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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - AMAZON.FR : LIVRES, DVD, JEUX VIDÉO, MUSIQUE, HIGH-TECH, INFORMATIQUE, JOUETS, VÊTEMENTS, CHAUSSURES, SPORT, BRICOLAGE, MAISON, BEAUTÉ, PUÉRICULTURE, ÉPICERIE ET PLUS ENCORE ! - Achat et vente en ligne parmi des millions de produits en stock. Livraison gratuite à partir de 25€. Vos articles à pe--- prix : culture, high-tech, mode, jouets, sport, maison et bien plus ! Server Status

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@NonameBooks CHICAGO: We are now working with @chipublib to bring you all the monthly titles for free! Chicago is one of the first cities to stop charging late fees on books!!!!!! Save money,🖕🏾@amazon

@juancpedreira Why @amazon sells full priced Amazon Prime membership to Puerto Rico and do not ship their products to the island?

@affabulldog If your company needs to run ads saying how not evil it is, then it's probably an evil company. @amazon

@ddssff Dear @amazon, The following is not actually important. Can you see why? Important messages about items in your Cart: 1 item in your Saved Items has changed price. Roku Streaming Media Player (Roku Premiere) has decreased from $38.38 to $38.35

@NonameBooks CHICAGO: We are now working with @chipublib to bring you all the monthly titles for free! Chicago is one of the first cities to stop charging late fees on books!!!!!! Save money,🖕🏾@amazon

@jen_myPsalms182 @washingtonpost You're not a newspaper. You're leftist/socialist/communist propaganda. You make me want to cancel my @amazon Prime and @PrimeVideo membership.

@mynejas @yafavlightskin @Queen_Miso @amazon I have never had a fake tree in my life. My mom (and dad for that matter) always got real ones. So it doesn’t show just because you may not be used to fake trees 🤷🏾‍♀️. This reeked of unnecessary judgement.

@STLfan_x25 @amazon I’m unable to access my account, it says my password is incorrect and it’s not, take a look into this for me

@chachomanopapa @xijingping @PutinRF @washingtonpost @uriminzok @nbc @DerSPIEGEL @lemondefr @CNN @MSNBC @realDonaldTrump @Twitter @google4edu @googleanalytics @POTUS @Google @facebook @macfound @BillGates @amazon @NEAToday @NEA @truthbook @seeTRUTHasTRUTH @YouTube @Discovery @UN @Charlottesville @Demonstrators @SteveKBannon @wordpressdotcom @PutinRF_Eng @khamenei_ir @netanyahu @HHShkMohd @MuhammadMorsi @PMOIndia @NicolasSarkozy @globaltimesnews @YeonmiParkNK @northkoreatimes @peterbakernyt @CBS @FoxNews @RealMikePompeo @AmbJohnBolton @Pravitelstvo_RF @GOP @dccc @RepAdamSchiff @HassanRouhani “That’s no lie. Obama and the Dems, and the GOP too, a mess have made. Still, judge not one another. Leave all judging — to Him. Unsurprisingly — the nations have failed to be good stewards to Urantia. But an impeachment inquiry, delays the fight, unduly.”

@greyamaroq @memoirsofjess69 @Lovense @CamModelToys @amazon @AmazonHelp Post negative feedback on Amazon site about them, then on fb & other social media sites. Let everyone know this company supplies substandard service because that toy is not going to really benefit you while on CB. Power to the people, even horny people deserve some power lol

@JosetheInnocent Got a favorite passage?  Use some bible-safe highlighters to make sure you can find it again and not have ink soak through  #bible #god #christian Bible Highlighters (set of 6) by Inc. Peter Pauper Press Books via @amazon

@PrezidenteTrump #TRUMP #TRASH #TALK #Amazon ONLINE RETAILER “if @amazon ever had to pay fair taxes, its stock would crash and it would crumble like a paper bag”“@washingtonpost scam is saving it!”“no profit company”

@Nater_Tater913 So my guitar decided to neck dive and crash land into the ground resulting in tuner injury yesterday! Called @gibsonguitar and @epiphone got no help...but [email protected] came through and my tuners will be here today. Amazon never lets me down

@GhassanSoueid You are known for engaging with your customers and helping then when in need. This is not a time of need, this is hacked accounts, breach of privacy, robbery and fraud. Show us that you strive to be more than just a money driven company @JeffBezos @amazon

@bleepingED WHY do I keep ordering crap on @Amazon? Once again it says it was delivered but it was not delivered to my home. I don't even have a 'back porch'.

@hyphybyterhymer I want a physical copy of @IAmKRSOne 's the The Gospel of Hip Hop: The First Instrument. Alas, I do not trust @internetarchive PDF nor @amazon as remunerating him and I already know how difficult it is to afford rent. When is the next show? For there merch sales will be spent.

@MeredithMarsha1 @surse @MariaRussoHirst @LilyYD @wreatty @WellingMichael @NDH_j_m_f @SkepticalHusky @amazon @Rhodesaaron We know that to be true..climate hysteria is just that. Demographics will change societies..France is a great 30 years it may be majority Muslim Socialism has not worked any place it's been tried..and no it's not b/c they didn't 'do it right' Human nature will out

@tarunseth5 @tavleen_singh it is like comparing a #fake website with @amazon.. one glitters, advertised, steals ur hard earned money, ur faith, wastes ur time but never delivers and the other one which is simple and always delivers.. how can u not able to see the difference?? clear as water!

@GhassanSoueid If you fail to support your customers, not only are you allowing a robbery, breach of privacy and accounts but also accepting that you have defective employees within your company and not do anything about it. @amazon @JeffBezos

@aniket_dumbare @AmazonHelp @amazon @AmazonIN how many times to follow up? Is not your team capable of doing work in time? Do not you have responsible people to deal with critical issue related to payment modes?

@rawblawb @amazon I would like the ability to listen to the original version of "I don't care" with Ed Sheeran and Justin Beiber and not your creepy AI voice. I pay to listen to the songs I want and not to have my music highjacked by unexpected Alexa inserts to please some Boomer audience.

@rwb0211426 @AmazonHelp so what @amazon youre not going to reply now when someone presents you with the facts of your false advertising? MAybe small claims court will be better?>

@BizNicMG Bought #PokemonSwordShield from @amazon & got email w/ promo code & instructions to redeem it on Nintendo eShop? That's wrong. Called cust service, they repeated same script for 40 min, no help. I figured it out, it's a Mystery Gift code, not eShop code. 👎Amazon, teach your reps

@dmsrockstar Boy when @Amazon gets behind a TV show or movie, it’s kinda hard to not see it everywhere. They’re a marketing machine, but appear to pick and choose what to champion based on who is in it. Or it’s source material.

@jlynnbeauty When you instruct @amazon to NOT drop at the door but in the lockers or leasing office and they throw it on your porch anyways

@JBkeepsitreal @AmazonHelp Again, I have tried this route already over the last two days with no resolution. I need someone who cares to resolve @amazon not additional rehash of problem. Please provide a direct link for a complaint to be filed

@QAustralian @Nike @Twitter @amazon you need to drop this man's former employer. Sexual discrimination is not ok in any form. @slpng_giants_oz any chance we can help businesses boycott the employer who projected his insecure sexuality onto this young man? 2019, not 1920 📢

@Ryandfallon @amazon four times I've asked to not have lasership deliver my pkgs. I had a pkg delivered and left in my vestibule (same as leaving on sidewalk, # of other issues) marked w/lasership. do I need to cancel my prime acct to get my wishes understood?

@JhaveriVatsala @DaniDeli3 @nandoodles @gwensnyderPHL @Google @OracleDataCloud @GoogleAds @amazon @InfolinksInc @ZergNetOfficial @disqus No, because I don't denigrate entire races like Stefan does. He has said, over and over and over again, that he thinks brown people have low IQs, behave savagely and should not be allowed into 'white' countries. He's racist. You'd have to be an idiot not to see it.

@stclaudeii I’m not saying I deserve a check from @Amazon however I did write an article on their grocery delivery service, just used it for the first time and am happy to report that I’m never leaving the house again

@LKocmarek Why don’t I shop for clothes on The #Amazon app and therefore Amazon in general? because you can’t filter anything! Not by size, barely by colour, and definitely not by age (hello Kids sizes are way different!) c’mon @amazon fix this already I just want to buy my child snowpants!

@askeeeel When @amazon has one job - to ensure my package came in YESTERDAY, and it’s still not here??

@ShawnaKingston Hey @amazon can you get this packaged delivered to my house in 30 min or less? It’s not even out for delivery yet

@rscotteisenberg Nice job @amazon ! There was an issue with the code to get into my building and the driver called me to clear it up. Much better than delaying the delivery!! Thanks!

@TheDigitalJedi THIS NOT WHAT LIFE DAY IS. via @amazon

@niklewis I love how @amazon switched to delivering their own packages but can’t get anything delivered on time now. First world problems but don’t give a guaranteed by date & not fulfill. This has happened numerous times lately. So probs gonna need to order elsewhere for Christmas.

@JBkeepsitreal @AmazonHelp Please just send me a link so my complaint can be heard by someone that cares @amazon I do not want to speak with another tech that is just reading standard responses. That resolves nothing. I have attempted chats for over 5 hours

@BaronCole @ScufGaming @SCUFAssist ummmm, is this normal to not have paddles on the controller when you buy it brand new??? I order this from @amazon only to open my sealed Scuf box to find this...explain.

@toxictaro @amazon I recently preordered a copy of the new Pokemon for my brother and myself. My package did not arrive on time, and the shipping company YOU picked does not deliver on weekends. I chose Amazon for the convenience, next time I'm going to @GameStop or @Target

@BenDMitchell @amazon is @AmazonHelp not working? I can’t get an answer to my questions.

@qslzpidbenams @POTUS @WhiteHouse @EUCouncil @SecPompeo @marcorubio @JohnCornyn @GOPLeader @tedcruz @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @Marcy_Kaptur @VP @MikeBloomberg @stevenmnuchin1 @RepKevinBrady @GOP @TheDemocrats @HillaryClinton @BarackObama @federalreserve @eucopresident @USCC_GOV @NSF @MSCI_Inc @SPGlobalRatings @FitchRatings @MoodysInvSvc @jpmorgan @MorganStanley @GoldmanSachs @EU_Commission @Europarl_EN @Boeing @Canada @australian @TheLocalGermany @PE_FRANCE @CIA @FBI @Israel @EmmanuelMacron @Apple @amazon @Twitter @facebook @Google @Microsoft I don't know which idiot dominates this investment. Therefore, they should have a considerable interest link with the highest ranking bureaucrats of the CCP. Yes, to be honest, China’s stock market is not as good as casinos.

@jolkyb @Conserv55240979 @chris_crod @Elex_Michaelson @FOXLA @AndrewYang @amazon @facebook @Google I'm not a liberal. Not sure where you got that. And calling someone stupid without being able to type a coherent sentence is a bad look. Government debt is not like personal debt. We are not in the hole on funds. You have no clue what you're talking about.

@chachomanopapa @xijingping @PutinRF @washingtonpost @uriminzok @nbc @DerSPIEGEL @lemondefr @CNN @MSNBC @realDonaldTrump @Twitter @google4edu @googleanalytics @POTUS @Google @facebook @macfound @BillGates @amazon @NEAToday @NEA @truthbook @seeTRUTHasTRUTH @YouTube @Discovery @UN @Charlottesville @Demonstrators @SteveKBannon @wordpressdotcom @PutinRF_Eng @khamenei_ir @netanyahu @HHShkMohd @MuhammadMorsi @PMOIndia @NicolasSarkozy @globaltimesnews @YeonmiParkNK @northkoreatimes @peterbakernyt @CBS @FoxNews @RealMikePompeo @AmbJohnBolton @Pravitelstvo_RF @GOP @dccc @RepAdamSchiff @HassanRouhani “Obama and Dems, a mess, have made. Yet, judge not, one another. Leave, judging to Him. The nations and surprisingly, I, have failed to be good stewards to Urantia. But the impeachment inquiry delays the fight against climate change. That’s no lie, truly.”

@Adrianepdavey @cks_electrical @ginger_sparky @SuperRodUK @sparksbranch @group_e5 @Sparky_Ninja @michaels_story @Contactumltd @tlcdirect1 @amazon Of course, but you would still need to prove safe isolation on the circuit and what you are working on 😉

@VinceinBrkLn @nowthisnews Anyone NOT shopping at @amazon is suspicious🤣. But seriously, these days, those 100% innocent citizens were taking their lives in their own hands by defying the officers belief in his white male authority (which I suspect is the case here) to “do whatever he wants” to POC.

@RyanBiddulph How to NOT Waste Time Online by Ryan Biddulph via @amazon #onlinebusiness #blogging

@DrDerekDBA Canceled @disneyplus for now. All kinds of news articles touting #StarWars in #DolbyVision & #DolbyAtmos only to learn you apparently have to use #AppleTV to get both #Dolby options. Sorry, I have @Roku and @Amazon #FireStick. I'm not getting another streamer. Ridiculous.

@Mick_Cook @maz_jovanovich @JasFourTwo @DeadPrussianPod @amazon Don’t tell me what to not let me put me off.

@KyleFjetland My Pokemon order shipped out on Wednesday and was supposed to be here yesterday. It's been sticking Kansas City since Wednesday, about 4 states away. I've never had an issue with @amazon or UPS before, so this is really frustrating.

@JLDallas We want to give a shout out to everyone who has already contributed to our holiday drive benefiting @SoupMobile. It's not too late to participate. Drop your donations at #JLDallas headquarters or visit our @amazon list at

@JonDeSade @Father_Medusa @amazon My friend is evidently returned too many items over the years. I don't know what the magic number is and they would not tell him but if you return a certain amount of items to Amazon they will ban you for life!

@_bizzski_ @Crooklynkat @amazon I watched the driver on the map. They were down the street from me. Then my status changed to delayed. I was pissed.

@deandobe @amazon @PrimeVideoCA @hallmarkchannel Was watching a Hallmark movie on StackTV's W Network, and was annoyed with the commercials...I mean, I'm paying for StackTV to watch uninterrupted...not even your own why I am paying then?? Will this stop??

@benjobanjoyyc @MountainWHouse @amazon Check your email. It’s already there. Basically your response is your too busy to mail my stuff but apparently not too busy to take my money. Look for the name under order M6130206

@D_WayneTofer @lindsey_deegan @justadhimmi @theone42069 @LizCurtiss1 @donnam44 @AndreaDB50 @peterdaou @Walmart @amazon I’m curious Lindsey... do you get full medical? Vacation and sick leave pay? Do they offer 401k or pension? Any profit sharing options? If you answer no to any or all of these questions you might wanna ask yourself why not.

@pulkitgargpec @amazon @AmazonHelp - I am not able to do Idea postpaid payment of *******509 from 15 days on Amazon. I am always told it will be resolved in 24-48 hours but there is no resolution. Contacted Idea - They told they are not receiving request from Amazon and Amazon needs to check

@chance_hacker I'll stick to @AceHardware and @amazon from now on. I am not wasting my whole weekend @Lowes trying to buy a grill and then dealing with snobby managers too.

@cowboy_steel Confirmed by myself, @WikidPublishing was able to get @amazon to take down the Merch Pirates selling Steel Cowboy merch., Thanks fellas. :) Now there's only 2 places to get #IronVerseComics Merch! Our webstore and the Wikid Webstore. As it should be.

@CorneliaAmiri The Scottish Selkie by Cornelia Amiri - "the story was compelling, intriguing, and complex. The characters were honest, real, raw, down to earth, and fascinating." #Scotland #romance #historical #fantasy #shapeshifter via @amazon


@GhassanSoueid @AmazonHelp Information already shared, I’ve been speaking to your customer service for 12 hours. No one resolved my issue. This is a robbery and a scandal. A breach of privacy. You have a defective employee. @amazon @JeffBezos

@iSykee13 @amazon how do u not know where my order is or when it is going to be shipped? I appreciate the $5 in promotional money but that doesn’t solve the issue of me paying for next day shipping with my prime account and not receiving my order.

@ejfanatic @SuperClashGamin @amazon @BestBuy @EA @Respawn Let me know how Jedi is! It was hard not to pick it up when I went in to grab my copy of Pokemon Sheild...had to tell myself no haha

@ChasFlemming Dearest @amazon : I know your sale of ads helps keep my prices down, but it's irritating to type "daytimer planner" in your search engine and then have to scroll through FranklinCovey and Clever Fox Pro and a zillion other brands when what I want is DAYTIMER. Bad form.

@JBkeepsitreal @AmazonHelp Why can I not speak with a supervisor or manager @amazon ??? I have submitted the information numerous times, I’ve had the case “escalated”. I want to speak with someone who cares and is not reading a response sheet.

@Matt_Lyne Hi @amazon my father's business account has been closed on your site and losing thousands of $ a day during this upcoming holiday season due to an absurd fraud claim brought down from @LEGO_Group who's greed as overcome them against @OYOSports and their products. Please help us.

@VillainHuMai @AmazonHelp @amazon Now I understand that you want to cheat & don't want to fulfill you own emails and offers. So now it's fine, I'm not going to ask again to not cheat me.

@Futditup @dilch7 Nah the old white one was a fake from @amazon and stopped working... went back to black one but left joystick has lost the rubber

@Mooshi @Amazon has crappy customer service. Why do I have to repeatedly tell the rep the same info only for them to keep going back to other orders I never even brought up. That and refusing to help and not even listen to my complaint of nondelivery. Unsurprising as always.

@songrtr @amazon 30 minutes on chat on hold mostly for them to tell me to wait and get back on Monday when my package Still has not arrived. About to do business with someone else

@Kyshkumen @cowboy_steel @WikidPublishing @amazon Another excellent example of @WikidPublishing working tirelessly to help it's creators.

@bloudraak Someone at either @apple or @amazon made the ingenious decision that after you enter your username, and leave the app to say copy a passwordfrom @1Password that going back to the app, the whole login experience should be reset and ask you for your username.

@bryankimmons @amazon @AmazonHelp why preorder a game if it doesn’t even show up when it’s supposed to. Not the first time this has happened with a new game. Time to find a new place to preorder from

@ranpuba First. I’m not immune. While I haven’t purchased groceries over the internet, I do have @amazon ship the occasional gadget to my work or home. I’m trying to do less of this.

@Oreo_Stealer_ @nutest_ @amazon happened to me amazon did legit nothing we contacted them legit did not care

@aniket_dumbare @AmazonHelp @amazon @AmazonIN how many times to follow up? Do not you have capable and responsible professionals? You register somebody else's credit card in my account and after raising the issue such a careless and irresponsibile behavior?

@GhassanSoueid @JeffBezos if you really care about your customers and believe in the culture and values you work so hard to instill at @amazon then please give us 5 min of your time and help us resolve the issue.

@hoggwash79 @amazon Frustratingly piss poor cust-svc not to accept an UNOPENED product return beyond 90 days. For a cust that spends $12k+\yr & forgives when @amazon screws up, “store credit” would’ve gone a long way, much less a refund. @amazon still sells the product I wanted to return!

@CuRsedTruth @amazon Scewed up lightning deals? Why do companies have to take something that was at least half way working and then totally screw it up and claim that it’s an “improvement“...? New manager that’s had to ”make their mark”? FFS... you don’t need my money, anyway I guess. 🤦‍♂️

@qslzpidbenams @POTUS @WhiteHouse @EUCouncil @SecPompeo @marcorubio @JohnCornyn @GOPLeader @tedcruz @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @Marcy_Kaptur @VP @MikeBloomberg @stevenmnuchin1 @RepKevinBrady @GOP @TheDemocrats @HillaryClinton @BarackObama @federalreserve @eucopresident @USCC_GOV @NSF @MSCI_Inc @SPGlobalRatings @FitchRatings @MoodysInvSvc @jpmorgan @MorganStanley @GoldmanSachs @EU_Commission @Europarl_EN @Boeing @Canada @australian @TheLocalGermany @PE_FRANCE @CIA @FBI @Israel @EmmanuelMacron @Apple @amazon @Twitter @facebook @Google @Microsoft Of course, the easier way is to not trust any economic data in China. In addition to the US treasury securities. Because only this data is that they can't make a fake (yes, they can't modify the data of the US financial system).

@iamcharlesb @amazon - You have a great but try to improve the performance of the web application. Move to react, modernize the ux. It's not even before thanksgiving, the product images arent loading properly.

@kexp Over 1,000 artists have signed a "No Music for ICE" pledge to protest @amazon's partnerships with organizations that aid in deportation and racial profiling. #SoundAndVision's @foxontheradio spoke with @ZOLAJESUS @versingseattle & others about the issue:

@keishanikky @amazon I don’t understand how I order something.. your delivery driver says it was handed to a resident I call and tell them I have instructions to not hand over to anyone without id, I call was giving the run around by 4 different ppl through chat only to call and be told

@SarahGraciously My friend @dgingiss breaks down why and how @amazon is killing it on the CX front... Brands, take note. 6 Customer Service Tenets Used By Amazon To Create Effortless Experiences via @forbes

@Tinna93152378 @amazon why do you allow people to sell on your website that's posting fake items and not giving people what they ordered @Aoliogoods

@Nujerzze @AmazonHelp @amazon I ordered a package and it was marked as delivered yesterday but was never received. I contact customer service and they say give it until Monday. It is unethical to mark delivered to get credit for in time deliveries and not be on time.

@MaryJoe38642126 @FreeWildHorses I appreciate and support you but I will not shop [email protected] They along w [email protected] sell “products” from #FactoryFarmers When #Exposed they press #Charges against those who expose them #AmazonIsEvil #CruelFood When asked to #Help [email protected] laughed

@JBkeepsitreal @amazon @AmazonHelp make it very difficult to speak to a customer service supervisor/manager. Not good for customer service. Chat respondents read same responses and get you nowhere to resolving an issue. Have spent over 5 hours on chats going in the same circles

@Lizzy44420668 @nutest_ @amazon All of us: uhohuhohuhohuhohhhh! Taylor swift: you need to calm down, you being to loud!

@Mammals_Suck Seriously considering canceling @amazon prime, given how much the service has declined and how much time I spend sorting out their mistakes. Shopping local is not just more ethical- it's starting to seem more convenient too.

@clhendershot Saturday November 16, 2019 This is the Daily Devotional that Mom and I read every day It has been miraculous the past couple weeks I may not continue to share EVERY day so I encourage you to buy your own copy (just not at @amazon Bite It @JeffBezos) GO~

@DevalSh95281653 @amazon I purchased a redmi y2 back in jan 2019 The package quality was poor delivery was extremely slow im very much disappointed with amazon Product is not working properly screen is blinking touchpad problems i request amazon to replace me with a new phone of my choice

@LSmith327 @amazon and @AmazonHelp you obviously know that Funko POP items are collectibles that means the boxes need to be in good shape because YOU SELL protectors for them. But yet when you ship the figures they are not safely packed and almost always arrive damaged. Why???

@marc_saltzman 3/6: After 615pm ET on #Montreal's @CJAD800 and the #TechTalk radio show, we'll speak with @Amazon's @NicolasMaynard, Country Manager for #Alexa in #Canada. You might not know all that @alexa99 can do, so be sure to tune in live at 800AM or online and on-demand via @iHeartRadioCA

@DorothyZxanax Hey @amazon if you could NOT have Alexa announce everything in your amazon order when you live with your boyfriend and used Amazon to buy his Christmas presents that would be GREAT

@MohitAr08681117 @JeffBezos see your team not reverting to me thru kind of service you would be not able do business in india @amazon check your response still waiting for your confirmation...please help & revert

@dizzheart Dear @amazon - "package was left in a secure location"? Not hardly. Should read "package was dumped in an open mailroom to which at least 400 other people have access". Your instructions were to leave it at my door. Your drivers are lazy or you don't pay them enough to do right

@JaneLinkJ Hiring an editor has paid off. My book is finally receiving attention and great reviews. Thank you to those who took advantage of the free book promotion! Working hard on my next project. Stepmom- A MILF story by Jane J. Link via @amazon

@FishPatronus @Queen_Miso @amazon Do you not know how to set up a tree? Lmao

@kwd805 To this point the @disneyplus app is a fail. Very intermittent connection issues. @Disney has $3 billion in cash I expect better. @netflix and @amazon do not have this issue #streaming

Site Excerpt Down, Is Amazon Down?. : livres, DVD, jeux vidéo, musique, high-tech, informatique, jouets, vêtements, chaussures, sport, bricolage, maison, beauté, puériculture, épicerie et plus encore ! Passer au contenu principal ...

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