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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - AMAZON.DE: GÜNSTIGE PREISE FÜR ELEKTRONIK & FOTO, FILME, MUSIK, BÜCHER, GAMES, SPIELZEUG & MEHR - Entdecken, shoppen und einkaufen bei Günstige Preise für Elektronik & Foto, Filme, Musik, Bücher, Games, Spielzeug, Sportartikel, Drogerie & mehr bei Server Status

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@gbraad An @amazon Scam: The Mofut Key Lock Box < "To be clear, I’m not suggesting that #Amazon is complicit in this review-buying nonsense. It seems to violate Amazon’s rules. As best as I can tell, this is the product of an #unethical 3rd party seller."

@amitken . @amazon prime customer service just threw @WholeFoods under the bus! and told me not to order from Whole Foods! I’m a prime member and use amazon heavily.

@BanTheCan @amazon Y’all really going to go down on that @USPS ship? Prime is a joke if you’re using them to ship. My shit should’ve been here Tuesday, instead it went from Kentucky to California and now tracking says it may be late. Well NO Shit!

@kopykalii Can @amazon actually deliver my packages to MY door and not my neighbors? Geez. 🙄

@gloves78 @CatterzMang @doogal11 @amazon Yeah pretty much I think, they’re always adding new shows, Netflix has about 200 shows so I’m sure its not all of them just the popular and new shows, you can ask them to add something if it’s not up there and they will if they can find it, has all the ufc ppv plus replays

@markmur01728263 @amazon I am an American veteran here in ca. USA I had an account issue to get resolved.. So I called and got Canye in South Africa as a representative, my time 2:00 pst and she endured and helped me from start to finish. She is my Fabulous Friday. She is my MVP, let her know

@HaileyL09363874 The Heartbeat of Home by Mary Ferguson via @amazon "You know what I'd like to get you? A palace with servants falling at your feet. The sun, moon and stars." "What if I just want you?" "You have me." But she didn't. Not really. #freebooks #RomanceBooks

@tstewart222 I wish my @amazon account had a Breathalyzer attached to it. Anything over a .06 you would not be able to purchase!

@kgrubaugh Working on my taxes and must say I'm impressed that I've managed to pay more income tax in 2019 than @amazon @Starbucks and @Chevron combined! #TaxTheRich

@Rewest212 @amazon Could you confirm that 100% of the tip added online goes to the delivery professionals. I like the convenience, but I'll tip cash if that's not the case.

@doogal11 @gloves78 @amazon I remember when I cancelled they tried to tell me that it's not just a streaming service, it's a whole package. I told them that the address on my account was one I hadn't lived in for 5 years so I obviously didn't need their "whole package."

@billmuncey @JetsonNeal @NRA @amazon Yes, I own firearms. Some for home protection, personal protection, and HUNTING. I am also a life member of the @NRA and not all bullets shred the body. The only reason that I would kill someone is to preserve my life or a loved ones life. I have 3 dogs but they can't shoot back.

@Sarthak36268240 @AmazonHelp @amazon @amazonIN @JeffBezos Order no. 40205425325046723 AMAZON Cs asked to self return to Seller's address. SELF RETURN DTDC: M79660170 & M79672882. FRAUD SELLER (ISHA ENTERPRISES) ATTACHED WITH AMAZON ! NOT AVAILABLE AT ADDRESS.. CS was ready to help but now denied

@PlasticWatching @AmazonHelp @dhwaniibhatt Why is @Amazon not “aggressively working” to develop plastic free alternatives worldwide?

@dtaldridge @amazon Why bother having teen accounts if it's so painful for them to actually use the gift cards they're given. I think someone needs to figure this out, because it's definitely not frustration free. Parents should be able to use and apply those card balances to teen orders.

@isaacrthorne "This book is amazing and the ending is not what you would expect . It's one of those books that you must read to the end to understand..." Mary Hamrick's 5-star review of THE GORDON PLACE on @amazon

@ShwetaB60221318 @AmazonHelp It’s been a week that your support official mailed us that he has been assigned to help and we did mailed back. But for no use. So I think @amazon you are just cons who would not accept their mistake. @PMOIndia @ArvindKejriwal @JeffBezos @AmitAgarwal

@CavinGraves I’m shocked at how low-quality @amazon is in Spain. In the USA, if you were in a major city, you’d get an order the same day. At least the next day. Not in Spain! And there’s no option to pick a delivery time like in Paris. Really nonsensical. Like their “spanish CCs only” policy

@LizziePopTreat @amazon we keep having a guy drop off our packages BEHIND our door so we have to walk around the back to the front to get them since they are literally keeping us from opening our front door. Who do we talk to about this issue???? #notcool

@brucegraybill @amazon needs to provide way to police sellers with deceptive ads so that customers aren't cheated, or forced to return items because they are not honestly listed in ads! Been a Prime member a couple years, but Amazon NEEDS to open feedback loop to weed out dishonest sellers!

@jpchampawat @amazon I ordered a sunglass of Oakley a 6 thousand rupees, which came on February 13, which was very low quality, which returned to Richest on February 13, and came to the delivery boy on the February 14th, which was said to be the glass of the glass. "The serial number is not

@BGWylie @moshimisen Going to need something after #SanditonPBS Sunday! Because it’s NOT A PROPER PARTING!! It may have to do... @masterpiecepbs @PBS @PBSDistribution @amazon @PrimeVideo @BBC

@DeveloperLetter In other words, if a product you bought on Amazon stops working after just over a year, only loyal regular customers of @Amazon are allowed to report said poor craftsmanship of products sold.

@Henjam48 Is there a reliable alternative to @ebay that's not @amazon?

@Manidee95893220 @amazon @amazonIN @Flipkart iam Amazon prime member compare to flipkartplus. amazon service is poor no customer care executive answering properly not providing resolution even though prime member care less ans Flipkart plus is doing wonderful job worst service from Amazon

@RogerSchlachter @amazon When are we going to get an option for shipping company? UPS, FedEx, and USPS always deliver, but Amazon's own delivery rarely makes it to my house. Then customer support suggests I check with neighbors and asks if my house number is clear? Burden should not be on me!

@macdonald_stef @globaltimesnews @amazon At least Amazon is not hiding the truth like the CCP. Tell that to your Netcitizens.

@m2epro @mage_one_com Full M1 development resource will be committed! This is not going to be patching or fixing. We have many new @eBay , @amazon and @Walmart features planned for our M1 future releases for 2020 & 2021. We have been with Magento since the beginning and we will not let our users down!

@ShwetaB60221318 @AmazonHelp @amazon @PMOIndia @ArvindKejriwal @JeffBezos @AmitAgarwal And with this experience, I would like to aware everybody reading this post to not to order anything from @amazon as you will end up loosing your money. #onlineshopping #CustomerExperience #fraud #Amazon #AmazonIndia @PMOIndia @ArvindKejriwal @AmitAgarwal @JeffBezos

@chachomanopapa @xijingping @PutinRF @washingtonpost @uriminzok @nbc @derspiegel @lemondefr @CNN @MSNBC @realDonaldTrump @Twitter @google4edu @googleanalytics @POTUS @Google @Facebook @macfound @BillGates @amazon @NEAToday @truthbook @seeTRUTHasTRUTH @UN @SteveKBannon @wordpressdotcom @PutinRF_Eng @khamenei_ir @netanyahu @HHShkMohd @MuhammadMorsi @PMOIndia @NicolasSarkozy @globaltimesnews @YeonmiParkNK @northkoreatimes @peterbakernyt @CBS @FoxNews @RealMikePompeo @AmbJohnBolton @MittRomney @lisamurkowski @Marvel @dccc @GOP @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @SenatorCollins @NobelPrize @A_G_Dugin “But even more than me, Vladimir’s been getting, to say the least, antsy. Everything’s gone pretty much, according to plan, excepting, however, some circumstances, unforeseen. The coronavirus in particular is threatening not just Xi and Kim but also, him.”

@kishorchy4 @badimo @Roblox @amazon so how long its take to work again my pc just broked and not letting me in it says cant connect ure connection is declined

@HarrietCammock I’m not buying anything from @Amazon . Reports are that the #coronavavirus can stay on surfaces for up to a week- no way am I buying anything online shipped from anywhere

@NexoRider17 Ahh great i hate you @amazon! Why did this set had to be an amazon exlusive? Why? its not fair at all when i heard about this set i hoped this would be availabel at all stores but no And now it says it can't be shpied to Norway! Thats just great!

@Ravish66109891 @AmazonHelp @amazon @bajaj Electricals Is this the way Amazon is working? Bajaj Electricals is saying Amazon has supplied defective product. You talk to Amazon. Amazon is saying it is Bajaj Electricals who will do it . Ultimately no one is doing anything and customer is suffering.

@Maddlion007 I made a tweet about buying a blanket in Nov. and @amazon commented on it telling me to do a survey to get a free gift. I was not expecting this 😬 What the heck, thanks Amazon, you knew I was in my feels and sent me a care package with a BLANKET and you didn’t even know it 😩

@Pramodkumar_Ag Dear I am eligible to win a Samsung galaxy M31 mobile phone in your Galaxy M31 Quiz So please allownce my Name in winner list. I am daily play your all quiz But I have not won any quiz yet. Amz. #MegaMonsterQuiz @amazonIN @amazon @JeffBezos @SamsungIndia

@DipsaAcharya Shoddy display of customer centricity by Amazon, where a product is delivered without accessories, assures to get the same done within 48 hours, same is repeated again after 48 hours! I paid for the producer upfront & been 6 days I’m still not able to use! @amazon @newconsumer

@naresh_urns @AmazonHelp why the fuck I need to go to that link, you solve it in social media only, again and again, I need to come back to you guys ha,I don't have any work or what,shit to use this fucking @amazon @AmazonHelp @ConsumerReports you can able to find any as per the image in down. @AmazonUK

@deadstockhypeb1 @louie_vision @snkr_twitr @amazon Where are you reselling this to cop 3 times. Not moving on stock x...

@richbeggar004 @amazon @amazonIN @AmazonHelp @amazon @amazonIN @AmazonHelp So finally I gave a call today and when was again asked to wait, I got the call escalated again to the escalation team picked by Naman. I had to make him undertsand that it's been 3 weeks since the issue has been brought to their notice (4/..)

@OversightDems Privacy concerns of facial recognition are a growing, bipartisan issue. That's why @congressmanraja is investigating @amazon Ring's surveillance of Americans to balance constitutional protections of civil liberties w/ security interests. Read his letter:

@CMCD048 @howroute Not to freak anyone out, but just try to buy some surgical masks. Check @Walgreens or @cvspharmacy or even @amazon they are hard to find and expensive when you can find them. 1918 Flu Pandemic

@KiruthuLucy Customers do not have to telephone you.... since 2002 when I became an @amazon customer, I have never had to call them....

@ASDietrich #HumanAlexas do not endorse the surveillance of children, nor the training of children to harass and bully other humans. It’s not cute, it’s unethical @Amazon #EthicalAI

@chrissyomari @JewelsJourneys @TraciiGuns @JefeJengibre @mimismom2019 What are you talking about? The issue is not being rich. It’s the way you get rich. Chick! @JeffBezos chose to park an ambulance outside of his un-air conditioned @amazon warehouses because an ambulance was cheaper than getting an a/c when workers fainted!

@ImageCascade Carol Page Series - by Helen Dore Boylston - Carol's love of the theatre takes her to NYC. She learns about the rigors & not so glamorous lifestyle, yet loves the process of the #theatre, where she feels most at home! via @amazon #theater #books #preteen

@SPRShatterpoint @RuleTheGalaxySW @starwars Online as much as I can, @Hasbro pulse, @EntEarth are good choices. I try to avoid @amazon like the plague because unless you’re an “opener” and don’t care about the condition of the box, you’ll get it smashed more times than not. I use it only when they have an exclusive.

@CallieSimon The Healing Powers of #Superfoods: farm-to-table grub! not bunny food! via @amazon Did you know the keys to a long life and vibrant good health can be found on the shelves of your local supermarket? (32 Color Photos Included!)

@will_meissner I’m not subscribing to this just to refute the F-Balls out of this sham publication. @wapo is run by cowards. @JeffBezos @amazon

@JunieBlue2 The Heartbeat of Home by Mary Ferguson via @amazon "You know what I'd like to get you? A palace with servants falling at your feet. The sun, moon and stars." "What if I just want you?" "You have me." But she didn't. Not really. #Romance #RWA #freebook

@dizzys_girl @amazon shocking customer service from Jocelyn on your website. Says it's a rep I am talking to, surely not #wastingmytime

@rdwoolf Hey @Amazon, Please consider a box recycling program where your drivers pick up (broken down) cardboard boxes when they make a new delivery! All a user would need to do is place the flattened cardboard at their door for pickup when they’re expecting a Amazon delivery. @JeffBezos

@Noeolali @kealaokalani @amazon Uh Press Directly. But I am not sure UH Press put it up yet. They directed me to look at it here. Mahalo!

@MoharManju @amazon I have placed an order of a phone,which turned out to be defective After having conversation they sent a technician and order for replacement was placed.PICK UP request has been cancelled for the 5th time today.This issue has not been resolved for more than 2 weeks

@Xx4thelovexX Excited for my order to come in! After much thought, I've finally decided to try @teamoy reusable sanitary pads. Hoping this change is a good fit🤞🤞. Also, still working on my NewYearsResoltions, getting a Fitness Tracker😇 Thank you @amazon 😍

@xXx_Swoop_xXx @AmazonAustralia @thetest_amazon @amazon How about you upgrade your shit UI. It freezes more times than I care to count. Netflix, Stan and even bloody Disney+ (who has only just started) can have a working UI that never freezes but you incompetent hacks can't seem to manage it. FIX YOUR SHIT!

@XIVariana @amazon bro where’s my package I’m about to go awf. DONT SAY ITS DELIVERED WHEN ITS NOT 😡💯

@JoshMBlackman If you can wait till March 10, you can order #IntroConLaw for only $19.51 on backorder from @Amazon. This reduced price will not last. @RandyEBarnett

@ArmandHelps Try Not to Die: In Brightside: An Interactive Adventure by Mark Tullius @amazon @MarkTullius #YA #bookrecommendation

@LinDavidY @amazon @AmazonHelp Finally, your customer service was inconsistent, giving "reasons" running from not working to finally 'scratches.'

@Lmac_77 Don't ask @amazon to cover the cost for next day delivery on an item they didn't ship when they promised you an order to arrive in two days. Apparently it's my fault that you had human and computer errors with an item actually not being in stock. So much for Prime Delivery.

@JessieBTyson @emilypromos Thank you. I do not need the graphics as I've just made my own book cover for new very short story. I still have a bit of editing to do then it will be on @Amazon as a #Kindle

@RIPscammers @peerlessnetwork 8772456903 is a confirmed amazon prime scam. PLEASE cut these scammers off. This scam was reported to you by ScammerBlaster group on 1/31. DO NOT INGORE OUR REPORTS PLEASE! #ScamAlert @amazon @AmazonHelp

@lizoconnor I ordered some rings off @JustFabOnline last week and it’s not scheduled to be here until next week. So are they walking here to hand deliver it or am I too spoiled by @amazon...?

@jason29171 Just saw this on Amazon: LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down 75810 Building Kit (2,287 Pieces) by LEGO for $199.99 via @amazon

@SauravR49439500 @JeffBezos You say that customer is king,but I feel more like slave. Where I have received wrong item which I have ordered, and from 1 month @amazon services are not able to return pickup my order. Every time they give me a excuse. My AWB-75118725463. Hope you take strict action

@sthakur2in @amazon I have ordered which got cancelled -ORDER # 408-8350605-9831548 on the date of delivery and I called to customer care the answer is SORRY . It was not in stock . Immediately place the new order and same Seller. AMAZON also started cheating and playing with Emotions

@magmaniastore Vanity Fair Magazine (March, 2016) Annual Oscars Issue - Jennifer Lawrence, Viola Davis, Cate Blanchett and More!! Available Now to Order Here: via @amazon #amazon #vanityfair #Oscars #jennifelawrence #cateblanchett #violadavis #annieleibovitz ❤❤

@TomSteyer Amazon pays no federal taxes, is run by the richest man in the United States, but refuses to take care of its workers. Every employee is entitled to safe working conditions. @JeffBezos and @amazon — do better.

@hubalubalu Ok @amazon..... I hope you listen to the first 30 seconds of this video cause I'd rather not be shown a product that is @Amazon top choice which was from paid reviews....🤔 (cause this could be on a lot of top products..)

@kaseywebster I’m not sure who is to blame but someone at @amazon and @SouthwestAir needs to get the SW app on the kindle fire ASAP.

@ForeverRevo We’re tired of seeing great #TV shows being cancelled @Amazon & @PrimeVideo so why not reboot one of the best in #NBCRevolution which was sabotaged by @NBCUniversal & people are still signing the petition to #RelocateRevolution! Look into it! @JeffBezos

@TimRobe23632926 @amazon So she wants to empower her children and others that look like them? What about others that don’t look like them? Impressed with her business but not with the racism.

@eavargas119 @amazon why are you making it so hard to get a refund. I got hacked and you guys are not helping

@chachomanopapa @xijingping @PutinRF @washingtonpost @uriminzok @nbc @derspiegel @lemondefr @CNN @MSNBC @realDonaldTrump @Twitter @google4edu @googleanalytics @POTUS @Google @Facebook @macfound @BillGates @amazon @NEAToday @truthbook @seeTRUTHasTRUTH @UN @SteveKBannon @wordpressdotcom @PutinRF_Eng @khamenei_ir @netanyahu @HHShkMohd @MuhammadMorsi @PMOIndia @NicolasSarkozy @globaltimesnews @YeonmiParkNK @northkoreatimes @peterbakernyt @CBS @FoxNews @RealMikePompeo @AmbJohnBolton @MittRomney @lisamurkowski @Marvel @dccc @GOP @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @SenatorCollins @NobelPrize @A_G_Dugin “But even more than me, Vlad’s been getting, to say the least, antsy. Everything’s gone pretty much, according to plan, excepting, however, some circumstances, unforeseen. The coronavirus in particular is threatening not just Xi and Kim ... but also, him.”

@RIPscammers @peerlessnetwork @amazon @AmazonHelp @peerlessnetwork PLEASE NOTE, we were successful in making @Ringcentral to comply with our requests to take down scammers.

@CorySarah Hey @Amazon Check out this video my Doorbell Camera captured for me. It’s not that hard to place a package on a porch. Maybe you need to train your drivers on proper package care. Throwing it on the ground is uncalled for🤬

@bobbiegirl420 Check out this Amazon deal: LINENSPA All-Season White Down Alternative Quilted Comforter - Corner Duvet Tabs - Hypoallergenic - Plush Microfiber Fill - Machine Washable - Duvet Insert or Stand-Alone Comforter - Twin by Linenspa via @amazon

@mypinkrambles @amazon i am guessing amazon prime does not call on people's landlines asking if I want to cancel my subscription to press 1.Guessing it's a #SCAM #FridayThoughts

@michaelayarsjr @mspmag @amazon, please just shut down and move to a state that has workers willing to work instead of Muslims using made up bigotry to try and make a false statements.

@NicolasArtley @LukeRobertAllan @PrimeVideo @amazon @josh_salisbury Hey @josh_salisbury , Luke raised the issue of subtitles and i am wondering, if you could provide me to a link to your #BBC3 video to watch your arguments? Or could you, @LukeRobertAllan post the video link? Thanks 🙏

@corgi_cookies Oh you've got to be kidding me @amazon @AmazonHelp seriously?? The shipping date was the end of February for months. But suddenly its JUNE? I might not even be living here in June.

@nevertoolate03 Love to shop @amazon however, I bought a pair of boots and returned them only because they were too big. I have NOT received my refund despite status update. Please refund me my money. I no longer have the boots I returned or my money back. Thank you!

@slpng_giants If you’re not following @profgalloway live-tweeting the @amazon doc on @frontlinepbs, you should. Amazon is perhaps the greatest examples of tech company monopolies, shrugging off everything from terrible employee conditions to advertising on bigoted websites.

@11192_ASHISH @amazon I am very amazed to always experience the wierdness in your app. You r 1 of d giants but still your app is worthless.Learn something from @Flipkart developers* How do you manage with such low grade service in ur app* I have done surveys & found 8/10 this same issue*

@1dejloaf @AmazonHelp @amazon You told me to call the number I did but still the same, and I'm in the fog. I can't access to my account, I can't check my orders...I am really mad, no one in this big company can't help me resolve this issue ? I NEED HELP @JeffBezos @JeffBezos @AmazonHelp

@abrahamrohan @amazon I really love your service. However, off late, it's been getting worse. One product was delivered to me defective, I requested a replacement, it arrived and works fine. The pick up of the original product has not happened and now it shows as there was no return requested.

@AriadneSatanas Not too late to not preorder! (See comments for quick summary) The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism by ... via @amazon

@Lynda63986855 @DihlonRants @ChrisPBaconLT @MarlaineDettlo1 @Rosemar06585176 @scampbell123451 @peckish1959 @kay89266490 @Drummer_2020 @ASK_Esq29 @Quin4Trump @ernestleenot @davidf4444 @BILLHALES88 @ScottRickhoff @TheWickerhead @Jamie32377541 @stand4honor @establishmentno @RosaWal90673631 @robcarlson20 @jjpalmer2015 @ISafeyet @RemiDSS @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU @WMRDC @libertytarian @ddwiese @PAMsLOvE @RealDeanCain @BrianHanes4 @kbr_kag @Lots_Of_Fun_69 @fedagentmark @seecyn5858 @Brooke_Kelly87 @Duwayn55629746 @spinson7746 @cmccbyfaith @MacShiver @Big_crusher1000 @WagonKnoggin @PatriotBrwnEyes @traveler002 @mamoobonnie @bmickeydanger @usvetram @redwins3_first @gatewaypundit @PageSix @amazon God Bless you Mark...Oh how I wanted to go back and retire in Calif..Now not really At 70 I believe that the Lord has other places for me now, but if it ever be back to Calif, I will follow my Lord, just as I followed Him here with this verse literally in my heart at all times.

@DamienSherratt @Luke_Egg19 @amazon Raspberry, vanilla and meringue......what’s not to love? 😁

@Tribulation7 10 meters) or loud cars across the street or kids screaming outside & bouncing basketballs on a wood floor next door. That's the 4th computer mouse he's destroyed and I bought 2 wired computer mouse(s) today from @amazon to replace it. Don't ever tell me "not to go public" when

@aeassa1 Good on @amazon! I do most of my online shopping on Amazon and I’m glad to see that they’re working to protect customers.

@AngCHarrington These two ladies, Kalijah and Infinity (right to left), are not only @BerkeleyCollege Business Majors, they are also Logistics Ambassadors for @amazon . They are celebrating DEW2’s 42.4M distribution record! 📦🎉 @kalijah_ @NiNiBeanz

@nareshgs_ @amazon @AmazonHelp Every time I open the Amazon app on my phone, it asks me to login. I can’t seem to find the problem. Reinstalled the app twice already!! #Amazon #AmazonApp #AmazonHelp

@1_REY_1 Just saw this on Amazon: Shynerk Baby Car Mirror, Safety Car Seat Mirror for Rear Facing Infant with Wide Crystal Clear View, Shatterproof, Fully Assembled, Crash Tested and Certified by Shynerk for $20.99 vía @amazon

@pvsudheer2reddy @AmazonHelp @amazonIN @amazon When I called the call center again they are saying due to some technical issue the return is called off and they want to reschedule it. Such any idiots and cheating @amazonIN doing. Bluffing the customers by saying something Everytime.

@qqqwwwree @globaltimesnews @amazon Disappointed at how Amazon compromise to censorship. This item is not available anymore.

@Sam38G @scottd4571 @amazon Every 2 or 3 years I have to upgrade my equipment & get a stronger computer for editing. Seems expensive at first but when I break down the per year price & how much I make with it.. Can't complain about the investment.

@klustout Anticipating a supply slowdown due to the #coronavirus, @Amazon is stockpiling certain Made-in-China products. “Out of an abundance of caution, we are working with suppliers to secure additional inventory to ensure we maintain our selection for customers.” #SupplyChain #China

@skittlesness Anyone use Subscribe & Save with @amazon? I have stuff that's supposed to be coming in every other month. I made my order in early December and I haven't gotten more of anything yet. Not sure if I did something wrong when i ordered.

Site Excerpt Down, Is Amazon Down?. Günstige Preise für Elektronik & Foto, Filme, Musik, Bücher, Games, Spielzeug & mehr Zum Hauptinhalt wechseln Prime entdecken DE ...