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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - SERVER BUSY - Server Status

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How to Solve Amazon Down or Outage Issues:

We have tried pinging using our servers in diverse locations and the website returned the above results.

If is down for us too there is nothing you can do except waiting. Probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or website maintenance is in progress.

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1. It might be Browser Related:

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This trick works perfectly on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, Safari and whatever default browser comes with your Windows nowadays lol.

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@itsnatasha2012 @flipkartsupport should I stop working & sit for your return call @amazon is any day better than u cheat ! please understand what language you understand we need a refund of the fake apple products delivered to me and my best friend @Sejal_J

@nikitas43969521 It's been more than 15 days and m still not able to place order and I have been writing them continuously and seeking help but all in vain. Horrible customer service experience 😒 @amazon @amazonIN

@jenjenkra @mamapade @IT_not_real @djrothkopf @lyft @Uber @UPS @FedEx @dhlexpressuk @AmazonHelp @amazon I was just planning on driving anyone that needed to in my area to the ballot box so they can drop off their vote. I want everyone to know they did what they could to get their vote counted.

@skgoswami1 @amazon amazon appearing not good for high price items. One Swing I purchased costing Rs.13999. The item delivered seriously oversized but the party is refusing to accept return. If I cannot return as per my liking after seeing the actual product what option as customer I have?

@knapjack @kairyssdal I'm guessing @USPS may not be able to share their delivery time data for the last couple of months but I bet @amazon could. #MakeMeSmart

@SunidhiRai10 @AmazonHelp @amazon @amazonprimenow Order that had to be delivered by 10th not fulfilled until now.. and the best part no update from your end. Being a prime member this is how you treat @PMOIndia pls look into this how they are working

@jitendra20k @AmazonHelp @amazon @amazonIN Again let me warn you this is not the answer And repeadly you r playing in a diplomatic way. You have to confirm whether i can use the laptop or shall I purchase a new one...... And i bet i will collect everything from amazon......

@redlilangel21 @VedicBeat @cgraham1970 @RoyalDickie @yankeewally2 @thetimes @amazon You still have not confirmed what Meghan did so bad to be racially bullied everyday whilst pregnant, to have her baby labelled as a chimpanzee, to be crucified so much she had to run out the uk whilst a paedo is being protected behind palace walls and by the uk.

@Ankit72310774 @ICICIBank @amazon I have got amazonpay icici bank credit card..but i am not able to register in imobile havent got any userid or anything..but i am able to do transaction on amazon via otp..please help

@Joie_de_Vivre__ @amazon there should be a place for feedback on deliveries the choice is it was great or not so great. It was late and my only choice was send it back or say nothing. I guess I have to leave instructions please knock on door or ring bell when a package is delivered.

@Vaibhav66156132 @AmazonHelp @JeffBezos @amazon my issue is still not resolved More than 8 days and my product is not delivered please deliver it today I am not able to Use my PC. What's the benefit of being a prime member if issues are not resolved I can't cancel this order and pay extra for a new order

@VedicBeat @redlilangel21 @cgraham1970 @RoyalDickie @yankeewally2 @thetimes @amazon What has being half white to do with behaviour! Thats really racist of you to think that someone’s skin colour is responsible for their acceptance or rejection! Fyi - blood is always red for everyone and being cunning does not depend on one’s skin colour

@maricela_gee @amazon not delivering my packages & really having the audacity to tell me to check with my neighbors. Like okay amazon, just got off my 8 hour shift left me go hunt for my packages.

@Sameeraalibaba Spending some time reflecting with these critical thinking cards and noticing how much relevant some of these biases are to my own thinking and thinking of those around me. #criticalthinkingskill is a blessing .. @amazon #playthinklearn

@ShivamN08720849 @flipkartsupport The product is not getting charged and you are saying I should contact the authorized dealer. Does it sound good? I trusted you and bought it from you. I think it was better to buy from their site or @amazon. At least they have 10 days replacement policy.

@GlobalVarkey @HuffPost If science had life then these TECHNOLOGY companies like @google @Facebook @amazon @twitter @Microsoft and all the other USELESS companies will not go on a RAMPAGE UMEMPLOYING Americans in the US and hiring H1B apprentices from foreign universities to cut costs. TECH is a FAILURE

@TheAnnoyingDev2 @GrahamAllen_1 @amazon You're mad at Amazon selling a shirt related to police brutality/murder, but not the fact that it happens? Weird priority, but okay. I'd prefer to avoid loss of any life, rather than thinking the police could just kill someone today just because it's Friday.

@ParanormalAdds The grief roller coaster is not only for the living. Nor is death all peace and serenity. Discover the full story @Amazon: #NewReleases #Readindie #KU #YAlit #urbanfantasy

@RAGHURAGHAV39 Mr. @AmitAgarwal @JeffBezos Requt your kind suport for the cancellation of my product if it not installed I am very frustrated from @amazon and his service I m trying to call and email last 2 day bt no any response from your side I already shared the mail to you. All pic attached

@dickparts @Chimera_1 @UPS @FedEx @amazon They’re not legally allowed to postmark, and only the voter can drop it off at the election station. It’s ballot harvesting, it’s illegal, and it will get your ballot thrown out.

@BarriKescia @brightlocs17 @pnwres @mmpadellan @UPS @FedEx @DHLUS @amazon It's reported that Dejoy purchased a large investment in #amazon. Not likely to happen.

@ParanormalAdds "refreshingly original and unique..." MOORIGAD - an action-packed, #fantasy romance not to be missed! Jump into the #PNR #pageturner @Amazon:   #kindlebooks #readindie

@gokul_lal @amazon automation is a great thing overall but a nightmare for some customers when human errors are not considered. @amazonIN is clueless as to why 4 large orders were returned and they are also not able to ship a replacement as promised resolution. Really Helpless @AmazonHelp

@VardhanWagh @AmazonHelp @amazonIN @amazon This happening on multiple times, If you can't deliver then mention at the time when I m placing order. You are not giving any resolution and I don't want to let go this issue easily with your same foolish update. Looking forward for action

@prallav_sharma @AmazonHelp Yes I am seeing the impact of your steep work. That except lies you are not able to provide a single solution till now. You should be given awards for worst possible service. @amazon @amazonIN @AmznFulfillment @AmitAgarwal @JeffBezos #noactionfrom2days

@aaron_alegria91 @amazon prime better not be charging me if I’m having to wait two damn weeks for shipping. It’s ridiculous! I don’t think I want to pay for my subscription any longer!! 🤬

@prallav_sharma @AmazonHelp more then 48 hours. Amazon is still not able to provide any solution to my issue. They are acting like heartless machine. Even I have mention these are baby care products. @amazon @amazonIN @AmznFulfillment @AmitAgarwal @JeffBezos . Do you have compassion?

@twibheem How I wish it was @atherenergy and not @amazonIN that I made my purchase. @AmazonHelp is nowhere to be seen. Think a lesson or two from #AtherEnergy helps on how to deal with customers @amazon !

@Trudgin @amazon really struggling to get your chat guys to acknowledge receipt of a returned item. He’s refunded postage.., so now the item looks like it’s been refunded but still sitting as not recieved. I do t want to go thru this again. DHL have confirmed delivery on 11th.

@xSandra_Gracex @AOC Maybe is the USPS didn’t make such stupid “deals” with @amazon. Amazon is taking full advantage of them when the USPS could be making plenty of money through their partnership, but keeps giving them “discounts” which leads to losing money. This is not all about mail in ballots.

@Satyajit_Indian @nootannayak This is an Insult to our National Flag..I request @amazonIN @amazon @AmazonHelp to remove such products from your website.Hope you understand this and respect our National Flag..I would expect a strong and fast response on this issue @AmitShah @PMOIndia @narendramodi @republic

@CryptVanWinkle @kkreitman @raidergyrl @amazon @JeffBezos Some states, such as Alabama, say the voter must return the ballot. Ten states allow a family member to return a ballot for a voter, and 26 states allow the voter to designate someone to return their ballot for them. Thirteen states are silent on the issue.

@jaha0007 @amazonIN @amazon @PrimeVideoIN pls try to deliver the products fast bcoz it seems that Noth East people are facing this issue than rest of the states so pls try to deliver the products as soon as possible... U are taking more than 1 month to deliver...this is too much late..

@Kuldeep76774892 Order 17177178453145156. How many times do we need to enter our data into your system? You are harassing us by not resolving the issue, asking for details and not acting on it @amazonIN @AmazonHelp @amazon @DrJitendraSingh

@HumanBeansWorld Brands like @Gap, @_Americaneagle & @amazon should start prioritising the humanitarian aspects to their supply chains & respect the #HumanRights of their workers. Not only amid this #pandemic, but permanently.

@GoingOxymoron If your going to deliver for the King of the Amazon You must be on Primetime Many outsourced delivery Co's can't cut it @amazon Is about Time Not money as many suggest Shopping online and having your item in 2days or less is amazing I like Amazon

@gmramsey @amazon 3 calls I was told to take it back. I got hung up on.3rd time I got a 25 credi.the tent I bought from Amazon Warehouse had 6 broken brackets and the leg was bent so couldn't even get it up. My wedding is this weekend.thanks Amazon for not even trying anymore. No tent ty

@invsblspectrum @amazon I once worked with a woman whose previous job was working in an Amazon warehouse. She’s an army veteran, and runs marathons and she said she had been physically unable to keep up with that job. Pay your people more and give them humane working conditions, these ads fool no one.

@mundobeach Contagion Myth: Why Viruses (including "Coronavirus") Are Not the Cause of Disease , for $22.99 ad @amazon 15 September

@rAnkit786 i had purchased a phone from amazon and found that defective so i returned that product but refund of that product is not given to me. amazon has given me RR number but PNB and amazon is not taking any responsibility of amount @TwitterIndia @amazon @AmazonHelp @pnbindia @RBI

@this_is_omi @amazonIN @amazon I had an interview scheduled on 3rd of August and that went into vain because there were no on to take my interview as per the scheduled time. I emailed to get a response about the issue and received nothing regarding that. I emailed again yesterday and got this

@NavinPokala @SenWarren @Stonekettle @USPS @amazon @OIGUSPS @SpeakerPelosi attitude "It’s up to voters to decide" is dereliction of duty; voters to choose next president, not act as check on things lawless president already did. It's a dangerous fantasy. August is last opportunity to ensure voters can vote at all.

@srirajkpt @EconomicTimes @amazon @JeffBezos Hi sir good morning .2 days back i have orders oppo phone but condation is not good software issue voice clarity also not good when i am callin to amzaon customer care they said evry thing is fine what can i do dont have a optation to change my phone plesee help

@WiproLED @vipulaviv @lighting_wipro @amazon @AmazonHelp Hi Vivek, we apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. Please DM us your contact details and location, our team will get in touch with you to resolve the issue. Thank you.

@IndianLabs @JeffBezos @amazon @amazonIN @Flipkart @Flipkart @FlipkartSellers @snapdeal @AJIOLife and coming back to the previous issue. YOU HAVE JUST RESPONDED ISSUE STILL NOT YET RESOLVED.

@Ekhlaquekhan138 Not able to understand why it's delayed. Fade up by doing escalations @AmazonHelp @amazonIN @amazon

@dwivediaxk331 @Amazon @amazonIN @AmazonHelp Contacted to Amazon customer care and they are telling they can't help me on this because they need a job sheet from Lenovo Service center but again Lenovo customer service is telling that they can not provide that because the product doesn't belong

@bhaupk @AmazonHelp @amazon @amazonIN What's the strange in this. I already shared screenshot with that didn't received any refund reference number. You are escalating the issue not resolving. If you don't wants to refund, tell me clearly coz I'm following you from so long. How much time it

@abrahamdrink1n @MuellerSheWrote @djrothkopf @UPS @FedEx @amazon Bezos does not support democracy. No billionaire does. Why would they want to save it?

@weburris @JeffBezos @amazon [email protected] with the @USPS unions to collaborate and work with Post office to get mail to and from the American People. It’s not just ballots but medicine, VErs meds, payments, social security checks, etc. #USPSsabotage #Election2020

@Ladybug014 @fedex @ups @amazon Here's your chance to save our country. Why not offer to deliver all packages and all other mail that are not ballots, leaving the #USPS to deliver our ballots, to keep it legal. You would be our national heroes!

@dickparts @ReikoKuga @UPS @FedEx @DHLUS @amazon They’re not legally allowed to postmark, and only the voter can drop it off at the election station. It’s ballot harvesting, it’s illegal, and it will get your ballot thrown out.

@dwivediaxk331 @amazon Dear Amazon i have purchased a Lenovo k8 node phone from amazon prime and got a defective piece and when phone stop working i contacted to Lenovo Service center they are telling that product is not listed with Lenovo and it is first copy of the genuine product.

@The_AKS_Factor @AmazonHelp This is actually INTENDED by the seller just to increase price of an AVAILABLE item ordered at sale price during #AmazonPrimeDay & its NOT a FEEDBACK but a COMPLAINT to be RESOLVED by DELIVERING item to me. @amazon @AmazonHelp @amazonIN #Amazon #amazonprime #AmazonIndia #amazon

@jitendra20k @AmazonHelp @amazon @amazonIN Boss this is definitely not a reply to my question. Without wasting my time just confirm if i shall use my purchased laptop or shall purchase a new one from local market. This time dont mesh with me

@santosheflu @amazonIN @amazon It's a Shane that you are not able to return 1500 rupees after several calls to customer care. Your seller supplies a faulty piece and I report immediately. You're forcing me to report to @jagograhakjago

@cordes_amy @SteveWa69701444 @MuellerSheWrote @mmpadellan @amazon @JeffBezos True, but they are also innovators in this area as well. I’m curious what solutions they’ve considered to help with this issue.

@Nikita57257903 Every evening I have to spend hours explaining to cust reps over & over again my situation, they apologise & then again next morning delivery guy does not pick up the wrong item. Now it looks like there’s no way out @amazonIN @amazon @JeffBezos

@bhaupk @AmazonHelp @amazonIN @amazon Details shared. I already contacted with your customer support team 5-6 times. Not get any response from them. They are telling daily new issues. What's going on don't know. Tell me now what to do.

@rachana6 @amazonIN needs a system in place to filter #sexist and #lewd comments in the name of #humour on their portal. Already reported the seller If this is not done, I am not comfortable shopping on @amazon anymore @sangwords @NoRapeIndia @ravinarajkohli

@kate10010 @BarriKescia @brightlocs17 @pnwres @mmpadellan @UPS @FedEx @DHLUS @amazon He has a small investment in Amazon. 😂 not going to influence anything one way or another.

@FInseattle @GovInslee But not @SeattlePD, screw you. They lose packages all the time. Not sure if you have heard of the company called, @amazon. They ship things, HQ in #Seattle... well, until they move out completely... and you lose all the Tax $$. And the city starts to crumble. But packages, sure.

@ScottPorch @Toure [email protected], @FedEx and @amazon need to announce that they’ll deliver ballots for free. They could even come up with some fun red, white and blue envelopes. This is not a big lift. 130M people will vote in the election; if 75% vote by mail, that’s 100M. UPS makes 20M deliveries a DAY.

@reveal 1/ When the coronavirus pandemic began to rampage across the country, B., an @Amazon warehouse worker whose name we’re withholding to protect her from retaliation, didn’t have the luxury of staying home.

@buddydinwiddie @JeffBezos @amazon @PrimeVideo So You guy's are with Pedophilia?? Are you a Pedo Jeff?? Why would you allow your company to support such a thing. It's not a disease that you're company is describes it. It's a choice like who just wakes up and thinks I want to fuck kids?? OWYH!!

@sharma_suchint @amazonIN @amazon @JeffBezos And whi wants to ever compulsorily buy medicines, that too #NOW, with deadline of this month. I buy medicine, when I have to, if I need them, NOT because You have offered me REWARDS and cheated me.

@ConvexityCowboy @djrothkopf [email protected], @FedEx and @amazon would be stupid not to offer this

@yashodhan_patil @amazon your delivery boy not following Govt. Guidlines for Covid 19 while deliverring the product even when I Told to use mask he refused to use mask Same queery i raised on your coustmer feedback but no reply from your side Be responsible and take neccesary Action

@Disqeet @SenWarren @GracieUSA1 @USPS @amazon @OIGUSPS No laws to stop and way too easy to do in the first place! Warren-so many lawyers sitting in office for too long they start to twist laws and save the most corrupt of them with an office MEMO! Not sure if America can wait or trust in November-this is wrong, wrong, wrong!

@ravipandit19 Never seen the worst delivery system like @amazon @amazonIN,even the product has out for delivery,the delivery agent did not called me and I talked to amazon customer care via chat they told me wait until 9pm you will get your order. Now they rescheduled the delivery for 16aug.

@vbhv23 @amazon @amazonIN I ordered a speaker for Independence Day celebration which was expected to deliver by today. Order has reached the local delivery center but not out for delivery yet, I cant take risk to wait till 9PM. Pls provide me the details so that i can pick up my order

@ZiddiEngineer #AmazonPrimeDay #AmazonWishList #Amazon @amazonIN @AmazonHelp @amazon What if the HDD suffers shock and stop working after 10 days return policy ? This type of carelessness is not expected from amazon , looks like time to move to @Flipkart

@arshad___ali @amazonIN @amazon Are you looking new mobiles in exchange? Agent reject my mobile because color was removed from corner and agent said ,it's dent although it was design.Waited mobile for 10 day & not get due to bad service.I will never continue form amazon

@BrenBreithaupt @SenWarren @USPS @amazon @OIGUSPS You need to get a federal judge to assemble a grand jury or issue a bench warrant to arrest him, or get some military help. Trump is consolidating his authoritarian power with the help of the AG, Sen. McConnell, and Senate Republicans. A fair and honest vote is severely at risk.

@Vaibhav66156132 @JeffBezos @amazon @delhivery Today I am very disappointed with Amazon and Delhivery my order was not delivered to me and coustemer care just kept on postponing date of delivery and now they are asking me to cancel the product I can't afford pay 300rs.extra help! 1337436136186

@pennyblab Maybe @amazon will set up a way to collect ballots and deliver them to each registrar. I’m down if they want to put a collection box in my yard.

@ThakurPiyus @amazon @SamsungIndia - I suggest you not to provide any offers to customer with @SBICard_Connect. This is one of the reason why people don't go for SBI products and you will lose your sale.

@rishi2112 @AmazonHelp @amazon @amazonIN Today, Tanay from executive team called and I am very sorry to say this but he was extremely rude and illogical in what he was saying. He straight said that he will not answer questions or listing to anything. Please intervene.. @AmitAgarwal @JeffBezos

@shshockedNoMore Facts matter USPS was profitable until Congress passed a law requiring them to pay 75 YEARS of pension upfront- yeah, pension for people not even born yet #SaveTheUSPS Step up and deliver ballots for free @FedEx @UPS @amazon

@Debbie149595281 @TrudyWendelin @amazon Your not going to do very well at selling that book! Because after YOU vote Old Job and his clown in there your taxes will be so high no one will be able to buy it!? Better think if you want to make yourself rich because they also are going to tax the hell out wealth!

@EmilyLouiseW15 @amazon letting me down big time been mugged off waiting in for my parcel for 4 days now to say its now lost and now it won’t arrive in time for when I need it 🥺

@vipulaviv @lighting_wipro Bought the bulbs in January 20 from Amazon. They are supposed to work for 15000 hours but for me it stopped working after approx 85 hours. Amazon says that they cannot help in claiming warranty and manufacturer should be approved. Warranty??? @amazon @AmazonHelp

@memoecat @Fuzzbum @davesetliff @ACTBrigitte @amazon @USPS Maybe Joe can write an EO , it seems to be the way to get stuff done and Trump has set the precedent. At least it would be an EO that helps regular folk, not oligarchs and corporate vultures.

@OraLeeOrg Love shopping on @amazon? So do we! You can do what you love AND support @OraLeeOrg by shopping using @amazonsmile! 💻 Shop 🖊 Sign in w/your Amazon login 💜Select Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation 😁 @amazon donates to @OraLeeOrg! #TeamOraLee

@GreatBigTable @MuellerSheWrote @djrothkopf @UPS @FedEx @amazon Amazon relies on the USPS to get packages from commercial carriers like FedEx through "last mile" delivery in a lot of places in the US. The USPS is not the problem here. Call your Senators & Representatives & demand that they bail out the USPS, remove DeJoy, & let USPS work.

@Rod_xee Loooooord. Not again. I hope @UPS @UPSHelp have gotten their shit together. If this goes on an "out for delivery" loop again, I'm reporting to BBB for the second time. At least I have a direct office number now. @amazon there a way to request a different way for shipment?

@Shukla_Raj9 @jagograhakjago Am not able to change the password and raise a complain against @amazon @amazonIN They are yet to refund my money of Rs 43,190, ORDER # 408-8334905-4561125and am following up for the past 4 weeks and they just keep pushing for next 5 days and next 5 days.

@hasnain_cyc @XiaomiIndia i try to place order but last page verify mobile that time otp not received..i call customer care and tweet to @MiIndiaSupport both are not give me proper answers.. Tell me if you not give us proper service we go to @amazon fire stick

@Hburg4Pete So can @MikeBloomberg step in & fund #usps now? Or better yet, how about @JeffBezos? Lord knows @amazon has used the #USPS a hell of a lot. I know it’s not a long term solution but damn y’all. We need to fix it and don’t have long to figure it out

@0x70B1_ [email protected] @AmazonHelp When I ordered this item, it was supposed to ship the next day. That was a week ago. This is not acceptable in 2020. Clearly the product in the chat window is NOT the product I asked for help on. How can your information systems be this bad? $AMZN

@JacobCayanus @amazon with as much money as you make...why not offer free delivery of ballots until congress does something besides take weeks off to help save the @usps

@SUMANPA72005668 @amazon @AmazonHelp i cannot able to place order from my account , due to my account has been closed by [email protected] team , and they told the account could not be unhold !! is this ur service @amazon #boycottamazon

@Dhanraj08 @amazonIN @amazon hello , why the orders are getting delayed ? Placed order on 26 july its not even dispatched. Customer care disconnected the call. Whom do i contact now. Mr bezos to be contacted ?

@Ajit6596138Ajit @JeffBezos @amazon @amazonIN @AmazonHelp Do you folks send OTP's to customers for account authentication. I have been reviving OTP's and being asked for the same over call from your team while my issue with regards to TV installation isn't being addressed

@QZeitgeist Amazon Braket hits Prime Time: AWS Quantum Computing with Braket is released to the Public. Not even one year ago Amazon launched its quantum computing cloud service. #quantumcomputing #AWS #Amazon @amazon @awscloud

@ZeliaLH @Texastornado61 @amazon @MaryLTrump Mary's book is well-written & trustworthy. It will serve as a source of much info. to UN member states; esp., the G7, China & Russia. Mary has ensured that the οrαπgε δεmοπ is a man without creditability & not just a mere ill-mannered clown. The USA will now be pitied even more.

@JoannaBrown0404 @amazon maybe you can also step in and provide every hold that has a delivery a free return package for their ballots not using the USPS to deliver

@ds_vns #RespectNationalflag National flag is to show respect not marketing strategy!!! @amazon : stop selling it !!

@MelanieWeckert @KaraJaneSings @MEActNet @iTunes @amazon @taylorswift13 So beautiful to think of Kara Jane and all those volunteer musicians working to bring this ‘truth telling’ about the millions of severe ME/CFS, bedbound and hidden from society.

@drhapgood @djrothkopf @amazon probably got a thing or two to prove here. Not like they’re Trumps friend.

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