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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - AMAZON.DE: GÜNSTIGE PREISE FÜR ELEKTRONIK & FOTO, FILME, MUSIK, BÜCHER, GAMES, SPIELZEUG & MEHR - Entdecken, shoppen und einkaufen bei Günstige Preise für Elektronik & Foto, Filme, Musik, Bücher, Games, Spielzeug, Sportartikel, Drogerie & mehr bei Server Status

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@LarDu_the_Great @amazon Amazon, are your employees permitted to post videos on YouTube of themselves working inside your facilities? Reply or send me a message if you want more info about one doing so. Thanks.

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@carolling14u @ladygaga @hauslabs @amazon Not enough makeup in the world to fix your ugly

@mjritchi2 Dear @[email protected], I've had a modest request 4 months now, simply add search filter on location of manufacture so people whom don't want to buy #CCP #China goods do not have to. You've not responded. I now hold U culpable. @Cernovich @ScottAdamsSays @RalphNader @ElenaGMZil

@JodyCrocker @Rosie @amazon One last thing I can say with great confidence, as you turn the page and meet the real real Donald Trump for the first time: This is a book the President of the United States does not want you to read. Michael Cohen Otisville Federal Prison, Otisville, New York, March 11, 2020

@iamrockstaryash @amazonIN @AmazonHelp where is my order 408-5309245-0967521, I am not able to even track it, please deliver it [email protected]

@AmethystShyne86 I’m so happy with the shopping I did in @amazon now I need to hunt down some fabric for my cosplay & materials to build mirrors for me to cut my hair. #independentwoman #cosplayprogress

@HumanAlexas @alexa99 @AmazonLab126 @amazon @JeffBezos @alexadevs @JayCarney What's your proposal for 👥 named #Alexa?⬇️ "Lexa" isn't an acceptable solution for👥. This issue isn't going's only going to get worse. What's your plan? #corporateresponsibility #AI #TechNews #voice

@DiggityDogDo @Rosie @amazon I CAN NOT WAIT TO READ THIS!!!

@AndresSuerte @torn2rbns @TheBoysTV @CobraKaiSeries @amazon Yes that makes sense. I caught your following me. Not that I mind, but it could be some items I follow are not likely to be endorsed by parents.

@BOSA6688 @RoadMN @TuckerCarlson @seanhannity @IngrahamAngle @TheFive @DanaPerino @greggutfeld @JesseBWatters @TheJuanWilliams @KennedyNation @maddow @BretBaier @marthamaccallum @HARRISFAULKNER @ainsleyearhardt @kilmeade @SteveDoocy @OutnumberedFNC @JoeBiden @CNN @GoyaFoods @DevlinBarrett @amazon @JeffBezos @washingtonpost @SenToomey @MittRomney @GregAbbott_TX @wojespn @HawleyMO @NBA @SrBachchan @QuinnipiacPoll @foxnewspoll @annaedney @tedwheeler @KateBrownForOR @PortlandPolice @BillKristol @mcuban @SenTedCruz @AreuCathy @EpicGames @TimSweeneyEpic @Spotify @eldsjal @Apple What is the difference between @EpicGames and man child @TimSweeneyEpic and the rioters and looters destroying Chicago and Portland right now? Actually not much, both trying to use an excuse, George Floyd and Antitrust, to steal from people. @AppStore is IP of Apple, not free!

@sharnhparker @AmazonHelp @AmazonHelp.. dont think your much help are u.. @piersmorgan im still annoyed and waiting for a pm to say they have found/refunded my sons order.. it may not be important to you @amazon but the little things are for lads/lasses away from home months on end

@AW60 Instead of putting the package (with electronics), @amazon driver chose not to put under the overhang, between the storm door & front door, or IN the tan box as instructed & instead left out with pouring rain minutes away. Thx 4 that. You’ll be getting a return with damaged items

@__ListenUp__ @PreetBharara First, we need the USPS funded! And, if we can't get public money, then we need private $ (as donation/not privatization) from people and businesses who benefit from the USPS or have committed to defeat [email protected] @Amazon @MikeBloomberg @BillGates @GeorgeSoros @TomSteyer

@readonthebeach Hey @amazon - You absolutely MUST crack down on the crooks who are selling disinfecting wipes like Clorox and Lysol for outrageous prices. They are taking advantage of people in a pandemic, and need to be stopped. Products should be readily available at normal prices!

@shaik_mustafa8 @amazon @help_delhivery i totally disappointed with amazon india.. They are not taking any action against @delhivery .daily i m continuously follow up with delhivery and Amazon but they are fooling to the cux #WrongRemarkfromdelhivery how irresponsible CS...

@meghanwoood @amazon and @hbomax need to get their sh*t together because I want to subscribe but I’m not going to if I can’t watch on my fire stick 😞🙄

@AffretShekt @guaymas_cantina @seattletimes @amazon It’s not only the virus. With less police around, at gunpoint carjackings will increase. Today’s new cars have immobilizer. You can’t Hotwire them. But it will be easier to carjack cars and sell it for parts. Police will not be able to follow the criminals on their bicycles.

@RobertFosterNYC @NYCMayor As many people have mentioned on twitter already. Why @amazon, @UPS, @FedEx & @DHL can not be used to deliver the voting ballots? As ppl keep mentioning before me, why are we restricted to just USPO to delivery voting ballots. There are other delivery services out there you know

@shaik_mustafa8 @AmazonHelp Daily i am calling to your CS but they are not providing me correct info..i think donkeys are handling @amazon ..cancel my prime membership i dont wanna use amazon prime

@RohitNahata9 @AmazonHelp ,@amazon It is showing item delivered but however i have not received the same. constantly followup with online helpdesk but not received any concrete reply... My request to concerned dept. to look into the issue and expedite the process either refund or deliver

@Nidhi12451305 @AmazonUK your India team always disappoint me as always. To hell with your services. Assuring you this money from my pocket is not gonna go wasted. Messed with the wrong person this time. @amazon @amazonIN @UfterYou

@rnhams Really wish @amazon would stop having the @USPS deliver my packages because they NEVER fail to say it can’t be delivered and I have to go pick it up 🙃 bitch what do you mean no one else has this issue??

@nayacerola Check out this Amazon deal: How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease by Stone, Gene via @amazon #ad #affiliates


@shubhr_gpt @JioMart have ordered, payment deducted. Now, I am not able to find my order. Your call center saying , wait for 2 days this you are going to challenge @Flipkart @amazon I am afraid you cannot..

@tbobdilla Not even close to the truth. The #USPS is going on sale. The buyer @amazon they need the planes, trucks, infrastructure and storefronts...everyone wins....

@FKatchiMD @DavidLBrownMD @amazon Amazon actually already uses USPS for up to 40% of deliveries, often to remote corners of our country where access is limited. So why not just properly fund USPS?

@Raman08521237 @Flipkart @flipkartsupport @FlipkartSellers You guys are the real theifs in this digital world !! You sell damaged products and you'll not accept the return now. At least have a proper customer support team and get a life or else sell it off to @amazon order:OD118930333041334000

@Stevo4747 Working from home? Remember: take breaks from shopping on @amazon to do some work. When you are shopping, begin each journey with my #AmazonAffiliate link that takes you straight to the Main Page: or to Deals: Thanks!

@IDontCHER1 @amazon You have the absolute worst customer service imaginable. Ive been trying to resolve a issue with u for a month and have been given the run around. I've even received a threatening email from u regarding a issue u caused. Filing a BBB complaint because I have no choice.

@VikasSa64696930 @amazon @amazonIN @JeffBezos Hi team.. I am afraid to say that from last few months services of Amazon are not satisfactory... no help on customer care, no response on emails and almost every product is getting delayed..could you please look into my order and help.

@appyoomkin @realSDpm @DogginTrump @ProjectLincoln @amazon @JeffBezos Umm thats thanks to Google not me lol I sent the email to [email protected]

@Iam4india Dear @amazon @amazonIN why are you selling product with lie on Prime? This products says it is free size. And it is small size. Even in not able to return. Is this not a fraud? #AmazonPrimeDay

@JainKjmohit @AmazonHelp We will able to help me or not? Bcoz for my account its not showing chat option. @amazon @amazonpay

@FranciscoR0drgz @MaxLeon52417131 @USPS Final questions-Is the Military a business & if it’s like the USPS why does the military need 2 save money,if your comparing the 2?Considering USPS is not a business is that a reason 2 fund it & turn the ignore its longtime problems?Has the @USPS looked n 2 @amazon to mimic ops?

@LogicSnse @GregSalazarYT @amazon I have had that happen to me. On a day that two of their packages were supposed to be delivered by them. Got one and not the other. Supposedly it was damaged in shipping.

@brainflexer @amazon Bought pajama pants for $12,99 plus tax, plus their delivery to me in Ecaudor $10. Received used item. CS wants me to send them the item for refund, FROM Ecuador. Used, not flannel, no tags, nothing as described, 2-3 hrs wasted, NEXT?

@WHEbe60165 If an agreement could be made between @FedEx , @UPS , and/or @amazon , citing @realDonaldTrump ‘s election interference & preventing citizens from voting, I’d like to think they’d help out in this. It’s not a “for profit” issue, it’s the right to vote.

@ParanormalAdds "refreshingly original and unique..." MOORIGAD - an action-packed, #fantasy romance not to be missed! Jump into the #PNR #pageturner @Amazon:   #kindlebooks #readindie

@Jessemarquard @oso_78109 @sanduchi133 @NewsSiphon @CNN @JeffBezos @amazon @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden I get you..this is just to fill in where logistics are being stripped. Not a takeover. Peace!

@thechief_trsg @KamalaHarris 🙄 not to worry , @amazon already did 😂

@guaymas_cantina @seattletimes @amazon can’t guarantee the safety of its employees from coronavirus in their offices. Employees should remain working from home indefinitely. If they don’t want to get sued

@appyoomkin @FactsMatterPpl @DogginTrump @ProjectLincoln @amazon @JeffBezos I protest when I am able. Having Primary Progressive MS doesn't always allow me to do the things I was once used to doing. I do what I am able to. When I am able to go out & protest and march I do, right now, I am not able to drive so I do what I can with the tools I have avail.

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@602Erik I am out of legal Anime alternatives for @roku . @Crunchyroll is essentially down, not to mention is in another mediocre season. @Hidive is low resolution, what, 1980 s anime? Am I reduced to @Tubi's 2012 collection and @Amazon 2010 ? Google video? Forget about it.

@prallav_sharma @AmazonHelp @AmazonNews_IN @AmitAgarwal @JeffBezos @amazon @amazonIN @ConsumerReports @jagograhakjago . Your team is not able to provide solution from past 3 days and have you read my case . I am following up at all the places but no results out of that. (1/2)

@HumanAlexas "Do reality TV shows avoid casting people with the name #Alexa...?" That would be #discrimination.⬆️ Asking an #Alexa to not say her name🤫would also be inappropriate. Tough luck for the viewers.🤷🏻‍♀️ @alexa99 @amazon @JeffBezos @AmazonLab126 @alexadevs @JayCarney @femtech_ #AI

@tomorybristol @RaphDapaah @BBCNews @amazon I’m sure that you know that bbc and Steve McQueen have been working on this since 2014, Amazon only getting involved in June 2019 for USA distribution. Boycotting the show is a sure fire way to stop bbc investment In shows like this. And Amazon, wow, really?

@PeyushChawla @amazonIN @amazon Buyers beware. Amazon now selling 2 year old products and not accepting replacement with new product or even a refund. This Amazon is no longer the old Amazon we are used to deal with. No regard for customer service.

@Isis_writes "Your kind are not smiled upon here, little witch." Start #reading NOW @Amazon: #NewRelease #KU #YAfantasy #LGTBQ #greatreads

@thechief_trsg @NBCNews Considering @amazon will take them out if @realDonaldTrump is not re-elected they might want to re-consider that endorsement.

@ChrisJu93994333 @AmazonHelp The @USPS is taking snail mail to a hole new unacceptable level and you guys obviously know that they are deliberately slowing @amazon orders down! Knowing that means you all are saying FU we don't care that it's taking a month and 20 day it to get to clients. #amazonprime

@appyoomkin @Katjerrr @DogginTrump @ProjectLincoln @amazon @JeffBezos Yes 75 emails to them. Along with 24 others to people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, etc. All of these people have influence. Its not about them taking over the public mail system its about them using their influence since they have made their millions on the back of the USPS.

@prallav_sharma @AmazonHelp @AmazonNews_IN @AmitAgarwal @JeffBezos @amazon @amazonIN @ConsumerReports @jagograhakjago You can not just say anything that's comes to your mind and show consumer is not following instructions. While you are a team of lazy and heartless machine who doesn't want to help. I am trying my best to reply you all and get a result out of it. At least read the case history .

@ReginiFrancesco Jeff, time to step up and do the right thing. Help deliver mail-in ballots for the 2020 election. You have the infrastructure. Help ensure a fair and free election. Let the people decide, not this clown! @amazon ,@AC360 ,@CuomoPrimeTime , @JeffBezos , @CNBC , @SenSchumer

@DebJHolley @colleen197 @elyse43655995 @shshockedNoMore @FedEx @UPS @amazon @SenatorCollins Well it often happens that similar bills get introduced in House and Senate. And then they end up moving one to a vote and not the other. So likely both had a hand in it

@robertwakulat @craig_burley @UPS @FedEx @amazon Though to be honest, but for mass mail moments such as elections, I’m not entirely convinced there’s a future in state-owned postal services. But again, very very open to hearing why that’s a bad/wrong take.

@1SportsGal I saw people asking this [email protected] @FedEx was also being floated by some to agree to deliver all ballots. I can not believe this is our country and the @GOP is silent about destroying @USPS

@CFreiss_boston @Andrew_Ferrill @Justin_Stangel @JeffBezos @amazon 1. USPS is the only federal agency forced to fully fund its pensions for ppl retiring decades from now. 2. It is a public good and shouldn't need to be profitable b/c its first priority is serving as a societal benefit. The DoD or DoE don't turn a profit. Should they not exist?

@Milnertime04 @arbjazzy @GavinNewsom @USPS @FedEx @UPS @amazon @JeffBezos @KamalaHarris @NYGovCuomo @ChrisCuomo @Benioff UPS and FedEx rely on USPS to service rural areas. It makes the postal service money, actually. So, that's not a viable option. This action started over a decade ago when USPS was required to fund themselves in a way no other federal agency does. And almost none generate revenue.

@SteveCSoCal @FedEx @UPS @amazon Why not be patriotic and step up to help with mail-in-ballots #vote #Vote2020 #patriotism #ups #usps #fedex #amazon #duty #2020Elections

@LarryWaldbillig @NickPonticello @JeffBezos @amazon I'm not and here's why: That would be giving Amazon what they want, DeJoy is invested in Amazon too. What we need to do is undo this ridiculous "pension" plan that no other organization does and take the money from that to shape up the Postal Service. Keep the private sector OUT

@robertwakulat @craig_burley @UPS @FedEx @amazon I’m all for the GOP getting trounced and seeing more democratic socialists get elected to properly fund social goods. If you’re confident in the existing political tools to ensure the USPS can handle its role in Election2020, then I’ll ride with you. Just not opposed to a Plan B.

@JTS65 Ordered an item from @Amazon @AmazonHelp and both Amazon and @USPS tracking show it was delivered...but it's not here. Either it was stolen from my porch or inadvertently delivered to the wrong house (that happens with regular mail all the time). What should I do? Wait and see?

@atash42 @amazon customer service is not what it use to be especially during a pandemic. As a prime member for nearly 6 years they have made me so upset over a $10 return that was never received as promised date. Amazon is as bad as eBay. Shopping at target where customer service is A+

@smenonk @AmazonHelp @Cleartrip Ticket amount refunded has not included convenience charges. Each of you are putting the onus on traveller. @Cleartrip says they have paid to @amazon but @amazonpay says it has not received. Why is there so much hassle in refunding the money?

@NeasdenParade @Samuel_Dinkels @Daniel27703364 @TimesofIsrael @amazon Thanks for the help but I learnt the truth long ago. I don't expect a single person to change their mind from what I say, in fact I expect them not to. But it's my duty to contradict it as frequently as I can as I know what it's about.

@Anthony081219 @Jessemarquard @headlightsditch @catt_marpenter @CNN @JeffBezos @amazon @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden He doesn’t have the logistics, maybe in some big cities but not in rural areas. That wouldn’t be saving our election, it would be swaying it far to the left considering a lot of the big cities tend to vote blue

@kramikami @LarryWaldbillig @NickPonticello @JeffBezos @amazon Actually DeJoy sold off his Amazon stock BUT he bought stock options to buy back at a way lower price. So he is wanting to tear down the USPS to hurt Amazon too so he can buy back stocks at a real cheap rate. That's one of the many reasons why they are looking into DeJoy too.

@21sunshine64 @SenWarren @USPS @amazon @OIGUSPS USA deficit is 1+ trillion under @realDonaldTrump n now he’s has Louis DeJoy destroying millions of $$ worth of sorting machines at distribution mailing facility Who’s pay to replace them? Better be trump DeJoy @SenateGOP @GOP @senatemajldr NOT TAXPAYERS

@misutadominiku1 @amazon You’re convenient, but your drivers often place packages. Take a “confirmation” photo. Then steal the package. Leaving me to contact you for a refund or a replacement... Time, money wasted... Not convenient.

@jrabel11 @JoeyMach_ @abarrallen @fast @Amazon, hands down, has the most actively spoken/acted upon cultural values I’ve ever experienced. I can recite them to this day and I haven’t worked there since 2014. They are literally ‘living’ within Amazonians. Can’t say that about any of my other past employers.

@TheBaniac The night before my @amazon delivery and I get an email that it’s now going to be two days late. You couldn’t tell me earlier in the day so I could do something about it? Now I have to spend Saturday tracking the product down irl.

@kittehbunneh @PrimeVideo @amazon @JeffBezos @AmazonHelp Amazon would like you to know that you cant leave a negative review on their video PROMOTING child pedophilia. NO I WILL NOT SYMPATHIZE WITH CHILD MOLESTERS JEFF BEZOS! #SAVEOURCHILDEN #maga #trump2020 #kanye2020 #DrainTheSwamp #america

@cozy_smug_cunt @amazon should we boycott you? as the biggest client of @USPS, and them suddenly being unable to function, and people needing to vote by mail, there’s enough time to get hashtag going for people not to place orders for a month. before the election. #amazoncanhelp

@YatharthAhujaa @amazonIN @amazon I am using Amazon since 2014, but this time all hopes from amazon are done, till date i never hoped that company like amazon have such unprofessional supervisors, they commit you something but end up saying sorry, it was not in our hands. Nothing is done to help

@sheokand_akshay @AmazonHelp @amazon @amazonIN @AmazonUK @JeffBezos close your customer support, you are of no use, you cant do shit in any case, just ask for extensions nd extension nd do resolve any issue. Just ask for details nd don't reply to anything, u don't ever call back when asked

@Jagdish69347023 @amazon neet to help Amazon customer care service not any response

@prockeey No response is not a good response. I will start calling on Monday morning to try and figure out what’s going on here cc: @amazon your packages won’t be delivered to the (what is would think is 1000+) residents here.

@prallav_sharma @AmazonHelp @AmazonNews_IN @amazon @amazonIN @AmitAgarwal @JeffBezos doesn't look like that your team is working at all. It's been more then 3 day without solution or proper response. Wait to deliver or response. #yehbhutburidukanhai

@reveal 1/ When the coronavirus pandemic began to rampage across the country, B., an @Amazon warehouse worker whose name we’re withholding to protect her from retaliation, didn’t have the luxury of staying home.

@biggrizzly2521 @Jhenya_Belitsky @amazon I don't know who the parcel delivery companies are in America, beyond ups,,, but the people need to petition them all to provide free service to deliver those postal votes ASAP !! Can not let the GOP ruin free elections !!

@RockOnLiberals @NancySinatra @Rosie @tkosburn @amazon cohen could have saved us from this hell spawn. he chose not to.

@jigarjsb @amazon @AmazonHelp @amazonIN I had ordered a product a year ago which was shipped and still not delivered to me. This your service.

@AyatullahAzam @IndiaPostOffice @sultansarwar_ @amazon @jagograhakjago @Ikcmahto @Kamalhasan_9 @Rupeshk83 @RAZASHAIKHAIMIM @RakeshPaswanJMM @ZunaidRehman @Hussaini_aftab This is not an acceptable answer from your side "Time-Barred". Check from your record, sure you have the details to whom its deliver & the date of delivery, just furnish the details for further process. Hope you will consider and try to find out and close this issue asap.

@phoenixfp What is up with @amazon? I pay same for prime but don’t get timely shipping anymore and just had 2 different orders cancelled due to shipping? @amazon may not be the primary blame but maybe give your customers back some money if you can’t “ deliver” on your end #theywon’t

@Jessemarquard @Anthony081219 @CNN @JeffBezos @amazon @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden You’re right...It’s a fill in situation not a replacement. Just one or two days to deliver the wishes of the people to the vote counters

@GratefulKids @PhishatDicks @amazon Git down to the Amazon mine. "I don't know, I just don't know; if I'm goin' back again?"

@PinchiiKary @PunkinDunny @JoshuaPotash @amazon I really hope this is sarcasm because otherwise you’re missing the entire point as to why we should keep the post office as a public good. Amazon is private corporate entity that pays its workers shit wages. We NEED to save the post office, not outsource their work.

@KJ_Kibuya @EricHolder [email protected] @USPS board of Governors and De Joy have conflict of interests. Some if not all own stock in @amazon @UPS @FedEx @JBHuntDrivers , etc. They need to all resign.

@SashaKay__ @amazon so I have 3 packages that are late and I’m not satisfied at all!! This is the second day it’s happening to me!

@CarrieStevensXO @mattdico @amazon Probably tomorrow but they are going to take a month to ship . Not sure why it takes so long to get author copies! I had to buy my own book like every one else . It’s coming Monday. If I order author copies to sell on my web site it takes a while. So, eventually....

@Eli414 Any business that LeJoy has a personal or financial interest in should not be eligible to benefit from the damage he is doing to the @USPS including Amazon since LeJoy bought stock in @amazon

@heidi @amazon should offer to deliver ballots for free to Prime members. Because voting is pay-to-play now and not, you know, an actual right anymore.

@TripFranGators @Andrew_Ferrill @Justin_Stangel @JeffBezos @amazon The USPS is not a business to make money. It is a public service & constitutionally mandated, you troglodyte.

@prallav_sharma @AmazonHelp @AmazonNews_IN @amazon @AmznFulfillment @amazonIN @AmitAgarwal @JeffBezos can you tell what response shall I give to this email. You are not working at all to provide any solution. Just making excuse for your bad service

@MacKidCarverC 🚨 WARNING You may not be able to control your kids (or yourself) around Mavericks Snacks ⚡ They're junk-free with only 5g of sugar or less! Available at @wholefoods & @amazon 🛒 Use code MACKIDS15 to save 15% off on Amazon. #ad #snacklikeamaverick

@ChrisJu93994333 @AmazonHelp @USPS @amazon You are not the only player in this market @amazon #Amazon Same ring, same seller so don't think people like myself are stuck to buying from you! Plus I could have gotten in a fraction of the time having it sent to the store than it's taking you to get me the same item!

@doonankit @amazonIN @AmazonHelp @amazon history repeating.orders not delivering to me & being sent back to seller.Facing this fir past 1yr now.Why orders are sent to chickballapur? It's other end of bangalore,why not ship to nearby center? Really frustrated.

Site Excerpt Down, Is Amazon Down?. Günstige Preise für Elektronik & Foto, Filme, Musik, Bücher, Games, Spielzeug & mehr Zum Hauptinhalt wechseln Prime entdecken DE ...

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