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Published by Amazon 12 months ago

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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - AMAZON.FR : LIVRES, DVD, JEUX VIDÉO, MUSIQUE, HIGH-TECH, INFORMATIQUE, JOUETS, VÊTEMENTS, CHAUSSURES, SPORT, BRICOLAGE, MAISON, BEAUTÉ, PUÉRICULTURE, ÉPICERIE ET PLUS ENCORE ! - Achat et vente en ligne parmi des millions de produits en stock. Livraison gratuite à partir de 25€. Vos articles à pe--- prix : culture, high-tech, mode, jouets, sport, maison et bien plus ! Server Status

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Recent Outage Reports

@pharmeasyapp @amishah154 @mybmc @Grofers @amazon @bigbasket @pharmeasy Hi Ami, Due to the COVID-19 crisis & travel restrictions there may have been a delay in order delivery. Be assured, we are working round the clock to deliver it ASAP. Request you to not step out & thank you for your patience. Please send us your order ID, we'll look into it.

@VoiceofMidnight @MissMoonified I'm not a Voice Actor(yet), but I would LOVE to work with wonderful people such as yourself! I plan to upgrade my equipment to something more respectable(SM7B, Cloudlifter, Motu M2), so that it won't sound as horrible like with my $20 Fifine from @amazon.

@AGEllison The ban on pandemic profiteering doesn’t apply only to bricks-and-mortar stores—it applies online, too. 31 AGs & I told @amazon @craigslistlove @eBay @Facebook & @Walmart they need to crack down & prevent it. Report price-gouging anywhere to my office.

@CooprsCustmRngs @amazon @AmazonHelp is there any chance you might be able to make some new movies available earlier than planned? We noticed that Dr Dolittle still not out, they’re obviously not making any box office sales soooo?

@chachomanopapa @xijingping @PutinRF @washingtonpost @uriminzok @derspiegel @lemondefr @CNN @MSNBC @realDonaldTrump @Twitter @POTUS @Google @Facebook @macfound @BillGates @amazon @truthbook @seeTRUTHasTRUTH @UN @PutinRF_Eng @khamenei_ir @netanyahu @HHShkMohd @MuhammadMorsi @PMOIndia @NicolasSarkozy @globaltimesnews @YeonmiParkNK @northkoreatimes @peterbakernyt @CBS @FoxNews @RealMikePompeo @AmbJohnBolton @MittRomney @lisamurkowski @Marvel @dccc @GOP @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @SenatorCollins @DrTedros @LinkedIn @Microsoft @reddit @YouTube @JoeBiden @NYGovCuomo @AOC “More than 90 percent of the nearly 200 cities that responded to a national survey said they did not have a sufficient supply of face masks and nearly 90 percent lacked an adequate amount of personal protective equipment, to safely, our emergencies, face.”

@TempoTemptress @JeffBezos did I tell you I was very disappointed with @amazon after I had applied they gave me a job interview then canceled without rescheduling, them the web site said I wasn’t active enough enough if I checked almost daily. They system blunt out lied to me. Not cool! ❤️

@mattmcilwain @amazon Coporate and teams working with @jeffawilke Doing way more than will ever be known to help americans and the world during this challenging time - thank you!

@mukkamala2016 @AmazonHelp @AmazonHelp @amazon you guys saying don't share your order account but till now no one responded. So I have to inform to my parents to go outside if they want to contact anyone. So there mobile was not recharge by amazon. But amount got deducted.

@nithinrrai Second time the complete @bigbasket_com cancelled the order just before delivery. You people should not accept any items if you can’t deliver. After waiting for 4 days what we can do? It’s best time and opportunity for @amazonIN @amazon to enter into Indian Market.

@TroyD26962921 @amazon be responding to your email in further detail.... If you spent the time trying to resolve my issue instead of telling me we won’t respond maybe my issue would already be resolved

@pughcoaching 1 year and I missed the the moment of celebration. What an AMAZING YEAR! I am so grateful for writing down my journey to trusting God. The best part has been hearing how lives have been impacted. Available on @amazon (Paperback: $10) @amazon_kindle (Kindle: $2.99) #author

@Vtaneja96 My pet food is not delivering due to lockdown in Delhi. Is it not an essential item for my cats. Please look in the issue and deliver it asap Order number: 406-6779891-6291568 and 406-7851484-2174765 @amazonIN @amazon @JeffBezos

@Mushamomy There's a book in @bookdepository I want to buy. And an item I need off @amazon .. But am not sure if these can get to me considering @philpost operations are still suspended. #firstworldquarantineproblems

@DeeMose40 @SinnamonLove @ElenaDeLuca @amazon @amazonprimenow @UPS I'm not sure if this helps, but I signed up with the service online and it always notifies me about my packages, returns, and errors in delivery. I like it because I dont have to deal with their attitudes. Signed with FedEx, and USPS too.

@chachomanopapa @xijingping @PutinRF @washingtonpost @uriminzok @derspiegel @lemondefr @CNN @MSNBC @realDonaldTrump @Twitter @POTUS @Google @Facebook @macfound @BillGates @amazon @truthbook @seeTRUTHasTRUTH @UN @PutinRF_Eng @khamenei_ir @netanyahu @HHShkMohd @MuhammadMorsi @PMOIndia @NicolasSarkozy @globaltimesnews @YeonmiParkNK @northkoreatimes @peterbakernyt @CBS @FoxNews @RealMikePompeo @AmbJohnBolton @MittRomney @lisamurkowski @Marvel @dccc @GOP @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @SenatorCollins @DrTedros @LinkedIn @Microsoft @reddit @YouTube @JoeBiden @NYGovCuomo @AOC “When will things return to normal? The answer is simple, if not, satisfying: When enough of the population is resistant to the air borne Covid-19 to stunt spread from person to person. That’s the end game. No one knows how long it may take, to get there.”

@JustifydWarrior All have been accommodating to address our crisis, even evil BofA gave 30 days mortgage relief 🙏 But @amazon is NOT refunding or crediting Prime memebers 🤔 Delaying even my medical supplies for 28 days 🤥 AND creating germ factories at distro centers 😠 #RefundMyPrime

@lovethediosa hi @amazon, question. if i’m locked out of my account because you guys keep flagging it... and the only way to get back into my account is by calling you... but you guys are not accepting calls... how do i then get back into my account?

@QueerWire @Kenneth21773270 If these masks #PPE are not available, #JeffBezos and @amazon should remove them from the fields, if they are bezos should buy every one and send to hospitals. Karma will be a MF for him, if he's misleading and profiting while hospital workers die.

@lisatauber @AmazonHelp @amazon will you help me? It isn’t right to charge for something and then not enable your customer to actually use it.

@LazyTcrochet @twinkiechan @amazon I need to return a package also. Is UPS store not taking returns?

@amitpandeyBit @gurgaonpolice @Zomato @Flipkart @amazon @bluedart @swiggy @groffers @bigbasket @Milkbasket @dunzo @bigbazzar @IFFCO Sir , since lockdown started on monday , home delivery is not happening for essential grocery and milk in our sector 56 area by most of online ecommerce companies amazon , big basket , grofers amazon bigbasket have updated due to regional police obstruction of essential items

@familyLoverAmit @PMOIndia @narendramodi @AmitShah sir, i request u to please start e commerce services as @Flipkart @amazon so that we need not go out and create crowd in markets, pl train their executive and allow them, it will really help a lot... Pl take concerned steps..

@rwcaps @TheWuWu @amazon I approve of trying to minimize packaging but.... lol I’m still laughing, I’m not even mad or upset or disappointed.

@ErikaAndiola A reminder that they give zero fs about immigrants. Let's be clear, we pay taxes. Unlike @amazon, @Walmart and all those billionaires, we pay lots of them. I am so angry, disappointed, but not surprised to see this.

@dancelightning @lizzieRF20 @VSnodin @andyjbradley @Ocado @amazon Who knows what he eats (we know he drinks red wine and spills without a care on the sofa). Perhaps he's been advised to eat more healthily, not that ready meals the healthiest option.

@byajperez @TheRealDaetwan @amazon I’m not hoarding either. Giving them to friends/family. May need to trade for TP soon. These are my cigarettes in this pandemic jail.

@KZ_Howell Prophetic fiction, years ahead of its time by @walterkirn "I was a billing address. A credit score. Then AidSat hired me and gave me a life. And not just one life. Hundreds of them, thousands." The Unbinding by Kirn, Walter for $5.99 via @amazon #ad

@mukkamala2016 @AmazonHelp @AmazonHelp @amazon okay we will wait. Please try to resolve this ASAP. Other wise my parents will try to go outside. If any support need from your backend team please call 7507994094/9392520964. Or I will create a new account for parents so that ur team will identify issue fast

@MichaelRBrown18 The Hero Factory wishes each one of you our Best Regards. As we all hunker down we’ve released a few new stories free @Amazon/ Ghettostone. We are so grateful to be a part of the story telling industry. Stay Safe Brown, McPherson, Casanova & Rosario Ghettostone

@johniadarola Does @Amazon seriously not have a way to only display items that are currently available?

@AttilaThePun3 #CallitOut Talk about exploitation, I ordered supplements from @amazon and paid only to realize it wasn’t captured in my orders. I tried to reorder it but it’s been moved to @WholeFoods and I can only order it if I sign up for Prime which is not free @BBCBreaking @CNN

@Moirraines @amazon Deliveries not expected today, two of them with the wrong days of delivery in my "orders" were both stolen. Thanks for not caring about the very ill who are ill ALL year long and this is going to destroy many of us. You lied about your distribution chain being stable.

@ExtremeFlight45 #amazon @amazon pleaded get on your price gouging issue from your clients. If I can simply search and find one, I'm sure u know about them. It needs to stop. People are hurting enough...

@KevinGaRc1a @CaliWithAU @1917 @jenni2693 @PrimeVideo @amazon Was not aware you wanted to see it sir

@aijazabdullah Most of the Online Giants like @amazon @Flipkart or @snapdeal don't home deliver in all parts of Anantnag District. Not to talk of @Zomato, which isnt even existent here. @yasirsyedx @rifatabdullahh @islahmufti @pzfahad

@loveelian05 @NintendoAmerica when should we expect the Nintendo Switch console to be back on store shelves? There’s price gouging on devices on @amazon and @Walmart online and it’s not worth 450-570 for just the console. Let us all know! Thank you ♥️

@tambry58 @StevieStacks84 @K4BoLove @amazon And to think this afternoon we were on the phone talking about how you had been off Twitter not entering because your phone was cut off. So overjoyed for you!!!!!!💓💓💓💓

@amitpandeyBit @gurgaonpolice @Zomato @Flipkart @amazon @bluedart @swiggy @groffers @bigbasket @Milkbasket @dunzo @bigbazzar @IFFCO Also in sector 56 area if we call any local groceey super store like more patanjali huda sec 56 market grocery milk and medicine shop for home delivery. They say no home delivery telling local police had not issue passes to staff and we cannot risk sending items with limitedstaff

@MeighanSF @AmazonHelp I appreciate you! Thanks so so much for your help! Can't stomach to finish my move. I think you are amazing @amazon! Thanks so much for the deliveries & especially keeping up the nearly daily deliveries during COVID. You are all awesome for working right now - props to all you!!

@ParaZeloo @ruk1dd1ngm3 @9277Debra @catturd2 @UPS @amazon @CNN @TuckerCarlson @dbongino Rule? Some people are essential while others are non-essential. No offense, but a beautician although an admirable career. Isn't really needed in #Pandemic times. Not sure where you live but a lot of big companies & manufactures are going to be hiring. Walmart is hiring people

@sumantra_7 @PMOIndia @bigbasket_com @amazon @HelloMilkbasket 4days into the lockdown,essentials still not delivered by the online grocery stores,all orders are canceled at last min, With an infant, it gets insanely difficult to manage supplies.Have to venture out by compulsion, not choice

@Midian42 I think @amazon needs to put a report price gouging button on all the products. They're obviously not catching them all. #COVID19 #pricegougers

@IrishMoonDancer @MeghanMcCain I agree BUT not all @amazon drivers should be working! We recently had a #Logistics driver dump $170 worth of items to a WRONG address-we have Photo proof but 9 hrs total on hold & a week later they refuse to refund us & want a police report-the cops laughed at us! @AmazonHelp

@TaraHen31 Took me 4 days to obtain a delivery window for groceries on @amazon Prime Now. My order was just arbitrarily cancelled with ZERO explanation. I called them and they have no idea why either. Guess I’m not eating dinner. 🖕🏻 Thanks a lot.

@DaddyHubLife @cjcross1973 @K4BoLove @StevieStacks84 @amazon @Michele0575 First of all I'm not keeping track of anything we are all in the same giveaways and following same people so it's pretty easy to see. Secondly I already apologized I had bad information and I wasn't trying to attack anybody because I know it's based off "LUCK" in most cases.

@Rajivbakshi52 @imrandoha87 Hope to see yiu as my new Reader 👩‍🏫. Book in 20 countries , 516 libraries India , 16 in USA 🇺🇸. Get via @AmazonKindle . Paperback not being delivered by @amazon . Dur to #lockdown

@AttilaThePun3 #CallitOut @amazon dis cant b right. I saw it clearly say my order was made with date of arrival but 2day it’s not even reflecting in my orders and I am supposed to pay for a service I am not interested in before I can buy supplements to boost my immune system @CNN @BBCBreaking

@ElianneMJF Hey @amazon: Please define “most” and “regularly.” And, what are your practices to ensure workers regularly get 20 hrs? These are qualifiers corporations use to confuse the truth. I bet this means hourly warehouse workers are actually not getting comprehensive healthcare.

@AquamarineSteph @IwriteOK @amazon I had something similar happen once. Long story, very short, I searched Kindle for my books not downloaded using only the author's first name. THEN I was able to locate the books which I'd purchased ages ago & which my Kindle was telling me I needed to purchase again to read.

@BrooklynsMona @amazon I shop with you as of yesterday. I want PROOF this employee is no longer with amazon in order to remain your customer. My family and friends agree. We will not put our lives at risk. Clean house or we're done with you #Amazon

@mehershad @mybmc @Grofers Pls refrain from such Posts. @amazon not taking orders “cannot deliver” @grofers not delivered old order also cannot place new one “technical issue” @bigbasket is hard luck “no available slots” We r forced to go out 👶🏻 even if v get lathi charged

@JazzyBtooSexy @amazon is trash. Instead of not charging us the prime membership fee since amazon prime services aren’t available, they are literally responding to customers telling us to cancel. What type of shit is that @JeffBezos ?🤯

@Aeriel_White @LinsFischer @amazon Yep, on Amazon! I'm not sure of the details, but I know she was able to set both of her books to free!

@JackCarrUSA @IShootPixels That drives me’s a paperback that doesn’t exist...the one next to it is the actual paperback at the low price. I’m told @amazon refuses to take it down for some reason. It’s very confusing.

@jaydeeherrera @Bohler_ @amazon I leave in less than two weeks fam kinda need it now not gonna wait for that thing to ship

@KandiiRaaiin I waited over a week for my new cutting board and and rotary blade just for them to send me all the wrong stuff ☹️ im not even mad @amazon . It’s been a rough week and I get it .

@1library_ninja When Covid19 causes your beloved @Tolbert_ES school to shut down but you still want to do a school morning show with cool effects, you've no choice but to order green bulletin board paper from @amazon & set up a pop-up green screen studio. #tolbertbettertogether @lcps_libraries

@SachinK16881604 Not getting milk everyday due to lockdown no problem just adjust for few days with powdered milk. Check out Nestle Everyday Dairy Whitener, 400g Pouch by Nestle via @amazon #Ramayan #CoronaUpdate #ThanksPMThanksDD #WhereIsAmitShah

@KevinGaRc1a @CaliWithAU @1917 @jenni2693 @PrimeVideo @amazon Lol always down to hang out

@arash_behbood @AmazonHelp @amazon I am ready to cancel my amazon prime. All I want is for amazon to take responsibility for not delivering my package on the day it was guaranteed and not following my delivery instructions which was not to leave the package at the front door.

@MichaelCarl7 @amazon Why is it so difficult to contact you about packages that have not arrived? On the "My Orders" page, there should be a button the customer can click on it and say, "My package never arrived?" The "Where's my stuff?" focuses too much on tracking an existing order.

@SixPathsofSane Honestly @amazon works faster than the gov when it comes to this stuff. I'm not saying they make better decisions, they just do it fast.

@pharmeasyapp @amishah154 @mybmc @Grofers @amazon @bigbasket @pharmeasy Hi Ami, Due to the COVID-19 crisis & travel restrictions there may have been a delay in your order delivery. Be assured, we are working round the clock to deliver it ASAP. Request you to not step out & thank you for your patience. Please give your order ID, we'll look into it.

@chachomanopapa @xijingping @PutinRF @washingtonpost @uriminzok @derspiegel @lemondefr @CNN @MSNBC @realDonaldTrump @Twitter @POTUS @Google @Facebook @macfound @BillGates @amazon @truthbook @seeTRUTHasTRUTH @UN @PutinRF_Eng @khamenei_ir @netanyahu @HHShkMohd @MuhammadMorsi @PMOIndia @NicolasSarkozy @globaltimesnews @YeonmiParkNK @northkoreatimes @peterbakernyt @CBS @FoxNews @RealMikePompeo @AmbJohnBolton @MittRomney @lisamurkowski @Marvel @dccc @GOP @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @SenatorCollins @DrTedros @LinkedIn @Microsoft @reddit @YouTube @JoeBiden @NYGovCuomo @AOC “When will things return to normal? The answer is simple, if not, satisfying: When enough of the population is resistant to the air borne Covid-19 to stunt spread from person to person. That’s the end game. No one knows how long it may take, to get there.”

@amitpandeyBit @gurgaonpolice @Zomato @Flipkart @amazon @bluedart @swiggy @groffers @bigbasket @Milkbasket @dunzo @bigbazzar @IFFCO Delivery been obstructed due to regional policing , objective of govt india to curb spread of covid19 infection at community level not met.Infections will rise as currently residents are force to moving out for grocery milk and medicines in sector 56. Pls take responsive action

@serenityreiki Mandalas to Relax the Angry Mind: --JUST WENT ON SALE! So if you are stuck inside, why not make some cool art? These Reiki infused drawing are made by me and are intended to help you calm your mind and relax. via @amazon #Mandalas

@data_over_ideal Imagine if @amazon told it's sellers, (the majority of their revenue and only reason they can scale)... "we like your product, and your not breaking any rules, but we need you to not sell something so unique... try being like the other sellers." That's my @Wyzant experience.

@pcguy8088 Glad I am cancelling my month to month @amazon prime. Have not made use of it lately. Retrenchment is upon us.

@Rex_RoyalAz @JeffBezos is wickedly intelligent, I’m gonna keep an 👁 on you buddy, @amazon is definitely playing chess not checkers but mixed with monopoly, don’t know if you’re an evil villain trying to take over the world or just a really innovative guy but either way I admire the moves 👍🏾

@MrMussio We can’t leave the house, but y’all not delivering paper towels?! Then how the fuck are we supposed to get it then?! @Walmart @Target @Jet @DuaneReade @cvspharmacy @amazon

@whattheklutz @JeffWeninger We WANT to work, but the reliability of delivery orders (and fees) is also not feasible for every business. If we are bailing out corporations, then they can throw some business our way, right? I'll deliver 200 boxed lunches tmrw to nurses- hey @amazon, you footin' the bill?

@TacticalHoodie @amazon Why can't your Customer Service refund me the 45.98 that was taken from my debit visa as a double charge? Not being able to refund me because it is a authorization hold is a great way to not make me want to shop with you guys. Really disappointing service.

@Davidkoc_45 #fuckamazon Me: I applied for a position now the app tells me it's full Amz: because it's full Me: but I didn't lose a min to apply how come it's full? Amz: check the FAQ Me: answer is not there AMZ: due to current situation we can't answer your future emails ME: Fuck @amazon

@amishah154 @mybmc @Grofers it just stays as an announcement @amazon not taking orders @grofers not delivering to us @bigbasket is hard luck even @pharmeasy is delaying medicines. Sir v r forced to step out

@Jeff65812299 @Walmart here in Tampa is an absolute shit show. Not one employee knows what customer service is. I just wanted to buy a beach cruiser and not one employee or manager cared to help me. This is why @amazon > walmart

@lizafer @lovethediosa @amazon They were not able to help me when I couldn’t remember my password. The “help” was redundant trouble shooting that didn’t go anywhere. I had to set up a new account under a new email.

@yeager_omar @FOX10Phoenix @amazon Oh its L.A. I'm not surprised. California people suck. AZ is starting to suck because they are all coming here.

@SinnamonLove @ElenaDeLuca @amazon @amazonprimenow @UPS Eww! How disgusting! Complaints should get the people delivering to actually deliver the products. Not give them an excuse to do nothing. The Supervisor I spoke to said “dispatch should be calling you by 7pm.” I noted it was currently 7:50pm. 🙄

@m_onlinestore #GasCooktop #Cooktop36Inch #CooktopStainlessSteel SDADI Kitchen Gas Cooktop 36" Stainless Steel Range top with 1 Dual Burner for Simmer NG/LPG (kit not included) convertible SDRT3601U by SDADI via @amazon

@tweety311210 @TobyChilliShow @amazon ty for shutting Matt and Noah down. Please force them to give refunds! For every Matt and Noah there’s 100x’s more good people! Stay healthy!

@JerryAlayer @SamuelJ33551644 @amazon 800 is feasible as a norm, but unless it was 2k in a relatively smooth area, it would be hard to hit that number daily. Different sites have different amounts of problems with their facility’s equipment, like the Keebler’s breaking down, for hours at a time. Other locs don’t.

@juskiewicz32 @StevieStacks84 @amazon I would love to but I am working 8 to 430 at home.. We have Ethernet cables running all over the house to our modem for me my wife and daughter to run our computer frpm work and the grandbaby ona laptop for kindergarden in the kitchen lol

@DarlingDebra3 @BillyRiv45 @DKoish He needs some wipes and a mandatory inservice on *what the hell not to do in this pandemic. I don't think he's a sociopath and needs fired. He ain't the only one @amazon

@nikkidactyl I ordered a new Roku remote from @amazon because I lost mine. I received an estimated arrival date of three weeks because, as amazon says, they’re prioritizing orders to provide service during #COVID19 IM LOCKED DOWN WITHOUT A REMOTE 😒😒😒 #stillgonnarenewprimetho

@Michele0575 @DaddyHubLife @K4BoLove @StevieStacks84 @amazon Hang in there. I do not know what you're going through or dealing with but I promise if you keep trying to stay positive, it will work out. Big hugs, I'm sorry its rough for you right now and I hope your weekend gets better. 🤗💜

@tepponieminen @IwriteOK @amazon That's the future: We don't own anything, we just rent. And we're not entitled to eviction notices or grace periods.

@kush0la @amazon @AmazonFresh taking up to 2-3 days now to get in queue for a fresh delivery. Yet still not hiring drivers to speed this up ? 🤔 #wtf

@LislAK @cindygallop @yashar @booksaremagicbk @amazon Doing research on 12th c East Anglia and found an AMAZING stash at a couple of places in EA, in particular one that (back in September-ish) got my orders consistently to me with a f-night, and I’m in Alaska. Not flipping bad at all!

@skry @IwriteOK @amazon So for example, if you buy from a different amazon.* domain, they can migrate you and disappear your books. The CSR tried very hard not to explain this very unpopular fact.

@Timerican Fucking @amazon. "Priority to customers ordering essential items" I'm not waiting 3 weeks for fucking soap as a Prime member jist because some scared dipshit needs 82 packs of shit paper and hand sanitizer.

@wonrobot @siddhss5 @iitmadras @CMU_Robotics @uwcse @amazon Hello Prof. Read your interview. Your journey from @iitmadras to your work on #Robotics is inspiring. What latest Robot are you working on? Enjoyed reading of your work on lazy motion planning for robots. The solution to keep most expensive computation to end is interesting.

@winkler46176 I want to say thanks to our @amazon delivery driver today. I know he was working hard but he took a few minutes to wave at this cutie today and just made his day!! It's been pretty boring for him stuck inside and seeing a delivery man was so exciting! Thanks Mr. Delivery man!

@bennygil I just want to say KUDOS to online @Target because during this crisis you have continued to not only keep most things in stock (except for the highly hoarded items); you have kept prices the same; and have super fast delivery. Can't say the same for @Amazon where I used to shop.

@4N6NAZ @BillyRiv45 @amazon Is this employee still working for you? Just want to know before I place my next order.

@ConfusedFemby @IwriteOK @amazon I've not seen this, but I'm not surprised. In the future, I'd recommend using something like Calibre to store ebooks locally

@Akash20091180 @amazon hey this is Akash Gupta frm Murli enterprises Sheikhpura Bihar India I am soo excited for amazon distributions & i am waiting for launching in Bihar from a years Plese tell me when it will be launch in Bihar & what is the trouble to not launch it now plese share me

@SamuelJ33551644 @JerryAlayer @amazon So, you now admit that you have no idea how the picking system at Amazon works because you've not experienced it first hand. So, what makes you feel you have the right to complain about their expectations of their employees? STOP IT!!

@bose_bibu @amazon @AUThackeray Amazon still under lockdown.They are not taking any orders.The biggest distribution channel needs to restart.Will be a big help in this period of crisis.Needs early resolution.

@TroyD26962921 @amazon Heay amazon trying to work flex driver and am having account trouble got this email FOUR TIMES... Given the evolving nature of the current situation, we have been experiencing a high number of contacts. We are currently operating with reduced Driver Support capacity and will not

@yesnomaybe14 @boobooskdoo @702YankeeBabe @BillyRiv45 @amazon @AmazonHelp @JeffBezos I cant tell if you're being serious or sarcastic. No one...NOT EVEN a Trump...could be privileged enough to think THIS is the breaking point. "Our beautiful way of life"...ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

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