 3. to absolutely ensure there is no slowdown or backlog that Trump could use to exploit. Not to mention the screw job Bezos could give Trump. RE-TWEET & get this trending if ya agree

@Kinbuck_Dave @amazon hi folks. Having used prime for ages, can i ask what on earth have you done to descriptions of films?? I can no longer get to see what happens after '...' as for who is in it = not shown... please show me something helpful ... it was better.. now frustrating!

@ClareTipler @amazon I'm not sure if I need to serve myself a slice of humble pie or if the delivery person tried to pull a fast one, but I've got my packages, even though it said failed delivery but no one appeared to have been to the door since the bike towhitch, earlier (flat or building).

@MatthewPollard_ It means so much to read all these incredible @Amazon reviews of The Introvert’s Edge. I love helping #smallbiz owners and #sales people crash through their barriers and achieve amazing success! <-- watch the trailer or get the first chapter FREE

@Pro_jekt_Va_yo @slatershrieve @amazon @Starbucks Imagine letting plutocrats run the government to cut down development of critical infrastructure just so shitheads can make this bullshit argument.

@TheGamingVillas @TimNiedzwiecki @AOC @amazon False choice means it's presented as a choice but really isn't. It's the equivalent of doing something because someone had a gun to your head. It's really not a choice.

@TimNiedzwiecki @TheGamingVillas @AOC @amazon Working class people, such as me, chose to take a job. Nobody does it alone, business owners take a chance; some people become successful, thank God. Without that success, things such as our retirement plans wouldn’t exist. I’m happy with my life, regardless of what others have

@MFBXer @RosieM1919 @PamelaSahl @jaxbeachmarsh @GoodAdvicePub @bellport_phys @briantylercohen @UPS @FedEx @amazon I’ll vote in person early. Because I’m in a very red area we have more machines than necessary and no lines. In another nearby county that’s mostly black they closed down many polling places and people waited six hours to vote. They’ll do that again, unfortunately.

@davidiwanow @Octane @amazon That's insane I only had one issue where I sent it for collection to a shop which I never managed to collect.

@TheGamingVillas @TimNiedzwiecki @AOC @amazon And I don't feel like I have no chance to be a billionaire. I know I don't. I have a working class job with no desire to exploit people for wealth. And my dream is for people to stop deluding themselves into thinking that can be rich and billionaires are taxed out of existence.

@ABHISHEKKANSA13 @AmazonHelp @amazonIN @amazon I had Words with Your Customer care executive. He said he will followup. But This is not acceptable. Someone can add any email id im his amazon without any OTP/confirmation link. Amazon need to work on that.

@aphillips8 @DisneyStoreRBX @Disney two things- first you should ship through @amazon they know how to deliver quickly and efficiently. Two do not make anyone hold for over an hour and not answer your phones! This is freaking ridiculous.

@TheGamingVillas @TimNiedzwiecki @AOC @amazon Exploitation of working class people by large corporations has less than nothing to do with your personal choices.

@slatershrieve Without #billionaires, this is no working class. Without companies like @Amazon and @Starbucks providing millions of jobs to the American people, there is no working class.

@MyGirlsStory @Jazwares @amazon Never got heard out for my ideas, wanted to have a meeting to about working there and sharing ideas.. :l

@fochtb @perlmutations He's slowing down the postal service along with @amazon also moving #PrimeDay to October. Our ballots don't stand a chance to get delivered on time. 😕

@jackmcfistacuff @amazon @AmazonHelp I take issue with this as no one is at the home and the driver put it was handed to me? I’m the only one who lives here so who was my package given too????

@My_ee_duh @amazon I'm gonna need for y'all and the delivery people and the delivery location buildings to please get it together. I'm not paying for prime for my packages to get here three for days late or for something to happen in transit and it's gonna be late!

@NARAYAN_HARI07 @Suhasini97patil @HarperCollinsIN @AjayLamba_IPS @amazon @amazonnow More then 13 documents says girl is major at the time of so called incident, why session court judge not take these in to consideration at the time of judgment, is there a conspiracy behind it ? #झूठे_केस_की_सच्ची_हकीकत

@timhamil The chat guy helpfully (that’s sarcasm @Amazon) reiterated that I could get a refund if the order doesn’t arrive. I already had that info from the original notification. I contacted for better resolution, not to get regurgitated info. Very frustrating.

@I_GurmeetSingh @amazonIN @PrimeVideoIN @amazon Unable to login my account linked with my phone number . Have a yearly prime membership in it .

@FindsBargain Check out Fortnite Fortnite Battle Royale Collection Battle Bus and 2 Exclusive Figures Funk Ops and Burnout, Blue by Fortnite down to £25 via @amazon

@ashleycomms @MForshores @Dave_AFCB @verbalpunchbag @3yrol @Katy_Scarlet @JodySteed @DavidLammy @amazon Come on then Mitti - tell me what your definition is (ps - you’re not allowed to just make it up.)

@TerriKincaid @AZGman95 @GoodAdvicePub @maddenifico @UPS @FedEx @amazon @Medium I live in a rural small town. It took nine days to get my RX thought the mail. I can no longer get 2 day delivery from Amazon. 5-7 days is the average. I rely on Amazon since I do not have grocery delivery either. Yes, this hurts us in the rural areas a great deal.

@TheGamingVillas @TimNiedzwiecki @AOC @amazon And whatever choices I make will not change that working class people are exploited by large corporations. You might not like to hear that but there are just some problems that aren't solved by "personal responsibility".

@n0vadust @StigmataBlues @GoodAdvicePub @JoshShapiroPA @UPS @FedEx @amazon @Medium No that's not it. Those companies can't handle the volume. They're not as big as you think. Trouble is Congress forced USPS to pre-fund pensions 75 years into future.

@NiketSatapara @AmazonHelp @amazonIN @amazon @JeffBezos Actually planning to buy a leptop worth around 110K, its an prime eligible product. while placing order, I get surprised that it's not delivering to jamnagar (361008). So I changed the delivery address as Ahmedabad (380051)

@leapthere so do you feel conned when @amazon guilts you into "one box delivery" but three packages show up that day? @amazon just state you want to avoid stops not boxes. #FirstWorldProblems @Greenpeace the boxes are plastic envelopes.

@rickandersonoc Suggestion to those who answer questions regarding product on @amazon . The answer ‘I don’t know’ is not helpful. Thanks

@HSPrasad0 @AmazonHelp Only upset? @amazon @amazonIN your misadventure had left me frustrated, disappointed, humiliated, embarrassed, angry, disturbed, and what not. Sorry but your approach to handle the issue had been very unprofessional and unimaginative like roadside vendor not like a global MNC.

@Adigam @GoodAdvicePub @mccaffreyr3 @UPS @FedEx @amazon No. The postal service must be rescued from its kidnappers. I do not trust any corporation to save anything. Altruism in a corporation is a cruel joke.

@SolarPrepper Two Old Men Too Old To Die by Ron Foster via @amazon #pandemic #prepper #grid#down #survival

@suchagirlygrl @amazon welp, at first i just wanted to abstain from ordering soon, but after being a prime member for YEARS & ordering from you 3x a week, MINIMUM, I have no choice but to cancel my prime membership & not shop with you at all thanks to how customer service just handled my issue

@natomics1 not giving @amazon my business untill they learn how to treat their drivers

@hiderman101 Watching the original OG batman 🦇 films on @amazon and got to admit @MichaelKeaton is by far the BETS Batman hands down #Batman #BatmanReturns

@tweetmix @altNOAA @GoodAdvicePub @UPS @FedEx @amazon @Medium It’s not just about votes - they want to sell all of that federal property and other resources.

@NovelScheme My latest novel, Anathema, officially released yesterday! It's my love letter to the horror genre and is not for the faint of heart. Order your copy on #Kindle for $3 or a snazzy paperback copy for $15. #amwriting #horrornovel #newreleases via @amazon

@jamiesdawson @amazon you really need to link your databases better. When I have purchased an item you really do not need to keep sending emails about same or similar items. Stop sending me emails about GCSE and A Level chemistry books. That was years ago!

@ibookery @padresj @amazon Fuel your brain and your body. Prime Lunch N' Learn. Lunchtime seminars for the remote working world. Whole Foods delivery and AWS servers to host the 'webinar'.

@digitalensnare Hey @amazon why do your categories not work correctly? Everytime I try to search a specific category I always end up with mixed results, and terrible overall user experience. Searching for Nightstands... a peice of furniture... not a watch, and certainly not a remote holder

@InsightersEd @sp3drock @peoplefor @BenJealous @USPS @amazon Because private companies can choose what to deliver, so if they decide they don't want your ideas to spread or your company to succeed or your zip code isn't profitable enough, they can shut you down. It's about democracy, not economic efficiency. #DefendOurPostOffice

@_GAKR @omidG9 @ryangrim @amazon Honestly, the Seattle area CoCs are fully in the pocket of Scamazon, no question, no reason to ever believe that's not who they'd naturally serve (it's the most powerful force around).Yang is also a big-business person, so it's unsurprising that he'd align w/ them.

@ChaseLightening Why use @amazon? An item dropped and order now pushed back two days. F'n lame. If we went to same school I would push you over the bike racks. 'Prime' position for another unhappy customer 2 administer the wedgie of doom. Order # not included since I'm sure its f'd up anyhow

@TheGamingVillas @TimNiedzwiecki @AOC @amazon Also I'm not sure why you think being working class inherently validates your thoughts. I'm working class and I don't find the need to point that out when I complain of the working class being exploited.

@SeishiZero @AmazonFresh @amazon And then it lets me order the exact items again (with a price increase) to deliver in 2 more hours. Why not just reschedule?

@RajeshRamadevi @AmazonHelp Thanks for the advice. Where is my package???.. U are not able to track yet ???.. U are concern about provided order and account details but not delivering package to the customer. I need delivery guy number immediately @amazonIN @amazon @AmazonHelp

@itdiaryofficial I want my matter to be resolved. You are notchecking my DM. I have sent you all the details I had and you have not even checked it and saying that you'll resolve it. @amazon @amazonIN @AmazonHelp

@TimNiedzwiecki @TheGamingVillas @AOC @amazon False choice?? Not sure what that actually means. I feel bad that you don’t believe you can have great life success...millionaire, billionaire....doesn’t matter. You can do anything you want in this great country ...I’ll send you a prayer, you need to find your dream

@2cents4change @SiebeforORD1 @SamAlon72729464 @Walmart @Target @amazon Anything sold, manufactured as "military grade" shouldnt be sold to the general public, given to law enforcement period...that goes for guns, vehicles, "non lethal" weapons, even laser pointers...military grade is made to OVERWHELM & OVERCOME THE ENEMY...other 🇺🇸s r not the enemy

@Dennis_G_Link My thought for today is simple. #SaveTheUSPS #SaveThePostOffice If you want to see how information and your rights are taken away...think about how not being a PRIME member changes @Amazon. You will have to pay more to be heard and have a voice. THAT IS NOT FREEDOM #watchtrump

@TimNiedzwiecki @TheGamingVillas @AOC @amazon It’s not exploiting people to create a business and offer people jobs...what is there without that? You should travel the world and see what life’s like without successful businesses and sucks. Again, you don’t need to be a billionaire, find success and happiness

@ThaaAnonRazor @LiteMods @LulzAnon1 @_sadgrandma @TobHRD @The_Cr33d @aDvRiS @amazon I told you to take down Qmap and you ended hitting yourself off

@AvengIrRyan11 I only use @Snapchat Snapchat, WhatsApp, @Google Hangouts, Twitter, phone, and @Telegram to chat offline. I don't use Kik or OnlyFans! I'm not looking for marriage or dating. I'm not interested in buying for your @amazon wish list. I'm not interested in being a sugar daddy.

@BerniKennedy @welshjaci @amazon @AmazonHelp If it has bed bugs you’re not allowed to put it in the post. Contact environmental health near to you and ask for advice. Good luck. Xx

@condreybj Already read the first few pages. I don't know if I will be able to put this down. Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson via @amazon

@CSlatsky @ProfessorNoOne1 @amazon No idea how it works, except I'm not involved in any way. I barely have anything to do with the book as it is.

@AlexBerenson Great news - @amazon seems to have sorted out the technical issue and the paperback should be live within a few hours!

@TRUMPSUCKS_JW @GrooveKahuna @heffnera @RepsForBiden @CNN @ProjectLincoln @amazon Trump is doing it, with the new guy. They are dumbing down the Postal Service also, by replacing top people with cronies and others who will be too ignorant or corrupt to report any wrongdoing.

@TimmyTootToot3 @Amazon has supply chains already set up and working, why doesn't Jeff Bezos step in and save our elections? He's not a trump fan, and has the resources to guarantee free and fair elections.

@Char10Plus @amazon you delivered this to the wrong house and no one can be contacted to resolve this matter . This picture is not our home . The fact that no one responds is ridiculous

@Thefabulous1257 @amazon @AmazonHelp @ShieldVoC WHY do I have to track down YOUR mistake?!?!?!

@chasewillsey @AOC I think it is a symbiotic relationship. They need each other. @JeffBezos has over 840,000 employees he pays. He needs people to do their jobs in order to keep @amazon running, but those people all need the salaries they earn while working.

@RLeroy2020 @AndrewShute2 @stevetc42 @DavidLammy @amazon Listen you racist fool. Blacks taken back da N word OK. If you not black den don't say da N word OK. You seem a racist to me pussy boi

@surely_sylvie @KelseySick @OpenAcademics @AcademicChatter A PhD Is Not Enough!: A Guide to Survival in Science by Peter J. Feibelman via @amazon

@sleeplessinva @acedtect @Apple @amazon @CandyCrushSaga @Minecraft @Microsoft Amazon workspaces is a thin client accessing a VM that I do not own but only subscribe to on a monthly or usage basis. The (nice) VM sit inside AWS data center, all at a price that I can't afford, hehe!! Specific pricing below.

@BuffaloPhilly AMAZON (@amazon) DOES NOT ADDRESS FRAUD! My account has been hacked SEVERAL TIMES, the most recent time through #AmazonPay and management has been refusing to address the issue for well over a month. At this point, I’ve talked to at least 10 different people— (1/3) #Amazon

@jpseabury First attempt at using @Walmart intead of @amazon. NPS Score: 3 (not so great). Product was damaged/not working on delivery, return process was difficult, refund policy was irritating. If Walmart wants to compete, they'll need to make some changes.

@Lukeschildt2 @MaraRadaSheHer @briansolis @AppleSupport @amazon @netflix @Jeep @Disney @Ford @Samsung @Xbox @Walmart @Nike @VisualCap Your theory would have worked has you not added double letters to it

@Stevo4747 Working from home? Remember: take breaks from shopping on @amazon to do some work. When you are shopping, begin each journey with my #AmazonAffiliate link that takes you straight to the Main Page: or to Deals: Thanks!

@thetigermily @amazon can y’all not use USPS to ship stuff anymore?? “Attempted delivery” my ass, when I had it shipped to my work & the building has been open since 8am. & no attempt. If they can’t deliver it at least don’t lie about it..

@IlliniKirk 140+ days into WFH and I’ve decided to upgrade my home office for the long haul. Today I’ve been buying all the @Amazon things... and doing my best to convince myself an office dog is not necessary. #sendhelp #wfh

@ClosetLbk Hey @amazon what’s the thinking behind not being able to make kindle or audible purchases from my phone app? This has to be one of the biggest gaps in your logic. I thought you would want to make it easier for a customer to make a purchase.

@PhillipsNanl @DaveDun30665805 @JeffBezos @amazon @USTradeRep @realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @StateDept @CommerceGov @DeptofDefense @EsperDoD @marcorubio @SenRickScott @WhiteHouse @JoeBiden Trump should get 8 years because they kept him tied up with Russia, Russia & an Impeachment scam followed by the Wuhan virus & Antifa riots not to mention all the legal roadblocks they hurled at him.

@slowhed The @amazon Covid Propoanda Machine working overtime to gaslight it's employees... A thread. This text was sent to employees today. "We recently learned of an additional confirmed case of COVID-19 who work(s) at [****]. The last day the affected individual was on site was [****]

@Thefabulous1257 @AmazonHelp Again, THIS DOES NOT SPEAK TO THE ISSUE. Can you please address the ISSUE. @amazon @AmazonHelp

@CalloutFilms (1/3) @Amazon #Alexa proved this week that “smart home“ can be DUMB: ME: “Alexa, Will it rain today?” ALEXA: “No, it’s not expected to rain. There’s only a 41% chance of precipitation. 41% seemed HIGH, but I ran out without a jacket, and discovered... ...IT WAS RAINING.

@CaneAuthor @amazon Safety is the furthest thing from Oscar's buddies' minds as they come speeding down our narrow roads at unsafe speeds, don't stop at stop signs, and generally drive badly because your algorithm doesn't give them ample time to make deliveries.

@DavidLammy Thank you @amazon for taking this down now but given the item has been on sale since March what systems do you have in place for reviewing descriptions and not allowing offensive terms to be posted in the first place? This is not the first time.

@jwjnational The only beneficiaries of this sham EO will be huge corporations like @amazon, @Walmart + @McDonalds — the HEROES Act would have stipulated they increase worker pay as states re-open. This EO does not, and will allow these companies to continue to pay starvation wages.

@jdawg1220 @amazon thank you so much for the great customer service... NOT!! Can’t believe you are so cheap that you chose to lose a prime memeber over 6 dollars!! Worse Service Ever!!

@USAPatr96303634 @last_mexicano @taseenb @slatershrieve @amazon @Starbucks Maybe just maybe if there never was true socialism, maybe it’s simply not possible to achive it.

@TheGamingVillas @TimNiedzwiecki @AOC @amazon It's a false choice to have a job. You can't survive without money. And believe it or not rich people can, have, and do exploit that. Which is how they get billions.

@fred9038 Antifa Gets NUKED By Teespring, Total Ban On ALL Antifa Items, Regular P... via @YouTube Now we need @Starbucks @Boeing @amazon @TMobile @FoxNews @CNN @MSNBC & others, to state that they will not hire or support #AntifaDomesticTerrorists

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