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@trutter "Tech Gifts Sure to Impress" ad on Amazon. Because that is what it is all about, right @TheMinimalists . Seriously @amazon ?? Love your service but this is not what we should strive for.

@kshitij_gupta17 One executive says...refund issued...other one says...not issued...then again another executive says...the same will be credited by 19Nov....then other one says....i have to again wait for 5 working days. @amazon @amazonIN @AmazonHelp

@NonameBooks CHICAGO: We are now working with @chipublib to bring you all the monthly titles for free! Chicago is one of the first cities to stop charging late fees on books!!!!!! Save money,🖕🏾@amazon

@xitlaliC @amazon I’m in urgent need of customer service HUMAN customer service not the FAQ section, that is NOT helpful, is there an international number or email to get customer care?

@purko8 @amazon when are you going to teach your delivery drivers not to chuck parcels over back gates onto concrete ffs #knockatneighbours 😡

@DBentleyMiller @amazon is it true that due to people thinking your Alexa is listening to conversations, you are now bringing out a new version called ‘The Husband’ because it definitely will not listen to conversations in the house?

@honestcitizen8 @FinancialXpress @amazon @UFCW UFCW Blaming Global Firms is Not the Solution to Problems of Job losses.. Accounting, HR & all Non-Technical Jobs are going to be Digitised very soon including Legal leaving lawyers jobless.. Time for People to Work in Technical Jobs of Industry & Companies & Not Unskilled jobs

@GeoBraunRadio As much as @EdisonGerety and @MadisonGerety might like one....I think the pony may be against the CCR's in Arlington, but then who knows what will happen now that @amazon has moved into the neighborhood. They seem to do what ever they want, Just Sayin' "Not My Business"

@fearlesssardar @RanaAyyub @washingtonpost @JeffBezos @amazon Has @narendramodi given a free ride to Jeff so thay he can hire journalists at WP to not only destroy his business in India but also his investment in WP by allowing WP to hire discredited journalists like Rana Ayyub & Barkha.

@vcdxnz001 Hey @amazon did you know your Ring Stickup Cams are not suitable for outdoor use? This is the 8th Camera I’ve had to replace due to water damage. Out of 6 purchased!!

@madmilker @amazon psst..! you see how @walmartinc is doing it again today... You bright red it's green... you not even #retail and its Global Procurement Offices in #Communist China... oops..! and last US trade surplus 1975... but hey.. Americans saving $s you know

@chandwani_jay @AxisBankSupport Hey team I am very close to my due date I need your response, if not given on time I will need to pay a full amount for which @AmazonHelp @amazon @AxisBank @AxisBankSupport is responsible and I guess that is not at all justifiable.

@parityflux Anyone have increasing fulfillment issues with @amazon @amazonhelp Prime? I've always loved prime but the "promise" on their UX not translating to reality. @StephenKing novel ordered Tues, promised for Wed, not even in shipping on Thur. "glitch". Don't offer if you can't deliver.

@megangardner_ @amazon are giving tours of their factories to prove that they provide good working conditions. I wonder if any fascist countries have ever tried this tactic..

@madamyez @amazon #TheManInTheHighCastle S4-E8 Oh shit ! It's not looking good for Reichsmarschall John Smith. The Nazis were spying on him via housemaid, daughters friends, neighbors. Now he's summoned to Berlin. Seems they didn't like that he's been traveling between multi-verses either. 😦

@UFCW [email protected] is set to open cashierless supermarkets next year as part of Jeff Bezos' ruthless strategy to eliminate millions of good grocery jobs. Amazon's food retail business model is a danger to working & middle class families & our nation's economy. #1u

@HungerfordMC @AmazonUK @amazon Will this be coming to the UK ? Why not link up and trial one in #HUNGERFORD

@RaghuTheekshan @amazon not able to stream sye raa Telugu version in full screen.

@himanshusoni911 @AmazonHelp My concern was to wake your customer service team on checking the seller not to repeat same mistakes again. Check this product, many customers complained of incomplete product delivery, still seller has ignored the same. This is @amazon duty to keep a check,Take corrective action

@glamsformation @AmazonHelp why has no one helped me with the fraudulent charges that were made with my debit card?! Why weren’t the charges immediately reversed and refunded into my account?! Why was the thief’s information not provided to me or the police?? You’re letting me suffer?? @amazon

@jareenbeverly_ My one thing with @amazon is not because a order says 9pm next day, means i should actually have to wait until 9pm the following day, if i select next day shipping! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

@nursedazie @amazon would have been helpful if the delivery man could have told me the number of the house he delivered my parcel to, not just the name 🤬

@eltay24 Scheduled gutter cleaning through @amazon, was home for the 8-11am time slot today only to call the provider to ask for an ETA and hear they have no record of my appointment. Really great service, @AmazonHelp not..

@SkylerIsaac @amazon I'm attempting to contact customer service, but my issue isn't listed in the options. What do I do?

@MRSDBOOKS This #childrensbooks speaks about how we get comfortable with our mundane lives&we do not want it to change for fear of losing comfort and the security we are used to. #Christmastime #Christmas #cats #kittens #gift @amazon

@DeMarioHardbody @amazon can I have my refund back is been almost a month. how did you receive the replacement speaker and not the original when i brought them both up to UPS the same day. i really want my refund

@sgpennock @amazon got your #firestick which stopped working after 2 months. But good news. I only have to return your defective product, wait for you to receive it and then you’ll mail me a knew one 3-4 business days after. #crappycustomerservice #amazondoesntcare #payingforprime

@borate_vilas @amazon @JeffBezos @AmazonHelp I think amazon does not need customers to provide service. If you are not able to provide delivery then why promised me as you will get within 48 hours. I do not understand what's going on behind the complaint. No one is taking seriously to my issue.

@xJerseygrlx Time frame or not there is no reason to not slow down in neighborhoods that’s bull @themrlshow @amazon

@grumgeo @RoyalMailHelp I mean @DPD_UK give a 1-hour slot and can stick to it; @amazon show the van on a map and tell you how many stops it has before it gets to you. It's not like the tech isn't available. @RoyalMail. #MustTryHarder

@JLewisland @ChefConsultant @TripAdvisor @amazon I think it all sounds like a lot of confusion, and would cut the review count drastically. I want to encourage as many reviews as possible, not make it harder for people. Reviews are key to business now.

@j_fit100 @BenjaminSWatson @ewarren @amazon I enjoyed! The Fair Housing Act of 1968 that provided "modest" enforcement to prevent discrimination but did not reverse a century's worth of State-Sanctioned Violations of the Bill of Rights which Violated the 13th Amendment which Banned treating Ex-Slaves as Second Class. 👍

@MichaThom It would be nice of @amazon in their infinite wisdom to NOT send me recommendations for things I’ve JUST bought. But thanks anyway...

@Ankshrma @AmazonHelp I thought that you would do it bcz it is a app issue. Please get it fixed so that we can see the buy now and add to cart button. It is not showing from last couple of days. @amazon @JeffBezos

@r0b_0807 My #redminote8pro pro stopped working within a week. Amazon goofed up and denied a replacement mobile. Refund issued after 3weeks. Since there are no offers the phone to cost Rs1400 more. Why am I to suffer? @amazon @AmazonindiaIn @AmazonHelp @RedmiIndia @XiaomiIndia #note8pro

@naushada40 @AmazonHelp @amazonIN @amazon the product is not delivered yet today. It was expected to be delivered on 21st of Nov. If you can't do anything. So please don't give a commitment to the customer. Worst experience from @amazonIN

@JJmaddn "My hope is we provide #parents tools to bring #tech in [the #family] to have great exper but not have terrible choice of all or nothing." -Josh Sherman @Amazon. That's why I have #KindleFire #KidsEdition as a ground breaking exa of #durablehuman #design in my #book. #fosi2019

@Upen_Ojha @amazon Now days Amazon's services getting pathetic and poor day by day. Sending wrong products, defective products and keep waiting to client for Refunds it's now daily practice of Amazon. But I will not keep quiet or leave like this... if my refund not credited I will see....

@peoples2008 @amazon Fail! Went to @Kohls to make a return only to be told the system is down. 👎

@ExposedNielsen #Nielsen manager asking reps not to schedule (signing) BBO alts. And if they do end up signing, to delay the BBO install date. @Netflix, @Amazon and @Hulu. Just how much do you trust #Nielsen now? @ey_us #onemediatruth #cbs #fox #nbc #netflix #amazon #HuluHasRealityTV #ey_us

@rjsh5678 My newly bought Mi mobile phone is not working please send a copy of bill to get warranty repair @amazon

@MaryWindsor15 @Helena_Munro @AmazonUK @amazon @AmazonFrance Ime so sorry my Queen that my communication has not raised you above boredom level, I must work harder to entertain and interest the inquisitive intelligence of my Superior, before you burn me at the stake. #worshipMunro

@BYDNetwork "I love how Kelly talks about networking as not "the other activity that I'll do when I have more time", but rather how there are "micro-chances" to network all day long." - BUILD YOUR DREAM NETWORK reader #bookreview on @Amazon #BYDN #network #nonfiction

@brianlaungaoaeh @cmroberson06 @flybrand Yup. That’s the advantage @Walmart and @Target have, which they can utilize in their competitive rivalry with @amazon. Their disadvantage is that they’re not investing aggressively enough in technology to enable them adjust to changing conditions in real time.

@JosetheInnocent Got a favorite passage?  Use some bible-safe highlighters to make sure you can find it again and not have ink soak through  #bible #god #christian Bible Highlighters (set of 6) by Inc. Peter Pauper Press Books via @amazon

@SoEverdream @jjamjim3 Maybe @Twitch / @amazon can make an alternative to @YouTube? That'd be interesting to see. Not sure how it'd work out, but I think any alternative would be better than what YT is doing to creators :(

@Sentdex @SchoolOfAIOffic @PyImageSearch @github @YouTube @facebook @amazon Oooh right the amazon publishing. Dang yeah l had not even considered this. Bet theres a lot of money in converting online tutorials to books and publishing. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

@iamnotdanny Dear @amazon , do not ever schedule @UPS to deliver my stuff again

@Hussain86941400 @amazon Still my refund has not given it is pending from 01 month every time i call to amazon they only given same answer wait for 4 to 5 days.

@honestcitizen8 @FinancialXpress @amazon @UFCW UFCW must take up initiatives to team up with Industries & Companies to train the Workers in Technically Skilled Jobs of Industries & Companies & Ensure the Workers work in Skilled Jobs & not Unskilled jobs.. Farming, Mining, Food Processing jobs are Unskilled & NOT Sustainable..

@Askole Very pregnant, very hormonal, and very kidnapped. The kidnapper expects Kaylee to beg for mercy. Not happening. Just Desserts (Coletti Warlord Series Book 5) by Gail Koger via @amazon

@letsgolando The first time I used amazon the tv I ordered was damaged during shipping so I got a refund. Yesterday i ordered headphones that should of arrived today because of prime but nah they’re not here. Safe to say I’m never using @amazon again.

@RobinGa74182690 @AmazonHelp @amazon @AmazonHelp @amazonIN @JeffBezos @labnol I have done that 100s of times but your company has no process. When your staff commited to deliver the product then why i am not getting the product? Why are you harrasing a customer? Next time i will share the call recording

@mysocialmedia01 He was always trying to buy a BDSM sex slave online and sending @amazon gift cards to them for travel expenses and then they would have crazy kidnap stories and not show up, but he's never in trouble because that's what Seattle area calls a hero

@FlavelSarah @NurseLisaMerch @Apple @amazon @AmazonHelp Ramakrishna in your executive team says that dealing with @amazon certified phones exploding, that may seriously injure people is not Amazon issue. That there is no desire to moderate with or investigate the seller who might have sold more exploding phones? @ShieldVoC

@TheMysteryLadie #FREE w #KindleUnlimited: "Could not put the book down! I had to know what happened to Sandy & her unborn child & how this disappearance was tied into a string of other murders." #Kindle #Kindlebook @Amazon #MYSTERY #suspense #coldcase #IARTG #ASMSG

@aboveyou_hoess Dear @amazon , can you let me know if I got the position or not already 😩🤞🏽 I’m ready to start working 😂

@citigl1962 @amazon - your recent service is unacceptable - 📦’s being delivered to apt# should be taken seriously considering its being delivered to a building! I was promised a package yesterday 8-9pm & as of today not yet delivered-

@JumpstrtYourDay Very disappointing return policy, @amazon . 30 days? What if people want to shop early for Xmas? Shouldn’t there be an extended time for a Prime members? Not so much in love with you guys anymore. #crappyreturnpolicy #unhappycustomer

@ConsiliumMattH 3 weeks now since the Amazon echo buds were released in the US and they are still not available to buy here in the UK?? Unacceptable delay now @AmazonUK @amazon and not feeling like valued customers here in the UK. Release date??

@livilovez @AmazonUK @amazon Morning! I ordered a suitcase on Tuesday, it was due to be delivered yesterday (Amazon Prime)- It did not arrive. It says it will now be delivered today! I need confirmation as I fly out the country TOMORROW! #plshelp Should I rush to @Debenhams to buy one?

@borate_vilas @amazon @JeffBezos @AmazonHelp I have ordered my product on 25th Oct 19 and the guaranteed delivery date was 13th nov-19 but still not received. I have raised complaints but they also not resolved within 48 hours and they promised me to give a resolution within 48 hours. shame on Amazon.

@andrewreeveart @patel4witham @Conservatives Getting tax money they're supposed to pay from @Google, @Vodafone, @facebook, @amazon, is not credible? Thanks for reminding us how privileged we are to eat shit sandwiches.

@cheche_ever @FinancialXpress @amazon @UFCW those becoming jobless due to advance of technology , should consider agricultural sector , places taking from farmers, like distribution, using their expertise and availability of a place. construction has limitation but not food and water.

@HadleeHarris1 @WholeFoods People, the greed of Amazon has ruined my formerly go to store. I now love shopping at Sprouts and Nature’s Grocer. @Amazon has ruined Whole Foods with products from China. Some of which are NOT labeled. Per my friends whom work there. Screw you #WholeFoods. #ChinaFoods #greed

@borate_vilas @amazon @JeffBezos @AmazonHelp Today again I have received mail from Nikhil as attached in the mail and mentioned not able to resolve the issue.

@EmilyRQuantrill @amazon this is an unacceptable state to deliver a parcel in! The box is damaged and is half open! This has happened multiple times now! They always leave them on the door step, I live on a main road! They rarely follow the delivery instructions! Not good enough. @AmazonUK

@chipweatherbee Seriously, @amazon? Your making deliveries at 10pm? Some of us actually go to bed and don’t want our packegaes sitting outside all damn night. This is not ok.

@triweb @amazon @AmazonHelp claims to be cracking down on counterfeiters. A simple question demonstrates how they are failing miserably

@kastu_m Damaged tv received on Tuesday, yet not replace this item by Amazon . Very disappointed. Contacted to Amazon, but no one responding and replacing the item [email protected]_Used @amazon

@RTIH_RetailTech [email protected] is reportedly working on Amazon Go cashierless supermarkets and pop-up stores #amazongo #retailtech #payments #mobilepayments #retailtechnology

@isaacrthorne "What a read! From the first few pages I got sucked into this story. I didn't want to put it down!" --Kindle Customer's 5-star review of THE GORDON PLACE on @amazon #horror #iartg

@FlavelSarah @AmazonHelp @StePurse @amazon Can you understand how frustrating it is that your exec team are not properly responding to the problem of selling an exploding phone that might have killed someone and refusing to deal with it? @NurseLisaMerch

@madamyez @amazon #TheManInTheHighCastle S4-E8 I'm not gonna lie. I'm happy for Robert Childan Despite the turmoil others have put him thru in just trying to survive, he found love. He asked her to marry him & they did. The crown princess even sent him papers of transit to go live in Japan. 👍

@borate_vilas @amazon @JeffBezos @AmazonHelp I have raised an issue to all complaint boards of amazon but haven't received order yet or any update from Amazon. Amazon is not able to deliver the order within one-month time span. I have received mail from [email protected] mentioned time

@SaadFAzam @amazon @AmazonHelp has no problem looking you but things with one clock, not when it comes to cancelling the membership, your have to go through 4 sub menus.

@GlenBikes Thread. These're already in SnoCo, coming to Seattle soon I'm sure. I was in @seattledot emerging mobility focus group w these inexplicably shoe-horned in. Fun fact: Our @MayorJenny is owned by @Amazon @SeattleChamber. Not sure how the Amazobots got in that focus group though...

@cigarnovice101 @bakerXderek_ @amazon @AmazonHelp @bakerXderek_ sometimes it’s not about the pack line. It’s about corporate wanting higher and higher ship numbers, and employees cutting corners to retain their employment.

@LaurenKirshner @amazon I subscribe to Amazon Prime and just had 4 orders not arrive on even though I pay for the service. There is no ETA for their delivery and all Amazon customer service says is please be patient. Really? What exactly am I paying for? #unacceptable

@Singh_Saurabhk @myntra @MyntraSupport i am struggling to get my order. It has been 4-5 days that order is it f or delivery but yet to be delivered. The delivery guys are rude and disconnecting calls. Not sure who to approach. Shall i stop using Myntra? I never faced any problems with @amazon

@nikhilthakur01 That I m not paying the outstanding balance of @Flipkart and @amazon and arguing with me for 10-20 min, I continuously say that i m not that guy to whom you are looking for, but they both not try to Listen and the girl saying that *sidha bolna tu paise nahi dena chaahta.

@CourtnayMarie13 . @BillCassidy are you referring to the lowered taxes for @amazon who is paying $0 on $11 billion. How does that benefit my working family?

@Nitin66913492 @amazon if you guys are not able to refund 1000rs cashback I don't want the Samsung Galaxy M30s take ur phone back and refund my money

@Wrongaid1 @riteaid @kalliappverta @marcysyms @ArunNayar2 @MyrtlePotter @everett_bryan @JeffBezos @realDonaldTrump @amazon @RAD @Walgreens @FTC @secenforcement ***I WELCOME ANY FEEDBACK. I invest for fun and have a keen interest in learning how to be successful in my investment pursuits. All tweets are my own conjectures. I am down approximently $25,000 on my Rite Aid investment.

@Thornton_BusEco @amazon I’ve received a gift card I’ve not ordered. I came in my parcel, I can’t work out how to contact amazon via email to ask if it’s a gift or needs to be returned

@VikashGoyal724 @flipkartsupport 1 month passed neither product received nor refund, could you please speak on this, is this my biggest fault to shop with Flipkart, i will not repeat this mistake to shop with Flipkart . @Flipkart @flipkartsupport @amazon @amazonIN

@GreatBeerNow Check out this Amazon deal: Beer School: A Crash Course in Craft Beer by Jonny Garrett via @amazon #amazon #beer #book

@Ankshrma @AmazonHelp Team-still not resolved. If a product is listed should show BUY NOW or Add to Card button otherwise it should show as OUT OF STOCK. I m not seeing any of the option from last couple of days. You guys have fair price and I want to buy it from Amazon. @amazonIN @amazon @JeffBezos

@tanuandkanu @amazon if you not provide cash back to users than y are u fraunding and fooling customer

@FionaMorgan79 @ParentBear @amazon @pegasuspublish Young age, Bear I love you! I am working on book 4. My sights and dreams are to be a best seller and a recognisable name, for people to say, oh did you read Fiona Morgan's book? And hey if I'm dreaming big I would mind a film and/tv series. 😊❤

@TweetNDeletes Buttigieg is not the answer. He’s beholden to corporate and huge donors. That means no tax increases despite the tax code being eviscerated and @amazon @netflix @FedEx @generalelectric @GeneralMotorsMx paying $0 corporate taxes @TheMandyMoore


@urmila_bai The customer executive told me to wait till 21st to get my money. I didn't got the money today. Now they are telling me two wait for 3 more working days. It has been almost 1 month and these thieves haven't gave me my money back. @amazon @AmazonHelp @amazonIN You All Are thieves

@magmaniastore Shonen Jump October 2006 - Volume 4, Issue 10 – Manga Collection / Available Now to Order: via @amazon #Manga #ShojoJump

@qo2vkNiFFF9pMT2 @AmazonHelp @amazon Why does French Amazon not reply to my email! ! ! !

@FabioMinenza @CharlesHSavage @TAKEALOT Also having issues with so many @Takealot orders recently. Delayed delivery, selling items not in stock , cancelling orders on date of delivery. When are you coming to South Africa @amazon ???

@ValaAfshar [email protected] did not kill blockbuster. Ridiculous late fees did. @Uber did not kill taxi business. Limited access and fare control did. @Amazon did not kill retailers. Poor customer service did. Not being customer-centric is the biggest threat to any business. #DF19

@manikaranjewels @amazon @AmazonHelp My email is not connected my account And I'm unable to log in only through my mobile phone. A fraud has occured from your vendor's side. Help resolving it

@einterview @DrHelenKara @amazon Sorry to hear that. I had a similar story with @AppleSupport! I didn't track hours & hours over months spent! When a Tier 1 person couldn't help, they'd "transfer" me and hang up! Wouldn't believe problem on their side, w/ my account, which prevented ID from working. Ugh!

@TheBeazley @amazon I am getting weary in regards to your “Guaranteed Delivery” NOT BEING guaranteed anymore. This Prime member has found better customer service & delivery options thru @Target (& free shipping) w/o having to have the “pleasure” of paying $119/year. #DisappointedWithAmazon

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